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The uniqueness of the Houndstooth collection of PowerPoint templates would make our PowerPoints look superb. I am with a Correctional Agency in the State of Ohio and we utilize PowerPoint for about everything we do in the Academy. What a great collection this would be for me as I design more and more training PowerPoints! I appreciate your generocity in this offer and would be very pleased to be a recipient.
- Don DeWitt, Orient, Ohio, USA

I would use the templates to create slide shows that would be seen nation wide as our presenters go out to different American Indian tribes and organizations and provide training and technical assistance on the topics of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking and how to help create programs that are culturally specific to each tribe and are effective in reducing the victimization to American Indian women and children. We are a small, non profit organization and do not have the budget to purchase many of the "slick" presentation extras that not only grabs the audience's attention, but helps to keep it and makes our organization appear to have a larger capacity than it does.
- Heather Hale, Tahlequah, USA

I would be ecstatic if I won this Houndstooth Collection PowerPoint Template set. As Anyone who uses PowerPoint knows a template background can make or break your presentation. This would be so helpful and make anyone's PowerPoint job quick, easy, beautiful, and memorable. I use PowerPoint on a daily basis and get tired of the same templates; I would love to get to work with these beautiful templates. It would definitely get me noticed at work which would be a big plus. Please pick me.
- Angela Taylor, Santa Fe Springs, USA

I love the bright colours that give life and energy to presentations. They are versatile and tasteful as well. I would use these backgrounds for worship, which I believe needs to have energy and yet sensitivity. This houndstooth collection would fit very well. As always, I appreciate your designs and use them whenever I can. Thank you for your generosity in sharing them.
- Marian Gils-McLeod, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Great product.
- Marty Berlinger, Fergus Falls, MN, USA

I found this site and fell in love at once, It has so many beautiful and useful templates that I have recommended it to friends. In fact one friend uses the templates quite often. The Houndstooth collection is a collection I would be honored to have. Using the templates would make my presentations pop.
- George Rodenbaugh II, Jacksonville, USA

I prepare 3 or 4 monthly PowerPoint reports for our Board of Directors. It would be GREAT if I had more options in my library to WOW my presentations! Thanks!
- Glynda Janz, Bismarck, ND, USA

I am working as an advisor to the venezuela government. I live in Canada, Aurora, Ontario. My background is environmental studies and the work here required a lot of presentation. One of the diffuculties here is the limited amount of dollars allowed by the government that you can use for purchasing over the Net ($ 400,00/year). So I find myself looking for opportunities like this one.
- Gustavo Moran, San Fernando, Apure Venezuela, Venezuela

If I win this prize I will use it to create more powerful presentations for my 4th and 5th grade classroom. I believe that in this age of technology, how we present information to our students makes a world of difference in the rate and retention of knowledge. I think Indezine is a great learning place and also I really enjoy using your free educational templates. I also advertize and share your site with all my collegues in the field of education. I really hope I can win this prize. Thank you for your consideration.
- Myrna Grijalva, Tucson, USA

I like to dress up my presentations, and I also create custom graphics and slides for personal client and Kiosk projects. In doing this I use a lot of different backgrounds and themes. The Houndstooth collection will expand my ability to provide new and different effects for all types of custom projects. Indezine is my primary source for up to date information on what is new for PowerPoint, and the latest add-ins, themes and backgrounds.
- Jan Ilacqua, Fontana , USA

Good templates make all the difference in effective communication by PowerPoint. These look like terrific templates.
- David Raymond, Minneapolis, USA

We need a lot of help with our presentations to discriminate our presentations from others - we believe Ppted Houndstooth tools and Indezine information sets us apart - our audiences sit up and actually watch! Thanks!
- Kevin T. Byrne, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

I am beginning to enter the 64 year of life and completing my Master of Arts in Education so I can begin my teaching career. PowerPoint is my choice to enable commumication of ideas that require more indepth study and preserve the clarity of understanding of those ideas. This has served me well as an informtion systems consultant for school districts and junior colleges.
- August L Pelz Jr, Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

