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I think Indezine has struck a sensible balance between offering free content and product promotion. This fact, in combination with a highly informative newsletter, keeps your email address on my protected list. What makes your service different from Indezine I am joining a professional PowerPoint community; a kind of family of creative users who believe in the importance of using creative and innovative presentations to sell their product. In my case, the 'product' is education and my 'clients' are university students. In fact, I can carry this somewhat overused analogy even further by regarding my work as "sales training". My job is in teacher education and I believe that every time I make an effective PowerPoint presentation to my students, I am modelling the use of a very effective way of marketing learning. Although I have been an educator for 46 years, I fully realize the necessity for me to stay in touch with my students in the digitized version of the third millennium, and when I can no longer keep up, I will retire. Thanks for listening.
- Dr. Ed Nicholson, Guangzhou, China

Most of my presentations are about people and relationships. What great slides these would be. Love the colours too.
- Kit Heald, Warrington, UK

Backgrounds should carry the concept of the presentation with text and graphics on each slide conveying the message. Your range of backgrounds do exactly that.
- Dennis Bedford, Cheddar, UK

I love the theme of connections of people! I teach geography and geographic information systems and I can't tell you how often I stress the connections between people and places, as well as working together as a team. Best wishes
- Cynthia May, Washburn

These presentation backgrounds would be helpful in teaching my students about human relations and responsibility.
- Nicholas Parish, Hattiesburg, USA

Every PowerPoint presentation I conduct, I access Indezine because I enjoy your unique templates. Thank You
- Myrna M. De Fiesta, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I am with the Indiana Dept. of Correction Staff Development & Training division.We are always looking for new and exciting ways to increase our presence with PowerPoint. The opportunity to gain access to the People Chain collection of PowerPoint would be a great way to accomplish our goals.
- Chris Stunda, New Castle, IN, USA

We are starting to put together a course on Targeted Selection - training our Directors to do a better job at interviewing and selecting employees that will fit into our company and the people background would work nicely.
- Devin Kane, St. Petersburg, USA

I have always been impressed with the quality of the templates and look forward to emails from you. I can always count on finding an appropriate template for the theme of my presentation through Indezine. As an educator, the People Chain templates are very timely as education is a team effort to ensure that all students succeed. Since I work for the El Paso ISD (7th largest school district in the State of Texas) as the High School Facilitator for Reading and English Language Arts, I and my 13 literacy coaches have numerous presentations throughout the year that we develop and present to teachers throughout the district.
- Irving Curless, El Paso, USA

These are pretty cool! There are a zillion PowerPoint templates floating around, but very few are usable for the kind of speaking I do. I'm a lactation consultant; I'm not a doctor, a nurse, a hospital or a business. I need something that adds to my message and does not distract from it. "Standing together" and "Working as a Team" are two themes I use at times, and these would work really nicely. As for the website-- well, I found a template that all my colleagues want to know "where did you get that?!' so thank you.
- Lisa Marasco, Santa Maria, CA, USA

I have been using your templates I have downloaded from your site. Thank you very much. I am a Sunday school teacher, and your designs have helped me a lot make my presentations more interesting. I hope you will consider me as one of your recipient to your People-Chain collections... These are so appropriate to my future lessons. God bless and more power!
- Asha Pant, Incheon, South Korea

My job title is Learning Facilitator for a large Credit Union. I am always on the search for different tools to use in enhancing my classes. When teaching adults you always need something special to get their attention and keep it.
- June Ganes, Atlanta, USA

This set of templates is exactly what I need for the company I am working for. We deal all the time with clients, presenting them compelling and useful information. These templates would make things much nicer.
- - John Kranz, Phoenix, USA

Reliable and creative is synonymous to Indezine. All the best
- Stephen, Chennai, India

I was looking for backgrounds that could be used for my church services' PowerPoints for the songs, scriptures and speaking. Indezine showed me several excellent templates that would show the text onto the wall clearly but with an interest when blank screens were inserted. Thank you.
Fred Harwood, Richmond, Canada

