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Winning Entries

As I am away from US, chance in getting giving away is about nil. However,this is a chance to contribute my appreciation to the INDEZINE templates I have used to enhance my routine presentation to the management. The attractive power point background live up my content and persuade the discussion from the audience, kept me with the company all along of my presentation time. Thank you very much.
- Thippawan Trirattana, Samusakorn, Thailand

Raptivity Presenter looks like a fabulous new program that would enhance the presentations I prepare. As a self taught PowerPoint presenter/designer I look for new and exciting ideas to encorporate into the presentations that I perpare. Currently I am working on some revolving around our nations history and this looks like it would make the graphics and presentations so much more interesting & engaging. Your site has an even greater resource of ideas and backgrounds which are perfect for those like me who have enough knowledge to be dangerous but are still wanting to learn so much more. You could use more patriotic backgrounds on your site though - flags, fireworks, historic buildings, etc. I especially liked your 'fall' backgrounds - absolutely FABULOUS! Thanks for your offer.
- Lynn Jolly, Union, USA

How do you spell PowerPoint? Indezine! It is the best resources for delivering presentations using PowerPoint. I refer to Indezine regularly for product recommendations and information. I have purchased and use SnagIt, Camtasia, and Wildform Flair based on your reviews. I am a presentation coach, trainer, educator, and author. I recommend your site to my clients and students as an outstanding resource to improve their PowerPoint presentations. I will use Raptivity Presenter to help my students and clients make their presentations to IT professionals, engineers, and managers more engaging and interesting. Thank you for your great work and information that help make my presentations and classes exciting and successful.
- Allan Misch, Columbia, Maryland, USA

Love the site - I invariably find the answers to complex powerpoint-related questions on here. I specialise in building complex powerpoint presentations and particularly enjoy exploring the interactive and non-linear possibilities of powerpoint presentations. I would welcome the chance to use this tool more fully in the work I do.
- Leon Conrad, London, UK

This site is a top resource for PowerPoint trainers and users. With the raptivity prize I would train students how to enhance their presentations to clients, I train more than 500 students in PowerPoint each year!
- Dianne Zinky, San Francisco, USA

PowerPoint is a great tool but all the Indezine tips, ideas, and products really make it go the extra mile to reach an audience! Indespensible. Raptivity will be yet another notch up to make my presentations stand out above and beyond all the others, both in terms of style AND substance!
- Neville Vanderburg, Olive Branch, MS, USA

Love the site and the creativity that you promote. With Raptivity Presenter, I can see so many applications. I would use it for the mutliple inservices that I give to create a more participator environment, to put the information in a format that makes people sit and say what the... and pay attention. I could use it to build the online inservices and save time by building one inservice and allowing different users to see different views. I would use it in our church to create onscreen information that is in a different format rather than just sitting on the screen. What a great concept. Thanks again to indezine for a great site that promotes creativity not only through products but through ideas.
- Ellen Mccomb, Mahomet, USA

This looks like a fantastic aid to teaching! I could see this being used in my classes to get the students to interact more with me and each other. I work in a Law School and teach IT to students. Once of the biggest problems I have is getting students interested in creating mind maps. The interactive flow charts feature would be an amazing way to engage them! Even if I don't win a copy, I can see me annoying the HoD for the money to purchase a license to take a good look! (and that's me probably shot myself in the foot there!)
- Mark J Cargill, Dundee, United Kingdom

As an Information Technology Trainer in a public health department. I rely on PowerPoint when presenting information. My learners are more visual & information has to be broken down into its simplest form or I will lose their focus. The Raptivity Presenter will truly aid me in my efforts to reach them by shortening my production times and frustrations. Consequently, I can spend more time on the content & aiding the learning process. The Story Building features alone make me want to weep. This is awesome. The other features will greatly enhance my web based course development. Although we are a local, underfunded, government agency, we have undertaken the initiative to be "less paper driven". Unfortunately for me & others, this means we are subjected to "data dumping" snoozers (oops I meant presentations). As I train my leadership staff on "Putting Power in Their Point", the other features of the pack will also aid them.
- Remeka Turk, Marietta, USA

What an incredible product! The design options with Raptivity Presenter would surely catapult my presentations to the head of our sales group. With today's market place flooded with eligible recruits it is more important now than ever to have the best, sharpest and innovative presentions to hold your audiences attention.
- Sandra Lytikainen, Baraga, USA

As a virtual assistant, one of my most frequently requested service is to create a dynamic PowerPoint presentation. I can only imagine my clients delight when they are able to demonstrate an interactive presentation in front of all their high-profile prospects. Raptivity Presenter will most certainly help seal the deals and bring in the sales. Thanks for this awesome opportunity to enter this exciting giveaway!
- Trudy Valencia, Dallas, USA

Some of the interactions are awesome and would really add interest to some of the borderline 'death by PowerPoint" presentations I have endured (a full on "DBPP" presentation might be like having cardiac paddles used on it if they use Raptivity, but it may not revive the deceased!). Where there is a lot of information to present and / or the information may need to be presented in a non-linear manner I think this would be brilliant! That covers a large number of my presentations!!
- Bob Steele, Hamilton, New Zealand

Raptivity Presenter is an excellent software that allows a presenter to leverage PowerPoint technology to create professional and interactive presentations in order to provide a rich and engaging user experience. Indezine is a good online resource for presenters wishing to keep their presentation skills sharp and up to date. I will use Raptivity Presenter to improve my presentations and pour life into them. Regards.
- Kumar V, Alpharetta, USA

Found out the web of indezine was one of my great opportunities to present, in an attractive way, all my ideas to my team and to my boss.- It also allow me to recommend Indezine as a neccesary reference to get the tools to improve our work in an integral way.- It is usefull to every profesional who want to complement the visual impact of the messages they want to transmitt to.- Thank you a lot for your free help.-
- Marielos, Managua, Nicaragua

I discovered Indezine while struggling to put together an important presentation. I couldn't believe the quality and quantity of excellent resources! Thanks for making me look great!
- Monica Lysack, Regina, Canada

This website is great! It is the platform to discovering the many facets of the Internet and Software Applications out there. Instead of having to plough through many websites to find the best, Indezine gives the best and only the best.
- Lim Min Li Michelle, Singapore, Singapore

With Indezine, You Belong.
- Roberto, Kuwait City, Kuwait

With this, it will definately add the wow factor to my presentations!
- Andrew Quah, Selangor, Malaysia

I haven't seen anything as close to this website. This site is a collection of masterpieces that is very useful for me and the church that I volunteer for. I learned a lot from you guys. Keep it up!
- Augusto Teodoro, Garden Grove, USA

Would love to add these additional features to my repetoire. I do quite a lot of presentations for work and I'd like to give them that extra dimension.
- Teresa Hill, Chester, UK

This will make my presentations more interesting.
- Ma. Epifania G. Tudtud, Los Angeles, USA

Thank you, this looks really interesting, I hope I win!
- Jon Spain, London, UK

Hi, I am definitely going to use this tool. I am a Youth Pastor and it is absolutely essential to keep the attention of students when doing a presentation. This will surely help me to do a lot more with the presentation I do at church and youth groups and schools. Great work you guys are doing! Keep it Up! Blessings!
- Hannes Van As, Vaalpark, South Africa

I have seen may powerpoint presentations being killed by virtue of poor graphics and illustrations in my organisation. Its time we increase the professionalism of our powerpoint presentations. Unfortunately, while we can work and use products like Raptivity to enhance our presentations, there isn't a product that can instantly make us super presenters. That one we still have to work on. Thanks for making things easier though.
- Leonard Lim, Shah Alam, Malaysia

This site brings colors to my life
- Ami, Kfar Netter, Israel

With Raptivity, I will hold my audience in captivity. Raptivity truly brings in the rapture into presentations.
- Devendra Chowdary, Bangalore, India

I will use the prize to develop and publish photographic posters and brochures that raise awareness of water and sanitation issues in developing countries. This site is fabulous!! Absolut Fab! Got everything i want to know about and from the minute i first subscribed as a member - I have not looked back! I have even recommended it to my work colleagues.
- Tamsanqa Mpala, Glasgow, United Kingdom

I love the idea of being able to include such unique and interesting formats within a "traditional" presentation. Definitely something I would love to have for that extra "zing". Sounds awesome! Thanks for this promo!
- Sharon Irani, Mumbai, India

Sems to be a nice soft, would be pleased to use it for future presentation.
- Pillaud, Lausanne, Switzerland

I do my HR presentations mostly in the afternoon---and everyone sleeps. Raptivity will help them keep awake through its dynamic interactions.
- Sangeeta C, Bangalore, India

The site is great....because it has all the backgrounds you need. since I am doing my PhD right now and I have to do presentations frequently it is really beneficial for me to have such a package
- Thilina, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Indezine gives our on-the-job courses more body to it.
- Pascal Rompa, Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands

It's really awesome to have this additional for my power point. Usually we always see power point as a static slide, even microsoft has added many new variation in power point 2007, but this product made making slide more exciting and presentation more interesting..
- Devie, Jakarta, Indonesia

This will most curtainly help me with my private business. I want it to look professional and stand out from other related sites. When people saw my site, they must remember it! and not TRY to remember. This will help me to be just one step ahead of my opponants.
- Maureen, Tzaneen, South Africa

Looking forward to use this
- Paul, Reuver, Netherlands

Raptivity will enhance my self confidence with such powerful interactions. I sometimes feel shy to show my prsentations.
- C. Asha, Bangalore, India

A cool and smart presenter!
- Tan Yee Mun, Malaysia, Malaysia

The Indezine ppt formats are quite unique and there is a template for almost anything that one wants to present as a subject. A very extensive and impressive collection of templates for presentations.
- Pankaj Mehra, Mumbai, India

Cool tools! wish i win this contest...a filipino winning this contest =) I do a lot of presentation and I think this advancement in enabling simpler presentation to a better and great looking presentation really makes matter specially to audiences as hard as the filipinos. hehehe! Cheers guys! Good luck to me! Ciao Rec
- Rec Babasa, Manila, Philippines

Raptivity Presenter - Adding Life to Presentation !
- A Jayanand, Chennai, India

Woohoo, if I win, I will be able to dazzle potential customers with my amazing layouts ... thanks for the opportunity to win.
- Sue Bearham, Brisbane, Australia

Raptivity Presenter - Adding Life to Presentation !
- A Jayanand, Chennai, India

I mostly like the story builders of raptivity. Great tool to simplify complex ideas.
- Sabrina Reich, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

What a great oppurtunaty you have to help someone be saved, to help someone stand out in the crowd, to help someone blow away my boss with my next sales presentation. You have the ability to help me! Please send me a free copy of Rapitivity Presenter You will not regret it. You will sleep much better knowing you did a good thing. :-) thank you in advance...
- Bill Christensen, Stavanger , Norway

Amazed by this new way of presenting! The 3D, interactive features look absolutely fantastic. I give presentations on a regular basis and would definitely incorporate these interactions. Thank you.
- Sonja Bongard, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Indezine keeps sharing these small nuggets which have made my presentations more impactful and well appreciated. What I seem to understand is that the Raptivity Presenter will help make my presentations more clutter-breaking and kick ass.
- Jeevesh Jain, Mumbai, India

I would love to have a free copy of the Raptivity Presenter. Thank You
- Ikechukwu Iwuala, Lagos, Nigeria

I teach at an international school. This new system will help with all my P. P. is displaying my teaching to 95 students from all over the world.
- Larry Frick, Aurora, CO, USA

I needed this for my upcoming presentation that will probably win me the contract. Thanks!
- Neil Guinto, Quezon, Philippines

This program will help be to make effective, visually appealing ,meaningful and interesting presentations. I am sure it will add to the interest of viewers and also increase the popularity of product among potentail users. Today everyone wants to add some flare / new things to their presentation style.....
- Abhishek Madan, New Delhi, India

Interesting product! a great innovation to powerpoint presentations... wish to grab one of this! ;)
- Jacque, Manila, Philippines

This would something very useful in my lesson plans at our Police Academy. This would turn them from sheer boredom to interesting, educational, and fun.
- Steve Mcconnico, San Antonio, USA

I have been using powerpoint for many years to successfully engage my students. Recently I have discovered the power of flash - and have really lifted the impact of my lessons. My online books are a sought after item during reading time. I'll already won by discovering Indezine website - it has provided me with many useful ideas. Thanks a lot.
- Matthew James, Perth, Australia

Use the products to create great presentation to further impress the audiences.
- Ck Lee, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

WONDERFUL SITE! WONDERFUL PEOPLES WHO WORK AT THIS SITE!MANY MANY THANKS FOR YOUR BEING!- You can learn many many things even you haven't enough money to buy this projects or this wonderful their work.
- Dema Manuela, Brasov, Romania

Raptivity Presenter is a great way of presenting one's information in a captivating manner. I make presentations every day at and when I use Raptivity Presenter all my students (as well as other professors) sit up and take notice! I was approached at a conference about using the presentation program more than about my research!
- Neil Leveridge, Chungli, Taiwan

Raptivity Presenter- do more ! faster than ever before.
- Shrikantk, Hyderabad, India

As a trainer in presentations and how to avoid death by powerpoint, not only could I demonstrate the value of the product in my own presentations, but could also encourage my students to invest in the programme
- Sam Brown, Pretoria, South Africa

I will include them in my next global marketing presentation.
- Eranda Kotelawala, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Will use this product in my professional workspace.
- Sunil, Sonepat, India

The Presenters from Indezine are very very helpful to present yourself and views of corporate world
- Arunkumar, Bangalore, India

I belive your Power Point presentations it's the best of best...
- Szasz Laszlo, Tg Mures, Romania

I currently do alot of publicity material, from graphics, video and powerpoint presentations. Ranging from Quiz nights to discussion sessions, powerpoint in also used alot in sunday service and youthwork. This would be a great addition
- Paul Parkin, Derbyshire, UK

As an English teacher,all I could say about the site is that it has been really helpful to me. Through it, I have developed a new style in teaching supplying my students with new an interesting ways to approach grammar contents. Winning this prize would be wonderful for me, because you know, teachers are always limited by short budgets
- Alicia Marin, Estrela - RS, Brazil

Raptivity has the capacity to bring any audience to captivity
- Mahadevan, Noida, India

Originally i am a physician but I am working as trainer in pharmaceutical companies for medical knowledge training about their products and as i had also MBA i train for soft skills as selling skills, product management skills and supervisory skills and other skills required for medical promotion of pharmaceuticals undoubtedly such a program will empower my all presentations medical and skills and it will increase the percentage of comprehension and retention of information offered and accordingly it will add to my success in my career as a trainer
- Mohamed Taha, Cairo, Egypt

If I won the "Raptivity Presenter" I will use them in my PowerPoint Presentation Workshop and encourage the candidates/Corporates attending workshop to buy the product to make their PPT interactive and effective.
- P. Vasan , Al Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Do you know that 99% or russian population has no ideas what Power Point is? Wouldn't it be nice if I can spread the word about cool solutions and majical presentations? Doh!
- Potsyk Kombezov, Moscow, Russia

Finally a product that will spice up my PPT and keep my audience wanting more
- Steven Plaskett, Newman, West Australia

I love the new interactivity available in raptivity. it would really enhance my presentations.
- Barbara Hungerford, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Would love to win this prize as I embark on a new employee orientation powerpoint presentation that will be an interactive process for all new hired employees. To be able to build to a new standard would be great. Thanks
- Paul Brink, Bristol, USA

I'll use raptivity to develop interactive web-based course in higher education.
- Ferdinand Avila, Zanesville, USA

As a middle school science and math teacher it has become more and more challenging to create engaging presentations for students. The personal technology that my students use on a daily basis typically exceeds that which I have available in the class room through the school division. Additions of the Raptivity Presenter would offer a visually stimulating and entertaining venue to students working to master class room curriculum. Thank you for the consideration,
- Susan Nordyke, Chester, USA

I'm very excited to use these powerpoints with my college students. I think the interactive capabilities would enhance their learning & make it fun. If only my professors had all this back when I was in college! :-)
- Debbie Podwika, Bourbonnais, USA

I have been asked to help liven up the presentations used during Sunday morning services at the Salvation Army in Oxford. I can see the flip book being used to accompany bible readings, the 'Show Answers' for audience interaction whilst 'System Animation' or maybe 'Radial Diagram' could describe such things as how aid ends up at those on the receiving end. In fact there must be many, many different ways this product could help our speakers not only get the point across in a fashion that is engaging and visually appealing, but one that will leave the audience with a clear and concise understanding of what has been said. I do so hope we are one of the five winners, but whatever happens we wish you every success with this fabulous product.
- Tim Owers, Oxford, England

I am a Korean Microsoft PowerPoint MVP.
- Juno Bae, Seoul, Korea

Wow I could have fun keeping my viewers entertained and focused during my presentations with this program.
- Lyn Keating, Cooranbong, Australia

Great tool should help to win slidehshare competition:)
- Sven Wittchen, Canberra, Asutralia

I will use the Raptivity Presenter to make corporate presentations and also use them to make personal communications more effective
- Satish Rao Turaga, Oxford, United Kingdom

If I win this license, I will use it in my next customer project to show off some magic in a PowerPoint presentation!
- Alessandra Cimatti, Arese (Mi), Italy

Always loved to use
- James Ntulume, Kampala, Uganda

I like indezine and I'll love to have this software to make my powerpoint presentations more exciting.
- Petru Ureche, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Go Global.
- Paul Lane, Horsham, UK

As a teacher, someone who uses ppt daily, I am always looking for new ways to make my presentations stand out. This looks like a lot of fun!
- Andrea Stonebraker, Coatesville, USA

