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In minute Dear... This Article in Indezine is Fantastic!

This one is from Dan Rosandich, Michigan, United States, Thank you, Dan!

Your site is a such a rich source of information. I've learned dozens of tips there, and I'm convinced Indezine was pivotal in helping me pass my MOS exam.

- John Sperling, Orange County, USA

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your site and newsletter. I am not sure how long I have  been subscribed -- it seems like forever, but I still open your emails as soon as  can because I know there will some great info. The info is invaluable and I have been turned on to many fantastic products, services and books. My very favorite is TechSmith SnagIt. I have also purchased Crystal Graphics, Camtasia, and many books based on info I received from you. Just wanted to take the time to say thanks- your work is appreciated. I love viewing your travel pictures also.

- Leslie Sennett, Braintree, USA

I cannot say how much I appreciate your services on!! Even though we are a relatively low budget non-profit organization (at least for the time being) you have made it possible to have really awesome backgrounds for our presentations, even if the only thing we can afford is your free templates!! I really commend the fact that you have an extremely diverse selection of PowerPoint backgrounds in your free section. Most websites & design services such as yours, will offer frustratingly few options in their "FREE" section or they have a huge selection and you download a really awesome background only to open it and discover that it has a huge watermark right in the center of the graphic that you can only remove if you buy their subscription for however many hundred or thousand dollars that they want. Thankfully when you advertise free backgrounds & templates. yours are TRULY FREE!

- Kathryn Archuleta, USA

Thank you so much for providing this template. I am a nursing student, and for my Culture and Ethics class, my group must do a presentation on Hinduism. I wanted something attractive and eye catching that is also respectful and gives a feel for the culture and religion. What you provided was perfect, and I am sure to get a good grade. Thank you again!

- Mary Guimaraes, Gorum, USA

You have some really good template backgrounds for PowerPoint. Thanks for sharing those! Whoever made them, you have got a team of great artists!

- Ella Gozali, Silver Spring, USA

The design templates provided by this website are really very cool. You guys are doing a very good job.

- Arti Poojary, Mumbai, India

I just wanted to let you know that I am really grateful for the templates you send me. Unlike some users who, as you said, do not expect their audience to enjoy a PowerPoint presentation, I always do my best to make my presentations really enjoyable because I have an audience of 10-year olds who always look forward to our lessons.

- Rita Debono, Muscat

Thank you so much for sending these templates early enough for me to use them on Father’s Day. You are the greatest!!!

- Barbara Schladitz, USA

I wanted to thank you for providing such wonderful materials. Not only are they free but the automatic mail service saves me so much time. I have since moved to another position at our college, and your work will enable me to make life a bit brighter for both our students and staff.

- Bonnie Moore, Altoona, USA

Great site.

- Mark Mangrum, Camby, USA

I think this site is amazing. I have used many of the PowerPoint templates here with great satisfaction.

- Niresh Sewraj, Durban, South Africa

Always good information and products on this website. Well worth taking the time to review.

- Jack Meagher, Peterborough, USA

I put together a PowerPoint presentation every week. One of my resources for putting the finishing touches has been

- David Wolfe, Bensenville, USA

This site has saved my life...literally...I use it for all my CMA submissions and we always can count on a great mark for presentation because of the wonderful templates. Thank-you for helping me achieve my designation.

- Chris, North Vancouver, Canada

I love your site. Your templates are interesting and innovative. I use them regularly for our school district administration presentations. Your color variety is one of my favorite things about your site.

- Tonya Peek, Houston, USA

I really enjoy using this site. It makes my job as the media person a whole lot easier. Thanks a bunch!!!

- Michelle Petro, Yorba Linda, USA

I so look forward to receiving your Indezine emails and PowerPoint templates. I make slides every day for our City's Channel 19. I am always looking for artistic, well-designed, useable templates. You have the best ones on the web! We get a lot of good feedback about the way our slides are interesting, colorful, different from all the rest, and never boring. Thanks! You always make my day!

- Anne Boykin, United States

I love this site!! It has provided me with inspiring PowerPoints that have moved my audience with my messages. Having creative PowerPoints make the presentation -- and Indezine makes the presentation sensational!!