If I win it would increase my inventory of templates and increase my options for presentations
- Janet Greenhoe, Belmont, MI, USA

I'm always looking for backgrounds and templates to use on PowerPoint. Our church does not yet have PowerPoint but I'm a very positive thinker and truly believe they will one day have PowerPoint. Want to know something? This is the site for some awesome templates and backgrounds. I Love It!!
- Millard Kinnison, Norborne, USA

I work with people and can't wait to get them up on the screen
- Trevor Lineham, Foxton Beach, New Zealand

I love this site it is awesome -- I share it will all my co-workers at least 100 people
- Maria Brown, Tracy, USA

I just love this site. One of my friend told me about this and I use only templates from Indezine whenever I have a presentation it rocks
- Trishya, Melbourne, Australia

The slides would be great for backgrounds in dynamic, community-building workshops!
- Chad Wright, Hadar, USA

I'll use the PowerPoint templates to make many many educational materials. These materials will be used in my teaching and my presentations on health topics.
- Wairana Chan, Yuchih, Taiwan

Some people say that a company is like a chain and only as good as its weakest link - I'd prefer to say "a link is only as good as its People Chain".
- Robert Cochrane, Nanjing, PR China

These could surely rev my presentations!!! Give 'em to me!
- Ederlinda Fernandez, Zamboanga City

I have been using your templates I have downloaded from your site. Thankyou very much. I am a Sunday school teacher, and your designs have helped me a lot make my presentations more interesting. I hope you will consider me as one of your recipient to your people-chain collections... These are so appropriate to my future lessons. God bless and more power!
- Liza Orongan, Davao City, Philippines

The most refreshing site for PowerPoints and presentation ideas. Way to go. It's good to find things on the net which is actually useful and fun.
- Nidhi Ramlogun, Port Louis, Mauritius

Great place for resources
- Barbara Hungerford, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Great stuff
- Larry Frick, Prior Lake, USA

This site is very useful as I do my PowerPoint for presentation especially the templates, thank you.
- Jessica, Singapore

Believe it or not - my students (my.... high school students, that is) have the nerve to complain to me when my PowerPoint backgrounds are the same two days in a row! So, as you can imagine, it gets tough after a while keeping up and trying to find free templates!! So, pick me pick me!! Hand raised up high!!!
- Christine Ann Varacalli, Staten Island, USA

I will use them for my presentations....
- Nirmala, Chennai, India

Best add-on for power powers
- Jim, Leesburg, USA

These templates are perfect for nonprofit presentations
- Epoh, Philadelphia, USA

Working with pupils - that's really people in chains....
- Bjarne Berre, Levanger, Norway

Keeping us up to date and inspiring new ideas.. when I have to work on a presenation I do not worry ..unique
- Ghada, Alexandria, Egypt

Ich gehe davon aus, dass die E-Mail nicht veröffentlicht wird.
- Stephan Mertens, Hennef, Deutschland

I love this site. I get a lot of help everytime I make my presentation.
- Raymund E. Estilo, Pasig City, Philippines

I use PowerPoint for my Russian teaching! Students like it much more than regular exercises on paper!
- Valentina Gal, Vienna, Austria

Great backgrounds! The way to stay out of the crowd
- Hochberg, Paris, France

Very nice templates!
- Jerome Cañaveral, Legazpi City, Philippines

People at church are always commention on my PowerPoint shows and I now push the baroundries as to what is on show.
- Michael Eder, Centre Bush, New Zealand

- Roberto Leoni Jr, Sao Paulo, Brazil

People chain will link my ideas and reflect the multiple layers that exist in the world of PowerPoint, I need people chain to step up my aims
- Kathryn Whyte, Athlone, Belhavel Golden Island Westmeath, Ireland

Maybe you could make a design for nurses especially for psychiatric nurses and also for emergency responders... thanx!
- Sahrens Comaad, Benguet, Philippines

The People Chain collection will be very useful in my presentations especially when I am presenting topics such as cooperation, volunteerism and unity among people. The template will add impact on the point I will be driving at. Templates such as this will enable my audience to visualize my points.
- Cristina B. Paulino, Metro-Manila

