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Winning Entries

Origami is a template which can be used in almost any kind of presentation and topic. It is very handy.
- Miss Fleur Dsouza, Mumbai, India

Simply beautifull.
- Aristos, Chania-Crete Island, Greece

Your site has helped me grow from a novice to better presenter of medical education. I sincerely thank you for helping me. My students look forward to the presentations and lecture thanks to you.Best of Luck to you.
- Dr. Prabhakar Y. Devadiga, Mumbai, India

Your templates are spectacular, catches the attention of the viewers. Keep it up!!!
- Myrna M. De Fiesta, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Very creative & original collection. Simply love it.
- Satinder, Chandigarh, India

Your website has been such a big help for our PowerPoint slides we use each week for our youth group. If there is ever a particular slide I needed, ya'll provided one that was perfect. Thanks so much for this awesome website!
- Katie Calhoun, Longview, USA

"very nice set - I particularly like the black/grey slide -- I've got a presentation to an upcoming presentation that that "look" would work extremely well for!"
- Ian Moore,Toronto, Canada

"Your site is filled with such great ideas and tips that I use constantly in my workshops. I train and advise teachers of adult basic education classes about integrating technology. It is important to me to keep the presentations visually entertaining as well as providing content. Your templates are extremely well done, pleasing to the eye, yet not distracting. I really love the origami collection and would be thrilled to use them in my workshops. and, of course, to share this resource with them."
- Patty Ball, Lynn, USA

Your creativity and flair makes all of us look good. Thanks!
- A James, Winter Haven, USA

Great designs to draw attention to a presentation
- Shirley Wardman, Shell Knob, USA

These look beautiful! I hope I get picked. I really like the yellow one; it is very bright and cheerful. I can use these ppt templates for my graduate school presentations. These original designs will make my presentations stand out!
- Michelle Gabalis, Mecosta, USA

These collections of PowerPoint templates enliven any presentation. They puat a stamp of originality on presentations because the backgrounds are not the same old same old. I would use these templates in staff development opportunities at the middle school level.
- Kendra Thacker, Walterboro, USA

Very beautifull. WVery pretty, it will be able to leave my classes more interesting and pleasanter, what is everything that a professor desires. i'll make my class more enjoyfull.
- Renato Zamora Flores, Porto Alegre, Brazil

I am really interested in new design of the templates, and these ones really llok magical... I would like to be one of the winners. It is very nice, that there is such a page like indezine...thank you.
- Edita Danieliute, Kaunas, Lithuania

Nice one
- Shibin, India, India

Seeing what others have done with PowerPoint has ignited the spark that I have to do the same
- Peter Birchenall, Athens, USA

Great =)
- Jovett, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Looks cool. Sure can always use more PowerPoint templates to go along with Camtasia product development!
- Hero Jig, Kathmandu, Nepal

Wow. Origami and PowerPoint: my two great passions. Everytime I found here things that it's impossible to found in other place.
- Gianni Prest, Imperia, Italy

"In times or missing inspiration, one of your templates spurs me on. Presenting 5-10 presentations a week keeps me busy, and staying fresh on the design front is often a challenge. Thanks for being a super resource."
- Stephen Nelson, Apopka, USA

I would love to be able to use these templates with the 700 students I teach computers to!! Thanks for the opportunity. You have quite a bit to offer computer users--the money just isn't in the schools to buy what we feel is beneficial.
- Janice Holland, "Charlton, Ma", USA

I like your templates.
- Dr.K.Raghothama Rao, Mysore, India

"As a high school language teacher, unique PowerPoints provide the sprinkles and chocolate syrup to some very vanilla-flavored information. Students benefit from "photo" recall, if the image is a memorable one."
- Ines Suit, New Iberia, USA

Tremendous sermon background material - origami - how God takes something simple (paper) and does wonders to make something wonderful and creative and artistic
- Todd Estes, Midlothian, USA

