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As a technology teacher trainer for Midland ISD, an urban school district in West Texas, I train teachers on using PowerPoint and other presentation components effectively with their classes. We are always looking for more effective ways for teachers to engage their students in learning. The Indezine website is one that I always recommend to them so they can improve the attractiveness and effectiveness of their academic presentation. I have found that teachers as well as students needto see things modeled. This is a collection of templates I would like to use to show teachers how they can grab student interest with the good powerpoint presentations. Thank you for these offers and all the other wonderful resources.
- Ann Dixon, Midland, TX, USA

These templates are very well done, and are a compliment to any presentation. They add the flair and class that makes them stand out and from other presentations. Having these templates in your arsenal is a must!
- Jan Ilacqua, Warrenton, VA, USA

Looking cool! Your templates make great backgrounds for the daily class schedule slide shows I use at school. Keep 'em coming.
- Jeff Parish, Tulare, USA

Ppted can always be relied upon to provide the very best of backgrounds: eye-catching without distracting from the main message.
- Neil Combe, Hawick, UK

The templates that I have gotten from Indezine have helped me with my presentatipons that I have had to give for my masters degree! What a lifesaver to have professional looking templates at your fingertips! Thanks a stack!!!
- Anton Appelcryn, Durban, South Africa

I'm teaching multi-media arts in a school in Vienna. The kids are between 10 and 15. The young ones start with PowerPoint, because its easy to use. Because we are always in pecuniary problems, these great templates would help us a lot and I am sure, they will be a grat motivation for the kids to start with presentations. Thank you and greetings Klaus Ruttmann
- Klaus Ruttmann, Vienna, Austria

I have just turned 60 years old, have taught myself how to use PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CS, now I am wanting to learn Flash - so some new templates that look like that they were designed by someone who can think outside the square would be refreshing.
- Gwen Ford, Tullamarine, Australia

The Electric collection templates are very vibrant. I generally require dark color templates for my college PPT presentations as they are projected on a wall. Light colors are not visible on the wall. The electric collection has dark but soothing colors and very outstanding designs. They will surely be of great help to me.
- Miss Fleur Dsouza, Mumbai Thane, India

It can take a lifetime to do something meaningful, but just a moment to create brilliance.
- Barry Henderson, Seoul, South Korea

Today, college students are overloaded with learning by PowerPoint presentations. The problem is that the presentations often put students to sleep faster than the latest insomnia pill. From the instructors standpoint, the challenge is often that it takes a tremendous amount of time to develop engaging new backgrounds and layouts. The high tech layouts that Ppted creates are exactly the software tools that I look for and appreciate to help me develop information and ideas into engaging, sensory stimulating presentations. I can already see how I could advance my PowerPoint effectiveness with new dynamic layouts Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy. Even if I don't win a copy, I will be asking our department if they would invest in a copy for me.
- Ross Querry, Dallas, USA

I am university teacher and I use PowerPoint almost every day. Of course the slides made on interesting backgrounds have always better impact. Sure, I like to impress my students !!!
- Barbara Becker, Gdansk, Poland

Love those designs!! Thanks a million! We're doing "course makeovers" part of which entails making the classroom visuals more inviting. These templates will certainly help!
- Gail Allan, Ottawa, Canada

Your graphics are beautiful and I look forward to my e-news letter. I also like the PowerPoint tips that help all of us use PPT better. I can share these tips with my classes and help them to polish their work.
- Barenda Klockenga, Crystal Lake, USA

The freshest new templates from the best template site, ever!
- Zeanne Hallback, Greenville, USA

Switching to your PowerPoint templates was like going from Cave paintings to HDTV.
- Darren Esler, Meadville, USA

I am a teacher at a Title One school. We are a technology magnet school and are always looking to challenge our students to achieve the next level of success. Please help us do that. Help us teach our future labor force the newest in technology to better enhance not only our community but to give them an edge in today's competitive world. Thank you.
- Becky Gage, Midland, USA

Please I hope I'm not too late!!! Indezine is amazing!
- Kimberly Carter, Richmond, USA

Indezine offers options to make a presentation masterpiece.
- K.Gangeswaran Kulim, Malaysia

Since I love all Indezine products I'm sure I can make good use of these templates as well.
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat, Israel

Indezine is for those people who take pride in their PowerPoint creations. Thanks Geetesh for taking us to the next level
- David Scammell, Lake Mary, USA