I like this ! Can use it a lot!
- Bea Botha, Sasolburg, South Africa

Inspirational and motivational artwork - the people chain desgins would look great supporting our church projects in the community - people working together to build a brigher future.
- Justin Robinson, Caerphilly, UK

The templates are marvelous was and is using them for my constant PowerPoint presentations of the company products to our customers (Doctors, Nurses, Engineers) Congratulations to all and Thank you for the beautiful Marvelous PowerPoint Templates keep them up....
- Alfredo Lacsi, Kuwait

Outstanding graphics!
- R. Edward Turner, Ph.D, Annapolis, MD, USA

This site is amazing
- Van Nguyen, Hanoi, Vietnam

Cool design, looks like team or people are connected, I already have a PowerPoint to use this for - Creating Connections to Reduce Student Dropouts
- Michelle Berry, Shreveport, USA

These look cool!
- Mario Medina, Concepcion, Chile

I have leaned on Indezine week after week after week to provide backgrounds for my teachings and sermons.They are the most creative and different of any I have seen. Thanks for your grat work.
- Pastor Paul Ferrarone, Norcoss, USA

I don't mean this to win a prize.. but I really think that this is a cool website.. where we can gwt a lot of stuff which we can use for improving the presentations we create..I hope these templates can represent our inner feelings.....
- Irfan Ali Shai, Guntur, India

Entering the drawing for a free copy.Thanks for the opportunity.
- Don DeWitt, Orient, USA

Great web site. It really helps me in my business and with my church. I can see myself using the People Chain slides to represent bringing people to Christ or developing client networks.
- David E. Reyburn, Kansas City, USA

You guys make terrific PowerPoint slides
- Ali, Islamabad, Pakistan

- Thomas Barnaby, Pittsfield, USA

I've reviewed the templates and they are great. Would love to have this collection for our web site and some marketing materials.
- Michele Candy, Cincinnati-Lincoln Heights, USA

I work with a non-profit organization as a volunteer.One of my responsibilities is to produce PowerPoint presentations for various uses.These images would greatly enhance the quality of my work.
- Donald Eilers, Whitehall, USA

I run a daily-changing slide show to 700 employees and am always looking for new and interesting things to make it different each day. Your templates are truly a God send in that regard. Thanks,
- Bill Harris, Cordova, USA

I use PowerPoint every week in my sermons...I find just making the slides helps me organize my outline and thoughts and decide which points I really want to emphasize...these would be great for a current series on the community aspects of the Christian life!
- John Blackman, Brooklin, Canada

I am a teacher and I use my PP stuff to make school presentations more exciting. A picture is worth a thousand words.
- Alan Marsh, Preston, Minnesota

I use PowerPoint every day in my science classroom Special Education - 9th grade and am always looking for new templates.
- Maribeth Lowe, Madison, VA, USA

The sample of the give aways are fasinating and a jewel of creativity.
- Andrea Culmer, Nassau, Bahamas

Wow! Always great to have vibrant backgrounds for class lectures!
- Gary Bolenbaugh, Fishers, USA

Our church can use some creative graphics like these, and I'll look forward to hearing from you!
- Barry Brown, Greenville, SC, USA

I like your art work
- John, Chicago, USA

These templates are awesome! Please choose me!
- LeAnn, Texhoma, USA

Just starting to use ppt as part of our collective worship in school. Templates are great and have been much appreciated. We are a small church of england school (only 90 pupils) and need all the extra (and free) support we can find
- Gill Cotterill, Liverpool, England

Having these enhanced features for PowerPoint makes my presentations stand out from the rest at state and national conferences.
- Sue Steiner, Kiel, USA

