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Winning Entries

Indezine is my first stop in the creation process and the place to learn about programs such as SnagIt 8. The tips and tricks, reasonably priced offers, and personal replies to email are amazing. SnagIt 8 sounds like the answer to my most recent challenge! My training materials often need a screen shot to clarify directions. PDF files are very limiting - I need a tool like SnagIt 8 to help me perform my job and to be proud of my work! Thanks for a great website.
- Bonnie Moore, Altoona, USA

I do a lot of internet surfing to find good pictures to use in power point files that I enjoy making and sending to friends. I frequently use the screen capture feature of my HP computer. Had the trial version of SNAGIT at one time and it was very helpfull capturing the pictures I found. I signed up for this site and other PPT sites several months ago when I first starting using PPT. I usually visit and use this site at least 3 times a week.
- Gary R. McNeese, Shreveport, LA 71106, USA

I was recently introduced to Snag It and I love it. I was creating training materials and needed to capture information to illustrate key points. Using Snag It made training materials look very professional and explanations much easier for the trainee to visualize. The project came with 24hr deadline, this meant I had to learn how to use Snag It and use it very quickly. Snag It was very user friendly. I look forward to having a copy of my own, so I can really learn all the features that it has.Thanks to Snag It.....I really pulled off a successful project. Bridgette
- Bridgette B. Diggs, St. Louis, USA

SnagIt 8 will be a very useful tool being that I am a educator. I will be able to make presentation where my audience (teachers and students) will be able to follow along and access the right webpage or know exactly what document needs to be filled out and were information is needed. This is an excellent tool.
- Patricia Wallace, San Antonio, USA

The Indezine web site is a virtual gold mine. I'm in the education field and using your site has enhance my presentations tremendously. It's unusual to find a site where the resources and information that is shared is top drawer and timely. Thanks a million for sharing them. The SnagIt 8 giveaway contest is too good to be true. It's just another reason why I value your web site. Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas and information.
- Dorothy Lindsey, Canton, USA

I look forward to getting your emails as the templates, backgrounds, news, tips and tricks on your site help me greatly in my graphics job. I use PowerPoint to do a lot of my graphics especially for posters (for science fairs etc). For my presentations many persons have asked where I get my templates from and I've referred them to Indezine. You are way ahead!
- Donna Cornwall, Kingston, Jamaica

As a college professor, I find the Indezine website helpful and informative; it helps me make the lectures I deliver more interesting to students, as I try to tie the background art to the subjects I'm lecturing about. SnagIt would make my lectures even better yet; that would be way cool!
- Kim Radek, Oglesby, USA

I can't tell you how happy I am that I stumbled upon the Indezine site! The PowerPoint backgrounds and tips provided have helped me tremendously with presentations at work. In a recent presentation about our company's presence in China our Director singled me out for praise and I know it was partly due to the Indezine tips and backgrounds I used. I use SnagIt 8 at work and find it to be one of the most powerful software programs I have at my disposal. I plan to start a non-profit group this year to help college students with the cost of their education. I know SnagIt 8 will help tremendously in this endeavour.
- Kelli Zimmerman, Brook Park, USA

Snagit will be very useful in designing our online courses. Kelly Schobinger
- Kelly Schobinger, Kent, USA

I am a minister, so I work with our church website, as well as creating tons of Powerpoint presentations. I am always on the lookout for pictures, screen clippings, etc. to enhance my presentations.Also, I am a minister, so I work with our church website, as well as creating tons of Powerpoint presentations. I am always on the lookout for pictures, screen clippings, etc. to enhance my presentations.Also, I just ordered and have started reading the new Powepoint 2007 for Dummies. Even though I have been using Powerpoint for awhile, I am learning a lot. It's great! Thank you!
- Van Polowchak, Fridley, Minnesota

My daughter is a graphic design major and I would love for her to have this software to use. I l have shared the Indezine website with her and she uses it frequently. Thanks for all that you guys do!!!
- Keith Nix, spartanburg, USA

Woohoo, I'm glad with this giveaway. I know SnagIt through a friend of mine and i was reaaly excited what bunch you could do with it... so easily! In special I like the feature for capturing scrolling webpages so easily. Finally I can get a snapshot of whole pages of my sites in 1, 2, 3. I love it, and just keep up the good work!
- Dieter De Coninck, Kapellen, Belgium

I am not a very savvy IT user; so this giveaway will definitely be of tremendous help. Believe me, it will spur me on to try new and creative ways of enhancing my presentations. I need this.
- Karamjit kaur, Singapore, Belgium

I need to end the frustration of not being able to capture many very interesting screen images.
- Joe Wells, Mashpee, USA

i would like to Snagit for helping put presentations together for Sundy morning.
- Tim Richard, Robinson, USA

I will use the sofware for the PowerPoints That I make...
- Phillip Carpenter, Palm Harbor, USA

I do powerpoint at a very small Church I attend. I am always looking for ways to improve what I do for backgrounds and special effects on a budget of nothings. I would love to be able to WOW the congregation with the slides used in powerpoint for our worship and sermons. Thank you
- Tammy Cook, Sutherlin, USA

Love your site. james westbrook
- James Westbrook, Kansas City Missoui, USA

I had decided to go back to school after a 15-year hiatus. Little did I know that the course would require so much writing and many PowerPoint Presentations. After searching the Web for PowerPoint presentation templates I found Indezine. I joined up and used several templats for my final assignments and boy did the difference show. Microsoft templates did not do the job, there was not enough variety, but Indezine has so many templates to chose from I knew my Presentations would look great. I recently finished my AA and am now going for my BA at UoP. I remember turning in a PowerPoint assignment into our Team forum and getting thanks for doing such good work. Another Learning Team even changed their Presentation because of what I had done. As far as what I might do with the prize, I have no idea, but as a college student I am sure I might find many uses for the program. Thanks!
- Willie B. Whitfield III, Hemet, USA

I am doing quite a bit of video and photo editing, both on the PC and Mac platforms.This software would be helpful in those projects. I am currently trying out similar programs, but have not made my decision as to which way to go for such a program.
- Ryan Swensen, Taylorsville, USA

I will use this prize to make my teaching more interesting and to inspire my students
- Bernadine Van Gramberg, Melbourne, Australia

Capturing Ideas, Images and Thoughts - Allowing it all. Go beyond. SnagIt 8
- Chuck Baudrau, Colleyville, Tarrant

What a cool idea for software! I know this would have come in handy so many times when working on PowerPoint presentation, or just trying to clearly communicate an idea in email. (I work in marketing for an equipment manufacturer and technical info is so much easier to "show" then tell) Why didn't somebody come up with this years ago!! Like my kids would say "Pick me...PLLEEASSEE" :-)
- Mary Sheldon, Anoka, USA

I would love to win this so that I can use it to make demos for my teachers.
- Conni Mulligan, Asheville, NC, USA

Have tried the SnagIt trial version and fell in love with what I could do with it. Awesome software!
- Alice, Hougang, Singapore

Love Indezine and associated products. Really great, eye catching presentations and unbelievable tutorials and hints. Sincerely,
- Myron J. Horn, Ph.D, Gulfport, Mississippi, USA