I have used some of the most awesome PowerPoints ever from your site! My students are looking forward to seeing what I will come up with next!
- Carolyn Slade, Fitzgerald, USA

I'm a senior graduating with a degree in Spanish Education -- I need these PowerPoints to spice up my classroom!!!
- Jennifer Felan, Norfolk-VA, USA

Through this site we can imagine, what are the things we can do in PowerPoint.
- H. Pramod Nayak, Bangalore, India

Electrifying indeed! Beautiful art work here.
- Joann West, Pompton Plains, USA

I love doing PowerPoint lessons in my classroom! It makes my science classes really come alive. It helps the students remember what is important.
- Ellen Chancey, Newark, USA

This is a fantastic site. I design my classes with your PowerPoint templates and my pupils enjoy a lot with them.
- Genoveva Salas Dapino, Santiago, Chile

Perfect performance with non forgiveness effects
- MR Mag. Dr. Dietmar Gert Lackner, Wien/Vienna, Austria

It's have been a blessing the help that Indezine have given to me and my church ministries. Keep helping people with their projects like you've been for me.
- Denisse Motta, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico

I like innovative ideas. I am always looking for new backgrounds that will light up my presentation. This sounds like what I would use
- Mike Bentley, Lawton, USA

Absolutly spectactular and sexy, Wow!
- Fred, Cheraw, USA

Interesting to see you linked with FreePath, I use a sister product fromthem called Sunday Plus. I also enjoy the free images.
- Mike Emery, Burke, USA

I set up the screens, PowerPoint and media shout, for my church. I loveIndezine for my backgrounds and templates. Thank you
- Robert Fidler, Sanford, FL, USA

Electrifying presentations!
- Esperanca Costa, Pampilhosa, Portugal

Love the different templates. Using them for different work projects, brings the PowerPoints to life.
- Nyann Biery, Blairstown, USA

Would love to use these in my second semester PowerPoint class at the community college where I teach.
- Jean Cray, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Simply the best!
- John Wynne, Knutsford, UK

Indezine is one of the finest websites to gain easy accses to download PowerPoint templates which is needed to present your data in a more sytematic and concise way. The templates which are dowloaded are also a state-of -the art and unique as well as a of a wide range and variety. Indezine has helped me a lo and i am sure it will do the same to anyone else who wants a great deal in their work.
- Yash, Mumbai, India

These are very attractive and have good flavor to the eyes...
- Roy Bahala, Davao City, Philippines

The best backgrounds ever
- Vandeurzen, Genk, Belgium

I'm in a master program at college and this would be a great prize. I love trying to make a great looking power point presentation.
- Sandra Buckbee, Allen, USA

I'll try to use the templates today.
- Oraporn, Bangkok, Thailand

Love your templates, love your backgrounds, love your site. What else can I say but love ya!
- Joy Fischl, Tustin, USA

Thanks! You do good work
- Hank Pharis, Fargo, ND, USA

Your templates are great! I love using them when I put our Sunday morning program together for our church. Thanks!
- Michael Rhodes, Mansfield, TX, USA

I appreciate the quality of the templates that you make available as well as the many notes that we receive. I work with elementary age kids and like the bright colors and designs that you use.
- Dean Brown, Hartford, USA

- Bashkim, Gjilan, Serbia

There are always unique and wonderful PowerPoint slides which help to make the slides, shows with PowerPoint that much more eye catching. Thank you for this opportunity.God Bless to all!
- Debbie Urda, Live Oak, TX, USA

These impact-laden templates will greatly enhance my teaching modules in the University where I have 3 sections of Media Law & Ethics.My students are media babies, so teaching modules need to be striking. The better to deliver the message well. Thanks for the offer.
- Jo Imbong, Marikina City, Philippines

I'd use these Electric Collection slides to improve the look of our church's PowerPoint music slides. Thanks so much!
- Ron Schalow, Jr, LeRoy, USA

Pick me again
- Robbie Randall, Richmond, USA

I will be thrilled by changing to the new PowerPoint templates and my presentations abroad will be better and beautiful.
- Meena Lakshmipathy, Visakhapatnam, INDIA

This contains a wide variety of colorful backgrounds that are sure to be a hit with my customers.
- Kim Stevens, Phoenix, USA

Winning these templates would surely not give me the 'blues'!
- Rae Drysdale, Carrickfergus, N Ireland, UK