I found problem in my presentation for want of nice and lucrative tamplates. I search Google and found this site. Indezine give me the opportunity to custom my presentation even look better perhaps great. This site has all the things that I want for a presentation in PowerPoint. I couldn't find anywhere this kind of collection that this site have. Thank u very much Indezine. Because you help me to score my "A" grade in my subject presentation. I study in Computer Science and Engineering. I will be so glad to have atlist one copy of this beautiful templates.
- Faizur Rahman, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Wow, there is so much potential for using this People Chain collection in a school. Schools are about children, families and communities and these templates willprove to be a wonderful resource when making presentations to administration, staff, students and faculty. This would be a wonderful resource for me as an instructional technology resource teacher.
- Joanne, Triangle, USA

Very nice templates!
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

Working in the adult education field, these templates would complete many of my lectures and support group presentations.
- Terri Bolger, Columbus, GA, USA

Great looking slides for use in training our Sales Reps
- Maggie Strasser, Livingston, NJ, USA

I am a professor/trainer and I reach out to about 120 people a week. I can share your beautiful creation with all of these people I come in contact with. That will be marketing your products and your site at the same time.
- Lulu Moguel, Mandaluyong, Philippines

These people chains could be very useful in my church to show the importance that we are all God's people, joined together for a single cause, serving Christ. We should love everyone everywhere.
- Travis Campbell, Covington, USA

I love templates and would be thrilled to receive this set.
- Karen Kelly, Clay, USA

Love your site. Create several presentations weekly that we use during Sunday services and you free backgrounds have been a lifesaver to provide variety and fun to our presentations.
- Michelle Kelly, Lehigh Acres, USA

These templates would serve very well in the health care industry I am a member of. People chains are truly representative of how health and well being can be illustrated.
- Al, Staten Island, USA

I prepare the PowerPoint for our small church and your slides have made my presentation so much easier and beautiful. Our Praise & Worship and annoucements have been received and enjoyed by all our congregation. You are great. God Bless.
- Faith Swain, Mogadore, OH, USA

I enjoy the website. Keep it up!
- Jan Yoder, Goshen, IN, USA

Previous templates and ideas have spurred an interest in enhancing many PowerPoint presentations at work and in my personal life. Comments from viewers are always positive and excited by the awesome use of graphics. Thank you.
- Larry Zytnowski, Ledyard, USA

Very creative and inspirational site.
- Heather Stevenson, Toronto, Canada

Indezine not only gives us the greatest templates but saves us hours of designing our own. And the tips and tricks - second to none! Way To Go, Indezine! I couldn't do it without you!
- Nancy Upchurch, Greeley, CO, Canada

In addition to the regular job I volunteer teach in an adult alternative HS program. I teach computer skills to men and women who were previously incarcerated but are out and transitioning back into society while working towards a HS diploma. I am always on the prowl for ways to make our PPs interesting and new.
- Kevin Glover, Naperville, IL, USA

The colors are vibrant but non invasive, the better to hold audience attention and direct their focus on the subject at hand. A very versatile graphic design.
- Jo Imbong, Marikina City, Philippines

These are very attractive backgrounds which are perfect for my work in social services. We are all about working with people to ensure that they receive available services to improve their quality of life.
- Nancy Freeland, Hamilton, Canada

How could it get any better than to have these templates tucked away in my little bag of tricks ... I am sure to dominate the organization in best produced presentations. Thank you for making my life a little less stressful.
- Sandy Woodall, Watson, IL, USA

I really adore this site. It has really made presentaions fun and eye cathcing and delivers the intended message to my audience. For a student presentations most of the times means headaches. But no longer, for once you can really see ur ideas translated perfectly with just the right added punch which demands complete attention from your audience and satisfaction of a well delivered presentation.
- Sangeetha Sushil, Trivandrum, India

I love using the PowerPoint temeplates for the students at school. They are so creative and fun. The students enjoy the presentations.
- Berish, Augusta, Ga, USA

I've been using templates from Indezine to aid in my work as a minister. Please know that the designs you supply help capture an audience's attention to see the concepts presented. A good background whose design is associated with the main points of the presentation is indispensable for getting the idea across and the templates you supply are invaluable. The "People Chain" template would be great for a series of lessons i am presenting on improving relationships.
- Zeke Flores, Angleton, TX, USA

