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Winning Entries

In my position with a major defense contractor, I have become known as the PowerPoint Expert among the entire 3000+ employees here. No joke. A big part of that is due to the tips and software I've gotten from Indezine. From the review you've given, I'm hoping that Perspector 4.0 will enable me to continue to wow the executives, presidents and board members for yearsto come.
- Steve Barta, Rowlett, USA

I am creating new PowerPoint presentations for lectures and for business development presentations on a regular basis at the Cleveland Clinic. This feature would create a greater impact on the audiences who see my presentations. I am currently creating 2 new lectures for an emergency medicine conference in January 2008. If I make a good impression, I get invited back next year.
- Thomas A Tallman, Cleveland, USA

Indezine's templates have already been a tremendous help in modernizing English and History teaching here in Lyon, France, but the chance to add 3-D graphics would be incredibly useful to all my PowerPoint presentations. My kids' attention spans are not always what I'd like, but with 3-D graphics analyzing graphs and other data would actually become a pleasure - yes, I kid you not! Remember how you hated all that boring data-analyzing at school? Well, as it's nearly Christmas, surely it's the season to think of ""poor kids""... (Of course, if you appreciated the ""Christmas-Carol style"" pitch, that's because you at Indezine are far from being Scrooges!)
- Antony Schooling, Doissin, France

As a technology teacher trainer for Midland ISD, an urban school district in West Texas, I train teachers on using PowerPoint and other presentation components effectively with their classes. We are always looking for more effective ways for teachers to engage their students in learning. The Indezine website is one that I always recommend to them so they can improve the attractiveness and effectiveness of their academic presentation. The Prespector software looks like it would greatly enhance high school level math and science presentations. Thank you for these offers and all the other wonderful resources.
- Ann Dixon, Midland, TX, USA

I would use this program to assist me in creating presentations during my graduate program.
- Stefanie Dietrick, Clinton, USA

Kooks cool
- Michael Ross, Surrey, Canada

Perspector 4.0 certainly enhances the way PowerPoint is absorbed by the masses. Wow............What technology !
- Brian Thomas, Edmond, OK, USA

Your web site has helped to make me shine at my new job, With your templates I have been able to create PowerPoint Presentations that my Director uses in our Hospital Board of Director meetings and more. This allows her to shine and therefore my Director values my skills. Thank You.
-Betty Jo Nolen, Kings Mountain NC, USA

This will be used for my work presentations along with the college I am attending when we do our presentations.
- Paulette Woodson, Baltimore, USA

indezine helps a lot in PowerPoint assignments -- they are very presentable and sharing towards your viewers
- Vachel, Corozal town, Belize

It's very for educational activity
- Nur Afni NUr, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indezine is a great sight slow to create a annoy but there when you need assistance Advice is free for the asking always there to assist Now offering a free .... not one but three 3 licenses of Prospector 4.0 one to keep three to share .
- Leslie Howorth, Mandurah W.A., Australia

Dear Sir/Madam, Since I enjoy Indezine products very much I'm sure this one is quite good as well.
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat,Israel

Indezine designs are myriad. It manage to capture not only natural beauty but also portray graphic designs at its best.
- Christina, Selangor, Malaysia

I really like the PowerPoint template collections which is very useful for me who is doing MBA for preparing presentations. So keep it up!
- Rooben, Mumbai, INDIA

This will be an excellent add in - I would use it for my presentations to ""blow"" my audience away! Thank you for having this giveaway...!
- Sonya Randolph, Farmington Hills, USA

It's fun for those whose making PowerPoint presentations.
- Don G. Arambulo, Quezon City, Philippines

I think its the better site to find amazing pictures and backgrounds to PowerPoint.
- Marcos, Gravataí, Brazil

Outstanding material!
- Bob Dickinson, Leavenworth, USA

This is an amazing tool everybody should know (at least, they should know it exists) Thanks!
- Rosa Dulanto, Madrid, Spain

New teacher here -- on a teacher budget but I want to make quality presentations -- help me out and you'll be helping the next generation!!
- Jennifer Felan, Norfolk-VA, USA

Through this site we can imagine, what are the things we can do in PowerPoint. Templates are all excellent.
- H. Pramod Nayak, Bangalore, India

This sounds like a really cool program! I'd love to be able to use it and then I'd be able to give better comments about it. Great site as well.
- Zeanne Hallback, Greenville, USA

Thanks for the opportunity! I do free training for construction inspectors & tradespeople. The add-ons that make things more exciting and hi-impact are usually not in the budget. Perspector 4.0 just might be!
- Scott Davis, Riverside, USA

Thanks for the neat PowerPoint designs.
- Gerry St. Michel, Hyattsville, MD, USA

Always looking for perfection in my presentations. Perspector would certainly help do just that!
- Joann West, Pompton Plains, USA

I love PowerPoint and would love to win Perspector 4.0. I use PowerPoint daily in my 6th grade class room to add pizzazz to my lesson. The lessons, game shows, and games I've created aid in retention of those necessary skills. This software would take my PowerPoints to another dimension. WoW!!!"
- Rhonda Floyd, Jena, USA

Can really use this for my work as an Epidemiologist Nice site with lots of useful information.
- Betty Jung ,Guilford, CT, USA

Shall be using Perspector 4.0 to make the presentations more vivid and lively
- Monish Mullick, Haldwani, India

I have found your products so useful in the educational field. I use them to support my cultural diversity implementation. Thanks it makes my work more powerful.
- Lynette Lewis, Oxon Hill, USA

The Visuals Exemplars is great. I just want it!
- Bernard Lecomte Châteauguay,Québec, Canada

Do the Sunday morning PowerPoints for our church. This would make a great addition.
- Robert Dallons,Tehachapi, USA

I teach pharmacy school and do a lot of PowerPoint presentations to students. This effect could really enhance some of my lectures and keep the students more engaged.
- Mike Daly, St. Louis, USA

"I try to make every presentation eye catching. I don't want to overshadow the material, but by highlighting it with visuals that enhace receptivity. This certainly would help with that purpose."
- Mike Bentley, Lawton, USA

"I am a teacher and use PowerPoint every day in my classes. My students love having new backgrounds each day, and the more interesting the backgrounds, the more interested they are in the math on the slides. This collection would be wonderful!"
- Rita Medvetz, Sykesville, USA

i am Stupefied by this design as some one hiitted by electric choc ... Bravo
- Rabah Zoubeir, Tunis, Tunisia

"Presentation, celebration, explanation or collaboration.. possible only due to Indezine contribution because East or West India Indezine Is the Best"
- Mitesh Dwivedi, Banswara, India

- Visual Exemplars giveaway
- Mike Swift, Morris Plains, USA

can get more free PPT version
- Aki, Guangdong, Guangdong

I wouldreally like to win this awesomely awesome new looks like it would be a great upgrade to PowerPoint !!! ^_^ please let me win!! please!! woot! woot
- Lily, Northridge, U.S.A

"I have to prepare weekly teaching handout, for my colleague in Department of Economics, University of Indonesia. This site is very useful to make those handout more exciting, then audience won't be get bored in studying statistics, public policy, etc."
- Amalia Falah Alam, Jakarta, Indonesia

I love receiving your e-mails with the beautiful templates to use in my PowerPoint presentations. Thank you for caring and please keep up the good work.
- Carmen Gonzalez, San Juan, PR, Puerto Rico

I use PowerPoint a lot in my teaching and I like to have different things to keep my presentations fresh and interesting for my kids. It keep learning fun. Please help keep learning in my class fun!! Thank you!
- Teresa Ramey, Salt Lick, USA