There is no reason why we shouldn't be creating presentations that rival great cinema classics & graphics!
- Sheree Ferguson, Gold Coast, Australia

I am always looking for new ideas and graphics.
- Georgette Valliere, Augusta, USA

Wow! Those are gorgeous!
- Lee Bailey, Bangor, Maine, USA

Always glad to have new templates to freshen up presentations! :-) Given recent cutbacks (hopefully temporary) having an opportunity to try something for free and sharing it with others you work with when preparing new presentations is a great benefit and may help the presentation to really have a stronger effect on the audience. New effects are often key in keeping the audience attention and in developing interest where little may initially exist. A great effect grabs the audience and keeps them in sync with the presentation!
- David Adamson, Hartford, CT", USA

I am a pediatrician and known for my unique presentations. I very much liked these new designs and would love to use them in my next presentations.
- Manal El-Sayed, Cairo, Egypt

I very much enjoy using the templates and backgrounds i find here at Indezine. The backgrounds have made a huge impact on our worship service.
- Debra Haar, Bellevue, USA

Indezine is an excellent site, I am sure it has plenty of members. So, even I am a faithful member, I am doubt that I can win this opportunity. Just try .....
- Agnes Surijah, Rome, Italy

My soul and my work owes you a lot. You were always by my side.
- Khaled Rashed, Jerusalem, Isreal

PowerPoint is such a great way to communicate in a professional way. I know the templates will add much more to our presentations.
- Shirley Warren, Winter Garden, USA

I enjoy receiving your emails and especially enjoy the beautiful PowerPoints you create. Thank you!
- Barbara Sheppard, Scottsdale, USA

Collecting new slides is like a high I will never grow out of.. cheers..
- Kirti, New Delhi, India

Our church started our projection service last year. I have been using these templates and the congregation is very impressed with them. I appreciate the free templates because we are a non-profit small organization. Know that you are blessing us. I plan on using the templates at the church. Thank you for your kindness.
- Sylvia McDavid, Beachwood, USA

Awesome backgrounds.
- Jody townsend, Colorado Springs, USA

Lovely...its very useful for my presentations for college students... its job related so they enjoy my lectures too....
- Maria Jose, Muscat, Oman

These are the most beautiful and innovative templates I have ever seen. Really eye catching and attention keeping. Love em.
- Myron Horn, Biloxi, USA

It looks different, has beautiful and inspiring colors.
- Emmanuel, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

This slide collection is perfect for our contemporary worship on Sunday mornings!
- Terri Miller, Boone NC, USA

I would like to get a copy of Electric collection of PowerPoint templates. Regards
- Fer María Fernanda Andrés, Santa Fe, Argentina

We are a non-profit and charitable multimedia ministry in Toronto devoted to training young people how to best utilize their technical skills and resources to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Winning this prize, we would be able to enrich our training to our students and further enable them to create better attention grabbing media to reach more people and thus expanding the kingdom of God. Thanks.
- C. Li, Markham, Canada

Enter me
- Michael Bells, Waterloo, ON, Canada

The web site remains great. Thanks for maintaining it.
- Jan Yoder, Goshen, IN, USA

- Rebecca Del Galdo, Burr Ridge, USA

Thanks for your templates. We use them in our church services. They are warmly received.
- Kenneth Hoole, Hillsboro, OR, USA

We use PowerPoint for our presentations at our Muckleshoot reservation church. We need new effects
- Lynn Brannen, Enumclaw, Washington

Indezine is truly a wonderful repository of PowerPoint tips,tricks,tutorials and templates. The reviews of PowerPoint plugins also helps out tremendously (no one wants to spend money on a plug in that doesn't do what it advertises). Thanks and keep up the great work.
- Cesar Camacho, Spotsylvania, USA

These are the kinds of backgrounds I love to use at church! They work great for the lyrics for praise and worship songs. They spice things up without detracting from the ability to see and enjoy the song words.
- Richard Bryant, Glen Burnie, USA

This is the best site for PowerPoint templates and background and I've searched a lot for a better one.
- James Baker, Laramie, WY, USA

"Electrifying' my classroom presentations would be awesome!
- Diane M. Kemper, Gettysburg, PA, USA

A girl can never have too many backgrounds!
- Marla Theodoro, Klamath Falls, OR USA

I love color!
- Karen Baker, Huntington, USA

These are visually very stunning. I will use them in a presentation at a national continuing education conference
- Larry R. Stewart, Plano, TX, USA