As a teacher, this using this slide theme would be quite beneficial and appropriate.
- Troy Hand, Newsoms, USA

One of the best HR templates I've seen - great visual impact
- Janette Slade, Milton Keynes, UK

Wow! really absolutely fantastalicous templates! Whoever created it must have spent lots of hours of sweat in it! So, If I win it, I would love to meet with the creators and get some insight into how their brains can actually come out with such great creations!
- J L Im, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As a fire academy instructor I have used many of your templates/add-ins and the results are to say the least smashing thanks
- Bill Donahue, Burlington, USA

I am new to using PowerPoint but an enjoying your templates. Thank you.
- Linda J. Landreth, Corpus Christi, USA

I am a PowerPoint freak. I use it for everything imaginable. I As a college professor I teach my future English teachers how to make their own creative and beautiful teaching resources from games to Big Books to animated stories. Hurrah for Ppt!!!!!!!!
- Dulcinia Nunez, Gurabo, Puerto Rico

This is by far the best and most comprehensive website I have come across. I work in a school/business setting and have found numerous uses for your beautiful PowerPoints PLUS the helpful information that you offer.
- Dianna Thompson, Altus, USA

We are limited in our graphics arts ability and have found Indezine to be as useful cost effective resource for the work we do.
- Ray Borders Gray, Columbia, USA

As a Secretary for my local St. Vincent de Paul, I am doing a lot of "scrapbook" presentations of our events. These people chain slide would make a great addition! Thanks for your Creativity!
- Theresa Newsome, Winnie, TX, USA

I'd like the People Chain Collection!
- Steve Hixon, Double Oak, TX, USA

I teach school and use your PowerPoints, they keep the students interested and add yest to learning. Thanks so much for all the free ones.
- Maureen Mc Donald, Marshfield, MA, USA

Thanks, you always have such cool templates.
- Kaye Luttrell, Mansfield, USA

These templates are perfect for the PowerPoint lessons I create for my Sunday School lessons! Thanks for considering me.
- Lisa Doyle, Fullerton, USA

Indezine has helped me find templates and tools that greatly improve my PowerPoint presentations! Thank you!
- Kathy Tankersley, Bioston, USA

I am a Forester on the Davy Crockett National Forest in Texas. Part of myjob requires me to give presentations within the US Forest Service and to the public. I have found that PowerPoint is best medium for this. The program is flexible yet powerful enough to put together a professional presentation.
- Barton Davis, Kennard, USA

Your templates have allowed our presentations to be focused on the target population, making the presentation come alive
- Imelda Idar, San Antonio, Texas, USA

I really like the chains of people and connections that these templates portray. They are a perfect fit with the work that I do with health sector networks of people and building partnerships and working in teams. I would use them for presentations to related to work with networks based on communities of care and communities of practice.
- Rita Busat, Cornwall, Canada

-It's nice to see what's new right from your Inbox. If it is free you can download it immediately, if there is a charge, you can file it so you already have ideas when you need a template.
- Marcia Kelley, North Syracuse, USA

Nice design
- Pamela Fry, Kamloops, Canada

The People Chain templates will be fantastic for my work in the church. Since church work is really people work, they will be an asset in making presentations to my congregation particularly at times when I want to encourage connectivity and unity.
- Dave Henkelman, Winnipeg, Canada

I'm getting my MBA and can use unique items like this to differentiate myself.We give a huge amount of ppt presentations!! I'd love to have it!
- Candace Alcorn, Oviedo, USA

New PowerPoint templates are something that I continually look for to provide an outstanding PowerPoint to achieve my MBA
- Daphne Becker, Seattle, USA

I love these. I work for a school and they would be perfect for the presentation we put on for perspective students!! Your website is great. Im glad I found it!!
- Jennifer Geideman, Bronx, USA

I work at a hospital, and many of the PP Presentations I create relate to teamwork and communication. I love the idea of peoplechain.It's something I had previously tried (not very successfully) to create for myself.
- Pam Almandinger, Portland, OR, USA