Our Church burnt January, 2007 and we lost all of our media we had been using. We are meeting in a gym right now. Would love all the help we can get to get our media the best it can be! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
- Debbie Rogers, Fayetteville, USA

Great site. I have found a lot of useful info here. Joe Volz
- Joe Volz, Holtwood, USA

This would REALLY be useful as I often want to copy certain important info on web pages fast & easy! Hope I can be a winner! GOOD WORK - keep going, it's really appreciated!
- S. Dube, Gatineau Quebec, Canada

I am an Instructional Technology Liaison at North Harford Elementary School. I would love to teach my staff how to use SnagIt 8. We could start using SnagIt to intergrate technology in our daily lessons.
- Barbara Doak, Pylesville, USA

Snag-It will absolutely enhance all of my training PowerPoint slides. Our squad will be amazed as they learn more effectively. Thanks so much for this creative and noteworthy product!
- Brian Thomas, Edmond, USA

I would love to have Snagit 8. I need a product like this for use with my training materials.
- Beverly Wonnacott, Rice, USA

I am the projection director for my church and this program would help me give a computer class that we are planning.
- Edwin Paniagua, Hawthorne, USA

May I please have the prize? Thank you!
- Mike Michalk, Eau Claire, USA

I am always looking for new software and new tech ideas. I teach gifted and talented students grades k-6 and they gobble up any new information I can give them.This would be another tool for both me, the teacher, and them, the eager to learn, students
- Darla Williams, Shepherd, USA

SnagIt8 sounds like a great program. I'd be happy to get a copy if I'm drawn.
- Ron Waters, Eureka, USA

looks like a useful tool! Greg Dermody
- Greg Dermody, Assiniboia, Canada

- Maria Alice Bosch, Sao Paulo, Brasil

I would use this for: 1. teaching high school computers 9/10 classes 2. teaching Journalism 11/12 classes 3. capturing screens for parents and other staff of students' work 4. submitting reports to IT Help
- Sharon Johnsey, Richmond, BC, Canada

Keep it UP yaw'll.....
- Julie Brayman, Mahnomen, USA

Indezine... just Snagit... eight... snagit
- Razali, Sungai Petani, Malaysia

Snaglt8 must be like being able to use Photoshop on the whole screen. Bliss!
- Kit Heald, Warrington, UK

Love these giveaways! Love Indezine. Great Tips! Great How-Tos. Thanks Lin
- Lin, Toronto, Canada

I will use SnagIt 8 to prepare presentations for use in church services.
- Kent Oliver, Branson, USA

I do very match with powerpoint i love powerpoint for creative with pictures,sorry i speak en read no – english
- E Koolma, Den Haag, Nederland

Sounds like a good product
- Robert Kenney, Albuquerque,USA

An absolute essential to any trainers toolbox. Lets you make training resources that give you the edge
- Michele Turk, Paraburdoo, Australia

Indezine is The place to look for your presentation needs!
- Audrey Michaels, Kannapolis, NC, Kannapolis, NC

It was indezine site that changed my view toward powerpoint presentaions through its free tutorials and templates, i have made tens of power point presentations with great animations since i was a member at indezine, Every one who saw my ppt's said "what a great work".They hesitate (Is it made by PowerPoint or Flash?!). And they get surpriezed when they know it's 100% PowerPoint Presentation, I think Snaglt 8 will help me more to progress in creating great PowerPoint Presentations
- Ahmed, Alexandria, Egypt

A reliable and easy to use tool!
- Joanne Tan, Singapore, Singapore

Thanks for keeping me as one of your family... more power!
- Eve Muniz, Manila, Philippines

May the good Lord will keep and bless you as you continue to share to us your knowledge. Keep up the good work guys!!!
- Renante, Cebu, Philippines

Great site and well worth a read. Thanks
- Michael Eder, Winton, New Zealand

..Wow.. i'd like that software, sure could help a lot in my presentation since i am a engineering student.. hope i win that.. thank you.. so much
- Dread, Malabon, Philippines

I would use it for my study assignments when I have to capture screen shots. Your website has shown the unlimited creativity of using powerpoint. It is a wonderful learning site.
- Nicholas, Singapore, Singapore

I have been waiting to find a program that can grab what you see on the screen and edit it for presentations, etc. I just heard about Indezine about a month ago and I am constantly recommending it to people. I need programs for building my own website and so far I have found 2 through Indezine that are very usable. I would like to know where they find these programs and what the cost of buying them would be? Indezine has provided a wonderful resource tool for me
- Margaret DeGirolamo, Victoria, Canada

I've received many offers, and not one like this one, seems to be interesting, cos sometimes you wanna keep sthng on the screen but full of many other spam or garbage, i would like to try this one and find out how good it is.
- Vincent germer, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

I love Snag-It and would love to have a copy of my own. I've downloaded the trial before. It's really great. I could sure use it for my college classes too.
- Melissa Kalson, Little Rock, U.S.A.

Looking forward to this. I am a returning student to complete my college degree after 20 years and it just amazes me how vital technology has become to our everyday existence. Not to mention the need for powerpoints for some of my classes, at work and meetings. Unbelievable, the sky is the limit with all the
options we have through this avenue of Indezine. Thank you so much.
- Eliza, McAllen, U.S.A

SnagIt8. Its the best screen capture tool I've used. I have been using another tool, but its not a patch on SnagIt. Please, make my life easier and give me a copy!!
- Marilyn Haynes, Brisbane, Australia

WOW a Snaglt 8 for my very own. Those images are mine I tell you..mine. ahahahahahha
- Tina e. wagner, Tallahassee, Florida, Australia

At the age of 53, I have recently gone back to college. Still working on my associates but intend to get my masters degree. I have powerpoint presentations to make and am new to all of this. It would be wonderful to have something that will capture screens and help me turn them into presentations!
- Sandie Culver, Milwaukie, USA

I would love to win the prize
- Vinay Anand, Hyderabad, India

Snag it Capture it - Save it - Display it It makes you a pro!
- Amy Dellenbach, Lewis Center, USA

I would like to use anything that would make presentation more interesting to help my high school students pay attention
- Kristen Murosky, Fayetteville,USA

I'm a foreign language teacher, so I use a lot of visual aids. Sometimes it's difficult as I search for visual aids because I can't save or download everything I see online. So, it'd be great to win this program to better help my students.
- Mina Chon, Belle Vernon, PA, U.S.A.

