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Here are the comments of the participants of the myBrainshark giveaway on

I want to improve my ppt presentations!
- Jayzael, Panama, Panama

Looking for help creating a 3d cube
- Sean Donegan, Toronto, Canada

I am looking to improve my training presentations
- Lee Ann Shablesky, North Brunswick, USA

Great tips on this site!
- John Whitmore, Denton, USA

This is my "GO TO" site for all my PowerPoint questions.
- Samantha Mceveny, Round Rock, USA

Please count me in
- Lucila Mae Naguio, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Thanks. Geetesh ^^
- Juno Bae, Seoul, Korea

This will help to make my presentations look more professional and eye catching.
- Jemmabel Miranda, Angono Rizal, Philippines

This site is very useful to us who use PPT regularly, what i like about this site is they are very creative, all latest and beautifully designed
- Shakila, Bangalore, India

I was able to use the information provided on this site to improved my lecture presentations for university in the field of social work
- Roshini, Johannesburg, South Africa

Graduation and school and business
- Umhashem, Kuwait, Kuwait

Great initiatives
- Kassim B Kamis, Singapore, Singapore

Very pleased to have this opportunity to receive such a useful review of current state of the art of effective way of expressing ideas Tony
- Antonin Cardaq, Mnichovice, Czech Republic

Just want to check it out
- Dinesh, Chandigarh, India

I want to make good presentation so..i hope it will be useful for me..thank u for giving me such a good information
- Pinki Purkayastha, Silchar, India

As I need to read first this white paper there is actually no comment
- Peter Ofner, Innsbruck, Austria

Good and nice
- Ronalhd, Calapan, Philippines

This will come in handy, surely!
- Jhoman, Singapore, Singapore

- Salma, Kerman, Iran

Indezine is a great help!
- Dragana Stosic, Beograd, Serbia

Interested in new developments
- J.C. Schouten, Antwerpen, Belgium

Its good to have a template to work on
- Alan, Aurora, Philippines

- Angelina, Ruse, Bulgaria

Good Presentation
- Murfie, Jakarta, Indonesia

I can do many item to presentation my jobs with Indezine PowerPoint program. thanks and God bless you.
- Timotius Hendra, Jakarta, Indonesia

It's very nice!
- Diana, Sofia, Bulgaria

I like Indezine!
- Galina, Shumen, Bulgaria

Looking for adding power to my power-point presentations
- Pravin Manker, Mumbai, India

Indezine Power finish is a fantastic program that gives any presentation that"wow" factor.
- Jenny Tohotoa, Perth, Australia

Its very good
- Dodi, Magelang, Indonesia

Thanks for the topic. It will help us a lot.
- Freda James, Benguet, Philippines

I enjoy using your company Indezine and really love the designs. However, I have been kind of struggling with adding a video on PowerPoint, so I am hoping this new brainshark white paper will work for me to add the video on PowerPoint. Thanks so much for your free offer to download some designs for PowerPoint which I use often for my Sunday School class lessons! God bless you, Billie B.
- Billie Bowling, Winston-Salem, USA

Anything that adds even more power to PowerPoint just has to be a good thing!
- Gerry Lane, Bedale, UK

Good product, thanks
- Hermanto, Medan, Indonesia

I like indezine's creativity
- Did Ijet, Casablanca, Morroco

Looking forward to it
- Michael Bells, Orillia, Canada

Very useful
- Brian Mcdermott, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I love elearning technology and can't wait to explore new ways of connecting learning.
- Leon Awee, Sippy Downs, Australia

- Milena, Prilep, Macedonia

Indezine - Excellent for Source Material/Ideas and Techniques. ...Two Thumbs Up!
- Ian Walsh, Nottingham, UK

I use PP a lot in may teaching activity and this site offers a lot a useful tips to improve my presentations.
- Maria Salgueiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I find this site very good.. it is one good tool and I always open it up whenever I need to make a presentation
- Naman Ahuja, New Delhi, India

myBrainshark sounds very interesting
- David Farkas, Seattle, USA

I'm looking forward to using it!
- Edgard Romero, Barranquilla , Colombia

Thanks for this free use. As I'm a student in a Management college, I often have to do presentation. Your templates help me to perform well my work.
- Sarah, Casablanca, Morocco

