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I am involved with presentations to the student community and corporate leaders. I want to add value to my presentatiosn through Opazity ---want to wow them.
-Devendra Chowdary, Bangalore, India

I've been using Indezine PowerPoint templates for a long time and thankfully to quality, easiness to use, and the cost, I have been able to put together some awesome Christian Flash videos on my website, which are free, made from poems from poets all over the world. Being permanently disabled, I could not have done this if it were not for Indezine PowerPoint templates. I am so very grateful to you for the service that you provide. If I win the prize, I will certainly put it to good use in my ministry for others. Thank you and God bless. Deacon
-Steve A. Politte, Cadet, Missouri, USA

It's 7:02 am EST - way too early to think of something that will catch your imagination. All I can say is I found your site in December and I love it! I wish I had the opportunity to use it in my job much more often than I do! I love looking at the creativity that is here.
- Kathy Ward, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

I'm a music fan. I'm also a PowerPoint fan. You'll probably ask yourselves what is the connection between these two? I make the connection. I listen to the music and the music inspires my work. The music gives me many ideas and my ideas are my work. So I get inspired. And I create great PowerPoint presentations, with a little bit of my heart. And when I feel good about my work, I'm in the mood to listen to the music again. And this goes on and on. And that's why, I always appreciate good music and good software. Now we get to the point: this piece of software will definitely make my PowerPoint presentations better. So I shall certainly feel good and inspired when I'll be listening to my music..... And when I shall look back to my work I'll be happy to say once again that "...I did it my way...."
- Mihaela GOJ, Bucharest, Romania

I like the Indezine website especailly given the breadth of creativity display I find in PowerPoint templates. Good and excellent site. Regarding how I will make use of the free giveaway, I work for a non profit in San Francisco and bringing presentations in new templates to my staff here brings in interest which is sustainable. I think that is a great contribution to the selfless devotion displayed by the direct service staff who work with children who are mentally ill. Thanks for offering this opportunity. Regards, Neel.
- Neel, San Jose, California, USA

I really love your site. The free "stuff" is great. I use PowerPoint for our church presentations, so free is always good! I enjoy making presentations more interesting and this add-in would do just that. When things start to get "boring" Opazity could wake people up and keep their attention. Not that church is boring (ha!). So I would love to receive this giveaway!
- Jane Bowden, Bloomington, USA

I'm currently a teacher using PowerPoint presentations to present the materials to students. Sometimes I want to show the student a particular part on the slide show but I had no programs and didn't know that I could apply blurs or the opaque add ins. In winning this program I believe it would make the PowerPoints a lot more interesting for my classroom!
- Diem Ho, Sunderland, USA

I love this site. I am currently a student (I am in my last year). This site has given me the edge on presentations that are often a requirement for several of our assignments. I have found this site very helpful in achieving my academic goals.
- Carla Derespiris, Columbus, USA

Thanks for making this available!
- Brandon Hull, Beaverton,USA

Nice templates!
- Charina A. Espiritu, California, USA

Just what we need to obfuscate our audience!!
- Mike Fretwell, Burra, Australia

This software will enhance my ability to resist the urge to be average.
- Betty Furlan, Avon, USA

I'm always looking for backgrounds and templates to use on PowerPoint. Our church does not yet have PowerPoint but I'm a very positive thinker and truly believe they will one day have PowerPoint. Want to know something? This is the site for some awesome
- Millard Kinnison, Norborne, USA

Unique, and seems friendly
- Ronnie Magpayo, Malolos, Philippines

I'll never be hidden behind a picture again. Opazity will sove the opaque problems
- Trevor Lineham, Foxton Beach, NZ

Just look around...
- Cindy, Shanghai, China

I'd love to obtain a copy of this software so I can share its use with my students. My students are teachers themselves and could use this software in their classes as well!
- Karin Johnson, Riverside, USA

PowerPoint points with power and Indezine is a guidepost to PowerPoint.
- Johnson Samuel, Dubai,UAE

Maximize your potentials!
- Roberto Palo, Davao City, Philippines

Cool stuff!
- Rod, Perth, Australia

I am a 52 year old novice at PowerPoint - I am not a novice because I've just started to use it - in fact I have been using PPT's since they first became widely accessible as a presentation medium - I am a novice because everyday is a learning experience in PowerPoint.
- Robert Cochrane, Nanjing, PR China

This software is unique and amazing! I have never seen any other add-in work so easily.
- Chad Wright, Hadar, USA

I would love to have this! I have been using PowerPoint since its release and I can't tell you how much it has helped advance my career. Anything that I can do to enhance its use and an additional "WOW" factor would be excellent.
- Michelle Fontana, Houston, USA

- Alma Sardinha, Nigel, South Africa

Anything to make viewers sit up and take notice!
- Richard Dawson, Dunedin, New Zealand

I'm a student and have to make a lot of presentations. I believe this will help to to get better grades. Thank you
- Yosi Talyosef, Ramat Gan, Israel

Wonderful truly amazing site
- Barbara Hungerford, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Great program!!
- Lauren, Biloela, Australia

I want to improve better in my PowerPoint work
- Jessica, Singapore, Singapore

Wow! Your program achieves some amazing affects. I use PowerPoint all the time; I'm a middle and high school teacher. I really like the feature blurring affect for setting select elements in and out of focus. Great for quizzes!
- Wekesa, Decatur, USA

You keep me inspired, stretch the boundaries of my creativity and provide new ideas every week. Thank you!
- Leon Conrad, London, UK

- Graham, Brighon, Englad

Indezine is GREAT! PowerPoint Tips - WONDERFUL. PowerPoint Template selection - HUGE
- Michelle Rodgers, Bli Bli, Australia

Giveaways are always welcome in Africa.
- Colleen Todd, Johannesburg, South Africa

I will use them for my presentations....
- Nirmala, Chennai, Iindia

Wow.., it's very kind of you to issue this kind of prize..
- Ade, Jakarta, Indonesia

Best product add-on ever made for PowerPoints
- Jim, Leesburg, USA

I help nonprofits communicate their ideas and missions. I'd like to use your product to enhance my presentation designs.
- Epoh, Philadelphia, USA

From great minds come great ideas - this product looks like it will make many presenters happy. hope I am one of them.
- Daniel Nielsen, Norfolk, USA

To make PowerPoints that blast your mind
- Doppenberg, Nijkerk, Netherlands

PowerPoint is powerful tool used to inform and communicate both existing and potential ideas. The message is not the only important aspect of the communication, but also how it is presented. PowerPoint has the capacity and uses a variety of mediums to accomplish the goal.
- Jim Shull, Middleburg, USA

I'd love to be a winner, I use PowerPoint all the time and this would be a fantastic addition.
- N Hayward, Port Macquarie, Australia