Best online support for Pwrpt end user!
- Leo Chen, Newtown Sydney, Australia

Your newsletter provide with me with much help in putiing something together on a regular basis. Thank you !!
- Roger Soong, Ngunnawal, Australia

I am the volunteer editor of (and every other job associated with) a monthly newsletter for our small church. SnagIt would help me make the newsletter come "alive" with captured text and graphics that would be difficult for me to recreate from scratch. Putting together this monthly newsletter is a labor of love. Theimprovements I could make with SnagIt would make it so much more eye-catching that it might actually get read!
- Karen DePagter, Tampa, USA

If I win this, I would like to use it for business to enhance presentations. I believe SnagIt can be very visual and help the audience to stay focused.
- Brenda Clark, Broken Arrow, USA

Your free templates are amazing and have been used in important presentations for our school. All students in my Information Technology Lab are required to "present" use a gaming, animation, or web design subject. Your background templates will be used for these student events. I look forward to your emails!!!
- Valerie Clapp, Bangor, USA

Excellant designs and utilizations of the PowerPoint system.
- Phil Hallden, Northumberland, PA 17857, USA

I would love to win those beautiful slides. I'm a great lover of art, and they are what I call art. Your site is amazing, and keep the newsletters rolling.
- Pamela O' Connor, Mullingar, Ireland

I love the idea of being able to capture info form Websites and use it in other areas.
- Sylvia Darling, Bodega Bay, USA

Looking forward to researching Snag It!
- Theresa Newsome, Winnie, USA

I love Snagit! Easiest to use for capturing graphics for my Powerpoint presentations.Been using it for over 10 years! Thanks Snagit!
- Scott Lardizabal, Los Angeles, USA

I use powerpoint weekly for church services and "Snagit 8" looks like something valuable that would help us contain costs.
- Steve M. Thompson, Irving, USA

Grab it with passion
- Gustavo Moran, San Fernando de Apure, Venezuela

What a great tool to use to create a training programs at our church. We have a lot of people willing to help with our tech stuff and being able to show them pictures - how cool would that be!!
- Carl Meisner, Hayes, VA, USA

I am a teacher. I think my students and I can have a great time using Snaglt 8!
- Rita Medvetz, Sykesville, USA

You mean I can capture anything I see on my screen? You gotta be kiddin' me. Anything? Movies? Images?...And then edit it? Yeah right. You'd have to prove it to me (by making me a winner
- Dean Delzell, Jefferson, USA

Great job
- Greg Friesen, Regina, Canada

I have now become a master with my Power Point presentations since I first became an Indezine member and I see Snaglt 8 as an opportunity to catapult the effectiveness of my Powerpoint presentations into an entirely new level of "Wow."
- Richard Potter, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

I have used this program at work. It is great! Sharen Carley
- Sharen Carley, Seguin, USA

Sharing, great information should be the all American past time. Your wonderful program makes it possible. Good by Screen Print Key! Hello Snaglt 8
- Pat Pedigo, Johnston, Iowa, USA

Well since now I'm working in a Media company, this program would help me a lot to edit and create wonderfull slides and flash animations. I've been on Indizine a lot and well of course I want to participate. My regards to all of you who make this and hope that I can win. Since this kind of software is somehow expensive and my retailers doesnt have it, its a nice oportunity to me for growing up my bussines and projects.
- Roberto Ruiz, Monterrey, Mexico

Use to capture images for training materials
- Monica Castellano, Chandler, AZ, USA

I already love Snag It and would be thrilled to upgrade to the new version! It is probably the handiest piece of software I've used. I am a teacher and am constantly pulling images with Snag It to make my presentations better. Thanks for such great software.
- Rani Stoddard, Rani Stoddard, USA

Thank you for continuing to make people aware of enhancements to PowerPoint presentations. For those who give numerous presentations, you offer information with which to make improvements
- Jack Meagher,Peterborough, USA

Thank you for the free offer
- John J. Jarman, Lynchburg, USA

As a technology facilitator, one of my duties is training teachers in the use of technology hardware and software. I have found that my teachers learn better when my training is accompanied by instructional handouts that show them step by step how to perform the specific task I'm teaching. Snagit 8 would allow me to accomplish this more effectively by including actual screen images showing those steps as they are performed.
- Sarah Fleeman, Anguilla, MS, USA

I think I will impress my wife.... as she doesn't know what SnagIt 8 can do....!
- Suhail Chughtai, London, UK

SnagIt is a great and versatile screen capture program! I use an earlier version that is still very functional.
- Allen Zielnik, Chicago, USA

I love the site! Whenever I am looking for some really creative templates, Indezine is the first place I search because I know I can find something relevant and useful.
- Keeva McLeod, Philadelphia, USA

I want to participate.
- María Fernanda Andrés, Santa Fe, Argentina

I will die of sheer happiness if i win this !!!
- Yasir, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Thank you for doing those giveaways. Keep posting and helping us with our presentations. Regards
- Eduardo Jaime, San Juan, Puerto Rico

I am a researcher who relies on conveying my ideas to diverse audiences. Customizing layout/slide design for each of those audience is very important. Your site is an excellent source of ideas and solutions. Very well executed graphics.
- Natalie Carlso, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Great product to be able to train users easily.
- Stephen Worthington, Jackson, USA

I am a training developer for a large Healthcare organization. I am always searching for new ways to make training engaging and effective. I have found your newsletter to be very helpful and I've learned many new tricks that I've been able to apply to my work. I've even been able to use your information when other "techies" told me "it can't be done" or "that's not how that software is suppose to be used" So, I appreciate the connection you provide to me and helping me to be better at what I do. Thanks - I appreciate you all!!
- Jannalee Hunsaker, Slc, USA

Snagit8 Is a wonderful product. I installed the trial version and after seeing what it could produce, I easily convinced my boss to purchase it for me. It has helped me create helpful training documents and procedures for my job. People love that there are actual screen shots within the documents so that when they follow them step by step they have a visual que to let them know that they are doing it correctly. It is so great that I am hoping to win a copy to be able to use it at home!
- Jennifer Greb, Eagle Point, USA

I've wanted this program for a while, hope I win. I have really enjoyed all the wonderful information Indezine has provided on their site. I make a lot of presentations and I know that snagIt will make this process so much easier. Thanks for all you do.
- Donna Anderson, Lufkin, USA

Snagit rocks!
- Joel LeFevre, New York, USA

Having served as the IT director for the City of Ventura, and for the Ventura Police Department, I frequently evaluated programs for use on the city computers. Having used earlier versions of Snag-It for both professional and personal uses, I knew it to be a robust Screen Capture and editing program. As the current Commander of the Professional Standards Division of the police department I have a constant need to be able to create, edit and share high quality screen captures for internal investigations as well as for professional presentations to police department and other city staff. I have used numerous templates and tips provided to me through Indezine and would love to be able o use the most current version of SnagIt in my daily tasks. Lt. John Garner Ventura Police Department
- John Garner, Ventura, USA

I would love to have this program. I speak occasionally at my church and have often wished I had a progam which would allow me to snag a screen shot of something that would helpful to me in a presentation. It would be great to have the program to help me.
- Nicola Keene, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

SnagIt 8 would be a great tool to complement my powerpoint works. Looking forward eagerly for a free copy!
- Rajesh Nanda, Puri, India

I used Snag It in my last job, but don't have it now. It really helped me develop my presentations quickly!! Everyone wanted to know how I was able to put the parts assembly details AND color the parts I was talking about on each slide. SnagIt made it possible.
- Charles Knowles, Cabot, USA

This software would be great for my job. I am a Desktop Support person. It would be great to be able to use that and email the images to other support teams instead of copying things into paint.
- Jay Cook, Alexandria, USA

