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Winning Entries

Very imaginative design. Would like to use this on my next set of class presentations to our 200 students to illustrate the power of alternative templates to those of microsoft.
- Michael Barber, Temple Terrace, USA

I'm a teacher-librarian and I use ppt backgrounds for backgrounds on all my table displays. I love finding new ones, especially since all the students in my building are assigned laptops to use. They get tired of seeing the same backgrounds all the time. I also present at my state library and technology conference and like to show off the backgrounds that I've found. Pick me, I'll spread the word!
- Margaret Shaffer, Easton MD, USA

Just from the sample images alone, it would be a wonderful template for me to use when presenting my future business projects in rapidly developing cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I really hope that I'll be selected as one of the winners of this collection!
- Beejay Artajo, Metro Manila, Philippines

I've been using these ppts for quite a while now, and having been getting the e-mails, I'm always impressed with the quality of the new materials coming out. I entered this contest because I'm looking for new additions, and perhaps this is the one?
- Benn Gehman, Memphis, TN, USA

The collection of Skyline Sphere collection for PowerPoint is one of the best I have seen for many years. It really adds a polish to your presentations and you will be happy to share with others your presentation.
- Leslie Howorth, Mandurah, Western Australia

I lecture to Graduate students via the Internet and 3 hours watching the screen can be tedious. I am always looking for great backgrounds for my PP Lectures to keep the students tuned in. Yours are great. They are unique and interesting. I'm a fan.
- Mary L. Thames, Mandeville, USA

These are perfect for my Geography class as, every year, as part of a Cultures Project, I have them research the top 20 most impressive skylines in the world. In addition to ranking the skylines, they must learn statistics about the city (and nation) to which that skyline belongs. This suite of templates would give them a background even more apropos for their presentations.
- Mathieu H Austin, Lancaster, USA

Hi Thank you for constantly sending me the latest updates on indezine, it had really proved beneficial as I was able to get free holi templates for my presentations as well I am person very keen in giving presentations so this has really proved something very useful I look forward to receive this package and some more from your end thank you
- Harkiran Kaur, New Delhi, India

Awesome visuals, art and realism at its best!
- Anthony W Johnson, West Hollywood, USA

This is the best site I have cme across so far...its cool..its happening..its hot and it has gr8 stuff to give away..!!
- Gini, Mumbai, India

I would love to have a chance to win this for our church. We are a small church that wants to be able to provide better images for our church. I have done the best I can with the little I know to make good presentations with the little knowledge I have. These will be used during church services for displaying scripture, announcements and more. Thanks so much.
- Selina, Houston, USA

I teach in college and use PowerPoint presentations all the time. They are a wonderful aid to enrich my students' learning experience. Not only have I myself used the templates from Indezine but I have recommended them to both colleagues and students.
- Rosemary LoDato, Houston, USA

I use Indezine for all my PowerPoint presentations. I think it is the best Powerpoint website out there!!
- Julee peck Jones, Creedmoor, USA

Without a doubt these cross that, often insurmountable, border between a PowerPoint presentation and artwork.
- Niall Hamilton, Hamilton, New Zealand

I work with teachers to help teachers improve their instructional methods. I use PowerPoints in every presentation because learners need to see as well as hear the presentation in order to store the new information in their brain. I frequently use the templates that are downloadable from the Indezine website. My teachers recently have enjoyed the Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day templates. My ultimate goal is to improve student achievement and if an attractive PowerPoint keeps a teacher enaged, then I have done my part of the education of our children - with the help of Indezine!
- Kathleen Gibson, Paris, USA

They just look awesome :-)
Dieter De Coninck, Kapellen, Belgium

PowerPoints are a daily must in my work. The new ppt will definitely enhance my presentations. I especially like the myraid shades both the vibrant and the suble ones. It will help to spice up my ppt and give my students something to look forward to. I deserve this prize as i will be doing great justice to it by using them everyday.
- Karamjit Kaur, Singapore, Singapore