I work with a lot of churches and non-profit organizations whose presnetations have really begun to sparkle becuase of the products I see here. We could certainly use all the help we can get!
- Sharon Dean, Nashville, TN

Indezine PowerPoint backgrounds are the greatest! They add excitement and definition to the educational presentation for my nursing students and they rave about it!
- Jennae Arrias, Frazier Park, USA

easily the best site for PowerPoint users i always recommend this site to anyone who wants to know where to go on the net for PowerPoint and photoshop stuff. thanks for such a great site.
- Thehumanfly, ballarat, australia

I love to keep up with new ideas for PowerPoint. This would be a great way to do more innovative things for my church group.
- Judith Andino, Grand Rapids, USA

As a teacher I am always looking for ways to give my lessons more appeal. The Indezine website has helped me bring my lectures to life. Thank you so very much.
- Mark Welsh, Lancaster, USA

Very nice pages
- Alfred gama, Montevideo, Uruguay

"I am a library aide at a middle school. There is no librarian and in some schools there have been years without anybody but volunteers in the school libraries. I have been learning all I can about multimedia & office products to try to ensure the success of the students and support the staff. One of my priorities in this position is to help bring the technology use in my school into the 21st century and into the classroom. I have appreciated your site and the help I find here. It's a wonderful supplement to the Computer Tech that is also helping me reach my goal. I learn things here at Indezine that I search in vain for elsewhere and I appreciate the truly helpful tips, tricks and advice. I am also grateful that it is free with no third party obligations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Nancy Allen, Homer, USA

"This page is super, for you (Indezine people) my PowerPoint presentations are cool and they like to all my partners..thank you"
- Monica Mugnoz Lara, Cartagena, Colombia

"I really deserve to win this software because I never win anything. All the time I take part in different competitions, contests and even raffles and I don't get anything. That's your opportunity to make me feel lucky. Read this and give the Perspector 4 away to me."
- Cristian Ferney Caballero, Bucaramanga, Colombia

I would love to win this for our Church
- Debbie Saulmon, Olathe, USA

"I am an Educational Technology professor at Oklahoma State University. I would love to be able to show off your products to all our students! We have approximately 4,000 undergraduate students who all take an Ed Tech class, and we also have graduate students at the masters and doctoral levels.Thank you!"
- Susan Stansberry, Stillwater, USA

your PowerPoint templates have aided me in my discussions because they are very artistic and can cater to diverse needs of its users. thank you and more power!!
- Cherylane sabellano, cebu city, philippines

I am an Instructional Coach in my building. I help all the staff with projects and instruction. This award would impact the whole building of staff and students. Thank you.
- Mark Neubauer, Brooklyn Park, USA

Community College Instructor for PowerPoint and Publisher. 3 credit hours
- Jean Cray , Flagstaff, AZ 86004, USA

You've got an amazing website it's a great help for making top rate presentations. More power to Indezine
- Francis O. Sanchez, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

"Help me making presentations like a good italian caffé: strong, with a generous touch of exclusive depth and a longing for more."
- Karin Walzel, Vienna, Austria

Thanks for the internet to bring me the most fresh air of presentation abroad to my circle. The INDEZINE is really gorgeous to help people make shining PPT slides. People can learn a lot here and enjoy a free fantastic art designing.
- Liang, Wuhan, China

"Are you thinking what i'm thinking Pinky? I think so brain, but how are we going to use Perspector 4.0 to take over the world?"
- Richard Whitting, london, england

Really pratical.
- Fiona, Shanghai, China

Would make my sermons and Church Services {as a Lay Preacher} come alive and be more entertaining - visually and also educational
- Paul Weathersten, Orange, Australia

Any addtion to give a better PowerPoint presentation to help my students listen and stay focussed is terriific. I will use this program to add pizazz to my presentations. What a great way to help teachers
- Jim Steel, Leesburg, USA

"Indezine is great. The best. With great offers, wonderful competitions and great prizes. Prizes that you can use everyday. Indezine has a been a great help to me and my colleagues. Great PowerPoints."
- Niresh Sewraj, Durban, South Africa

"While doing a masters degree, one does not have time to fiddle!! You have to get your presentations out while concentrating on the important bits - the research!!! These tools that you provide make me look like a pro!!!!"
- Anton Appelcryn, Durban, South Africa

"Awesome resources on this site. We use much of what you have at the church, at which I am a pastor. Your graphic backgrounds add much to our presentations."
- Bob Oates, Acampo, USA

Our church uses PowerPoint for its worship services. I would use this to enhance our worship experience for the congregation.
- Carlotta Harned, Bella Vista, USA

Love this site! Even if I don't will I'll still love it!
- LeAnn, Texhoma, USA

Your templates are great! I love using them when I put our Sunday morning program together for our church. Thanks!
- Michael Rhodes, Mansfield, TX, USA

It helps my organisation to have better visibility to outside world.
- Pradeep C, Hyderabad, A.P. India

"It is a blessing to find a site with wonderful PowerPoint slides, tutorials etc. All items purchased, learned are used for His ministry and sharing of our faith. God Bless!"
- Debbie Urda, Live Oak, TX" USA

Indezine is a wonderful site for free PowerPoint templates.
- Robby Gunadi, Bandung, Indonesia

I work with several churches (several with their fundraising planning) and am always looking for new ways to improve their marketability in communications. I would like to try this software with several of the larger churches we work with that are interested in producing top level PowerPoint presentations to their boards and also the churches that run ppt during sunday services.
- Jacqueline Gordon, Marietta, USA

This would be a neat little program to have to give to my church. It would add so much to what we can do.
- Louis Bate, St. Albert, Canada

I love the selection of PowerPoint templates and wallpapers on this site; they are the BEST on the web! Thank you for the outstanding opportunity to perhaps win a copy of Perspector 4.0.
- Sally Andrukaitis, South Portland, USA

You have beautifully balanced creative rights and social benefit. The author/owner of these new devices who is giving these for free has already his reward. For owner's rights need to balance off with community interest. Imagine the good this will bring to all! Congratulations for the giving of self.
- Jo imbong, Marikina City, Philippines

I'd use this program in our church's PowerPoint music slides (for that extra touch). Thanks so much!
- Ron Schalow Jr, LeRoy, USA

Pick Me
- Robbie Randall, Richmond, USA

"In looking at the samples of the Visual Examplars, it appears that the templates are designed in such a way that the 3D effects will capture the attention of the audience. This is exactly what will work in my classroom as middle school students are such visual learners! I can give a presentation and not worry about fidgety boys and ""beauty shop"" girls!"
- Harriet Jarmon, Peyton, USA

the slide are beautiful for school presentation.
- Maricruz fernandez, Juncos, puerto

This sure would be a great package to use with my students. I love to show the the latest and best particularly PowerPoint enhancements. We are starting our section on PowerPoint 2007 on Thursday. I was fortunate to get a grant fo Office 2007 and this addition would be fantastic. I have enjoyed the excerpts of your new book. I hope to have a little budget after the new year to purchase a copy. The PP 2003 edition has been a favorite. Thanks Geetesh.
- Don sublett, new castle, va, USA

For the sheer pleasure in saying that I enjoy the PowerPoint templates and information. My friends and co-workers think I'm a real techie but I glean your newsletter for information. It would be icing on the cake to win something for once in my life. Thanks for all that you do.
- Dorothy Lindsey, Canton, USA

This looks like a fantastic add-in feature for PowerPoint that will be very useful in my business.
- Kim Stevens, Phoenix, USA

I think your site is very special and i used a lot of your templates in my presentations
- Marwa, cairo, Egypt