We are doing many presentations on autism and think that the People Chain template would be a wonderful plus to the visual presentation.
- Deb Beck, Bismarck, USA

Great application for instructional aids in aviation programs. I would love to win this design. Thanks
- RSJ, Richmond, Canada

People Chain Collection
- Eduardo Jaime, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Thanks. It helps in my presentation effectively.
- Edmund Chng, Singapore

I never won something here. May be that new year new luck? Anyway thankyou for your site: a great place for PowerPoint resources
- Gianni Prest, Imperia, Italy

Love to win it!
- Jody Townsend, Colorado Springs, USA

I really enjoy the use of PowerPoint in our church ministry.Winningthis prize would allow us to create new PowerPoints.
- Denise Noble, Artesia, USA

This site has been giving me the chance to improve my meetings, I got a lot of different ideas. I've learned tricks, Thanks.
- Liz Sanchea, Monclova,Coah, Mexico

I am forever looking for new templates for my business in Iraq to keep the troops inspired and entertained. Thanks for adding to the PowerPoint experience.
- Sanra Masih, Baghdad, Iraq

I do PowerPoint for our church and could use these templates. We always want to convey community, teamwork, family and these are ideal for that purpose.
- Jane Bowden, Bloomington, USA

I am new to Indezine and have been so excited to find many fun and interesting templates. People Chain really excites me because I am always looking for templates that will help me express 'people connection'. Being a church administrator it is difficult to find templates that will communicate many of our truths without being boring and church(y). People Chain will do this perfectly!
- Stephanie Helms, Graceville, USA

This collection is perfect for the clients I have. I love the colours and layout. I would be thrilled to have this in my template collection!
- Anne Millar, Canada

I beleive you have some of the most appealing and relevant templates available today. Thank you.
- Susan Leach, Lakeland, USA

Since I enjoy all Indezine products I am sure I'll this one as well
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat, Israel

I'd love to use your people chain templates as background for one of our church service slideshows! I do one for every Sunday's service and use a different background for each month.
- Barbara Warrington, Wichita, KS, USA

I love the People Chain - they look so peaceful can I be a member!
- Rob Slater, Liverpool, UK

This would work well with my counseling class presentations. I love the detail and the colors.
- Marie, Moscow Mills, Missouri

I would love a copy of the People Chain Collection Templates because I teach Reiki (hands on healing) and these templates would be perfect!
- Michelle Wesch, Fremont, USA

Power to the People
- Debashis Ray, Kolkata, India

Appreciate your service to the Christian community
- Judy Bolas, Glenmore Park, Australia

Excellent program. A must for all PowerPoint users.
- Boyd Hartzog, Coffee Springs, USA

I work in the public sector and we are always looking for great templates for our presentations to the residents of our town. These look very nice and we'd love to try them out!
- Pooja Gupta, Garden Grove, USA

These backgrounds would make great additions to my music ministry collection. I love the bright colors and graphics.
- Elisabeth Negley, Avon Park, USA

With these pptemplates my PowerPoint presentations never were the same as before. Now they are amazing and different.
- Maria, Cartaxo, Portugal

We do a lot of PowerPoint presentations and I am alsways looking for new graphics, etc
- Georgette Valliere, Augusta, USA

People Chain - a great way to visually connect my message from me to you and you, and you too.
- Simon Marshallsay, Melbourne, Australia

Comment will be posted later
- Zeeshan Abbas, Karachi, Pakistan

I will use the prize for my lectures in the school as I had always been doing.
- Rex Chakas, Bontoc, Philippines

The People Chain is just the edge to help provide visual emphasis to the power that people give to the success of any company!
- Laureta Blondin, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

I would use this tool to make my PowerPoint presentations oh so exciting! I would also show it to the other teachers and they will all want one of course!
- Teresa Holder, Myrtle, USA

We need connection like never before. People are longing for a sense of belonging and to feel part of a community. I say yes to the people chain!
- Lenny Turk, Dunfermline, Scotland, UK

You should have more free templates, it should look nice
- Rebecca, Toronto, Canada