My ambition: to make the voices heard and the plight palpable but also their enviable joy visible - the voice, plight, joy of those who are living on the edges of "flat earth", out of reach of www and even mobile phones, who are, believe it or not, too poor and too remote to get assistance, and yet who are, by ancestral appointment, predestined for a strategic contribution to ecological survival ... people with whom I have the privilege of being in contact for many years, learning from them, working in my capacity as a professor of African languages in research along with their offspring ... VOICES AND VIEWS FROM THE END OF THE EARTH
- Thomas Bearth, Spreitenbach, Switzerland

It seems to be a nice working giveaway
- Mertens Stephan, Hennef, Germany

I am truly excited to know that there are add ons to make my powerpoint presentation really powerful!If ever I win,it will really make a difference in my presentations.Technology in the 21st century is truly evolving,making life easier and attractive.
- Cho Fernandez, Manila, Philippines

Would love to have something to make my presentations more appealing.
- Bev Anspach, Centerville, USA

Great site! articulate powerpoints slides which capture every mood possible while making a presentation
- Batool Fatima, Bangalore, India

Looks like a fantastic addition to my toolbox
- Ross Perkinson, Maungaturoto, New Zealand

I really need this, this will me my professional career amazingly and technologically updated. thank you very much
- Jonelle Dane Lagman, Angeles City, Philippines

I'm a high school history teacher and I'd love to use this product- particularly the diagram builder- to to show historical "cause-effect" relationships. Also, this is a really cutting edge way to use powerpoint and I think it's important to expose kids to innovative ideas because it give them license to try new things.
- Marc Kirby, Kent, USA

Very good if i have a free license
- Stephane Genev, Sofia, Bulgaria

I would love to use this product with my Job Corps students. I think my husband would love it as well for his job as a USAR LTC. We would certainly get our money's worth out of it and promote Raptivity at the same time!
- Stephanie Poynor, Ft Meade, MD, USA

I have not had the time yet to look at all the items, but totally love the notebook. As I have no training in powerpoint it will be a self taught project, I sincerly hope that it is easy to use and would love to try it out.
- Barbara Hirschfeld, Midrand, South Africa

This presentation software can be very useful in catching the peoples attention and holding it. Instead of looking out and seeing ho-hum when will he be one. I anticipate exactely a 180 degree reaction of wow now this is interesting. People can eat steak every meal and it will no longer be appealling to them. It is the same with our presentations. I search daily for animations, clips, whatever and this is the most interactive product I've seen.
- Gerald Beckham, Porter, TX, USA

Awesome product ! Ease of use to make sure there is "Power" and "Point" in your presentation!
- Tay Tien Guan, Singapore, Singapore

Free special PPTs Everybody wants But who gets it? Hopefully me! But why do I need it? To make our stories more interesting To move the hearts of our supporters
To support our charity organisation To help the poor peoples of the world Thank you and may God bless you!
- Jessie Lau, Klang, Malaysia

I definitely need a Raptivity to "juice" my presentations.
- Luis Fernandes, Lisboa, Portugal

Great product
- Kinderstuth, Paris, France

As a volunteer tutor, I would use the software to enhance the learning experience of my students who suffer from mental health problems.
- Carole Rees, Aberdeen, UK

Awesome tool for great interactivity! Now I can have "Power" & "Point" in my presentation!
- Tg Tay, Singapore, Singapore

Indezine helps make power point easier. it is the one thing that a presenter as well as the audience needs. i look forward to enhance my presentation skills.
- Pinal Bhansali, Bangalore, India

This prize package will help capture the attention of my students and prove, once and for all, to high school students that power point presentations are not just "high tech chalkboards" but interesting and informative messaging systems. I look forward to using this product AND they will love it!
- Debbie Powers, Louisville, USA

As a professional web developer, I am always on the lookout for attention-getting tools that help convey information. As a volunteer with our church, the Raptivity Presenter may open the door for us to easily and effectively engage the audience with better visualization tools and ultimately enhance their understanding. I'm looking forward to seeing more from this company.
- Dock Hoilman, Stafford, USA

I liked the idea of being different when I make my presentation. Because I really got bored of poor power point transitions.
- Cem Yasin, Zmir, Turkey

If I win, I will use this to increase the quality of my online courses for teachers. Most of my students are very visual and appreciate the presentation I produce in Power Point. This will help increase their understanding of special needs students.
- Mike Mcintyre, Ringgold, USA

Raptivity Presenter is the Presenter of Choice. Your Presenter, All the Time, Everytime. We love Raptivity Presenter. Oh yes, We really do. From the deep abyss of our hearts.
- Karan Gidwani, Singapore, Singapore

I like your site very much and have used it on many occaisions to prepare my church presentations and I'm always looking for ways to improve and enhance my presentations. Any help would be appreciated.
- Colleen Nicholls-Lewis, Lasalle, Quebec, Canada

I have been to many boring presentations were attendance was mandatory...... but staying awake was clearly 'optional'. Or there have been those that try too hard to keep you awake with so many spinning texts and bouncing images you end up feeling nauseous!! That why I am always looking for new ways of making MY presentations assist in audience interaction not distraction.
- Elaine Haynes, Liverpool, England

- Ho Shane, Singapore, Singapore

Nice way to accomodate and engage everybody.helpful for creator presenter and audience.
- Vijai Pande, Allahabad, India

Raptivity Presenter is a great tool to deliver messages to people who are more convinced if the presentations are well organized and easy to be understood. I will definitely use this presenter in my future sales presentations if I win. The site is really great and amazing!!!
- Lito Anzures, Jr., Manila, Philippines

My english is not very good, but my presentations are and will be the best with Raptivity Presenter! So, please give me that chance, and I promise I'll learn English to write you a better comment!
- Paula Cunha, Lisbon, Portugal

I work in university my tasks include making presentations as teaching aids and to present my faculty accomplishments this software will probably make my presentations wow!
- Ghada, Alexandria, Egypt

Improve the medicine education and become a surgeon
- Jorge Halley Mauricio Hernández, Mexico City, Mexico

The Powerpoint backgrounds are fantastic, I now look at the pages just to see what is on offer! Your website page is simple and easy-to-follow but informative as well, not cluttered like other website pages.
- Donna Rihari, Auckland, New Zealand

I manage our school learning platform and have wanted the full Raptivity product for over a year to make resources for our children and teachers. Winning this prize would enable me to show off some of the fantastic features on offer in a format most staff are familiar with, i.e. powerpoint presentations and hopefully they'll be so impressed they'll find the money and let me buy the full Raptivity product!!
- Kath Pearson, Bolton, UK

I have always enjoyed and appreciated Idezine for their creative and easy to use power-points and photos. I hope that this Raptivity Presenter will do well, as I do not have the privilege to experience it so I am not qualify to past and comments. God bless
- Bernard, Auckland, New Zealand

I like the prices, anyway! But I am a teacher and this powerpoint staff is very usefull for me and for my students! Thanks,
- Silva Laius, Tallinn, Estonia

- Janardhanan Janru, Tiruchirappalli, India

This product will be used to jazz up the presentations we make to the Congress and to other government agencies.
- John Picarello, Washington DC, USA

Raptivity is a necessity in order to give power point presentations real LIFE. It is easy to make a power point but when you are presenteng something you want people to sit up and really notice what is happening. Raptivity will do that for you
- Annette, Brisbane, Australia

A fantabulous site that is of great hepl for corporate presentations.
- Tanu Arora, Raipur, India

I am a PowerPoint Junkie. As a 3rd grade teacher, I have learned that the graphics and interactions offered by PowerPoint and the enhancements that your company offers, is the perfect essential to spruce up any lesson. It keeps the students engaged and actively participating in their learning experience. If I win this giveaway, I will make it a part of my students' daily learning experiences.
- Misty L. Knight, Mobile, USA

After reviewing the samples so graciously provided by Indezine I feel that Raptivity Presenter would be a boon when I am teaching Social Studies. I am currently doing my student teaching internship and I use PowerPoint a lot. I feel that it gives the visual learners the needed extra ummpppfff.
- James Williams, Aberdeen, NC, USA

This is a great product for helping me create powerful presentations for my classroom and online classes.
- Charles Delano, Ocala, USA

I would like to win so that i can use the program to make little gifts for my family as i work fky in and out and don'yt see them for 5 weeks at a time
- Chris Hoekzema, Perth, Australia

Indezine got me through my MBA and I continue to value their designs in my position at Full Sail University. I also passed on the Indezine link to about 20 others! Thank you for the service you provide. Candace
- Candace Alcorn, Oviedo, FL, USA

That's great! :)
- Vanessa, Jurong, Singapore

My wife and I are cluster leaders of Couples for Christ, a global community of couples who have renewed their relationships not only between themselves as a couple but with Christ as the head of their union. As leaders, we regularly give talks to members on various Christian topics and we use Powerpoint as a means to enhance our presentations. Indezine has become a great source of templates that help make our presentations more alive. It has also been a great source of ideas on how to make our presentations more engaging and memorable to our audience. More power, that's the point! Cheers!
- Boogie Boydon, Quezon City, Philippines

This is every Professor's dream! We are faced with students that are so used to multimedia gaming, iPhone interfaces, and advanced multi-media interfaces that competing with such media rich content while still delivering course content becomes a daunting task. Raptivity Presenter has just leveled the playing field! I love just playing with the demo - I have to have this product.
- Joseph Walker, Arlington, USA

This raptivity presenter will be used to bring my presentations , wherein I use animals from Africa , especially Botswana, as a highlight of the presentation & thereby capturing my audiences attention.
- Glen Ansell, Gaborone , Botswana

Rapitivity: a sure-fire way to decrease my proclivity toward Power Point nativity, passivity and captivity ...and almost dead-ringer guarantee for my increased work creativity and productivity. Should your selectivity choose me, I would open my arms with great receptivity! (Maybe it will also improve my feeble attempts at being funny!)
- Marlys Bueber, Beijing, China

I teach, I present - the site is a great help. The prize would make what I do different.
- Ron Middleton, Queanbeyan, Australia

The word 'Harbinger' has many meanings ranging from a Herald to the forshadowing of future events. Raptivity from Harbinger Knowledge Products heralds a new time of creativity in the PowerPoint Presentation World forshadowing a period where the 'wow' factor returns to both presenter and audience.
- Sandy Weddell, Glasgow, UK

I am a 3rd year medical student and basically, presentations are part of my daily life. Id like to give a new flavor to my presentations and i think, from what ive read and understand, this program can definitely give me an edge in presenting my cases. i want to increase the interactivity among the people that i am presenting to and this program does the job!
- Daryl Manango, Manila, Philippines

I have no experience with the Raptivity Presenter application. Efficient powerpoint communication is important, but one must not forget the personal time and resources a person must consume to develop the final presentation. I believe and hope that this program will assist my attempts to make qualitative and efective power point presentations.
- Finn Hoydal, Kvinesdal, Norway

I like to WOW my students in presenting my lectures. Students today believe that their teacher is "JURASSIC" in using technology. I'm VERY SURE when I have this RAPTIVITY PRESENTER my students will say "WOW! LEARNING IS FUN!"
- Maria Cecille G. Escano, Manila, Philippines

I viewed the demos of this product and wow.. this is some good stuff. Interactivity is the way to go in order to keep your audience involved. This will help turn those "snoozer" sessions into "way to go" sessions.
- Steven Houk, Mascot, USA

Work for a non-profit human service agency. This would be a great help in taking our presentations and educational programs to the next level. Thanks!
- William R. Matthews, St Clair Shores, USA

The site is fabulous! I do power point for my church, and every week I get raves on the presentation! I would like to take it another step, and anyhting that I can use will help me do that. I use my work to bring joy and to help spread the Word. I also let others know where to look for great slides so they too can make a wonderful and meaning slideshow. Kudos to your site please keep the new things coming!
- Loring Cantrell, Vernon, USA

I love to teach as well as doing research. For my works, I need to do lot of presentations and powerpoint is the major means for it. Raptivity presenter, with its cutting edge technology and awesome features and functions can give me the functionality I definitely need for interacting more meaningfully with my teaching and research audiences.
- Munima Haque, Urbana, USA

I like this idea, and I think it can bi very helpful for describing some relatively complicated thing. Also is interesting to see presentation with these kind of animation so it's easier to understand and learn.
Seance I am a student good and nicely organized presentation means greater grades.
And of course if presentation is good it can improve your work and opposite.
- Nebojsa Golubovic, Belgrade, Serbia

I have just been assigned to update all our safety training presentations. As I update the content, I would love to be able to give them a new edgy look, which of course, will give me a new edgy look!
- Leanne Gelwicks, Charleston, USA

As a psychiatrist with a strong background in th classics, I am very sensitive to the visuals I use to support my clinical and academic presentations. The color and texture of the slide must carry the message of the text, or other medium, when I am drooping after 60 minutes of talking, and the others are numb from 60 minutes of sitting and being barraged with information. I have used Indezine products to carry the day for the past 3 years. Instead of using stock templates that are visually weak to begin with, the Indezine sets of slide components have allowed me greater flexibility in creating an experience that re-enforces the message, that becomes synonymous with the message. The Raptivity package is not one that I can purchase alone. I have reviewed the package and its enhanced capacity to engage the audience in active listening and learning is a realm of product ability that I need, my listens ache for, and the subjects of my presentations deserve. I speak throughout the State in medical, human services, juvenile justice and legal agencies. When I use Indezine products which are so different from the pack, I am frequently asked about the slides and from where did I get the templates. I do present and tell and hopefully I can advertise for the technology I use as much as I advocate for the people I serve. Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback to Indezine, and to allow my presentations to continue to mature.
- Michael Witkovsky, Middleton, WI, USA

love your site! tremendous help with creating professional presentations. this new tool will further expand the creative possibilities of our presenations.
- Lee Stillinger, Cordova, USA

- Abang, Los Angeles, USA

Always useful,can find lots of hints for ideas etc...Thank you .
- Hiro, Tokyo, Japan

Indeine is the portal to the realm of high graphic presentations, I will enthrall my business clients by making captivating presentation using RAPTIVITY Presenter
- Vivek, Vizag, India

Black eyes, blue eyes, let's see the magic together.
- Amy Shen, Hangzhou, China

I am an inner city, science, public high school teacher. I beleieve that by making my powerpoints more interactive, I will be able to get my students attention better, thereby increasing their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.
- Andrew Bravernan, Brooklyn, USA

Looking forward to enticing my kids with newer technology. This will make them more willing to participate in class. As we all know participation drives learning.
- Maggi Kroening, Mishawaka, IN, USA

It is the begining of the future in power point presentation.
- Safiriyu Israel Ayokunle, Sagamu, Nigeria

I will give students in my classes the opportunity to recognise how far technology goes outside the Caribbean!
- Ries Van Lomwel, Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

This is one of the coolest ways to have a program proposal be approved!
- Lorelei Ante, Makati City, Philippines

I would like to improve the current powerpoint presentations I create by adding more interactivity to the presentation. I want to make my presentations better than others and to be remembered after the meetings. This package would solidly put me ahead of the game in presentations!
- Jerri Brantley, Tucker, GA, USA

I am a pharmacist, my work deal more with presentation by using power point for my co worker, patient and society, I start to search the web to get free template so I can impress them with my slide, I went to many web page and indezine is the most attractive one with many template for me to choose, I really like it and happy with the slide that I am presenting that has wonderful background on it, if I can able to win this giveaways it will be very useful for my work where I can produce a good presentation that attract people and I also can able to pass the information regarding health to them.
- Rafidah, Sheffield, UK

I teach mathematics at an inner city high school. This product looks as if it will help me motivate my students to better and higher learning. Hope I win.
- Kimberly Beattie, Muskegon, Mi, USA

It's nice and amazing. I love it!
- Daphny Peneza, Davao , Philippines

Would like to visually create connections between corporate compliance, quality, and behavioral health services; To illustrate the interdependency between the three which results in ethical care to our vulnerable patients.
- Marti Hurford, Farmington Hills, USA

Great news
- Nicolae Lontis, Timisoara, Romania

I use Power Points everyday and students actually say I make them interesting to watch! I could use more help!
- George Wolf, Yorktown, VA, USA

Having Presenter to use and show to teachers would be great for me. On my tight budget which doesn't allow many things, this tool could really be beneficial to me. And I know other teachers who see it would want it.
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

PowerPoint has been my choice for presentations from the beginning. I teach adults what they need to know about the environment. There is no better way than a visual display to get a point across - accurately and pleasantly. Raptivity Presenter is a dream come true. Project and learning presentations could now be mesmerizing! The audience will learn and enjoy every minute of it!
- Mary Allen, Sanford, Seminole, FL, USA

As a teacher for underpriviledged students, I really try my best to show them things that they do not have access to. I use PowerPoint on regularly to engage them, and would love to be able to take it to the next level!
- Mark Prusinski, Georgetown, IN, USA

Looking forward to using your product
- Jim Nielsen, Yorkville, USA

I am international business student and i have to do a lots of powerpoint presentations in the school. i use powerpoint templets from indezine which help me a lot to make my presentations interesting and impressive. raptivity presenter looks great for interective presentations and i would be happy to own it.
- Ravi, Espoo, Finland

I present a lot of scientific data but also need compelling slides to present viewpoints to convince the audience of my point of view. Raptivity presenter is a nice balance between true functionality for presenting the data, but also to connect with the hearts and minds of the audience through sophisticated -- not gimicky- graphics that will draw them in.
- Allen Zielnik, Streamwood, USA