"3D stuff in a 2D space? That's simply D-lightful!! Please let me be one of ""D"" three winners! Or perhaps more accurate to say, please let me be one of ""3D"" winners!!!"
- John Lim, Singapore, Singapore

"I just love PowerPoint! I first saw one internet staff do some PowerPoint, then I closely watch how does he do it. I studied it at home...all by myself.Now, I could make/send ecards using PowerPoint. That's why I've been searching websites for free PowerPoint templates/backgrounds for the ecards I am sending to friends."
- Ludmila , Angeles city, Philippines

Indezine has come forward with cutting edge free presentations that help make my presentations more forceful and interesting. I could not do them in the same way without this site and will continue to use the PowerPoint presentations in my new job.
- Marilyn Lantz, Tarpon Springs, USA

I would love to win this. This product will help me a lot in my up-coming my project.
Mehdi Khaku, Allentown, USA

I'll meake a scientific presentation
- Nena Kustrin, Townsville, Qld Australia

I love this website. All the ppt projects I am given I uses templets from this website.
- Harsha bande, little rock, USA

Would like to have this software to help our church PowerPoint presentations for Sunday service. We are a very small church and I am trying to introduce visual presentation during the message time.
- Rick, Nashua, USA

Like Shrek 3D?? Check it out - Indezine is in-da'-house!
- Sheree Ferguson, Gold Coast, Australia

Added capability to PowerPoint producing eye catching & attention getting boost for your presentation. Good bye boring flat charts!
- Duke Wilwayco, Austin, TX, USA

"Today, college students are overloaded with learning by PowerPoint presentations. The problem is that the presentations often put stuents to sleep faster than the latest insomnia pill. From the instructors standpoint, the challenge is often that it takes a tremendous amount of time to develop engaging graphics such as 3D graphics and charrs.Tools like Perspector 4.0 are exactly the software technologies that I look for and appreciate to help me develop information and ideas into engaging, sensory stimulating presentations. I can already see how I could advance my PowerPoint effectiveness with Perspector 4.0. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy. Even if I don't win a copy, I will be asking our department if they would invest in a copy for me."
- Ross Querry, Dallas, USA

All those templates you have are great. They enhance any presentation and make others admire your work.
- Elizabeth Torres, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

I just love to create PowerPoints that are different but not too showy. We create our own templates and backgrounds. We are always trying something new. This would be something totally different.
- Stephen Zylstra, Zeeland, USA

Hello. I am a co-teacher of Autistic and Varied Exceptionalities classroom. I am back in school and have been using PowerPoints often and always looking for new and exciting things. I love to express myself and my knowledge through the use of my creativity. I also like differing software to use with our students. New ideas and concepts are always good for them so we try to change things up a bit. Would love to win.
- C. Vaughan, Defuniak Springs, USA

My supervisor is always using PowerPoints for her presentations and I am always looking for fresh ideas!
- Georgette Valliere, Augusta, USA

I would like such a program to use in my weekly PowerPoint sermon presentations. This would be a great addition to my ability to communicate God's truth to my congregation.
- Gary Small, Bellingham, USA

How great it would be to attend PowerPoint Live and meet Geetesh in person! I have learned so much from Indezine over the years - especially the interviews and links. Thanks so much!
- Lee Bailey, Bangor, Maine, USA

I'm always looking for ways to improve both the look and the delivery of my PowerPoint presentations. I use quite a number of addins and receive regular bulletins from the experts to further my knowledge.
- Jean- Luc Major,Toronto, Canada

Creation of graphics seems easier using perspector 4.0. It will indeed be highly needed by Physicans!
- Manal El-Sayed, Cairo, Egypt

what i great site... it was very useful ........ thanx
- sausan, manama, bahrain

"Indezine is a web site with a wealth of information. I recommend it to my audiences in my presentation skills programs. I will use Perspector 4.0 to update my current slides and create more appealing PowerPoint slides for use in my seminars and programs. Geetesh, keep up the great work."
- Allan Misch, Columbia, MD, USA

I am always looking for something that will put that little something into the slide . . . some little twist that will catch the eye and hold it there.
- David Wolfe Bensenville USA

The backgrounds and templates I have found at this site have greatly enhanced my presentations. I use them at school (teach computer applications for eighth grade) and at church. Thank you for providing this service.
- Debra Haar, Bellevue, USA

- Truyen Maurice, Zonhoven, België

"I love this site. Most of the tools on your website I can use -- (I have a MacBook and will never use a PC again.) With this prize, I will create even better PowerPoints to use in education. I teach teachers (most days, anyway) and am always thrilled to have new technology to show them as I try to encourage them (through my modeling) to use technology with their students. Thanks for many freebies as I cannot purchase much due to budgetary restraints. Anyway, win or lose,, thanks for providing me with some freebies. I do use them, and I appreciate your work. Sincerely yours,
- Andrea Wise, Victoria, USA

Put on your glasses. Oh look! Oh see! Now we can learn in PowerPoint 3-D!
- Mary Ann Cole, Germantown, TN, USA

"My daily life is with PowerPoint. I have found out that Indezine help me much, so I go on living with Indezine."
- Agnes Surijah, Rome, Italy

Awesome program.
- Shirley warren,Winter Garden, USA

"Great stuff, I wish I could work with you guys and use this stuff all day...."
- Greg Friesen, Regina, Canada

I make about 40 presentations per month for a nationally and internatonally known cardiologist - these would rock his presentations! He loves anything cutting edge for his presentations.
- LJ Wilson, Kansas City, MO, USA

thank you very much for this generous offer.............i wish i win
- zia, islamabad, pakistan

"Love the Indezine PowerPoint templates. They are beautiful, contemporary and innovative. Keep up the excellence"
- Myron Horn, Biloxi USA

"Stop biting bullets! Bring your lists to life with Perspector! Add a third dimension, shadows, mirror images, solid shapes, rotation, and more!"
- Mark Harris Philadelphia USA

i am an MBA student and i require new type of ppt designs every time. This site has helped me a lot in achiving my goals.
- Aurangzeb, Hyderabad, INDIA

why does the link to Perspector 4.0 take you to a PPT minimizer product? are they one and the same? haven't heard of it before so i would have liked to see what it can do. PowerPoint can always use help.
- Jody Townsend, colorado springs, USA

I think this add-in would help greatly in my job as Training Coordinator
- Thomas Barnaby, Pittsfield, USA

I love the slides from indezine. It really dresses up our PowerPoint at church on Sundays!
- Terri Miller, Boone NC, USA

"I love PowerPoint and create many slide shows for my volunteer organization, Life Support. We present to large audiences to help raise money for Emergency Medical Services and Fire Departments here in our small town. Perspector 4.0 would help me enhance my presentations to a new level!"
- Sharon K. Risdon, Ronald, USA

i'm a frequent PowerPoint background user for the church. every sunday we have new songs flashed & i hope i can get new backgrounds! thanks!
- Eduardo Boto, Vaughan, Ontartio, Canada

I would like a copy of Visual Exemplars. Regards Fer
- María Fernanda Andrés, Santa Fe Argentina

"We are a non-profit and charitable multimedia ministry in Toronto devoted to educate young people how to best utilize their technical skills and resources to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. By winning this prize, we'd be able to enrich our trainings to further equip our students to create more attention grabbing media to reach more people and thus expanding the kingdom of God."
- C. Li, Markham, Canada

excellent illusion !
- khoo, penang, Malaysia

- Rebecca Del Galdo, Burr Ridge, USA

"I hope to win this exciting software so that I may make the best PowerPoint presentations in the world! I had never been able to design business presentations until I stumbled across the writings of Geetesh Bajaj on the Indezine website. From the things I've been able to learn for FREE, my PowerPoint skills have more than tripled. I would love to see what I could accomplish were I to win Perspector 4.0. Thank you very much for the chance to win a copy."
- Eldon Martin, Killeen,Texas, USA