It's a great help...definitely a very exciting thing to have. I want to experience of having one..
- Rico Ybanez, Manila, Philippines

This site is amazing. It gives style and satisfaction of your presentations in PowerPoint because of its unique backgrounds. I just love this site, it helped me a lot in my presentations. This is a perfect time for me to get this Opazity because I have a really important presentation that I have to present and I think this will make me and my presentation look good and proud as I always was. Thanks for this site
- Summer, Manama, Bahrain

I just started scrapbooking, this will give my pages a depth I certainly didn't have access to before. I 'm pretty excited to start using Opazity. Thanks!
- Marie, Port Angeles, USA

Wonderful site and very useful information
- Manoj, Bangalore, India

Ich gehe davon aus, dass die E-mail-Adresse nicht veröffentlicht wird.
- Stephan Mertens, Hennef, Deutschland

I would love to win a license as I do the PowerPoint for our church each week and I spend hours trying to find the best backgrounds relevant to the songs and sermon outlines. Thank you for this opportunity to try and win.
- Pam Watson, Vernon, BC, Canada

Breathlessly waiting.....
- Sharon Proctor, Vidalia, USA

Why do so many people use text and words in PowerPoint presentations. With so many startling images and things that are right with the world why not use these to make your points and allow the audience to use their imagination. A great way for everyone to have fun too.
- Mark Solomons, Billericay

Thank u!
- Ingrid Daba, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Will you the prize to enhance my students learning. I am a Maths teacher in a secondary school
- Hilary Chambers, Dagenham, England

Looks very interesting
- Jon Spain, London, UK

People often comment on my PowerPoint shows at church and I am always now pushing the boundries on what is on show.
- Michael Eder, Centre Bush, New Zealand

This will give my presentations a Vista-Aero edge, and enable me to communicate difficult concepts in a uniquely elegant way. Thanks for a brilliant website - always pushing the boundaries and keeping one step ahead...
- Chris Collison, Ascot, Berkshire

I am a mother of two teenage sons in a small independant school. With the help of Indezine I have designed and produced the awards and certificates for all the students over the past three years. Our school's certificates have been awarded as the best of the small schools. Indezine - keep it up!
- Madeleine Vermaak, Benoni, South Africa

Indezine, in the vangard of the time
- Roberto Leoni Jr, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Awesome site
- Brian Alfes, Warren, USA

Give a man PowerPoint and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to use Opazity and you feed him for a lifetime.
- Tim Owers, Oxford, UK

Excellent help for my preach!!
- Chen Chun Wei, I-Lan, Taiwan R.O.C.

- Marcos Rodrigo, Aracaju - SE, Brazil

Really your PowerPoint templates and backgrounds are cool.
- Subash, Tiruttani, India

Very good software
- Héctor Díaz, San Juan, Argentina

I want to irking my partners with my presentations
- Oscar Hernandez, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Brilliant effects for brilliant presentations!
- Kit Heald, Warrington, United Kingdom

Gr8 ! Situative PowerPoint Factors like the opazity doctrine seem to dtermine the therapeutic orientation to a higher degree than personal fack (attracting interest) Sorry my english is not good
- Roucourt, Köln, Germany

PowerPoint is the tool for powerful communication - if only it is multimedia and crisp in profile
- Shrikar, Mumbai, India

Very interesting!!!
- Konstantinou Eleni, Athens, Greece

I love this site but get annoyed because our work server blocks everything that comes through. But, regardless I find ways and get what I need.
- John Atkinson Millmoor, Ferryhill, UK

I love this site! I use it at work and at church for fabulous presentations. My boss thinks I am awesome but I can't take all the credit. Take a bow!
- Rosa Tennyson, Houston, USA

First, in my world of community choirs and churches, we have limited funds, and we find that PowerPoint is a great way to supplement the message -- whether spoken or sung -- so everything I can get my hands on to enhance performances would be great. Plus, I like winning things, though I never do. Hope I'm one of the 5! Sharon
- Sharon Dean, Nashville, USA

I love the templates but would like more for holistics to help with my teaching presentations then I may get a Grade 1 for ICT in my ofstead inspection
- Julie Slater, Blackburn, England

At work, I am regarded as the PowerPoint Queen and the secret of my realm is Indezine...sshhh don't tell them, but let the rest of the world know that Indezine lets you make PowerPoint Rule!
- Shelley Turk, Paraburdoo, Australia

I'm always open to new ways to use PowerPoint in the church setting. We reach the visual learners with colorful and unique presentations. Thank you for your help with your wide variety of backgrounds and fresh ideas.
- Anna James, Winter Haven, FL

Opazity would not be opaque. it should be transparent
- Abdul Wajeed, Chennai, India

- Sandra Regina De Souza, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

So.... I think this is one of da best sites I have visited... I liked PowerPoint templates ......... what i will do if I get da prize... I will create a special PowerPoint presentation for some one special.. u might guess??? it's my mom........
- Irfan Ali Shaik, Guntur, India

I am with the Indiana Dept. of Corrections Staff Development & Training division. We utilize many aspects of PowerPoint and are always looking for exciting new ways to increase our creativity. Opazity would be a great addition to our arsenal.
- Chris Stunda, New Castle, IN, USA

I use PowerPoint in a non-profit organization with a limited budget. I could use Opazity to improve the quality of our presentations.
- Donald Eilers, Whitehall, USA

Indezine has provided a wonderful avenue, To make exquisite slides for church music and a site for learning too, Touching the world through knowledge and talent, The quality just never relents, Much gratefulnes and Thanks to Geetesh, For all of the people you help and bless!
- Crystal Morris, Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA

Since I have no actual raw talent and have been faking it for many years, I need tools like this to keep my work looking good!
- Michele Candy, Cincinnati-Ohio, USA

I love to find new PowerPoint items that I can turn other teachers on to!
- John Fallon, Walhalla, USA

What a generous guy...thanks, Steve! Nothing opaque about you!
- Anita Idlemank, Webb City, USA

Well, I'm a great fan of Indezine web site and whenever possible I check this website to get up-uo-date with PowerPoint stuff. I love templates, backgrounds and interesting tips to use with them and I also like to create my own templates based on what people do. I believe that if they can an amazing template, I might do create one as well. All I have to do is learn how they've done that! Maybe one of those licenses could help me on this task
- Vanessa de Sales Marruche, Manaus, Brazil

I would love to try this in PowerPoint. I am new to PowerPoint and have learned all I know on my own. We use it at our I would love to try this on our congregation to enhance our worship times! :)
- Trista Fancy, Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada

I love learning new things to share with my students.
- Karen Messina, Vails Gate, NY, USA

Computer resource specialist in a Title 1 Elemetnary school. Would like a way to get students excited about using new PowerPoint features
- Deborah Ashby, Virginia Beach, USA

