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Wow! What a great set of templates! Free-flowing background graphics that are subtle and eye-pleasing! Enhancing the presentation without distracting from it is a very hard goal to reach somethimes, consistently achieves that with thier products. Thank you!
- Kerry Mensior, San Diego, USA

Love your site. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! I'm always inspired by it and Always Learn from it. Regularly check out the links to other sites that you provide and preciate your efforts to keep us informed all across the board. You're a generous guy! Thanks.
- Diana Orlemann, Westerville, Ohio

Indezine you are a lifesaver! Your PowerPoint designs mean all I have to do is enter the content. You save me time and brainpower in allowing me to focus my creative juices elesewhere rather than how am I going to present the presentation. All I need to do is decide on a colour scheme or theme and it's done. Thank you for providing such a service it is invaluable!!!!!
- Miss Angelgirl, Melbourne, Australia

I'm not a big fan of the color yellow but your PPT slides are so bright and cheerful I can't help but want to use them!
- Leslie Antley, Houston-Texas, USA

The time that is taken to choose every detail of a presentation makes all the difference in the world and is usually noticed by your participants.I am struck by the beauty of the slides in my favorite color. I am glad I found your website when I first started doing presentations. Thanks for all you do.
- Dorothy Lindsey, Canton, USA

These look bright and totally refreshing and they would be ideal for me to use in my PowerPoint presentations I make at the museum to schools and also to other groups. Ian Stubbs Assistant Curator Mtiddlesbrough Museums.
- Ian Stubbs, Middlesbrough, England

These are really beautiful Artistic Backgrounds. Our non-profit organization is doing a special presentation in July at one of our local theaters, featuring the artwork of Texas artists who have disabilities along with the music of children & adults with challenges. One of the really neat things is that the theater has a screen for power point that is the Entire Size of the STAGE and is lowered on a FLY RAIL! These bright yellow backgrounds would be beautiful backdrops for some of these paintings!
- Kathryn A, San Antonio, USA

I work in a corn milling plant. We have a scrolling monitor throughout that is PowerPoint based. We use it to do reminders on plant safety, upcoming meetings, etc. Since I've started working here a year and a half ago, I have had more compliments on how much more professional and attention grabbing the monitor slides are now. Even from the person who used to do them! Thanks for making me look so GOOD!
- Carmen Nicodemus, Wahpeton, USA

Apparently, there is some research that says reading yellow text or text on a yellow background helps the reader remember the text. Educators need all the help we can get to help students get every bit of knowledge they can in this ever-flattening world.
- Christine Scheer, Winter Springs, FL

I am in professor and anything that can help my papers and presentations catch the interest of my audience will definitely be a plus. I love doing PowerPoint presentations and I do many of them in this career that I love. I am always looking for ways to improve myself. Hope I'm given the chance to experience this. Thank you.
- Walter Lim, Detroit, MI, USA

Our school colors are yellow and black. The yellow PowerPoints would be awesome in my classroom. Schools have virtually no money - so I have no budget for this! Pick me!
- Ronda Eckhart, Hutchinson, MN, USA

(Too the tune of "You Are My Sunshine) You are my sunshine, My only Sunshine, You'd make me happy, If you would stay, I have to give a Presentation, Please don't take my sunshine away.
- Bonnie Stukenholtz-Brown, Sterling, USA

The updates given by you are really amazing... they helped a lot in making very good presentations and yellow collection of power point templates is very good.
- Karthik, Hyderabad, India

The templates have been very useful form me. they are original and show excellent taste. I'm an English teacher and they have been great for my presentations.
- Ivonne Ceniceros, Morelia, Mexico

I like Indezine for the precise information that I get here and for the delightfully tasteful artistic PowerPoint templates that this site offers. Cheers!
- Sam, Lucknow, India

I use the backgrounds for worship - so need Gold / yellow at specific times of the year. It's so hard to get backgrounds that are suitable - nothing distracting to worship and able to have clear, readable text placed on them. These seem quite suitable!
- Viv Valentine, Brisbane, Australia

I've seen the Yellow samples and love them! I believe I can incorporate them into a great presentation. I hope I win!
- Lloyce, Columbia, USA

Indezine templates are outstanding. Whenever I use Indezine templates, my audience notices.
- Marie Johnson, Dallas, Texas, USA

