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I think this could boost our audiences and keep them awake in longtime presentations. Even here in The Netherlands... P.S. Hi Geetesh, sorry for not seeing you this year in Atlanta. I had a (Autodesk business!) trip to Las Vegas this year. I still read Indezine and it keeps me PPT(a)live!
- Frans Nieman, Ede, Netherlands,

Very excited to learn more about Yawn Buster. We are a training Academy for Corrections in Ohio and train about 7,000 people yearly. PowerPoint is a staple of our business. Making a PowerPoint more interactive, more engaging, more enjoyable helps to ensure that learning is taking place.
- Don DeWitt, Orient, OH, USA,

I use PowerPoint for all my lecture presentations to over 400 medical, graduate and undergraduate students each semester. While PowerPoint is the accepted norm in delivering lecture content, students have become somewhat bored by the lack of interaction. The ability to use YawnBuster to enhance my PowerPoint slides with group activities such as audience polls, games, group exercises and competitions would bring an added dimension to my teaching and help students think, enjoy, participate and identify key lecture takeaways quickly and easily. Access to a copy of YawnBuster would greatly benefit my teaching mission and I could share these new activities with other faculty. It would also be a valuable tool for my students, who are also required to give in-class presentations. I would like to suggest that enhancing the instructional activities at USF would be a great use of one of these free copies of the software.
- Michael Barber, Tampa, USA,

I use PowerPoint presentations every day to leaders. The YAWN Buster will keep me awake!!
- Devendra Chowdary, Bangalore, India,

For too long have we endured long, boring, data cramped powerpoint presentations. Interaction is key to bringing your point across to your audience and Yawn Buster certainly takes interaction to a different level!
- Leonard, Shah Alam, Malaysia,

I am currently a sales trainer / coach in a Financial Institution, and as you can imagine, presentations need to be pepped up to make it a WOW experience that can translate into customer service. The idea of trying out something new, that folk haven't been exposed to yet, would be a great boon to both the presentations as well as the "take-away" from the sessions. PowerPoint is my Tool of Choice, yet I do not suffer from "Death by PowerPoint Syndrome". Anything short, punchy and impactful can assist in Product Presentations, Sales Presentations, and the other presentations that would include Interpersonal Mastery, Personal Mastery, Networking, Presentation skills... Well, actually, pretty much any Interpersonal Course that you can think of...
Thanks for the opportunity,
May the best Ranter and Raver win...
- Allan van Heerden, Johannesburg, South Africa,

Use it to conduct workshops! i Love Indezine - it has helped me motivate myself at work by making fun and exciting presentations! This would be a very effective tool for me!
- Sehr Ahmed, Karachi, Pakistan,

I hope to learn something new from your offers that will make me ready to impress more my competitors
- Dani, Kuwait, Kuwait,

I am a teacher who constantly uses PowerPoint (and the tips, tools, and tricks from Indezine) as an instructional aid and would love to add more interactivity to my presentations. Yawn Buster sounds like just the tool I need to continue to integrate technology into my lessons.
- John, Sikeston, MIssouri, United States,

I could use this to try and wake up a few students of mine...
- Periklis Georgiadis, Heraklion, Greece,

Great idea! I would use YawnBuster to promote reaction and stimulate thinking so as to provide more active involvement, more connectivity of students with content, and, ultimately, more learning and higher achievement as well as a more positive attitude overall.
- Glen Hammond, Winnipeg, Canada,

I'll be writing scripts and making PowerPoints for an international convention in July that involves some material the members need to debate. Yawn Buster would be a great, 21st Century way to participate AND a great way to bring a breath of fresh air into any heated arguments. I NEED TO WIN THE YAWN BUSTER!!
- Mary Yodzis, Matthews, NC , USA,

- Cathy Wilt, Shelbina, USA,

I teach a weekly class of 50-60 senior adults and use PowerPoint. The one thing that I do not have is interaction with the audiance. I try to use illustrations, pictures, videos, etc with the presentions to make it interesting, but the one thing I lack is interaction which I have struggled with. This feature of Yawn Buster is just the added dimention that I have been looking for.
- George Yarian, Fort Wayne, USA,

I NEED this prize!!!! In my country there«s not so many resources for graphic designers and this software is important for my personal develpment.
- Maria Amparo Ramos, Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Interactive is the presentation of the future. Capturing your audience by letting them participate in the discussion has been proven to be the most effective way for your participants to absorb more the message you are trying to drive. I fully believe that YawnBuster is an awesome tool that can translate our goal into reality. If given the opportunity to have this, I am sure that people will start to appreciate it as I use it in my training classes and will wonder how such an amazing presentation can be created.
- Lalaine Cruz, Pasig, Philippines,

Powerpoint plays a crucial role even to a student like me. Proffessors are very much observant of the templates we use as part of our training yet as a student of University of the Philippines Diliman Campus, I still don't have any financial source to buy good templates, nevertheless, I'd buy from this site soon as I earn my living to pay back what they have provided me.
- Ea Acaylar, Quezon City, Philippines,

I'm a homeschooler who makes my own powerpoints for my kids and share them on my homeschooling site. This would be a creative way to keep students involved.
- Samirah Wilkerson, Dubai, UAE,

Indezine has been helping me to finetune and enhance my Power Point presentations which are being appreciated by large audience. I hope you will continue to guide in improving my presentations.
- Dr. Prakash Shastry, Khandwa, India,

I would make use of YawnBuster to add interactivity into my teaching and to engage even the most disaffected students.
- Alison Miller, Meltham, Holmfirth, UK,

I need to bust the yawns of my students!
- Steve Armstrong, Longview, TX, USA,

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
I want to win this,
But it's up to you!
- Shaun Elliott, Rugeley, UK,

If you have ever been in a board meeting that turned into a "bored" meeting, you know what I mean when I say that I would love to try new ways to turn passive, tired presentations into an energetic, interactive brainstorming session! Our Global Service Organization is always on the lookout for new ways to measure our performance - and build our team spirit! You can't ever have enough of that!
- Aliza Bernstein, Yokneam, Israel,

Yawnbuster will keep the yawns far away and bring my children stick to the matter. I will use the prize at the benefit of all the youth I care for in my program of education.
- Mathew Paul, Rome, Italy,

I make motivational and educational presentations to groups. This product could make these presentations "sing" along with me.
- Bob Wright, Staunton, USA,

I really do not know what this is about but i think YawnBuster is a good idea to make presentations more exciting and entertaining. For years, powerpoint presentations served to aid the presenters/speaker in communicating information, etc. But one of the biggest problems concerning presentations is keeping the audience attentive. Boring presentations, although they may be informative, fail to keep the audience interested. Important matters may, then, be missed just because of boredom. But with a program, such as in this case, YawnBuster will literally bust yawns away and put an end to the legacy of boring presentations!
- Fae Brigino, Manila, Philippines,

I will use YawnBuster for my students to energize their presentations and further increase their knowledge and love of cutting-edge uses of technology in school and home. I will likewise use YawnBuster in my presentations to keep students engaged and thinking!
- Judith Cotton, Fort Worth, USA,

I teach medical students & residents about end-of-life care for kids. I use PowerPoint for the didactic parts, and am always looking for ways to engage the students. Many physicians don't understand the benefits we offer the kids and their families. This add-in seems to be one way to engage people, which would allow us to reach many more critically ill children and their families. That's what matters for me.
- Gary Allegretta, Portland, United States,

I have a PowerPoint sharing group on Windows Live Spaces and this would be great to keep their gray matter active.
- Tom Silvia, Swansea, USA,

Yawn Buster lives up to its' name! Providing advanced, cool, interactive, interesting, eye-catching and wow elements that makes even amateurs professionals!
- Khor KK, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia,

Do you have an educational discount?
- Konnie Kustron, Milford, MI, USA,

Even if I don't win, this has to be one of the neatest utilities that has surfaced for PowerPoint in a number of years. Koodos on you.
- Michael Koerner, Orleans, Canada,

I look forward to each email that comes through and often check out the website, so many of the ideas and products I use with adults with learning disabilities every day! the fresh approaches make it come alive both for me and them to enjoy! Keep up the good work
- Kate Gascoyne, Oxford, UK,

I use powerpoint in churches to raise funds for overseas missions. I'd love to add "interaction"!
- Tom Hawkins, Perrysburg, OH, United States,

Finally the evolution of POWERPOINT has begun!Expecting more from you.
- Abhay, Mumbai, India,

I would like to use the license to see how it might be used in a government environment in support of our country's veterans. As the second largest federal agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs is spread across more than 500 individual medical facilities, cemetaries and veteran benefit offices. I'm thinking this product might be able to help us support those who have given so much to the freedom of others.
- Robert Cunningham, Washington DC, USA,

I enjoy receiving the updates and the new and exciting products. I prepare many presentations and would like to find a way to keep the audience attention by using new innovative techniques. I want to wow my audience with my abilities and show them a powerful presentation.
- Dianne Kyle, Cumberland Beach, Ontario, Canada,

its a very nice site ,i like it so much
- Marjan, Tehran, Iran,

I enjoy receiving the updates and the new and exciting products. I prepare many presentations and would like to find a way to keep the audience attention by using new innovative techniques. I want to wow my audience with my abilities and show them a powerful presentation.
- Dianne Kyle, Cumberland Beach, Ontario, Canada,

Awesome concept... I am a pastor so having the ability to help those I teach, youth and adults, retain and enjoy what they are learning would be great. I believe this will enhance what I do now. Thanks for the opportunity to be considered.
- Barry Vernon, Waterville-Sunbury, Canada,

I am looking for more software that will help to improve and to make the powerpoint presentation more outstanding and attractive. I am looking forward to be able to receive this free gift, thank you.
- Jessica Teng, Singapore, Singapore,

I have purchased and use several Raptivity packs. I like the ease of use and the ability to add interactivity to my online courses. I would love to see how YawnBuster could be used to bring interacitvity to classroom presentations.
- Beth Mathis, Winston Salem, USA,

Powerpoint is a yawn1 anything that nullifies that sounds good to me-bring it on.
- Victor, Inverness, Scotland,

I think this would be a useful add-on for Powerpoint. If ever I win one of this I will be able to use this on our upcoming 14th anniversary presentation of our religious community this coming november.
- Niel, Amsterdam, Netherlands,

Yawn Buster is the best way to get the participant an interaction of whats going on in the company. It let them know that their knowleged and participation is important and the better way to adjust if necesaary to get the result expected to meet the goal.
- Ana Rivera, Levittown, Puerto Rico,

YawnBuster is just the ticket to give training to government workers. Thanks for the opportunity!
- Sherry Paige, Montpelier, USA,

Since I do TONS of live (and web-based) training, I would love to find a tool that would help bring traing (especially web based) to "life."
- Ed Nottingham, PhD, Memphis, USA,

I am very interested in the Yawn Buster. Too often power points a boring and make you fall asleep. At work we just got the Automated Response System, which seems to keep people interested, when used properly. This is very exciting. Thanks for this opportunity!
- Nyann Biery, Blairstown, USA,

This would make a great review tool to pair up with the rock videos my students make.
- Lee Ann Freeze, China Grove NC, USA,

YawnBuster is the neatest and best program I've seen to help get audience involvement.
- Glenn Hamer, Mitchell, USA,

You've help us become better presenters! Thanks and keep developing more!
- Juvy C. Rocamora, Laguna, Philippines,

I facilitate day long workshops frequently and would love anything that would enhance the material. They already get my "a material", it would be great this as an addition!
- Lisa Ray, Conway, United States,

Great to use in Church services and also for teaching the over 55's how to use computers and the internet.
- Paul Sharp, Aberdeen, United Kingdom,

Indezine keeps me informed about PowerPoint related products and techniques I might never otherwise learn about.
- Frederick W. Faerber III, Portsmouth, United States,

You've help us become better presenters! Thanks and keep developing more!
- Juvy C. Rocamora, Laguna, Philippines,

With my new program, I will never again make a boring presentation. I will keep my audience engaged while at the same time dispensing useful information.
- Carl D Meyer, Norman, United States,

This software will change the look of PowerPoint! It should help make presentations awesome! They will stand out above all other presentation software.
Congratulations! I can't wait to use it. As I teach over six hundred students, this software will be noticed and used by many for years to come.
- Janice Holland, Shrewsbury, MA, USA,

YawnBuster will empower the user to break away from the usual monotonus presentation(s) to exciting and fun interactions between the audience and the presentator.
Can't wait to try YawnBuster to make presentation for my students to get their interest in the class with all the exciting games and activities!
- Augustine Khoo, Toa Payoh, Singapore,

The interactive element in any PPT gets the audience engaged and gives valuable feedback
- Thiruvengadam, Bangalore, India,

What a great way to enhance learning in the classroom! I am a first grade teacher, and I've found that when children are actively involved, they learn more and retain more of what they've learned.
- Brenda Irby, Barboursville, WV, USA,

I'm the trainer/technology coach at my office which has over 100 people. I do powerpoint presentations EVERY DAY and this would be the best thing ever!!!
- Tammy Howard, Atlanta, GA, USA,