Nice tool. Would love to see if it is of any use to the speakers of all the congresses we are doing all over Europe.
- Oliver Rosenkranz, Berlin, Germany

Indezine plays an important part in my weekly PowerPoint presentations. Keep it up!
- Shirley Wardman, Shell Knob, USA

Opazity will be very useful for me in my college presentations. I will be able to retain the attention of my audience with these breath-taking animations. Also by the time I finish college, I will surely become an expert in using Opazity animations and will be able to impress my bosses and audience at my workplace. This is definitely the right time for me to start using Opacity.
- Miss Fleur Dsouza, Mumbai Thane, India

Wow! What a clever concept.Opazity would be a great tool to add to my PowerPoint workbench!
- Jeanne Bowen, Goshen, USA

I have been liking the effect of opacity on picture, and I have been applying to my project, and your Opazity comes right into my liking!
- Eric Yeo, Singapore, Singapore

I'm been preparing and presenting PowerPoint for a year at my church and the past 8 months have used Media Shout. Because of a flooding of light, my backgrounds are usually on the lighter side. I am sure Opazity would be a tremendous help in modifying backgrounds so they will reflect the contents in a wel-lit room. There are so many backgrounds I'd like to use and can't because they do not project in this much light
- Judy Curry, Sylacauga, USA

I am a teacher and I use my PowerPoint stuff to make school presentations more exciting. A picture is worth a thousand words.
- Alan Marsh, Preston, USA

If you aren't using as a resource for your presentations, you are not doing your job.
- Darren Esler, Meadville, USA

I am a Computer Instructor who enjoys showing my students tips and tricks and have become a hub of information on where to go to acquire neat software, like yours!
- Salma Burney, Hamilton, Canada

I use PowerPoint almost every day in my classroom (Special Education science - 9th grade), and am always looking for new ways to 'pop' the presentations.
- Maribeth Lowe, Madison, USA

I am a Math teacher of 7th graders...I need anything that can help keep the student's attention...thanks
- Wendy Smith, Nevada, USA

The use of this software would greatly enhance my PowerPoints for classes. I am a learning facilitator and teach adult classes which need to offer more zing to keep everyone involved. Indezine is my number one choice for PowerPoints.
- June Ganes, Atlanta, USA

Powerful presentations are needed in the technology field to grab and hold the attention of the targeted audience. Opazity does this by allowing the creater to use many effects. Its ease of use lelnds itself to a myriad of uses in the classroom. What a wonderful way to have students demonstrate to their peers and community what they can accomplish by using Opazity. Another plus is the availability of tutorials and the price is reasonable
- Joanne, Triangle, USA

Thanks for your great site and offers! :0)
- Debbie Ensrud, Fargo, USA

A great chance to secure some more resources for ministry. As a pastor and worship leader I do not have the luxery to create my own. So any help I get is certainly appreciated.....Thanks!
- Karl, Rogers, USA

Wow! More Pizzazz for my class lectures!
- Gary Bolenbaugh, Fishers, USA

If I get to win this prize I'll be able to even more creative work with our church!
- Barry Brown, Greenville, SC, USA

I'm an elementary librarian and I use PowerPoint a lot. My kids love it. This will add to the PowerPoints I do for the kids and the ones they do for themselves.
- Margaret Crane, Belcher, USA

I would use this product to enhance the ministry at my church.
- Troy Bishop, Owensboro, USA

I'm extremely bothered by PowerPoint shows that have too much movement, too many timings, poor color composition and otherwise created by novices that believe themselves to be PowerPoint wizards. I am on a quest to show the world - or at least my coworkers - what an appealing, effective and professional .pps is. I think Opazity will aid me in my quest. Ppppppleeeeease, Steve! Help me put an end to the madness
- Ryan Bruce, Ogden, USA

Looks like a super product.
- Bill Nichols, Birmingham, USA

I'd like to help make my nutrition lecture PowerPoints more interesting and impressive...some of these topics need all the help they can get!
- Dr. Ginger Southall, Charlotte, NC, USA

With Opazity I know that I give my slides some 'zing', especially when the time comes for me to present in the class.
- Sumayyah R.Haider, Islamabad , Pakistan

Would be cool to try!
- MFK, New York, USA

I would love to win a copy of Opazity...I can think of at least 100 instances (I do a lot of PowerPoint development and training for my company) in the last year of PowerPoint development where this would have not only been useful but would have made the presentation so-o-o-o-o much better. I just watched both demos and tried a tutorial or two - this is a really neat add-in and I'm a self-admitted add-in /plug-in junkie. I just love to push the design envelope and make my audience gasp in wonder - how did she do that....What else can I say but, Pick Me, Pick Me!!!! Thanks
- Carolyn Barbuto, Albany, NY, USA

I use PowerPoint every week in church. Opazity looks like a great tool that I could use!
- LeAnn, Texhoma, USA

I Love your website. Thank you
- Tammy Killon, Sparta, NC, USA

Having these enhanced features for PowerPoint makes my presentations stand out from the rest at state and national conferences.
- Sue Steiner, Kiel, USA

Small school means small budget. We need all the extra we can find, win or borrow.
- Gill Cotterill, Liverpool, UK

This is such a cool program, which would come in very handy for all the presentations I do to assist teachers.
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

I use PowerPoint extensively to teach at the college in addition to teaching local law enforcement officers. Variety is essential - PowerPoint not only keeps interest up, it applies directly to the visual learner.
- Professor George Scharm, Des Plaines, USA

Please don't forget the power you give to us in research as we present our results. Your creativity helps educate the world!
- Vickie Kelly, Topeka, USA

Would appreciate a copy
- Michael Barber, Tampa, USA

Will use the prize to create great slides that will help us to sell billions and billions of dollars of product - surely it will have a positive effect on the economy as well ! (smile)
- Susan Pharr, Fort Collins, USA

I enjoy the use of computer in my youth ministry porgram. I am a youth pastor that tries to keep up to date, and to provide a great program for my students.
- Lloyd Keeler, Carrizozo,USA

I love your site. I put together PowerPoint presentations for grades K-5.,these presentation are shown every few months at night to parents and the students in the grade that the presentation is for. Any different designs I can make iin PowerPoint for these presentations are deeply appreciated.
- Sandra LaPointe, New Britain, CT

I'm new to Indezine, but love it already. Up until last year, I hadn't ever created any PowerPoint presentations, and now thanks to you, I'm learning quickly and have presentations I can be proud of!
- Terri Bolger, Columbus, Georgia, USA

I love the endless possiblilites that you have with this tool! Opazity can give you the "artsy" edge your looking for without distracting from your persentation, as well as the ability to recycle alot of your old templates.
- Jacqueline Gilman, Muscatine

I am conducting a workshop for teachers who want to use PowerPoint. I would love to have products to show them that could help in creating outstanding presentations.
- Karen Kelly, Clay, USA

