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Ppted Gun Club Plaids (August 2011) | Comments

Miladee N Azur
Randy Henderson
Susan Heiskell

Ppted Knife Abstracts (August 2011) | Comments

Zeke Flores
Janis Royal-Collins
Patricia Tucker
Leonard Lim

Ppted Americana (June 2011) | Comments

Chris Gamec
Cliff McPherson
Jim Squires
Patti Tucker
Elizabeth Torres

Ppted Plaid Pattern (May 2011) | Comments

Rhonda Vandergriff
Kurt Reesman
Lisa Day-Lindsey
Devendra Chowdary

Ppted Houndstooth (May 2011) | Comments

Don DeWitt
Heather Hale
Angela Taylor
Marian Gils-McLeod
Marty Berlinger

myBrainshark (May 2010) | Comments

Sean Donegan
Lee Ann Shablesky
John Whitmore
Samantha Mceveny and more.

Raptivity Presenter (October 2009) | Comments

Thippawan Trirattana
Lynn Jolly
Allan Misch
Leon Conrad
Dianne Zinky

YawnBuster (August 2009) | Comments

Frans Nieman
Don DeWitt
Michael Barber
Devendra Chowdary

NXPowerLite (August 2009)

Barry Maidment
Andre Vlcek
Laureta Blondin
BJ Johnston
Abhishek Baxi

Ppted Yellow (February 2008) | Comments

Kerry Mensior,
Diana Orlemann
Miss Angelgirl
Leslie Antley
Dorothy Lindsey
Ian Stubbs
Kathryn A
Carmen Nicodemus
Christine Scheer
Walter Lim

Skyline Sphere (March 2008) | Comments

Michael Barbe
Margaret Shaffer
Beejay Artajo
Benn Gehman

Origami (August 2008 ) | Comments

Miss Fleur Dsouza
Dr. Prabhakar Y. Devadiga
Myrna M. De Fiesta
Katie Calhoun
Ian Moore
Patty Ball
A James

People Chain (January 2008) | Comments

Dr. Ed Nicholson
Kit Heald
Dennis Bedford
Cynthia May
Myrna M. De Fiesta
Chris Stunda
Devin Kane
Irving Curless

SnagIt 9 (August 2008) | Comments

Tracy Carter
Patricia Tucker
Sarah Fleeman
Anne Mapa

SnagIt 8 (March 2008) | Comments

Tracy Carter
Patricia Tucker
Sarah Fleeman
Anne Mapa

NXPowerLite (February 2008) | Comments

Katy Alldredge
Joy Rogers
Kerry Mensior
Daniel Nielsen
Holly Rogers
Sam Yuan
Paula West
Bonnie Moore

Opazity (January 2008) | Comments

Devendra Chowdary
Steve A. Politte
Kathy Ward
Mihaela GOJ
Jane Bowden

Electric (December 2007 ) | Comments

Ann Dixon
Jan Ilacqua
Jeff Parish
Neil Combe
Anton Appelcryn
Klaus Ruttmann
Gwen Ford
Fleur Dsouza

Perspector 4.0 (December - 2007 ) | Comments

Thomas Tallman
Steve Barta
Antony Schooling

Roads | Comments

Paul Tillman
Carolyn Barbuto
Jeff Huston
Dotty Weiner
Michelle Haag
Anne Michaels
Peter Clarke
Linda Troyer
Michael Lindsey


Osasehi Ikhu
Soreli Norton
Richard Potter
Lori A. Crockett
Michelle Rodgers
Lidia Sparacio
Tracy Ford
Barton Cole
Anne Boykin


Rabah Zoubeir
Marc McAllister
Nancy Barkman
Kirsten Blackstock
Winford Smith
Homai Patel
Mads Hjelm
Mary-Ann Harrison
Robyn Lamprecht


Ray Harrell
Daniel Popescu
Lori A Crockett
Jill Parsonson
Lisa White
Robert Dickinson
Jeremy Kiner
Betsy Carpenter

WildPresenter 3

Alan Rudy
James Syngai

Balesio PPTMinimizer

Gary Macy
Devin Kane
Michael Johnson
Ken Gazley
Catherine Plunkett
Abdiel Rodríguez Sánchez
Ian Moore
Tim Richard
Karen Hansen

Neuxpower NXPowerLite 3

Michelle Petro
Jack Meagher
Tonya Peek
Niresh Sewraj
Mark Mangrum
David Wolfe


Ann Dixon
Valerie Humphries

Rich Chart Builder

G Hill

Rich Chart Live

Andrew Chew
Bob Goldsmith
Daniel Popescu
Christine Sharlow
S Gelinas
David Raymond
Allen Glenn
Jeanna Shiley

Stepping Stones

Cliff McPherson
Eric Taylor
María Fernanda
Marla Theodoro
Anne Boykin
Jeanette Woodward
Amalina Aarif
Dennis Reading
Iris Shao
Linda Shelley
Eric Taylor

Grid Horizons

GBS Wadhwa
Gerald Jeffers
Doug Montgomery
Sam Martin
Clare Kirk
Steve Tan
Rick Ellison
Wayde Jensen
Terri Karlinski


Dr. Ed Nottingham
Ana Ponciano
Angelene McWilliams
Barbara Becker
Bas L.M. Jansen
bil bailey
Bob Steele
Bob Tuttle
Carolyn Barbuto
Cherie Shrader
Chris scherer
Cindy james
Diana Orlemann
Danny Ho
David Cox
David Rostoker
Debbie Mason
Deborah Dietrich
Deborah A. Holley
Don DeWitt
Diana Canterbury
Debbie Rogers
Duncan Wong
Dr. Ed Nottingham
Ed Payne
Leigh Hawke
GBS Wadhwa
Gerald Jeffers
Gordon Scobel
Greg Keene
Dave Harden
Holly Rogers
Holly Bozant
James Barrett
James Shull
Jeri Taylor
Joel LeFevre
John Lim
Johnny L. Wilson
Kathy Strauss
Korie Pelka
Larry Zytnowski
Rose Lasker
Leslie Malin
Lori Asaro
Lorna Calaway
Mari Johnson
Marilyn Haynes
Martin Maclean
Clifff McPherson
Paul Bailey
Doug Harris
Robert Banger
Ron Middleton
Ross Querry
Sam Martin
Katherine E Schmiel
Rita Starkey
Stephen J. Zylstra
Steve Tan
Steve Barta
Suhail Chughtai
Tom Tokarski
Tracy McCormick
Troy Hooper
Marisa Van De Water
Vicki Knepp
Viki Silberman
Vincent Winterling
David Cox
James Syngai
John Gessler
Roger Grant
Jan Olsen
Punnose Kovoor
Greg Friesen
Kathleen A Stringer
Carol Walker
Karen Messina
David Raymond
Rob Slater
Brian Thomas
Janette Mackenzie Hay
Friede Taylor
Tandy Wheeler
Jacalyn Hopkin
Jacqueline Bates

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