We are in the business of running lots of presentations and I love the idea of turning PowerPoint from a static information dump to an interactive presentation, which keeps people engaged and definitely NOT YAWNING!! Give the YAWN away and replace it with a NAWY learning experience!!
- Marc McLaren, Jamberoo, Australia,

students today need better education, they need to be trained in the working of industry, need to have more live cases, projects which should be taken seriously by the students, faculty, and the educational institution. companies also need to understand that these students are the future employees, industry need to come forward to educate them, initiate faculty to understand the workings of the industry, so that the faculty will be better equiped to deliver better at class room.
- Ganesh, Bangalore, India,

I think this programme is great! Now matter how succesful or skillful a presenter mught be, people's attention span is limited. With this software, even the most boring presentations can come to life! I want to use this software for my final year project presentation in my polytechnic! Its great!
- Michelle Lim, Singapore, Singapore,

Yawn Buster looks great. Ideal for breakouts and larger groups alike. I would love to try this out with some of my customers as an alternative to interactive keypads, which can be a costly luxury.
- Steve Grainger, Poole, UK,

What a FANTASTIC addition to PowerPoint! I definitely want this, whether I am fortunate enough to be a recipient of the give away or I need to purchase it. As an educator I can see a PLETHORA of ways to utilize it in my lessons. I currently use PowerPoint for nearly all areas of my curriculum (Language Arts, Science, and Religion). I originally was using PPT as simply a presentation tool, implementing it into lessons by projecting lessons onto a screen. My school recently purchased large HD televisions, via a grant, for each classroom, and I'm now able to show my presentations on them. This year I've acquired a SmartBoard. As a result, I took college classes this summer to help me learn to make my PPT's more interactive. YawnBuster would be a MOST welcome addition to my teaching arsenal! As I watched the demos, I thought of dozens of ways of including the activities into my already existing PPT's. I wish I had it already so that I could begin upgrading my lessons. My students would especially enjoy the Bingo format as a review for a unit of study. I can visualize myself using each of the activities in numerous ways. I can't wait to own a copy of YawnBuster! Thank you for creating such a useful PowerPoint Tool.
- Angela Ackley, Ashtabula, OH, USA,

Great addition to PowerPoint. Simple, easy to use. Beyond strictly meeting and training applications, I can see using this for everything from trade shows to family reunions. Teachers should love it -- kids can create their own quizzes. The list of uses is just getting started.
- Ellen Madill, MICKLETON, USA,

Teenagers think its 'cool' to yawn. I will make them forget to be 'cool'
- Carol Gibbons, Glasgow, UK,

At these time after view the program, I do have a new way to make powerfull and enhance presentations for may class. Even more, my students will have a lot of fun when using these interactive and practical way to study and learn those topics that are kind of challenging for them. Hope there are more options further or have new ideas on how to make more interactive options.
- Joseph Alvarez, Anasco, Puerto Rico-USA,

It is always good to get your newsletters and see what new things are out there in regards to Powerpoint. Thanks again and hopefully I can win one of the Yawn Busters.
Jan Yoder
- Jan Yoder, Goshen, US,

I have been using and teaching PowerPoint since, what seems like, the beginning of time. I am looking for something fresh and easy to use. We develop a lot of PowerPoint presentations, even for our executives and anything positive and exciting we can add to their presentation will make both the presentation and them more memoriable. Being a fortune 500 company, we like to stick out by leaps and bounds.
- Sharon Council, Cary, NC, USA,

With so much yawning in today's classrooms, I'm glad somebody developed a tool to wake up students from traditional PowerPoint boredom.
- Ferdinand Avila, Zanesville, OH, USA,

I would really use this Ppt. application. I work with a national network of programs to help prevent child abuse and neglect before it ever occurs by strengthening families. Monthly I do a webinar with my Learning Community network of states, and I am constantly seeking ways to make these networking times more engaging, more interactive, and more beneficial. This tool looks like it has great promise.
- Martha Reeder, Little Rock, Arkansas, United States,

I would love to win the prize.
- Oma Marks, Orrville, USA,

As a college professor teaching education courses, I can see a multitude of uses for "Yawn Buster" in any classroom. Interactivity is a key component to retention of information and this product meets the need.
I am currently planning a 40th high school reunion. Our alumni are in a multitude of careers and many have risen to top management positions. This would be a great addition to our multi-media presentation for the reunion. It would afford us a fun way to reminisce and allow our management-types to go away having seen a new tool to use in their company and educational presentations.
- Lawrence Burke, Bellerose, NY, USA,

Interactivity can take PowerPoint lectures in a classroom from boring to brilliant. Students will be more engaged because their opinion will count, and their peers will be able to see these opinions. We can even hope that they will come to class better prepared. What a win-win!
- Preetha Ram, Atlanta, US,

This is a fantastic system, very innovative. I can't wait to try the product. You are the best guys! God bless and more power!
- Jonathan Q. Aranco, Pagadian City, Philippines,

- Ammar, Jamnagar, India,

Do 2-5 presentations a day, be nice to add some pizazz to my pitches. Doing work with the State of Michigan and State of Kentucy. Down with boring presentations, wake the audience up with out shouting at them
- John Schuster, East Lansing, MI, USA,

This looks like a great way to keep students engaged
- Margaret Shaffer, Easton, MD 21601, USA,

I am a 56 year ol Language professor that has gotten into technology because I had to. I love it now and I need to be up-dating my knowledge that is why I love this site...I like to know what is im!
- Nilda, San Salvador, El Salvador,

This website is incredible. I can find whatever I need for my powerpoint presentations and I love all the amazing, colorful backgrounds. I also love the emails that help keep me up to date. Thanks for making a fantastic website! If I win this prize it would definitely be put to good use. Every week I make a powerpoint presentation for our youth group and I am always looking for new and exciting ways to make a great presentation. I just know that this prize would absolutely help me to do that! Thank you!
- Katie Calhoun, Sulphur Springs, USA,

If I am blessed as the winner of YawnBuster, it will be used in the PowerPoints of the college classroom environment to help involve the Gen Y students and enhance their assimilation of knowledge.
- Dawn Shreeve, Port Orange, FL, USA,

I will revolutionize the classroom by keeping the new generation of students awake, get them to actually interactwith each other and unbelivably get them to willingly put their Blackberries away by using YawnBuster!
- Frank Menezes, Brampton, Canada,

If I win, I will use YawnBuster when I teach Sunday School. I have found the children love to play games. Games enhance the learning process and truly are YawnBusters!!! We are a small church and would appreciate receiving this program free.
- Donna Sillia, North Olmsted, USA,

YawnBuster will be a great asset to our Church services. We have a very small group and are trying to get more people involved with the sermons. We just recently purchased the 1st PC for the sound booth. We use PowerPoint for the worship service and I type in the Pastors sermon notes every week. I read every newsletters you send for more ideas on how to get the group involved with the service. I have learned a lot of information since I became a member of your website.
Our Church would GREATLY appreciate YawnBuster. PLEASE let me win a copy for our Church......Please!!!!!!!
- Peggy Phillips, Nicholasville, USA,

Looks fabulous. Price?
- Ted de Rose, South Haven, United States,

this seems awesome. Would love to have this software..
- John Roy, brooksville, US,

I like the name YawnBuster, because as a student I've had to stifle many yawns in classes (even in grad school), and as a teacher I would like to use everything I can to get the students engaged, because the more engaged they are the better they learn. YawnBuster sounds like a good way to get them engaged!
- Edna Murphy, Tampa, USA,

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I teach adults, and this has the potential of being a great help in communication.
- Ed Payne, Des Moines, USA,

Teachers busting yawns
Visual learners all
Free help needed now
- Pamela Wilson, Young, NSW, Australia,

I train school district administrators and teachers. We are constantly looking for ways to engage them in the learning process because then they carry those back to their campuses to use with their students. It's all about giving them a vision of what learning can be . . . fun, thoughtful, rigorous and relevant!
- Dianna Martinez, Lewisville, USA,

I am a special education teacher that uses the computer for instruction daily. This would truly benefit my students.
- Lisa Clark, Cave Spring, USA,

I work at a voluntary health agency and am a student of public health and this program could help take me to the next level in the services we provide to the community and my presentations at school. Indezine has made my presentations stand out from the rest, I am a loyal user and will continue to be. Please help me help others!
- Jamie Lamson, Miami, USA,

Sounds like a fun program and a fantastic opportunity to present myself with style and creativity. I am the one with an "open mouth" now (not from yawning), but with excitement about the possibilities of giving my presentations a yawn buster. What a booster for PP!
Thank you Harbinger and Indezine.
Hoping to win!
- Jenny Romney, Miami Shores, USA,

I teach the staff at a Continuing Care Retirement Community. Topics I teach include customer service, job coaching, personality types, conflict management, CPR, and many more. My philosophy is that learning is more effective when it's fun. PowerPoint presentations are included in almost every one of my classes. I love to incorporate active learning into my lessons. YawnBuster would be a terrific way to get my students involved, keep them interested, and make learning easy and fun. It would make my job easier and less time-consuming, too!
- Melanie Storm, New Oxford, USA,

Would love to try something like this with my ICDL and computer classes. I am a high school teacher. If this could work in my classes, the rest of the staff may be interested.
- Odette Schlumpf, Port Elizabeth, South Africa,

Love the Yawn Buster! What a wonderful way to keep the audience interested!
- Becky Denny, Cincinnati, USA,

This looks like a fantastic add-on! I can see so many possibilities for both work and church applications!
- Michelle Gillham, Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States of America,

As I am a Computer Instructor this would add an extra element in my classes and hopefully the client(s) would also purchase it too.
- Salma Burney, Hamilton, Canada,

Sounds like a fun program and a fantastic opportunity to present myself with style and creativity. I am the one with an "open mouth" now (not from yawning), but with excitement about the possibilities of giving my presentations a yawn buster. What a booster for PP!
Thank you Harbinger and Indezine.
Hoping to win!
- Jenny Romney, Miami Shores, USA,

Thanks for this opportunity to win! I work with kids alot and it is always a challenge to keep them interested in a presentation. This sounds like just the thing to keep them involved actively, instead of just watching and listening.
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA,

I would LOVE to use this with my students. My classes are 4 hours and 45 minutes long and I am always looking for ways to 1)enhance retention and 2)keep things moving and exciting. I teach Anatomy and Physiology to potential nursing students. This is pretty dry stuff! I don't have the traditional 18 year old going to school on Mom and Dad's dime, rather nearly all of my students come from the following groups: single mothers who are trying to get an education to better support their families, displaced workers who took jobs straight out of high school (if they even graduated-some have to earn their GED before they can even be admitted) and now are finding their jobs are no longer needed, second career persons looking for more meaning in their daily professional lives, or individuals who stayed home to raise families and now is their opportunity to engage in some personal development. Needless to say with age ranges that can easily be 25 years in just one classroom with significantly different educational backgrounds, anything I can add to my "presentational toolbox" will go a long way to helping these future health care providers better learn the ins and outs of the human body. I strive to teach in a manner that engages all learning styles and I believe that your product will enable me to enhance my student's experience.
Thank you for your generosity,
Lacie M. Crone
Adjunct Instructor, Anatomy and Physiology

- Lacie Crone, Jeffersonville, USA,

I will share this prize with our police and correctional instructors that use PowerPoint as another form of lecture instead of as an instructional aid to learning. What a great opportunity you are offering! Thanks for the chance to win something that could make a difference for our instructors and students.
- Darla Rothman, Westminster Maryland, USA,

I plan on using Yawn Buster for my classroom presentations. I am a professor at Bryan College, and I am always looking for more creative ways to teach and grab the attention of students. Yawn Buster looks like a really great creative tool that I would use on a regular basis in all of my classes - since almost every class period I teach I do use power point. The indezine site has been very helpful to me over the last two years - thanks for the site and all that comes with it. Thanks for this new product - Yawn Buster. I look forward to using it in a BIG way!
- Scott Jones, Dayton, TN, USA,

i am a high school teacher and i think my students and i would benefit from this program
- Kelly Evers, Cutchogue, USA,

Determine reactions to the growth of the area we are in
and he steady movement of Houston into our area. Using to determine next step in growth of the Church congregation.
- Gerald Beckham, Porter, TX, USA,

I think Powerpoint is a brilliant tool for teaching and adding an interactive element as YawnBuster will truly reduce the yawns in the classroom.
- Susse, Copenhagen E, Denmark,

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh, sorry. My presentations are so boring I fell asleep!
- Andrea, Hartville, US,

Please help me add some fun to my presentationzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
- Dan Dipiazzo, Williamsburg, VA, USA,

Pick me!
- Beth Ann Williams, Raleigh, US,

Indezine is a fullfielded site, very useful for teachers, for instance. Still, we can get for free or buy the products. Generally, I get them for free: they are so beautiful I don't need to buy. And with the prize, I can enhance even more my powerpoints It's 5 stars in 5!
God bless you for making my work easier.
Best regards,
Ligia Moreira
- Ligia Moreira, Espinho, Portugal,