I'm always looking for something to add to our projector ministry.
- Tim Richard, Robinson, USA

What i like in this site is its creative ideas, ppt and usefull tips. The gift will be very usefull for me in my - work, as i spend more than 8 hrs a day on my pc.
- Mohamed Hammad, Amman, Jordan

Thank you for the awesome templates.It is a real blessing to have them for our church.
- Debbie Rogers, Fayetteville, USA

I will be using these ppts in my class presentations and be a cut above the rest and i will recommend this site to my friends..
- Beno Ewald,Mumbai, India

This site has a wonderful mindblowing collections.
- Lavneesh Agrawal, Aligarh, India

You are doing a great job
- Debashis Ray, Kolkata, India

Really like the stuff you guys put out, first class.
- Van King, Corona, USA

I wouldlove to have this. I teach PPT to students in China who have often never seen anything like's the "wow" effect.
- Leslie Crawford, Shanghai, China

The Holy Spirit is in the city!
- Mike Michalk, Eau Claire, USA

Sign me up for the Skyline Sphere drawing
- Ron Waters, Eureka, USA

Presentations for staff, parents and students, for a community of 1000 students. developing my own web page
- Sharon Johnsey, Richmond, BC, Canada

No more pale, pastel shades. Startle your audience awake with these great urban designs
- Kit Heald, Warrington, United Kingdom

Is this for real?
- Robert Kenney, Albuquerque, USA

Nice design & colour!
- Joanne Tan, Singapore, Singapore

This site is great. i do many PowerPoint presentations and the site helps me a lot. if i win i'll use it in my research presenttion in international conferrence in Singapur this year
- Vulia Nigel, Oraqiva, Israel

Thanks for always remembering me.... MOre Power!
- Eve Muniz, Manila, Philippines

Great looking templates. Thanks
- Michael Eder, Winton, New Zealand

Nice and easy
- Aristos Gerapetritis, Chania, Greece

Nice, neat, acceptable or satisfactory
- Gratz, Cdo, Philippines

This site is so amazing. I appreciate the free ppt templates, they have come in so handy with numerous things I have done. I would love to see more templates on the site in future if possible. Are there any programs you can buy that aren't too outrageous in price? I use PowerPoint for some of my business
- Margaret DeGirolamo, Victoria, Canada

Very colorful and eye catching
- Alma Villanueva, Valenzuela City, Philippines

In my Public Relations role for a major religious convention, my travels take me all over the USA and some foreign countries. I use PowerPoint in all my presentations. This product will provide a fresh and targeted look to my presentations.
- Allan Dunbar, Edmonds, USA

My PowerPoint presentations need some life and colour. These are fantastic. Give me the opportunity to lighten up my working day!!
- Marilyn Haynes, Brisbane, Australia

i always like to win prizes
- Vinay Anand, Hyderabad, India

Indezine's ppt seriously stands out from the rest! One look at it..heads turn....!!!!
- Shalini, Banting, Malaysia

I would like to use anything that will help lectures be more interesting in high school.
- Kristen Murosky, Fayetteville, USA

I work with over 2300 students and train on how technology makes our work easier. This would be a valuable training tool.
- Barbara Beard, Rocky Mount, Va, USA

I'm a foreign language teacher, and I utilize many PPT templates to make lessons. It'd be great to win a bundle of templates for my students!
- Mina Chon, Belle Vernon, U.S.A

Very bright and coulourful slides ! Well done !
- Roger Soong, Ngunnawal, Australia

Super idea to give away this product. As a school, I am constantly trying to locate software that our high tech computer lab can use. My students are required to give a presentation in the area of their curriculum, gaming, animation and/or web design. Your templates are amazing and used by my students for these requirements. Thanks so much. Valerie, A Very Proud Teacher.
- Valerie Clapp, Bangor, USA