"I am currently in the doctoral program at University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. The quality of cohort members in this program is exemplary - and so are their expectations for presentation. The ""norm"" for PowerPoints is unacceptable; everyone looks for the competitive edge. IF I win the give-away, my edge becomes a little more sharp!"
- Joanne Johnson, Temple, USA

"Indezine ideas make always my sientific presentations look intresting, trendy and not so boring. I use PowerPoint templates almost for eyeything so it really matters to me to have a net friend to be availiable and free anytime. Indezine saved my life"
- aristos gerapetritis, athens, greece

Love to win!
- Susan Garcia, Edgewood NM, USA

I feel so flat - 3-D me pleeease! Perspector is my savior. I create perspector everyday and thank goodness there are creative people like Perspector and Indezine who make my like more interesting and make me push the envelope visually and thus stimulate people who make a difference everyday by saving lives at a University Hospital. Using perspector would just make my life more exciting and stimulating and streamline my work-- who knows what I can create next -- Know that I would make use of it everyday!!!!! A special shout out to Indezine who has helped me out in all kinds of visual presos and has made me shine....
- alexis crean, Farmington, CT, USA

"Indezine ideas make always my sientific presentations look intresting, trendy and not so boring. I use PowerPoint templates almost for eyeything so it really matters to me to have a net friend to be availiable and free anytime. Indezine saved my life"
- aristos gerapetritis, athens, greece

"PowerPoint 2007 is a great program, however with the addition of Perspector 4.0, the application will be truly incredible. Please consider me for one of the giveaways. I will put it to good use at my company's annual convention in 2008. Sure, INDEZINE is a great site - but everyone already knows that! Thank you, - - - Den Morris"
- Den Morris, Ventura, USA

"Indezine is truly a wonderful repository of PowerPoint tips, tricks, tutorials and templates. The reviews of PowerPoint plugins also helps out tremendously (no one wants to spend money on a plug in that doesn't do what it advertises). Thanks and keep up the great work."
- Cesar Camacho, Spotsylvania, USA

Love your site and work. I love doing my work in PowerPoint and getting the add ons that are available. Feels good to be able to do presentations like no one else. Thank you for having me.Best regards from Iceland Elsa Elsa
- Elsa Eðvarðsdóttir, Keflavík, Iceland

"I design educational and instructional aids for classes. Often they are used in both classroom and web distribution systems. Indezine has always been a rich source of ideas, and solutions to making my presentations meaningful and useful to students. Keep up the great work!"
- Prof. Daniel Lyons, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

"Thanks for your help! This place is wonderfull, interesting. I suggest more themes dedicated for children"
- Jaqueline Briceño Martinelli, Lima, Peru

Good product
- Abel Perez Sanchez, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

"hi, this site is wonderful, an exuberant one"
- Pankil Gupta, mumbai, India

I work in the education dept of our local hospital. I love using the PowerPoint backgrounds you provide - the ones that came with Windows office have been used so many times they are boring.
- Kaye Luttrell, Mansfield, USA

Best site I've found for quality PowerPoint backgrounds. If you're promoting Perspector it must be good also.
- James Baker, Laramie, WY, USA

"use the ""prize"" for classroom PowerPoint presentations"
- Walt Bliss, Laconia, USA

"To enhance the writing process, I also teach PowerPoint to my Elementary Special Education students. incorporating technology into the writing process encourages students to write more. I have shown them how to insert clip art and backgrounds supplied with Microsoft and a few students have ventured out to create their own backgrounds. Yet with the Perspector 4.0 software, with the dynamic backgrounds being offered, my students can spend less time, fiddling with color choices, and more time actually typing their short stories. Just think of the stories that could go with the backgrounds!
- Michele Thomas, Woodcreek Magnet School Lansing Schools 4000 Woodcreek Lane Lansing, Mi 48911, USA

I'm a colleage professor and 3-D would really WOW my students!!
- Diane M. Kemper, Gettysburg, PA, USA

This program will really assist me in producing a higher quality produce by taking my simple two D and turning it into a wonderful 3D version...
- Terry Walton, Louisville, USA

I really like the trial of Perspector 3. I wish I could win the 4th ed.
- Sherif Tehemar, Jeddah, KSA

3-d effects will make the presentation powerful
- Dr. Vivek Choukse, Indore, INDIA

"I always like trying new things for PowerPoint, and since I just got PPT 2007, everything is new!!!"
- Marla theodoro, klamath falls, OR, USA

Indezine and Perspector Point to the Power of outstanding Presentations! Thank you for making my usual boring public speaking engagements FUN again!
- David Gregory, Decatur, USA

I would like to try this with my Business Image Management class.
- Genevieve Garrison, Bridge City, USA

I could add this to my laptop
- Anne Miller, Woodbridge, USA

"I'd like to use Perspector to set my presentations apart from others with eyecatching, attention grabbing visual effects."
- KReeder, New York, NY, USA

I love Indezine and I hope win Perspector 4.0.
- René, Córdoba, Argentina

Make my Christmas - send me Perspector 4.0!!
- Rae Drysdale, Carrickfergus, N Ireland, UK

I plan on using this in my classroom to further enhance the topics I teach. The students are very visual and really relate to things they can see. Teaching history also allows me to use technology to bring events to life.
- Erik Cisney, Paxton, USA

presentations come alive.
- Keith Jainga, Vallejo, USA

Please enter me into your giveaway. Thank you
- Ronald Moats, Buffalo, USA

Love the backgrounds.
- Wayne Eisbrenner, Boissevain, Manitoba Canada

There is no better way to add life to otherwise dull presentations. Anyone that thinks the message is the same without Perspector is insane!
- Melvin Evans, Mobile, Alabama, USA

"You have a greate web site always enjoy reading the info and i always learn something useful iI do PPTs for non profits and the visual exemplars would enhance the programs I make, and I doubt if I could afford to buy any of them."
- Lura Dulude, Warwick, R.I, USA

I signed up a short time ago and have been very pleased with your newsletter and the products you offer.
- karen kelly, Clay, AL, USA

I allways use ppt's from indezine .Perspector 4.0 will help me to make perfect presentations.Thanks regards Patric
- bové patric, Begonialaan 17 3910 Neerpelt, Belgium

PowerPoint is boring!!! cheer me up
- John Bates, Harrogate, UK

You are generous but We deserve it
- Ayman Moussa, Cairo, Egypt

I will use it to enhance our displays
- John Todd, Clarksville, USA

"As an advisor/instructor for underprepared and at-risk college students, I can use Perspector 4.0 for classes, trainings, grant solicitations and national conferences. Money not spent on purchasing this program would allow more direct services to be provided to the students. Introduction of this software would encourage more people with whom I come into contact to use it. Because of the national recognition I and the advising program have received, Perspector and Indezine could easily benefit from awarding this to me. The students win, conference attendees win, Indezine wins and Perspector wins. Everyone love a winner! I am also readily available to promote Indezine and Perspector in the future."
- Quinten Dronet, Eunice, USA

"I would use this program to provide superior PowerPoint presentations which all my students and instructors will benefit from. College students these days are very computer savvy and expect to be stimulated visually when they are learning. Not only utilizing this program for my own students, but by also providing superior PowerPoint presentation to my instructors, they, in turn, can benefit their own students also. Thank you very much for considering my application. Sincerely, Shirley Haug"
- Shirley Haug ,Ottawa ON, Canada

