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Microsoft Sway

Explore tutorials on Microsoft Sway.


Product/Version: Microsoft Sway

OS: Works in a browser, or as an app

Sway Tutorials

Getting Started

  1. Getting Started with Microsoft Sway
  2. Differences between PowerPoint and Microsoft Sway
  3. Sign into Sway
  4. Create a New Sway
  5. Import Content into Sway
  6. Insert Options in Sway
  7. Duplicating a Sway
  8. Remix in Sway
  9. My Sways

Interface Options

  1. Sections in Sway
  2. Naming and Reordering Sections
  3. Storyline in Sway
  4. Preview Pane in Sway
  5. Accessibility View in Sway

Working with Cards

  1. Working with Cards within Sway
  2. Text Cards in Sway
  3. Title Cards in Sway
  4. Focus Point for Pictures within Sway
  5. Heading Card in Sway
  6. Text Card in Sway
  7. Media Cards in Sway
  8. Picture Cards in Sway
  9. Video Cards in Sway
  10. Group Cards in Sway
  11. Automatic Group Cards in Sway
  12. Changing Between Group Card Types
  13. Stack Group Cards
  14. Group Your Cards
  15. Comparison Group Cards in Sway
  16. Slideshow Group Cards in Sway
  17. Grid Group Cards in Sway
  18. Tweet Cards in Sway

Design Options

  1. Designs in Sway
  2. Design Styles in Sway
  3. Customize Styles in Sway

Share Options

  1. Share Sways

Authors in Sway

  1. Adding Authors in Sway
  2. Co-Authoring in Sway
  3. Determining Authors in Sway
  4. Remove and Revoke Shares in Sway

Navigation Options

  1. Navigation in Sway

Play Options in Sway

  1. Play Options

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