Would be a great option for classes and presentations that I conduct on a regular basis. Have been an EMS instructor for 14 years and there is always a need to improve the quality of continuing education programs to maintain the interest of the students
- Bob Tompos, Taylor, United States,

you make me really interested about your product
- Roland Mueller, Mississauga, Canada,

Indezine is a great help to my ministry.
- Ted Corley, Jacksonville, USA,

I teach in a church setting and have been searching for a way to move beyond bulleted points. This program would be so great for that. Many times I am teaching on a story or topic that is familiar to my audience and this would help bring new life to the presentation.
- Jimmy Barrett, Kannapolis, USA,

I'm a psychologist, which is generally synonymous with "boring!" I lecture on addictions, neurology, and oppositional kids to executives who generally have to be distracted from their Blackberries when things get a little dry. Since the information I give is important for them to hear, I need something to help bust their yawns. Your help will save families and troubled kids.
- Joe Stapp, Dawsonville, USA,

I do presentations all the time as part of my job. This would be great! Hope I win! Thanks for the chance.
- Debbie Gates, Nokomis, USA,

I design interactive virtual training for home-based customer care agents. I'm excited about giving Yawn Buster a shot at spicing up my training! As usual, another great find by the wonderful folks at InDezine!
- Glenn Howells, Beaverton, Oregon, USA,

I am a teacher and I use powerpoints all the time in my foreign language classroom. I am trying to make my powerpoints interactive as I am now using a SmartBoard. Getting the kids up and out of their seats keeps them interested and it makes me a better teacher. I would love to have this type of program to involve my students.
- Emily Dalton, Knoxville, USA,

I started school last year for Computer Engineering. I was able to take a Computer apart, but was not familiar with software. One course taught me how to use PowerPoint and I found that to be such an amazing, integrated software and used some slides from Indezine for my Final Exam. This software has made a difference in my schooling, not to mention, everyday things.
I would love to have more software, but with school and a single mother of two, I am limited to what I can afford. This would be an excellant gift for me.
- Lise Roy, Barre, USA,

I teach for a community college--this would be a great tool to use in class! For your next generation of the software, consider allowing a student to mark choices, and have your software mark them right or wrong. This would be incredibly useful in online classes, which are getting very popular!
- Jessie LaCross, Lincoln, USA,

looks really good would fit in well with the type of presentations I am doing at the moment.I normally design and present H/Safety but have been recently presenting Eco driving,recycling and food waste/landfill and energy management(all with a 'hard copy'paper quiz) it would really add 'spice' if the audience could get involved as I am presenting the facts/information to them instead of filling in a quiz sheet.
fingers and toes crossed that I win a copy
- George Partridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK,

This Harbinger Knowledge Product could be useful as I conduct teacher trainings and workshops. Teachers could easily incorporate these slides into their lessons to engage students and promote participation. We caution teachers to use Power Point - but to avoid "Death by Power Point!" These opportunities to involve the students will be invaluable. Thanks.
- Martha Kaufeldt, Scotts Valley, USA,

I'm sleepy! Wake me up!!
- Joyce Lockard, San Antonio, TX, Bexar,

I frequently have to give presentations that are really packed with information that unfortunately can get somewhat overwhelming to the listener. An application such as this would help enliven the program and make the really key elements stand out. I am also a little uncomfortable with presenting so any help I can get to engage my audience would be terrific!
- Sarah Bland, Madison, WI, USA,

I just can't get enough of Indezine ! Whenever I'm desperate for ideas, I know where to turn to. Indezine of course ! Indezine's tips and templates have helped me create impressive and classy powerpoint presentations. YawnBuster is just the tool i need to keep yawns at bay - and drive the message (of presentation) home effectively.
- Ning Desiyanti, Selangor, Malaysia,

This functionality within a Powerpoint file is especially useful in the academic community only if the files created play independently of the originating Office installation. In lectures and student presentations, they are seldom given on the originating computer.
- Ralph H. Houghton, Albion MI, USA,

I'm a college professor and I LOVE the games...I need this app!!! I have small classes and these activity 'organizers' would make my presentations much easier to produce. The interactive classroom software we have now is cumbersome to use.
- Diane Kemper, Gettysburg, PA, USA,

Finding a new way to engage an audience through Power Point is exciting! No more boring slides, the presentation can be interactive and stimulate creativity! This will be a great tool in my frequent brainstorming sessions with our team.
- Nettie Nielsen, Riverside, USA,

What a great way to enhance a class setting. I am always looking for ways to make a slide more entertaining and informative. Being able to take audience input directly to the screen should make my classes pop. This sounds like a great product.
- Kevin Ballard, Colorado Springs, United States,

I work in an adult learning center and teach powerpoint to kids at a special kids computer camp every summer. The possibilities of what they can learn and do are endless, and Indezine's YawnBuster would definitely spruce up the learning process and make it a fun environment too!
- Catherine Vigna, Provost, Canada,

Great site to keep up with the latest power points tips and programs.
- Donna, Marietta, US,

You have a great site. I always look forward to receiving your newsletter.
- Fred Barbee, Anchorage, USA,

As a trainer of adult basic literacy teachers and program directors, I not only have to keep them interested during a presentation, but I have to motivate them enough that they will integrate the technology into their curriculum's. My presentations need to incorporate lots of activities which is always a huge challenge. This looks like something that might help greatly. Thanks, as always, I love this site and all the tips and help
- Patty Ball, Lynn, US,

I work with interns, young people who require excitement and interaction to stay engaged. In fact, everyone requires engagement, and I the presenter (an old girl) do too! I can't wait to see what info I'll get from the on-the-spot pulse polls. Great idea.
- Linda D. Wilson, Arlington, USA,

Awesome - this is something that everyone can use. And something know will be a great tool for all presenters!
- Nancy Upchurch, Greeley, USA,

no matter how nice presentations are, there are always times when you have to get the full focus of the viewers, have them learn and enjoy the experience at the same time. .. a learning and fun time for both the presenter and at the same time viewers.....
i became a member of indezine to get to learn more on making presententations better so as to capture my trainees and give them a totally different experience while going through a learning process where it noirmally is boring... cool , i really would
- Marilyn J. Chua, Baguio City, Philiuppines,

I am constantly searching for ways to keep teens interested and focused on the mission at hand. I will use YawnBuster in my Free College Workshop for kids in the Indian community ( near Philadelphia and in the Indian culture class ( that I conduct for teens in our community. I hope that my use of this tool will encourage other volunteer-teachers to order their own copies.
I have been impressed by the value exchange model of Indezine. To get my attention, you give me great PPT knowledge and tips. Great job.
Ravi Bala
- Ravi Bala, Blue Bell, USA,

Would love to try this with my classes! Students are sometimes very bored with regular PowerPoint presentations. Using this product would make them "Wake UP" and take notice. It would make it interactive instead of stagnate!
- Sue Gibson, Zanesville, OH, USA,

Sounds like what the doctor ordered to avoid Death by PowerPoint.
- Stephen Baron, Rutherford, USA,

Thank you for the meeting stimilus package!!!!!!!!!
- Sonja Lewis, Houston, USA,

Being the only Sales & Marketing person in a Laboratory full of PhD‰Ûªs I am always on the look-out for ways to take their ‰ÛÏnails on a blackboard‰Û technical presentations to a new level. Your website is so full of fresh ways to take boring presentations and make them rock. Right now I am facing a series of monthly meetings and I hope to incorporate YawnBuster into the current PowerPoint to keep the attendees awake. Thanks Guys for all you do!
- Doug Lanphere, Arlington, TX, USA,

I would like to win 'cause I need this kink of programs for university :) I study tourism management so I need this for my presentations...Pleaaase I wanna win!! just in case My email of job is [email protected]
also I would like to tell you that your site is really interesting al helpfull. I like ot a lot :)
- Ana, Lima, Peru,

I use PowerPoint to keep our patrons informed of what we have to offer and I would use Yawn Buster to add some fun, humour, get them thinking and pondering. I think this is what using PowerPoint shows are all about. Indezine is my partner in crime for the best in presentation.
- Rhonda Debono, Werribee, Victoria, Australia,

Sounds like a great product for my university lectures. Some of my materials are boring and having something to spice things up would haelp students learn in a deeper and more entertaining way.
- Jesse c. Vivian, Plymouth, USA,

I've been using PowerPoint since it's inception when it was driven by DOS! Yikes, that's long time. It's evolved into THE presentation software that my small business, Chelsea's Desktop, Inc., uses to house all our client presentations. Having variation to offer a client for a presentation is integral to keeping the bottom line in the black at Chelsea's Desktop, Inc. Adding YawnBuster to our lineup of offerings will be yet another option to offer our clients ordering PowerPoint slide shows. We specialize in creating high-end PowerPoint slidekits for CME, Promotional Pharma, Internal Annual shows, Tradeshows, Advertising Sales pitches, and many other genres. These shows often have between 200 to 400 Doctors, Nurses, Students, etc. and it offers wide exposure for add-ins like YawnBuster to show it's stuff. At minimum, 80% of our new business comes from clients who have seen a PowerPoint Presentation created by Chelsea's Desktop, Inc. Looking forward to adding YawnBuster to the list of many PowerPoint presentation enhancers that we can offer our clients.
Chelsea Hudgins
Chelsea's Desktop, Inc.
- Chelsea Hudgins, Lindenwold, USA,

If anyone is in need of YawnBuster, it's me... a middle school science teacher! I currently embed all my science lessons within PowerPoint and I already know how much my students enjoy and respond to lesson presentations that are exciting and engaging! YawnBuster provides ways to make the PowerPoint lessons interactive - so students are actively engaged in the lesson... not just watching... because just watching a science lesson is a HUGE yawn! I'm really excited about (hopefully!) winning a copy of YawnBuster to use with my students at school!
- Jill Maisch, Damascus, United States,

Great idea! Wake up your meetings. Favorites are "Show of Hands" & Brain Storm, nobody wants to be seen as not participating.
- Penina Nunnelley, Alamogordo, USA,

I would love to win a copy of Yawn Buster. I am an organizational development specialist and clinical mental health counselor. I work for and consult with non-profits who have little budget for training as all is spent on client resources. Yawn Buster would be a good way to "power up" training presentations and give these people some enjoyment as well as valuable learning.
- William R Matthews, St Clair Shores, USA,

I've tested this out and demo'ed it to a group of graduate students - who are teachers themselves! Very cool product, would love to own it to show more students how to bust those yawns!
- Holly Rogers, Schaumburg, USA,

I think YawnBuster has a lot of new capabilities that will change the paradigm and power of presentations. Maintaining audience contact is a key to getting people to at least hear your key points and message. With YawnBuster I can include material to give me instant feedback on my audience, my message and myself. It facilitates adaptive adjustment of my presentation to optimize what I can realistically accomplish right then, right there and with the individuals involved. I plan to use it in my classes and in my presentations.
- Joel Dubow, Chevy Chase MD, USA,

How wonderful it would be to have YawnBuster here at my school. In our fine arts curriculum we try to use as much technology as we can. In my music classes, I can see lots of creative possibilities.
- Stephen D. Nelson, Apopka, USA,

i'm a teacher at deaf school and i use powerpoint template from indezine so are my students when they work on their presentations. i would like for them to use this new yawnbuster and see how they do with their presentations..
- Kathy Falco, Manchester, CT, USA,

Create an eclectic, energized, inspired dissertation defense that will be the envy of my colleagues, and professors at a major southern university....
- Emily Richmond, Hattiesburg, USA,

As a mid school teacher at Taos Pueblo I would love to have the YAWN BUSTER to keep my kiddos awake and on their toes this school year. I use power point for many of my presentations and the students always have the choice of using Power Point for their presentations.
- Randy Thorne, Taos, NM 87571, USA,

Looks like a great starter for my next presentation.
- David Guy, Rehovot, Israel,

As a computer resouce specialist in a Title I (at risk) school in Virginia Beach, VA I am always looking for new ways to engage our students. Yawn Buster is an application that fits the bill!
- Deborah Ashby, Virginia Beach , USA,

I'm too sleepy right now to right much but, maybe with "YAWN BUSTER" I'll be awake for my next meeting!
- Bob Slesinski, Urbana, USA,

As an educator, I use Power Point frequently. It will be interesting to see what I can do with this. It will be even more interesting to see what my students will do with it.
- Kathleen Tucker, Burns (Nashville)TN, USA,

I have really appreciated your site- I am a teacher, working on my master degree and have used many of your powerpoints. Thank you!
- Susan England, Lawton, USA,

I am an instructor who would love to try this in my classroom presentations.
- John Bullock, Tokyo, Japan,

What an exciting give away! There are so many possibilities for this resource to be used by my ministry to inner-city youth such as preparing for state-required tests, youth night outing or lock-ins, self-esteem builder, and the list can go on and on.
By providing this resource, I can introduce a different methodoloy of skill training in a familiar software to enhance their knowledge as well. Thanks for the opportunity!
- Mary Greene, DeSoto, USA,

YawnBuster will be so much helpfull to my PowerPoint production, SURE!
- E. Tavora dos Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil,

