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Which Themes Are Installed Within Office Versions?

Which Themes Are Installed Within Office Versions?

Most of you know that Microsoft started including Themes rather than templates since Office 2007. Since then, over a hundred Themes have been included within different versions of Office, on both Windows and Mac versions. But sometimes you will run into a roadblock when you cannot find a Theme you are looking for!

Explore list of pre-installed and available Themes within the Office versions released so far.

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Concept Slides: Organic Shapes with Brush Edges

Concept Slides: Organic Shapes with Brush Edges

You get 8 shape types plus lines as part of this Organic Shapes collection. Each of these 8 shape types have 10 variants. So you end up with 80 hand-drawn shape options! Again each of these 80 shapes have 12 brush stroke styles! Plus you get the lines and arrows in 12 brush stroke styles too. Combine all variations to end up with more than 3000 possibilities.

Download and use now.

Learning About Creating Stories From Cinema

Learning About Creating Stories From Cinema

Cinema is all about stories, and we have to admit that stories in presentations are a subject that’s only been widely talked about in recent years. So clearly, there is so much to learn from cinema, and then we can use that wisdom to create better presentation messages. But even I did not expect to find so much amazing information about stories in a feature that explores office spaces of Bollywood cinema directors!

Read more here.




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Shape Styles in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

May 25, 2018

Shape Styles in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

PowerPoint’s fill, line, and effect attributes enable you to customize the look of shapes and other slide objects in your presentation. However, it may take ages to get that perfect color combination and even after spending so much time, the final look may not match the Theme of your presentation. Shape Styles is an awesome option to overcome this problem. Shape Styles are a collection of prebuilt styles housed within a gallery of the same name. These styles are all Theme-specific. What does this mean? It means that if a presentation’s Theme changes, you’ll end up with new Shape Styles.

Explore Shape Styles with fills, outlines, and effects in PowerPoint 2016.

Create a Presentation the Steve Jobs Way

May 24, 2018

Carmine Gallo

Carmine Gallo is a communications coach for the world’s most admired brands. He is a sought after speaker and author of the new book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience.

In this Indezine exclusive article, Carmine discusses how you can create better slides, and become a better presenter. All techniques are inspired by Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ presentation skills.

Read Carmine Gallo’s article here.

Create Custom Shaped Picture Placeholders in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

May 24, 2018

Create Custom Shaped Picture Placeholders in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

Do you want your pictures to be contained within shapes that look like frames? Or maybe you want to use silhouette style placeholders for your pictures? Yes, this process is a little involved, but we'll hold your hand if you promise to follow all our steps in sequence!

Learn how to create custom shaped Picture placeholders in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac.

Presets in Shape Styles

May 23, 2018

Presets in Shape Styles

If you have used Shape Styles, you know that applying them adds a style that’s based on both Theme Colors and Theme Effects. Now there’s something new called Presets in Shape Styles, that can be found in Office 365 versions of PowerPoint. Some of these styles are perfect if you want to add a transparent or semi-transparent shape with one click.

Learn more about Presets in Shape Styles.

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