Illustrating the Semantic Web for presentation needs something extra than pure 2 dimentional PowerPoint. It needs to be able to convey the multi dimentionial aspects of a semantic net and the way the web is being used in new applications.
- David Edwards, Toronto, Canada

hope I win...looking forward to using this product
- Cecelia, Kyle, USA

"I will use this giveaway to make my presentations better in my PhD program, and in my classes. :-) Sam"
- Sam Martin, Schaumburg, USA

I think that having the ability to work more efficiently with my PPT presentations will allow me to work better.
- Cynthia Wade, Lilburn, USA

"I work for a private college and have pretty much NO budget. I am tasked with training staff and faculty how to use technology, so any tools I can get will be VERY appreciated!!"
- Lynda Schultz, Fond du Lac, USA

I train faculty members to use PowerPoint for face-to-face and distance learning classes. This site provides many creative and useful ways to use PowerPoint. I've referred many users to the RSS feed
- Shari McMahon, McHenry, USA

I would take the stuffiness out of our company's presentations.
- Debbie Mertz, Houston, USA

"hey, i am in the receiving mood. this season. thanks Dean... And you it seems are in the giving mood"
- Dean Ciufo, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I've just recently found this site. Wow! HOw I love it! So many awesome designs. I'm using them for school and work. Whoever came up with these designs, I'm grateful."
- Suzanne Auten, Bothell, USA

An Excellent product for Slides.
- Camilo Salgado, Managua, Nicaragua

Can't wait to take advantage of this exciting new program!
- Bob Slesinski, champaign, USA

"Success is what you make it and Indezine is a great tool for showcasing your talent. Since becoming a member, I have moved through the ranks to a management position. Coincidence? I think not! Indezine templates were used to make eye-catching signage. No more tiresome PowerPoint backgrounds used by almost every department. Presentations held the audience's attention with new and exciting graphics and special effects. Try one of the great product Indezine has to offer - a good presentation begins with Indezine."
- Bonnie F. Moore, Gadsden, USA

No one is more excited than I am to see Indezine pop up in my email! I always get great ideas and see all kinds of possibilities for the teaching and speaking presentations I do. Thanks so much for everything!
- Sharon Proctor, vidalia, USA

Yes, please!
- Jon Spain, Harrow, UK

I receive constant comments on how well my PowerPoint presentations are executed; I owe a great deal of what I know about creating outstanding presentations from Indezine!
- Karen Dent, Jefferson City, USA

Thanks for your help with sharing my message to people who are so easily distracted through the years. It makes it a lot more fun to communicate when people are listening!
- Loren Tucker, University Place, USA

"Addind visuals such as charts, images, diagrams can stimulate right-brain thinking and learning in such a way that flat visuals and stand-alone text cannot accomplish. I can see myself using Perspector to enhance student learning, stimulate analytical thinking, etc. Gail Allan, Faculty Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada"
- Gail Allan, Ottawa, Canada

"Really like the stock image library - especially the feature to change bulleted lists - allows the user to quickly ""upgrade"" their presentation with a few simple clicks. As well, the provided stock images can really help to visually transmit information to the viewer - and many of these look truly unique which will create a custom impression with viewers (I particularly like ""Spokes Text Ring"" and ""Timeline""). For charting - the many options look extremely useful - and should help to get ""just that exact look"" that you're trying to convey. The charting options just have a ""graphic designer"" look to it. Layouts ... wow - now these really add ""oomph"" (yes, that's a technical term ;-) to a presentation - very, very nice - I can easily see using as a nice lead-in page - or to create an ""attention getter"" type slide. (or for the viewers who see boring PowerPoint presentations frequently - a bit of a ""wake-up"" slide ;-) The layouts function of Perspector 4.0 will definitely serve to elevate the ""professional"" look. All-in-all - a very nice package - very functional and creates fantastic results that will help take any users PowerPoint presentations to the next level. Congrats to the Perspector 4.0 development team for great work!"
- Ian Moore, Toronto, Canada

I work in state government training police officers. We get no money for computer programs that can enhance our training programs. Help us support law enforcement.
- Melissa Kimball, oconomowoc, USA

"I'm the ISD for our company, and with this program, my ppts would be better than any of our other councils!"
- Jymmy Shinn, Corpus Christi, Texas

"Great site, great templates and PPT tips
- John Neufeld, Port Perry, ON, Canada

K.I.S.S I could really use this product for my classroom. I present all of my lecture notes on PowerPoint.
- Franklin McGueary, Montgomery LA. USA

"You guys are the best! This site is perfect for all PowerPoint users - from the most sophisticated to the neophytes. I highly recommend this site, and use the templates everyday (I am a college professor and use the templates to spice up my lectures). Keep up the good work."
- Sloane Signal, Silver Spring, USA

Looking for a program that will help put to gether my photography & show the world
- Dawn Sexton houston USA

The PowerPoint presentations really help me with school. As an online student I have to use PowerPoints for each class for a final grade. the excellent graphics can make or break a grade. I would really like to win this contest.!!
- Beth Wood, Carrollton, Georgia USA

i think its a great a programme that allows us to add interesting effects to our PowerPoint an architect and i believe that it will seriously help me with my future presentations
- Tharwat Adel, alexandria, egypt

"After reading about Perspector and seeing the samples from the website, this software would be a big help to me as I would no longer have to use Photoshop (or bug other some of my other colleagues) to create 3D shapes and which I can now create in PPT itself with the help of this add-in."
- James Syngai, Shillong, India

I love this website and I look forward to using each background when creating my presentations for school.
- Amber Roper, Maize, USA

"Perspector, for the serious PowerPoint presentations developer, is the best thing since sliced bread, and a must to have in their creative bag of tricks. Using Perspector can make all the difference in producing a good presentation and producing a great presentation."
- Jan Ilacqua, Warrenton, VA, USA

"Perspector 4.0 is fantastic! It is easy to use and the results are always awesome! If you use PowerPoint, you MUST get Perspector!I know I will be using Perspector everyday. I prepare PPT presentations for both state and federal government projects and perspector 4.0 is the difference between good and GREAT!"
- Doug Chappell, Mesa, USA

I am working in this remote place and still any advantages in my presentations are keeping me ahead.
- Gustavo, San Fernando, Venezuela

This looks very neat! It would definitely add some pizazz to the hum-drum graphs and charts in most PowerPoint presentations - mine included!
- Jeanne Bowen, Goshen, Indiana,USA

I am new to the site however i feel it can help me in the future wiht my teaching and get me to be more creative. I am an elem. education major
- Amanda, Ludlow, USA

"as a teacher in a limited income school, this resource would be a great assett to my classroom. Thanks."
- Linda Thomas, Rockwall,USA

"Perspector would be perfect for the kinds of relational concept graphics I construct for my undergraduate students in sociology, perhaps most especially in social theory and in courses like environmental sociology where diverse realms of modern life are constantly being introduced and reintroduced to the analysis. I dream of having 3-D Venn Diagrams... Geetesh, Wild Presenter has been great, esp. for posting my classroom PPTs to course websites
- Alan Rudy, East Lansing, Michigan USA

- Bich Nhu, HCM, VN

"Few notice it, but cross-cultural entreprises are more creative"
- Gláucio Soares, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Visual eye candy to make your presentations really ""pop"". Super site! I'm more impressed each time I return!"
- Audrey Michaels, Kannapolis, NC, USA