I would like to be one of the winners because I am trying my hand at DVD creations and I have created videos online that would help me ehance my short movies, however I cannot retreive them because they are in flash format. I hope this software allows me to save some of those videos and use them in my DVD creations.
- Sandra Giclhrease, Levittown, USA

Highly beneficial for my lesson when i want to show an excerpt from the net to my students, or while doing my professional presentations.
- Zuliawati Md Suhod, Singapore, Singapore

To Snagit or not to Snagit it is not the question! It is a very, very big difference!!
- Barbara Becker, Gdansk, Poland

I would love to have a copy of the new version of Snag-It. This would allow me to capture screen shots which I use constantly for graphics in Powerpoint presentations each week. Some websites have the images imbedded and cannot be copied but with Snag-it many of the most usable images can now be captured. Thank you!
- Paul Bailey, Des Moines, USA

I love the Indezine emails and website! I can always find new ideas for my daily presentations... Thank you for all the great info!
- Michelle Haag, Phoenix, USA

Indesign has helped me alot over the years.
- André Korol, Montreal, Canada

I attended a workshop using SnagIt but did not have the money available to purchase it for use in my classroom.
- Michele Thomas, Lansing, USA

SnagIt is one of the greatest tools I have to use- We use SnagIT to dress up the graphics we using in our Maintenance Technicians Training programs such as aircraft systems training and policy training. I have even used SnagIt to ask for a pay raise. Knowing full well I wasn't going to get the raise, but wasn't going to let that stop me I sent my boss a PowerPoint presentation requesting the raise- I dressed up all the graphics using SnagIt. Unfortunetly for me-my boss also has SnagIt - you guess it- I got my response back in a Powerpoint- he used Snagit to create different ways to say no. It was very funny.
- Tandy Wheeler, Phoenix, USA

I love you guys! Your site is the best and I recommend it to everyone I can.
- Sheri Williams, Denver, USA

This product will aid me greatly in producing high impact and exciting presentations to the members of the fire service that I train.
- Bill Donahue, Burlington, USA

A great utility that makes the difference when you create software manuals or many others kind of documentation that required image extraction.
- Jose Peña, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Geetesh- make my life easier with Snag 8- all I ever do is copy and paste!
- Marla Theodoro, Klamath Falls, USA

I am an Infectious Diseases Fellow and I would like to impress my colleagues with my sophisticated presentations!
- Dimitra Mitsani, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I apply all the information provided to me by this site to my slides in my conferences during my masters degree school activities in Endodontics, so any extra help i can get to improve my slide presentations is welcomed
- Fernando Munoz, San Luis, Arizona, USA

I love snag-it and would like to have a snag-it/jing like product ASAP. It will revolutionize the call center/support center operations.....hurry please
- Lori Acciavatti, Morgantown, USA

I give many presentations using PowerPoint. Indezine is a rich resource for presenters. I've discovered superb ideas and information on products that have supercharged my presentations. If I win, I will capture and edit images using SnagIt 8 to make my presentations even more sizzling. Thanks for all the illuminating presentation information that gets results. Keep up the good work!
- Allan Misch, Columbia, USA

Great site, Lots of great ideas. Pick me, Pick me!Great site, Lots of great ideas. Pick me, Pick me!Great site, Lots of great ideas. Pick me, Pick me!Great site, Lots of great ideas. Pick me, Pick me!
- Cindy Budge, Logan, USA

I can't wait to try it out!
- Dave, Vancouver, Canada

I love your website. You have great powerpoint options, helpful tips and free giveaways! You rock!
- Wendy Herrmann, Williamsville, USA

I am getting nice ppt background and still you get us better backgrounds
- Arun, Bangalore, India

I've seen a demonstration of this program and some of the amazing things it can do. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win a free copy!
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA

I like the products that I have received from Indezine. They habve helped make my presentations more attractive and exciting.
- Janie Sargent, Cordele, USA

Snagit is a wonderful tool to capture essential parts of the screen when creating lesson plans or directions. For a computer teacher you can see where this is a wonderful tool to have.
- Suzanne Perry, Richmond, USA

How much better can it get to be creative and free?
- Doug Thompson, Northville, USA

Please enter me in the drawing for SnagIt 8. It sounds like a great program that would be very useful.
- Karen Hansen, York, USA

I teach for a virtual k12 school. Everything I do as a teacher is presented and recorded for my students. Being able to capture and edit what I see on the screen will provide a tremendous opportunity for me to enrich the curriculum. Once the other teachers at our school see this in action, I know they will want to purchase your program!
- Stephanie Patzin, San clemente, USA

SnagIt! is a one-stop product for accomplishing many graphic and multimedia tasks.
- Kathy Reeder, New York, USA

Thank you so much for your offer. I am new at PowerPoint and you have such a beautiful website. You have enlightened me.
- Kim Halgren, Mondovi, USA

When PowerPoint had me so weary, Presentations were so bleary I was saved by new designs, Indezine has been divine! Your presentation needs them to intervene, wake up your slides with Indezine!!
- Mike Robertson, Loveland, USA

I am creating training programs for all of our Case Managers to show them the new features within Microsoft Office 2007.
- Leslie Hargrove, Tustin, USA

Why can't they make documents and other files fully editable (is that a word?) in the first place? But then I guess if they did that, SnagIt wouldn't have a market, would it? :)
- Holly Mayer, Calgary, Canada

I run my own business and I believe this would help with my customers and my downlines.
- Nick, Jackson, USA

This prize will help me capture images that will inspire my church to support the lost and hurt in the world.
- Donna Sutton, Wylie, USA

I was given SnagIt 6 when I started my job. One day I decided to explore what it could do. It was so easy to.
- Kathleen Claspell, Fayetteville, NC, USA

With this program I will be able to more quickly get the materials that I develop to help Hispanics acclimate to the USA out to those who need it in the entire USA
- Tim Flunker, Green Bay, WI, USA

I am responsible for all multi-media for a church. A program like this would be great for the Minister's classes and sermons, however since we are a non-profit, I would probably not be able to purchase a product like this due to budget constraints.
- Jim Goolsby, Nashville, USA

I'm working since 1 month and i need good templates for my presentation. I think that Indezine templates are great!
- Cristhian Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

I am preparing a manual for our office and it would be great to be able to provide screen shots to show the proper steps.
- Betty Williams, Bel Air, USA

Indezine is the place to go if you want to be PowerPointed by a pro. Geetesh is awsome. He is no dummy. Use his ideas so yours won't be so crummy!
- Frank Broen, Quincy, FL, USA

Indezine is a source of great designs, I have always received commendations / comments on my presentation templates. Keep up the good work!
- Regina, Toronto, Canada

I would love the chance to win a copy of this software. I want to see what SnagIt 8 can do for me!
- Brandee Schueneman, Tucson, USA

Snag-It changed my life. I discovered the power to use it and create the best training materials. I didn't know how much I would miss it until I changed jobs. I wish I had it to help make training materials for the Boys and Girls clubs teaching them computers.
- Stuart O\'Brien, Chicago, USA