PowerPoints are becoming ubiquitous and the crutch of the lazy presenter. Indezine shares great ideas for helping teachers and presenters use PowerPoint as a true teaching tool. And Yawnbusters promises to do the same, providing a great tool to create interactivity that would otherwise take hours and hours to produce. Looking forward to using it soon!
- Brian Singer-Towns, Winona, USA,

I first encountered this sight when I was surfing for a trusty reliable source for my slide backgrounds. I browsed through and found the wide range of stuff for powerpoints very useful. Now that indezine is giving away this cool application "YawnBuster" I find this opportunity a good one and thus I have decided to enter and get a chance to receive this product, for FREE! With this product I would be able to impress my target audience more and increase the interactivity level. I have recommended indezine to many of my fellow friends and they have also found this site to be a useful one! With monthly updates and occasional promotions and offers, Indezine is site that I visit every week!
- Ang Yang, Singapore, Singapore,

Something to help keep my audience interactive would be a great help! I'm always looking for something new and exciting for my presentations! Pick me! Pick me!
Thanks for all you do for us!
Make It A Great Day!
You Certainly Deserve It!!!
- Susie Keehner, Eaton, USA,

I wear multiple hats while doing my job. I do some programming, template development, surveys etc. I especially do lots of PPT presentations for different staff members for both inter office/agency presentation as well as for our Exec Board to present at public forums. After watching the YawnBuster demos, I would love to be able to use this interactive add-in especially when doing public presentations,in any of the PPT situations I find my development skills involved in. PPT as it stands is great to work with - but this will take MY presentations over the top! I hope I win one of the licenses!!!!!! C PS I just luv INDEZINE - I look forward to each issue and usually take away something I can use to enhance my work.....Thanks for INDEZINE...some of my best design efforts have come from your site - when I teach others to use PPT properly - I always include references to your site for tips, techniques, backgrounds and I especially like the last couple of issues with the PPT how to's - they hit the mark.....
- Carolyn Barbuto, Albany, NY, USA,

Thanks! This addin will be used to develop training programs for pipeline field personnel.
- Cliff McPherson, Tomball, USA,

With Yawnbuster, I hope to keep teachers excited about the information I am sharing with them. Their active engagement makes it more likely they will incorporate this knowledge into their teaching to the benefit of their students.
- Stephanie Gottwald, Amesbury, USA,

Maaan this site rules maaan this software rules maaan the way, what do you call a 100 Caucasians chasing after Tiger Woods? The PGA tour!
- Aakash Jain, Pune, India,

Brings powerpoint to a whole new level and allows for significant interactivity with even large audiences while enabling the facilitator to "bring back" the group to the key ideas. Audiences want group interactivity but they don't want chaos. This format seems to allow for interactivity and invovlement without chaos. Great participant engagement strategy!
- Maureen Duffy, Miami, USA,

Could be a very useful product as a Sunday School class participation tool. Will bring to life many question-answer points in lessons. Church fellowships could become more lively with this being used.
- Carl Kissell, Johnson City, Kansas, USA,

I work in a rural public library. I'd love to use YawnBuster to liven up inservice training for librarians and develop presentations for the public on using our databases and online searching.
- Judy Tanguay, Thayne, United States,

This impoverished student would love to win this app...would make the presentations sooooooo much more powerful...working with special ed kids; we need all the tools we can get; but as a student, the cupboards are bare. The creative flow rolls on.
- Robyn Flynn, Lake Grove, USA,

Could be a very useful product as a Sunday School class participation tool. Will bring to life many question-answer points in lessons. Church fellowships could become more lively with this being used.
- Carl Kissell, Johnson City, Kansas, USA,

Yawn Buster would be a wonderful addition to my high school classroom, promoting more involvement and increase attention to lessons.
- Lisa Yates, Lafayette, USA,

I hope my presentations are not so boring that I'm putting people to sleep....
With this tool I know I can keep them awake!!
Thanks for sharing
- Dan Kuntz, St Paul, MN, US,

I think it«s an incredible product for all those who are dedicated to teach. If I win I can use it with my students and I«m sure that knowledge will be easily.
- Miguel Angel D’az Miranda, Queretaro, Mexico,

I am an instrucor at the LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans, LA. This product would be a fantastic enhancement to my PowerPoint presentations. You know students, they easily fall asleep in a lecture, especially after lunch! this would be a good way to help keep their attention.
- Michael L. Bates, Geismar, LA, USA,

As a Mathematics professor, I find it rather hard to create lecture presentations that will keep the attention of the students and will convey the lessons I want to teach. Interesting designs from Indezine have helped in the past, but of course, I have to keep up with my lectures to bust the yawns away.
I hope Yawn Buster will help me prepare lecture presentations that will make me a better professor to teach my students more effectively.
- Bernice Cerezo, Lipa City, Philippines,

It would be great to have a powerpoint that actually drives participation instead of the normal point, click, read and repeat type presentation, In the training arena, the more participative the activity, the better it is for students and trainers alike.
- Helen Harper, Columbus, USA,

As a consultant who has given hundreds if not thousands of presentations, the ability to integrate audience participation is a huge plus. I look forward to finding creative ways to use to engage my clientele in a variety of industries. It will be fun to stretch my creativity!
Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and for introducing me to YawnBuster!
- Nick, orlando, US,

I think this will spruce up a presentation.
- J. Lew, Calgary, AB,

hope i win.
- Enrico C. Aguila, Manila, Philippines,

This is the greatest website known to man. Everyone should hit Indezine at least twice a day to find every interesting and valuable nugget. It's the best. I can't live without YawnBuster. My doctor said I need it to survive but my medical insurance won't cover it.
- Todd Dunn, San Antonio, TX, USA,

aS a teacher in an LPN school, with limited $$, this would be great for my gen x and y students that need engagement!!
- Nancy Strassner, rochester, USA3,

I present regularly at scientific meetings and will use Yawn Buster to quiz my audience before talking on a subject and then again after to make my attendees aware of their new knowledge. It will also tell me if they have understood the point discuss. The speaker and the audience get realtime feedback of the learning process... I can't wait to get it,
Francois Codere MD
- Francois Codere, Town of Mount-Royal, Canada,

Indezine is awesome.
They have cool powerpoint templates that I have used in the classroom.
I will use yawnbuster to help do cool stuff in the classroom.
- Jason, Lake Elsinore, USA,

IPod am a teacher and it can hel— involve my students to get involved in a more interactive manner in the classroom.

- Lourdes Rodrigue , Cayey, Puerto Rico,

I will never forget in my life the good things what was made by others for help me.
"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change,courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to always tell the difference."
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.,Slaughterhouse 5.
Yours faithfully
- Dema Manuela, BRASOV, Romania,

I use this information that I learn here in my Crime Prevention work.
- Sherri, Clearwater, USA,

Ideal product I teach seniors this program would allow them to jump the learning curve and create impressive presentations for their family, friends and clubs.
Wish me luck
- Al Houstoun, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada,

I am a special education early childhood preschool teacher. Not only do I continue to work with our littlest learners, I teach teachers. This tool would provide a valuable dimension to my teacher trainings. Thank you for your consideration.
- Kim Dexter, Phoenix, USA,

I'm constantly looking for add-ins for ppts - anything to keep your audience involved.

I believe is a good idea to keep an audience awake in some manner! So, if Iwon I will using it at my church during the Sabbath School and then in the Sermon.
- Luis Escudero, BAYAMON, Puerto Rico, USA 00957,

As a middle school teacher I try to AMP up my presentations as young teens are hard to keep engaged. Although VoxProxy helps entertain them, YawnBuster woudl be an awesome way to engage them & keep them focused.
- Bill Stewart, Phoenix, USA,

I don't know how many times I have been the victim of boring power point presentations. Not only that, I have been the perpetrator in crimes against humanity for making people sit through my lame presentations. Yawn Busters(TM) would certainly help me break this vicious cycle. I would use them for class presentations, church events or simply to amuse my friends.
- Joe Schneider, Lincoln, IL, United States,

As a presenter to new staff, this will help create interest in the material. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to present material.
- Cecelia, Kyle, USA,

Love the site---I would use this product to energize my classes--Chocolate can only hold students attention for short bursts and you need a neverending supply!!
- Laura Coppock, Flemington, WV, USA,

I love your website. I enjoy making power point presentations for my class and really like the variety and quality of backgrounds and templates you provide. They are quite good! I also like all the info about new products for PowerPoint, I cannot afford most of them, but do enjoy playing with the free trials.
- Jennifer Glenn, Luling, United States,

Idezine - the place with the best "ideas" for getting the point across!
- Kathy Steffens, Minneapolis, USA,

I was an information designer, video producer, and presentation developer for 20+ years before a traumatic brain injury(TBI) in an industrial accident 2 years ago. I specialized in technology and patient medical information. During my rehab I have been working on 2 things; understanding the brian / my brain better ‰ÛÒand adapting myself to my new reality. My main way forward is daily striving to use some of the tools & applications I used to know so well. Without the internet and spell-check & Dragon Dictate, I would be isolated in a painful, dark, and depressing little box.
I try to use my old tools & apps to assist myself challenge my brain in ways that non-users just don‰Ûªt understand. Matching colored boxes in a ‰Û÷computer test‰Ûª doesn‰Ûªt do as nearly as much as editing points of a shape. That‰Ûªs real exercise! This week was my first time back using my former best friend, PowerPoint. Very emotional.
I know enough from experience about my brain to build some effective strategies I need to form memories and then have the triggers to retrieve memories of progress I have made. If I don‰Ûªt I won‰Ûªt remember what I did 10 minutes ago. I will use YawnBuster to build myself better brains drills, exercises, and memory triggers. And games.
What I used to do for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and their caregivers, I am going to learn to do for myself and along the way make something tangible to assist the many, many others with TBI that don‰Ûªt have my advantages.
Thank you.
- Robert Banger, Spokane Valley, United States,

As a faculty member, I use Powerpoint to engage students in interactive group learning -- small group and whole class. Yawnbuster has built such an approach into its add-in software. It could facilitate my approach, while also providing new ways to engage students in group settings and give me more feedback on what sense students are making of the questions, ideas, studies, and cases.
- John Thompson, Saskatoon, Canada,

I've been receiving Indezine for over a year and like all the new new gadgets and products featured. I would love to win the YawnBuster to use with my classes in the computer lab.There are often times when I need group responses from the students. This would help students to share what they are doing with each other and to reduce isolation that sometimes comes from each student working alone at their own computer. Also, I know from observation that when students can view their own input or activity it amps up their interest in the lesson.
I hope I win! I hope I win!
- Karen Kelly, Clay,AL, USA,

I have enjoyed powerpoint and Indezine has been a great help to us.
- Peggy Lowery, hartselle, Unites States of Ameriva,

We provide hands-on workshops for teachers and the one part they tend to like least is the PowerPoint presentation. YawnBuster would help us liven up this essential part of the workshops, help teachers remember the information better, and maybe even improve the scores on our evaluations.
- Betsy Spetich, North Little Rock, AR, USA,

Yawnbuster may prove xciting for us.
- Vivek Choukse, Indore, India,

This looks like a great product that I can use to help my students at ITT Tech learn better
- Bill Donahue, west newbury, USA,

Great idea for energizing class instead of old boring powerpoint. Today's students are so used to powerpoint we need something new - and this is it!
- Kathleen Morrissey, Nutley, US,

I look forward to every Indezine issue. It provides information to improve my skills and much more.
Thanks for a such great site!
- Bonnie Moore, Gadsden, USA,

Love the idea of interactivity. Create PowerPoint presentations for legal clients: Courtroom presentations, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Continuting Legal Education. The applications would be tremendous!
- Fatima Ismail, St. Clair Shores, USA,

What an excellent idea! Love having the graphics to "initiate" the group activities. Whenever I have tried these kind of things to get the group "re-freshed", they always give that strange look, like "seriously, is this guy serious? he wants me to get out of my chair?"?? YawnBuster looks like a great little initiator tool to make those group requests a little 'smoother'...
- Ian Moore, Port Coquitlam, Canada,

I'm planning a webinar for the first time, and I believe this would be a great tool to use with my PowerPoint slides. As an educator, I know the importance of engaging the participants and a little surprise activity now and then is always welcome!
- Pamela Schroeder, Foley, USA,

Do lots of online meetings and could benefit from the application.
- Greg Ligon, Murphy, USA,

Me parece interesante la interactividad de YawnBuster, felicitaciones
- Hector Julio Martinez Vargas Vela, Trujillo, Peru,

This product might help me get our staff to WAKE UP during meetings!!!!
- Leslie Hargrove, Anaheim, USA,

I love using Powerpoint and would just love to have this add-in!
I work with unemployed individuals and facilitate workshops on job searching including interview skills, job maintenance, cover letter and resume writing. I try to make my presentations fun and lively and interactive for the participants because many of them are feeling frustrated and depressed about being out of work. I have done some pretty interesting things with Powerpoint and get great reviews from the participants especially when they laugh. I really try to incorporate humour using funny photos and sound effects and participants often feel like job searching is a less formidable task then it was before they attended the workshop.
I would love to have this add-in so that I can continue to inspire others to do their best.
With thanks, Linda
- Linda Shelley, Toronto, ON, Canada,