Our church is a small church and your PowerPoint slides have made a huge difference in our worship and praise. you are the best .... god richly bless you and your company.
- Faith swain, Mogadore, Ohio, USA

- Peterson, Lubbock, USA

I use a lot of PowerPoint in my classroom presentations. My adult students appreciate the creativity of presentations that are different from what the other instructors put together and the fact that they can re-learn at any given time by accessing the presentation again. I want you to take good care of the prize
- Ankush Adlakha, Pune, India

It is always fascinating to be able to punch up content without over-glitzing with effects. Opazity seems to be on the mark for adding focus and not distraction to the content of a PowerPoint presentation.
- Al, Staten Island, USA

This would greatly enhance the PowerPoints we do with our church. We also use these at our summer camp for teenagers to help motivate and keep their interest. No doubt the neat graphics we create with this program will do just that.
- Travis Campbell, Cov

Love Indezine - use your website on a weekly bases!
- Michelle Kelly, Lehigh Acres, USA

Stll enjoy looking at your site.
- Jan Yoder, Goshen, IN, USA

I am a professor/trainer and I reach out to about 120 people in a week. I can help advertise your site and products.
- Lulu Moguel, Mandaluyong, Philippines

Indezine keeps us indeloop when it comes to all the tips and tricks of PowerPoint and more! thanks!
- Nancy Upchurch, Greeley, CO, USA

With the prize... may start to convert me from a hardened Adobe freak
- Randy Herbertson, New York, NY, USA

I am new to PowerPoint and am going crazy using all of the good things I find at INDEZINE. Thanks so much! I work for a non-prfit organization and the employees are really enjoying the neat things I do with my presentations.
- Karen Uqdah, Maryland, USA

I am always on the prowl for ways to make our PPs stand out in the endless sea of "same-o-same-o" presentations.
- Kevin Glover, Naperville, IL, USA

I have used indezine on every single PowerPoint I have ever created. I use it for school, fun, work, and slideshows of all my favorite pictures. Indezine PowerPoint slides is what makes my work stand out in a good-quality, professional way. Thanks for creating
- Renee Roy, Northborough, USA

Talk about a great product. Opazity would make presenting the information to the 100+ clients of our organization so much more interesting and entertaining.
- John Kranz, Phoenix, USA

I am will use them in Media Shout for the Glory of Jesus Christ, my Lord
- Shantell Liner, Houma, USA

This would be such a wonderful software to have. I currently try to create PowerPoint slides for my chuch, for Sunday Mornings, and also for my University, for presentations. I need as much help as I can get. Pick me!! Thank you,
- Tara Rose, Acwort

Opazity where less is more
- Gustavo Moran, San Fernando, Venezuela

This site is really cool, it provides all the essential PowerPoint info backgrounds and templates one can possibly require, It has really transformed my views towards giving presentations, now persentations are fun enjoyable and for once it is eyecatching and deserves the full attention of my audience. It really gives you that edge for effective communication and I now I have a presentaion material that actually symolises my ideas perfectly.
- Sangeetha Sushil, Trivandrum, India

Opazity would give me the access to create the best presentations in the organization ... I would so rock ~ Thank you for making my life easier!
- Sandy woodall, Watson, IL, USA

I'd really be interested in this, sounds like a neat effect!
- Rose Niedermayer, Richmond, USA

The best thing about this site, aside from the templates, is the many tips about how to use PowerPoint. The shortcuts help reduce the time to create high quality presentations which allows time for more detailed work.
- Michelle Grant, Kennesaw, USA

I would love to win this price, because I have to make lots of PowerPoint presentations. My inspiration is fading away and Opazity could amaze my audience again. I am a last year student Management Assistant and wining Opazity would be the ultimate support & creator in my masterproof.
- Carolien Gulix, Riemst, Belgium

I always look forward to Indezine in my inbox for useful tips and ideas and information on new products. Keep it coming!
- Jack Meagher, Peterborough, USA

I can only imagine the amazing effects that can be created by using this!!
- Troy Hand, Newsoms, USA

I will have the most blazing PowerPoint effects this side of the Mississippi!
- Tony, Charlotte, USA

Indezine is life line for all power presentation and is best site I have ever seen
- Vijay, Wardha, India

I have never used Opazity for PowerPoints. I do several PowerPoint presentations every month and look for ways to jazz up my presentations. Never pass up the opportunity to use great software!
- Richard Myers, Tulsa, USA

best and most generous website I have met, giving good and quality PowerPoint templates for free! Now, wo can beat that?!
- J L IM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sometimes I think my brain is opaque - especcially early in the morning. I'd rather use that effect on my PowerPoint creations with Opazity!
- Susan Pober, East Brunswick, NJ, USA

Thanks for the oportunity
- Joe Kern, Milwaukee, USA

As a fire academy instructor I have used many of your templates/add-ins and the results are to say the least smashing thanks
- Bill Donahue, Burlington, USA

Please enter me to win
- Jeff Poitras, Southbury, CT, USA

It will be very useful as I am starting a new craft business
- Susan Elwood, Blackburn, UK

I tagged your site so don't need you to send emails (once in a while OK but please not daily or even weekly) thanks
- Mary Johnson, Hendersonville, TN, USA

looking forward to using this product to enhance PowerPoint presentations
- Cecelia Haas, Kyle, USA

I think the addins are great. It really helps presentations stand out along with being the first to get some of these cool effects.
- Donna Hunter, Marietta, USA

This is a wonderful tool for the beginner and advanced user.Great ideas!
- Lillian Scott, Portsmouth, USA

Hope I win. Once I dated a guy named Steve Hard without the S...took a lot of teasing over it, but he was sure nice. Still know him but he married someone else :)
- Yvonne Alles, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Thank you !!
- Rajagopal, Bangalore, India

Thank you so much for this site - we use your backgrounds all the time in our church. Opazity would make a great addition to our presentation packages!
- Jimmy Barrett, Kannapolis, USA

Love the designs. I've had so much fun with PowerPoint since I've found this site. Great Job, Guys!
- Theresa Newsome, Winnie, TX, USA

Sounds like an interesting addin - I build a lot of CBTs for our personnel on one of the largest interstate pipelines in the country. Most of my work is converted to Flash for posting to the web - I'll be interested to see how this plugin works in that situation. I'd like a copy of Opazity!
- Cliff McPherson, Houston, USA

I'd like a copy of Opazity!
- Steve Hixon, Double Oak, TX, USA

I create executive presentations for VP and above for a major government contractor. I am under constant pressure in pushing the envelope of creativity with them. From your website's description, Opazity may very well one of those tools that will allow me to meet their needs for high quality and polish in my presentations. I look forward to the opportunity to try it in person!
- Steve Barta, McKinney, Texas, USA