This software is just what I need! I work in an environment (in the Army and in the "field") where IT help is not always avalible. As the laboratory manager I'm responsible for training personnel to use lab software that is DOD/Army specific with one lap top. With this program I could create learning tools and "cheat sheets" to greatly increase the effectiveness of my training and give the students something they can have infront of them with it's their turn (at 0300hrs) to be infront of the only lap top we have! And on a personal note; I could now 'snag' those error screens that I seem to attract which the IT folks claim don't exist!! Yahooo!!
- Kathleen Gibson, Paris, USA

Win Nobel Price for best screen capture, of course with Snaglt 8!
- Manser Pius, Founex, Switzerland

The power and flexibility of SnagIt and the knowledge I've gained from Indezine-what a fabulous combination!
- Linda Chadwick, Springfield, MO, USA

Snaglt 8 sounds like a great utility. I've missed the "screen capture" capabilities of older operating systems.
- Rod Ramsell, Kansas, USA

Indezine is such a terrific site. I feel as though I have the edge on all my peers and co-workers when it comes to great presentations. The problem with a screen shot is not capturing the entire screen, which I don't understand why they call it a screen shot. If SnagIt 8 can do what it says. this will be terrific.
- Paulette Long, Douglasville, USA

SnagIt is a fabulous program. I am forever editing pictures for use in church bulletins and posters and this is a great tool!
- Teresa Burnett-Cole, Toronto, Canada

How could we live without Indezine? Specially if we have a small company with few resources but a lot of imagination in the presentations thanks to all the great ideas we take from Indezine. Keep the good work! We thank you!!
- Maria dos Santos, Cascais, Portugal

I have some editing projects coming up and this program would make my job easier.
- Robbie Randall, Richmond, USA

I work in Instructional Development at a multi-campus community college. Largest in NC. Among the top 5 largest nationally. We'd love to have this product to pilot and perhaps roll-out to our faculty for their online course development. My co-workers have used the free trial version and loves it. It may be the just tool our faculty is are for.Thanks.
- Jean hardy, Charlotte, NC, USA

This would be a very valuable program to demonstrate to my 150 master's students who spend considerable class time scouring the web for information sites for database generation. A copy would allow me to show them the benefits of this software prior to purchase.
- Michael Barber, Tampa, USA

This would be such a helpful tool for me to use at my job. As Data Base manager, it would definitley be used!
- Ginger Patton, Lake Charles, USA

This would be wonderful for me to have. I teach numerous computer courses and it would come in really handy. I am familiar with SnagIt and know it to be a wonderful tool to have on my new laptop. I also do web design and administration and I know I can use it there also. Thank you.
- Dotty Weiner, Hartford, USA

It's one of the prized software that i have tested and wanted to own, for sure, with pride!
- Saleem, London, UK

Thanks, Geetesh
- Don Sublett, New Castle, Va, USA

I have used trial versions of the product and would enjoy a licensed version for continued use in the future.
- Marty Berlinger, Fergus Falls, USA

A giveaway! I'd be an idiot not to fill in this form, right? And I'd be an idiot not to check out the other sweet products from Indezine.
- Craig Patrick, Hampton, USA

One of the ways that I incorporate the resources on this site is enrich my teaching. With this resource, I am able to model the kind of creativity that I wish my students to use. I never cease to be amazed at the plethora of images and the rich colors offered here. Thanks for making my job easier and for the effects you have on my students.
- April Bolejack, Shelby, USA

Indezine definitely adds more sheen to ones life.
- Mahesh Jayachandran, Kanpur, India

Indezine is very good but expensive.
- Shirley Warren, Winter Garden, USA

Just starting getting the Indezine News and look forward to learning new ways to use your tools.
- Penina Nunnelley, Alamogordo, USA

SnagIt is an outstanding program ... I use a copy at work all the time ... it's ability to add shapes with text is fantastic - I use it - and screenshots - to create 1 and 2 page "tip sheets" for customers who are "not-so-computer" friendly to follow .... as well, the ability to easily highlight an area and obscure a background is also excellent - I use it again to show a live screen, but smear out the details except for the exact area they need to see ... I've had absolutely no crashes / fails in usage with SnagIt ... I highly, highly recommend it and will make it a requested software package on the next PC. Gheetesh - love the e-zine - always a nice little tidbit of knowledge - and the contests are fun too!
- Ian Moore, Toronto, Canada

I have seen others use this Snagit and admired how useful it was in doing presentations. I put together a presentation every Sunday for church. I also put together presetations for public safety agencies and Boy Scouts as training. Snagit would be very handy in putting these together.
- Doug Cummins, McMinnville, USA

Hello. I appreciate these emails they are helpful for helping my wife and myself get ideas for our work related meetings. Thanks.
- Abimael Roque, Harrisburg, Pa, USA

I love my Indezine collections - Have used many of the backgrounds to create spectacular presentations.
- Bonnie Knepper, La Crosse, WI, USA

Please choose me to win! I would love to snag SnagIt8. I am a doctoral student in technology and am always looking to find new, creative, innovative products!
- Susan Featro, Kunkletown, PA, USA

As our school Tech Admin, I am constantly having to make 'cheat sheets' for our teachers on how to do something on the computer. This does take a lot of time! I would love to win your product to help me help others in a more fast and concise manner!
- Monica Marcum, Oak Hill, USA

Never use the product so I hope I win so that I can use the product to enhance my presentations
- Richard Chess, Houston, USA

- Samantha, Juno beach, USA

I really enjoy your newsletter - I teach an Intro to Office applications class at the local college and I always make a point of recommending your newsletter. Keep up the great work!
- Doug Orwig, Pekin, USA

I appraciate your site and I think it's one of the most efficient and continue to do your wonderful work.
- Ray Gaud, Lac-Megantic, Canada

SnagIt is simply the finest program of its kind, period. Using it is like using a fine instrument since in the right hands it is as marvelous as any art.
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

Thanks for the giveaway.
- Henry Huber, Port Charlotte, USA

A great place to give me a place to put my great ideas into PowerPoint
- Peter Birchenall, Athens, USA

I love SnagIt at work. It is the best single tool I have. I retire in June to start my own freelance business and it would be a big help there.
- Frank Granger, Lake Wylie, SC 29710, USA

I love this site. I have learned so much and my presentions have been powerful
- Von White, Fort mill, USA

Being a member of Indezine was actually non-intentional at the beginning that turned out to be quite a blessing for me. I am a professor looking for new ways in capturing audience attention and this site has given me that capability. Not only does the site provide excellent eye-popping templates for its members but it also gives every member a chance to win really cool prizes (software and even more templates) to enhance your already impressive presentations! WOW! I am glad I stumbled upon Indezine!
- Walter Lim, Madison Heights, Michigan, USA

Capture good screen shots without a lot of hassel, include just the part I need for a presentation, capture text, etc.
- David Wolfe, Bensenville, USA

I'm very artistic and I plan on attending MassArt come the fall. I can't wait, and i'm testing out many different fields. I love everything - photography, painting, drawing, you name it. I love trying out many types of medias, and creating things so that they're made my own.
- Rachael Kulik, Westminster, Massachusetts, USA