"I LOVE these PowerPoint templates. They make my daily presentations as a second grade teacher more captivating, thus aiding in the students learning of the material. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!"
- Heather Gray, Stuart, USA

Thank you for all you have done for me. You wonderful tips and templates have helped me with advertising our coffeehouse as well as help me with my job. Thank you.
- Theresa Vermillion, Lothian, USA

My wife is a care officer working for our local council running a day centre for the elderly and handicaped. She is always looking for ideas for different activites especially activities that will help stroke victims improve their manual dexterity. These PowerPoints would help here teach her clients these new skills
- Paul Chaston, Reading, UK

"I like Indezine because of the new things that are always avilable. While the program itself is somewhat aged, it's great to see new possibilities that can happen within the framework of the program. It is fun anticpating what will come out tomorrow."
- Patty Yoder, Goshen, USA

I minister to high school kids. Clear and inspiring communication is a must. Indezine and particularly creative PowerPoint backgrounds and the tutorials on using PowerPoint have been tremendously helpful.
- Richard Stum, Columbia, USA

My wife and I are both are back in college at this time for me its been 40 odd years since I was in school for her its been 8 since she got her nursing degree we both use PowerPoint often and these would be a very nice addition to the 2007 presentations we already have
- Brooks Roberts, Columus, U.S.A

I could use this program to my lessons more interesting for my students.
- Kristen Murosky, Meadville, USA

I am a computer teacher and my students love PowerPoint. Thanks.
- Denise Greenaway, West St Paul, Canada

I would love to have this giveaway! You cannot get enough of new templates for PowerPoint!
- Mary Vaughn, Starkville, USA

Work like you dont need the money. Love like you havent been hurt. Live like its Heaven on Earth.
- Priya R , Chennai, India

"I use PowerPoint at church and for my Applications class at school. I like to have different and imaginative backgrounds, I think this helps spark the interest of the viewer. The origami backgrounds are very eye catching. I would love to be able to use them for free, remember I'm a teacher and free for the classroom is always great!"
- Debra Haar, Bellevue, USA

Indezine is just an AMAZING site! I am a doctoral graduate student in clinical psychology and having these templates for my presentations has been really amazing!
- Scott Musgrove, West Hollywood, USA

"As a teacher, this program can really help me a lot, especially its editing features which are so great. I sure hope I can win a copy."
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

Give paper life with your hands.
- Francoise Halvorsen, Oslo, Norway

"This collection of templates will add power to my PowerPoint presentations and make them very powerful,"
- Edi R. Shivaji, Fairfield, USA

"I like to have this PowerPoint collection for my worship and sermon ppts for my boss ... this website is very helpful to me ... praying that I will be able to have this collection, thank you and God bless."
- Jessica, Singapore, Singapore

Having a wide variety of templates gives us a lot of flexibility in preparing our presentations. The templates are big time saver for the preparer.
- Jack Goldberger, Bettendorf, USA

I'm an engineering student looking for making all my documents shown in a wonderful manner
- Ahmad Hammad, Cairo, Egypt

The Origami collection is beautiful. I do a lot of presentations for school and these templates really make a statement!
- Raecine Chaney, Lakewood, USA

We love your backgrounds for our songs and presentations in our church services!
- James Barrett, Concord, USA

The extras are pretty neat; I've always loved Origami.
- Theresa Newsome, Winnie, USA

"What is brown and sticky ? With so much multi-media, it takes simplicity and class to catch the eye. Thanks !!!! Answer: a stick !"
- Cindi Preller, Palmer, USA

"Hmmm, I'd have to try these to see if I could talk my peeps into using them. Especially the lime green one, that's pretty far out. But I love the silver one."
- Niki Maas, Mesquite, USA

"I am grateful for this wonderful site, and I would be especially appreciative to be the winner of this contest. I feel as if the out-of-the-box templates PPT gives us truly SUCK, and I greatly appreciate the efforts of those who try to make it better. Thank you."
- Geoff Lilley, Sacramento, USA

Assoc. Faculty member Coconino Community College. I teach PowerPoint
- Jean Cray, Flagstaff, USA

