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Winning Entries

In my work as a minister, I try to find backgrounds that are neutral - that is, they do not distract from the text with unnecessary large graphics. These look like just the ticket.
- Zeke Flores, Angleton, TX, USA

I just LOVE Indezine! It helped me get through 3 years and many, many ppt presentations. The backgrounds and templates always got rave reviews from staff and classmates.
- Janis Royal-Collins, Philadelphia, USA

My students will enjoy seeing the new backgrounds and templates. Every time I change things up, the students pay more attention! Thank you for giving me opportunities to engage my students even more!
- Patricia Tucker, Gainesville, FL, USA

WOW.. become a artist overnight!
- Leonard Lim, Puchong, Malaysia

Each month I look forward to Indezine emails. The email provides me with inspiration and ideas for my training presentations to enhance the visual awareness of my students, and providing greater participation, involvement and discussion.
- Michelina Norta, Sydney, Australia

I love seeing Indezine in my inbox. I start to imagine all the ways that the giveaways could be utilized in my classroom. I never knew there were so many different ways to manipulate PowerPoints!
- Timmie Spangler, Bristow, OK, USA

Stunning effects and refreshingly different to the usual templates.
- Ned Church, Auckland, New Zealand

WOW!! - a splash of color, a ray of light, an artist's palette - for those who humbly lack an artist's flair with pen or brush can redeem ourselves with electronic grace and ease and present ourselves as modern day artists with piazzas and so delight our audience and take them to new heights. Its great!!!
- Claire Cosgrove, Isa Town Manama, Bahrain

Thank you for doing this. I teach in a small private school and I use PowerPoint each day. I would use these slides to enhance my presentations to my students. Please consider me for your giveaway.
- Elizabeth Bush, Boca Raton, USA

The site is fantastic.
- Tom Collins, Galax, USA

These are gorgeous
- Jim Mitchell, Vallejo, USA

PowerPoint templates are my best friend and an inspiration when putting on a show, so I always look for something different and it looks like I have found it in Knife Abstracts collection and I say thank you the creativity of other people.
- Rhonda Debono, Werribee, Melbourne, Australia

Indezine for me is a multitude of innovation and functionality with enormous dashes of passion, self-expression, and art!
- Miladee N Azur, Legazpi City, Philippines

I use PowerPoint to create simple and clear presentations for use in church worship services. The backgrounds I choose need to be simply that - backgrounds. That way I can write clearly on them and add images without viewers being distracted by the backgrounds. These images appear to be admirably suited to this purpose.
- Viv Valentine, Brisbane, Australia

The blue example is gorgeous, I want it!
- Jon Spain, London, United Kingdom

A great opportunity to have examples of nice PowerPoint templates.
- Elena Sukarova-Angelovska, Skopje, Macedonia

I need to inspire my students and this could be it.
- Sue Dorey, Leicester, UK

I never have too many templates.
- Gerald McKinnon, King City, USA

These are very beautiful templates.
- Beth Hymowitz, Clifton, NJ, USA

I'm so ready to use these templates and bring our children's hospital into the future of professional presentations!
- Terri Young, Corpus Christi, USA

I love getting PowerPoint giveaways! I use them for backgrounds during our worship services. Thanks for the great newsletter, too!
- Anne Allen, Knoxville, TN, USA

I have been told that I have a good eye for presentation but I have a harder time putting the things I envision into actual reality. Templates like Knife Abstracts really give me the kick start I need.
- Jean Kurek, Wisconsin Rapids, USA

Those are beautiful!
- Christy Keirn, Mountain Home-AR, USA

Love your free PowerPoint templates and recommend your site to all my teacher education students and Extension agents. They add variety and color to my presentations.
- Jacquelyn Deeds, Mississippi State, USA

Thanks for the tree and shopping bag instructions. That is about my level of expertise!
- Darlene B. Hartley, Ocala, USA

I love using all your PPTs in Church. My church is pretty small and technology scares some of the people. I am trying to move them up into the technology world so they will be less intimidated. Since our Church is so small, I do not have a budget to purchase software or any new designs, so I surf the net almost daily for free downloads. I appreciate any freebies I find and let others know where I have downloaded them from. Please help a small church with any freebies.
- Peggy Phillips, Nicholasville, USA

I love the abstracts! Maybe that says more about me than anyone should know. I think these would work great as worship backgrounds. Love the colors!
- J Bowden, Bloomington, IN, USA

Amused with Art.
- Henil, Bharuch, India

Love your backgrounds.
- Peggy Lowery, Hartselle, USA

Keep up the work and sharing useful information.
- Rhonda Clark-Randle, Dallas, USA

I could see numerous uses for these backgrounds. The knifing give each variant rich texture.
- Joe Schneider, Lincoln, USA

I primarily use PowerPoint for our church worship service announcements and songs. We don't have the funds to purchase a presentation software package like Easy Worship or Media Shout so I have to scour the internet for free backgrounds. It would sure be great to have some new ones to use without having to search so hard or spend money we don't have. Thank you.
- Steve Thompson, Dallas, TX, USA

Nice and extraordinary power art.. Microsoft company is unbeatable!
- michael jun pinosa, Iloilo City, Philippines

I like the concept of an abstract background for PowerPoints as they spice up a presentation without distracting from the text being discussed.
- David Bibb, Great Falls, USA

This is the best service.
- Sipra, Islamabad, Pakistan

It's always nice to have more choices! The options you have made available allow me to express my passion to those who view the presentation without having to say a word. Thank you!
- Ann Bisheimer, Akron, OH, USA

I look forward to the giveaways. They are perfect in facilitating the education of my students and promoting interreligious dialogue in a world broken by prejudice and violence!
- Eduardo M. Santoyo, Cotabato City, Philippines

Very cool! They would really help my PPTs for school.
- Colin M. Ramsay, Venice, USA

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