Extremely useful product that reduces instructional design development time.
- Bob Land, Burlington, USA

Because of my job, I constantly do presentations to train teachers, and many times I need to reproduce on Power Point graphs, charts, etc. This program would make my job much easier as I could just capture what I need and put it on my presentation. Thank You
- Orlando Carranza, Lima, Peru

I'm no graphic designer or artist. I know what I need my messages to be and how I want it presented. Indezine helps me make my finished product look like it was done by a graphic artist/designer. SnagIt 8 would allow me to improve upon that even more.
- Melvin Evans, Mobile, Alabama, USA

I love this site. I share it will all my friends and co-workers. Winning this software would really improve my chances with the ladies. So I beg you . . . PLEASE Pick Me!!!!!!
- Ryan Bruce, Clinton, USA

I'm going to use it for my classroom to create powerpoints so powerful that by osmosis alone my students will become brilliant and actually do some work instead of blaming it on the teacher for assigning it!
- Nancy Rosky, Ocala, USA

I have yet to find a screen capture program that has the amazing capabilities of SnagIt 8! To be able to capture just part of a screen or an area larger than your screen is incredibly useful! (plus there is a lot more!) I think any designer worth their salt will quickly find this program to be indispensable.
- Darren Esler, Meadville, USA

I will use it to "jazz" up my power point presentations. I teach or present safety classes to adults, teens and children. Since I am part of county government we had a lot of budget cuts.
- Sherri Roberts, Dunedin, FL, USA

I'll use Snagit to enliven my gospel presentations of the good news of Jesus Christ!
- Joe Burke, Berkeley Heights, NJ, USA

I luv this site. I train educators on multimedia presentations and your templates are AWESOME!. Creativity has met its match right here with all your creative designs. The cool part is it is free and the information comes to me. What a money and time saver! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I will use Snagit to create training materials for our teachers.
- Jane Milner, Asheville, USA

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and consequence.
- Samuel P Hardianto, Denpasar, Indonesia

I been able to make some of my best presentations using templates from this site. I have sent many colleagues to your site to see the intricate and varied templates you have to offer. Currently, I need this program to complete a project. However, it does not look like I will be getting it. That means I will have to resort to the regular PrtScn button. It's a large project which means it will take an inordinate amount of time to complete. I would be so elated to receive a copy.
- Chantelle Pridgeon, Tallahasee-Florida, USA

This would be a great teaching tool for my software classes
- Karen Messina, New Windsor, NY, USA

My son is with the Marines and stationed in Iraq. SnagIt Screen Capture would be PERFECT to give to him so he can send me captures as easily as I send him things!
- Marypat Gabor, Plainfield, USA

Idezine has become a crucial tool for me at school, everyone uses the same old tired templates and this gives me an edge.
- Sherie McQuerry, Oklahoma City, USA

I use SnagIt all the time at work for creating screen shots for specifications, quality assurance scripts, training materials and presentations. It's wonderfully powerful, feature rich without being overwhelming and produces a great finished product. I've used the video capture function less frequently, but I found it to be very nice and easy to use as well. Having this terrific program for myself would open up a world of opportunity for helping my friends and family (for whom I play tech support) to learn more about their computers. I see many YouTube videos in my future. Thanks for the great site and the great contest.
- Matthew Clark, Pittsburgh, USA

I think this site is AH-mazing! I used some templates for a power-point project for school and I got 100% for my creativity! If I win the prize, I would use it to make a presentation at my school, showing how great this website is!
- Chloe, Truro, Canada

We use Snag it at our office and there have been so many times I wished I had a copy at home. This software bundled with what the indezine site has already done for me would definitely help me get through school. I'm going to University of Phoenix online and are always making presentations. thanks for the opportunity and a great site.
- David Pfaehler, West Columbia, USA

I develop new powerpoints all the time and would use this program all the time. I know I would be first on the block to use such a program!
- Mike Moats, Missouri, USA

Indezine always have great stuff that is relevant for all tech savvy IT users. I always check out what Indezine recommend.
- Priscilla Khong, Singapore, Singapore

To catch my star my arms are Snaglt 8
- Sergio Cruz, Sao Pauo, Brazil

'I've seen things, you people wouldn't believe, attack ships on fire of sholder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark, near the Tenhauser gate... All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain' - if I only had snagit!!!
- Veljko Dziki, Belgrade, Serbia

I am a learning facilitator with Delta Community CU. If this product turns out to be something we could use for our training manuls the other trainers here may be interested in purchasing it.
- June Ganes, Atlanta, USA

This will be a helpful tool for creating my Sunday School PowerPoint lessons for the class I teach.
- David Barker, Covington, GA, USA

This seems to be exactly what I can use being a teacher, and having to create notes to put on my website. I cannot wait to try this out!
- Jason Senford, St. Ann\'s, Trinidad & Tobago

SnagIt has always been a constant friend. He's always just a <CTRL><SHIFT>P away when ever I need some company.
- Benn Gehman, Memphis, TN, USA

Been using SnagIt in my Technology class for my teacher's certification and I love it!
- Vivian Seymour, Tampa, FL, USA

Well this site is very useful, as it gives a lot of information about the ppt presentation and the templates for power point presentation are simply awesome.
- Manisha, Hyderabad, India

is would assist me in my work with a non-profit organization. I prepare presentations for use in promoting their mission.
- Donald Eilers, Whitehall, USA

What a brilliant program! I think anyone would be more that thrilled to snag it!
- Niall Hamilton, Hamilton, New Zealand

I've read about SnagIt in reviews, it looks like the 'go-to' app for screen captures!
- John Hall, Cary, NC, USA

Will use it in my day to day life....
- Carl D Meyer, Norman, USA

I love Snag it and would love the new version!
- Becky Inks, Pittsburgh, USA

I purchased my first package of PP slides because I volunteer at my church for our choir. I use them to project on our wall for mass and special occassions. Makes it special!
- Janet Merilees, Stoney Point, Canada

have read about Snagit as the edge in screen capture, and I hope it will help me obtain live scenes to illustrate my managment classes.
- Zilmar Pereira, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

The seasonal slides provided by this site are always appropriate and timely with design taste and integrity. The free items and tips are well work the membership.
- Dennis Reading, Brownstown, USA

I can always use another program
- Gary Segadi, Redford, USA

This program sounds like it could be very useful. I am a full-time worker, a student and a tutor. A program that lets one capture exactly what is on screen would be great for assignments, instructions for clients who need details and for my students who always want detail.
- Michelle Ross, New Plymouth, New Zealand

I am very fond of screen capture and i do that quite often. I have tried an earlier version of SnagIt and was quite impressed. Wanna see what v.8 has!
- MFK, New York, USA

This is probably the first contest where I am hoping there will be a snag.... (sick, I kNow... But ya gotta say something
- Bruce Clewett, Guntramsdorf, Austria