Thanks for sharing this valuable tool.
- Dr Sudhir Charles, Hyderabad, India

Its nice to see such new things. Keep up the good work!!
- Ataher Ahmed, Mumbai, India

Thank you!!!!!!!!
- Plamen Marutsov, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

I would like to try the Presentation Enhancement White Paper.
- Mo Russo, Tampa, USA

Thank you
- Tom Zurich, Road Town, British Virgin Islands

Thanks for the white paper. Love your templates!
- Raymond Allan Johnson, Detroit, USA

- Sherrie Layne, Ashland, USA

Offers like this add value to being an Indezine member.
- Michael Schwartz, Atlanta, USA

Doing wonderful job by giving online users eye catching templates. Keep up this wonderful work, I am sure your others viewers are also appreciating and so do I.
- Bahbood A.Khan, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Can't wait to try the voice editing in PowerPoint and white pages.
- Robyn Swant, Pembroke, Canada

Better done after reading, don't you think?
- Glaucio Soares, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

I appreciate the fact that I do not receive a lot of useless emails from your company. I have been able utilize the information that you have provided.
- Karen Merritt, Fraser, USA

Love the site, great information and resources
- Tammy Howard, Atlanta, USA

I love the tips and ideas for making better presentations. I have used many of them in my workplace. Thank you Indezine!
- Debbie Alger, Elizabeth City, USA

As an instructor and instructional designer, I am interested in all new and creative ideas.
- Karen Messina, Middletown, Ny, USA

I think this product is going to be a huge help.
- Zilmar Pereira, Sã£O Paulo, Brazil

I'm making PowerPoint presentations for coworkers regarding safety at work; I need all the tips and help I can get - much room for improvement.
- Laureen Ysen, International Falls, USA

Indezine helps us make our presentation worth presenting
- Sanket Shah, Mumbai, India

Love all the things that are in your emails
- Pam Ross, Idlewild, USA

Have just started using Brainshark for about two months. It is a great tool.
- Mj Plebon, Montreal, Canada

Thanks for allowing a free version of this whitepaper to be made available for review.
- Darla Rothman, Sykesville, USA

Interested in learning more about Brainshark
- Pamela Krohn, Tallahassee, USA

I really like the presentations and info that you have on your site.
- Karen Jensen, Sebring, USA

Requesting a copy of the white paper.
- Karey Reilly, Guelph, Canada

This site is very useful for my work, thank you so much!
- Hong Yen, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Very interesting that what you do for the users.
- Ricardo Leite De Albuquerque, Campo Grande - Ms, Brasil

Please send me the white paper about Brainshark
- Jonna Carper, Greenville, USA

- Ghisline Chagnon, Montreal, Canada

My business life is all the rave of people because I have your tools in my kit.
- Ellen O. Kalinosky, Allentown, USA

I am interested in the white paper.
- Robert Cuffney, Rochester, USA

Good site!
- Cindy Hudgens, Houston, USA

I will send comments at a later date.
- Awtar Koonar, Ottawa, Canada

I think this is great a very special and easy way to share the best we can do to all the world.
- Elizabeth, Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico

I like, to have this new tool
- Isabel Cristina Carvajal Zapata, Medellã­N, Colombia

Indezine helped me alot with my seminar PowerPoint presentations.
- Sarah Salaheldin, Cairo, Egypt

Always looking to improve my computer skills.
- SUSAn Monson, Ogden, USA

Sounds like it would be useful
- Jane Ruhland, St Peters, USA

I love the articles and templates on indezne.
- Jennifer Oliveira, Newark, USA

Always enjoy the site; something innovative and creative is offered
- Eugene Fedechko, Edmonton, Canada

I am looking forward to learning more about Brainshark
- Leslie Garvin, Elon, USA

- Whitney, Mountain Home, USA

Great site! I appreciate all your resources.
- Carlos Acosta, Arlington, USA

Eager to download! Thanks
- Janardhanan Janru, Tiruchirappalli, India

Thanks for the info!
- Rae Fitch, Atlanta, USA

2nd try to download this.
- Diane Coussan, Lafayette, USA

Thanks for the great info!
- Mikki, Kimberly, USA

Thank You
- Faisal1112, Dubai, UAE

Thank you for sharing this
- Lisa Leurquin-Hallett, Seatac, USA

Thank you. Always looking for ways to improve ppt presentations.
- Tami Borneman, Duarte, USA