As a pastor, I enjoy using Indezine templates in my presentations for our church services. They are wonderfully colourful and expressive.Thank you for all your services!
- Jim Sinclair, Stellarton, Canada

Indezine thanks a lot for putting the verve in my presentations.You made me realize that the presentor, himself, must be the first interested in his piece so his enthusiasm never lags as he goes along. I'm in for the long haul.
- Cristina D. Padilla, Muntinlupa City, Philippines

The templates from Indezine are really great. Appropriate for different events.Whenever I need templates for my presentation in our office, my projects when I was still a student, Indezine has everything to offer. How I wish could also learn to make templates like you have.
- Rubie Grace Casana, Quezon City, Philippines

This site is always helpful in making my presentations more presentable and professional. thanks
- Sandra Dane, Port Moody

Enjoy the PowerPoints Good job creative, interesting and helpful.Keep up the great work.
- Gordon Walker, Grand Manan, Canada

The templates are absolutely lovely! I especially like that the print slide is in a different template than on the actual PowerPoint. If print in monotone, the contents will not be affected at all with the background colors! Awesome!
- J Ong, Singapore

I am a Nurse Educator, sharing experience and knowledge with people who serve and give care to the People. My specialty is Native American culture & tradition. What an appropriate product this is for my presentatons! The circular People Chain resembles the Tohono O'odham an American Indian Tribe in Arizona symbolization of the traditional Friendship Dance. Thank you.
- Niela Redford, Glendale, AZ, USA

Love the site. Thanks
- Desiree Smith, Hesston, USA

Lovely visuals! Brings a breath of fresh air to lectures!
- Michael A. Irizarry, Lumberton, Nj

I'm excited every time I get mail from Indezine.The effects are great and help inspire more creativity. People Chain is another example of the great products they feature.
- Ron Waters, Eureka, USA

It gives me a choice of templates that can be linked to my topics and thus make the presentation more attractive.
- Bhavna Jain, Mysore

The unique artistry of this People Chain ppt templates lends a voice to the written statements
- Lyn, Manila, Philippines

I do workshops on improving organizational climate and culture -- these would make a great addition to my toolbox!
- Joyce Nelson, Gardner, USA

I am always on the outlook for some "special" backgrounds for my PP presentation for my church on Sunday am and pm. It can be difficult to find appropriate but eye-catching graphics that display well but don't distract from the Bible scripture, etc. These look right up my alley!
- Judy Curry, Sylacauga, USA

I am currently in a doctoral program at UMHB - these ppt templates are perfect for all of the presentations required. What a great statement to make for those of us in education!
- Joanne Johnson, Temple, USA

Can't wait to try one out
- Patti Jackson, Olive Hill, USA

Our company's mission is to "connect the community" because we provide solutions to city and government entities. I think the people chain represents the mission perfectly.
- Janice Pizzurro, Lake Mary, USA

I am constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to keep my students interested in learning. I have received rave reviews not only from my students, but also from other teachers and administrators for my instructional presentations.
- James Harris, McAlle

A site with lots of quality freebies and tips for those who want to learn more on power-points - yes, when it says free it means what it says - no conditons attached!! Now, that is something money can't buy. Thanks for giving us this site.
- Peter Huang, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

I love this site. It is my first choice when it comes to PowerPoints that catch your eye!!!
- Tammy Mollohan, Beckley, USA

I have improvised my annual presentation with the support of Indezine. I got lot appreciation from my colleagues and superiors.
- Muthukhumar S S, Chennai, India

- K Black, Victoria , Canada

Looks great from here!
- Tressel, Mulhouse, France

Nice layouts - great for team-building messages...
- Ian Moore, Toronto, Canada

As a preacher I use PowerPoint all the time. Your resources have helped in the past and I look forward to more wonderful resources in the future. These particular templates would be especially great for our work.
- Alex Ogden, Pinson,USA

Outstanding material
- Robert Dickinson, Leavenworth, kansas, USA

These template would be perfect since they go along with our theme of connecting people in various areas.
- Tammy Shiver, Raleigh, USA