Last month I was looking for something to capture pictures of several Excel worksheets to insert into PP. I needed CLEAN images of the worksheets and neither print screen nor Excel's camera utility produced the quality image I wanted. I experimented with trial versions of about 15 different programs, but SnagIt's was by far the best of the bunch with the easiest learning curve, best picture quality, editing and "save-as" options. Also, having it available as a toolbar option in my Office programs was great. I'd love to have the full version of SnagIt because, unfortunately, my 30-day trial has expired.
- Diana Orlemann, Westerville, Ohio, USA

PPT here is expensive, we need more free templates. Also the color and style are kinda of out of date.
- Jaylunno, Beijing, China

I have liked using this site... It has improved my knowledge of using powerpoint and made my presentations better....keep up the good work!
- Mansa Gurjar, Mumbai, India

I'm starting my own web design business at the moment and a copy of Snagit 8 would be fantastic!
- Mark Cargill, Dundee, UK

A very good site and I have lots of the templates for my presentations, as the graphics on the are excellent, this prize would make another excellent addition to enhanced my presentations. Thanks Indezine!!
- Kevin James, Durham, UK

Fantastic site, brilliant tips, has answered a lot of questions and provided solutions before the problem has arisen. If I win a copy of SnagIt 8, it will open up new avenues and make everything much more fun.
- Karen Willmott, Reading, Engla

Very nice Product awailable per Indezine.
- Stephan Mertens, Hennef, Germany

I came, I saw, I captured! (a play on the famour saying Veni, vidi, vici by Julius Caesar - I came, I saw, I conquered)
- Christian Beasley, Cowes, Great Britain

Very good!!!!!!!!!
- Antonio, Naples, Italy

Snagit would be great to be able to capture, edit, and share exactly what you see on your screen. This would be great for powerpoint presentations given for training to all the workers.
- Sandra Masih, Baghdad, Iraq

SnagIt is the best & flexible software that I ever use. The image captured via this software has great resolution and the best part is the Auto Scroll function! I have introduced the beautiful of SnagIt to most of my friends since 2003. Now, I am looking forward to get SnagIt 8 and share with all my friends.
- Cassandra lee, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

This will assist me and the SABC with some of our more complex TV and Radio scheduling tools as we cannot print out our weekly schedules as we see them and it makes our work very difficult and time consuming. I think that software like Snagt8 is totlally revolutionary and everyperson who owns a pc should have it as a standard.
- John, Gauteng, South Africa

Hope I win - I never win anything!
- Richard Steinitz, Ramat HaSharon, Israel

I've not had any luck with other products. I teach crosscultural nursing topics and often come across inspirational items that I wish to include. SnagIt8 would sure simplify toe process.
- Niela Redford, Glendale, AZ, Glendale, AZ

SnagIt 8 is just the program I've been looking for, a screen capture utility with all the bells and whistles. As a student, I constantly show others in my leadership group how to use the computer, and up to now had to use dull text instructions. E.g. Click Start - My Programs - Microsoft Word etc.Au contaire, this program will allow me to do so more, and hopefully help others a lot more too. Because right now, being a student, I am really strapped for cash, but cannot afford to jeopardizes my position with my peers.I have always like Indezine, before I thought it was just some junk, but since I was bored for one day, opened it and found all this useful information. anyways, that's me...
- Sam, Brisbane, Australia

Always hope for the best, provide the best.. and get the best
- Alizae, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Arghya prasad i will make pirated copies of that software.
- Arghya Prasad, Kolkata, India

Love your software, producing heaps of gr8 stuff with Camtasia
- Ross Perkinson, Mangawhai, New Zealand

Indezine has earned respect for me from my friends.Very helpful site
- Dr.Debajit Baruah, Aizawl, India

Through snagit, i will be able to click good pictures from moving videos which i will use in my projects and presentations in class and at my will make me an outstanding presenter and win me good marks in class as well as improve my performance appraisal at work.
- Fleur Dsouza, Mumbai Thane, India

Wonderful idea!!
- Barbara Hungerford, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Dont have any. Thank you.
- Eli (Lazer) Cohen, Netanya , Israel

Love snagit, love it....i even love all 10 definitions of snag
- Brad Zenner, Minneapolis, MN, USA

This will help me get those most most popular AAAAAAAA's in grad school
- Quinn West, Michigan City, USA

I don't know what SnagIt is all about...but i love to explore and find things out. sure hope that software will be mine so that my computer world will grow bigger and wider.
- Jamiely Ong, Zamboanga City, Philippines

I love SnagIt - I used it extensively on a documentation job for a database I developed - great stuff!
- Jay D. Locklear, Sanford NC, USA

With this prize I am going to help my students become designers with imagination!
- Carla Tannehill, Irvine, USA

I find excellent designs on this website and whenever I come searching for templates, I find one that exactly fits my needs.. that's why I absolutely like it. Considering I'm a graphic designer too, the prize would be of great value to me. I would become only more of a fan of Indezine than I am already if I win the prize and if I don't ... it's okay.. the site's great :)
- Rabia Ahmed, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Snagit has become part of my life. As a blogger, it found to be addicted to use screen shots to write something and with pleasure I blame SnagIt for that.
- Sudhakar, Hyderabad, India

Obtaining and using information is crucial to any information driven profession.By having the ability to capture, edit, and share images directly from the screen SnagIt 8 adds a powerful tool to the arsenal of the student, businessperson, and educator. As a registered nurse, not only is the ability to share life saving information critical for the patient and staff, but coupled with the PowerPoint recourses of Indezine it makes for an unbeatable team. It may even be able to save a life.
- Marc McAllister, San Diego, CA, USA

I have used your product (the free one) for several years. Snag It was has been particularly helpful in helping me to design and deliver training programs for Blackboard LMS, numerous other training workshops for Frontpage, Word, Use of the Internet etc. All the faculty at Qatar University are now using Blackboard. The online training course was punctuated with lots of snaps from your product. Snag It is fast and flexible and I would love to have the entire product at my disposal becasue I'm making a career move to the United Arab Emirates and my appointment was gained in no small way I have applied and adapted S-I to my presentations. My career is really blossomed. I'd certainly make good use of it if you were to select me as one of the lucky winners. I would like to send you examples of some of the innovative ways that I have used it. Thank you. Joseph R. Harrison MEd ESL Lecturer Blackboard Certified Instructor & Trainer
- Joseph Harrison, Doha, Qatar

- Peter Pineda, Dubai, UAE

Indezine continues to provide creative ideas to help improve delivery and appeal of my presentations. As a healthcare professional and clinical teacher, I think that SnagIt could certainly help to augment the power, appeal and effectiveness of my lectures and inservices.
- Erik Abel, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Developing these kind of softwares actually helps people like me in a great way where I have to do the job of both Creative person and also get business for my company by designing concepts (i am in an pre-& post production house with Ad agency's & Corporate's as my target audience. And the best way to Convince the client and the consumers is through emotions as emotions are the best way to get closer to all. I would use SnagIt 8 to capture the pics on screen by saving much of my time in designing templates, it can be used to capture pics also from my media friendly Television. It can be used in many ways for my professional purpose. For me it is actually a stress releving product allowing me to give some extra time for my family by using this. Thnx
- Mayuresan, Chennai, USA