YawnBuster sounds great to jazz up my teaching presentations!
- C Turman, tucson, USA,

This appears to be a well produced program to keep student involved. I will also bes siging up for the webclass
- John Jerome, Rancho Santa Fe, USA,

This license will help me a lot in the presentations I usaually have to provide for my clients
- Claudio Riquelme, Santiago, Chile,

This would be an awesome tool to use in a classroom! It would help students learn and stay involved, no matter what their learning styles are.
The interaction helps students better remember and enjoy what is being taught.
- Diana Canterbury, Inverness, United States of America,

I am a teacher. My students are mainly hyperactive ones. This software will definitely arouse their interest during the lessons!!!
- Tay High Wide, Singapore, Singapore,

Interaction in the classroom! Incredible way to keep the audience (kids) involved in the lesson, and an incredible way to enhance learning!!! Mark Alfaro, MA Ed
- Mark Alfaro, Rocklin, CA, USA,

Very cool!! This would be a nice extension of our event/edu-tainment capabiities we offer to our clients.
- Pauline Migneron, Saint Louis, USA,

The mere name of this product encourages me and helps builds my confidence as I begin another year as a middle grades reading coach.
I am the professional development facilitator and presents throughout the year. I plan to use the group rating, games and all other interactive encounters that Yawn Buser has to offer.
This is so exciting to hear as I begin another wonderful year as an educator.
We made an A this year and we are striving to maintain our A status while making AYP.
I think the Yawn Buster is just the tool that I need.
- Clinton Ewane, Greenacres, United States,

I am the computer specialist at a school for severely handicapped and medically fragile students, and do many training sessions with the teachers and staff. We stress interactivity with computer programs for students; now the teachers can benefit with YawnBuster! They may actually enjoy all of those morning meetings with YawnBuster. Thanks for the opportunity.
- Karen Lewis, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA,

I'm an English teacher, and all I can do to awaken my students' interest is never enough.
They like when I teach them using new means and this is just the beginning...
- Alicia Marin, Estrela - RS, Brazil,

I need to "wake up" my PowerPoints.
- Timothy McIntosh, Wheaton, USA,

At our facility, we are able to use only the very basic PowerPoint tools. If I were to win, I would like to demonstrate to my organization the benefit of having the newest tools, at least for the executive level presenters. We are a 50+ old community facility but we are young at heart and innovative thinkers; we should be able to project that in our presentations.
- Esther Alvarez, Lancaster, USA,

I work in an environment that uses powerpoint basics only, it may be a good idea to expand our knowledge and level of usage.
- Chairie Smith, Woodbridge, VA, USA,

What a wonderful way to motivate students in my Kindergarten - 6th grade and all the way through my college classes for teachers. When I use programs such as this, students learn more about the available technology and tend to use this technology with their students.
- Bev McDaniel, Chehalis, USA,

If I win this prize it will help me to create better presentations for the classes I teach. I am a trainer for a non profit group that specializes in affordable housing.
- Larry Northey, Grants Pass, United States,

I have been trying to prevent "death by PPT" in our organization. I am a mighty department of 3 and it's sometimes a down-hill battle to continually come up with training presentations that are exciting but not to hard to design and implement. Yawn Busters certainly sounds like it would help in my quest.
- Sue Fiedler, Corpus Christi, Texas, United States,

Sounds like a wonderful option for K - 16 educators. Looking forward to exploring the trial version and sharing the product possibility the new teachers I work with online and at the university.
- Pamela Burish, Granger, USA,

I work with teacher training and do PowerPoint presentations at least once a week. In my presentations I need to work with pie charts, polls, graphic organizers and the like. Because of this, Yawn Buster would be an asset for my presentations and my audience. It would be a golden opportunity for me to advertise this product as well!
- Alberto Costa, Recife, Brazil,

I think that YawnBuster is a great product if you use it in the correct way (as everything). I have seen the demonstration of each possiblity: show of hands, spiders web, etc., and my opinion is that can be a great tool for involving the audience.
Just a comment: is there a way for putting the buttons in other languages, not just in English? If it is not, it would be great having the possibility of
customize them.
Anyway, it is an great idea this giveaway!
- Julio Francisco Torres HernÌÁndez, Mexico, D. F., Mexico,

I think this could be an amazing product. I do power point shows for seniors' groups and they would add a great deal of interest to our meetings.
- Marie Allen, Kamloops, Canada,

Hi Geetesh,
The Animoto guys were excited you tried their website and wrote about it.
Best Regards,
Don Sublett
Roanoke, VA
- Don Sublett, roanoke, va, USA,

Today I have recived the notice that I must do 3 presentations in 3 congreses in the next 2 month, and contemporany I have recived Indezine's newsletter with this opportunity. I think that it is a destinity's sign.
Thank you anyway for your great work for the pp comunity.
- Gianni Pest, Imperia, Italy,

I present 6 to 8 hour technical seminars to Professional Engineers for CEU credit. Although I try to keep it from being too dry, this sounds like an excellent way to liven up the presentation and keep them involved.
- Thomas Butcher, Destin, United States,

We need to capture our audience. I think YawnBuster is the one to do it! Currently our presentations are dull and boring only about numbers. I think we can bring life to our presentations with this product and keep everyone's interest alive. Thanks for considering my entry.
- Jacalyn Hopkin, Regina, Canada,

i dont know what do u want.......
- Safura, Tehran, Iran,

I work in a University and trust me I need this product and so do the lecturers here!
- Lori Acciavatti, Morgantown, United States,

I want to win!!
- David McFalls II, Stockbidge, USA,

As someone who uses PowerPoint daily and whose colleagues also use it daily, I've become very aware of the syndrome called "death by PowerPoint." Yawnbuster sounds like a great way to not only breathe some new life into a presentation tool, but to also facilitate the learning process.
- Robert Gholson, Hampden, USA,

Dear Indezine,
I'm guilty of "powerpointitis" !!! My slides are one bullet point after another on a white background in a large blue font!!!
Hlep me out with something new!!!! Inspire me with the Yawn Buster!!!!
- Christopher Scherer, Orange, USA,

Always a good opportunity to see what's new and interesting out there when these emails come through.
- Jack Meagher, Peterborough, USA,

I find your news letter fulfilling and helpful, being an educator, it helps keeps classes interesting.
Keep up the good work
- Neil Brighton, Leeds, UK,

I am in the Army and we are preparing for our 3rd deployment to Iraq. As part of the mandatory training that must be completed before you can be certified to deploy, there are appx 42 powerpoint briefs that must be given. The proper military term for this is "Death by PowerPoint" because it is so hard to stay awake. So when I saw YawnBuster in my e-mail, I knew I had to enter for a chance to win this.
- Jeffrey Rice, Buckeye, USA,

We have 8 new employees, as we speak, sitting in a classroom orientation - you guessed it - watching a PowerPoint presentation about our organization! About now, some of them are getting droopy-eyed and the pencils are clattering to the desk... I love PowerPoint and all it brings to an audience, but really, it can be boring sometimes - no matter how much you put into it!
- Donna Sack, Medford, USA,

Making ppt presentations lively, eye-catching, interesting, and informative are the vital aspects of great documentation. Including an aspect of interactivity would make the goal much easier to attain and would live in the minds of the audience. The whole purpose of presenting an idea is for the viewer to walk-away with the embedded information. Once you have accomplished that, you know the session was successful. Your goal is reached and the final result could be both rewarding and in some cases profitable. This new tool will make these scenarios a reality. Why wouldn't anyone want to enhance their presentations to promote a more professional appearance and fill the viewers with confidence about the topics being presented.
This site dedicates itself to the betterment of the powerpoint community of users. Making support and information available via this site, contributes to the professional and personal development of the site members. What more could we ask for? Both the site and the possibility of this new tool are amazing opportunities for continuous growth in the world of IT and the creativity it feeds. Hopefully, these tools will continue to be offered because they are strategically necessary for the evolution of software. Thank you.
- Peggy Saavedra, Flushing, USA,

Thanks very much for this opportunity to win a yawnBuster
- Victoria M.Saygbay, Little Elm, United States,

I use PowerPoint Presentations to assist me in Pre-service training, New Employee training, and In-service training. I have used several template designs from Indezine to spruce up and update my presentations, and my audiences have been very receptive of them. YawnBuster will truly make my presentations much more interactive and increase knowledge retention for the participants. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway.
- Melvina Noriega, Tucson, USA,

I think this would be an awesome way to help my high schoolers interact more with the lesson!
- Tangi Hobgood, Griffin, USA,

A good site to get the power point slides which we will use to teach my students
- Supriyanto, Wonosobo, Indonesia,

We hold a major annual conference and this type of tool would allow us to have even more effective presentations for our participants which include our members along with insurance industry company representatives. As a not-for-profit association, we are limited on the tools we can purchase. However, this could provide some really impressive presentation approaches that would be seen by a signficant number of insurance companies who might like what they see and would want to go buy a copy! What a great way to help out a not-for-profit association and to also get great visibility for your product! A win-win!
- Jan Huff Soper, Kansas City, USA,

I help out with security awareness training and this software sounds like it would work wonders in helping make our presentations fun and interactive. Thanks for this opportunity!
- Vicki Davey, Kansas City, USA,

i work with the toughest crowds around... 5th graders!!! They're bored, they're tired, i need a boost to get the blood from their butts to their brains... this might be the ticket!!!
- Ron Jakubisin, waukegan, illinois, USA,

This looks like a very cool add-on. I work for a large non-profit mental health center and use powerpoint daily to create trainings for staff and clients. I would love to try Yawn Buster. I also love your site, it has been most helpful in improving my skills. Thanks
- Ken Saefkow, Nashville TN, United States,

The perfect solution to technical subject classroom presentations, well beyond a plain PowerPoint "slide show". It provides a new and unique way to have students become more involved . . . information retention improves and generally provides a more solid and long lasting learning experience.
- Daniel Lyons, Las Vegas, United States,

I am a Mexican teacher who likes to have innovation in their science class, using PowerPoint and some tools to make it attractive and my class and my students are interested to find out.
- Leobardo Ibarra, Santa Catarina, Nuevo LeÌ?n, Mexico,

I would love to win this! I used powerpoint with large groups as part of my job and think this is a great product. It follows educational best practices and since my audiences are all educators, it would give them a way to involve their students as well.
- Bernadette Halloran, Milwaukee, USA,

As always thank you for all your inside tips and ideas
- Yesenia Roberts, Long Beach, CA, USA,

I think this plug in could be a great option in lieu of Audience Response. We are holding a meeting in late Sept. that this would be perfect for!
- Patricia (Trisha) Hawthorne, Las Vegas, United States,

I am preparing for a busy fall of workshops and training seminars across the Eastern US. I am always looking for new ideas to increase engagement in these sessions and the Yawn Busters looks GREAT! Thanks for providing the information.
- Charles Kelly, Bloomfield, USA,

- M. O'Leary, Santa Monica, US,

I would love to get this program because I do a lot of presentations at school and this would help my audience engage in my presentations.
- Marilyn, Baldwin Park, United States,

I am the secretary of a small church, and I love this site. I have learned much from you, for which I am very grateful, as we don't have a budget for training! If I win YawnBuster it will be put to very good use for our youth and children's activities, to bring services to life, add depth to our Missions programs and generally improve all aspects of our daily life in the church. So for me and those I serve, thank you so much for your consideration! And may God bless you abundantly!
- Moira Bandurka, Kelowna, B.C., Canada,

This sounds like an awesome program!! I would love to try it!!
- Michelle Quadrozzi, Anaheim, USA,

give your slides a boost
add Yawn buster
- Patric Bove, Neerpelt 3910, Belgium,

I would use the Yawn Buster to creat the most interesting classes for my students and have them participate, rather than just sitting there. This is exactly the kind of tool, I would enjoy using for my presentations at the seminars I attend. Participation is always difficult to manage if improvised, but when it's an integral part of the presentation already, then you have a hit on your hands for sure!
- Rene Cardon, Tijuana, Mexico,

i would like to be eligible for the yawn buster templates
- Lynn Sutankayo, Edmonton, Canada,

Indezine is a wonderful site and a really great resource. Teaching middle school means that I am constantly fighting to keep my students interested and engaged. Access to your templates makes my presentations really pop and I believe that it makes a difference for the kids. It is easier to encourage students to participate when they recognize that your presentations are special. Your YawnBuster software looks like something that would make my job even easier and would really help me include the kids as an active part of the presentation.
- Elisabeth McCormack, Largo, United States,

Sounds like a great idea for teaching. Especially since I am reading Brain Rules and it discusses that every 10 minutes our brains zone out, and need to be reactivated. And just last night I was trying to think of how I was going to get my high school students energized this year when they are required to take notes from a power point presentation. It would definitely help with the Limited English Students that I have, since they need more buy in to remember key vocabulary.
- Kathleen A Stringer, Lewisville, USA,