United Collors!!
- Bjarne Lund Henneberg, Tønder, Denmark

Indezine gives us more and more stuff and makes us spell bound and now what to write?
- Stephen Mathew, Chennai, India

The templates will greatly enhance my the lessons I teach in Church, Hunter Education classes and other programs I am involved with teaching young people.
- Ray Clemons, Grants, USA

Great for brightening up Sunday Sermons and Lectures.
- Leong Wai Ling, Kuala Lumpur

I enjoy this site it has a lot of wonderful backgrounds...
- Terry Walton, Louisville, USA

I find the creativity of the template designers simply mind-blowing.Keep them coming!!
- Choo Heng Yu, Singapore, Singapore

Great stuff...
- Michael Hall, Northport, Alabama

I'm always looking for new PowerPoint slides. I'm in a master's program and they come in useful for me.
- Linda L Gilbert, Wallingford, USA

Your colourful slides add a zing to the programme---they keep the audience awake!!
- Devendra Chowdary, Bangalore, India

It can shows who you really are
- Alizae, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Very lively and uplifting collection. I would be using these as PowerPoint background for songs at our church. Would bring some exciting sunshine to our winter cloudy days here.
- Elmer Albeluhn, Port Hardy, Canada

Yellow is the colour Joy of the bricoleur Symbol of valour Let's bring it to presenters' parlour
- Elias Martis, Auckland, New Zealand

Nice template
- D, Kowloon, Hong Kong

I look forward to brightening up eaach sad winter's day with the brightness of the yellow templates to bring the sunshine early to my training sessions
- Paul Brennan, Telford, UK

Indezine makes your presentations shine!
- Doppenberg, Nijkerk, Netherlands

I am very pleased to use the templates that I have downloaded so far. So far My students have liked to be taught with different PowerPoint classes and asked me which web site I have been downloading those. They all became your memebers. Thank you.
- Stephen Mathew, Ankara, Turkey

Schön gestaltet!
- Stephan Mertens, Hennef, Germany

I think you templates are amazing for Real Estate presentations, keep it up!.
- Moises Reynoso, Los Alamitos, USA

I wil die of happiness
- Yasir, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Its very help ful
- Henna, Mumbai, India

Mellow yellow makes it easy to see the points of view as i present from ezine
- Kat Whyte, Athlone Westmeath, Ireland

The reason i would like this prize is simple. I could make some beautiful thing with it. The site is great. I got some great ideas from you...
- Zorica, Novi Sad, Serbia

Very lively and uplifting collection. I would be using these as PowerPoint background for songs at our church. Would bring some exciting sunshine to our winter cloudy days here.
- Debra L. Greenstone, Wilmington, USA

My name is Sunny--I HAVE to have the bright, sunny yellow templates!
- Sunny, West Columbia, USA

This website is abosuletly fantastic and relevant to people of all age group. It really contains nuerous cool graphic PowerPoint templates. The newsletters are also vey informative and useful to keep with te fast pace of life.
- Chinna, Singapore, Singapore

I need to make 30 presentations in a month!!!!!!!!!! I ran out of templates!!!!!!
- Ivana, Split, Ceoatia

I really enjoy having a site where I know I can find what I need in a quick and easy fashion!
- Steve Baskwill, Lawrencetown, Canada

Cool....... and bright.... very inspiring!
- Maria Jose, Muscat, Oamn

I like yellow collection, yellow is my color. I may be can not make a winning words but I feel my self like yellow
- Ivana Pesi, Nis, Serbia

I develop PowerPoint presentations for a non-profit organization and these templates would greatly enhance my presentations
- Donald Eilers, Whitehall, USA

I am so happy for being participating. I hope that I win! I am going to twist very much.
- Luzia Leiros, Natal, Brazil

We are continually utilizing PowerPoints for virtually all of our training needs. Indezine has been a great benefit to the diversity of our presentations.
- Chris Stunda, New Castle, Indiana, USA

Indezine is a superb site for professionals looking to spiff up their presentations. A very useful and educational site!
- Audrey Michaels, Kannapolis, NC, USA

Your backgrounds make me look great!
- Ellen Kominars, Detroit, USA

These yellows are perfect for spring
- Tara Rose, Acworth, USA

Templates, artistically designed, add form to content. Even the best content needs this class of support to stand out.
- Zilmar Pereira, São Paulo, Brasil