- Tracy Ford, Las Vegas, USA

I just finished two years completing my MBA. In that time we had many group projects that required the creation of PowerPoint presentations. Your site was a goldmine and has helped me to redefine the way I think about making presentations that are interesting, professional, innovative and exciting. Your Graffiti collection will give me yet another way to make even better presentations that break traditional presentation boundaries.

- Richard Potter, Scottsdale, USA

I loved the Memorial Day slides you provided...they were perfect for my memorial day presentation. Thanks so much!

- Pat Wolfe, Owego, USA

These Earth Day templates are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the inspirations.

- Marie Johnson, Dallas, USA

Simple comment - I love it!

- Terry, Leek, UK

I always look forward to getting your email! I am not a heavy PowerPoint user, and the templates, backgrounds, tips and tricks on your site gave me the tools and know-how to look as professional many presenters from much larger organizations with armies of IT people to back them up. I can communicate my ideas and to my audience with poise and polish. Indezine - what a great find!

- Steve Lamsam, Whitewater, USA

Loved the tutorial on creating an EXE from a PowerPoint file. Great stuff - keep up the good work.

- Hugh Abbott, London, UK

I love your PowerPoint backgrounds! Thank you very much for providing them. We are a small church and they add so much to our lyrics as we sing. They're so beautiful; they remind me of sunrises and sunsets and other beautiful scenes. I've received many compliments, and I tell them about you. Thanks again.

- Sally Andrukaitis, South Portland, United States

I just love your ezine and the site. I have purchased several things advertised on the site -- so those that advertise with you are making $. Read many of the articles. I use PowerPoint extensively at my work and formulate tutorials to be placed on our intranet as well. Adore the templates.

- Victoria Leavitt, Lakewood, United States

Thanks so very much for this service. As a result, I've dumped virtually all of the PPT templates that came with Office, and replace them with ones I've downloaded from your site. Much better and ever so appreciated. Will continue to check out the site

- Linda L, USA

I do training and development with a very limited budget. You have got it going on. Your designs are innovative and fresh. Thank you for allowing me to access some of your files. They are brilliant!

- Vicki McCoy, Georgia, USA

Thank you so very much. I do a lot of PowerPoint Shows and was running out of backgrounds. The choice you offer is just great. I do shows for trainers and lecturers in Social Care. Thanks again.

- Ann Mancini, North Walsham, England

Designs and colors are great. I'll use one for my dissertation defense. You are a genius.

- Pilar Leonor, Metro Manila, Philippines

Until I found this site, I didn't really do much with PowerPoint. Just looking at the designs is inspiring! This site is wonderful!

- Wendy, Bakewell, Australia

I am new to the site, but found many useful things. Going to continue explore more about the site -- love the layout of the pages, neat & fast. Searching templates according to color scheme is an innovative idea that allows convenient & practical use.

- Iris Zhao, Melbourne, Australia

This site really helps me come up with ideas for my PowerPoint presentations to my 6th grade midweek school of religion class and the on screen announcements for church membership each week. Children and adults these days need this type of forum in their teachings to learn and keep up with what is happening in the world and the internet.

- Dennis Reading,

I have recently discovered your site, and as a full-time PowerPoint creation firm, find it an invaluable tool. We usually create our own templates, but find that designs on your site can be used in conjunction with what we design to create new and different looks, and we can also use them as-is. Good stuff all-around!

- Rebecca Renner, United States

Indezine makes my PowerPoint presentation alive. I may not be an interesting speaker and presenter but Indezine makes me look like a professional presenter. Thank You Indezine.

- Amalina Aarif, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

Thanks for putting so much time and energy into this site. As the owner of a presentation skills company I often send clients to you. I especially appreciate the interviews. Your site helps me stay in touch with the speaking community. Thanks!

- Angela DeFinis, Kentfield, United States

I prepare PowerPoints for teaching/training, it's more for education. I'm just bored with the quite limited designs from Microsoft. I started to search for PowerPoint themes and templates on the net but normally they were too plain or just as similar to the embedded theme in Microsoft PowerPoint. Then, I found your website by luck in the Google search engine and wow, you guys rock!!!

- Atikah Binti Shafie, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I just wanted to tell you that I do appreciate the work you've put into your site!

- Scott, Rochester, United States

Just wanted to say: thank you so much for creating such beautiful templates and making them free to the public! I had such a hard time deciding which ones to use. Thank you for your creativity and generosity!

