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PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

This page contains a listing of all the content we have created for PowerPoint 2016 for Mac - you will find detailed pages on each new feature introduced in this version – and also tutorials on all other features.


OS: Mac OS X

Interface and Basics

Interface - Overview

  1. Notes Pane
  2. Slide Area
  3. PowerPoint 2016 for Mac Interface
  4. Presentation Gallery
  5. Ribbon and Tabs
  6. Locate APowerPoint
  7. Set PowerPoint 2016 for Mac as the Default Version
  8. Slides Pane
  9. Quick Access Toolbar
  10. Status Bar
  11. Changing Interface Color
  12. Task Pane
  13. Format Task Pane

Working with QAT and Ribbons

  1. Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Add and Rename Ribbon Tabs
  3. Reordering and Removing Ribbon Tabs
  4. Working with Custom Groups in Ribbon Tabs
  5. Adding Commands to Custom Groups
  6. Reset, Export, and Import Ribbon Customizations
  7. Reset, Export, and Import QAT Customizations


  1. Notes Master View in PowerPoint
  2. Handout Master View in PowerPoint
  3. Slide Master View in PowerPoint
  4. Notes Page View in PowerPoint
  5. Views in PowerPoint
  6. Normal View
  7. Slide Sorter View
  8. Slide Show View
  9. Outline View
  10. Outline Pane Options
  11. Presenter View

File Types, File Menu, and Backstage View

  1. File Formats
  2. File Types That Can be Opened
  3. File Menu and Backstage View
  4. New Tab in Backstage View
  5. Recent Tab in Backstage View
  6. Open and Close Tabs in Backstage View
  7. Account Tab in Backstage View
  8. Add Places
  9. Add Services
  10. Manage and Remove Connected Services

Creating Slides

  1. Creating PowerPoint Outlines in Word 2016 (Mac)

Working with Slides

  1. Inserting a New Slide
  2. Change Slide Layout
  3. Reset Slides
  4. Guides
  5. Smart Dynamic Guides
  6. Hierarchical Guide Options
  7. Adding More Guides
  8. Rulers
  9. Hide/Unhide Slides
  10. Reuse Slides
  11. Reuse Slides Through Drag and Drop
  12. Duplicate Slides
  13. Working with Guides
  14. Compare Presentations Manually
  15. Switch Views Between Multiple Presentations
  16. Using the Pen and Highlighter Tools in Slide Show View

Headers and Footers

  1. Add Headers and Footers to Slides
  2. Working With Slide Numbers

Text and Outlines

  1. Text Placeholders vs. Text Boxes
  2. Import Outlines

Office 2016 Preview Version

  1. Installing Office 2016 for Mac Preview

Customize PowerPoint

Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts: PowerPoint 2016 for Mac
  2. Keyboard Sequences in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac


Basics About Shapes

  1. Types of Shapes
  2. Insert Shapes
  3. Resizing Shapes
  4. Rotate Shapes
  5. Flip Shapes
  6. Rotate Text 180° within Shapes

Selecting Shapes

  1. Select and Deselect Shapes
  2. Select, Deselect, View, and Hide Shapes Using the Selection Pane

Advanced Shape Techniques

  1. Manipulating Shapes by Dragging Yellow Handles

Duplicating Shapes, and Drawing Multiple Shapes

  1. Duplicate Shapes by Dragging

Group, Nudge, and Reorder Shapes

  1. Reorder Shapes

Text in Shapes

  1. Text within Shapes
  2. Rotate Text 180° within Shapes
  3. Align Text within Shapes and Text Boxes

Merge Shapes

  1. Merge Shape Commands
  2. Shape Combine Command
  3. Shape Union Command
  4. Shape Fragment Command
  5. Shape Intersect Command
  6. Shape Subtract Command
  7. Convert Text to Shapes by Fragmenting
  8. Convert Text to Shape by Intersecting
  9. Merge Shapes with Pictures

Exotic Shapes

  1. Cookie Cutter Shapes

Advanced Drawing Techniques

  1. Edit Points for Shapes

Fills, Lines, and Effects

Fills for Shapes

  1. Fills for Shapes
  2. Add Solid Fills to Shapes
  3. Add Gradient Fills to Shapes
  4. Add Picture Fills to Shapes
  5. Advanced Picture Fill Options
  6. More Gradients
  7. Gradient Stops
  8. Add Texture Fills to Shapes
  9. Tiling Options
  10. Add Pattern Fills to Shapes
  11. No Fill
  12. Add Slide Background Fill to Shapes
  13. Transparency for Shape Fills

Outlines (Lines) for Shapes

  1. Formatting Lines (and Shape Outlines)
  2. Formatting Outlines for Shapes (Weight/Thickness)
  3. Gradient Outlines
  4. No Line for Shapes

Fills for Slide Background

  1. Format Slide Background

PowerPoint 2016 for Mac Tutorials

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