I would love to have a more interactive parent/student monitor for the school where the questions of the day can be interacted with.
- Laurie Vanderzee, Comstock Park, USA

Cool graphics! I'll use these in business presentations to better engage the audience, shorten the sales cycle, increase income, and free up time to spend with my grandchildren during their formative years! Thanks for the offer!
- Luke Elliff, The Woodlands, USA

My presentations lack pizazz! I need help to get my audience's attention, then keep it. I am very interested in adding these cool flash elements in my presentations.Please pick me to win, my audience will THANK YOU!
- Rebecca Kohler, Auburn Hills, USA

Tool like RAPTIVITY will enhance my presentation skills and will take me altogether to a higher level of communication.
- Ravi Chopra, Delhi, India

I use PowerPoint regularly in my work as a mathematics teacher and I can see fantastic potential in using these plug ins as teaching aids. They will bring presentations alive with animations - making ideas so much more intuitive for students at all levels to understand.
- Derek Warburton, Ardgay, UK

Hi, I would be using this program to improve my ppts for my music classes. I feel it is important to use the most interesting technology that I can with the students. I want them to grow up not only to be tech saavy, but creative!
- Carolyn Neely, Canton, MI, USA

I am a Training Manager by trade and do quite a bit of volunteering in the community. I am always asked to build Power Point slide presentations. I have INDEZINE set as one of my favorites because I look there for backgrounds that make my presentation POP and set them apart.
- Chris Barkis, Mckinney, USA

I´m gona win, thank you
- Cesar Martinez, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I am the IT Training Analyst for my company. In addition, I also teach technology classes at two local colleges. I am always trying to find new ways to present information to my students as well as to inspire them to create better presentations themselves! Thank you for this opportunity,
- Doug Orwig, Pekin, USA

I would love to have the opportunity to win one of these amazing copies. I am a life learner with 2 young adults in college, 2 high school juniors,one Middle Schooler and one elementary student. Presentations are a part of our lives. School, Home,and church. These would enhance our abilities with presentations. I really hope we win.
- Stephanie Teasley, Charlotte, USA

This is such an awesome resource and it will allow me to reach across so many venues! With these tools I can enhance our unusally dull on-line law enforcement training classes and also bring a renewed life in to our church's worship and teaching presentations.
- William, Jacksonville, USA

As a pastor/teacher with 4 bible studies a week I am always looking for ways to keep the students attention. I have found out with VISULATIONS everyone seems to grab the concepts much easier. I think this product would boost the awareness of what I am presenting. I am looking for something extra ordinary to be a good steward of what God has given me.
- Phil Socash, New Castle, USA

Please enter me in the giveaway for the Raptivity Presenter. I prepare the worship powerpoint for my church, and since we are small, we have no budget for technology. It would be great to win this product for use at my church. I appreciate all the free backgrounds and information that is available on your website - it makes my work a lot easier!
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA

Cool graphics... will use for school, church, and work. thanks
- Beth Spoelstra, Oakland, NJ, USA

Thanks for the contest and for a chance to win a copy of Raptivity Presenter
- John Thompson, Saskatoon, Canada

Absolutely amazing! This can make you presentations come to life. No more of those boring square charts and graphs with people sleeping in the back of the room.
- Nate Bennett, Pittsburgh, USA

I use PowerPoint presentations every day to leaders i Love Indezine
- Zlatko Balancevski, Skopje, Macedonia

Love the site, you are the go to guy for most all my needs. My software if won will be used to educate doctors and nurses about healthcare education and patient education. This site is the best thing since the invention of soap!
- David Baker, Cleveland, USA

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
- Ed Payne, Des Moines, USA

I hope I'll win, I work in a children hospital, no money to buy this programm, do power point +++, would be great. (sorry for my english, I am french).
- Yolande Dagenais, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Good oportunity
- Ricardo, Reynosa Tamaulipas, Mexico

I'm now an adjunct professor at Concordia University Chicago and always looking for ways to engage my grad students, most of whom are teachers who could use this in THEIR classes!
- Holly Rogers, Schaumburg, USA

Your contest is a winner. It drew me in to review the product based on your email blast. As a sponsorship consultant, I am always making presentations and looking for new ways of making the presentations unique, simpler and better understood. I will probably purchse the Rapidity Presenter even if I don't win the contest. Keep up the good work.
- Ron Baker, Burlington, Canada

The demonstrations of the features of Raptivity Presenter on the website show some obvious advantages over plain slides. We do a lot of training across the United States with the need to engage a wide audience with a diversity of age gender and languages. We have been looking for ways to "step up" some of our training materials to communicate principles and concepts we want participants to use in their settings. We look forward to using a tool that helps us move forward.
- David Terry, Alpharetta, GA, USA

I was born without opposable thumbs and my powerpoints show it. You can help me evolve!!! (ps- it took me twenty minutes to type this for the same reason.)
- Ron Jakubisin, Grayslake, IL, USA

This product provides lots of "pop" for presentations. At a time when powerpoint presentations seem to bring out the "yawn" factor in an audience, the raptivity presenter appears to be the tool to make presentations more interesting and help the information presented "stick".
- Suzanne Unger, Leesburg, USA

Impressive! Will definitely captur your audience's attention.
- Duke Wilwayco, Austin, USA

Here at Fujitsu, we often make presentations with our internal and external customers in order to promote our products. With a tool of presentation like yours, our presentations would have still more impacts and will be more enticing. An important differentiation. I'm sure, if my boss and I use this tool, we will get questions about the tool we used to make our presentation.
- Martin, Montreal, Canada

The following thoughts are adaptations of slogans that capture some of the amazing features of Raptivity: WE have seen the future of PowerPoint, and it is Raptivity.
Raptivity: We didn't invent PowerPoint - we just perfected it. And this one's my own: Raptivity - PowerPoint perfection. and - PowerPoint Rapture - Raptivity
Yeah, I suppose I'm just enraptured by Raptivity.
- Johan Van Eeden, Perth, Australia

I am constantly making presentations to varied groups of people from the very young to the very old. As a teacher, I find it most helpful to have the right tools not only to captivate my audience but to get them to make decisions about matters that make life meaningful for them and which will reward them accordingly. Can't wait to get hold of Raptivity Presenter. It's going to make my day!
- Nepthali J. Manez, Pasay City, Philippines

(Opps. Just read the line below.) I will use this program in ministry (Thank you Jesus!) :-) I teach and train pastors, so this would be a great tool to raise the level of excellence. Thanks! HEC
- H. E. Cardin, Cleveland, USA

Indezine products are favulous.
- Gail Allan, Ottawa, Canada

I am always trying to improve my teaching and your free powerpoint themes have kept my students entertained and engaged in the learning process for the last few years. As a teacher at a small community college, I have to purchase any additional teaching tools on my own. Therefore, much of the dynamic and innovative technology available through your great website is out of my reach financially. I feel students learn best in a teaching environment that inspires them and helps them to connect with the curriculum. I would love the opportunity to develop my teaching skills while at the same time instilling a love of life long learning in young (and older!) minds. Thank you.
- Kelly Mcknight, Peterborough, Canada

This prize would greatly enhance my lessons for my students. Lessons need to be engaging providing hooks that bring the students into the lesson being actively engaged. I work in an Alternative School where hooking the students into the lesson is top priority to getting them where they need to be prior to returning to home campus. The Raptivity presenter would not only help me with creating outstanding, engaging powerpoints, but the students will also be able to use it to create their own powerpoint presentations for the class. Any new technology and software programs are beneficial for students to learn so they are prepared for the business world when they graduate. Thank you for considering me for the Raptivity Presenter. - Amy Goldstein, Katy, USA

This is excellent software that I think my students will enjoy very much over the normal PowerPoint presentations.
- Steve Hill, Ocala, USA

This would be great to use with the kids at my school.
- Fred Delventhal, Clinton, USA

I create PowerPoints for high school courses and the teachers that use them are always asking for more opportunities for student involvement. Raptivity Presenter offers tools to do exactly that--it's just what the teacher ordered!
- Brian Singer-Towns, Winona, USA

I absolutely love Indezine and its amazing designs for me to use with my powerpoint presentations! I hope that the lucky winners deserve this giveaway!!!
I was introduced to this website by a colleague when I inquired about her template and she told me about this...I immediately signed up because its so refreshing as opposed to Microsoft online templates...BORING! this is so enlightening and just what I needed to make my audience interested in my presentations especially in mental health! So I hope I get to win something and if not, I will still use Indezine! If I had a blog, I'd write about this and give it a 10 star rating!!!
- Shannon Reese, Montgomery, USA

Will use prize for enhancing presentations on funding for disadvantaged learners and students to access financial support for them and their institutions.
We are based in the poorest of South African provinces that desperately need assistance. We make their dreams come true!Thanks for the opportunity.
- Nico Veldtman, East London, South Africa

I am a student in Shandong University now,I have to prepare one to two PPT presentations per week for different occassions,good templates and backgrouds like yours will save me a lot of time.And I will share my self-made PPT here if possible.
- Jingxiang Zheng, Jinan, China

We do alot of powerpoint presentations in my company. I would love the opportunity to use Raptivity Presenter to make my presentations stand out above the rest. Becoming a member of Indezine is one of the smartest things I have ever done! I love it.
- Paula Shaw, Findlay, USA

I am looking forward your information.Because I want to make some exciting presentations from only your help. Thanks so much.
- Thi Thanh Thuy Nguyen, Hcmc, Vietnam

I thank God for this site that gives me the opportunity to be creative even with a little knowledge on how to use powerpoint presentation. With Indezine's help, our Sunday worships will be more meaningful to all of us. thank you and may God richly bless you.
- Josel Seijo, Las Pinas City, Philippines

I want to own raptivity presenter
- Anever, Ororquieta, Philippines

WOW I love the interactivity on show. The question is wether it is easy to use? I'll find out when I win one of these giveaways.
- Steve Tainton, Gloucester, UK

Its very amazing. I want to use for my presentation!
- Kyawsoe, Yangon, Myanmar

This site is so awesome. I hope to win because being in school this site has some really neat templates for my presentations.
- Erika Rubio, El Paso, USA

AWESOME product! As I previewed Raptivity Presenter I was hit by the possibilities that are available for our agency with this product. I work for a child welfare agency that is being hit by significant budget reductions. Our front line social workers continue to have training and development needs but as a adult learning and organizational development professional it is difficult to meet those needs with our limited budget. We continue to have restrictions on staff travel and this product offers endless possibilities to offer engaging, interactive and effective learning opportunities for our staff where they don't have to leave their offices. This type of product would most likely be out of our reach at this time due to budget restraints- and it offers exciting benefits to us as part of the development staff to touch hundreds of people.
- Kim Hanson, Hampton, IA, USA

Raptivity Presenter would be awesome to make my presentations more exciting to my audience.
- John J. Jarman, Lynchburg, USA

Send your audience into raptures with Raptivity!
- Paul Hurst, West Kirby, UK

As a junior high teacher, I am always looking for new methods to make junior math and science more exciting! The Rapivity Presenter would make my PowerPoint presenters look more like the entertainment sites the students use at home. Thank you for this opportunity to enhance the education of my students.
- Donna Betterton, Tucson, Arizona, USA

I have checkout Raptivity and it is awesome!!! I have recommended it to my college for purchase.
- Don Sublett, Roanoke, USA

Being able to use a tool like this to create amazing presentations that will capture the attention of the youth that I work with would be great.
- Dan Kuntz, St Joseph, USA

Very cool product.
- K. J. Yagi, Toronto, Canada

I am in charge of creating powerpoint slides with the song lyrics for our church and sermon presentations. If selected to recieve this great prize, I would enhance the professional level of our presentations. Using your program to take our ministry to a greater level would be a huge blessing. Thank you for this opportunity...
- Monica Harris, Conyers, USA

I use PowerPoint for lectures and presentations all over the country. I have been using Crystal Graphics products to enhance presentations. I would love to give your product a try and exposure to large audiences.
- Jesse C. Vivian, Plymouth, USA

As a Graphic Arts instructor I am always looking to motivate my students to look beyond the everyday products of design. I believe that this product is one of those that can take a student's interest to the next level to see beyond what they themselves see they are capable of.
- Richard Queen, Baltimore, USA

This product will allow me to create presentations that are a quantum leap from the traditional show and talk kind. I like the audience to be part of the presentation. These tools make that happen! Congratulatons.
- Maureen Duffy, Miami Shores, USA

Raptivity Presenter will be an excellent addition to our campus ministry presentations around Europe.
- Blair Bonin, Lafayette, USA

This site has been very helpful with my presentations! Lots of great professional graphics! Would love the ability to use System animations and comparison charts within our presentations. We are a small start-up company and looking for eye-catching illustrations!
- Lindsay Robinson, Houston, USA

My prsentations are used to train tax professionals on the new aspects of the tax law. I need something to keep their attention on a boring topic.These are typically 8 hour seminars.
- Gary J Hoff, Urbana, USA

I have taken my powerpoints to a new level with the tips I've learned from Indezine. Now I see where I can add excitment to my powerpoints with Raptivity Presenter.
- Jeanette Martin, Bismarck, USA

Looking forward to making my pesticide applicator training presentations fresh and new. Maybe with Raptivity Presenter I will have less snoozers!
- Elizabeth Buffington, Gilbert, USA

This program would be beneficial to assist students with special needs when working on presentations as part of their high school curriculum. This program will also be used to present lecture in power point format to students in inclusion settings. This information would be used for presentations and staff development regarding the needs of children with learning, behavior and intellectual disabilities.
- Deneice Shultz, Oakland, MD, USA

It would be simply great to have this gift of interactive media to enhance learning medicine for my students training for both MBBS as well as MS in Gynecology.It finally will enhance my teaching capabilities / it will finally serve humanity better
- Girija Wagh, Pune, India

I like the raptivity idea and think it would help me out alot with presentations. The bulk of my presentations are educational for the members of our Lions non-profit organization. Winning this would help not just me produce exciting presentations but will help may others learn through this product. Thank you for this opportunity.
- Ryan, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

I am a beginning Nursing Professor and I am always looking for ways to improve my lectures and make them more interesting to the students. I think that if I won this product it would enhance my teaching experience and their learning experience. I want to engage the students and keep them interested during my lectures. Having this product for my powerpoints would be AWSOME!!!
- Pamela Curtis, Denison, TX, USA

This looks very cool and will certainly add a "pop" to my presentations!
- Murray Sanders, Regina, SK, Canada

YES! Sounds like another great tool to help make our presentations stand out and keep our attendees awake and focused! Tough to do sometimes with boring topics! Thanks!
- Nancy Upchurch, Greeley, USA

I am an Instructor for a Medical Radiography Program. Indezine website has offered me tips and tools that improved my presentations for my students. I also use the power point templates! I plan on using the Rapitivity Presenter to "beef up" and to improve visualization for my students to increase understanding and retention of difficult topics, especially physics and digital imaging.
- Nan Bradeen, Rapid City, SD, USA

Appreciate the Indezine site - especially the insightful newsletters. I'd use the Raptivity Presenter to spice up and excite the presentations I prepare and present to the various not-for-profit organizations I serve with including the ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve), the BSA, EPMN and others. Sounds like great fun - another hit from the folks at Indezine! Thanks!
- John-Michael Zimmerle, Spanish Fork, UT, Us

Great looking stuff indeed!
- Ignacio Sanchez, Round Lake, IL, USA

As a business instructor, I am always interested in new products. I also work with the sales and advertising in team teaching, and this product fits in well with our goals.
- Karen Messina, Middletown, USA

I would like to personally thank the staff for ideas and insights I have gained from visits to the website. I teach presentation skills to hundreds of students in South Korea, and my students have truly benefited from introduction to templates and picture usage I have introduced them to via Indezine. I hope I could share some more of these interative new features with them directly, but even if I do not win I will be sure to recommend some more of these fantastic presentation tools and insights.
- Jody Barron, Seoul, Korea

Winning a copy of Raptivity Presenter would be wonderful!
- Lisa D Yates, Lafayette, USA is the best way to improve your PowerPoint presentations!
- Juan Corchado, Carolina, Puerto Rico

Indeziee presentations have been very useful to ne. The designs are awesome and make my presentations more interesting and effective. And Indezine has been generous for proving free downloads of their designs, Thank you.
- Josefina Cruz, Astoria, USA

As on today this site is not helped me,i dnt find productive
- Nitesh Utekar, Mumbai, India

This would take my power point presentations to a whole other level. Make it more professional and cutting edge. It would be a blessing to win this.
- Nancy Person, Randolph, USA

As a technology facilitator for a small rural school, I am always on the lookout for ways to help my teachers increase student engagement through the use of technology enriched instruction. Raptivity Presenter would give us another tool accomplish that task. Thanks Indezine for always providing us with ideas and news of innovations like this exciting one!
- Sarah Fleeman, Rolling Fork, MS, USA

This will be great to use in the classroom
- Doug Klippert, Tacoma, USA

I volunteer in my church as the treasurer, and this would be a great tool to use in presentations I make regularly to my church.
- Gerard Viney, Sherwood Park, Canada

What we do--delivering services to individuals with developmental disabilities--sounds simple but is incredibly complex. Once I started using PowerPoints to show the intricacies of funding, regulations, overlapping services, not only our Board but also our administration had a better understanding. I am regularly asked to put together presentations for other facets of nearly every department. As a non-profit, we also have to convince sponsors to donate to our cause. I couldn't do it without PowerPoints, and Indezine has given me tools to knock the socks off people who use PowerPoints in their own presentations. But I know I'm still working WAY too hard when there are awesome products like Raptivity out there. I would use this weekly as our resident "PowerPoint Queen".
- Diane Coussan, Lafayette, LA, USA