Thanks for the chance to acquire some great tools for my teaching ministry in The Salvation Army.
- David Ebel, Escondido, USA

This collection will blow your mind and your audience. Whenever you need to impress, go for these templates and your public will love you.
- Doppenberg, Nijkerk, Netherlands

I am a learning specialist for a known coffee shop and I regularly create learning program that uses PowerPoint as a medium. I will use this template to enhance my presentation and to give that "wow" factor!
- Matthew Sanvictores, Makati City, Philippines

I am a doctor by profession. Indezine has always attracted me to use their templates for my presentations which have always been excellent. It is because indezine has conceptual templates suiting everyones needs. If I win the prize, I would be glad to us them for my upcoming work. And the credit goes to indezine!!
- Ashok, New Delhi, India

OMG! Will never have "white background fever" again.
- Pam Dark, Swansea, UK

It will be fine to win, but it never been before.
- Illar Leuhin, Tartu, Estonia

I hope, I will do perfect presentations with help of this collection. Thanks.
- Igor, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I think this site is great. When I am out of ideas and want to be different I always fall back on Indezine for ideas.
- Dr. B. Banerjee, MUMBAI, India.

I make use of PowerPoint in most of my lectures. I teach a course on Curriculum Methods for Chemistry at the Faculty of Education UOIT in Ontario, Canada. I would like to have some variety to show my teacher candidates who will be employing the same technology when they teach.
- Marcel Dufresne, Oshawa, Canada

Present research findings.
- Dionysios Watson, Patras, Greece

The presentations you create are always inspiring and it gives more attractiveness to my presentations for the customer.
- Anna Dynterova, Tyniste Nad Orlici, Czech Republics

Great backgrounds for our Worship Team on a Sunday.
- Glenn Ortell, Atlantis, RSA, South Africa

Nice PowerPoint designs!
- Tatiana A Yegdich, Brisbane, AU

As a teacher who is now in charge of technology and training at our school, I can see using these templates in both the classroom and in training other teachers how to better use PowerPoint and the other technology that is being fitted into our classrooms. I would consider it an honor and privilege to use the Houndstooth collection.
- Scott Holder, Monroe, USA

PowerPoint is genius in action when properly employed but too many who have suffered death by PowerPoint can attest to the effects of misdirected genius. Indezine formats add the emotional dimension to the more traditional dimensions of PowerPoint so that the anticipated genius will become real genius. What better presentation could there be than one which is verbally, aurally and visually stimulating plus emotionally engaging? Emotional engagement will lead to a lengthy marriage between presenter, PowerPoint and the audience. How better to start the engagement and marriage than with a thoughtful gift?
- John Glover, Ringwood North, Australia

Great prize.
- Mike Swift, Morris Plains, USA

I shall use the templates in a presentation i have to do at University. If im lucky enough to get them that is : )
- Robert Brailsford, Derby, England

Will add power to the points I make in future presentations!
- Pravin Manker, MUMBAI, India

I would love to have these new templates for my PPT, so I can use them in my Masters of Science Instructional Media. Would be a nice addition.
- Anne Miller, Woodbridge, USA

I love PowerPoint and Indezine has been a great help in making excellent presentations.
- Rosalie , Dagupan City, Philippines

I love PowerPoint slides! I use them every week to make background slides for our worship services.
- Anne Allen, Knoxville, TN, USA

I love the many designs of your PowerPoints. I put presentations together for many people where I work and they are always asking me "Where did you find that PowerPoint?" Thanks!
- Rita Doerr, Florence, USA

Looks like a great collection! I'll use them to enhance some presentations I'm building to roll out a brand new custom application to approx 3000 users in the near future.
- Cliff McPherson, Tomball, USA

Great back grounds! They can really make an impression, and make you look professional.
- J Colombo, Chickamauga, USA

Always nice to have some new and exciting templates! A plus when trying to sell products and services!
- Ben Laplante, Sorel-Tracy, Canada

