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Counterintuitive Research Findings

Counterintuitive Research Findings

I have recently completed a research study on what makes PowerPoint presentations memorable. 1,540 people participated in the study and after 48 hours, they remembered an average of 4 slides out of 20 slides they viewed. This finding is perhaps expected: unless there is some repetition and enforcement, memory fades quickly. There were however a few observations that I found surprising and almost counter-intuitive to what we’ve been taught as communicators.

Read more in this post by Dr. Carmen Simon.

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Concept Slides: Organic Shapes with Brush Edges

Concept Slides: Organic Shapes with Brush Edges

You get 8 shape types plus lines as part of this Organic Shapes collection. Each of these 8 shape types have 10 variants. So you end up with 80 hand-drawn shape options! Again each of these 80 shapes have 12 brush stroke styles! Plus you get the lines and arrows in 12 brush stroke styles too. Combine all variations to end up with more than 3000 possibilities.

Download and use now.

Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2019: Conversation with Tsufit


Tsufit is a former lawyer who has been described by the Toronto Star as “a starburst of energy― bright bubbly and upbeat” and by Publisher’s Weekly as a “coaching dynamo”. Her book, Step Into the Spotlight! has been endorsed by Tom Peters, Jay Conrad Levinson, Jack Trout, BNI founder, Ivan Misner, Les Brown, Al Ries, and many other New York Times best-selling authors and experts. In this conversation, Tsufit talks about her upcoming webinar, which is part of the Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2019 series.

Read the conversation here.




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Reset, Export, and Import Ribbon Customizations in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows

November 21, 2019

Reset, Export, and Import Ribbon Customizations in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows

PowerPoint 2019 for Windows allows you to customize the Ribbon in a number of ways. You can add new Ribbon tabs, add Groups within the Ribbon tabs, and populate these Groups with useful commands. And if you think you made a mess and were better off with the defaults, then you can always get back to square one. On a more positive front, you can share your customizations with friends and colleagues, or also your other computers. And you can export your customizations to a file saved as a backup for a rainy day!

Learn how to reset, export, and import Ribbon customizations in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows.

Results of the 2019 Annoying PowerPoint Survey: Conversation with Dave Paradi

November 20, 2019

Results of the 2019 Annoying PowerPoint Survey: Conversation with Dave Paradi

Dave Paradi has over twenty years of experience in delivering customized training workshops to help business professionals improve their presentations. He has written nine books on the topic of effective presentations and is one of fifteen people in North America recognized by Microsoft with the Most Valuable Professional Award for his contributions to the Excel and PowerPoint communities. He is NASBA registered to deliver CPE credit courses to CPAs. In this conversation, Dave talks about the results of his 2019 Annoying PowerPoint Survey.

Read the conversation here.

PowerPoint and Presenting News: November 19, 2019

November 19, 2019

Top 7 Ways to Succeed in the Business of Speaking

We bring you another part of our presentation management series. AlexAnndra Ontra and James Ontra talk about compliance, and how it can mean different things to different organizations. Kurt Dupont looks at the upgrade from writing to digital signage. We also feature Rodney Saulsberry, who talks about the 2nd edition oh his book, You Can Bank on Your Voice. Then, we explore the top 7 ways to succeed in the business of speaking.

PowerPoint 2019 for Windows users and PowerPoint 365 for Windows or Mac users can learn about Working with Custom Groups in Ribbon Tabs. Additionally, PowerPoint 2019 for Windows users can find about Adding Commands to Custom Groups in the Ribbon. Plus, make sure you do not miss the quotes, press releases, and templates featured in the last week.

Stay informed about updated tutorials and happenings related to PowerPoint and presenting.

Adding Commands to Custom Groups in PowerPoint 365 for Mac

November 19, 2019

Adding Commands to Custom Groups in PowerPoint 365 for Mac

If you want to really benefit from customizing your Ribbon in PowerPoint 365 for Mac, then you will certainly want to add some commands, beyond the ones that are placed by default within any of the Ribbon tabs. You'll notice that all commands are placed within Groups. Whatever your intent may be, you cannot place any commands within the existing Groups that are built within PowerPoint. You first need to add a custom Group within any of the tabs available in the Ribbon. Thereafter, you need to populate them with commands.

Learn how to add commands to custom groups in PowerPoint 365 for Mac.

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