I would love to win these templates. I am responsible for creating the PowerPoint for worship at my church, Bradley Wesley UMC in Bradley, IL. We have no money available for this, so everything I do comes out of my pocket. It is a ministry I feel very strongly about, so any freebies that I can find or receive are greatly appreciated! Thanks for this opportunity.
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA

Nicely done backgrounds and information
- John Bobel, Lexington, KY

I am on the media ministry for my church, and I like to choose a variety of backgrounds to use, and I believe these are perfect!
- Brandy Martin, Birmingham, USA

What a wonderful use of the color yellow! Great looking set of templates.
- Larry Strasbaugh, Dalton, USA

I love using the power point templates by Indezine. The collection of slides is phenomenal!
- C. Walls, Greenville NC, USA

I am not sure anyone really has enough templates. But in today's presentations template design has a lot to do with conveying the message, colors in particular.
- David Wolfe, Bensenville, USA

These are great! I hope I win
- Ginger Southall, Charlotte, USA

Yellow would be excellent to use in my PowerPoint presentations to my science classes.
- Vicki Curlee, Phenix City AL 36869, USA

Very lively and uplifting collection. I would be using these as PowerPoint background for songs at our church. Would bring some exciting sunshine to our winter cloudy days here.
- Elaine Schafer, Savannah, USA

This PowerPoint looks really great!!!
- Kimberly Carter, Colonial Heights, USA

Gold, sun, flowers, sunbeams, so much wonderful in the world is Yellow. These templates would help add a sunny warm feeling to the otherwise drab, dreary weather we have right now in the mid-west. Thanks for great templates!
- Paula West, Olney, USA

Nice. Thanks Geetesh
- BJ Johnston, Phoenix, Az, USA

Thanks for the Templates!
- Judith Boettcher, Tallahassee, USA

Awesome vibrant colors that will bring my presentations to life!
- Lynda Flinck, Eagan, MN, USA

We have multimedia slides for both our traditional and contemporary (New Connections) services. We are always looking for new and innovative slide material. Thanks and God Bless!
- Sharen Carley, Seguin, Texas, USA

The Yellow collection is a visual happy, sunny colour that could make a mundane presentation look just great.
- Marian Brown, Winchester, UK

We make extensive use of PowerPoint in our teaching efforts to over 400 students. These templates would greatly improve the variety of the templates we use and aid our educational endevors. Thanx.
- Michael Barber, Tampa, USA

The Idea Group specializes in marketing communication and strategy. We move clients beyond the obvious. We work according to three rules: #1. Yelling doesn't make you right ... it just makes you loud. #2. Making ugly bigger doesn't make it better ... it just makes a bigger ugly. #3. If it cost money think twice ... if it's free take two.
- Andy Johnston, Acworth, USA

Could do with more templates using clipart
- Samir Rai, Amritsar, India

Love this website. It has opened up a lot of opportunities for me to increase my skills with PowerPoint. I do a lot of presentations for our nurses at the hospital and this just keeps things interesting instead of ho-hum. Thanks!
- Christine Harden, Lowa City, USA

Bright, sunny, and happy
- Judith Gibbons, St Louis, USA

I think that new templates are always a way to spice up a presentation.
- Ross Rogers, Kaysville, USA

The biggest problem with using such a popular package as PowerPoint is that all the standard templates have been seen over and over. I like the idea of having some new templates to use that most people have not yet seen! I know that I will have occasion to use the new templates many times.
- David Ballew, Saint Charles, USA

Your designs are great
- Michael Bells, Waterloo, Canada

Very lively and uplifting collection. I would be using these as PowerPoint background for songs at our church. Would bring some exciting sunshine to our winter cloudy days here.
- Aleksandra Topalovic, Nis, Serbia

Yellow is such a happy color!
- Theresa Newsome, Winnie, TX, USA

I have found your general templates very helpful in preparing PPTs for assembly talks in my school. Currently I am using one of the "fishy" templates to talk about avoiding temptation - not to fall for it hook, line and sinker!
- Odette Schlumpf, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Will use the power points for my MSc presentations
- Kevin, Fgura, Malta

I have enjoyed using indezine to comlete PowerPoint presentations for my college degree program. I am 45 y.o. and this is my first time going to college, so I would love to have these sunny yellow PPTs. Thanks for this great site. I love it.
- Melissa Kalson, Little Rock, USA