Not sure what you want in here..
- Kim Hanson, Hampton, USA

Indezine Rocks!
- Lydia Ferguson, Covington, USA

- Phan Anh Tuan, Hanoi, Vietnam

Great, I could find exciting design that really help.
- Tony Chan, Hong Kong, China

I would like to enjoy the power of this presentation enhancement white paper
- Florence Kuek, Cary, USA

Hi, I'm very interested in receiving the White Paper on mybrainshark and see how we can take advantage of it to promote our company
- Raul Martinez, Monterrey, Mexico

- Bchung, Tainan, Taiwan

Ok..let's see it.
- Den Morris, Ventura, USA

I am excited about starting to use the PowerPoint program.
- Kim Scoville, Hancock, USA

- Rashmi, Kanpur, India

This allows someone to provide their own voice or a professional speaker to help with their presentation. I also like that one can download a video to this as an enhancement to their PowerPoint.
- Bob Palczynski, Richmond, USA

Great site with good information
- Theresa Lovejoy, Anaheim, USA

I know the advantages you offer
- Alberto Barrantes, San Jose, Costa Rica

This site really helps us in gearing for a presentation always ..It helps us to organize our details in such a way that the presentation becomes so easy to follow and please the person sitting opposite to us..
- Mohamed Mansoor Ahmed, Salalah, Oman

I really appreciate it!
- Andrey Petrov, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Thanks for sharing!
- Myraida, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Thank you!
- Karen Rhodees, Houston, USA

Hi Geetesh. Would love to read this white paper.
- Sandra Johnson, Victoria, USA

I am very interesting about the program!
- João Mesquita, Gaia, Portugal

Your site has been good for getting some different backgrounds and ideas for my Sunday morning slides.
- K Lamar, Saint Louis, USA

Thanks for the information
- Enrique Lopez, San Salvador, El Salvador

Thanks Indezine
- Neil Combe, Hawick, UK

I haven't had time to examine this completely yet but it looks good.
- Bruce Heal, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

First time
- Doris Scholten, Worthington, USA

Appreciate the specialized tools and free white paper download. Thanks!
- SUSAn Vierra, San Diego, USA

Thanks for brainshark
- Shannon Lorenzo, South Plainfield, USA

Thanks for this information
- Rismayanti, Makassar, Indonesia

I'm interested in the Brainshark White Paper. Thank you.
- Marycarole Zaworski, Rising Sun, USA

Thank you very much for the package and give away more than I would like templates Mail
- Alejandro, Saltillo, Mexico

Very informative and useful
- Lita Charles, Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad

Its beautiful!
- Cesar Martinez, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

It is a great site...
- Lili Syarief , Medan, Indonesia

Great site. Lots of info on PPT for myself, colleagues and students.
- Coralie Bee, Adelaide, Australia

Thank you for its information I hope to use this tool work
- Gabriel Sanchez Rodriguez, Tlaquepaque Jalisco, Mexico

Keenly expected to enhance my professions
- Emmyyi, Beijing, China

This site very important specially for those who are doing presentation every day or week like me.
- Medhanie, Changchun, China

We really thank God for indezine! The great improvements we've experienced through indezine really helps us in our ministry. God bless you more.
- Josel Seijo, Las Pinas City, Philippines

very good
- Jamerson, Camaçari, Brasil

- Shaiful Rahman Bin Mohamad, Parit Buntar, Malaysia

- Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Ha Noi, Vietnam

- Suganyababu, Chennai, India

It helps me alot because im currently having my masters degree.
- Mhanet, Cavite, Philippines

Hope that this service does not mess up the animations in an autorun presentation
- Nabil W. Mourad, Toronto, Canada

The site is quite useful
- Farah, New Delhi, India

I am glade to use your new program.
- Haydeh Moien, Shiraz, Iran

- Diaz Wongalas, Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Any help is a blessing!
- Marva Newell, Denver, USA

This site gives students, businessmen, and any person who wants their presentation attractive and convincing.
- Uldarico Ochea Jr., Danao City, Philippines

Want to add some new innovative presentation tools in my conf. presentations
- Venkat Ramana, Bhopal, India