Thanks for this opportunity. we are a non-profit organization that is trying to raise our own bar in the area of presentation management, both to our consumers, so that they will be better engaged and informed, and to the members of the communities we serve, to build their trust and confidence in our work. We want to make our "outsides" match our "insides" and broadcast the values of quality and professionalism!
- Dick Dillon, St. Louis MO, USA

The 'straight to the point' authoritative topics, inspiring templates and diversity of products makes this my most valuable resource. No doubt, it's my daily 'go to' site.
- Samantha McEveny, Austin, USA

I'm a volunteer for a smaller church with a tight budget. I have been personally buying media as needed and winning these would be a great blessing for us. God is good!
- Jane Bowden, Bloomington, USA

Any and all PPts are what my language lessons more interactive and the students more responsive and I use ideas like water in a dry gulch. So the more the merrier.....
- Richard Jones, Shanghai, China

I'm an avid user of PowerPoint and I am always looking for new templates and I think Houndstooth templates look great and will be well used by me.
- Rhonda Debono, Werribee, Australia

I teach ESL students, and they depend on me to constantly renew my ppt presentations. This template set would help me do just that!!
- Sara Downs, Trois-Rivieres, Canada

I love the Indezine power point templates and backgrounds. My job consists mainly of creating power point presentations for my manager, and I drool over your templates.
- Darlene Ziegler, Bismarck, USA

I like the effect of the new backgrounds. I have several clients whos' presentations need to be updated and these backgrounds would really help to enhance their presentations.
- Tony Huffaker, Sandy, USA

When I want a professional look, I look to Indezine!
- Bonnie Whitehurst, Cedar Springs, USA

I would love to have these wonderful backgrounds for my teaching presentations! I would feel like "da bomb" if I win!!! Thank you. :)
- Walter Lim, Detroit, Michigan, USA

I would like a new set of templates because I have a contest going with my students as to who can produce a Power Point with the best, most interesting and most different background. I could use these to get ahead in this race! Thank you for this opportunity!
- Kathy Watson, Tucson, Arizona, USA

I just love your powerpoint templates. There are times when providing training to a seasoned audience, you just need a little something different to keep their attention. Thanks for such a great product!
- Sherry Paige, Montpelier Vermont, USA

I am considering get use of all the prize in my aspects and interests which are web designing and 3d graphics.
- Rere, Minia, Egypt

The Ppted templates are great - easy to use and very attractively designed -- much better than my poor graphic design skills!!
- Ian Moore, Port Coquitlam, Canada

I have to say that the resources I have been able to attain with your website have helped to make my presentations in the classroom more dynamic and noticed by my students. I will continue to help my students achiev etheir best through the use of technology within my classroom including awesome powerpoints.
- Vernon Brady, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Argh - I never know what to say in these boxes! I look forward to using the new Houndstooth collection - I like to see creative people come up with ways to make me look good!
- D Richards, Brooklyn, USA

My work requires alot of PowerPoint designs and your templates have helped me a great deal to shine above the rest. I wish to thank you for having this site available to come to and learn about PowerPoint as well get great templates. Thank you.
- Sandra, APO, AE

I love the vibrant background, it would augment my content and make my presentation soar!
- Barbara Herman, Lubbock, USA

Thanks for sharing these slides, I look forward to rece8iving them.
- Nancy Welton, Glendale, AZ, USA

I'd be glad to receive a free copy of the Houndstooth collection of PowerPoint templates. I know from experience that Indezine staff is excellent therefore if you recommend it, it's probably good as well.
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat, Israel

I teach teachers how to integrate technology into their classrooms. These teachers teach adult basic education (GED prep, ESL, etc.) I am always looking for different PowerPoint templates to share with them and to make my presentations new and exciting.
- Patty Ball, Rockport, US

Love your PPTs! I find it very hard to find appropriate Medical PPTs and you guys always have something different. The variety you offer keep my students interested and AWAKE! Thanks again! What will I do if I win? USE the PPTs ! Chee!
- Jeane A New, Effingham, USA