New attention getters are helpful when old information is presented in a yearly refresher course to an audience that has heard it many times. New information could be more memorable when presented in an interesting form.
- Judy Jasperson, Burnsville, MN, USA

I founded a group of adopted person, where we discuss of our past and experience. We also do some presentation to help futurs parents to the reality of adoption.
Having Raptivity presenter will be great because our presentation gonna be more professionnal. thank you
- Rafael Gareau, Montreal, Canada

I can't think of a better product than Raptivity Presenter to develop, present, and capture meaningful attention to my Emergency Preparedness plan presentaion! This product takes presentations to a whole new level.
- Orlando Suarez, Kennesaw, USA

As a distance education facilitator, I will use Raptivity Presenter to create more helpful presentations for my students. As a Master's candidate, I can use Raptivity Presenter to create class presentations.
- A Dennis, New Orleans, USA

Hi INDEZINE, You are my favourite... always u r being my friend during seminar & paper presentation.thank you so much my friend... if i win d prize ,1/2 i will give it to orphanage & remaining part i will us it to buy books..."you may forget to study but don forget what you have studied"
- Sangeetha, Chennai, India

I want to wiiiin I need this to do my presentations at work. Pleeease :)
- Ana, Lima, Peru

Would be a great addition to our presentations as we start a new school for ministry students in South Africa. Very cool stuff.
- Phillip Olson, Mechanicsburg, USA

An idea on pendulums found on Indezine brought rave reviews from the boss (assistant superintendent and former science teacher)! Since our focus at the middle school this year is on Science and the language of science (math), the Raptivity Presenter would be an awesome addition to the laptops and probes we just received in September. Thanks for the opportunity to win a license!
- Gail Barna, Lake Ariel, PA, USA

When I was a teacher,my students,themselves,happy to learn science lessons I perpared for them.I use power points to review the lessons.Now I'm the Deputy Director,my presentations are interesting.Thank you so much.It's a pity,I am not good at English.
- Oraporn Yamsopa, Bangkok, Thailand

I will use it to prepare and present lessons for my high school math students.
- Bari Brown, Manchester, USA

I am excited about using Raptivity to augment my presentations to Master's candidates at graduate school, to stakeholders in product planning meetings, and to customers in training and sales meetings. It will deepen the experience and engage the participants. I'm getting ready to revolutionize!
- Jerry Robbins, Birmingham, AL, USA

This software would be used for presentations for our church PPT services. We would use it to reach out to members of the community. I love Indezine and use it frequently. There is so much useful information and PowerPoint themes, links, and slides, which make it the best PowerPoint site that I have found. And, believe me, I search the Internet for PowerPoint information frequently and have not yet found any site that can compare to Indezine.
- Donna Sillia, North Olmsted, OH, USA

This tool would be put to good use in presenting lessons to my Adult Bible Study classes. I am always looking for ways to make my powerpoints more dynamic and cutting-edge using effects, video, graphics . . . anything to capture the attention of my audience! As a fairly new powerpoint user, the Indezine site was a big help in getting me up and running quickly and let me create my powerpoint presentations in far less time! Thank you!
- Elizabeth Doyle, Fullerton, CA, USA

Raptivity Presenter make PowerPoint 3D . . . TRENDY.
- Ezio Palmieri, Bari, Italy

I will use this software to make better class presentations, advance my college portfolio and impress my supervisors during my internship next year.
- Valerie Midgette, Linwood, USA

As an education professional, I would use this program to aid in the development of presentations for my Master's of Ed. courses and will be able to develop new and interesting presentations that will capture my students attention and allow them to retain information and become exposed to more technological tools that they can use in the future.
- Christopher L. Hardesty, Osceola, USA

I will use this prize to enhance marketing techniques.
- Daphyne Durda, Westlake, USA

- David Rapske, Kent, USA

This prize will be a great addition to my math class presentations. As a teacher, I'm always looking for ways to add realism to my presentations.
- Kathlee Coleman, Canyon Country, USA

As a newer power point user, I am finding your site very helpful. These Raptivity set ups are fun, creative and look like something that would really benefit our presentations.
- Cyndi Kilian, Bartlett, USA

I am a teacher and use PowerPoint every day to enhance student learning. I have only been able to download free products from Indezine, but I really like them and would love to win this! Thanks for the chance.
- Rita Medvetz, Eldersburg, USA

I love you guys.
- Alaa Nafea, Zagzig, Egypt

This would help me out with my everyday powerpoint financial presentations for a major company.
- Todd Lavender, Nashville,TN, USA

Amazing ... a high degree of impact, interactivity and dynamics. Raptivity is a must have
- Claudio Riquelme, Santiago, Chile

I use power Point and multi Media to touch the lives of children and Families across the U.S. and Canada. We are trying to make a difference in this generation & help the world become a better place. God Bless
- Jerry Moyer, Springfield, OH, USA

There are atleast 2 of those options I have wanted to use in training before but did not have the capability - this would greatly help with making our mandatory CBT's less boring for the staff. I really like the page flip and the interactive flow chart - being a children's hospital we have very lenghty procedures and critical process flow that this interactive flow chart would help in educating our staff to make sure the patient is safe at all times during their stay. Thanks
- Devin Kane, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Love the page-turning book!
- Reb Brann, Portland, ME, USA

I am floored by this product!! What an awesome power tool to encourage the usage of technology and 21st century skills. As a member of the 7th largest school district in the country, and a manager within the professional development department, I can't begin to list all the ways that this can engage my audience (principals, teachers, parents, students, etc.) This would be such a valuable component to add to our aresenal of Web 2.0 tools, as we encourage others to become more tech saavy in our district.
- Stephen W. Gonzales, Houston, USA

If I win the prize, I'm going to use it to enhance my powerpoint presentations in my class. I am a professor at a prestigious engineering school here in the Philippines and it would help a lot in presenting an impressive powerpoint presentations using the Raptivity Presenter.
- Raffy G. Maramba, Manila, Philippines

This would be a great tool for the presentations I give at my church. Thanks for the good work.
- David Goodall, Portland, USA

I'm an English teacher at a small town school who wants to do her best at motivating her students to learn English as their foreign language. I prepare PowerPoint presentations for almost every lesson as I do believe visual aids are very important while preparing a lively and attractive lesson. Besides, I have won prizes in a competition called "Virtual tour in a classroom" twice using the backgrounds from your site and hope to succeed this year too. Your giveaway would help me to prepare fascinating material for this competition and be the first teacher in Lithuania who uses Raptivity Presenter in her presentations.
- Daiva Bitvinskiene, Raseiniai, Lithuania

Indezine has taken my power point prowess from good to great, I'm now looking for the next step from greatness to Awsomnificant, and I need your (any) ideas!?!
- Craig Wright, Beijing, China

I have always wanted to employ this type of product in our church service presentations but have not had the means to do so. I believe Raptivity Presenter would help us to take our service presentations to a new level and help us to inspire the people we are trying to reach.
- Rick Aston, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am a self-taught computer-obsessed non-profit administrator who works with colleges. This tool looks like it would allow us to be on the cutting-edge and look really cool. Also, we could really spread the word about the product through our statewide network of 46 campuses and national network of over 1200 college/universities.
- Leslie Garvin, Elon, North Carolina, USA

This could be the ultimate Power Point tool for the Pharmacology class that I teach. There are very few graphic slides to keep the student's interest. This program takes routine text slides and makes them stimulating.
- Kenneth Kornblum, St. Louis, USA

I produce self-paced PowerPoint tutorials and study guides to augment my lecture notes for my communication courses. Raptivity could add a rewarding and unprecedented extra dimension.
- Aleks Ozolins, St Arnaud, Australia

I can not recall for how long I have been using Power Point to present ideas, projects and reports. No matter how vast your knowledge of Power Point is, you always arrive at the same conclusion: You wish Power Point would be improved in a way that would allow you to surprise and wow your audience! You wish Power Point would have 3-D effects, right out of the box. Of course, there are ways to incorporate flash media or videos, but it seems as if you had to hire 3 NASA scientists, George Lucas and some guy named Igor to have this accomplished with today's Power Point capabilities. I really hope to be considered for a free license of your Presenter. It is an awesome tool. This is definitely something I had on my wish list to Bill Gates! :) Even if I am not chosen for the prize, I think it is great that you have interest in hearing what we, the users, have to say about our wants and needs for Presenting. I hope we may see this valuable tool accessible to all. Thank you and have an awesome day!
- Jorge Vazquez, San Diego, CA, USA

I need this knowledge product-raptivity presenter..because i am doing my mba.i need it for impress others!
- Bhavna Gidwani, Mumbai, India

This is the add-on that I have been waiting for! Given the challenge of making financial presentations look interesting, this would definitely add some pizazz to some boring numbers. Please consider my request.Thank you!
- Jacalyn Hopkin, Regina, Canada

As a new graphics professional PowerPoint is an amazing program which I use not only for presentations for my company but also for doing flyers, brochures, invitations etc. To win the Raptivity Presenter would be a dream come true - I blow the competition away at my office with my current presentations and I can't wait to see what I can do with such a product.
- Donna Cornwall, Kingston , Jamaica

Since I am a college student at University of Phoenix online, I use Indezine for all of my PowerPoint's in school. This is a wonderful website, that allows me to use different templates with my PPT's so I may stand out in my Presentations.
- Bobbi Nance, White Hall , USA

What great way to add some of that needed "umph" to our presentations. Government presentations can be so blah and boring. This should wake up the whole town!
- Aimee Freeland, Greeley, USA

This would be an awesome tool for me. I am a pastor and use powerpoint presentations when giving my sermons. Any tools that make them more flashy and attention getting is a plus... I just recently joined Idezine and am pumped by the potential that it gives me... Thanks for the opportunity to receive this product.
- Pastor Russ Atter, Eau Claire, USA

I beta tested Raptivity some years ago and am interested in the progress the product has made. I am again working in an environment where powerpoint is crucial and used daily and I am so tired of scientific presentations that someone thinks are advanced because they animated the arrows through the method slides of an experiment. BORING. I need help and tools to make these much more interactive. Save me from day long scientific meetings with only occasional animated arrows to interest and inform me.
- Lori Acciavatti, Morgantown, USA

Raptivity will allow our non-profit hospice to design more effective presentations not only for our marketing team, but for our meetings with staff. I am excited to be able to present this software to our board of directors to show them how we can bring our compassionate hospice care to those who truly need our services in a way that is very professional and technologically savvy. In these economical times, it is important to find the edge over your competitors and I believe I can use this software to help do that. Thank you for your consideration!
- Cari, Fort Collins, USA

This product would be used for a group of rural 4-H kids in Virginia. The children of the Botetourt County 4-H Horse and Pony Club have worked hard to purchase a small lap top for their club which is used for presentations, riding and judging clinics, horse judging exercises and hippology. The children compete in area and district competitions (some have even gone on to Nationals!) that encourage public speaking, creativity, use of reason and logic and of course style (as in how their presentations are put together). These competitions encourage the children to think on their feet, quickly put thought into words in a clear, concise and factual format and then be able present in a mature fashion. In a typical competition the kids not only present what they have put together (often in power point format), they must also answer questions from judges and spectators. Having a well put together Power Point adds to their complete presentation. It isn't just glitz and bang. They must be able to factually back up their arguments and or presentation with charts, data, images and graphs. Our children truly do not have things handed to them. This club strives to put team work, responsibility, and hard work at the forefront as we set about educating them in real world situations. Our club is not just about handling horses or livestock. It is about how to handle what life throws you, helping each other, maintaining honesty and integrity and having a good time doing it! The Botetourt 4-H Horse and Pony Club would get a lot of use out of this product; it would give the children a competitive edge in their presentation, judging and hippology competitions. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.
- Etzler, Fincastle, USA

I would very much love to win these as I often enjoy using some of your products. Well done!
- Nosa Ademola, Lagos, Nigeria

- Kanagaraj Antonysamy, Chennai, India

This presetations will be very useful for me. I´ll would like to use it for Univerty and work presentations. Even I could use it to teach thinks to my 4 years old daugther in a interactive way. Congrats for your site!
- Susan Tencio, San Josa, Costa Rica

I am a doctor and always use your templates for my presentations because I find these templates excellent.If I am able to get a licence of Raptivity Presentor, it would be an excellent source to improve my presentations. Thanks.
- Syed Saif Akram, Lahore, Pakistan

A great promise, I guess!
- Moazzam, Islamabad, Pakistan

The Raptivity Presenter Add-In is a must have for presentation speakers wanting to totally captivate and impress an audience and at the same time effectively delivering the message.
- Manuel B. Sta. Maria Jr., Tacloban City, Philippines

I love powerpoint and what you guys are doing with it
- Jerry W Spencer, Parker, USA

This presenter would be a great asset to me. I am in the process of reworking all the presentations at my job. I am trying to update them and make them more exciting for the students viewing them. This would be an excellent program to help me with this process.
- Nate Ewert, Denver, USA

I am a Minister of religion.I cherish the dream of being able to maximize the impact of my message with the use of multimedia. This gift of the Raptivity Presenter will touch the lives of many of my people in Jamaica.
- John Keane, Kingston, Jamaica

I use powerpoint regularly for training teachers. Any addition would be well used and appreciated. Many folks are so tired of poor PPT presentations - that they are looking for other tools to replace it. Personally I feel PPT is a wonderful presentation tool and needs to be used properly in order to be effective. Would love the opportunity to try these new additions! Thanks
- Kathy Beck, Statesville, NC, USA

This program is so cool. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win one. I never win but what the heck. Hope things are well with you Geetesh. I belong to non-profit group and this will help me in developing some new age training and with my own companies traning. I get tired of the same old presentations. I want to spice things up and give them some life. I also like writing little stories for my grandchildren and the page turner will amaze them.
- Chuck Callahan, Parker, USA

I will be happy to use your products to enhance my powerpoint presentation projects. i am confident that it will blow my clients' away.
- Nancy Wee, Singapore, Singapore

I can't wait to win this and prove to my real estate marketing group that I am the BEST candidate for the Media Communications officer!
- Sasha Markham, Livermore, USA

I love Indezine! You have a PowerPoint slide for everything. I also love the fact that you can look for slides by color. I tell everyone about your great website and products. You're the best!
- Cassandra Smith, Asheville, USA

I have downloaded many ppt designs from indezine but new ones are totally cool never seen something like them i found my designs in indezine for my presentations and through which i won recognition and fame thank you indezine!! for your creative designs
- Swapna, Hyderabad, India

As a project manager, I am required to make many presentation to a wide range of audiences. Having the ability to present my information in a more interesting and engaging way, really brings home the point of the data. More importantly, the audience will remember the content and use it in their decision making.
- Michael Perez, Brea, USA

Being as a student nurse making my presentations much more livelier and interactive would make my audiences pay much more attention then at the same time learn more...
- Franklin Macabada, Malaybalay, Philippines

I'm not sure if I'm a member - I am subscribed to your e-mails - deoes this mean I'm a member? If not, what do I do to join? - and enter for this. thank you
- Joyce Schones, San Antonio, TX, USA

Indezine is a great resource and toolkit for making presentations memorable with the capabilty of sending the message to the audience with that WOW factor!
- Marie Woodard, Springfield, VA, USA

The interactivity with Raptivity Presenter offers users unique ways to set their presentations apart from the frey.
- Debi Brand, Daytona Beach, USA

This website is great because with its help i have prepared my various presentations and scored high over others. This raptivity Presenter is a good thought to improve the presentation. Wish you guys all the Best Cheers!!!
- Anil, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Would like to try it.
- Richard Fee, Mangilao, Guam, USA

My work includes creation of course content for K12 students and Kentucky administrators, educator and support staff. The same ole PowerPoint is very monotonous, but easy, but doesn't engage digital natives at all and digital immigrants? Not much. I would love to have access to five licences to continue making our courses high quality and captivating.
- Paula White, Frankfort, KY, USA

This looks like a cool program that I can use when putting together my training programs for apartment managers. I am a trainer for a non profit group that trains apartment managers about current laws in our state. A program like this would really help
- Larry Northey, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

Looks like an amazing program. Would love to use it for our church presentations.
- Marie Allen, Kamloops, Canada

INDEZINE is a cool site.
- Hareesh, Tuscaloosa, USA

I would really like to get a copy of raptivity. I currently part-own an organisation that focuses on youth empowerment and capacity building in nigeria, and would appreciate any help i can get to make the presentions interesting, and create a more presentable way of getting my message out. Indezine has really helped me create beautiful presentations and I'm so grateful to the whole team. And on behalf of the Nigerians back here who have been trained with your presentations - I love you guys!
thanks a mil!
- Yvonne Oshiobugie, Lagos, Nigeria

I think Indezine products are the most original and innovative products I ever seen. They are easy to use, impacting when presented and most valuable for professionals that like to use original and sophisticated software for teaching.
- Martin Bravo, Mexico City, Mexico

Found the template very different and presentable. I like it very much
- Abet Suarez, Manila, Philippines

I would use the prize to create quiz based interactive powerpoints to feedback on how much attention was paid to the presentation but also to make it less formal and more fun
- Ky Jon Wbber, Treorchy, UK

The Raptivity Presenter would allow me to develop classroom learning that would be interesting and fun for my students. Anything that can catch a student's attention helps me to share the knowledge that I have acquired from formal education and life experiences and the student to learn in a fun and encouraging environment.
- Mary Allbright, Ft Smith, USA