Oh, I'd LOVE to use this in my classes! I have forwarded it to folks that are university professors & seminar facilitators, because I think this would totally lighten up the group! I KNOW I am winning this! I AM a WINNER! Yippee! I LOVE YAWN BUSTER!
- Silvia Pancaro, Roswell, USA,

This site is exactly what I was looking for...hats off to you.
- Mymoon, Chennai, India,

With this prize I will be able to take my powerpoints to a new and exciting level. I'm sure that my students will love it.
- Jeanette Martin, Bismarck, USA,

I think this is a great idea...anything to make a presentation more interactive and interesting. Engaging your audience should be a presenters #1 priority...otherwise they walk away with very little...or a good nap!
- Kris Washington, Columbus, USA,

The Indezine site is outstanding! I use the site religiously for my presentations. I would love to win Yawn Busters to use with my PowerPoint presentations. I just started an arts non-profit consulting business and need to give my presentations a boost. My clients are all about creativity and I know they would enjoy the Yawn Buster activities. Thanks for the cosideration!
- Karen Douglas, Oklahoma City, OK, USA,

We use PowerPoint presentations in the education and academic setting; utilizing the program to generate school (middle & high school, as well as college) project assignments that yield high grades, and we do accomplish this often. As a matter of fact, many teachers and professors have requested we allow the presentation projects to be kept for their "Samples" collections - which we regard as a real honor. After having previewed the "interactive" capability features the YawnBuster provides to PowerPoint slides, we can only now imagine the possibilities ("WOW" factor) we can yield utilizing this product for our academic projects/assignments. Of course, the academic instructors viewing the utilization of YawnBuster will undoubtedly be interested in learning where they, too, can acquire this product (YawnBuster) for their use as well. This domino effect exemplifies the extending and spreading exposure (marketing) of YawnBuster by one household's use. "Word of mouth" is still one of the very best marketing tools. Thanks for your consideration. We hope to be awarded one of the five coveted licenses in your give-away contest. Thank you for your consideration. Lawren Whitney
- Lawren Whitney, Converse (Texas), USA,

Incredible potential for use in professional development for teachers, both in engaging them in the PD and modeling ways in which this dynamic interactive product could be used in the classroom integrating technology with content.
- Wendy Heyd, Wailuku, USA,

Audience polls, games, group exercises and competition is just what I need to add interest to my presentations
- Barbara Hungerford, Te Awamutu, New Zealand,

I provide training for educators and see that this could be a very useful tool. The demos looked very promising.
- Barbara Bridges, Kings Mountain, USA,

From what I know, this would be a great opportunityto expand my horizons in preparing PowerPoint applications.
- Wayne Church, Glendale, USA,

I've seen far too many yawn-worthy presentations. And I even MAKE some of them! I want Yawn Buster!!
- Jennifer Helwich, Yorba Linda, CA, USA,

I provide presentations and training to a variety of audiences (business/industry, civic groups, public sector reps, small business). The topics are related to environmental compliance, safety, waste reduction, sustainability, etc. Often many members of the audience are there only because they are forced to be. I have felt sometimes that I needed to do (literally) a song and dance to get their participation. I did actually sing on one occasion. Generally, state employees don't care if their audience is bored to tears--but I do! State budgets have been cut and the money just isn't there for "innovation." HELP!
- Dianne Wilkins, Oklahoma City, USA,

I'd like to see if it is usable for Bible classes of various sizes and ages.
- Rich Gant, Columbus, IN 47201, USA,

May I work with these templete with MAC?
- Evelyn J Silva, San Juan Puerto Rico, ,

The YawnBuster would add spice to my presentation . I can visualize the look of surprise on my audience' faces when bingo flashes across the screen ....It is a real cool tool
- Rita, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

Wow, what an awesome program that would be. Much easier than us trying to do this type of thing ourselves for church and children services through PowerPoint and having word art appear for games answers through action paths. You would make our lives so much easier. Hope we win!!!
- Lenore Kotsur, Hazle Township, USA,

As a teacher, I would love to try this out to add to my teaching for my students benefit, and to eliominate the 'yawning.'
- Jason Senford, Port of Spain, Trinidad,

I Love This Site!
- Chris Gamec, Saint Paul, USA,

Give the prize to my church to use in the media .
- Norma H Harris, High Point NC 27260, USA,

I found that Indezne provides great reference to let us keep on track about all the new possibilitilies of using Power Point. Congratulations!
- Syncia, Montreal, Canada,

I absolutley love the templates from the Idezine site. I utilize for my classroom lessons and lectures to maintain student attention. The Yawnbuster can be used in my classroom to help students review information or see how much they know about a topic. I can imagine how much more effective my teaching would be with this awesome product.
- Erica Mangum, Winnfield, USA,

Sounds like a great product!
- Monica Quijada, Phoenix, AZ, USA,

It is great , It definitely helps in my group presentations , as I do alot of interaqctive presentation and it seams to that is the good help to make thinks faster.
- Mohammed Alansari, Auckland, NewZealand,

So many presentations, so many yawns is their possibly a product out their that will make my audience at least sit up and pay attention? The name alone gets me excited to finally realize that it could be my presentation not the length of my dress that got their attention and their business. You go "Yawnbuster", I'm ready to set my audience on fire!
- Lydia Dow, Plainfield, USA,

Training is all about doing, and doing is an action verb. The more the activity and interaction(doing), the deeper the impact. The deeper the impact, the more valuable the experience. It's time to end "Death by PowerPoint" once and for all!
- Marc Daniels, Saint Paul, USA,

Each semester at my university, I enhance the interactivity of my PowerPoint presentations used in the classroom. Each improvement is geared to move away from just having the audience watch me read from slides, and toward encouraging questions and overall participation. Thus, the concept behind Yawn Buster is intriguing. If Yawn Buster is the tool that helps further class participation, then I will be an enthusiastic user!
Thank You,
- Ronald Cohen, Golden, Colorado, USA,

Incredible potential...
- Dennis Miley, Fredericksburg, United States,

I am very interested in this product since I will be teaching PowerPoint this fall at Coconino Community College. I also teach workshops for instructors and other staff members. I feel the description of the product is something that can be used in the classroom by instructors as well as those who work for businesses and train employees. Presentations can get boring. You need to have something to spice it up.
- Jean Cray, Flagstaff, Arizona 86004, USA,

I will be able to show everyone how it is supposed to be done!!
- John W Todd, Clarksville, USA,

Sounds like a product that would be very useful in keeping the attention of my students. I have tried other programs in the past and found them cumbersome to use.
- Debra Haar, Bellevue, United States,

The never-ending search for a cure to death by PowerPoint continues. But thanks to Indezin, long boring text, inane clip art and confusing charts are a thing of the past. Now even a left-brain person, such as myself, can create presentation that can impress even the most jaded audiences.
- Norm Cosand, Indianapolis, United States,

A rule for keyboard knuckle-busters:
When PowerPoint leaves you flustered,
You'd better use tact.
And never overreact,
Because the answer is to use YawnBusters.
- Dallas Kitchen, San Diego, USA,

I do all the PPP for our church's activities, and this would be a great addition to the regular program we already have.
- Ruth Diaz, Tampa, USA,

I would LOVE to win this free software to share when I create presentations for non-profit organizations that I do volunteer work for!! It is exciting to JAZZ up a presentation in the simplest of ways! Thanks for the free OFFER!!
- Glynda Janz, Mandan, ND 58554, USA,

If it is useful in teaching medical students I would like to have it
- Dr. P. Y. Devadiga, Mumbai, India,

Indezine has helped me a lot and really I must say it has made me learn much more about powerpoints.They are much more fun to work with and with something as mundane and serious like medicine I think I would put this new offer to good use.If it can make my presentations less prone to YAWNS( pun intended)from my colleagues I think I will give it a try.Cheers!
- Sam, Singapore, Singapore,

I like very much your great ideeas, because I use a lot of Power Point presentation in my work.
I work with a Multi Level Marketing Company and the base to learn other people is Power Point...
- Szasz Laszlo, Tg. Mures, Romania,

yawnbuster will be great when i start my first class to teach after i finish my degree
- Rosario Anna Magdaleno, Pembroke Pines, United States,

I facilatate clinical workgroups in a healthcare setting for the information technology department. Yawn Buster would be a great addition to my PowerPoints to perk us the sessions, by playing a game, creating a competition, or conducting a poll. This product would be a wonderful and creative addition to my workgroup sessions.
Thank you
Shirley Schiavone
- Shirley Schiavone, Vineland, USA,

Thank you for your consideration and this pleasant product to make PPT's more fun! Healthcare tends to be doldrum as much of the information is repetitive, ehat a great way to PUNCH it up. Thanks!!!!!!
- Quinn West, Michigan City, In, USA,

I am the instructional technology coordinator for the Salina campus of Kansas State University and as such, I oversee all of the classroom media and AV equipment in the classrooms and conference/meeting rooms as well as train faculty in more engaging and interactive uses of technology. I also recommend technologies to purchase.
About 20% of our faculty are true innovators and willing to try new technologies, but the majority are devoted to time-tested user-friendly resources (and of those, PowerPoint is #1).
So I am constantly looking for ways to take PowerPoint - that they're familiar with - and explore new ways of adding multimedia and interactivity, and I have even presented lectures for our faculty and at conferences on "Making PowerPoint Interactive" and on "Enhancing Learning through Multimedia". I have a PowerPoint to Flash converter that I enjoy, which lets me add some interactive features in post-production, but it's not a user-friendly tool for the average faculty member, and we only have the one license.
Also, one of our faculty members has purchased "clickers" for polling that does integrate audience polling and tabulates survey responses, so our faculty have seen that demonstrated, but the hardware's bulky and expensive, there are always a few units that malfunction each time and burn time or create frustration, and we only have one system.
If there's now a software add-on to PowerPoint that enables that kind of audience/class interactivity, I'm very interested and it could be our solution (and if you win me over, my job is to recommend to the other faculty and department heads).
...and P.S., I absolutely love your PowerPoint backgrounds and use those often (they're so much better than the mundane drab ones that come with the product or are offered on a lot of free sites)!
NOTE: The email address I've provided above is my work address (my "member" address where I get the Indezine tips & info should be [email protected])
- David Swisher, Salina, KS, USA,

Looks like an excellent package to aid and assist student engagement. I am an IT leader in my school and look forward to presenting this package to my colleagues.
- Ross Perkinson, Mangawhai, New Zealand,

Yawnbuster will enable me to create highly interactive PowerPoint presentations which will keep my second through fifth grade students with behavior disabilities highly engaged in their learning. I teach a self-contained emotionally disturbed class at Warren E. Sooy, Jr. Elementary School in Hammonton, NJ and utilize PowerPoint presentations on a daily basis as a means of instructing my class.
- Linda Ridgway, Medford, USA,

please pick me!
- Jennifer Chandler, carson city, nevada, united states,

Technology teacher (Multimedia) would absolutely love to add this software to her classroom. I teach PowerPoint to the nth degree, but this software would add even another dimension.
- Karen Rhodes, Houston, USA,

This is awesome. I do hope to improve my presentation and change it from a boring to a great presentation.
- Nor Fadzlina, Kelantan, , Malaysia,

- J Duren, Charlotte, USA,

i am a graphics designer/desktop publisher laid off since may09 and my husband, a union carpenter, was just laid off. it would be a real "shot-in-the-arm" for me to win one of these licenses in order to add YAWNBUSTER to the skills paragraph on my resume!
- Kris Anderson, jefferson nj, USA,

I really appreciate all the knowledgable information you provide and share with everyone!! Thank you for all you do!!!
- Kathy Norton, Edmonton, Canada,

it would be so interesting to explore the applications of this product in the classroom. teaching special education is challenging, and i know my students respond well to such activities. it would be great to have the tools to design rewarding interactive lessons.
- Joyce Hewitt, Windsor, Canada,

I've tried several of these promotions. If I win this one it will be well worth the attempts. The product looks like a winner for teaching 21st century skills to public school and college students.
- Dr. Otto Santos, Naples, USA,

As a teacher I think that being able to play games (show of Hands, Bingo, Quiz Game etc) with my students after a PowerPoint presentation would be great.
- Vivian Huffman, Riverside, USA,

This product is Awesome.
- Matt Mraz, Prescott Valley, USA,

I "made" a smartboard using a Wiimote, PVC Pipe, duct tape and IR pen. I think this would be an awesome addition to my classroom as I make it more interactive on a very limited personal budget! Thanks for this chance guys!! You will make me a very happy teacher!
- Katrina Halsey, Milwaukee, WI, USA,

Yahoo, finally a program that will bring interactive component that can liven up my lectures and professional development presentations ‰ÛÒ a white board so does not do it!! I know my student will be SO impressed!!
- Debra Battersby, Melborune, Australia,

I am excited to have found this new enhancement for my PowerPoint Presentations! I cannot wait to WIN and use this with the students and staff in my school! Smiles, Me!
- Brenda Gaddy, Jennings, Florida , USA,

To make your dreams come true, you need to wake up!!
- Shrinivas Rao, Rajkot, India,