Your templates and ideas make it possible for me to create presentations for my managers so that the staff don't suffer "Death by PowerPoint". Thanks
- Wendy, Calgary, AB, Canada

I just love the variety of templates you have to offer!
- Karen Kelly, Clay, AL, USA

Templates like these make my college students sit up and pay attention! Love 'em and keep 'em coming!--From a Big Fan in the Ivory Tower
- Tona Hangen, Stow MA, USA

I am so excited at the prospect of winning this program. I am a professorat a college, and would be thrilled to utilize this prgram in stimulating my students. I find that students these days expect to be stimulated visually, and any multimedia programs that I can use in order to grab their attention s extremely beneficial.Thank you for considering my entry. Sincerely, Shirley Haug
- Shirley Haug, Ottawa ON, Canada

I love Indezine! I frequently use the PowerPoint templates and I just learned how to create a puzzle slide from their website. These features add so much pizazz to presentations that I would love to have more!
- Darlene Watson, Valdosta, USA

Outstanding designs!
- John todd, Clarksville, USA

looking forward to using this product
- Cecelia, Kyle, USA

I will use this giveaway to help make presentations better for my PhD program, and for the classes I teach! :-) Sam
- Sam Martin, Schaumburg, USA

Well I'd love to use these backgrounds in my college presentations. I'm in a course called "Bachelors of Mass Media" and we have around 36 projects in all. Being the best in presentations I want to maintain that position till graduation."
- Akanksha Shakya, Nerul-Navi, Mumbai, India

I work for a private college and have pretty much No budget. I am tasked with training staff and faculty how to use technology, so any tools I can get will be very appreciated!!
- LK Schultz, Fond du Lac, USA

I just found this site, and it's wonderful. I now have the ability to create dazzling presentations.
- Cynthia Wade, Lilburn, USA

I've just recently found this site. Wow! How I love it! So many awesome designs. I'm using them for school and work. Whoever came up with these designs, I'm grateful.
- Suzanne Auten, Bothell, USA

Yes, please!
- Jon Spain, Harrow, UK

Knock out designs. Would also make a great decal on an Electric Blue PT Cruiser.
- Dallas Merchant, Creswell, USA

Your brilliant ideas . . . Our brilliant templates
- Lucinda Cave, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

My mission is to communicate the missions of nonprofit organizations around the world in the most beautiful way. I hope to win your templates so that I can have an immediate and postive impact on our world.
- Hope, Norristown, USA

Thanks for your help with sharing my message to people who are so easily distracted through the years. It makes it a lot more fun to communicate when people are listening!
- Loren Tucker, University Place, USA

Brilliant Ideas need Brilliant Templates
- Lucinda Cave, "Cleveland, Ohio", USA

These look really good. Most of my uses require a darker background and these would fit the bill. The eclectic theme makes me think of Jazz music, I find them soothing and even entrancing.
-Greg Dermody, Assiniboia, Canada

Love all your free downloads.Helps to make my presentations more professioanl and different
- Claudia Brackenborough, Bury St Edmunds, UK

I an an Admin Assistant in a Corn Milling Plant in Wahpeton, ND. I'm new here from Baltimore, MD. So far I have wowed them with my skills. The best impression was when I started working on the plant scrolling monitor. My secret, using Indezine's templates. They really kicked things up to awhole new level of professionalism. But as always, I couldn't keep a secret! Now I've noticed more professional looking training presentations and communicationsfrom everyone. Thanks for all your hard work and for making me look good!
- Carmen Nicodemus, Wahpeton, ND, USA

K.I.S.S. I really could use this product for my classroom. I use PowerPoint presentations for all my lecture notes.
- Franklin Mcqueary, Montgomery LA, USA

This site has helped keep my relationship with my fiancee alive and fresh. Everyday I use one of your templates to send him a powerpoint presentation. He is a truck driver and we aren't always together. He really looks forward to his love notes. I love your site. I would love to have these new templates. Our relationship is electric. Thank you for the give away.
- Alicia Robinson, Hollister, Missouri, USA

Indezine is a great site. I have gotten so many great templates. As a professor, this site is invaluable when it comes to jazzing up my lectures. You guys are great!
- Sloane Signal, Silver Spring, USA

This is a very nice set that lends itself to many different types of presentations.The use of the blue palette also means that it will dispaly nicely in various presentation room lighting scenarios. Very nice!
- Ian Moore, Toronto, Canada