This looks and feels like an amazing product, both very easy to use and visually stunning - they say every picture says a thousand words, well it's very true in Articulate Presenters case.
- Andrew Stewart, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Being a trainer, it appears to me that Raptivity will allow me to greatly enhance my PowerPoint presentations and take them to another level. I would be able to create powerful and compelling presentations, surveys, tutorials and much more. I see this product as the tool I could use to make the e-book idea I have come to life.
- Irene Cruz, San Gabriel, USA

I do a lot of presentations so this would be really awesome to have!
- Debbie Gates, Nokomis, USA

I work in online adult education -- at a college level. The backgrounds and the innovative products help to maintain interest which makes for amazing classes and some really cool aha moments as students engage in the whole learning process. As I move toward my doctorate degree in online education, your products continue to become more and more important parts of my presentations.
- Lisa Salazar, Pocatello, Idaho, USA

I would really like the license for my work. I'm a student of sinology and religion studies, we work really much with Power-Point presentations. I'm always desperate to keep the attention of my students, therefore it is good to have nice outfits for the presentation. Indezine has helped my often with dragon-, flag-, map- and scenery-themed backgrounds. I'm sure with Raptivity Presenter my work can be made even more valuable.
- Yasmin Koppen, Essen, Germany

Work in the training area for applications and am always looking for something that will "catch" the eye and interest of the audience.
- Ken Katona, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

It's pretty simple! I have investigated and seen what Raptivity can do in an educational setting. I work in a University setting in a Physical Therapy Department where we are always looking for creative/interactive teaching tools (I am actually the Chair of the Technology in Education Committee). I have ask for the funds to get one copy of Raptivity, but have been turned down by the department twice. I see tremendous value to us and the other 5 departments and 65 faculty in our Health Professions School. I firmly belive that if I had a copy of the program to work with and devleop some educational content, I could get the Dean's office to recommend and budget for more faculty to use Raptivity. I even recently (2 months ago) filled out a questionaire request from the Dean's Office on what they could do to support our educational efforts. I added Raptivity as a software that would be very beneficial. Last year I introduced an audience response system (i-clicker) and made a presentation to the faculty. The result was the Dean's office purchasing the system for the whole Healh Professions school. I SEE THE VALUE OF RAPTIVITY AND WOULD LOVE TO DEVELOP PROGRAMS TO HELP OUR STUDENTS LEARN! Thank you.
- Ross Querry, Dallas, USA

I love all of the products that I have used. I am very excited about the Rapitvity Presenter. By having more interactive powerpoints, the learner is more engaged and have fun learning. They remember more of what they learn and can make more of a impact in their practice.
- Michelle Creech, Dallas, USA

Enpower your presentation and audience with the hel of Indezine.
- Anita Abraham, Wakra, Qatar

That´s sound great, is a tool whit need.
- Eduardo Barranco, Ciudad De México, México

If I win, my presentation will really knock the audience for a loop! I've already taken my talks to a higher level with the lessons and backgrounds from Indezine.
- Duncan Wong, New Haven, USA

I work in the engineering field. Selling winning ideas to potential clients often requires being prepared to pitch those ideas first with a "dynamic" winning presentation.
- Laureta Blondin, Edmonton, Canada

- Ricardo, Sao Paulo, Brasil

That´s sound great, is a tool whit need.
- Eduardo Barranco, Ciudad De México, México

Looking forward to integrating the product into my presentations.
- Steve, Ft Lauderdale, USA

If I am granted a free copy of Raptivity Presenter, I pledge to make powerpoints such as have never been seen-powerpoints that will effectively demonstrate how to end world hunger, stop the war in iraq and reduce global warming.Do give me this program...the world is waiting for you to do the right thing.
- John, Mumbai, India

Thank you!
- Mohd, Calgary, Canada

I've seen it (PPT Live 2009)and it's great. Wish I had the budget in public education to afford to buy. I'd put on every computer!!!
- John Fallon, Walhalla, SC, USA

When creativity finds the tools it becomes ingenuity
- Vinay Benjamin, Manama, Bahrain

With training budgets dwindling, I would love to be able to utilize this software to better engage our staff with visuals that can bring home a topic more succinctly for each participant. I believe interactive presentations do this more quickly and successfully.
- Loyce Brown, Saginaw, USA

It would be greate to win the Raptivity Presenter and use it in E-learning courses. It would be a greate advertisment to all my colleages professors of mathematics.
- Kostas, Athens , Greece

This product would allow for simplicfication of complex ideas in nursing education. It will also allow for visual presentation of thoeretical concepts in nursing.
- Tamara Zupanc, Marshfield, WI, USA

This is so cool! it would make my presentations more interesting, advanced and intellectual. hope it looks easier to do than what I see. :)
- Annie David, Malabon City, Philippines

I believe this is a fabulous add in for powerpoint presentations.
- Alan Nutes, Pooler, USA

I train educators in a large urban district in how to use data to improve instructional practice. Raptivity Presenter would be instrumental in developing innovative presentations that keep practitioners at all levels- from teachers to principals and central office administrators- engaged in conversations about how to increase student achievement.
- R Jackson, Newark, USA

As a firm believer in the *power* of PowerPoint as an educational tool, I can only imagine how terrific the addition of Raptivity would be to my coursework.
- Kathleen Tucker, Burns, USA

As a minister, I've benefited greatly from the templates offered by Indezine. I'd love to take my presentations to an even higher level with Raptivity!
- Zeke Flores, Angleton, TX, USA

This particular product appears to be a neat add-on that will allow me to become even more creative with Power Point!
- Ken Lawrence, Melbourne, USA

Consider giving it to our school, I will teach it in my classes and then when students go to work, your product will be recommended by the new employee. Think about this marketing strategy.
- Angela Griffin, Jackson, USA

This add on would be help engage our students. How cool!
- Margaret Shaffer, Easton, MD, USA

I think that this is a great tool and is such a step up from the normal standard that most people are used to. I use powerpoint at my church and for other projects and I haven't even used the trial yet but I can see the possibilities already. Kudos to the creators - it just looks so cool. I'll be downloading Raptivity Presenter as soon as I get home. And thanks to INDEZINE for partnering up and giving members this opportunity.
- Dionne Hunte, St. Michael, Barbados

If i won the prize then i will first of all thank "INDEZINE" who gave me the chance to win the prize. Then with the help othe designes given by you as a prize, i will create new slides to present which will help me a lot. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN INDEZINE.
- Rajat Garg, Kota, India

I am a very good presenter and am always looking for ways to make make my presentations more interesting. As an Infection Preventionist, I address different groups with varying target audiences; it is always a challenge to engage the learners in a meaningful way. It would be great not to always have to sing or do a Jazzercize Routine to keep rapt attention. The Rapitivity Presenter would be a great addition to my toolbox and perhaps make enough of a difference to save a life.
- Barbara Herman, Lubbock, USA

I have to do a lot of presentations for College and this will help me to do them faster and easier. The first time I used a powerpoint template, from ya'll, was this summer when I had to present a presentation on "Modern Uses of Gene Therapy". It was a huge success.
- Emma, Belton, USA

You have awesome products that meeting the needs of all the eLearning developers. I would love to learn how to use the templates within Powerpoint and create wonderful presentations. Thanks!
- Angel Nazir, Sacramento, USA

I am the CFO for the City of Sausalito, CA. The City prides itself on rather spectacular presentations that breathe exciting new life into what normally would be routing and boring displays of financial data. The Raptivity Presenter would be a wonderful tool for our future presentations, and a showcase for other units of local government to emulate!
- Charlie Francis, Sausalito, USA

Having watched Raptivity Presenter in action, the simplicity of form, the observed impact on the audience, the ease with which it worked within the presentation has led me to this web site so Raptivity Presenter will launch my Power Point presentations to new and soaring heights.
- Mac Macdonalod, Langley B.C., Canada

Wow! From the demo items -- the extra impact that Raptivity Presenter creates would add a huge "remember" factor for my audience... what a fantastic and useful looking program!
- Ian Moore, Port Coquitlam, Canada

I am always trying to find new, creative ways to do my presentations to assure that my students and audience in conferences and seminars will understand the message, learn and still have fun and be engaged with nice slides resources. This new resources seems perfect!! I would love to win it!!
- Denise Thomas, Montreal, Canada

I am a university professor who frequently distributes knowledge through the network, with social and democratic intentions. With the Raptivity Presenter I would generate new forms of communication for the education
- Rodolfo Calderón Vivar, Xalapa, Ver., Mexico

I intend to capture the attention of my audience with a visual presentation of theory, method, and results. Your assisstance has been indispensible, and the past results phenomenol!
- Jennie Espy, Ft Myers, FL, USA

I work for non-profit that literally relies on power point presentations to draw in our clients. My organization works with farmers, ranchers, foresters, and landowners who sign up their land to help offset carbon in our environment. Your product maybe just the thing we need to reach more of our clients while addressing the global warming issue.
- Emily Tafoya, Pony, USA

I think that interactivity between students and Powerpoint presentations could serve as a productive educational tool. The course I teach in environmental engineering are quite quantitative in nature. If I could make the presentations interactive, students could be guided in their attempts to derive equations important in the field. Example problems could be fashioned such that a student could make a calculation and be assisted by the program if they are stuck on a particular step. Such interactivity would reduce the droll presentation of derivations, examples and problem solutions. Also, we look at water, wastewater and hazardous waste treatment step by step. An interactive presentation would permit a student to click through a series of processes and descriptions and diagrams of those processes at their own speed and put it all together at the end. I definitely would set time aside to develop such interactivity as a learning tool in engineering. Thank You,
- Ronald Cohen, Golden, C), USA

Our company is going to do our annual Road Show this coming year. This is a chance to WOW the managers in our restaurants that we travel to, all over the country. We want to inform them of what is going on in the company and what they can expect in the coming year. In order to make the best use of the day we have with them- we need our presentations to really be exciting and also informative. This program would really give us an edge up on any presentations we have given in the past and keep our attendees more interested. Please consider us for this license!! I have used Indezine slides for years and always get requests to make PowerPoint presentations for other co-workers in my office since they really enjoy mine. I am sure this new product you are offering would get my presentations noticed even more. Thank you!
- Natalie Greenwald, San Diego, USA

The Raptivity Presenter Essential Pack would certainly help make worship story telling and church business presentations more convincing to church council and the congregation.
- Curt Shepler, Wadsworth, OH, USA

Great, i just love it.... I will use it for to make great slide shows,
- Greg Friesen, Regina, Canada

Raptivity Presenter
- James Easterly, Baton Rouge, USA

Raptivity Presenter would be a splendid addition to my classroom technology "arsenal." I've just resieved a SMARTboard in my room and I've been looking for more innovative and fun ways to present the information to the students. this product seems to be exactly what I've been looking for!!
- Natalie Gentry, Hodgenville, Kentucky

I think these presentation allplications are awesome. As a High School teacher, I need to keep up with 21st Century learning skills. The multiformatted delivery aproach wil engage and inspire my science students.I already have ideas for interactive activities.
- Stephanie J. Brown, Newington, USA

WOW! I see great potential for use of this product in my education presentations. Health care professionals are notoriously distractable. The functionality of this product will enable me to create presentations that will maintain attention and improve retention.
- Deborah Hunt, Shallowater, TX, USA

I am new to your site, but I am also impressed with the content. I am just becoming comfortable with the powerpoint program. I use it for my Church. We are beginning to put words to our music, and our Pastor is learning to stay closer to his outline because he must stay with the presentation. It is a strong visual aid for the young and old alike. We are looking for the best way to incorporate our holiday programs into the presentations.
- Richard E Rush, Nashville, USA

This is one of teh most valuavle tools possible
- Alfonso Ruiz, Fort Lauderdale, USA

I devote my current research and presentation skills to climate risks and disaster vulnerabilities in Africa & the Indian Ocean. The main focus is to link environmental change to human migration --charting climate refugees across the globe. I will use this prize to be more persuasive at my dissertation defense, and later to convince United Nations and developing country decision makers to apply sustainable strategies to attenuate their risk levels and improve the lives of millions. I would be happy to portray the Indezine/Harbinger logo in any of my presentations. Thanks for considering the "othe world" in these high-tech but user-friendly solutions!
- Lezlie Moriniere, Tucson, USA

This software could be invaluable for the use of our church in providing some of the best media content for our services and presentations. We are always looking at how to get the messages across in the best possible way.
- Archer Leupp, Peshtigo, USA

This looks like an ideal addition to my arsenal of teaching tools. As a teacher, I find I am turning more and more to technology to engage my students in daily lessons. They are so attuned to the media that the traditional methods of delivering lessons- paper, pencil/pen, lecture, writing- is no longer sufficient. PowerPoint presentations along with the SmartBoard have become my materials of choice when teaching. Raptivity Presenter would take my lessons to the next level, adding new ways of gaining student attention and motivating them to learn, in other words, keeping them RAPTIVE, I mean captive!
- Angela Ackley, Ashtabula Ohio, USA

I want a powerful presentation.
- Joe Nicor, Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines

I do our presentations at church. Raptivity Presenter would be a great addition. Indezine has been a lot of help. I thank You for the Website,Tips etc.
- James E. Smith, Kokomo, IN, USA

I am a business owner. I am a private tutor, group trainer, developer, consultant and part-time community college Instructor of Microsoft products. I also create special PowerPoint presentations, slides shows and training documents for classroom instruction and presentations. The Raptivity Presenter would enable me to create more impressive and attention grabbing visuals and presentations. I would certainly like to have my own copy and could put it to good use.
- Jan Ilacqua, Santee, CA, USA

At last a means to create with PowerPoint without it looking like a canned PowerPoint presentation. Give a chance and I'll help enlighten the training world on how Raptivity works.
- Andrew Williams, Nashville, USA

I am currently studying medicine and one of the ways we get assessed is on our use of technology especially when presenting cases to the consultants (who generally act like gods). I have found it brilliant to be able to download medical templates from this site and have received positive feedback previously from these "gods".
- Angie Rohl, Newcastle, UK

Raptivity would give our non-profit's presentations around the world a dynamic approach to on-site training to captivate and engage the much more than standard slides and videos. Indezine always offers something of interest and a value-add!
- Andrea Miller, Springfield, USA

This will impress those 'seen it all before' kids in my classes, who think "Oh no! Not more death by Powerpoint". Once they see the difference Raptivity makes, we'll have rapt attention even from the back row. Get that attention, and they will learn more, and enjoy learning more!
- Malcolm Churchill, High Wycombe, UK

Exciting giveaway, especially in times of tight budgets - thanks!! I want to bring innovation to my new online learning position, but we are without funds to upgrade our tools so this would be a fabulous win for our team and our customers!!
- Diane Cunningham, Poway, USA

As the Director of Training and Development for a large segment of my organization (20,000+ employees) I am always looking for new ways to enhance our e-learning tools. I'm hoping to win a chance to get hands-on experience with Rapitivity's Presenter in an effort to evaluate it and other Rapitivity tools. As usual, another great offering by the folks at InDezine!
- Glenn Howells, Ridgefield, USA

A sure winner and a great way to engage students! As a middle school history teacher, I am constantly on the lookout for fresh new ways to make learning come alive. Raptivity Presenter has what it takes to pull in the most reluctant learner!!
- Keith Wayne, Mt. Gilead, OH, USA

Great idea! Love your templates!
- Elsie Soriano , Isabela, Puerto Rico

Raptivity is one of the most exciting activity,
The no of give away licenses looks less,
But I may still win if God bless.
- Shaantanu, Mumbai, India

I've been downloading your free templates for years, and they are the ones that I use in my presentations. I work as a "slightly" paid volunteer for a nonprofit humanitarian organization, teaching yoga, meditation and powerful breathing techniques to people living with HIV, incarcerated individuals and working on a program for veterans coming home with combat stress injury. I'm always trying to think of ways to 'jazz up' my presentation to start a new program, since people are so overloaded, exhausted and jaded. Raptivity, from all appearances, would be just the thing! Part of our mission statement is to serve society by strengthening the individual. I work with those who most likely would never have access to this level of knowledge. Raptivity would help me find avenues to serve even more. Thank you very much.
ith great respect, francesca
- Francesca, San Francisco, USA

- Christopher Nesamony, Nagercoil, India

I am always looking for new approaches to PowerPoint presentations, and these tools look like some winners. Having experts share from their personal experience helps make the rest of us look that much better without our having to have the same amount of experience.
- David Ballew, Saint Charles, USA

The Raptivity Presenter offers so many creative possibilities! I can use it in my profession to create courses for online learners--imagine how much easier it would be to learn in such an interactive environment! And I can use it at home, to create beautiful scrapbooks and memory books for friends and family. Maybe I'll combine the two, and make a personalized alphabet book for my granddaughter!! Great software!
- Joyce Rodvien, Fairhope, USA

I am a teacher and I inspired students to create stories and presentations through PowerPoint. I would love turn my PowerPoint into a meaningful interactive experience in minutes but as a teacher I can afford to buy one. I hope I will be one of the winners so that I can share the Raptivity Presenter to the younger generation with all these amazing interactions.
- Thienanh Khong, Laredo, TX, USA

I am a nurse educator and generally create two or more powerpoints a month for our nursing staff in surgery. I depend on your products to help me make my presentations more interesting and exciting. Thank you!
- Charlene Copley, Tavares, FL, USA

This'll be great to enhance presentations.
- Mary Lizakowski, Grand Forks, ND, USA

I never win anything, but I'll give this a try because I'm desparate for some up to date software! I'm a freelance graphic designer who has been hit pretty hard by the economic crisis. Clients are dropping off like flies! I need something to make me smile again. Pretty Please!!!
- Jacquelyn Smith, Baltimore, USA