As a high school history teacher who uses PowerPoint all the time, your YawnBuster activities could really help me grab my students' attention and get them totally engrossed in the lesson. In this high-tech age, where teens are used to the hands-on aspects of video games, online social networking sites, cell phone applications, etc, teachers need activities like these just to compete! Thanks for being so innovative!
- Michelle Boen, Lamar, Arkansas, USA,

I need this software to do presentations to keep my patients awake for their patient teaching! I think it would be a real treat for them to see these type of presentations!
- Susie Sonnier, Houston, TX, USA,

The timing of this is perfect! I am working on a proposal for a 2-4 year contract to deliver workshops for a large corporation. The capabilities that YawnBuster offers will help to make these very professional presentations and will help to deliver the content that is needed. Regards, Erika
- Erika Penner, Richmond, Canada,

My students would love this product! They are always asking for more interactive learning activities and with all the recent budget cuts, I'm only able to incorporate inexpensive (and very simple activities).
- Lauren Huffman, Zanesville, USA,

Please save me with the YawnBuster! :) I have been accused with presentations that belong in SnoreTown and locked in a jail cell with Sleepy and Grumpy. If I get the chance to win this career-saving gadget, I would be released from these chains of boredom into the new and exciting world of indoctrination! Thank you.
- Walter Lim, Madison Heights, Michigan, United States,

with me winning this yawnbuster, my presentations will no longer be a bore and static !!!! yippeeee
- Rosilah Mosli, Admiralty Road West, Singapore,

I give presentations almost everyday on a very "unexciting" topic - pest control. this is great to strike audience interest, encourage participation and liven up the discussion.
- Kerry Bayron, Mandaluyong City, Philippines,

Great tool to bring the life and magic of engagement to a presentation.
- Neville Coventry, Thornlands, Australia,

Looks really exciting.... want to use it to keep my students awake in class!
- Judith Gibbons, St Louis, MO, USA,

I teach about diversity to pre service teachers. I try to use a variety of activites to meet the various learning styles of my students. I also show them products and sites that they could use in their classroom. This would not only help me but it would be a great advertising tool for your company. Today's new teachers and students are very tech based and to give them experience with this program would build a fan base for future purchases.
- Nanci Howard, Conway, USA,

As a lecturer supporting NGO postgraduate educational develoment programs in undeveloped countries of SE Asia (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand) there is a great need for stimulating guided questioning within groups. Individuals have difficulty in directly responding to the "guru" they honour as having the knowledge and are afraid of the consequences of being wrong. These activities have the potential to engage the groups in developing critical thinking skills in an environment that does not threaten individuals. Further it can model presentation skills that are exemplorary for administrators increasing their professional development skills palette for their own career position.
- Graeme Perry, Cooranbong, Australia,

This would be great to use make presentations more fun or to use while waiting to start a meeting, or conference. This would definitely be a blessing at our church.
- Nancy Person, Randolph, USA,

I need that. Please!!!
- Nancy Zambrano, Monterrey, N. L., Mexico,

So interesting for me. To get free YAWNBuster make me good interpreter with microsoft power point. Hoping to win.
- Siti Bariyah, Yogyakarta, Indonesia,

These Yawn Buster would indeed be a hit in our meetings and gatherings in school planning and presentations. God bless you.
- Cris Magbitang, Para–aque City, Philippines,

If only I had Yawn Buster, I would be able to poll the selection committee and see if I had a shot at winning this awesome prize.
- Michelle Rodgers, Bli Bli, Australia,

wow.. this a very interesting software. i can't wait to use it in my presentations... this will trully enrich ones experience.
- Jasmin Lee, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines,

In Professional life, i will use this to bring up the level of presentations and use it to make the training sessions more interesting.
In Personal life, i will use it in my church and impact people's lives. I will also this while doing things for society as i am involved with a NGO, especially while teaching kids of underprivileged & needy.
- Srinivas, Selangor, Malaysia,

very interesting
- Ratna, bangi, malaysia,

I'm an elementary teacher and i teach to other teacher how to integrate technology in the classroom. I love to impact my students and my teachers with new things and i love when they interact in my workshops. I watched Yawn Buster and i thing it is very interesting and very friendly to use.
- Waleska Rodriguez, Rio Grande , Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico,

I appreciate all the fantastic ideas and presentations Indezine has made available to me. They have assisted me in putting together show stoppers. Thank you so much!
- Richard Pulaski, Virginia Beach, USA,

Thank you for giving me updates ...i do appreciate it.
- Ruby B. Tamayo, davao city, Philippines,

I would like a Yawnbuster to enliven my presentations.
- Mark Harris, Philadelphia, USA,

Having the Yawnbuster will help a lot in improving the manner I teach my med school students. In a world where students are tech savvy, the teacher who plays a role in their education should always be a step ahead of them when it comes to teaching tools. When giving lectures that last for more than an hour and knowing that you can only really keep their optimum attention for 20-30 minutes at the most, anything that will help to prolong their interest helps.
- Ardith Dominguez-Tan, Silang, Cavite, Philippines,

yawn busters ... great name, greater concept, even greater for the audience.
- E Kyznetslov, dallas, USA,

As a college prof and community presenter on children's mental health issues I am always looking for ways to grab the audience's attention and accent the important aspects of the social work profession. I think this product could assist with this goal by adding more interaction and dialogue to the presentation, Thanks for the innovative idea.
- Connie Ross, pembroke, Canada,

This prize will help me develop my lecture material on geothermal energy systems. Anything that provides the excitement of Yawnbuster will allow me to show how a geothermal resource will decline over 25 years and then how it will recover over time during the "rest" cycle.
Geothermal Energy is a resource that is front-end loaded but which over a 25-year period is the cheapest source of energy on the face of the earth since it is available to generate electricity all the time - i.e., baseload.
Using Powerpoint over the years has been a great way to convince people of the truth about geothermal energy systems whether they be low- or high-temperature applications. Using YawnBuster will do wonders in providing more emphasis in the slides I have made and will use in the future.
- John Meech, Delta, Canada,

I want to use it to create interest and generate buzz among my pupils! It will really be a YawnBuster if they can participate in mini-competitions while I am teaching. The pupils will also love the audience poll function.
- Lee Siyin, Singapore, Singapore,

I love Indezine and this new program looks fabulous!
- Tracey Espada, Accident, USA,

I plan on using the program to help me out with recording survey data and group exercises for some school projects, volunteer work and other stuff too.
- Abbas, Toronto, Canada,

My presentations are always after lunch, and no matter how interesting my slides are (lots of pictures, few text), some of my audience will eventually start to nod their heads. I wish there is something that would wake them up!!!
- Anson Teo, Singapore, Singapore,

- Anne Michaels, San Angelo, United States,

Yawn no more, interactivity what's in store, you will stay engaged, not just for a slide, but for the whole ride
- Kevin Salley, Burnsville, MN, USA,

Very interesting product - I often do presentations about medication which can be a bit dry at times and introducing activities like this would be a great way to keep the audience involved and interested.
I would suggest they change the voiceover on the group activity samples - the mechanical souding one used is a little off-putting.
- Ingrid Johnston, Somerville, Victoria 3912, Australia,

I would like to use the Yawn Buster Software as I develop elearning tutorials for helping the poor farmers on new agicultural tchnologies and provide them timely help to avoid/overcome the field problems. I trust that the content can be effectively explained with the useful features in Yawn Buster and inturn that will help for better understanding and implementation by the farmers.
- Diwakar B, Hyderabad, India,

I am the manager of technology for a school district that is catching up with technology. We would like our curriculum to represent 21st century teaching and learning. I would like teachers to use powerpoint more interactively with students instead of just putting what they would have written on the board collaborate with the students to create knowledge together. If I receive a free license of YawnBuster I would use it during training to model using powerpoint interactively. Once I have spark an interest, I would have the district purchase licenses for interested teachers to pilot the product.
- Jahneece, White Plains, US,

Indezine is great site and has helped me a lot to move in my career
- Natrajan Ganesh, mumbai, india,

I always love to make my PowerPoint presentation as interesting as it can be. I always incorporated animated images into my presentations and I always use different PowerPoint templates every single time! I even constructed my own templates if I find the ones I could find are less than perfect for my presentation. I am sure the Yawn Buster could bring my presentation to anohter level. I myself would also get so much fun working on the presentation and actually delivering the presentation!
- YU Kwok Ting, Frances, Hong Kong, China,

I am so grateful for all the powerful information, templates, tutorials and help for PowerPoint users. You make me look like a PowerPoint guru!! My presentations are so professional yet functional thanks to your website. I look forward to discovering what you'll be sharing with me next. Keep up the good work and I just want you to know you are greatly appreciated.
Dorothy Lindsey
- Dorothy Lindsey, Canton, MI, USA,

A bit of life you need to muster
You can do it with Yawn Buster
- Helen Borg, marsascala, malta,

Indezine, Every Indian citizen should Know about Indezine.Fantastic
- R. Ravindran, Puducherry, India,

Yawn Buster...can't wait to try...perhaps "yawning" during presentations will be a thing of the past! yet remains to be seen...(yawn...busted?)
- Gessa Abiera, Sta. Rosa, Philippines,

I want to try this add-in as a tool to stop not just yawns, but the large number of dreaded facial pencil punctures that occur during my presentations as the participants face-plant on their upright pens as they nod-off!
BTW...nice sit...I've been a subscriber to your newsletter for years and use your referenced resources constantly to enhance my presentations. Oh...and then there are the great PowerPoint ideas....
Mike Trabue
- Michael Trabue, Albany, OR, USA,

if i win it, no more being forced to watch closed eyes or if open, glazed like that of dead fish
- Jagannath Ramaswamy, Chennai, India,

Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product. I sure can use it in our church for more powerful presentations to aid my sermons and our worship service. I'm an assistant pastor and all slide presentations go through my desk for reviewing and editing. Thank you for the chance to win.
- Danny Balete, Quezon City, Philippines,

I'm always looking for ways to jazz up my presentations so that my students don't get PowerPoint-fatigue or PowerPointitis. I reckon YawnBuster could be the answer I've been looking for. Keep up the good work in helping us liven up our presentations.
- Alther Jonas, Southampton, England,

A great tool to use in my training segments with Rotarians that I train throughout the district
- Stephen Phillip Hill, Mount Gambier, Australia,

I love this, it would be really good to use as an aid to my teaching at school.
I teach in an inner city high school with over 50% of students having some form of Education Special Needs, so it would be a real boom.
- Stewart Allen, Edinburgh, Midlothian,

This is just what I need when facilitating policy and law makers in Envisioning and Brainstorming exercises. From Yawns to Yeahs!
- Amba Jamir, Guwahati, INDIA,

Gorgeous....that's all!
- Maria Luisa Casini, Rome, Italy,

- Mike Swift, Morris Plains, USA,

Indezine is the best source for educational programs as well as powerpoint templates. This yawn busters program would be a welcome addition For my audence. Trying to keep the audience active, especially after lunch, would be greatly enhanced by this addition. Reinforcement is a key tool to aid memory and this program would do just that
- Richard Heyd, Slidell, usa,

Dear Sir/Madam,
Since Itrully enjoy all your products I'm sure I'll learn to enjoy that one as well.I give quite a large number of presentations a year so any product that can make my presentation livelier and more interesting I welcome heartily.
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat, Israel,

First of all, a lot of my presentation for lecturing and businesses were made based on templates provided by Indezine. Secondly, if I have the opportunity to win this prize, I have to admit officially, that my skill of presentation improved because of Indezine. Yawn Buster will give me the chance to share my knowledge and experience with other Indizeine users. Thank you.
- J. L. Nawan, Jakarta 13120, Indonesia,

Would love to try this exciting product!!
- Margaret M. DiBianca, Wilmington, U.S.,

Dear Sir,
I am a Doctor and Eye Specialist and had been to UK and America recently, whenever I needed any help in relation to Powerpoint Presentation,I have always looked towards this website, as it is the most complete package website about powerpoint presentation.I have seen various other websites boasting themselves as the best powerpoint presentation websites, but none can compete with this website,Hats off,,, to you guys.
If I am going to get this prize, I will encourage all my Hospital staff to be a member of this site and increase the popularity about this site.
Thank you
- Anand, Bangalore, India,

Sounds interesting - would love to win it!
- Jerry Kemp, Montgomery, AL, USA,

I am a technology facilitator in a small rural high school. We just received a grant that will put interactive whiteboards in our school. I am looking for ways to help my teachers create exciting, engaging activities for their students to use the interactive boards. YawnBuster sounds like the perfect solution for turning plain Powerpoints into "WOW"erpoints!
- Sarah Fleeman, Rolling Fork, MS, USA,

As a professor, i will be using this in all of my classes and perhaps share with other instructors who maybe interested to buy this product on-line
- Edgar Benavidez, Calamba Laguna, Philippines,

Indezine is always my favorite website, which has been marked as my homepage ever.
Indezine provides me lots of helpful tool-kits and put me in touch with updated technology.
Thank you for all, especially for giving me a chance to be the winner.
- Loc Vinh Hoang Nguyen, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam,

I am a teacher, and this sounds perfect for involving teenagers more in the powerpoints for class. Anything that keeps them involved and especially has unexpected parts, keeps their focus and minds alert. This sounds great.
- Cinda Walker, Havelock, USA,