I am not a creative person, I'm looking for inspiration.
- Dawn Sexton, Houston, USA

Why use a boring backgroud when you can jazz up a presentation? My students wake up with my presentations. I don't know if I want to give away my PPT secret. Would you?
- Stephen Nelson, Apopka, USA

Geetesh always creates such really great templates, and these are among his best recently. I would really enjoy using them.
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

As a teacher in a limited income school, this resource would be a great assett to my classroom. Thanks.
- Linda Thomas, Rockwall, USA

I worked in services for PBS and I teach teachers and business people how to use PPT. I inform them that they don't have to stick to the designs provided by the big M, and I always recommend your site to everyone...I love it !!!
- Bobbie Muhlbach, Massillon, Ohio, USA

These templates are awesome! I would love to have them to use during our worship time at my church. We have no money budgeted to purchase software, so I am always on the search for great free stuff! Thanks for the opportunity to win some wonderful prizes.
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA

As the vendor corrdinator, I am always on the look out for products and services that helps create a lasting impression.
- Kevin Glover, Napperville, IL, USA

WOW! This is a fantastic collection! The colors and designs are billiant. I am constantly on the look-out for new templates for ppt. I use it almost daily in one capacity or another. I make presentations to give to my staff and I also make presentations for my students. It enhanced their learning experience and the visual aspects of this collect is bound to keep their attention from start to finish!!
- Monica Marcum, Oak Hill, USA

These templates are Awesome! Electrifying! I love the vibrancy and jeweltone hues!! They would be a wonderful addition to my PowerPoint arsenal!
- Jeanne Jeanne Bowen, Goshen, Indiana, USA

I use PowerPoint to help my students better understand course content. These additional templates will help differentiate classes and lessons and help make my intera ctive lectures more memorable.
- Calvin Posner, Marietta USA

What an aweswome site and wonderful tools you offer to make our creative efforts shine. Thank you for offering something that maximizes the WOW factor in my presentations!!
- Audrey Michaels, Kannapolis, NC, USA

Will be great to be used in my job!!! Thanks!!!
- Josue W. Sanchez, San Juan Puerto Rico

A truck driver who uses PowerPoint? I need all the help I can get!!! Tough crowds! Very tough crouds.
- Ddaren, Gorham USA

I would love to be able to have my students use these for their PowerPoint presentations... Thank you for your consideration!!
- Vicki Myers, Clinton Township, MI, USA

Some of the templates from just looking at a few are so different, they would enliven a power point presentation. I like to use backgrounds that are out of the ordinary in my presentations.
- Kendra Thacker, Walterboro, USA

I have loved PowerPoint for years. In fact I often give Pptanna as a username. I make presentations weekly for my minister husband and I'm always looking for new coordinated templates and backgrounds that will be interesting but not overpowering. You have given me wonderful options. I especially like the ability to use a template set...a variety on the same theme. Sometimes I try to design my own, but they are never up to the quality you seem to produce so easily. Thank you!
- Anna James, Winter Haven, FL, USA

Love the PowerPoint templates! I use them in my work and even in my personal life. They make things so much more interesting than the standard, well-known, overly used templates normally available!! Thank you.
- Roland Grieb, Terre Haute, USA

These are beautiful templates
- Theresa Hadden-Martinez, Placitas, USA

I am a teacher and I love to use your backgrounds for my daily Opening Activities!
- Lori A. Crockett, Chesterfield, USA

One day I was so lucky when looking for templates to provide slideshows for church, I found the Indezine site by doing an internet search! I've been visiting Indezine for so long, It's provided me beautiful backdrops for hundreds of songs, I adore PPT templates - definitely a class act and a Pro, I love your designs and I'm so happy to be able to finally tell you so!
- Candace, Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA

Thanks so much for all the help you provide....I am still a "newbie:" in presentations and can use all the help I can get! I love to add beautiful images but cost is always a factor. Thanks!
- Karin Bright, Athens, USA

As an instructor in technology, it is always fun to impress students with "gee whiz" technology....I always find something they don't know.
- Karen Messina, Vails Gate, USA

When I am in a serious crunch for a great PPT. I find the most fabulous ideas at Indezine.My PPT's now have the 'WOW' factor instead of the 'Ho Hum' factor. Thanks for an awesome resource!
- Leah Froelich, Pasadena, TX, USA