"If I win one of the 10 Origami collection of PowerPoint templates, I will donate it to the McNeil Elementary School in McKinney, Texas. The librarian teaches technology to grades k - 5 and prefers to use 'sourced' items in her instructions. I also tutor at the school and have small classes of technology students. Having a quality selection of PP backgrounds would be very beneficial."
- Patricia Nall, Wylie, USA

I'm from Brazil! I'll use these templates for a child program dedicate to take care of poor children. Thanks
- Juliana Stuginski Barbosa, Franca, Brazil

I use PowerPoints in all my lecture and do not know how effectively I would teach without them. I love the ones above and know my high school students will love them as well. Thanks for the opportunity.
- Barbara A. Carter, Huntingdon, USA

"Love your magazine, it really helps me from going stale. My students and colleagues wonder were I gety my ideas!. Thanks"
- Brian Baxter, Culburra Beach, Australia

it looks so good
- Pham Le Ngoc Chau, Hanoi, Vietnam

"Imaging having speakers that you can fold, well, here they are. They don't require an external power source, just whatever your audio source is cranking out from it's headphone jack and you are cranking out the tunes. They come in flat plastic pieces that you then assemble to make the speakers. You can get them in a pyramid shape or in a cube shape and they crank out 1 watt per speaker. They seem to come with some pretty eye-popping designs emblazoned upon the plastic as well which is kind of cool, pretty soon they'll have “print your own speaker” enclosures for sale, no not really, just joking, please for the love of all that is quality audio don't do that. They are available in Korea now for an undisclosed price, all I know, is I want a set, or two, or twelve."
- David Goodall, Portland, USA

"I am a consultant. I travel all over the United States working with sates to help build primary prevention efforts into early childhood systems, that will assure that children are not abused or neglected and that parents are supported in their number one job -- being a child's first and best teacher. Sometimes the PowerPoint presentations that I give can make a big difference in convincing agencies that they need to revamp their systems in such a way as to consider children and families as a number one priority. I work very hard to see that my presentations are beautiful aesthetically, and effective."
- Martha Reeder, Little Rock, USA

- Michael A. Irizarry, Lumberton, USA

i will use it as the background for my presentation in school
- Rebecca, Toronto, Canada

"I want these templates! Just looking at the samples makes me want them even more. They are gorgeous, and I am already visualzing the presentations I could do with them."
- Lloyce Nelson, Columbia, USA

"I really enjoy your templates. Since I taught in Japan for 2 semesters, I really like the Origami ones. They are simple enough for me to use them in presentations at my church. Thank you for continually offering a superb product."
- Victoria A. Lefevers, Shreveport, USA

Knock-em-dead in seminars
- David Guy, Rehovot, Israel

as an avid PowerPoint user for work puposes these templates make my presentations all the more interesting and attention grabbing
- Paul Tomlinson, Wellington, New Zealand

great templates!
- Ghada, Alexandria, Egypt

As an educator I am always looking for something I can use in my classroom in order to enhance my teaching and make students pay attention and get motivated.
- Robert Condoretti, Lakewood, USA

All that glitters is not gold but Origami Templates which glitter are elegant than gold
- Imtiaz, Chennai, India

"I want to try these templates to improve the "look" of my presentations and make it "edgy"."
- Edgarm , Paterson, USA

This would be so great. It would be good for my diverse PowerPoint proposals that i do.
- Julia Magness, Selangor, Malaysia

Really nice collection of PowerPoint templates which covers all category like i am a Phd student working on angiogenesis and i used free templates for my presentation and very one appreciated for choosing the related template for my presentation.
- Nishanth, Mysore, India

thank you for this offer
- Mahmoud Mohammad Almarsafawy, Alexandria, Egypt

Starting a new small business and need all the help I can get to make an impact! Love all of the emails I get with new and exciting updates and info for me.
- Denise Kozer, Kitty Hawk , USA

very nice! Looks very well!
- Mertens, Hennef, Germany

"I want to win a copy of their Origami collection of PowerPoint templates. They are the best to prepare teaching slides! Regards, Fer"
- María Fernanda Andrés, Santa Fe, Argentina