I am very thankful to Indezine for giving me this opportunity to win these innovative & extremely useful Raptivity Presenter.Thank you Regards
- Sumit, Aurangabad, India

I never win anything, but I'll give this a try because I'm desparate for some up to date software! I'm a freelance graphic designer who has been hit pretty hard by the economic crisis. Clients are dropping off like flies! I need something to make me smile again. Pretty Please!!!
- Jacquelyn Smith, Baltimore, USA

To Whomever it may concer at Indezine, I've always enjoyed your products as well as your e-letters, so I'm sure I'll love this new program as well.
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat, Israel

I love Power Point and I want to wow my audience with fantastic, memorable presentations.
- Paula Krampfert, Manchester, USA

I teach early-morning (6:30am) seminary to a group of high school students. I often make power-point presentations to go along with my lessons. This would really help me to jazz up the presentations and catch their attention = keep them awake!!
- Fran Smith, Erie, USA

I am a high school math teacher who is constantly competing for student engagement by using PowerPoint. I could imagine how more captivating my lesson presentations will be with the Raptivity presenter. My students will definitely enjoy it.
- Alicia, Mission, USA

Great site! A prize like Raptivity Presenter, I think would help me send points home regarding Climate Change, Sustainability and Energy related issues. In my line of work I make lots of presentations and I'd really like to step them up a notch! Thanks!
- John Beaton, Antigonish, Canada

Looks like a super package. I've downloaded the samples.
- Bill Nichols, Birmingham, USA

Presentations that wake up your audience
- Helen Borg, Marsascala, Malta

I will do great presentations with a great and powerful tool like Raptivity presenter
- Jose Enrique Lopez, San Salvador, El Salvador

I like very much indezine templates-i use it in my work in school.
- Mariq Minkova, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

I will prepare the whole array of slides to reach the newer corporate heights for me
- Pawnesh, Chandigarh, India

Hey free stuff is good
- C Nash, Abernethy, Scotland

Raptivity Presenter is an awesome application. I have seen other presenters use this product and I have been blown away at its graphics. I do alot of work with children and keeping their attention is a challenge to say the least. This surely will make my PPT's come alive and keep the kids on the edge of their seats as they watch, interact, and learn. Great product. Wish this had been around when I was a kid.
- Gary Minton, Mesa, USA

As i am a student i need to make a lot of presentations during training. Recently it becomes too boring to use old effects. So i would like to get a chance to improve my presentations with your help=)
- Miss Arefyeva, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Creative, innovative and entertaining. that's who I am. And , that's what Raptivity helps me project to my audiences. Whether they are students, teachers, administrators or community members, Raptivity gives me the tools to help my words and pictures fly! I have taken a new position of "Technology Coach" in our middle school building. I find new and interesting ways to do presentations for the students, staff and School district. I have downloaded the free trial of Raptivity and am using it in a ppt. for Professional Development. I am using it to make subject content and learning standards "POP"! I am the "go to" person for innovation and creativity! If you can keep them WATCHING, you can get the results for which you were looking! Thank you!
- Vicki Keck, Groveport, USA

I am a medical assisting/font office medical management instructor. I use Microsoft Powerpoint extensively for teaching purposes. This product would be an incredible asset to my students as it would be another way to bring excitement to the learning process.
- Grant C. Newton Iv, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

I am in the teaching line, holding a key position. With Raptivity Presenter, I can DEFINITELY mesmerise and captivate my pupils (during my lessons)- making teaching & learning really meaningful for both parties. As for my fellow colleagues, they will be impressed with my presentation slides and have a clearer, better understanding of the content of my presentations.
- Nanc Tan, Singapore, Singapore

Hi, I´m a 5th pharmacy student at the Universidad de Costa Rica...many times in this major I´ve noticed how helpful a GREAT power point presentation can be to catch others attention...In Health Area, many topics recquire the use of backgrounds and animations to explain your self to the public... Topics like chemical reactions and drug-receptor relationships are better learned for people lime me (University Students) when you get them from animations and diagrams that are capable to catch all of our attention for at least 3 hours (average class duration at the final courses) Thanks a lot for the opportunity of winning a prize like this, this program would be a VERY useful tool for my class presentations as well as for my career.
- Esteban Vargas Abdallah, San José, San Pedro , Costa Rica

One of the best software for presentation
- Javier Rubio, Los Angeles, USA

As a pastor, power point presentations reinvigorate the way sermons are delivered. Being aware of informations regarding historical, cultural, social and religious aspects helps significantly to a deeper understanding of the Bible. And presenting them in an attractive and easy to understand way is a must. Hope to have the privilege of using this tool for the next sermon presentation.
- Katyadin Abner, Bls, Romania

RAPTIVITY with its CREATIVITY enhances CAPTIVITY of my Audience's Attention during my Power Point Presentation ACTIVITY for it put my Audience into PAUCITY and there is great SENSITIVITY on my content.
- Kiuba Nantham M S, Ipoh, Malaysia

It is so difficult these days to hold the attention of students in the classroom. Putting the power of Raptivity into school lessons would surely enhance the focus of my students and help in opening their minds to learning.
- Beccy Haugen, St. Germain En Laye, France

Just hope I win, like what I see
- Dickinsonrh, Leavenworth, USA

Pick me, pick me please........I need to wow my audiences and keep them engaged with games. We conduct about 40 web classes per month. I'm looking for a way to keep them engaged in our sessions and it looks like Raptivity is the right product.
- Janice Pizzurro, Lake Mary, USA

I teach at a high school that decided to switch from 45 minute classes to 80 minute classes. It was tough enough keeping my students attention for 45 minutes - now I must do it for 80 minutes. Something like this will definitely be useful to entertain and teach my students at the same time.
- Andrew Burns, Brick, USA

Looks like a great product. I do a lot of church production work. This product looks like it could help do certain jobs I do.
- Johnnie Byers, Comanche, Ok , USA

To win this drawing would be awesome. Our church is going through financial difficulty and this program would enhance my preaching presentations.
- Wayne Manago, Hobart-In , USA

Thanks to your fabulous web
- Mohammad Sahebhonar, Tehran, Iran

As a reading consultant and coach who works with teachers to improve reading instruction, I present embedded professional development and technical assistance through power point presentations. This important work helps teachers to specifically identify student strengths to pinpoint the precise starting point for instruction. The Raptivity Presenter would make my presentations raptivating.
- Ginny Mccann, Clifton Park, USA

Looks good, I'm in severe awe
- Jon Spain, Harrow, United Kingdom

This site is amazing!! My husband and I coordinate a Wednesday evening service for our church and I have used many of your powerpoint backgrounds and pictures for our slideshows. They have greatly enhanced our service and I have gotten many comments and compliments on your products that I have used. If we win this, we will use it for our service and perhaps share it with our church so they can utelize it for the Sunday morning service.
- Gretchen Hecht, Kingman, Arizona, USA

Please do NOT give me a free licence of Raptivity! I would like to prevent, this - breath taking - presenter, the audience making it impossible to ask questions!
- Frank Telleman, Tiel, The Netherlands

Finally rapid elearning tools are actually here and viable. Been waiting for a couple of years to see products like these polish up and become tools that flash developers and other elearning pros can make use of. Hope to win a copy of this great tool and add it to my rapid elearning toolkit!
- Stephanie Harnett, Blairmore, Canada

El producto Raptivity Presenter luce muy novedoso, util y capaz de atraer la atencion del publico que vea la presentacion.
- Francisco Espinoza, Guatemala City, Guatemala

I am teacher in a high school of economic science and I need your products for my lesson and for my children.
Thank you very much!
- Camelia Panciu, Bucharest, Romania

What do I want to do next on Power Point? Raptivity Presenter is there before me with all the answers!
- Kit Heald, Warrington, United Kingdom

Loving this concept - providing creativity starters and structure for those of us with limited creativity ourselves. Although being challenged here to convince you to "choose me" is a stretch by itself - see, I'm definitely not creative :-)
- Frieda Maher, Sydney, Australia

I really enjoy the Indezine site and have used a lot of their backgrounds in the work I do for data presentations and I am sure I will be able to make good use the Rapivity Presenter. Keep up the good work Indezine.
- Carol Sayers, Glenning Valley, Australia

This place is great, I can take a lot information very helpful for me. Thanks a lot.
- Edier Aristizabal, Medellin, Colombia

I love the way it makes a powerpoint look. No more boring visuals. The animation and interactivity is eye catching to the audience and will help to keep them more engaged in the training being presented. I plan to incorporate it into all of my training and presentation videos.
- Julie Rogers, Phoenix, USA

I am a student studying to be a special education teacher. I am also a Teaching Assistant for Special Needs children. This would be helpful for presentations to be given in my education classes.
- Rhonda Thomas, Jasper, TN, USA

I am in need of indezine powerpoint templates to help build a stronger and more powerful presentation to help me capture the audience and make them glued to my presentation and feel satisfied and understand everything that i hope to potray. With the current normal powerpoint, im yet unable to create one with these power and sensation. Therefore, with the raptivity, i hope to be able to breakthrough this problems. Thank you
- Rkene, Bintulu, Malaysia

"When a person visualises an image, that person is reconstructing the neurological networks that were originally formed when the initial stimulus was experienced" (Siegel 2000) If we want our audience to recall the information we present, the visual stimulus needs to be more powerful than a basic powerpoint. This is precisely why the Raptivity Presenter is so important to me. I am an educator and regularly present at conferences around the world. I want my message to get across. People come to hear my presentations, ironically, research tells us the audience will remember more of what they saw than what they heard. Let's make their job of remembering easier with Raptivity - Presenter.
- Peter Fox, Melbourne, Australia

I have enjoyed being a part of indezine. I use a lot of the powerpoint backgrounds.
- Sandra Lawrence, Fairburn, GA, USA

Want it, Can't afford to buy it. Use PPT every week for our small church on O funds
- Terry, Anderson, USA

My current project involves creating an interesting and interactive eLearning course from PowerPoint. Quite a challenge until I saw Raptivity. Now I have dozens of ideas to spruce up my course!
- Anita Giddings, Melbourne, Australia

This will enable my powerpoint presentation much more interactive, interesting and memorable.
- Marcus Ting, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Powerpoint continues to excite and inspire me to seek innovative ways of making general presentations and also delivering lessons to classes of children learning to play brass instruments. Raptivity Presenter will undoubtedly provide a greater range of facilities to engage my audience. Thank you,
- David Frost, Probus, Truro, United Kingdom

As a teacher I use power point presentations daily to convey information to students, parents, and peers. Currently I use the free products indezine provides to enhance my presentations with very positive results. Everyone is always asking me where I get my backgrounds, templates, etc. I have found that the more modern and interactive I can make it the higher the interest and therefore the retention level. Being able to include that features available with raptivity presenter will greatly increase the impact on my presentations.
- Cynthia Defreese, Rockwall, Texas

I will use the prize to prepare the presentation I require to be admitted into the university.
- Roderick De Croz, Panama, Panama

- Juan Alejandro Ochoa, Saltillo, Mexico

We use PowerPoint every week in a church situation. It is a wonderful form of communication and would be enhanced greatly by the addition of "Raptivity Presenter".
- Michelle Rodgers, Bli Bli, Australia

It makes my presentation more pleasing to the eye and make catches my audience' attention.
- Alena, Iloilo, Philippines

Looks awesome. Will use it for my presentations as i am doing my PhD in uni and it might impress some of the academics. Although nothing ever impresses them. HAHAHA.
- Abel Oh, Perth, Australia

Raptivity Presenter takes on an already existing knowledge and enhances current presentation skills to becoming more powerful. This is innovation, which creates a new edge in technology. I strongly believe in innovation that helps in conveying my story across to a specific or even broader audience. Now that I have that in my fingertips life would be a whole lot easier.
- William James Kewo, Launceston, Australia

I would use the Raptivity Presenter to create more engaging presentations for my middle school students and colleagues.
- Stacie Jordan, Wichita, USA

- Amy, Toluca, Mexico

It is gratifying to use this site to raise funds for my power point and so encourage my science classes at my school, it's great! thanks pordes the necessary support for my public, i am school teacher.
- Leobardo Ibarra, Monterrey, Mexico

Thanks in advance if given a chance to have a free raptivity presenter
- Nora Dy, Quezon City, Philippines

I am a doctoral student who needs a copy of this product to enhance my presentations.
- T Price Sr, Spring, USA

Being new to the INDEZINE site, I'm already involved and loving the useful information, tips, and features.
- Lee Bandy, Columbia, Maryland, USA

I LOVE what you have to offer! I teach young, middle school children that are often times very difficult to engage. I use many PowerPoint presentations in my lessons, in fact daily. This type of presentation style would really grab their attention, make them sit up, and, most importantly, become interested and involved!! What a fabulous asset this would make in our classroom!
- Sharon Sutherland, Cameron Park, USA

The options available in this Raptivity pack will enable me to lift presentations to a new level of interactivity and interest - engaging the audience and ensuring they remember what they have seen. I am looking forward this this eciting opportunity.
- Peter O'Brien, Narara, NSW, Australia

This software I believe with all my heart is the software I really need to enhance my lessons / presentations, thus making them more understandable and appealing and interesting to my audience. I am a Sunday School teacher and does teaching every sunday at the church and in some young people's fellowships and married couples fellowships. I'm sure this will be a great help for me to make my presentation really better. I can also use this in my secular work (government agency)as instructor and assessor, making various presentations/seminars for seafarers and maritime course students (at no cost for the students). I am also the Chairman of our employees' cooperative, and as such, presents financial and other related reports from time to time to the Board of Directors and the general membership. Being equipped with this software is a big help. Please consider me as one of the recipient of the said license. I'd been blest by this site. I've downloaded and used a number of your religious templates which I am using in my lessons and in our songs. I have also learned a lot of techniques in making presentations. Thank you so much. God bless! and more power.
- Felisa N. Orongan, Davao City, Philippines

I will use the prize to prepare presentations for my school, providing both teachers and students how to integrate technology into the classroom while moving beyond the limitations of PowerPoint.
- Tina Statucki, Las Vegas, USA

Interactivity is a fantastic teaching aide!
- Karla Butler, Littleton, CO, USA

RAP your PPT shows! This should be THE proper way an electronic presentation be designed! WOW!
- Rdali, Sungai Petani, Malaysia

Patient reports and client presentations will never be the same!!!
- Jan W, Markham, Canada

I need help! No joke. My presentations to the congregation are so dull the pastors sermons are exciting.
We need something to get their attention.
- Bill Beverly, Puyallup, USA

I love you powerpoint presentation, helps a lot
- Annie Lee, Taipei, Taiwan

I have always been interested in making powerpoints more interactive and this software will help greatly!
- Hoho, Richmond, Canada

Would like to see how Raptivity can help me in my corporate presentations. i do lots of powerful presentations. Raptivity will be known to the world.
- Desmond Ang, Singapore, Singapore

Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
- Meher, Uppsala, Sweden

It is a fantastic offer i never met before! Do hope I could be a powerpoint expert step by step la...
- Lynn Guo, Foshan City, Longjiang Town, China

I love to create presentation in Power Point for my is fun, simple, helpfull and clear way to expone, I love your page because i can found variaty, elegance more fun, i hope ia can be one of the winners. Thank you.
- Hilda, Saint-Hyacinthe - Quebec, Canada

This tool is excelent for my job, i go to try and i go to talk with some client, about, and im sure that they go to want to get it, iam a IT person.
- Alba Cristina, Miami, USA

Thank you Indezine for providing great powerpoint templates.
- Marilou O. Rodrigo, Davao City, Philippines

I will be using the program to jass-up my presentations I am doing in front of several hundred people at a time.
- Larry Snodgrass, Abilene, Texas, USA

What! me win. I never win anything...'cept maybe that time I won the hog calling contest at the pumpkin festival.
- Tina Wagner, Havana, Florida, USA

Excellentttttttttt!!! Improve my presentations dramatically.
- Eneida Serra, Anasco, Puerto Rico

I really enjoy the variety of slides that this site offers. It really allows the opportunity for creativity to flow.
- Sandra Gilchrease, Levittown, PA, USA

This looks like a awesome tool for power point. I teach many classes on various subjects from Scuba Diving to Ayurvedic medicine. I would very much like to incorporate this tool into my presentations for visual impact which helps the visual learning curve.
- Dean Perry, Marana, USA

Oh my god, i really want one of this because im a nurse in training and we use Power Point A LOT!!!
- Paloma Ponce, Mexicali, Mexico

I do not know what it is but I would LOVE to try it out !!!
- Carole Singh, Springfield, MA, Use

I appreciate this noble attitude of "Harbinger Knowledge Products" to induce all, those who want to share and enjoy their interest with these products. I personally am very thrilled with this offer and hope, I win the licenses. I know, as I'm too fond of power point presentations, these "Raptivity Presenter" shall add a new dimension in my work. Hope my dreams come true.
- Seemanto Hoque, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am a huge powerpoint user. I use it almost everyday in my business presentations. Upon seeing the samples of raptivity presenter, I was amazed on how it can turn simple powerpoint slide presentations to amazing and fun interactive shows! I am really excited to try it! Who knows, it may be my key to my next promotion! Thanks
- Rene B. Arroyo, Makati City, Philippines

I am so glad I found Indezine! I am a fourth grade teacher and my students have been working on a huge animal research project. I came accross some free templates to use with the student's work and they were so excited to incorporate them in their presentations. In about two weeks we will be presenting our work to the staff and parents and we are all excited to present our work which includes the templates so kindly provided by Indezine. I would like to mention that I work in a very poor neighborhood in the southside of Tucson. Most of our students are on a reduced lunch and some are even living in foster homes due to hardships at home. We would be incorporating anything that helps in engaging our kids and motivates them to continue learning and staying in school. Thank you for your kind consideration.
- Myrna Grijalva, Tucson, Arizona, USA