My nursing students love this kind of stuff - it keeps their attention! I'd love to win!
- Glenda Kaminski, Mulberry, Florida, USA

These templates will give something to help the ministries in my church that have a small budget to have first class presentations.
- Floyd Keneson, West Palm Beach USA

Each week I have the responsibility to prepare video projection screens to illustrate the sermons at church. This will allow me to make the presentations appealing and dramatic.
- Donald Eilers, Whitehall, USA

Depth like the ocean, hues of the sea, mysterious and beautiful
- Chitra, Chennai, India

Like the site :)
- Nancy Johnson, Medina, USA

I use PowerPoint on a weekly basis and I am constantly looking for new backgrounds to use.
- Steve Cain, Batavia, IL, USA

Congratulations on a "shocking" set of templates!
- Kit Heald, Warrington, UK

Thanks for animating our presentation thru your creative ideas
- Ingrid, Cagayan de oro city, Philippines

This collection should give my presentations that extra spark
- David Ribe, London UK

I am a lecutrer and often have to lecture to quite large student audiences where keeping attention is often challenging. A highly visual and usually amusing Powerpoint presentation explains the concepts and also entertains the students. Colour is a great educator.
- Neil, Waterford, Ireland

Thank you very much. Its nice to be encouraged to do a superlative job
- Trevor Lineham Foxton Beach NZ

This would be a great add on
- Paul Bailey, Des Moines, USA

These templates are brilliant. It adds so much richness to the presentation.
- Andre Cupido, Cape Town, South Africa

This is indeed an excellent tool.
- Rachael Katan, Singapore, Singapore

Indezine has its own personality of presentation, creativity and unique. The range of colours are very interesting, therefore every presentations have value in it.
- Alizae, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It is a pleasure to make PowerPoint presentations. Indezine enables one to make these presentations more powerful. Have not come across an equally creative and wonderful site.
- Satinder, Chandigarh, India

Great site. Thank you for your contribution to the community!
- Leon Conrad, London, UK

I think its a thrilling template!!!
- Elsa Torfer, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

I love the templates that you make, but I like the templates to be free
- Brandon Goh, Singapore, Singapore

To use in my daily voluntary evangelisation with youngsters. Indezine site is rich in resources.
- Peter Abdilla, Mqabba, Malta

I would use this in my undergrad classes, especially film and media clasess, to improve my slides.
- Carole-Anne Tyler, Riverside, USA

t's great site it helps me a lot in preparing my presentations thanks
- Emad A Diyab, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

With these wonderful templates, I am sure my presentation will look better and effective. Thank you all.
- Saad Anis, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thanks for the opportunity for me to learn and find tools to make better presentations...
- Charles Lindauer, Petaluma, USA

Always looking for new backgrounds for song lyrics for church. These "Electric" templates look like powerful voltage to my collection."
- Elmer Albeluhn, Port Hardy, Port Hardy

Indezine PowerPoint templates I frequently use for teaching and my scientifc presentations ranging from microscopy to microbiology..These help me to add objectivity and of course unique aesthetic and vibrant at the same time presentation values to my serious kind of content reamining scientific in nature.
- S.K. Tomar, Karnal, India

The templates which are unique from Indezine very appealing and catching the eyes of audeience.This is my personal experience
- Balasubramanian, Kalpakkam, India

Brilliant! Watt a charge!The current contest takes me ohm again!
- Rick Burley, Wallsend (Newcastle), Australia

I want to take the dullness out of the usual PowerPointing and add spice to it for the sake of my students - and so that I can match the template to what is really appropriate for the variety of lessons that I teach!!!
- Helen Tilley, Wanganui, New Zealand

Slides look innovative, and very stylish. Not too busy I hope"
- Steve Ansell, Wellington, New Zealand

Great looking designs!
- Allan Grimsley, Winnipeg, Canada

Thru the slides from this site i am able to be express more of myself.
- Ashish Damor, Ahmedabad, India

Great job.
- Tony Elamparo, Ahmadi, Kuwait

Beautiful PowerPoint templates. They would make any presentation memorable.
- Sandra L. Culver, Milwaukie, USA

Looking something new and exciting to catch the attention of my audience - I like when they ask "where did you get that?"
- Trisha, Omaha, USA

As a gospel preacher I use PowerPoint all the time and the ability to make my presentations even more appealing would be a great help.
- Alex Ogden, Pinson, USA

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