Cool designs!
- Theresa Newsome, Winnie, USA

I create slides every week as a part of a multimedia team that creates 80-120 slides each week for two services, a traditional and a contemporary service. We are always looking for new and innovative slides.
- Sharen Carley, Seguin, USA

This item would give me the extra pop needed for in-srvice presentations
- Cecelia Haas, Kyle, USA

My wife will be jealous.. as she wouldn't have these templates....
- Suhail Chughtai, London, UK

I want to participate in the giveaway.
- María Fernanda Andrés, Santa Fe, Argentina

indezine a aperfect launchpad for designers in PowerPoint
- Sairam, Madurai, India

As a fashion technology student i like to play with diffrent colorful templates... so thats why this site is the best choice for me..thanks a lot..
- shamim Siraj, Bangalore, India

I will die of sheer happiness if i win this!!!
- Yasir, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Great templates to assist in presentation design. I would be able to spend less time looking for backgrounds and more time preparing for the presentation.
- Stephen Worthington, Jackson, USA

Will use this to enahance our worship and education PowerPoints to present better tools for Christian living.
- Mark Babb, Waterloo, USA

I will use the PPT templates in my school projects (I do at least two presentations a week) and for the Research Consulting business I am about to launch. These would assist me in looking fresh and new and give me an edge against competitors! (USA)
- Anna Marie Dunn, Safety Harbor, USA

I use PowerPoint (and Snag-It) all the time on my job. developing intranet training. It would be wonderful to have more templates to use to give every presentation its own, unique look and personality.
- Nancy Revak, Los Angeles, USA

Indezinbe has helped me alot over the years.
- André Korol, Montreal, Canada

These are the most creative, most innovative, and finest templates for PowerPoint, I have seen unless you're designing your own.
- Tyrone Thomas, Santa Maria, USA

Since I always enjoy your staff I'm sure this is also enjoyable
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat, Israel

This product will aid me greatly in producing high impact and exciting presentations to the members of the fire service that I train.
- Bill Donahue, Burlington, USA

I'm always trying to improve the quality of presentation my team puts out. Any help along those lines would be a huge improvement! Thank you!
- Sandra Collins, Plano TX, USA

GIve me more, give me more for my classroom presentations Fernando Munoz, D.D.S. current student in masters degree in endodontics
- Fernando, Munoz, San luis, Arizona, USA

Pick me, pick me, pick me, love your site!pick me, pick me, pick me, love your site!pick me, pick me, pick me, love your site!pick me, pick me, pick me, love your site!pick me, pick me, pick me, love your site!
- Cindy Budge, Logan, USA

I teach PowerPoint at the local community college. I love your templates. I do not like the few themes instead of templates in 2007
- Jean Cray, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Again and Again! Thank you so much for your offers!
- Kim Halgren, Mondovi, USA

Love your web site and products!
- David Reyburn, Kansas City, USA

These templates will bring the skline of the city into perspective as the world that needs our prayers.
- Donna Sutton, Wylie, USA

I teach at a university and use / teach PowerPoint usage to both students and faculty. We actually use PowerPoint a great deal for making posters. It is the quickest / no fuss method of making quick posters with a great look
- Ken Daley, Fairfield, USA

I`m an English teacher. I have used some of your free samples and I loved them. They made a lot of success. I will prepare beautiful power points for my students in case I win the prize. I will be praying for that. Well, thanks for the opportunity.
- Marcia Ponte, Fortaleza, Brasil

I do a lot of teaching, meetings and seminars. It is hard to find the time to create my own templates or search the web for hours for the appropriate template. As a member of the armed forces you can imagine we are on a tight budget so there is no spare change for "luxury" software. I've been using the same set of templates (+ or -- the ones I get from Indezine) for the last 6 years! I'm bored with them so I know my students and coworkers are too! On a personal note; I'll be graduating w/my PhD soon and will be expected to give my disertation seminar and interview seminars, it would be nice to present my hard work on a nice template that hasn't been seen by everyone in some meeting or another! I can't think of a better way to keep my audience interested and "wowed"!
- Kathleen Gibson, Paris, USA