I plan on using SnagIt to record screens for training. I run the computer/projector at my church and I need to train a team so that I am not the only one who knows the system. I figure that walking people through the software using SnagIt will be the best way to train them. Thank you for this opportunity.
- Bryan Monks, El Cajon, USA

I really enjoy having the opportunity to win items that my church otherwise would not be able to afford
- Denise Noble, Artesia, USA

This can help in capturing the things i really love to have and modiffy it the way i want to have it and make presentations more appealing and enthrilling.
- R.K.S. Nair, Chennai, India

Would use this software to train emergency medical techs and firefighters.
- Jerry Wilson, Hawarden, IA 51023, USA

PowerPoint...Indezine and now...SnagIt...could it get any better? I just don't think so. Templates, backgrounds, tips...and giveaways - Wow!
- Diane Manley, Twain Harte, USA

I love snagit! I have been using it for years at my work.
- Fred Jones, Elk Grove, USA

Working in an elementary school and responsible for all professional development in all content areas, I am constantly developing materials and presentation on my computer. So many times I have to put together step-by-step guides that I have become very skilled with the "prtscn" key. I think SnagIt will allow me more flexibility and more options for the work that I do.
- Marine, Sunland, CA

Indezine sparked my interest in PowerPoint creativity. Prior to graduate school, I had no experience in creating PowerPoint presentations. Now, I enjoy manipulating the colors and designs. The tips featured in the newsletters are very helpful. I'm glad to have discovered Indezine!
- Toni-Lynne Chai, Long Beach, California, USA

I absolutely love this site! I have found it nearly impossible to find presentation templates with as much detail and quality as the ones from this site! Without them, I would have never been as successful as I am now!
- Matthew, Brandon, Canada

Any supporter of Indezine is tops in my book!!
- Michael A. Irizarry, Lumberton, USA

Absolutely the best tool I have ever used to augment my classroom student instruction materials. Because of it Camtasia is on the list of software to acquire. Techsmith rocks
- Daniel J. Lyons, Las Vegas, USA

Best ever site for templates - totally ease of mind and stress having it around, a geniune life saver and as for snagit could there be anything better in creating documentation!! SIMPLY GENIOUS!!
- Jackie Moureau, Gold Coast, Australia

Indezine is a very helpful site. I have used the information from this site numerous of times to help me with my powerpoint presentations in my school subjects.
- Mathieu Belanger, Kapuskasing, Canada

I teach and create courses for Harper College in Palatine, IL. I would use SnagIt for screen captures for my courses! :-)
- Sam Martin, Schaumburg, USA

As the technology coordinator for a private school I'm always in need for a great piece of software. This software will give me the ability to be able to create documents that I can use in training my teachers and also teaching students. "Snagging" this software would be a great catch for me!! Thanks!
- Karen Sullivan, North Little Rock, USA

I would use this to capture google earth travelling from our church to our camp site for our annual church camp. I would then put it in a powerpoint presentation to startle everyone at the church camp. I would also do the same sort of thing for our church Christmas Carols.
- Stewart Park, Parkinson, Australia

Snagit is one of the beautiful tool i have ever seen. I have worked with that before and its really fantastic. Indezine is one of the best sites that provides ppt templates based on the season and festivals here in India . All my friends ask me about this secret of using the template based on current scenario/season/context. My hearty thanks to Indezine. Continue this good work.
- Sam Thambu J, Coimbatore, India

I'm Long term member of Indezine and i really like their templates very much. It gives more a Professional look to the templates. Keep Going Indezine !! Great Job
- Sidharth, Chennai, India

Snag It is a tool I use almost every day and I like so much I took the time to fill out this form. Hope you get what you want out of this.
- Gregg, Calgary, Canada

I teach 1st grade and have been frustrated with trying to "snag" things for handouts. This just might do the trick! Thanks for offering it!
- Marilyn Lowe, Jackson, USA

I use a similar program on my Mac called Grabit and it would sure be nice have a option like this on the Window's platform.
- Ted Clow, Woodbury, NJ, USA

I have helped so many dummies with PowerPoint over the years. Now Geetesh can help even more. Hats off to those who help the ignorant as they are the ones that will soon become leaders themselves. Good luck with the book, Geetesh!!
- Drew Flickema, Milwaukie, USA

I believe the software SnagIt fromTechSmith as the best in its class available in the market today, the facility, settings, an complete software and on all the honesty of their marketing.
- Claudio Michael Völcker, Araruama, Brasil

Great hints in small doses. Thanks for the knowledge.
- Marta Garcia, Harrington, USA

On my jobs with e-learning, this site is the main place where i find good ideas for better online classes.
- Werciley Gonçalves da Silva, Goiânia, Brazil

Kudos to SnagIt - rock on! :)
- Mary Ng, Singapore, Singapore

I can see having the FreePath software would come in handy... I am taking full-time online schooling, working on getting my associate degree in business. I am halfway there and use PowerPoint a lot in some of my class assignments. I am also a leader at church and use an overhead projector and finally I will be teaching adult Sunday school this fall. Again, this would definitely come in handy! Thanks,
- Diana Toohey, Salem, USA

I will use to help demostrate Power Point at Hope Childrens Home in Tampa Fl. The home takes care of about 80 kids from 2 to 18 years old. Some are orphans, some abandoned by their parents, some of there parents are in prison. They survive and run the Home strickley on donations.
- Charles D. Arbuthnot, Crystal River, Fl, USA

Indezine products have given me a lot more confidence when preparing presentation material. I am sure SnagIt 8 will do the same.
- Peter Bethell, Canberra, Australia

I need this! I am always doing screen dumps for graphics, but it is a clunky process.
- Ed Payne, Des Moines, USA

The practical products you produce sure helps us "presentors" creatively communicate concepts worth learning visually. Thanks!
- Gary Macy, Yongsan, South Korea

Snagit allows me to capture portions of screen displays to be used in writing illustrated step by step instructions on use of various software.
- Gerard Viney, Sherwood Park, Canada

Please Snag Me ... so I can Snag It :)!
- Catherine Jennings, Philadelphia, Canada

Love this software and would enjoy having a copy for personal use!
- Pooja, Garden Grove, USA

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Texture Fills for Slide Backgrounds in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows
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Adding More Guides in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows
Adding More Guides in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows
Learn how to add more guides in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows.

Notes Page View in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows
Notes Page View in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows
Learn about Notes Page view in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows.

Christmas PowerPoint Presentation
Christmas PowerPoint Presentation
This presentation is a great introduction to why we celebrate Christmas for both Christian and non-Christian audiences.

Gears for PowerPoint (Series 01)

All these gears are native PowerPoint shapes. You can recolor them, add effects, and do more, all inside PowerPoint. Results which would have taken hours to achieve now take less than a minute! Have fun using the gear graphics, and make your audience take notice! All these gears can be rotated and resized, as required. Since they are essentially pictures, all types of edits that you can do with pictures work with them too!

Get this complete kit now, you’ll save so much time that you can use doing something else!

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