- Diane Yamashiro, United States

I have never had anyone who cares about the people who use their site like you do and I think its wonderful.

- Kimberly, Charlotte, United States

Might I also take this opportunity to say what a fabulous web site you have. The templates are so diverse and breathtaking.  I had a presentation to do for a workshop a few weeks ago and I needed something for "construction" and you had the perfect template.  Great job!

- Marie Johnson, Dallas, United States

I just wanted to say that I think your templates are incredible. Thanks for the free membership!

- Deborah Dietrich, Edwardsville, United States

You have an awesome site here. The freebies are awesome too. I have been coming to your site for quite some time now and finally decided its high time I thank you for your wonderful templates that I have been using for my PowerPoints. The whole concept is really happening and I recommend this site to all my friends too who want to add that zing to their PowerPoints!

- Ruchi Srivastava, Mumbai, India

I always look forward to receiving the PowerPoint Ezine. The contests are fun, of course, but I always find information that is useful to me in my work as it relates to PowerPoint presentations. I especially like reviewing and downloading the new PowerPoint templates as they become available.

- Jeanne Bowen, Elkhart, United States

I am a fan of this website right from the day I was told about it. I have learnt many tricks and still use the cute Thermometer add-in for all my business presentations and people still wonder how I could add such a progress bar then I explain the free Thermometer add-in to them... Thanks to Indezine once again.

- Sudhakar Sadasivuni, Hyderabad, India

I enjoy the website not only for the various templates and articles that are offered but also the information on a wide array of products related to PowerPoint presentations.

- Jack R. Meagher, Peterborough, United States

This site and email is one of the few I look forward to getting on a regular basis. PowerPoint is a big part of my job as an event production manager and anything I can bring to the table that makes me look more than “ standard” is warmly welcomed. Good information put forth in a straightforward manner.

- Dave Pallay, Chicago, United States

May I take this opportunity to thank you for providing such an excellent resource for PowerPoint users. Since I train colleagues at our University to use PowerPoint I'm always keen to mention your website and suggest users have a look and hopefully subscribe.

- Dave Harden, Cheltenham, UK

You do not know how much money you have saved this poor college student. I have been complimented on my PowerPoint templates more times than I can remember...and I always tell them where I got them. I am sure there have been times that the design of the template has pushed my grade to the maximum; and I wanted to thank you for this.

- Sue Bell, Nikiski, United States

Indezine has been a great tool for me. I am not a professional computer person. I am self taught like most people, but have been put into situations that require me to teach computer classes. I have been serving as a volunteer missionary in the Philippines for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the last 1 1/2 years where I have had the opportunity to share my computer skills with many others. They love learning to use PowerPoint in their business as well as their private lives. Thank you for your encouragement and usage tips as well as your wonderful free templates. They have made my presentations so much more exciting and attractive.

- Pauline Shaw, Salt Lake City, United States

I appreciate the ezine and all the wonderful things that I have learned from Geetesh Bajaj over the years. Keep up the good work!

- John A. Janoski, Norman, Oklahoma, United States

Your site is professionally assembled and easy to use. Keep up the good work.

- Fred Thompson, Henderson, NV, United States

Thank you! I use all the freebies anyone sends me at school (I'm a teacher) all the time!!!

- Linda Ely, Kermit, United States

I really like your website. I have found lots of good resources here!

- Peggy Preston, Nixa, United States

Your web site is awesome, and your products are superb. I would make a suggestion, but I honestly can't think of any way to improve either your site or your products.

- Will Willis, Miami, United States

I was looking for a nice PowerPoint backgrounds for meeting presentations I have to give every few weeks. Your PowerPoint backgrounds are beautiful and the best I've seen. Good job!

- Irene, Waterloo, Canada

I find and PowerPoint Ezine really useful for myself and my team. The articles and the PowerPoint tips are great. I also love seeing all of the interesting templates that are available.

- Marilyn Haynes, Brisbane, Australia

As a college employee, it seems most presentations use the same old backgrounds. I really enjoy using the free PowerPoint templates as it gives my work a unique look. Of course, I always give credit to your site!

- Bonnie F Moore, Altoona, United States

I was very impressed with the excerts from your new book. I plan to get one as soon as possible to use with the students in my Technology Applications Class. I always gain knowledge from your newsletter and I know the book will be a great addition to our resource collection.

- Larraine Garner, Raleigh, United States

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