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Thanks for all of the great content!
- Chris Gamec, Minneapolis, USA

My boss is very patriotic and will be greatly impressed with presentations on a patriotic template when I address his direct reports in mid-July. These are great!
- Cliff McPherson, Houston, TX, USA

As a frequent presenter of patriotic speeches these would serve well to connect with my audience and recognize the opportunities that this nation has afforded us.
- Jim Squires, Glendive, USA

I will be able to make my presentations more exciting for my 4 & 5 grade students. I use my interactive whiteboard ALL day long in my classroom and my students can't wait to see what is next!
- Patti Tucker, Gainesville, FL, USA

This is a very special resource from where I find all I need for my PowerPoint's and every PPT I make has a very special comment based on all my backgrounds thank you indezine for making my works a very special art.
- Elizabeth Torres, Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico

During my time in the service I used PowerPoint extensively. Every month the three Fighter Squadrons on our base were required to give the Wing Commander a briefing on our combat readiness. Each squadron is tasked to fulfill a certain quota per say: we had to fly a certain number of hours each month. Included in that is dropping live ordinance at the practice range and also flying night missions. We do this so that we are always at prime combat readiness. Each squadron is responsible for compiling their stats in a PowerPoint presentation. Since my Squadron was the main Squadron on base the other two would send me their presentations and I would compile all three into one presentation. We would then gather at the appointed time each month at the base theatre and give the Wing Commander the briefing and discuss any improvements that need to be made. Even after my time in service I still used PowerPoint when I worked at IBM and continue to use it when giving any presentation. I love how easy the program is and how versatile the program is for adding animation and animating text. I would love to add the American collection of templates to my list so that I can continue to enhance my presentation also as a Veteran I love any patriotic theme I can add.
- Lee Rimel, USAF (Ret), Naugatuck, USA

I could really use these templates to promote our up and coming "National Night Out 2011". NNO is a program that promotes neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships in our fight for a safer nation. Flag - U.S.A. - Nation!
- CMSennett, Canoga Park, USA

Indezine has helped me a lot in achieving and accomplishing my Master's degree - because of Indezine PowerPoint templates my classmates and most especially my instructors are very impressive my either individual presentation or team presentation gets an "A"grade! So thanks Indezine, you made me proud & this July 2011 - I graduate! Now I will always carry Indezine templates in my career!
- Agnes, Tucson, USA

Excellent. So beautiful, simple but attractive and very nice.
- Gerald King Panaguiton, Bacolod City, Philippines

INDEZINE is providing the perfect informative and practical support to make my PowerPoint's look like diamonds on the internet.
- Bill Hermans, Anna Paulowna, Netherlands

Thank so much for your kind offer.
- Lily, Curepipe, Mauritius

I do slide shows for our boy scout troop's court of honor ceremonies and eagle investitures. The boys will have an opportunity to make instructional presentations for scout skills. This will help the boys with not only learning what is being presented but also how to be creative in making the presentations themselves.
- Grant Hirahara, Burbank, USA

What to write?
- Aleem Javed, Singapore, Singapore

The cricket PPT designs were good!
- Prasad Sovani, Pune, India

We sell America in Europe so the krises can ends in US.
- Niels Simonsen, Hirtshals, Denmark

We are American missionaries running a school of ministry in SA, committed to bringing transformation to individual lives and culture.
- Phill Olson, Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Thanx for opportunity, welcome back.
- Jon Spain, London, UK

If I win the prize, I will use it to enhance my lectures and presentations in seminars especially on justice and peace. This site is wonderful. It gives me an idea of the progress and innovation of technology in presentations.
- Muriel Orevillo-montenegro, Dumaguete City, Philippines

I am a "Boomer Grandma" who is in charge of creating PowerPoint presentations for our weekly worship services. Indezine offers quality and exciting backgrounds that appeal to all ages. You help make my presentations look like they were created by a younger techie! Thank you so much for being the tops in online graphics! :))
- Jane Powers, Crewe, USA

Indezine change the way I look and make presentations.
- Ibrahim, Kampala, Uganda

God bless the USA
- Phil Socash, New Castle, USA

I work for a salt company and we are designing some training for our miners (rescue workers). This design would work nicely.
- Erik Otto, Philadelphia, USA

I am a pastor and have started using PowerPoint Slides in my sermons and announcements. I have come to realize that the eye affects the heart therefore I try to put forth the best presentation possible. I have used some of the slides from your site and have found them to be of good quality.
- Fred Crank, Goldsboro NC, USA

I love Indezine! It has helped greatly in my PPT presentations.
- Ken Lawrence, Melbourne, USA

Could really use this for our government .PPTs!!
- Peggy Penjuke, King of Prussia, USA

Great resource for professional presentations.
- RIch Catapano, Garden City, USA

I never know what to say in these things! I look forward to working with the patriotic templates!
- Di Richards, Brooklyn, USA

Very pretty slides. Use them in my slides for church music.
- Vernon Brady, Chico, USA

Our church often uses background graphics to highlight special days and events in our services. This collection would greatly enhance our presentations and provide opportunities that we could not otherwise afford. Thanks for introducing them through this special giveaway!
- Mark Buhr, Gibraltar, MI, USA

Appreciate all your tips.
- Peggy Lowery, Hartselle, USA

Love your PPTs! Can't find ones like yours anywhere else. Thanks!
- Jeane New, Effingham, USA

What I would do with prize is to use the PowerPoint collection to enhance my website.
- Bertha Brown, Henderson, USA

Thanks for providing such useful templates. I use these templates at our church to help raise awareness and also to help to brighten up our PowerPoint Presentations.
- David Hedrich, Paducah, KY, USA

These PowerPoint templates will help me to celebrate all that is red, white, and blue.
- Steve Newby, Arlington, USA

Good to see this!
- Sidhu vedula, Cupertino, USA

One outstanding toy!
- Robert Dickinson, Leavenworth, KS, USA

I would use the prize collection for my presentations at church. We don't have the money for an elaborate media system so this would be greatly appreciated by all. Thank you.
- Steve Thompson, Dallas, USA

Dedicated to spread "The Seed of Hunger" on the cyber space.
- Eduardo, Santa Clarita, California, USA

The PowerPoint templates help me ensure that my students remain enthralled in the course thus helping them remain engaged and do better on their assessments.
- Vernon Brady, Edmonton, Canada

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