Opazity, smazity This give-away idea is great I hope you pick me To win this product that's first rate! I have a love affair with graphics even though I'm just a gal PowerPoint is one tool I use It's become my favorite pal. It's important to do the best I can To make the pictures sing To match them to the lyrics Is the gift to Him I bring. I think Opazity will help me to improve what I can do If you pick me as a winner I truly will thank you!
- Helen Singer, Cottage Grove OR, USA

I teach for a virtual high school. The only thing I have to grab students' attention are my PowerPoints. This product would definitely intrigue my students and keep them watching!
- Stephanie Patzin, San clemente, USA

Everyone in my family enjoys creating PowerPoint slides. Even the non-geek of the family likes to put his hunting and fishing photos into a presentation to share. Keep up the great work.
- PR Kettenacker, Menomonie, USA

My job as a Forester on the Davy Crockett National Forest in Texas requires me to give presentations within the US Forest Service and to the public as well. I have found that PowerPoint presentations are the best medium to present information in an organized and attractive manner. PowerPoint is a flexible and powerful program that is only limited by your imagination.
- Barton Davis, Kennard, USA

I just discovered Indezine and Opazity and these are wonderful rools for improving my PowerPoint presentations. It makes long, dry material pop and more enjoyable to present as well as receive.
- Kathy Tankersley, Bioston, MA

I have been using PowerPoint to make my lessons for my Sunday School class. I'm always looking for great tools to expand my capabilities! Thanks for the opportunities,
- Lisa Doyle, Fullerton, USA

I am beginning to learn PowerPoint in a more creative way. Thanks to Indezine for all the help and inspiration.
- Carol, Colorado Springs, USA

I'd love to have a copy of this for my Digital Media classes. Students learn how to create well-designed, purposeful multi-media presentations that include PowerPoint. This software will enable them to continue to explore many ways in which PowerPoints can not only be functional but stylistic, as well.
- Nicki Yokota, Dana Point, USA

Very interesting!
- Imelda Idar, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Indezine is indescribable. It connects PowerPoint users with experts with the best ideas and products around!
- Shari McMahon, McHenry, USA

The tools you dev elop are awesome.
- Elizabeth Counts, Oakley, USA

I have used other of Steve's products with great results. As a teacher of PowerPoint, I like to advise my students and clients of various add-ins that will allow them to make their presentations reach out and enthuse their audience, no matter what the subject. Opazity is such an add-in, and I would truly like to have a copy not only for my own use, but, to demonstrate in my classes. Thank you. Jan :)
- Jan Ilacqua, Warrenton, USA

I'm getting my MBA and can use unique items like this to differentiate myself.We give a huge amount of PowerPoint presentations!! I'd love to have it!
- Candace Alcorn, Oviedo, USA

I am always looking for improvements in PowerPoint as I work on my MBA. PowerPoint presentations are required in every single class.
- Daphne Becker, Seattle, USA

I make many PowerPoint presentations for work as well as community applications and have really enjoyed the items I have found at Indezine! Recently I had to make a presentation for the CEO and Vice Presidents. I found a new company logo that would have been really cool in the background, but lacked the method to make it work the way I needed it to. I think this would be the magic tool.
- Pam Almandinger, Portland, OR, USA

Opaque effects make PowerPoint presentations rock.
- Keith Jainga, Vallejo, USA

I use PowerPoint to create weekly activities schedules, menus, birthday greetings, etc. for a local retirement home. I am constantly searching for new tools to keep the presentations fresh and interesting so the retirees will pay attention and receive the information they need. Opazity sounds like another great tool to make this happen. dezine has become my "go to" web site for help and fresh ideas and wonderful templates.
- Barbara Schladitz, Bedford, USA

- Eduardo Jaime, San Juan, Puerto Rico

As an art teacher I am always creating PowerPoint presentations of artwork to show my students, and any way that I can make the presentation more interesting to the kids is a godsend. Some of the artwork that I show in class is the only artwork that some of my students will ever see. Thank you for your consideration.
- Darrell Goff, Albuquerque, USA

I train teachers from pre-K to 20 about PowerPoint and the correct ways of using it and the incorrect ways of it's uses. I am always looking for new ideas that I can share with them so that they can then take it back to their students. I haven't heard of this product and I think that the teachers would like it. I know that I'm interested in it.
- Ross Rogers, Salt Lake City, USA

Excellent contribution
- Vishram, Nagpur, India

Mahvelous, simply mahvelous!!
- Jim Williams, Eugene, OR, USA

Our users find it very useful to have special tools that help demonstrate an important concept or emphasize a particular point. This sofware could measurably enhance that ability.
- Kathy Reeder, New York, USA

I appreciate this site and what is has to offer in content and advice. I makes my job a lot easier.
- Terrie Taylor, Pasadena, USA

I am responsible for training materials for the software I support at our hospital. I use PowerPoint all the time and am always looking for ways to make it more interesting to my end users.
- Debbie Bostick, Bellingham, USA

I never won something here. May be that new year new luck? Anyway thank you for your site: a great place for PowerPoint resources
- Gianni Prest, SImperia , Italy

Love to win it
- Jody Townsend, Colorado Springs, USA

My church has recently done a study on the allowing the new wind to flow the church. And utilizing this tool would allow us to create a new wind within our PowerPoint ministry.
- Denise Noble, Artesia, USA

Sounds like a great program to use for backgrounds on certificates and awards. Thanks for all the templates in the past and look forward to new ones in the future.
- Sanra Masih, Baghdad, Iraq

With the help of Indezine and all of the articles, tips and techniques, my boss, the pastor, has been thrilled with our Sunday morning worship slides. In fact, he's changed my job description to "Communications Director" because of the compelling slides and PowerPoint shows I have learned to put together. He's even borrowed some of my graphic effects for his sermon slides!
- Kathy Giles, Canandaigua, USA

This looks like a great tool! I like my work to stand out and I believe this would help me achieve that. I work for the government and also do contract work at home...PowerPoint plays a large role in my work and any tool which can help me on the road to perfection for my clients would be invaluable to me!Thanks,
- Don Sublett, Newcastle, VA, USA

I have been looking for a software that creates the opaque effect on PowerPoint slide shows. I cannot wait to use this product and tell all my friends about it!
- Madeleine Villalobos, Bartlett, USA

I am a community college professor who uses PowerPoint everyday; adding these cool effects to my presentations might inspire my students to actually listen and take notes during lecture--or remind them through association of an effect of the content during an exam.
- Kim Radek, Oglesby, IL , USA

I have thourougly enjoyed using your media for our presentations.
- Susan Leach, Lakeland, USA

I am a community representitive, a spokesman for the under educated, and a professional customer service representative. I cause the creation of new ideas. I help cultivate the creatitivity in my surroundings. I am a teacher and this software would help me do my job better.
- Nicholas Parish, Hattiesburg, USA

