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PowerPoint and Presenting News: January 21, 2020

Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words?

We first look at how you can build digital signage screens, using Powerpoint and some add-ins in this guest post by Kurt Dupont. We also find out if a picture is worth a thousand words? We’ve all heard this saying a thousand times and more. Frankly speaking, that observation may not be true all the time! So what are those scenarios when this is not true? We then explore some PowerPoint views: Reading View in PowerPoint 365 for Windows and Slide Master View in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows. Also, make sure you do not miss the quotes, press releases, and templates featured in the last week.

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Concept Slides: Organic Shapes with Brush Edges

Concept Slides: Organic Shapes with Brush Edges

You get 8 shape types plus lines as part of this Organic Shapes collection. Each of these 8 shape types have 10 variants. So you end up with 80 hand-drawn shape options! Again each of these 80 shapes have 12 brush stroke styles! Plus you get the lines and arrows in 12 brush stroke styles too. Combine all variations to end up with more than 3000 possibilities.

Download and use now.

Presentation Management: The Entire Series

Presentation Management: What’s Wrong With PowerPoint (As If You Didn’t Know Already)

As many of you are aware, we are running a series of posts on Presentation Management. This has been possible with support from AlexAnndra Ontra and James Ontra, who have permitted us to serialize their book. Additionally, some value addition to the content is being done to add visuals, videos, excerpts, and more so that we can bring you a more interactive format. Here are all the posts published so far. We will update this list when new posts are added.

See here.




New Stories

Reading View in PowerPoint 365 for Mac

January 21, 2020

Reading View in PowerPoint 365 for Mac

Reading View is one of those important features that are not available yet on PowerPoint 365 for Mac. If you want to ask Microsoft to add this feature to PowerPoint 365 for Mac, you can visit the PowerPoint UserVoice site, and vote for this suggestion. Someone has already put up this suggestion, so do vote for this feature. Suggestions with more votes are implemented sooner than others.

Learn about the Reading View in PowerPoint 365 for Mac.

What You Need to Know About Leadership Before Becoming a Leader

January 20, 2020

What You Need to Know About Leadership Before Becoming a Leader

People often ask me if I enjoy being a senior leader in my organization and my answer is invariably ‘Yes I do.’ Leadership is an amazing experience but it can be hard, and people often harbor unrealistic expectations about what is involved.

Learn more from Florian Bay of Toastmasters.

How to Build Digital Signage Information Screens

January 17, 2020

How to Build Digital Signage Information Screens

It is undeniable that communication and interaction between organizations and the public have been transformed by technological advancements witnessed in the 21st century. Previously, organizations conveyed their messages, announcements, and other relevant information through traditional channels such as billboards, posters, and so on. These traditional channels have been replaced by digital signage, which utilizes screens to display the information popularly known as information screens.

Read more with Kurt Dupont.

Slide Master View in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows

January 16, 2020

Slide Master View in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows

Slide Master View is an important view within PowerPoint 2019 for Windows. Why? Because, if you make any changes or edits within this view, these modifications will influence all slides within your presentation. For example, if you want to make your company logo appear on all the slides, you will have to add the logo within the Slide Master. If you want the font size of your slide titles to be a little larger or smaller, then those edits also need to be made in the Slide Master.

Learn about Slide Master view in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows.

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