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Love plaid -- it's the new black. ;-> I use my backgrounds for PowerPoint's and for video backgrounds. We recently changed our corporate logo and I am on the hunt for new images. Also, I'm of Scottish descent and look for any opportunity to incorporate a little "scot" into my day.
- Rhonda, Cape Girardeau MO, USA

I am a university professor and also speak professionally. I have learned that the presentation is just as much about the quality of the slides as it is the content of my talk. I would love to incorporate these patterns in my portfolio.
- Kurt Reesman, Lynchburg, USA

Indezine is my go-to source for the PowerPoint templates that I use for daily reading quizzes. I choose backgrounds that somehow correlate with the day's assigned reading, and sometimes the template contains a huge hint about a quiz answer. My students look forward to seeing the template I've chosen every day, even when it doesn't contain a hint. Great work, Indezine!
- Lisa Day-Lindsey, Richmond, KY, USA

The checkered templates will keep the yawns in check.
- Devendra Chowdary, Bangalore, India

These templates will make my presentations stand out as much as the previous ones I have downloaded. The best site I came across when I started using PPT regularly was INDEZINE!
- Janis Royal-Collins, Philadelphia, USA

I would use the awesome patterns to create professional presentations to be used in a class I coordinate for my department. These are very cool Plaid Patterns
- Leroy Jennings, Circleville, USA

I love this site - gives you great guidelines and tips. I am a human resources consultant and training is a large part of my business. Making professional PPT presentations that excite while not getting glitzy is difficult - these backgrounds help balance the effect.
- Nancy A. Haas, Sarasota, USA

Love these, so simple but awesome.
- Jen Lawson, Plattsburg, USA

Indezine is amazing! I'm thankful to have passed by this site a couple of years ago when I was in need of a template and tips. The online collection of PowerPoint templates (both free and for sale) as well as their e-newsletters offer a variety of design arrangements and informative content which aid in enhancing all types of presentations. I'm truly grateful for all the time and commitment the members have put together and made available for all.
- Abbas Abbas, Toronto, Canada

Plaid is here forever. No matter who you are or where you are from, plaid patterns have an appeal that pass both time and space. Glad to know you are using it as a pattern on something that is now part of everyone's life - PowerPoint presentations! Good luck to you all!!
- Jo-Ann de Leon, Kowloon, Hong Kong

I will be using them in a technology presentation and put your logo and name on the first and last slide to thank you for winning!!!
- D McGraw, Naperville, USA

I have mastered the Bad and the Ugly. Now it's time for me to present with the Good.
- Michael Albert, Redondo Beach, USA

Indizine is the art of PowerPoint!
- Muhammad Imam Ma'ruf, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Love the plaid--it's perfect for presentations where I serve the haggis!
- Kim Radek, Oglesby, IL, USA

The templates you give are great. My suggestion is that some sober templates with light background may be included for sombre and officious occasions.
- Jishnu Mukherjee, Hyderabad, India

What number is Plaid on the Periodic Table of Elements?
- Dallas, San Diego, USA

Any chance of finding new and different templates makes using PowerPoint to best solution for putting forward ideas, lessons or just general information.
- Rhonda Debono, Werribee, Victoria, Australia

It is an amazing collection of PowerPoint.
- Neamat Hassan Abu-bakr, Khartoum, Sudan

As a middle school math and science teacher, I am always in need and looking for quality material I can use in my classroom. Free is always better and these templates would be great for the organized presentation I do for my students. Thanks for you consideration.
- Susan Nordyke, Chester, USA

Very Good PowerPoint slides.
- Suresh Gidwani, Watertown, USA

This would enhance my students selections to do their PPT. Projects for all subjects.
- Anne Miller, Woodbridge, USA

I love finding new backgrounds for our Sunday sermon outlines! These are very cool & I would love to add these to our collection. Thanks!
- Kim, Manchester, USA

I would love to be a winner. I have enjoyed using all the templates and look forward to seeing what new. It has become my hobby when it comes to PowerPoint presentations.
- Bonitta J Saulsberry, Houston, USA

I am a school teacher that uses PowerPoint for everything!!!! Always in need of new backgrounds to impress students. They get bored with all the standard templates. : )
- Richard Carter, Phoenix, USA

Plaid baby. Yeah!
- Liz Buffington, Ames, USA

Thank you for offering this opportunity.
- Amal Albastaki, Dubai, UAE

I'd love to be able to have theses templates to use in my classes!!!!
- María Fernanda Andrés, Santa Fe, Argentina

PowerPoint presentations keep the classroom from getting stale, and new backgrounds keep the PowerPoint's from being stale. If I win the giveaway, as a teacher in a low income school, I will certainly use the new Plaid backgrounds in my classroom presentations to keep my students attention! I have purchased a few backgrounds from you so far and will be continuing to do so. Your e-mails keep me abreast of what is new and available and your website is easy to navigate (even assisted our parish priest in getting a few backgrounds for his presentations). Thank you for considering me! Bill
- Bill Stewart, Phoenix, USA

Wonderful PowerPoint's, can't wait to win this one!
- Gail Crestin, Apple Valley, USA

It would be great to win this collection. I put together the worship slides for my church, and we have no budget for purchasing materials, so I would love to win some powerpoint templates!
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA

Plaids - what a great addition to my home-made card selection these would be!
- Ddorothy Mayes, denver, USA

Congratulations for your site and thank you very much for your free templates for PowerPoint.
- Nicolae Cristian Nandra, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

I'm GLAD for PLAID. Please send them my way for an important educational presentation to be given in July. ;-)
- Kathleen Tucker, Burns, USA

As a ICT teacher I use you PowerPoint templates quite often to present instructions and displays to pupils on my interactive white board. I always find a category which matches perfectly with the topic the pupils are covering. I especially like the animal templates. Keep up the good work!
- Natalie Hagan, Solihull, UK

I love the Indezine site. As a consultant, I have turned many of my clients on to the site for your ability to provide unique designs for PowerPoint presentations!
- JDonna Kuzemka, Pittsburgh, USA

The beauty of good presentation lies in its clarity and small details which attract attention of audience.
- Vesna Dragicevic, Belgrade, Serbia

Cute backgrounds. I would love to use them at our church. We have a very limited budget and it is hard to get quality stuff that is free and safe from viruses, etc. I would so enjoy the blessing of the plaid patterns collections and any other collections you felt moved to share:)
- Suzanne Montez, Placerville, USA

Plaid Patterns look really nice & modern.
- Khadiga Khalaf, Kuwait, Kuwait

Hope I will win.
- Dr DK Samuel, Bangalore, India

This is the best site I've ever found. And this patterns is an opportunity that I cant let it pass, I will use it on superb PPTs.
- Maria, Arequipa, Peru

I mostly use PowerPoint for our church services. We are a church without much money so I usually have to scour the internet looking for good background for free. This collection would be very valuable to us. Thank you for considering us and I will continue to use this site as a resource.
- Steve M Thompson, Dallas, USA

I'm scottish.
- Ron Jakubisin, Grayslake, IL, USA

Like to tryout templates.
- Ajay, Varanasi, India

The Plaid Patterns will give some variety to my presentations to Nursing Students and may help keep them awake!
- Mary Wright, Fargo, USA

Wonderful backgrounds. Will definitely use it during Worship.
- Glenn Ortell, Atlantis, South Africa

Love the plaids!
- Kathy Schlappi, Morton, USA

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