Since I enjoy all Indezine products I'm sure I'll enjoy this one if and when I win.
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat, Israel

I teach at a four-year college and need to use PowerPoint a lot for visuals. I'm always looking for ideas to improve on both my presentation skills and how the slide show looks! One is never too old to learn! Thanks for this opportunity!
- Cynthia May, Washburn, USA

I love this site and I'm sure my Computer Tech. does too because he doesn't get all of my pleas for help. I have learned more from this site than from the help section in PowerPoint. Learning tips and tricks here even helps me understand the program more and gives me a direction to figure other aspects of PowerPoint as well.I appreciate the help!
- Nancy Allen, Homer, USA

I use PowerPoint for teaching Hazardous Materials Classes & would love a license of this software.
- Michelle K. Wesch, Fremont, USA

I have always felt and experienced that an Impactful Presentation brings a change, wether in the form of a better job, gets you a new friend, boosts your self-confidence ... there is always a change I have noticed whenever I have given a good presentation.... where I felt like time just flew like a flash as I came off the stage...
- Suhail, London, UK

I do the PowerPoint presentations for my Church and am always looking for new ideas to help the congregation see as clearly as possible what the Pastor is saying. I come to Indezine on a regular basis, and this Opazity looks like an exciting visual help!
- Debra Kelly, Big Rapids, USA

I like to use them in presentations as part of a children progam
- Jacob Regoord, Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain

Our little Church on the outskirts of Sydney are trying to reach a small community with the Gospel. We use PowerPoint and would benefit greatly from this material. Thank you.
- Judy Bolas, Glenmore Park, Australia

excellent program. a must for PowerPoint users
- Boyd Hartzog, Coffee Springs, USA

I will use opazity here at work to dazzle my presentations.
- Sabrina Evans, Atlanta-Georgia, USA

Great designs!
- Timothy Payne, Yonkers, New York, USA

Love the newsletters!
- Jo Bolten, Wellington, New Zealand

I teach preservice teachers and I strive to show them PowerPoint does nothave to be read or boring. This looks like a great tool for making me look good. If it is really good, I could talk the university or at least our College of Education into buying additional copies for faculty and student use in the labs. On top of everything else, I am a doctorate student, in my last semester of classes who could use a break from someone, since no one ever gives doc students anything, we have to pay for everything.
- Mary Harriet Talbut, Cape Girardeau, USA

What a great addin! I'd love to try it out. I work in the local govt area and we give presentations to the public all the time. This may emphasize certain things we want emphazised more than what we currently do...
- Pooja Gupta, Garden Grove, USA

I'm a poet looking for visual accompaniment :-)
- Mary Ann Schaefer, Boulder, USA

I use lots of PowerPoint backgrounds in my job as assistant music minister at my church. I also use them frequently in my "paid" job. I am always looking for new ideas, templates and packages.
- Elisabeth Negley, Avon Park, USA

I am the volunteer PowerPoint designer for our church. The reason for the above. My wife and I love this church, but church attendance is a constant struggle.The church is attempting to lose the hymnals in favor of beautiful photos and scenes that add to the words of the songs. A large screen TV and a laptop computer capable of displaying these images were donated to the church. I have been designing the PowerPoint images since November, 2007 and have had several church members thank me for this change. It seems to be working as far as attendance and is showing a positive attitude toward tithings. I would love to donate "Opazity" to the church and continue to supply photos and images in a positive uplifting spiritual manner. For this reason I am asking that you consider my entry very seriously. Thank you,
- Larry Gold, El Paso, USA

Thanks for yuor offert. Its a good men
- Guillermo Bojorquez, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

I've been a long-time user of PowerPoint so anything that makes it an even better program is welcome! Indezine provides alot of helpful info and articles!
- kim farnham, san diego, USA

Love Indezine!
- Amber Buckley, Buckeye, USA

We do a lot of PowerPoint presentations and I am always looking for new graphics, etc.
- Georgette Valliere, Augusta, USA

Sydney needs more fireworks as New Year's are now a distant memory. Please give me Opazity so I can dazzle my over-worked cynical colleagues with some fun, colour and pizzazz when I train them.
- Sandy Wright, Sydney, Australia

Thanks for this opportunity
- Jessica Carlson, Lake Charles, USA

I think that the work that your team has done in making PowerPoint's better for teachers to use in classrooms are beyond compare. Thanks for helping us keep our teaching interesting.
- Charlie Williams, Morristown, TN, USA

You make my job so much easier and (shhhh....whisper: the boss thinks I'm brilliant!) Thanks!
- Laureta Blondin, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I would like to win this to use in my classroom to make the students ooh and ahh when they see my next PowerPoint. I would show this tool to the other other teachers and of course they would all want one!
- Teresa, Myrtle, USA

I am responsible for creating presentations and course material for our trainers. Opazity looks like a great product for us to use. I can highlight different parts of the instrumentation while the trainer gives their talk. Much better, more effective, more pleasing to the eye than using a laser pointer!
- Richard McNeill, Milford, MA, USA

Awesome products and great for making my teaching more interesting
- Janette Vercoe, Auckland, New Zealand

Love what you do. I love this one with people. As Pastor of a church, this is what we're trying to do...get people to connect with each other & God.
- Wayne Craft, Valley Grande, USA

More than the traditional and conventional presentation
- Alizae, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I really love your templates and they have helped make my presentations GREAT!!!!!!
- Tawanna Brown, Hillside, USA

I will use it to make really cool things for a middle school Bible Study.Middle school kids seem to love this stuff and it is the only way I can connect on a really cool level.please, please, please pick me...
- Andrea Giglio, Littleton, USA

I love the templates at this site. I use them at my school and church. They have added a sophistication that my PowerPoint presentations did not have previously.
- Cathy Mattocks, Acworth, GA, USA

We are always after the tweaking killer plug-in that will make app perform in an out standing manner that makes that creates distinction from our peers. Opazity has the ability to create that distinction. Pure and simply mine has it and yours doesn't.
- Dan Robinson, Taipei, Taiwan

Your giveaways are great for the starving artists (especially those who work in government!
- Catherine Plunkett, Memphis TN, USA

Hello guys. I am a child psychiatrist and I use your products almost for everything in my work. Thank you for all, anyway.
- Aristos Gerapetritis, Chania-Creta, Greece

Ideas soar with your methods and your templates as background! Well done!
- J. Kuperberg, Vallejo, USA

I am a middle school teacher. I often spend time teaching students how to use tools like PowerPoint and Widows Movie Maker so this would be a great tool to use with kids and for kids!
- Stephanie Poynor, Louisville, KY, USA

