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Adobe Photoshop is more than an image editor. Few applications have a following as large as Photoshop and a dedication beyond platforms. Photoshop has spawned a whole new industry of plug-ins, and its popularity can be gauged from the fact that its plug-in architecture is an industry standard that is also used by competing applications.

Latest Photoshop Plug-in Review: AKVIS ArtWork 9

AKVIS ArtWork 9: Photoshop Plug-in Review AKVIS ArtWork 9 is an Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in and also a standalone application that provides seven painting styles (Oil Painting, Watercolor, Gouache, Comics, Pen & Ink, Linocut, Pastel) for your photos. With these painting styles, you can convert your photograph into a piece of art. It also offers a wide choice of canvases and text options. AKVIS ArtWork 9 is an upgraded version of AKVIS ArtWork 7 which brings new decoration effects and frames, improved innovative interface, adds support for ultra HD resolution screens, and other significant changes.

Read the Indezine review here.

Plug-in Reviews
Photoshop and PowerPoint
Techniques And Tutorials

Adobe's Photoshop page is a gateway to tips, techniques and tutorials.

Planet Photoshop is a resource of anything to do with Photoshop.

Hands On has among the best Photoshop tutorials online. is producing a free daily on-line seminar/tutorial series on Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS2 for the months of May, June and July 2006. After that date the contents of this on-line series will be compiled and rewritten into a DVD based eBook.


Hongkiat provides several tutorials on text effects in Photoshop.

Andrei Doubrovski, a professional photographic restoration artist and technician, has released As Simple As Photoshop, a study at home course for Adobe Photoshop users.

Photoshop Elements User is a dedicated site for sharing tips and learning about Photoshop Elements, download video tutorials, images and samples.

Photoshop Plug-ins / Filters

Artlandia SymmetryShop automates the creation of textile, wallpaper, and other surface designs in Photoshop.

Digital Anarchy makes several best-selling plug-ins for Photoshop.

Corel makes the highly popular KPT range.

Exposure is the creator of the popular EyeCandy plug-in.

Flaming Pear has a comprehensive range of plug-ins including Super BladePro, Flood and Lunar Cell.


Andromeda offers various plug-ins including Cutline, Etchtone, and LensDoc.

AutoFX creates GRFX Studio Pro.

From the Human Software stable come Squizz, OttoPaths, Testissimo, AutoMask, etc.

Plugin Galaxy is a set of 21 special effect plug-ins.

Power Retouche supplies quality Photoshop plugins for photo editing and restoration.


Adobe Add-ons has a veritable treasure trove of Photoshop actions, plug-ins and more

Companion Programs

Plugin Commander facilitates the management of your plug-in collection quickly and easily.

Adobe Acrobat lets you print your Photoshop files into Adobe's PDF format.


CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator allow far more vector editing control than within Photoshop.

Corel's Painter and PhotoPaint are notable alternatives to Photoshop.

Other Links
Exclusive Book Excerpts

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