Just curious and wanting to explore
- Safinas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I use PowerPoint presentations for class lectures and would like to learn or have enhanced presentations.
- Gilbert Arap Bor, Eldoret, Kenya

I am interested in this
- Budi Ratag, Manado, Indonesia

Honestly, this site made mothers day in our family church very enjoyable. The slides just communicated in a million words
- Delali Pearce-Kporha, Amasaman, Ghana

The Services of Indezine are very remarkable
- Tasneem Ahmed, Bhopal, India

I love all of the PowerPoint tools, designs and templates. They really make a difference in my presentations!
- Gabriela Varela, Richmond, USA

Love the food related templates, I'm a dietitian who does presentations to a variety of groups, they come in handy.
- Holly, Kalispell Montana, USA

I'm excited about this new product and is looking forward to using it.
- Rose Blakeney, Monroe, USA

I am serving Lord Sweaminarayan and giving my services in book stall run by temple. We are associated with exam etc so presentation is very useful. If you pleased then send me everything you desire. Thanks a lot.
- Deepak Shah, Vadodara, India

- Michele Fabel, Windsor, Canada

Indezine is great
- Drhananfathy, Alexandria, Egypt

I am very excited to try this out!
- Jessica Turner, San Diego, USA

I would like to try this product and see how it helps me improve my presentations
- Robert Dickinson, Leavenworth Kansas, USA

I love the fact that I get to know how to improve my lame PPT presentations. Thanks for all the know-how!
- Juan Lozano, Houston, USA

Indezine helped me in creating new PowerPoint designs. Thank you very much.
- Mysoon Al-Ansari, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thank you!
- Margaret, Mckeesport, USA

Awesome site!! Thanks
- Gail Fuson, Moreno Valley, USA

I think this is a awesome webpage to help us to make good presentations in our job
- Ric Carr, Juarez, Mexico

Love all the ideas and new ways to spruce up a boring PowerPoint! Thanks!
- Pam Foutch, Springfield, USA

Very nice and thank you
- Lily Meiliawaty, Bandung, Indonesia

Please send me White paper
- Suzanne Hollinden, Boonville, USA

love this site!!!
- Inday, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

You have a lot of good informational giveaways.
- Robbie Randall, Lexington, USA

Your regular offerings have been a blessing to me.
- Hector, Chula Vista, California, USA

Thank You guys. I used Your free PowerPoint presentation in defending my diploma paper and it looked absolutely beautiful!!!!You were of great help=))
- Suada Mujaki, Cazin, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Love the content, conversations and commentary, Geetesh! Your recent commentary on/ rebuttal of points in the NYT PowerPoint-is-the-enemy article was spot-on. Hope all is well with you!
- Sara Card, Burlington, USA

Sounds like an awesome tool, I'm eager to see what it can do!
- Catherine Vigna, Provost, Canada

This technology can indeed be very useful in making more understandable presentations. good job indezine and brainshark, inc
- Judith Sanico Soliano, Baybay City, Philippines

- Nhon Huynh, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Enjoy using PowerPoint in making presentations and would welcome new information to improve my skills with PowerPoint.
- Evelyn Gonzales, San Leandro, USA

Thanks for this offer I find it really useful. Regards
- Julio R. Martinez, Guatemala, Guatemala

I would like to use it for a lecture
- Artem, Yerevan, Armenia

Excellent, thank you
- Dalima Astrawinata, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Heather, Dartmouth, USA

Thank you for the offer. I would like to get one for myself.
- Fan123Mobile, Guangzhou, China

Inspired me to make my presentations more fun!
- Gerry Noonan, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Great Britain

Just trying it out.
- R Sheridan, Melrose, USA

I'm looking forward to reading the White Paper.
- Asiimwe Mwamwenda, Durban, South Africa

This site has been very useful on a number of projects I have completed. While we don't do a tremendous amount of PowerPoint presentations, it comes in handy when we do. Thank you
- Paula J. Boggio, Johnston, USA

It very help me to make the best presentation
- M.Ridwan Dzikrurrokhim, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I like
- Soliqin, Indonesia, Tarakan

- Nina, Depok, Indonesia

This is a very useful site
- Nagar, Tabriz, Iran

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