I always find the best templates to use here. I love this site! You guys rock!!
- Brandee Schueneman, Tucson, USA

Great site. infused fresh blood into my power ppoint slide shows that i use in the hospital. all the audience goes"waah1 waah" when they see the PowerPoint slides made by me. All graqtitude to indezine for showing me the way to these great PowerPoint shows.
- Dr.Rajesh.T.Eapen, Munnar, India

Great opportunities to use super visuals
- Otto Santos, Naples, USA

I'm a big fan of PowerPoint templates. I used them for many of my projects.
- Rod Ramsell, Kansas,USA

We are a small church that uses Power Point to reach our members. It is a powerful way to commit.
- Jana Moeding, Montevideo, USA

I always need such a tool, being a 50 people Church, I do not have the budget to buy templates that are so nice.
- Yves Decary, Sorel-Tracy, Canada

No comments
- Marty Berlinger, Fergus Falls, USA

This prize will add more sheen to my presentations.
- Dr.mahesh jayachandran, Kanpur, India

This is a really neat looking template ... can see using it as a background for meetings with sales reps to say "there's your city - go get it"!
- Ian Moore, Toronto, Canada

I have always looked forard to the resources available on Indezine web site! They are professional and pertinent to the numerous presentations I am ask to give. Thank you!
- Dr. Nancy Rollins Gantz, Sydney, Australia

like your have the right stuff
- Penina nunnelley, Alamogordo, USA

My classmate's are seriously going to go green when they see me with these templates...
- Danielle Balandra, Quezon City, Philippines

Because of my job, I constantly do presentations for teacher training, and I need to vary the templates according to the theme I am presenting. this program would be very useful for my job. Thank you.
- Orlando Carranza, Lima, Peru

As secretary of my church, I am in charge of the PowerPoint presentations. I have done many presentations, mostly for special occasions and just love it. I am always looking for new and exciting backgrounds. You seem to be on top of this.
- Ruby Deleon, Allentown, PA

This site has been a revelation to me. I work with adults with learning disabilities and have picked up so many new, exciting and dramatic effects and designs to show them and use in their projects! long live PowerPoint and this website to show us how!
- Kate Gascoyne, Didcot, Oxford, England

As a school Tech Admin, I give many presentations during the year. It would be nice to have a variety of templates to use! Since I am not just a Tech Admin, but also a teacher, this collection would be a great time saver!
- Monica Marcum, Oak Hill, USA

I'm a Tech teacher of Grades 4-6 (600 students) and I use PowerPoint as a visual aid. My students love to see what backgrounds and templates I'll using each day. It's a great motivator and I love to come up with new themes for them.
- Pamela Walczak, Granville, USA

Please pick me to win! I am looking for PowerPoint templates for school and for church. Thanks!
- Susan Featro, Unkletown, PA, USA

I find your templates absolutely amazing,
- Ray Gaud, Lac-Megantic, Canada

I love using technology in education to facilitate the teaching/learning process.
- Steve Armstrong, Longview, TX, USA

I am the presentation Manager at my church, and during service I use different backgrounds and templates with the words to our song. It has such an impact during praise and worship. With this product I will be able to use template in our education department and bus ministry department. This is a great site for me to work with
- Juanethea Bryant Lord, Hephzibah, USA

Thanks for your generous offer. Your power point slides truly offer beautiful presentations.Thanks again,Tony
- Tony Lanclos, Opelousas, USA

Would love to incorporate your PowerPoint program(s) as I develop new presentations! I'm always looking for new technology and improvements to incorporate and pass on to other designers/users.
- Terri Cataldo, Jupiter, USA

There are 13 more days until spring break and 57 more days until summer. Maybe in that time I can figure out how to create my own template without running out of memory or crashing my computer. This win would assist me in not mentally breaking down and possibly help my students pass the 6th grade!
- Nancy Rosky, Ocala, USA