"I hope that I win this giveaway because I am the creator of the PowerPoint for worship at Bradley Wesley UMC. We have no budget for purchasing any programs to enhance the worship experience, so anything that I can get for free is so much appreciated! I love the free templates that Indezine offers - I can usually find something special when the need arises." Kay Fisher Bradley USA
210 "As a creator of learning for 20,000 associates, it is great to have something to deliver that carries a punch."
- Kevin Glover, Napperville, IL, USA

"I am a teacher and we use Promethean Activ Boards in our classrooms. I often use PowerPoints to form my flipcharts, the backgrounds are so great. This would help me add variety to my presentations."
- Susan Liebelt, Fessenden, USA

"As a classroom teacher and tech admin, I am constantly given presentations. This would be a wonderful feature to add to them. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to use technology. Plus, once I show several other friends about the program, I'm sure they will want to purchase it!!"
- Monica Marcum, Oak Hill, USA

"I work in a local church, and we try to be creative in out teaching as well as our presentations of projects. I think Perspector 4.0 will bring my presentations to life and make them more attractive and effective."
- Danny Carpenter, Maturin, Venezuela

"I have enjoyed using the PowerPoint templates that I have received from Indezine. I'm not really sure what the prize will do but if it adds as much to presentations as the PowerPoint templates, then I want to win it!!!"
- Darlene Watson, Valdosta, USA

I want to introduce the Perspector to our company and share the power of it in making the most impressive presentation
- Nancy Encinares, Manila, Philippines

"Are you kidding me?!!?!! What a way to WOW not only the audience but my co-workers! Indezine has provided fantastic templates, designs, and graphics we can't do without! Thanks!!!"
- Nancy Upchurch, Greeley, USA

I use PowerPoint every day in class to help my students better understand course content. Anythinjg to help make my presentaions more memorable would be appreciated.
- Calvin Posner, Marietta, USA

"A small country, a small town, a small company but with fantastic presentations thanks to the help of INDEZINE and even greater and important ones if we have Perpector 4.0, but at this moment we can´t afford it maybe we win!!!"
- Maria dos Santos, Cascais, Portugal

thank you
- Daren, gorham, USA

"I probably create and deliver close to 100 PowerPoint presentation per year. I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to dazzle my audiences -- and, amuse myself in the process (it gets boring to simply tweak the same presentation templates and graphics)"
- Norm Cosand ,indianapolis, IN ,USA

wonderful site for novices such as myself who can only improve with your site.
- Troy Dingwell, London Ontario, Canada

"Wonderful set of PowerPoint templates...something new and vibrant, great to use and certain to increase interest in my presentations!"
- Roland Grieb, Terre Haute, USA

I desperately need your site for health & medical PowerPoints I put together! Keep up the great powepoints and giveaways!
- Dr. G ginger, charlotte, USA

I would love to be able to add something new for my 4th graders to add to their PowerPoints!! Thank you for your consideration!!
- Vicki Myers, Clinton Township, MI, USA

"Just remember that no matter how cool the graphics are in PowerPoint, the person still makes the presentation and can turn even boring slides into interesting back-up information. It is nice to have good looking slides though."
- B Snellings, Shenandoah, USA

"As an educator I am always trying to find ways to compete for the attention of my students. We are more and more in the business of edutainment. With Perspector 4.0 I can capture my students' interest by providing them with content that has relevance, rigor! and WOW!"
- Claudia McDuffie, Detroit, USA

"As a volunteer for the media team of our small but growing church, I am always looking for inexpensive yet legal ways to enhance our visuals.Your products are fresh, innovative and professional. I will never be an artist, but I appreciate the work you have done to give us a product we can use with confidence. Thank you for your part in helping us to present our message to the community with finesse!"
- Anna James, Winter Haven, FL

This is a product that will make my presentations stand out from the crowd.
- Theresa Hadden-Martinez, Placitas, USA

Thanks for the informative e-letters. Keep them coming. Please enter me in the giveaway.
- Karen Hansen,York, USA

Working in PowerPoint 3D has been a long dream of mine. Nothing brings the message across like stunning graphics. With 'Visual Exemplars'' tool that dream will come true.
- Ray Lindquist, Richmond, VA, USA

I would love to use the 3-D version with excel
- Erin Joy Thomas, Jacksonville, USA

"I would love to win one of the Perspector licenses. I find PPT easier to use although I have Photoshop and Paint shop Pro (w Animation shop) at my disposal. I love the see how far I can push the customization and actions currently available in PPT03 for everything from charts and self-designed graphics for inhse and public shows to the dept Holiday card which is posted on our Intranet for statewide viewing. I use a lot of photos and I am always on the lookout for new plugins or add-ins to use to improve/update my visuals and my message. I just love Indezine - keep up the great newsletter and especially your give aways. I have used PPT to quickly change graphic file types for use in other programs and I am often asked to improve a presentation developed by some else prior to using it at transportation specifc conferences, seminars, training venues and for public viewing for things such as budgets, revenue, capital improvements, etc.. I look forward to this nwltr, keep up the good work. thanks ."
- Carolyn Barbuto, Albany, USA

"Hey, I never get a Christmas present at the office...this would be a great change!"
- Anita Idleman, Webb City, USA

"I do graphics support for a children's church and we're always looking for new ways to do really cool things that grab kid's attention. A product like this could be very helpful to us. Well, thanks for the opportunity!"
- Greg Campbell, San Antonio, USA

"As a Higher Eduction Adjunct, I feel 3D would benefit my students."
- Allan Greenberg, Brooklyn, New York, USA

I am an older student who is about to graduate from college and my internship will involve doing presentations so I am sure I will be able to use it to assist me. Or I may just have some fun with it and do things for my daughters school.
- Carol Holmes, baltimore, MD, USA

With budget issues right now we can't afford some of the extras that give presentations the extra punch so this would be a great prize to win!
- dave adamson, Hartford, CT, USA

I love this site. The templates are wonderful and offer a great variety of choices.My audio/visual group at the church think I have purchased a grossly expensive package of templates for them to use and just loaded them onto the system. Having to come up with 3-5 different backgrounds per Sunday has become sooo easy.
- Karen Rodgers, Chicago, USA

"One day I was so lucky when looking for templates to provide slideshows for church,I found your site by doing an internet search! I've been visiting Indezine for so long, It's provided me beautiful backdrops for hundreds of songs,I love getting your emailswhich brings a year-round gift, All sorted so nicely, I don't have to sift,Through endless templates which can add stress to your life,With Indezine I truly do have, A resource that's tried and true,I'm so happy to be able to finally tell you!"
- Candace, Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA

"We do a lot of Powerpoint presentation in our department and by reviewing what Perspector does, it would sure be a great enhancer and make us look more professional."
- Knowledge Centre, Gatineau, Canada

"Perspector is one of those programs which is so specialized but so well designed that anyone who uses PowerPoint really can use it regularly to create just the right touch to make an important point really stand out. However, it is capable of So much more. I sure hope I can win this as I am a big fan of this program."
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

Keep the good work going! It is a pleasure receiving tips and information from you.
- Vicente de Vicq, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

"This site has been so helpful as I am still in the step part of the learning curve for great presentations. The presentations are used at church for worship, study and meetings and with our aging group they make life much easier. They really enjoy them and beautiful graphics make them very attractive! Thanks!!"
- Karin Bright, Athens, USA

"This site has been so helpful as I am still in the steep part of the learning curve for great presentations. The presentations are used at church for worship, study and meetings and with our aging group they make life much easier. They really enjoy them and beautiful graphics make them very attractive! Thanks!!"
- Karin Bright, Athens, USA

The licenses are very important to use software.
- Oraporn, Bangkok, Thailand

"As a frequent lecturer, I would use Perspector to create presentations that would reach out and grab my audience. I can hear the ""oooo's"" and ""ahhhh's"" and ""how did he make those slides"" now...."
- Nate Bennett, Pittsburgh, USA