You have wonderful PowerPoint templates! We use them as backgrounds for Sunday morning worship at our church.
- Sharon Sorensen, Randolph, WI, USA

My students will hopefully appreciate a fresh-up of my presentations for teaching.
- Guy Vandegehuchte, Wuustwezel, Belgium

I would love to get these for my church, thank you!
- Pam Rooney, Sarasota, FL, USA

I have always enjoyed your site and templates and been a customer in the past for several of your offerings.
- Anne Michaels, San Angelo, USA

Always great templates from the greatest template site. I use different templates for educational purposes in the school to attract students attention.
- Kasım VARLI, Trabzon, Turkey

Hey Geetesh, Hope you are OK. We are moving to Office 2010 at the college, just got my free copy of Professional Pro.
- Don Sublett, Roanoke, VA, USA

I use a lot of presentation in non profit work with training workshops for working with youth at risk,good visual materials like yours are key for capturing attention and intrest would apprecciate any materials you can provide please send me soon Blessings.
- Carlos Zuniga, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

As a teacher and a presenter, I like my presentations to stand out above the ordinary. I like new and different templates and backgrounds. I have used backgroungs from Indezine and I have been pleased with the variety. Truly you make my life easier. Thanks.
- Kendra Thacker, Walterboro, SC, USA

Indezine PowerPoints make my presentations interesting. I can make presentations during nap time and make my audience listen in full attention, wide awake.
- Yolanda Ealdama, Quezon City, Philippines

I will enhance my presentations with these templates. Time is always a critical factor in preparing any presentation. When such professional looking templates are available it does not make sense to re-invent the wheel so to speak.
- Hank Caruso, Plano, USA

The use of PowerPoint is an invaluable tool for educators like myself. We are always, like hounds, sniffing out new quality collections to improve what we do. Our noses often lead us here.
- Kathleen Tucker, Burns, USA

- Syed Salman Ali, Monsey Ny, USA

I use PowerPoint for illustrating sermons in church, and am always on the look-out for attractive backgrounds
- David James Randall, Dundee, UK

Thanks so much for sharing!
- Bruce Naugle, Pittsville, USA

These templates will bring a unique flare to my ppt presentations - a visually stimulation smogasbord for the eyes and capturing the imagination.
- Wayne Greulich, Arthur, Canada

I love being the University Professor with the most diverse and exciting PowerPoints. Backgrounds like these always help make that happen. So many others are envious, but they simply do not believe me when I tell them how easy it is to get cool template. Winning one of these sets would give me new fun templates to build my lectures around. How else can I say it? Pick me! Pick me! Please, please, please, pick me!
- Lisa Salazar, Pocatello, Idaho, USA

I would use these templates as backgrounds for my church worship services. We don't have the money to buy media software or PowerPoint sets. I usually scour the internet for free stuff. This would be a wonderful collection for a church on a low budget like ours to have. Thank you.
- Steve M Thompson, Dallas, Texas, USA

I put together PPTs for the Pastor's sermon as well as other ministries. I am always looking for helpful templates and backgrounds. However, we don't have a lot of money to spend on buying small collections. Thank you for all your work.
- Terry Cooley, Caledonia, USA

Indezine templates are great for PowerPoint presentations. They have been very useful to me for my business and lecture presentations. Thank you for helping us! More power!
- Imelda G. Peña, Manila, Philippines

I teach in small one room schools in the area. I am trying to teach the students how to use PowerPoint to study history, science, and other subjects. Many of my students are visual learners and react with excitement at the way that SEEING information in a color filled graphic form makes it so much clearer.
- Ted de Rose, South Haven, USA

I am in desperate need of this program! I am a RN and have procrastinated about ging back to school for way too long. The required projects are quite initimating however the program you are generously donating would make an immense difference.
- Brenda Tyler, Phoenix, USA

- Mohsen Adam, Alexandria, Egypt

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