I use this site up to five times per week for my students' reading quizzes. I pair the subject of the reading assignment with the visual image of one of your wonderful templates, and the students love it. I recommend this site to everyone I know. Thanks
- Lisa Day-Lindsey, Richmond, KY, USA

I am a member of a small church and we are just starting to use a projector. I am a member of Indezine and I am very impressed with the templates. This give away would be a blessing and a big help. Thank you in advance
- Derrick Rash, Greenwood, USA

I love the richness of the colors in this collection. I could really use them in my business for impact!
- Marypat Gabor, Plainfield, USA

I made a power point presentation for school from with templates from this site and I got an A for creativity! I would love to win this prize to use for all my school projects!
- Chloe, Truro, Canada

I am a learning facilitator with Delta Community CU. We use PowerPoint alot in out training and are always looking for new things.
- June Ganes, Atlanta, USA

This site has helped a lot in my 1st paper presentation.i m very thankful to you
- Manisha, Hyderabad, India

If I win this giveaway I would be able to put together stellar presentations for my coursework in pursuit of my Masters in Business Administration.
- Donna Thomas, Westland, USA

I use PowerPoint for my church and i like to have exciting scenes for the congregation because they enjoy them.
- Belinda Medley, Cincinnati, USA

I would like to use these slides in particular to design a class for our federal Officers. The class will be Customer Focused Security. Part of the attitude change we will be training is the act of un-focusing on ourselves and focusing on the bigger picture. Of course having a huge skyline ion the back ground also has the effect of showing dense populations, life in America, and maybe our wonderful city. All of these will help change attitudes and values. Thanks for the opportunity!
- Sean Ockerman, Sean Ockerman, USA

I will use it for presentations.
- Carl D Meyer,Norman, USA

Thank you for putting together this giveaway.
- Don DeWitt, Orient, OH, USA

I have liked using this site... It has improved my knowledge of using PowerPoint and made my presentations better....keep up the good work!
- Mansa Gurjar, Mumbai, India

I love indezine
- Trishya
, Melbourne, Australia

- Ranjeeth Kumar S,Chennai, India

- Stephan Mertens, Hennef (Sieg), Germany

I am a PowerPoint "virgin" looking for that one design that will take their breath away. There are some in this collection that will certainly fill the bill.
- Niela Redford, Glendale, AZ, USA

Your images are music for eyes and massage for heart. Every word assumes new meanings.
- Simonetta Degano, Udine, Italy

An excellent site that provides us with powerful tools and special tips for our presentations!!!
- E.ST, Pireas, Greece

I want to win! I need to win! I like this site and these templates!
- Neringa, Kaunas, Lithuania

PowerPoint is the medium I choose to use, To get my message out there and spread my news. To make my presentation better, to keep up with the play, I reguarly refer to the latest edition of Indezine, and use its examples every day.
- Graham Dennis, Auckland, New Zealand

I will use skyline collection in my college class presentations and will be able to score higher marks by making my presentation more interesting. At work, i will be able to improve my performance appraisal by making more effective presentations.
- Fleur Dsouza, Mumbai Thane, India

They look quite cool and very useful for a variety of presentatuions and I really like the range of colours
- Ian Stubbs, Middlesbrough, England

Great series many thanks
- Barbara Hungerford, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

We are a christian non-profit organization dedicated to the youth and it will be very helpfull to have Skyline to improve our presentations and meetings. Thank you.
- Joel Daut, Quevert, France

Thank you.
- Eli (Lazer) Cohen, Netanya, Israel

I would love to win the Skyline Sphere collection! I love indezine designs and I'm working on a project where I could really use the Skyline collection.
- Lloyce Nelson, Columbia, USA

PPTed has been a great help for all my PowerPoint needs. Thank You fellas!
- Rajesh Nanda, Mumbai, India

this will help get those popular AAAAAAAA's in grad school
- Quinn West, Michigan city, USA