"I am getting ready to present my 30 page paper for my PhD candidacy, and would love to use something like this for my presentation. I have no extra money to purchase it myself (I have 1 child in college and 2 in private Christian high school). I would also use these enhancements in my classes that I teach with student nurses and during hospital orientation - very attention getting and keeping effects! Thanks!"
- Glenda Kaminski, Mulberry, Florida, USA

I've just started my own educational consulting business. I want to make my PowerPoints SING. This would be a great addition to a new business.
- Ginny McCann, Clifton, Park USA

"If I win an example of perspector 4.0 it could help me giving a tremendous presentation about my graduationproject. This site already helped me with some nice backgrounds for my schoolproject presentations, so I'm already very happy I have found this website!"
- Judith Visser, Yerseke, Netherlands

I love new goodies to use with PowerPoint!
- Roxanna Pietri, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

I must say tha Indezine has been a welcomed addition to the websites that has helped me in business. I thank you for all the help you have provided.
- Michael Corbett, Brooklyn NY, USA

What a great gimmick . . . giveaways to people who write positive comments you can use in promotion! Now That's creative thinking!
- George Wolf, Yorktown, Virginia, USA

I'm constanly looking for new ways to push the envelope on PowerPoint and would love to try this product!
- Tony Tyner, North Aurora, Illinois USA

I hope I win
- Gary Segadi, Redford, USA

I am a rabid PowerPoint user in my college classes. Help me spice up my act by giving ME Perspector 4.0! (My students beg you!)
- Susan Wegmann, Orlando, USA

"I am part of the Jason Program ( that provides care for seriously ill children & their families. We frequently teach other caregivers about our specialty so that the kids can get the best care. It looks to me like Perspector is a great way to get our points across, in an interesting and dynamic way -- which will allow us to teach better, the audience be better informed, and therefore best help our patients. Thanks, Gary Allegretta"
- Gary Allegretta, Portland, USA

Perspector 4. 0 looks like a super way to present data. Unique data presentations when presented tastefully can be memorable which a table of numbers or simple graph usually are not.
- Bill Nichols, Birmingham, USA

Thanks for entering me in the drawing. I can see many benefits of this product for our line of business.
- Don DeWitt, Orient, USA

This is an awesome web site. I work for some ministried at my church that have a tight buget and this helps me to provide them with top notch presentations.
- Floyd Keneson, West Palm Beach, USA

I look forward to using Perspector 4.0 in making the visual presentations on our church's projection screens more vivid and eye catching.
- Donald Eilers, Whitehall, USA

sensational treat for the eyes - true eye candy
- Chitra, chennai, India

I always love your website.
- Jan Yoder, Goshen, IN

"As a course developer for an airline, Idezine is the first place I go for product reviews, and in general has gained my trust as a valid source for anything PowerPoint."
- Jeremy Devlin, Winston Salem, USA

I do PowerPoint displays on a weekly basis and I enjoy giving those who view my displays something new to look at.
- Steve Cain, Batavia,IL, USA

"None, Thank you"
- D Baglley, Avondale, AZ, USA

"I use your site often for inspiration, insight, tips, and linking to other sites you've been thoughtful enough to include.Your PowerPoint book has been invaluable to me for reminding me of things I can do to enhance my presentations. You've helped me make many client presentations more interesting --without taking away from the content of the presentation itself. Thanks very much!"
- Diana Orlemann , Westerville, Ohio, USA

"This site is used by me (computer teacher) to show the graphic arts used in the creation of designs for PowerPoint. This also provides the students with an area of creativity, used for stimulation of their own. The free slides are terrific!! Working with plugins with most of our software is also an integral portion of the curriculum. Plus it would be neat to share with the students that completing a form to win an item can be accomplished. Yes, I am aware that this is only one copy which will be placed on the instructor's laptop again for ""show and tell"". Thanks for the opportunity to win."
- Valerie Clapp, Bangor Maine, USA

1 copy of Perspective 4 sends 2D graphics into sublime 3D images So do a High 5 for P4
- Kit Heald, Warrington, UK

"I love Indezine's focus on making PowerPoint better. It's a powerful tool when used properly, a deadly weapon when used improperly."
- Steven L. Lubetkin, Cherry Hill, USA

"This site,especially for someone who is fairly new to PowerPoint, is a wonderful site. I used one of the free memorial day backgrounds for a presentation we did at our church and it was a WOW to all the members. I made sure they knew where the background came from and that it had been free for the use. Thank-you for making even a novice feel good about the finished product."
- Gwen W. Hill, Harriman, TN, USA

I use a lot of PowerPoint presentations. I love the creativity and versatility of Indezine. I am preparing for an international meeting which will take place in Thailand and would love to have a license to Perspector 4.0
- Maureen McBride, Rome, Italy

"Being a teacher, it is always fun to do something to make the PowerPoints more exciting for my students."
- Vicki Curlee, Phenix City, USA

I'm a benevolent web designer for christian non profit associations
- Roger Dessagne, Noiseau, France

"Discovering Indezine was really a big help for me as a doctor. In my profession, I get to present reports and lectures. and to add spice and interest in my presentations, it must have visual aids that catches attention until it ends. with indezines colorful array of PowerPoint templates, my presentations were remarkable. hope they will still come up with other templates especially those related to the medical field. thank you Indezine."
- Lileth E. Imbang, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

"Display your templates with 3D realism to give your PowerPoint presentations an enhanced look that will impress not only your audiences but they will want to share your ideas with their friends Perspector embraces a library of up to the minute 3D slides which are easily edited, embracing professional ideas. The Professional Edition enhances charts and layouts."
- Leslie Howorth, Mandurah W.A., Australia

Informative. Giving new technologies in presentation.
- Evelyn Argote, Singapore, Singapore

My daughter (mature student) is doing degree and this programme will be a big help:
- Susan Elwood, Blackburn, UK

This visual effect will be of great help in my presentations
- Gaurav, new delhi, INDIA

Fantastic breakthrough
- Wan A R Kamil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

All day long I look at a 2D screen and im bored of it! I need this 3D device to pull me back into the real world!
- sgoult, Birmingham, UK

"Thanks for your giveaway, we love it"
- dini, bandung, indonesia

"I am a lecturer who uses Powerpoint to keep my pupils interested, amused, and hopefully better educated!"
- Neil, Waterford City, Ireland

This is just wonderful!
- Wade, Dakar, Sénégal

I use PPT presentations regularly for my seminar work and Indezine helped me a lot by Providing many useful plugins
- K.Sri Harsha Varma, Chennai, INDIA

"I recently qualified as a trainer/assessor. Although I had never used PowerPoint before I new it existed. With Indezines help I am flying, colleagues and fellow students kepp asking me where I am getting all this amazing information. Once again thanks Indezine. Brian Baxter "
- Brian Baxter, Culburra Beach, Australia

"I use PowerPoint 2007 for my Hazardous Materials Training Classes and would love to add 3D to it! Ever since I signed up for this ezine and received the first copy in my E-mail, I always look forward to the next issue. Bless you for sharing your knowledge with everyone."
- Michelle K. Wesch, Fremont, USA

"Wow, I had never heard of Perspector before! Now I have, and have seen what it can do for my PowerPoint presentations, I can imagine how much better my PowerPoint presentations would be if I had a copy. I didn't realise that Visual Exemplars Ltd were based in Edinburgh, just an hour away from where I live. Keep up the great work guys! Fly the flag for Scottish software companies."
- Craig Paterson, Galashiels, UK