I will use Yawnbuster to make my powerpoint presentations for church more interesting, eye-catching, memorable.
- Henrietta Kissel, Ijamsville, USA,

I am a teacher looking for ways to improve my classroom participation.
- Bill Davis, Conroe, USA,

Hi there,
Relatively new to my office surroundings here and so I am also new to indezine. Looking forward to what's in store!PowerPoint is a bit of a mystery to me. I can do the basics but I think it is capable of far more than what I'm doing.
- Gordon Wiebe, Saskatoon, Canada,

I teach college business courses - things to break up the material and engage the class more would be a big plus!
- Bill Crawford, Tulsa, OK, USA,

Thanks, Indezine, for providing essential extras and add-ons for PowerPoint, making it better than ever. You really put the Power into PowerPoint!!
- Alun McCarthy, Guildford, United Kingdom,

No more yawning audience with this interactivity. Now everyone can be involved and have their opinions taken account of. Great!
- Kit Heald, Warrington, United Kingdom,

Simply put, I am a third year high shcool English teacher and I would love to be able to use YawnBuster in my classes. I'm always on the look out for new ways to get the students involved in addition to new applications for technology in the classroom. I think this would be a wonderful addition to my meager arsenal of presentation implements. Thank you for your consideration.
- Natalie Gentry, Elizabethtown, KY, USA,

I'm a dentist and Oral surgeon. I enjoy working with power point and I help my wife, who is a lecturer at the University, in preparing her presentations. When I came across indesine I was very excited to find a website that deals with power point presentatation as an art and science. The templates indezine provides are amazing.
- Hussam Sleiby, Amman, Jordan,

For a small school in rural New Zealand, I can see YawnBuster making a real difference to our levels of student engagement and motivation. The NZ curriculum has been completely revised for 2010, with a significant focus on thinking, relating to others and participation and your software will certainly help our students (and teachers) embrace these key competencies.
- Dirk Smyth, Maungaturoto, New Zealand,

Looks exciting. As an elementary school teacher, I'd like to adapt the program for use in my classroom.
- Glen Bassett, Rialto, U.S.,

YawnBuster is Super, makes presentation look real
- Asante, ACCRA, GHANA,

Thanks for offering a great product that will really help in my Law Enforcement training presentations! I train police officers from around San Diego County as well as nationwide when I travel for the Dept. of Justice. I will be sire to spread the word about this program when I do my Train-the-Trainer classes. I am always being asked how I can make my classes interactive and I tell people about products like this one! I frequently tell people about signing up for the Indezine stuff because it is always top quality and cutting edge! Thanks for making my job more enjoyable! - Det. Kerry Mensior, San Diego Police Dept.
- Kerry Mensior, San Diego, United States,

An ideal add on to powerpoint. Nothing worse than having people start snoring during the presentation.
- Dave vanHorne, Creston, Canada,

YawnBuster is an awesome add-in for PowerPoint. With this I can make my powerpoint slides more enjoyable.
- Paul Mark Punzalan, Bacolod, Philippines,

I'm a high school teacher. I talk. They yawn. Need I say more
I value any tool that fosters student interest and participation.
- Donna Phillips, O'Fallon, MO, USA,

I've been a fan of Indezine for more than a year and I really appreciate all the information and updates they have given. I will continue to subscribe and be a fan of Indezine, they have been very helpful in powerpoint presentations. With this Yawn buster, it will make my presentations more fun and interactive and will have my students engaged and glued to our discussion.
- Marianne Tan, Davao City, Phillipines,

As a middle school teacher at a cutting edge new academy in Georgia emphasizing science, art, technology, and math, I appreciate Indezine's timely offer of a way to spice up our integrated lessons and enrich our content explorations; I'd like to bust a few yawns in a class or two (not that we have that many at Da Vinci Academy!)
We educators make the most we can out of what we are provided; our goal is to inspire, equip, and empower...seems like Indezine could expand their niche in our world, in the world of kids who need to see what can be done by digital natives with imagination.
- Lianna Nix, Gainesville, GA, US,

I am always looking for ways to make teaching and learning match best practices from education and leadership research. Including breaks, reducing stress and involving my audience certainly will enhance my presentations. I would like to explore it in online teaching environments as well and see what students and staff think of these more interactive tools.
- Melissa McElroy-Elve, Syracuse, USA,

Having the opportunity to continue to reach out to so many students who crave interactivity and multimedia in their learning/education would be my life-long dream come true. This product would provide me with he realization of such a quest.
- Michelle McKoy, Kingston, Jamaica,

What I love about Indezine is that you always bring new and interesting "stuff" to me about PowerPoint...and that translates into a much more wonderful experience for those who worship at my church. To a person, they all love the PPTs I produce - and I am able to produce powerful PPTs with thanks to Indezine! CK
- Carole Klopp, Madison, USA,

Have been a subscriber of this site for just a few years but have found the the freebies excellent and of course the latest add-ins, tools and information in the world of power-points so useful. What else can I say but a BIG THANK YOU!!
- Peter Huang, Penang, Malaysia,

I'll use YawnBuster to help my bosses be creative in their presentations
- Kjell Brataas, Oslo, NORWAY,

I have seen a few samples at your site. As an avid presenter, I am eagerly looking forward to try out Yawn Buster in my classrooms to definitely bust a few yawns
- Rathnavel, Coimbatore, India,

Thank you for asking the comments.
I do almost 4-5 presentations a month and run formal PowerPoint courses. I should be able to introduce any interesting ideas to my trainees, mostly doctors.
Thank you,
Dr.Suhail Chughtai, MBBS, FRCS, MOUS (MS PowerPoint)
- Suhail Chughtai, London, UK,

The epitome of communication is to offer all of your knowledge but pretending to disclose only a portion of it.
- Jean-Luc Major, Toronto, Canada,

this one will be a treasure. I have all my medical lectures (about 300 in number) made in powerpoint 2007 and I have all the necessary gadgets(such as ZOOMIT)to make my show lively. this will be another weapon in my powerpoint armamentarium
Dr Nitin Hombalkar
- Dr. Nitin Hombalkar, Miraj, Maharashtra,

My husband and I work with at-risk kids as well as do trainings for educators on brain-based teaching strategies. We know that there is much that can be done to create educational activities that are interactive, fun and critical to learning. We are continually looking for new strategies to use with our students as well as share with the educators who teach at many educational levels. Powerpoint is a key component to our programming. We have really benefited from this website. Thanks for the great tips and information!
- Nancy Baethke, Indianola , USA,

GRINGO!!! This is it! Interactive presentation that make my audience just need three seconds decided to purchase my products! Thanks
- Samuel Pramono Hardianto, Denpasar, Indonesia,

I teach online classes for teachers and they would love to use such a program. I have students from about 25 states.I would create and video and show them the benefits of the program
- John Laferlita, Longmont, United States,

I think this program will enhance my powerpoint presentations. It will help me in my future projects. As a future educator, I need an interesting program that will attract my students. I think this program fits for what I needed. If I will win one of the giveaways, I will introduce it to my friends so they will see it too and in the future, they will use it too.
- Angelo Peji, Muntinlupa, Philippines,

Yawn Buster sounds exciting and a great way to enhance our powerpoints for church. We are a congregation in an urban area trying to reach people through media but the economy has hit even the church and it's becoming more and more difficult to purchase the necessary items to enhance the worship experience. It sounds like Yawn buster may be able to end some of the "yawning" that goes on during the service with an exciting enhancement. I love the fact that Indezine keeps us informed of cutting edge items to nudge us into the tech world. Thank You
- Cynthia E. Rowan, Cleveland, USA,

We have way too many meetings and 99% of them are Snooze City, particularly for someone like me with a sleep disorder. I'm all for anything that provides a state change, is fun and easy. I really really want this.
- BJ Johnston, Phoenix, AZ, US,

Nice program
- James, Baton Rouge, USA,

Thank you.
- Todd McKee , Little Rock, United States of America,

I'm planning a retirement party for my boss with a "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" Theme. I'd like to use the interactive PowerPoint to spice up the party from predictable to knee-slapping funny! At the expense of my boss, of course!
- Carmen, Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA,

I love to keep my human anatomy & physiology students involved in my class! This looks like a great way to do just that!
- Maureen Wahl, Mayfield Heights, USA,

YawnBuster seems a great product to enhance presentations in the variety of situations I lecture in - within Australia and especially in the developing world. I am involved in teaching in places such as Africa and Latin America - it would be very helpful in these places.
- Gary Nelson, Sydney, Australia,

Because I use Power Point Presentations for direct instruction in my college courses, I would also like to have my class respond in groups to surveys and discussions within the frame work of early childhood special education. I believe that Yawn Buster would help my future teachers to think on a deeper level.
- Mike McIntyre, Chattanooga, TN,

I really want it!
- Beth Mugno, Havertown, United States,

I would like to win it to add something to the presentation I'm doing for my brother's memorial service
- Mollie Jo Rogers, Katy, Tx, USA,

this is really a nice initiative
- Dr. Dhrubajyoti Bhuyan, dibrugarh, india,

The Church I teach in would surely benefit from the enhanced PowerPoint slides... some joy is the key to success and I think these will facilitate that!
- Chris San, Singapore, Singapore,

sorry' my english is very bad! i need this prize to make something with the pictures of my grandparents and my grandsons i dream about it a long time!
- Sary Schwartz, maale efraim, i,

I prepare our power point presentations for our church on Sundays. I incorporate old pictures ("Who am I")and memories to keep people interested in the announcements. This would allow me to expand the offerings to entice everyone to read the powerpoint!
- Janice Eldridge, Winchester, United States,

yawnbuster will be very useful in my work.. this is highly interactive & its really a yawn busting experience for my participants. hope i can have it.
- Leah Jane Alvaran, Manila, Philippines,

Viewing continual ppt in class is a yawn ...with yawn busters students can be suprised and hold bated breathe for another interactive section in the ppt ....that may not come if i do not win this competetion but they will be awake
- Karen Simunov, Flinders Park, Australia,

This is amazing,this should change the boring board rooms into an stormy interactive sessions.. Great thoughts....
- Hemanth Bhaskaran, MUSCAT, OMAN,

i hope this is a good oppurtunity to participate and win giveaways
- Anil Kumar, Vasco-da-gama, India,

PPTs feel very clever and so nice with Yawn Buster
- Rabah Zoubeir, Tunis, Tunisia,

a brand new way to use PPT.
- Judy Tien, Taipei, Taiwan,

I am a teacher and I use Power Point Presentations in class in a variety of ways. I've seen the demo and I think Yawnbuster would be a great improvement for my class presentations. I think I'd get students'attention much better than I do now.
It is easy for me to see how I can use Yawnbuster within one of my class presentations.
I hope I'll be one of the lucky winners so that I can use Yawnbuster in class.
- Juan Chamorro Pons, Ejea de los Caballeros, Spain,

Thank you Indezine. You always deliver quality products to my desktop.
- Mark Welsh, Lancaster CA, United States of America,

This would be very helpful for the regular presentations I do at work. I am also an adult student embarking on my Master's degree and will be giving two to three presentations per class in evening sessions. I want them to remember my presentations and stay awake through them.
- Jay Trunnell, Rancho Cucamonga, USA,

No more boring presentations, no more one person discussion, now everyone gets into the picture.
- Luis M. Sy Jr., Paranaque City, Philippines,

Would love to jump start the military presentations that I do - no more death by PowerPoint! Even soldiers like participation and having fun during presentations - what a great idea!
- Anita Prather Harvell, Watertown, USA,

I have enjoyed the information you pass along for creating better PowerPoints
- Ron Hambric, Bryan, USA,

I love the powerpoint tips and tricks I DESPERATELY need Yawn Busters to liven up my lessons for my high school students! They love games and competition
- Susan Readnower, Harrodsburg, Ky, USA,

gonna make serious business in lighter veins
- Manish, bangalore, india,

This looks like a very good presentation tool.
- Marine Avagyan, Sunland, CA,

The opportunity to design interactive presentations could greatly enhance presentation effectiveness and increased audience receptivity
- Andre Vlcek, Melbourne Victoria, Australia,

My main motto like the old saying goes
give a man a fish
you feed him a day
teach a man to fish
you feed him for a lifetime
to use this tool to train & educate as much as people as possible in a very creative way
- Dilshad, Doha, Qatar,

As a teacher, I am constantly looking for ways to involve students in my lesson. With an interactive whiteboard and PPT, my students have become more involved. Yawn Buster would give me more tools to continue student engagement.
I also present a lot of inservice to teachers in my school district. Yawn Buster would be a great tool to keep the teachers interested in the material I present.
As I use Yawn Buster I would be able to expose more people to this great product and encourage them to purchase it for their use in their classrooms!
- Patricia Tucker, Gainesville, FL, USA,

As a freelance presentation designer I am always looking for ways to make slides interesting and engage audiences and presenters, YawnBuster looks like the perfect way to bring a presentation to life and wake up audiences!
- Pauline Williams, Kemptville, Canada,

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