Now I will have the POWER! All I need is Opazity to blow the competition out of the water... Grandma, move over. Your photo albums are so PowerPoint 2003!
- Ali B, Gold Coast, Australia

my visit to your site was chanced some time back, then onwards I have become your regular visitor, being a professor in the university, some of your PowerPoint background has helped my presentation better, still to exploit your others add on facilities. your site is a extraordinary one and out of world
- M.V. Sriramachandrasekharan, Aduthurai, Tamilnadu, India

I would love to have a copy
- Tina Richards, Thomasville, USA

I have read the review by Geetesh Bajaj as well as the interview that he did with Steve Hards and Opazity is the perfect add-in to have! It really seems to brighten up a plain old PowerPoint slide to something interesting and design suave!
- J Ong, Singapore, Singapore

I am always happy to receive news from you for PowerPoint. I simply love that program. Thank you very much! You do a good job and it help me a lot!
- Mychele LeCouteur, Port Clyde, NS, Canada

This site has helped me so much with my PowerPoint presentations. I absolutely love the colorful templates. I recommend Indezine to anyone who wants to be one step ahead of their fellow PowerPoint presentors.
- Rashmi Bhagwat, Mississauga, Canada

I have beenan educator for many years and now work in professional development to help teachers do their jobs better. I am thinking that Opazity will give me another tool to design presentations that will help me meet that goal.
- Judy Newsome, Savanna

Indezine is one of my favorite newletters.I look forward to its arrival.
- Theresa Hadden-Martinez, Placitas, USA

In a government institution where conformity is the rule - my division's presentations stick out and make an impression - thanks to you and your creative ideas. We conform without having to be uniform!!!
- Lily Ann Lando, Los Banos, Philippines

I'm always looking for great PowerPoint templates for school.
- Linda L Gilbert, Wallingford, USA

I would use this to provide better instruction for my students
- Ann Francis, Linn Creek, USA

It would be gret to win something! Thank you...........Randy Berry
- Randy Berry, Guelph, Canada

My organization utilizes PowerPoint presentations for the education of our staff. Clear and crisp PowerPoints seem to make or break a meeting or session, holding the attention of attendees longer. I am anxious to see if these amazing looking slides will make the difference!
- Christine Adams, Stahlstown, USA

This site has helped me so much with my PowerPoint presentations. I absolutely love the colorful templates. I recommend Indezine to anyone who wants to be one step ahead of their fellow PowerPoint presentors.
- Rashmi Bhagwat, Mississauga, Canada

This site has helped me so much with my PowerPoint presentations. I absolutely love the colorful templates. I recommend Indezine to anyone who wants to be one step ahead of their fellow PowerPoint presentors.
- Wil Monroe, Allenhurst, Georgia, USA

Any enhancement to my efforts to attract and hold learners' attention is welcome.
- Niela Redford, Glendale, AZ, USA

Love the Great backgrounds. Adds diversity to class lectures!
- Michael A. Irizarry, Lumberton, NJ, USA

I love the free download PowerPoint templates which have a variety of choices
- Jeannie Chen, Redwood City, San Mateo County

I'm tired of plain old boring PowerPoint. I want some pizzazz. Opazity looks just like what I'm looking for
- Ron Waters, Eureka, USA

Newer Youth Pastor and looking for an edge to help in any way possible to use mutimedia in a small church
- David Inch, Bloomfield, Canada

Giveaways, advice, new product reviews and recommendations, backgrounds & templates. WOW! This is easily the most useful PowerPoint site in my favorites list!
- Scott Davis, Riverside, USA

Great!!!!!!It helps generate new ideas for a presentation.
- Bhavna Jain, Mysore, INDIA

It's about time I show my staff and the management what effective PowerPoint is all about through OPAZITY.
- Lyn, Manila, Philippines

I am always looking for new things to make my PowerPoints more interesting --you always have great ideas and products!
- Joyce Nelson, Gardner, USA

I appreciate the help you give in making PowerPoint presentations come alive. I use it primarily in church - as I preach sermons I try to be creative in illustrating them.
- David Johnson, Grove City, PA, USA

Looking forward to incorporating Opazity into my presentations1
- Patti Jackson, Olive Hill, USA

See what the program can do.
- Monica Castellano, Chandler, USA

Thanks for the gift!
- Arup Acharjee, Varanasi, India

This site has helped me to get rave reviews not only ffrom my students but from other teachers as well. I'd love to keep creating instructional modules using resources from this site.
- James Harris, McAllen, USA

An excellent site for newbies who want to keep abreast with the latest in the world of PowerPoints, Photoshop and more. It's free, yet of quality and has it all.
- Peter Huang, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Wana learn more about PowerPoint!
- Bharat, Mumbai, India

Wonderful source for practical advice.
- Kitty Duhon, Houston, USA

I like Indezine because I have found lot of useful tips and templates.
- Muthukhumar S S, Chennai, India

The collection is an excellent background for the social service worker course that I am teaching at community college. It is difficult to find templates that will peak the student's attention and interest in theory and practice.
- Connie Ross, Pembroke

iam biotech student.and I use many themes for my presentations.. hence indezine seems to be very useful..i love it..
- Selvakumar, Chennai - Tamilnadu, India

- K Blackstock, Victoria, Canada

How exciting! I'd LOVE to see how this works. We use PowerPoint for all of our training so anything that can catch the eye is greatly appreciated!
-Idia Sparacio, Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA

As a preacher of the gospel I use PowerPoint with every lesson. I look forward to improving my presentations with Opazity.
- Alex Ogden, USA

Love the capability of this little add-in ... I look forward to coming up with some creative uses.
- Ian Moore, Toronto, Canada

I love to be on the bleeding edge for presentations. I would use this to 'Wow!' others and seperate our presentations from everyone elses.
- Todd McKee, Little Rock, USA

Love the PowerPoints. here
- Wayne Eisbrenner, Boissevain, Canada

This would be really cool to win!
- Dean Delzell, Jefferson, IA

I think that these giveaways are great - but I really would like to know someone who won.
- Kathleen Morrissey, Nutley, USA

Let's face it! You either love it or you hate it. PowerPoint that is. I personally love it. I love how it is such an easy program that even my 10 year old can produce fantastic presentations with. I'm excited about Opazity. Not that I have heard too much about the software itself until now, but from what I have heard I know that it can only make my presentations look even better and give me the edge over everyone else with my fantastic looking presentations. As I use PowerPoint on a daily basis I can't wait to try Opazity for myself.
- Sonia Pupavac, Brisbane, Australia

I do a lot of high end PowerPoint to tell complex stories for my company. I already see myself using Opazity to illustrate the many overlaps and layers within a complex media company,
- Margaret Garrity, chicago, USA

i want to make spectacular presentations to the sisters in the community during our annual retreat. thanks ever so much.
- Shalimar rubia, pasay city, philippines

I would use the effects in our church PowerPoints and school work.
- Robbie Randall, Richmond, USA