"I can get very busy and forget to keep up to date with new things happening in the world of ppt. Everytime I get an email from Indezine, it reminds me to go to the website and have a play. Great ideas, great tools and great templates!!!"
- Marilyn Haynes, Brisbane, Australia

Perspector 4 sounds great. I can do everything else in PPT so why not go 3D
- Trevor Lineham, Foxton Beach, NZ

This plug in looks something that would help in desiging PowerPoint presentations
- Janet Greenhoe, Grand Rapids, USA

"Working on PowerPoint is a pleasure..Indizine helps make the presentations more colourful, creative & powerful. Thanks."
- Satinder, Chandigarh, INDIA

great templates. I have used some and was always pleased with the result
- Kostadinov Pavle, Skopje, Macedonia

super website that provides a very useful tool for studies (ppt slides) enigmatic creation............! well done........
- ram, chennai, India

i find indezine website very useful for downloading ppt templates for my college PowerPoint presentation. everyone in college feels fascinated by the lovely templates. i use for my presentations. also numerous templates relevant to my projects are available on your site which helps me a lot. however i am not satisfied with the master diagrams & charts in microsoft PowerPoint. perspector 4.0 will enable me to display these in a simple and attractive manner as per my expectations.
- Missfleurdsouza, Mumbai, india

I use PPP in my math classes. I am looking for every possible wa to enhance my class and keep my high school students awake and motivated to learn. I frequently use the indezine web site to find ideas and help. Prospector 4.0 would help me to accomplish my classobjectives.
- Robert Condoretti, Lakewood, USA

Free stuff for Africa.
- Colleen Todd, Johannesburg, South Africa

Booty lies in the eyes of the PPT beholder
- Sumeet, Bangalore, INDIA

I really appreciate appreciate the tips and tools you make me aware of to enhance my presentation designs!
- Randolph Koch, Hillsboro, USA

"In a world of selfishness, it is difficult to find people like you who will give away their creativity."
- devendra chowdary, bangalore, India

"I am a teacher and I use PowerPoint presentation in giving lectures to college students. If ever I am chosen to receive this giveaway, I would surely be able to use it in my class and amaze my students beccause they haven't seen it anywhere."
- Merle Legaspi, Davao City, Philippines

"I wanted a template For a slideshow for a mate,So I came to trawled the web I stayed up late. Didn't find nothin' That looked that great 'Til I came to Indezine Then things were fine. Made a killer show. And you know ... i couldn't have done it without your site. So thank you - from me, ""An' from me, 'is mate""* * Conveys a thick cockney accent, (think Lisa Dolittle in My Fair Lady before professor Higgins gets to her) in which 'mate' is pronounced like 'might' to rhyme with 'site'."
- Leon Conrad, London, UK

"To empower Perspector to blow everybodies mind, by delivering mindblowing presentations."
- doppie, nijkek, netherlands

"I am a presentation consultant to Japanese companies in Japan. In my work, not only of making and giving presentations, i also have my executive students making several presentations each per year. oftentimes these are used in live business situations. every one of these is done in PowerPoint. So, basically i am a kind of rock in the pond PowerPoint user."
- ed miller, fukui, japan

Extra-ordinary contents of this site
- Virendra Pandya, Kota, INDIA

To use in my daily voluntary evangelisation with youngsters. Indezine site is very informative and rich in resources.
- Peter Abdilla, Mqabba, malta

I believe the Perspector 4.0 will be the most interesting innovation in PowerPoint technology; I just can't wait to get it now!
- Zainuddin Yunus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I wasn't aware that there even was a 3D add-in for PPT. I've always thought how great it would be to have 3D presentations.
- Rick Burley, Wallsend (Newcastle), Australia

please give me a some slides helpful for me.........
- Nazia, allahabad, India

"I will use the prize to improve slides in my undergraduate classes, especially my film and media classes."
- Carole-Anne Tyler, Riverside, USA

Best & User friendly
- V.R.Kumar, Singapore, Singapore

"I know nothing about Perspector, and would like to learn it. I look forward to receive my license. Thank you all."
- Saad Anis, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thanks for the opportunity for me to learn and find tools to make better presentations...
- Charles Lindauer, Petaluma, USA

Free Path has liberated the presentation skills from complications to simplicity
- Vijay Kumar Sharma, Bhilai, INDIA

My artistic spirit finally find satisfactory in work with presentations: expression must to be beautiful and to prove right message from the beck.
- Vesn, Belgrade, Serbia

"What an awesome way for me to jazz up both my educational and sales presentations! Keeping people's interest alive is critical when using Powepoint--being able to utilize unique templates and WOW graphics within them has helped set me apart from my contemporaries--and has opened doors. Should I win this prize, it will first be put into use in educational presentations I am making to employees of several municipal governments in my area, then to entice large employers such as Raytheon, Intuit, Motorola and others to allow my committee to offer the same education to their employees...could be a nice plug for your software....hint, hint!"
- Kent Simpson, Tucson, USA

Just amazing.
- melchor monte de ramos iii, pasig city, philippines

These templates are electrifying and captivating. They will raise my presentations to another level
- Sharon D Brantley, Riverdale, GA, USA

I use Indezine templates to help keep our weekly church service presentaions interesting.It would be great to be able to incorporate the 3-D capabilities. I enjoy Indezine very much.
- Laura Meyer, Urbandale, USA

I will use Perspector to redesign our collateral and sales material. Much needed!
- Adam Towvim, Cambridge, USA

Wonderful site the first place to go for help
- Barbara Hungerford, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Indezine offers are very useful in additionto being attractive. Stay online with these feature!
- Balasubramanian, Kalpakkam, INDIA

I will use the powerful Perspector 4.0 in my presentation to replace bulleted texts to attract audiance. This site is an intersting and useful site for PowerPoint users
- Sridhar, Chennai, INDIA

My university students are more attentive in the classroom when my visual presentations look sharp and exhibit creativity. Your products aid us in our learning.
- Gary Macy, Ph.D, Seoul, South Korea

"It is wonderful to use these templates and keeps one on the frontline, new looks have a positive bearing on presentations."
- Sibisi cme, Johannesburg, south africa

I Love INDEZINE.. Gave me a tons of ideas and opened up a lot of understanding. Thanks
- Erik Perez, Brooklyn Park, USA

This software is a useful tool to further enhance the presentation on the viewers poin of view and allows more space for the presentor to play along and experiment differents modes of presentation
- Gerardo C. de Jesus, Taguig City, Philippines

Great looking designs!
- Allan Grimsley, Winnipeg, Canada

this is good website where i can get almost all types of templates.
- gagnesh, Sunnyvale, USA

"I used the spirograph ideas for some ""journal"" entries for a class. The instructor loved them. I'd love to keep getting new ideas from additional software that makes it easy for me to stand out."
- Karissa Huhner, Marquette, USA

It will allow me to create more dynamic and realistic professional presentations.
- George Berger ,Toronto, Canada

"I am a student in the healthcare field and have used your PowerPoints in the past to present various cases. They have been a hit with my fellow classmates, so I am always looking for something exciting and different. In the Spring, I will giving my final case presentation before I graduate and am looking for something that will catch the eye of the audience."
- Trisha, Omaha, USA

Great job
- Tony Elamparo, Ahmadi, Kuwait

This is a great site for me to do something I like for PP.
- Han, Aurora, USA

As a gospel preacher I use PowerPoint all the time and the ability to make my presentations even more appealing would be a great help.
- Alex Ogden, Pinson, USA

Indezine is a friend indeed.
- Vijay Kumar, Sharma Bhilai, India

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