Sure would like to win
- Kathleen Morrissey, Nutley, USA

Cool PowerPoints
- Robbie Randall, Richmond, USA

Indezine is like a friend, couze it helps you when u have a problem and gives you great ideas of how to improve a work, and also gaves you tips to be the best.
- Edith Ruiz, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

People always need people! A great gift of slides to prove that point! Well done on all your great work, your slides are awesome
- Janelle Spence, Elanora, Australia

I love Ppted. I like the cool PowerPoints...who says PowerPoint is dead? well, maybe they're dead. I think it's neat that you are giving away 3 ppt images with sort of stick figures on it. I love free PowerPoints.
- Kimberly Carter, Colonial Heights, USA

If i win, i will use for my company
- Pramod Nayak, Bangalore, India

Goodwill Industries of Central Florida is a 501(c) non-profit organization offering free vocational training and evaluation for persons with disabilities and disadvantaging conditions. Last year, we served over 26,000 persons in Central Florida.
- Carolyn Gunn, Orlando, FL, USA

I would love to win these PowerPoint templates. I use them in my Junior Church lessons and games that I make.
- Barbara Hampton, Huntington, USA

I volunteer for different things, some of which I do free seminars.Having cool backgrounds like these, for free, will help keep my out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum
- David Scammell, Lake Mary, USA

- Maria, Mexico

Indezine templates appasionated me in finding and using more different PowerPoint templates that made my presentations intersting, adeguate and very serious.thanks indezine!!!
- Estela, Tirana, Albania

I love this site, althought I don't speak english. Me encanta este sitio, me ayuda mucho para mejorar ideas acerca de diseño en las plantillas de PowerPoint. Sigan adelante
- Cristhian Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

I love these People Chain collection. I just wish that one or two of them had a physical difference. I have just started a business called Stone Soup Community Connections. I do planning and facilitation with people who are having difficulties connecting in the community because of their differences. If one or two of these people were in a wheelchair or had dark glasses or a white cane it would be perfect for me. As it is it is almost perfect. Certainly better than anything else that I've seen.
- Jytte Cooper, Marysville, Canada

People Chain - people all connected to God and to one another through the love of Jesus Christ!
- Mike Michalk, Eau Claire, WI, USA

I will use the prize to enhance our Sunday church services.
- Sylvia McDavid, Cleveland, USA

I think that this chain is the most important thing, because if you think and think the idea people need to be near to others although their stranges
- Pamela, México,

These template are very interesting for tourism or healthcare.
- Hoda pourabas, Mashad, Iran

Its an awesome site. It helped me a lot in carrying out presentations in many corporate offices and universities. Hope this is an good offer too. Best of luck for the future.
- Khondoker Pear Mohammad, Dhaka, Bangladesh

What a cool template!
- Larry Kilgore, Okeechobee, USA

I am a computer technology teacher and I use PowerPoint in my teaching. I need a product that will make my presentations stand out for my students.
- Faye Foster, De Berry, USA

I'm a doctor and university professor and I use PowerPoint a lot during my lectures and presentations.Ppted really has the best PowerPoint templates:innovative, unique and vey attractive.
- Dr. Maria Fidelis Manalo, Quezon City, Philippines

Live a life trought a light of knoledge
- Ivana, Nis, Serbia

Hi! My name is Kim Halgren and I am a stay-at-home mom. I volunteer my time to help my church create PowerPoint slides that are presented to our congregation on Sunday mornings. Indezine has made my life easier by offering the wonderful templates/back
- Kim Halgren, Mondovi, USA

Thank you.
- Daren Mallory,Gorham, USA

Love these templates!!!
- Joy Fischl, Tustin, USA

Some of the best background that I have ever seen!
- Joe Wells, Mashpee, USA

I love to do presentations about people and community. I'm a pastor of a rural congregation in New York state.
- Michael Lindsey, Germantown, New York, USA

What a great set of templates to use for HR presentations!
- Karissa Huhner, Fort Lewis,USA

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