PowerPoint is giving life to my ICT lessons. Multimedia presentations is there to give life to boring lessons.
- Kurira, Harare, Zimbabwe

Just what I need for a specific PowerPoint presentation.
- Tressel John, Mulhouse, France

With this prize I am going to help my seniors create powerful PowerPoints for their senior project presentations!
- Carla Tannehill, Irvine, USA

We do hope getting these free collection of Power Point templates.
- Alaa Sedrak, Dubai, UAE

The prize templates I will use in my future presentation which I hope will be of added visual novel interest to the audience.
- Bahbood A. Khan, Dhahran, K.S.A

The comments you make here will decide who wins the giveaways! Write anything you like -- maybe, what you will do with the prize, what you think about this site -- even raves and rants!
- Avinash Neema, Mumbai, India

Amazing PowerPoint templates that ensure every success in my MSc.
- kevin, Fgura, Malta

I'm looking for impressive designs to impress my students! This is my first time teaching and I really want to produce the most effective lecture that I can!
- Binh Bui, Wellington, New Zealand

I love what you do.
- Aura Maria Tobias, Guatemala, Guatemala

This skyline slides will make a great impact for my spring quarter case presentations in marketing core course. Please let me have those, thank u.
- Marina, Rochester, USA

I really enjoy having the opportunity to win items that my church otherwise would not be able to afford.
- Denise Noble, Artesia, USA

I would use these templates in my training of emergency medical techs and firefighters. Vivid templates like these would help keep the 'dry' material interesting and motivate learning.
- Jerry Wilson, Hawarden, IA 51023, USA

Indezine skyline templates might be a trainers dream...attention span is key to a good ppt show...the skys the limit if you are imaginative enough to keep your audience engaged...
- Dennis Curry, Sacramento, USA

I will used those designs for my brother's presentation.Thank you for all the news and sample designs you've given me..More power and GOD bless you all..
- Rovee J, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines

the drawing is the same day as my birthday. I took that day off work to open presents. i'll get a closet full of ties, a drawer full of pants and 1 shirt. Imagine opening my email on that day to find something that I can't wear in the dark. I'd use these ppoint backs and put together a birthday list for next year and invite my whole family to my birthday gift list presentation. Now that is how to spend a birthday!
- Drew Flickema, Milwaukie, USA

Your artwork enhances our message which is viewed by hundreds each week and growing
- A James, Winter Haven, FL

I use PP in my Sunday SChool and other Children's programs. PP adds a new dimision to teaching.
- Ray Clemons, Grants, USA

I will use the prize to stun my audience will doing a presentation!
- Errol Zebeda, Oranjestad, Aruba

Hi! I will use these templates when I create content for my courses at Harper College in Palatine, IL. Thanks! Sam
- Sam Martin, Schaumburg, USA

I'll use it my presentations!
- Nena Kustrin, Townsville, Qld, Australia

I'm Long term member of Indezine and i really like their templates very much. It gives more a Professional look to the templates. Keep Going Indezine !! Great Job
- Sidharth, Chennai, India

Great templates and tips. Your site helped make my thesis project for my Master in Nursing a great success.
- Marta Garcia, Harrington, USA

Great skylines for presentations about great cities, and there are more cities over 10 million now than ever!
- Michael Lindsey, Germantown NY, USA

There's no better site on the web for well designed PowerPoint templates. I never look anywhere else.
- Trevor Lineham, Foxton Beach, New Zealand

Excellent design.
- Shakespeare Osorio, Chicago, USA

Another quality product from Ppted - well done! :)
- Mary Ng, Singapore, Singapore

Love your stuff ... please give me more
- Catherine Jennings, Philadelphia, USA

will use slides for school, great website
- Toma Lewis, Houston, USA

These look beautiful and would be a great way for me to emphasize Economic Development in my job!
- Pooja, Garden Grove, USA

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