- Reji Ismail, Trivandrum, India

I will become a loyal customer of Indezine
- Preethi Baalaa, Sivakasi, India

Raptivity adds captivity to your presentations. CApture their attention; enrapture your audience with Raptivity.
- Mark Harris, Phila., PA, USA

This raptivity presenter product would surely make my presentations more visual. love it, hope i win! :-)
- Richard Chuaunsu, Parañaque City, Philippines

Good site
- Kinnari, Mumbai, India

I am a currently teach nursing students, as well as current nurses and this would be a great addition to my presentations! I always try to display medical complications by using everyday analogies for better learner recollection and having a Raptivity Presenter license would only add to my explanations for better understanding.
- Wendi Hartley, Clermont, FL, USA

This is an excellent space where you can find thing that are so importan for your homework, exposure, etc-.
- Juan Humberto, Cuernavaca, Mexico

I have been a practitioner of Quality management Systems (and Environment Safety and Health Management systems) for several years now. Part of the Job is being a teacher / trainer, i.e. telling organizations what the management systems are. I use Power Point a lot in my teaching/training that I conduct for new and (not so) old employees as part of their orientation. Keeping their attention is a tough job. I use whats available in PPT animation and transitions and flash etc. The raptivity presenter will help me do my job better and more effective. I hope you will consider me in this offering. Thank you,
- Alvin Del Rosario, Manila, Philippines

Working as a teaching Pastor and a Worship Pastor, I can see how the Raptivity Presenter could be a great enhancement to my presentations. I would love to have a copy!
- David A. Skates, Spring Valley, USA

Interested in finding out what this new product offers me. I could use it with my students, maybe creating some new and interesting ways of keeping their attention and having them grab knowledge!
- Selma Guerra, Hermosillo, Mexico

I really live this site. I do a lot of powerpoint presentations since I am a nursing student. I think that the raptivity presenter will really help me to enhance my presentations even more. I already love the fact that I can get templates of any kind that I want on this site. The site is very easy to use and navigate through and this helps.
- Angela Weston, Traverse City, USA

I am a medical doctor. I do a lot of presentations in seminars /conferences. It can be very challenging to keep doctors awake. Your Raptivity Presenter will help me help them keep awake!!
- Dr. Sandhya, Bangalore, India

I think it's a new inovation of presentation templates and i think it wpould be helpfull for everybody who need to make a good presentation
- Niceshafi, Sukabumi, Indonesia

I develop/ed CD based and web based (online)tutorials on crops grown by poor famers in harsh dry climatic areas in India. These elearning tutorials are to benefit the farmers to get timely information to save the crops from drought and pest problems. These tutorials are passed on to the self-help women groups in villages to commmunicate with the farmers at village information centers. These tutorials were/are preapred using PowerPoint taking advantage of many useful tips provided by Indezine and other rapid elearnig blog sites. I believe Raptivity will enable me to develop crop related information for easy communication/learning and adoption by the poor farmers.
- Dr. B Diwakar, Hyderabad, India

This is a cool site and with alot of ideas and design. I learn alot from the tips and dos. Is sure is a enriching experiences. Thanks for sharing on powerpoints...
- Lim Meng Chiah, Singapore, Singapore

To me it is very good action. It is useful for good presentation. I will use it frequently if I win it.
- Hovhannes, Aknalich, Armenia

The Raptivity Presenter sample looks amazing; i am sure this will help making the presentation much more glamorous.
- Vasan, Kuwait, Kuwait

Excelent Software :)
- Carlos Pimementa, V.N.Famalicao, Portugal

I have enjoyed using Indezine templates for my presentations and any project at my work and also with my daughter's at school. It always has lots choices to choose from the free templates that you can use in whatever project you want to do. The free Raptivity Presenter Giveaway is sure an early Christmas presents that you will give to the members which just show how generous Indezine to the needs of the members. Thank you and more power...Jubie od Saudi Arabia
- Jubie Paner, Riyadh Central, Saudi Arabia

Kudos to Indezine for making everyday presentations so easy and for the unlimited templates- it is really easy now to graphically convey your messsage to the audience, thus engaging them better and facilitating effective communication
- Pankaj Agarwal, New Delhi, India

Why is it that there are still people who think that reading lines and lines of text on a slide makes a great presentation!
- Marion Chessell, Lincoln, UK

What an awesome presentation for me to use if i had those apps!
- Yusri Rawi, Singapore, Singapore

Raptivity Presenter seems like a really good software to me. Great work. Overall, all the things that are presented on this site is great. Here is another great product. Great job.
- Nikthyan Elangovan, Singapore, Singapore

Winning this would enable me to create outstanding presentations and give me a competitive advantage in my career.
- Sharon Ramgulam, Port Of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies

I'm going to use this to really grab my students attention! They have a very short span of attention, so I will be needing more than interesting lessons but eye catching presentations with more interesting details.
- Jay Rojas, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

It great to have prices from Indezine...Good creativity
- Rohitsimon, Chennai, India

The Raptivity functionality is exceptional. We are developing a new product for career management and I can think of numerous ways a Raptivity enhanced powerpoint will help us communicate our story.
- Eric Kramer, Norristown, USA

This power point program would add excitement to presentations to students 9 - 12 in the Science department. The students would be able to visualize the processes as the instructor is explaining some complex concept.
- Anne M. Miller, Manassas, USA

The software sounds really interesting and i would be very happy to have it and make use of it.
- Mansi Shah, Ahmedabad, India

This would help me with making the presentations more interactive with my students. I would be able to have them working on laptops and working at their own pace, which would allow me to individualize instruction better for any struggling students and put more challenging activities in for my advanced students.
- Michelle Behnfeldt, Greenbelt, USA

Hi, I work for the US Embassy Cairo!
- Vita Tibbs, Cairo, Egypt

I've been teaching for almost four years at different settings: classroom, out-door, seminars, and trainings. During those times, I've been longing to deliver better lectures and to facilitate the learning process in an animated way. To achieve this, I always use power point presentations to deliver my lectures. I see to it that the learners I attend to will always see new power point design/templates accordingly every time I teach. Thanks to Indezine, I never run out of appropriate designs/templates and even ideas.
- Mark U. Gay-As, La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines

I am just starting to make presentations and I use powerpoint presentations. I need to know more as I would like to become a better presenter everytime I prepare my speaking engagements. I would be grateful to get a copy of your product and become a better presenter using it. Thank you very much for the offer.
- Melodina, Manila, Philippines

I hope I win. I teach and am always trying to make my powerpoints zing and have an edge. I love it when I hear comments from other teachers about the powerpoints I presented that my students have talked about. Students do live in an interactive world and I use your website to help present it to them.
- Timmie Spangler, Bristow, USA

I use powerpoint in my Sunday School class to clarify ideas but mostly to keep people interested and interactive. This seems like the perfect add on to my power point endevors, but I really can't afford to get it based on my once per week presentations. The people I teach are mostly professional people, lawyers, engineers, sales people and some independent business owners who frequently ask how I get most of the pictures, video and such that I currently use.
- Gary Stewart, San Antonio, TX, USA

This site helps me a lot on my presentation.
- Ria Ebido, Imus Cavite, Philippines

As a resident-in-training,we are required to prepare powerpoint presentations for reports, case conferences, etc. Raptivity Presenter will definitely make my presentation more engaging and interesting and hopefully, this will help me in delivering the message of my report.
- Marilyn L. Vinluan, Manila, Philippines

This would be a great addition to my slide presentations in my Advertising classes! The lectures are very interactive and Raptivity Presenter will help me keep the attention of my toughest critics - undergrad students!
- Sloane Signal, New Orleans, USA

With a Training budget that has been cut of supplies, materials, travel and professional development this software would be a moral booster to aide in interactive training of teachers.
- Belinda Cooley, Montgomery, USA

I think this would be a great assest in my classroom. Each student has a laptop and having interactive powerpoints would give them the opportunity to choose the style that suites their personal needs best - always the goal of good education. I would embrace the extra work changing over some of my presentations because it would be for the best thing for them.
- Patti Owens, Wilson, USA

Espero q sea algo bueno
- Rosa, Arequipa, Peru

I have been a member of the site for years and love continue to enjoy. I saw a demonstration of Raptivity at the Innovations of Online Learning conference in Austin (TX) last year and thought that it was a wonderful product. I am an instructor in Pathology Education and could readily appreciate how this tool could be a real benefit with regard to developing learning objects for our pathologists-in-training.
- B. Alan Rampy, Houston, USA

Curious to see how well it really works within PowerPoint.If it does, it will give those dull corporate meetings something energetic to talk about!(Even though it might not have anything to do about their own work)
- Homai Patel, Frisco, USA

Presentations are like crack around my office. Whether it's necessary or not, folks can't seem to stop themselves from creating a deck for every meeting. So anything that will help make my dept's decks stand out and get the audience more engaged is like crack-extra! Gotta have it! Help a sister out, will ya?
- Mara Armstrong, New York, New York, USA

This prize will help me make outstanding presentations for upcoming seminars!
- Gary Tiffany, Rockford, IL, USA

- Terrell, Kansas City, USA

As a small business the opportunity to utilize this software would be unbelievable, it is always a difficult decision as to whether you can justify purchasing a piece of software no matter how much you may need it or see the benefits. I know this would have a huge impact on my presentation designing.
A big thanks to Indezine for the brilliant information that is constantly placed on this website, I use it often and always learn something new!
- Pauline Williams, Kemptville, Canada

I like your Raptivity Presenter very much. It is the best thing I ever saw. The design, the looks, they are too good. I would be considered very lucky if I win it. Hoping for the best. Regards,
- Nick, Mumbai, India

This product would prove very helpful with medical education. I teach various levels of medical education from EMS to Nursing to Physicians.The ability to provide this degree of grafics within a presentation would add a beyond measureable quality to the educational experience....
- J. Scott Hale, Beckley, USA

I would love to win this because I love working with computer software. Especially anything that has to do with PowerPoint because my husband is a Pastor at a very small church, but my husband uses PowerPoint all the time, and I love to make it look GREAT!
- Kerri Lambert, Lakeside, USA

"There Is Beauty All Around" "God Bless America" and "In God We Trust"
- Fred Atkinson, Cheraw, USA

I teach in a small school district in Colorado. In spite of being small we are the fastest growing district in the state. With the rapidity of my district's growth, they are unable to keep up with technology. I have noticed that each time the district has staff development sessions they use the same boring power point slides and animations. If you can imagine, being in a meeting of 150 plus teachers and para-teachers for at least six hours, being subjected to information that is important to eudcators for student success and falling asleep during the presentation! We most definately could use your product. We are required to use technology in our classrooms and it's very difficult when you're using outdated material - especially for me because I teach middle school choir. I use power point alot and many of the slide backgrounds and ideas I've used have come from your site. Indezine is an awesome tool, unfortunately, I don't have the resources right now to purchase the full line of products. I hope that I have a running chance to win your product for me and my district! Thank you for your time!
- Harriet Jarmon, Peyton, USA

Very good site for the variety of knowledge along with the knownhow for power point presentation.
- Rb.Shringi, Kanpur, India

The site is just fabulous,it gives me so many creative ideas to make my presentations more interactive and effective. The product provided is really a great help and it has almost revolutionized the art of presenting power point slides. Audience gets engaged and is attracted by the designs. Thanks to Indezine :)
- Ayesha, Lahore, Pakistan

I'm sure my students will understand and learn more with Raptivity Presenter!
- Milagritos Archilla, Gurabo, Puerto Rico

I LOVE Indezine! I have been using the picture wheel template for many of my presentations! Thank you.
- Stephanie Menard, Pensacola, USA

Incorporate them in my medical presentations to educate men & women of our society & help reduce maternal & perinatal mortality (deaths). I appreciate your invitation to participate in this competition. Regards
- Dr Shehla Sami, Quetta, Pakistan

My Raptivity Presenter Haiku They're boring and dull. Presentations don't have to be that way. Presenter fixed all.
- Monica Quijada, Phoenix, AZ, USA

The way you present your ideas is critical for obtaining that your message get to your clients. People love graphics and multimedia in a presentation and this kind of tool could help a lot to obtain the best results in presenting ideas to them.
- Jose Pena, Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Raptivity presenter looks great. I am a school teacher and can see how it will enhance my presentations. I'm sure the high school students I teach will be asking me "How did you do that?"
- Denise Trifaro, Holbrook, NY, USA

Love the product - looks like it brings PowerPoint in line and beyond some of the creative visuals I've wished we had from the Mac presentation world. I preach creatively most Sundays using PowerPoint and this will add an extra visual dimension to my presentations.
- Matthew Carratt, Cummins, Australia

Raptivity is the most fabulous presenter/tutorial software I have seen. It ease of use and flexibility are particularly attractive to educators who want to create stunning products without the technical knowledge necessary for similar projects.
- Paula Williams, West Orange, USA

I really appreciate your creative product which made our life and world more colorful. Thank you all.
- Frank Cai, Haikou, China

Soy maestra de ciencia en una escuela intermedia y en ocasiones utilizo el programa de Power Point para presentat el material academico de forma ta que atraiga la atencion de os estudiantes. Raptivity Presenter facilitaria a organizacion de la informacion y la convertiria en algo mas atractivo. De esta forma ayudaria a crear en los estudiantes un aprendizaje profundo de los conceptos y, en consecuencia, ellos mejoraarian su desempeno acaddemico.
- Juana Vazquez, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico

This tool will be able to help me with my school work. This could help me recieve good marks and be the envy of all my classmates. It could also be a perfect present giveaway.
- Rachel Huang, Toronto, Canada

Interactive, smart and style
- Nurul, Kedah, Malaysia friends
- Edgar, La Paz, Bolivia

Hi I subscribed a few days ago and the sample material look great. Flip Book, Panning Cards and 3D Cube, in that order, are my favorites. Will follow you through the webinars to learn more about Raptivity. What would I do with the prize? Surely surprise everybody and capture their interest and attention to the content material because with the support of a really fine tool.
- Sandra Galindo, Chicago, IL, United States Of America

Hello, Raptivity has some of the very best softwares for creating interactive presentations, e-learning content, and web content. I am involved in all of the above and would love to have a software at my disposal to help me create stunning presentations. BTW, Indezine is a great site for learning lot of new stuff. Indezine proves true that there is never an end to learning. Thanks
- Dundee C, Ohio, USA

I've been searching high and low for a tool that will make my powerpoints cooler and grab eyeballs! Raptivity sounds like it's the perfect answer!
- Suma Ramchandran, Bangalore, India

This site is good for students who wants to make their powerpoint presentations presentable and beautiful;
- Rico Ochea, Danao City, Philippines

It is wonderful to have new phases of my multimedia presentation. I often use it during meetings, an ad resource person
- Angelita, Bacnotan, Philippines

Would love to have this software for lectures in my classes at Lane Community College. LOVE PowerPoint and love even more being able to keep my student's attention with graphics and interactivity!!! Using the graphics presentations through PowerPoint has woken up many of my students. I never have anyone snoring in the back of the class! Can't wait to see what Raptivity will do to my students and FOR my students.
- Alicia Langlois, Springfield, USA

If i win , i will study my P.hd in foregin countries, iam persuing my final semester in molecular biology. Its an nice website to give powerpoint presentation,belonging to various studies images and so on.
- Saravanakumar.B, Trichy, India

With interactive presentations one can draw the audience right into the scenarios being presented so they feel fully involved.
- Terrance Edward Lowe, Johannesburg, South Africa

Would love to win!
- David Clift, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

This presenter sure give me the best for my final year project presentation!!
- J, Maran, Malaysia

The kids call me the Power Point Devil as 99% of my lessons are in PPT format. I'm always looking for new ideas to improve lesson presentation. Thanks
- Ocki Fernandes, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Will be greatful to you since you are helping me in making my professional life better by guiding me to make better ppt
- P N Vydianathan, Mumbai, India

I work in the NHS, Raptivity Presenter would provide extra eyecatching enhancements to Presentation delivered in by role of faciliting training, setting the benchmark and encourge other user to use the software
- Kam Ram, Birmingham, UK

95% of my projects are used in teaching local communities abiut the issues surronding "Homeless Individuals". These presentatations are for goverment groups, community,church and business groups. I am always looking for new ways to make a "impact" message for this cause. This could help. Thank you
- Stephen Morrison, Colton, Oregon, USA

I guess should be great to win
- Rubã©N Gonzã¡Lez, Santiago, Chile

I am able to get updated with my Microsoft Power Point since I subscribed with Indezine. My presentations are also more attractive and interesting compared to before. Thus, I give 5 stars to Indezine!
- Muhammad Azhan Bin Abdull Aziz, Bachok, Kelantan, Malaysia

I use Indezine to help improve my PowerPoint presentations for my students in my school. Anything used to improve the presentations makes learning better and easier for them. Money is tight, and there is no better price than free!
- John B. Edwards, Baltimore, USA

I will have the best presentation to offer, just can't wait to try it.
- Adriana Mitte, Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Thank you
- Vijji, Hyderabad, India

I would like to use your templates for my presentations so that I could brag my coleagues that this was made thru Raptivity presenter and Indezine... So that people would recognize this presenters and be more famous... like a win-win situation...
- Angelito John Joseph Anzures, Manila, Philippines