This appears to be just what I need to make some really neat special effects in my presentations
- Giles Warren-Browne, Oceanside, USA

I am new to PowerPoint in that I have just started using it in church Bible Studies. It has opened up new life to our services. I would use this to enahnce the PowerPoint Bible studies that I present.
- Pastor Jerry Bryant, Jacksonville, NC, USA

I would use this to make awesome slides for our contemporary service. This site has given me valuable information to make our contemporary service slides memorable. Thank you!
- Teri Rainsberg, Maumee, USA

I am a video/slideshow enthusiasts and would like to use it in my project. I am not a professional but I find fulfilment and enjoyment whenever my family and friends appreciate what I do.
- CJ Cisneros, london, UK

I saw the demo, what can I say other than fantastic effects. Your demos inspired me to try and be more visually creative when making my own PowerPoint presentations. Until recently I had only added in the basic text, graphics, with a few entrance animations. With tools like this I would be creating a work of art not just another presentation.
- Kimberly Bolanos, Chicago, USA

I love this site and have used the template to create awesome presentations!
- Miami, New York, Usa

Thank you so much for your support. It's quite nice your desing PowerPoint. i am fun of you.
- Andre, Lima, Peru

Sure would like to use it in my church presentations. It is an exciting innovation in presentation design
- Bob Oates, Acampo, USA

Indezine is a great concept. I have been a member for quite some time and have picked up many templates for my presentations from here. The presentations go so well, and trhe effect that these presentations have because of teh amazing tamplates is just beyond words. Many people have asked me from where do I get such wondreful PowerPoint's, and I tell them, it's a secret.....
- Neha Kelshika, Mumbai, India

If i win, this i will use for my company
- Pramod Nayak, Bangalore, India

winning is an art not luck, it's sort of like the winning kind of outstanding art work that goes into all the designs you put out! tnx alot! you've made my PowerPoint presentations at church a work of winning art!
- Carlos Gunn, pompano beach, florid

Goodwill Industries of Central Florida is a 501(c) non-profit organization offering free vocational training and evaluation for persons with disabilities and disadvantaging conditions. Last year, we served over 26,000 persons in Central Florida. You may view our website at
- James Pallotti, Corpus Christi, USA

I would like to try this software as it may be something we could suggest to our members of the Chamber of Commerce as a tool to enhance their business presentations and impress new clients.
- Melody Bickhem, Gurnee, USA

After reading Geetesh's review of this product, I know this would be a great resource in my PowerPoint library!
- David Scammell, Lake Mary, FL, USA

Your site is a lifesaver for busy teachers. With the touch of my keyboard I can find just the background that will spice up my presentations. If I were to win the prize my presentations would have a new look, the kids would be so impressed with it.Thanks for all you do at your site. You Rock!
- Billie Herrington, Palatka, F, USA

I am a Children's evangelist that travels across the united states conducting fast paced multi media ministry events for children and families. I use PowerPoint to run all my video, sound effects and presentations, and some games through. I have found your site very informative and have used a lot of the info on it to bring my presentations up to the next level. when I have a question about something new I want to do with PowerPoint I usually turn to your web site first. I have recommended your site to many people. God Bless You Jerry The Jubilee Gang
- Jerry Moyer, Springfield, OH, USA

Opazity is a great concepts thats will help me improve the PowerPoints I us with my deaf students. I use PowerPoint to let them understand most of the classes and here in Puerto Rico it will help me accomplish many more tricks iand make it more fascinanting for my PowerPoint slides. It will allow meand help me captivate there attention in a very special way.
- Elizabeth Torres, Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico

never get a gift.
- Liang Yuan, Wuhan, China

Thank you! I use PowerPoint each week to aid my adult Sunday School presentation.
- Ed Payne, Des Moines, USA

We will use the prize to help spread the Gospel of God's great love for all people in Jesus Christ!
- Mike Michalk, Eau Claire, WI, USA

This will be FUN
- Gerianne Holzman, Mazomanie, USA

Simple but has a great impact. It drives to a feeling to think, wonder, and winning attention of audiences. No wonder you are infront to present and capture every audience's heart.
- Regi-Irene Osea, Pili, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Cool teacher looking for cool PP tricks to capture students' attention!
- Sunny, west columbia, USA

I hope to send wonderful presentations to my friends. My friends would like to get some photos of my recent travels and I think presenting the photos in a slideshow will be great!
- Annabelle A. Ridad, Bayawan City, Philippines people have been doing a lot of innovative stuff.....templates with dark backgrounds with mind blowing animations are what people seek for....
- imtiaz, chennai, India

Its an awesome site. It helped me a lot in carrying out presentations in many corporate offices and universities. Hope this is an good offer too. Best of luck for the future.
- Khondoker Pear Mohammad, Dhaka , Bangladesh

Indezine rocks! With the best PowerPoint templates. My teachers were constantly impressed with my presentations especially when I couple it with the dynamic PowerPoint 2007. With this tool, I'm sure everyone will be blown away by my slides.
- Ah Meng, Singa

love your site!
- Larry Kilgore, Okeechobee, USA

I am a computer technology teacher and use PowerPoint in my classroom. I need a product that will make my presentations stand out for my students.
- Faye Foster, De Berry, USA

Real true is what you chose to be true
- Ivana, Nis, Serbia

WOW! This program would be a great enhancement that I could offer to my church. Hi! My name is Kim Halgren and I am a stay-at-home Mom. I volunteer my time to help my church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, create PowerPoint slides. There are times when I see a beautiful picture and would love to put music on it, but there is no way to do that. This would be a wonderful gift to offer. I would be so grateful to win this product "Opazity." Thank you and God Bless You!
- Kim Halgren, Mondovi, USA

Thank you.
- Daren Mallory, Gorham, USA

This site is valuable to those of us who look to expand upon the basic set of PowerPoint templates and features.Today's learners have probably seen many PowerPoint presentations - Indezine helps to bring a breath of fresh air to presentations.
- Donna Nixon, Arlington Heights, IL, USA

I think Indezine is a great site. I look forward to opening my monthly newsletter and frequent the site whenever I have a problem or want to learn something new in PowerPoint. I have told all my co-workers and friends about it as well.
- Lin, Toronto, Canada

I use PowerPoints in teaching high school math - the students love to see the new designs each day and it keeps them interested in learning new topics
- Pat James, Erie, USA

Even (especially!) scientists need artistic PowerPoint presentations. Please help me save this community from boring presentation formats!
- Charlotta Polacek, Berkeley, USA

I will soon be managing our church's new sound.
- Betty Nolen, Kings Mountain, NC, USA

Hope I win!!!
- Joy Fischl, Tustin, USA

This website is the best resource for templates and products. I look forward, in anticipation, to getting emails all the time.
- Tod Anderson, Irving, USA

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