I can see why Yellow is your best selling collection - it is an activating color that helps awaken the brain. It is very versatile - numerous colored fonts and formats go well with this color and style.
- Victoria Leavitt, Wasilla, Alaska, USA

- Mary Joesting, Duluth, GA, USA

This giveaways are awesome. they will be very useful for me becuase I use them for my work and school!
- Ruth, Tecate, California

Thank You
John J. Jarman, Lynchburg, USA

Thank you
- Steve M. Thompson, Irving, TX, USA

I am a youth minister and reaching teens is impossible without the technology and visual "wow" to hold their attention. Anything that helps do that is a blessing to my ministry.
- Kevin Ballard, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Yellow is one of my elementary school's color and we sure could use the yellow backgrounds. It would help make our morning TV show FABULOUS!!! Marlene
- Marlene Ashley, Naples, FL, USA

Here's to a wish on a falling star..
- Linda, Colorado Springs, USA

More ppt goodies.....would love to have them!!
- Karin Bright, Athens, OH, USA

I would love to show these presentions to my 9th grade science students.
- Kristen Murosky, Fayetteville, USA

Love the look. Will use for Church announcements
- John Dalziel, Powell River, BC, Canada

Do the next right thing.
- Jeff, Brainerd, USA

This collection would add to my professional devleopment ppts..sure would add to my presentations.
- Cecelia Haas, Kyle, USA

Coming out of dull winter days these bright slides make work seem a pleasure!
- Kit Heald, Warrington, UK

I want to receive this give away. Regards Fer
- María Fernanda Andrés, Santa Fe, Argentina

I can see using these where we are trying to express energy in our clients presentations.
- Ted Clow, Woodbury, NJ, USA

I like bright slides to keep people interested. This will wake 'em up!
- Donna Sutton, Rowlett, USA

Power Point is my life, you help make me Larry
- Larry Frick, Prior Lake, USA

If I win I will use the PowerPoint backgrounds to illustrate and follow the points of my sermon. I have had many favorable comments since I started using PowerPoint in the pulpit. It is true - we are a visual society.
- David Johnson, Grove City, USA

I like this world today!!! :)
- Nina, Moscow, Russia

I'll be using it in the production of the K-8th Grade Graduation DVD I'm producing.
- Marypat Gabor, Plainfield, USA

All the students in my class uses templates from the indezine site. Templates are very nice,cute,beautiful and also look like professional. Thanks very much for your services. Now i am a student. If i will get the prize then i try for buying the paid templates from this site. Have a bright and prosperous future.May god bless this site.
- Rosmin Maria, Kottayam, India

Hey. my power point presentations will never be the same with this, but, they have severly changed since I joined Indezine.
- Iustin Ivanescu, Botosani, Romania

Yellow backgrounds grabs the attention and uplifts the spirits. I have long enjoyed the PowerPoint Templates in Indezine.
- Gloria Nettles, Tuscaloosa, USA

If I win....I can use the yellow templates to annoy upper management with my next presentation
- Tina Wagner, Tallahassee, Florida, USA

I make a lot of presentations. Like using different templates and colors. Would use these templates to make me a proud presenter.
- Chris Raehan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Oh I could sure use something bright and glorious like this...the backgrounds I use at work are so Blue and dark. And when one is talking about the economy one needs to not be blue!!
- Niki Maas, Mesquite, USA

Very lively and uplifting collection. I would be using these as PowerPoint background for songs at our church. Would bring some exciting sunshine to our winter cloudy days here.
- Naima Lynah, South Plainfield, USA

as a teacher the site is the best I use and recommend to students and peers alike, this software would greatly support my high expenditures on my students and allow me to serve them more efficently.
- Lorraine Williams-Clark, Sidney Center, USA

I Would like to get more medical releated templete
- Golam Sarwar, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I will show off infront of my friends and family
- Rachel, Toronto, Canada

I would really be pleased if you people find me that eligible for this giveaway of ppts... as m a person keen to have them and a person who is really fond of giving presentations... also i downloaded some of the templates few days back which really proved very fruitful....thank you
- Harkiran Kaur, New Delhi, India

Looks attractive
- Graham Hill, Hamilton, New Zealand

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