I am a registered nurse diabetes educator. I teach diabetes education in English and in Spanish. If I won the Raptivity Presenter, I would use this amazing product to give exceptionally high quality presentations to all levels of society. I teach to very educated people as well as those with limited reading skills. The outstanding graphics capabilities of Raptivity Presenter would enable me to visually get across my main points for living with diabetes. My coworker and I make an annual trip to the Dominican Republic to do volunteer work in diabetes education. Your program would definitely help get our teaching presentations out to the health ministers and the people of the Dominican Republic. And we would definitely have one slide designated just for you to thank you for your great gift to us.
- Carol Uhrich, Laguna Hills, USA

I do legal presentations and most of the examples of Raptivity Presenter would make my presentations look so much more professional. Especially, the flip charts, panning cards, comparison charts, and organization charts. I do a lot of fly-outs with text from documents and this is a very professional way to present these fly-outs. I would love to have your program -- it would make me look like a presentation pro!!!!
- Beverly Wonnacott, Dallas, USA

I work in procurement department of an oil & Gas company. Most of my time is spend in meeting with vendors & contractors and in all of them, I present related information according to subject of meeting. Introducing your site for me was very good. Up to now that I look up your site, i couldn't find a very good sample that is related to oil & Gas. Generally some backgrounds that you are presented can be better if you change some of them.In some cases you bring a small picture in corner of eac slide. for example in accounting category you bring a bold calculator in corner of slid that is not very necessary to show that this slide is related to accounting matters and my idea is that a light picture is better, because addition to background, some data should be added to these slides and this makes we have a complex slide. I hope you have the best professional site in this regard.
- M.H Dezhkameh, Tehran, Iran

I used your powerpoint templates for my presentations
- Samuel, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

I hope I win this tool! It would certainly enhance my presentations!
- Willy Torresin, Londrina, Brazil

I really enjoy enchancing powerpoint presentations and I am always looking for new ideas. Thank you for this opportunity!
- Georgette Valliere, Augusta, USA

I love using a PowerPoint to engage and focus my audience - it has to be a whole lot more than just words and a pretty colour background! I want to learn new ways of doing this and Raptivity Presenter looks just like the best new way to help me!
- Jacques Brunet, Midland, Canada

I use Powerpoint exclusively in my cration of Training materials for our custoemr base. In order to keep the interest of our our Service Engineers as well as customer base I rely more and more on interactivty as well as animation in developing and deploying these presentations. I would welcome a product such as Raptivity to enhance my training material.
- Rich Mcneill, Franklin, USA

If I won the Raptivity Presenter prize, I would use it to create interactive presentations that I could use for several of my classes. I would also utilize the program by using it to make story type presentations for some volunteering I do.
- Abbas A, Toronto, Canada

I work for a Fortune 500 company and mentor for two local IT organizations that work with high school kids that inspire to get degrees in IT fields. I would use the price to make the lesson(s) presentation more interactive and fun for the kids to learn. As well as make more job easier to display complex data to upper mgmt.
I think Indezine is a great tool that helps me enhance my powerpoints.
- Osedra Siler, Indianapolis, USA

If I had Raptivity,I would use it to help me in creating my doctoral project- creating a E learning program for stroke patients.
- Laura Griffin, Missouri City, USA

GREAT Site! I teach middle schoolers and anything that I can get to help extend their attention span would be a godsend! Believe me I would put presenter to good and extensive use! Thanks for your consideration
- Jay Ratcliff, Spring, TX, USA

- Alejandro Mondragon, Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico

I found a GREAT SHOW. Your products and services is my new found innovative approach to my educational training courses. It create valued created presentation to my learning audience from Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. It's overall 4 Es - effective, efficient, economical, enterprising. Thank you for sharing.
- Edmund Chng, Singapore, Singapore

We make many powerpoint presentations and we are always looking for new ways to grap the attention of our audiences.
- Larry, Ledyard, CT, USA

Great teachers engage students with awesome presentations.
- Maria-Diana, Chicago Hts., USA

If i win the prize then it will enhance my ability to design unique presentation
- Parin Shah, Ahmedabad, India

Thank you so much for the free powerpoints!
- Kent James C. Labuntog, Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

I help lecturers and tutors at the University of Nairobi, Kenya to make powerpoint presentations for students in their classes and lessons. This tool has become very useful as the classes have grown to be very large and not easy to teach with tradional chalk and blackboard methods. This has proved to be a great success and tools that enhances and facilitates this would be useful.
- Jane Owino, Nairobi, Kenya

I want my presentations to be the best, therefore, i visit
- Javeria Qamar, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

With the prize, I would be able to engage with my students more enthusiastically as Raptivity allows the different modes of interaction to take place more effectiely in a classroom. :)
- Nur Atika, Singapore, Singapore

I use Powerpoint a lot. I designed over 3000 presentations and I really fan about powerpoint. I hope I could win this giveaway. I entered several times the draw but no luck. Wish me luck this time.
- Sherif H Adel Tehemar, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I am an art photographer and i show pictures with powerpoint mine art-theme is "beyond human eyes" raptivity presenter gives me extra dimension in mine art shows
with regards
- N Boeren, Schiedam, Netherlands

Interactive slides are the way of the future to capture an audience and bring them on a journey through your subject. I'd love to win a licence to use this.
- Ger Murray, Ardagh, Ireland

If i win this product, it will be used to minister to millions of people on our ministry website and within and outside in the community to reach the youth.
- Minister Juanethea Lord, Hephzibah, USA

Information from indezine has been a lot informative; now it will be entertaining
- Manish, Davangere, India

Engage Students, Inspire Learners
- Eric Goh, Singapore, Singapore

Hello, It would be awesome to get Raptivity Presenter because of the kind of work I do i.e., make presentations. I can use Raptivity to improve my presentations and bring unique business value to my users. I missed out on the Raptivity Presenter contest by Raptivity and it sure would be great if I can win this one. Thanks
- Venkat A, Duluth, USA

In any business a lot of resources can be spent on attempting to get the interest of potential customers. It is vitally important to keep the interest once it is secured and then to translate that interest into sales. That same principle is true in a host of other applications - getting potential volunteers to actually enlist their time for a service organization - getting potential donors to give to a non-profit organization, etc. It is obvious that Raptivity Presenter is a valuable tool that can be used to translate potential interest into positive action by the viewer. It gets the viewer to participate in interactive action and once the viewer is already taking action it is a natural next step for the viewer to respond positively to the presentation by acting upon that presentation. Obviously, Raptivity Presenter changes PowerPoint as much as PowerPoint originally changed presentations.
- Wayne Greulich, Arthur, Canada

Raptivity Presenter seems like a great tool to use. I am in research and I find that many presentations cannot engage the audience and hold everyone's attention. Especially when it comes to very detailed and in-depth science research! I would love to use this software to show my colleagues how research seminars can be enhanced to provide for a very elegant visual presentation for the scientific community.
- Mickey M. Sahib, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

It's just wonderful. I work in the education field and my young students are overwhelmingly pleased when I design colorful presentations and quizzes for them. I am sure they will love what I will do using Raptivity Presenter. Thumbs up Raptivity ! Keep up the good work !!
- Mourad Mekki, Abu Dhabi, UAE

YOu have great presentation tools to enhance my presentations- thank you for inspiration!
- Joanne Prentice, Natick, USA

Awesome a chance to make better presentations and make me look good too
- Rosemary Meza, Selma, USA

I would really like to win this contest because I entered college a few weeks ago and we use alot the power point for works and other kinds of stuff. It would be so useful! I really like this site, it brings me a lot of resources that I wouldn't find anywhere else. I would like to say thank you for the one who created it.
- Mariana Souza, Salvador, Brazil

HS Science Teacher here and looking for differnt ways to enage my students and seeing some of the demos like the interactive comparsion charts are so great for school. Question Handler, 3D Pyramid could use for review games
- J. Perry, Piscataway, NJ, USA

As a teacher of small chidlren I am trying to find different ways to engage my students. Having an interactive Powerpoint would add an extra dimension for students to co-operative, create and communicate with their learning. The flip book would be ideal for chn who need to present their work in a different format, it would help me to be able to make books that are releveant to the subject/theme being taught in an interesting and enganging manner. Teachers need to be able to become a part of the web2 experience and the interactivity of the powerpoint would help this seamless integration. There are many different activities that could then become part of the everyday world of my little learners and they could then post these to their moodle and be enriched all over again. Thanks
- Steph, Balmoral, Australia

I find the themes available here to be cute and very very useful to me as I have a great deal of presentations to make in the future. Coolness! Oh, but maybe whoever is concerned can add more Chemistry themes :) And I so love that it's free!
- Ayana Grace Sison, Quezon City, Philippines

I have devoted my porfessional to learning and expanding my knowledge of advanced presnetation strategies, in particular PowerPoint. If I win the presenetr prize I will seek to design more advanced interactivity and give away much of my knowledge free of charge to the PowerPoint community.
- Andre Vlcek, North Balwyn, Australia

It is a very cool feature. Can`t wait to try it out.
- Hristo, Sofia, Bulgaria

This would certainly add an interesting twist to the usually boring PowerPoint slides we normally prepare! Only problem may be that people are so amazed by presentation, that they forget the content!!
- Graham Roy, Glasgow, UK

Making even more interactive presentations.
- V. Van Den Berg, Weert, Netherlands

I Want to use it for our church presentation and other ceremony
- Tommy Tappy, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia

Raptivity presenter gateway to world of wisdom
- Alex Lee, Kuching, Malaysia

Interactive presentations for an interactive event
- Borg, Marsascala, Malta

This presenter is, well it's all that a person needs to do a great presentation for any size audience. Naturally you will gain significant attention from your presentation online, in a group or just one on one. This presenter is what the future truly looks like.
- Dean Perry, Tucson, USA

Wow, it is so exciting to have an opportunity to win one of the wonderful Harbinger Knowledge Products, just by entering this contest. I can't wait to hear from you. This is such a stimulating and entertaining site, I never want to leave. . . "I'm coming dear" just a few more minutes. . . "
- Donald King, Rock Rapids, USA

Esta super interesante esta nueva opcion para powerpoint y ya que estoy en una ONG que trabaja capacitando jovenes sobre liderazgo, trabajo en equipo, como planificar proyectos, esta seria una herramienta perfecta para crear presentaciones dinamicas atractivas y hacer que nuestros seminarios sean interesantes y no aburridos para poder llegar a todos los muchachos.
- Thirsa Lopez, Villanueva, Honduras

I use Power Point for our worship service on Sunday morning at our church. We are a small church of less than 100 people. I am trying to make our worship services more interesting and would love to try your product.
- Wilene Thompson, Chatom, USA

Our Church is small and, as many Churches, we have limited funds for the better programs that enhance our worship. I use the Powerpoint backgrounds from Indezine many times in our worship services. To be able to receive a gift like the Raptivity Presenter would be an extremely awesome thing to happen for us. Our Church is growing and the media presentations are a very important part of our growth experience. A company like Indezine make things so much easier for Churches and businesses to make great presentations for catching the attention of many people that we want to reach. Thank you again for your input into the future of our technology growth!
- L. Keith Smith, Ducktown, TN, USA

I am always conducting powerpoint presentations for both instruction and professional development. This seems like a tool that would benefit me greatly.
- Marine Avagyan, Sunland, USA

Las presentaciones que tienen son muy buenas diría excelentes, sólo quisiera saber como puedo convertir a español para que se me haga más fácil
- Rosario, Lima, Peru

I use powerpoints as visual aides for class projects and I have recently used them as part of a performance to enhance a play that I was working on.
- Adam Martin, Lithonia, USA

The freebies are of real value and quality. At the same time, you get so much tips and updates on the world fo power-points.
- Peter Huang, Penang, Malaysia

I d'ont now what i will see, but one thing is sure...that i will be very happy do get the presentation...thanks..
- Wahid, Alger, Algeria

Special thank you for allowing me to enter this give away. your raptivity presenter is gold! it offers lots of options to present with style and confidence.
Continued success with all your projects. i will anticipate my name added to the winner lists. Best wishes
- Dorothy Assadi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

- Petrie, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

I only have the trial version, but what a great product! I love it. I wanted something that would help me keep the students interest, and this will. What did we ever do before eLearning? Thanks for the opportunity to try to win this.
Karen Pizur
- Karen Pizur, Muskego, WI, USA

Prior to August 2008 I used powerpoint with only text and bullet points. Over the course of the past year I have studied many websites and blogs and have learned many ways of expressing myself through powerpoint and creating presentations with Articulate Presenter 09. People are now paying me to create powerpoints for them! I am excited about Raptivity Presenter and know that I will put it to great use and spread the word throughout my community!
- Kimberlie Hooker, Dewey, USA

This looks really cool!
- Barton B Van Beenen, Apple Valley, USA

- Hanan Shalaby, Alexandria, Egypt

Exactly what I need to jazz up ppt presentations for my high school students. Way cool
- Kathleen A Stringer, Lewisville, USA

Could definitely use this for my presentation to a hungover audience.
- Penny Minor, Wellsville, USA

Something captivating . Shall keep every one engrossed. Simply GREAT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
- Sanjay Kedia, Guwahati, India

I'm so interest with the product, cause its very helpful for me to present our view, product, brief, etc with attractive view/slides. it seems easier to use it
- Agoeng Mks, Jakarta, Indonesia

Im doing this Data managers course which involves a lot of powerpoint slides and would be awesome to use it as a learning aid so i could pass my exams. Ty
- Matthew Armstrong, Sydney, Australia

Winning this prize will allow me to stay up to date and "in touch" with my students while they learn a little bit more about technology as tool for their academic work.
- Carmen Rivera, Ciales, Puerto Rico

- Veronica Gomez, Mexico, Distrito Federal

Can't wait to try this!
- Brett Campbell, Many, USA

I can think of so many ways to use this program - although first, I would start with my resume. (I recently had a contract not renewed due to funding cutbacks at the university.) I can't think of a better way to "stand out" from the rest of the applicants than by attaching my Raptivity-enhanced powerpoint resume to an e-mail or by presenting my Raptivity-enhanced powerpoint resume on my laptop during an interview! I can set up the "question handler" to show how I match the qualifications they have requested. I can use the Interactive Flow Chart or the System Animation to describe past experiences and highlight past projects. The Radial Diagram would be perfect for highlighting what I can do for them (with me being the "core"). Given that I was teaching at the college/university level and present at conferences every year, I would love to integrate the interactions in my presentations. I could also then give a quick "demo" of a lecture during the interview. I would definitely be able to use Raptivity Presenter extensively in my work and would greatly appreciate winning a free license!
- Patti Sorensen, Lethbridge, Canada

Looks like Raptivity Presenter might be good to spice up some non business plan presentations (that is nearly all others :-) and I'd like to see its power. Nonetheless my company has finished smashing multimedia infoproduct How to create presentation in an hour or less for our national users and we still have some free space on the CD-ROM - we might add a trial version of Raptivity Presenter!
- Matt S Rinc, Skofja Vas, Slovenia

Let me test the software
- Anubhav, Manipal, India

I am always looking for a way for students to share and learn new information. This sounds super!
- Penny Wipprecht, Scottsdale, USA

This is an amazing tool to make more interactive the presentations never seen before, priceless!!!
- Ivã¡N Galã¡N, Morelia, Mexico

It's always nice to feel someone is helping you get better with the stuff you love to do!
- Sherine Taman, Dubai, UAE

PowerPoint Slides - an attractive way to share your knowledge with your students.
- Daiana, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

I am very happy with Indezine. This site has given me a chance to make beautiful powerpoints with wonderful templates. thanks to indezine.
- Balakarthika, Bangalore, India

You do a great job for all powerpoint users! Please keep it up to save us all !
- Spiridon Georgaras, Corfu, Greece

How is a teacher like a fisherman?
Like a fisherman's hook, a teacher's presentation hook must be so inviting that it attracts every fish in the pond!
- Veronica Dees, Moncks Corner, SC, USA

I made powerpoint presentation many time for my study sometime i think it borring i do in the same way i want to do in a new way and i think you create a new thing that wonder ful for me and my presentation
- Sudathip Ruaydee, Bangkok, Thailand

I look forward to trying out Raptivity! 3-D could really spruce up my presentations!
- Dianne Richards, New York, USA

Whatever I have looked in this site, I have found this fascinating as this site have a lot to learn. This site can be use by both beginner and advanced user, even by professionals as they can generate ideas and help this site making this site the best. Whatever the gift will be I will give it to someone who will be more needy as I am the person who wants to help others, especially those who dont help from anyone. And for this a line "If want to search something for presentation, this site is the Final STOP to end your search".
- Varun, New Delhi, India

I'd like to win the license because it will be useful for my powerpoint presentations at school and it will help me to develope in a better way my classes.
- Ariel, Celaya, Mexico

I am a Middle School math teacher who is ALWAYS interested in new technology and new ways to make my lessons interesting.
- Debra Nay, Woodbridge, USA

I have converted tons of "paper" into PowerPoint presentations: my family recipes, my journals, photo presentations, knitting, crochet, crafts... well, you get the picture! Having the Raptivity Presenter would not only enhance what I now have on PowerPoint, but would also give me new directions to grow in! Thanks for your site and the opportunity!
- Sheryl (Sami) Kelly, Omaha, NE, USA

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Feature List 01 (Layout with Tabs)

The Feature List Layout comprises three sample PowerPoint presentations: one each to create a visual list for 4 features, 5 features, and 6 features. These work great when you have too much information to fit within one slide. This solution lets you use multiple slides, but the visual result is still that of one single slide!

Buy and Download Feature List 01 (Layout with Tabs) for $4.99+ (671 kb)

This is the original page. An AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) version of this page is also available for those on mobile platforms, at Raptivity Presenter.

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