"As a curriculum specialist in an elementary school I often do presentations for my teachers. I also prepare lessons for students in grades 1-5. I get tired of seeing the same old backgrounds...and I know everyone else does, too. As an elementary teacher, my salary only stretches so far, so I do not consider purchase templates as a necessity. Having more temeplates would add some pizazz to my presentations and lessons. Thanks for the opportunity!"
- Patricia Tucker, Gainesville, USA

These origami will add interest to my presentations without being obtrusive.
- Michael Lindsey, Germantown, USA

Great site!
- Annette Cosentino, Fresno, USA

I would like to use it for my PowerPoint presentations. I am a teacher and I usually show my lessons in PowerPoint presentations.Students in the elementary get glued to the lectures because of the colorful design templates.
- Arlene Bacalla, Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines

great templates! My students love it.
- Bert, Winnipeg, Canada

"I personally enjoy this web page very much, due to the fact that I am a student I need to create lots of different PowerPoint presentations, each with an specific theme; and thanks to you I've been able to do so for my classes, my teachers love them and want to get the templates, I've recommended this site to them, and they have had a blast. If I won the prize I would use it the same as I've always have, but now I'll try to show them off even more. The templates are amazing and I just love them. Thanks. Haydee"
- Haydee, Puerto Montt, Chile

"I want to try these templates to improve the "look" of my presentations and make it "edgy"."
- Edgarm , Paterson, USA

"When I need to do the presentation slides, this is the site that I must refer most of the time! Orimagi collection...close to my heart!"
- Hoosian, Rohani", Penang, Malaysia

You're doing great in the field of presentations!
- Miladee N Azur, Legazpi City, Philippines

"As a special education teacher, I like to utilize different backgrounds that are catchy and colorful due to the fact that I often have to present the same information again and again!"
- Denise Webster, Columbia, USA

This is an awesome site. I use it often. It is educational plus very usuable templates.
- Jean Mccarter, St Charles, USA

Very interesting designs
- Hope Zipeto, Fin, USA

"I am working as a faculty in MBA department, all of my lectures are backed with your slides, it makes the class interesting and my students attentive because of a different background everytime"
- Sheetal Thomas, Pampady- Kottayam, India

This is good!
- Rob Nidraj, Ormoc City, Philippines

"I used your templates to our works presentations, and everybody first questions is from where we give the templates!!. Excellent works congratulations."
- Jorge Couto, Montevideo, Uruguay

Cool backgrounds!
- Elisabeth Negley, Avon Park, USA

"High quality, novel art: these templates fit the ideal bill for use in secondary education. Thus, I sure hope I can win these babies!"
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

Taking the time to look through your sight and see what designs and pages will motivate our conregation is a pleasure!
- Mlelissa Brown, Greensburg, Decatur

I always get useful ideas from you!
- Marguerite Horney, Harlingen, USA

The Indezine site has the kind of information that helps me create better looking PowerPoint presentations.
- Robert Gattullo, New York, USA

"I am still a beginner, but am very excited every time I create."
- Carolyn Grimes, Hanover, USA

I have always loved your designs. I will use them in a divorce recovery workshop at our church.
- Srw, Holmes, USA

Beautiful backgrounds. Would be a great enhancement for my presentations. Thank you!
- Kim Halgren, Mondovi, USA

Thanks again!
- Leslie Friesen, Dallas, USA

"Now there is a potent witch's brew of both lingering arrogance over against the text and a nihilistic denial of truth." - Scott R. Murray"
- Mike Michalk, Eau Claire, USA

I use PowerPoint as a training tool and use different templates to show others what can be done through PowerPoint.
- Lisa Williams, Lithonia, USA

"How do I do an inward fold and an outward fold; a crease and a turn in-side-out on the computer?? Oh, never mind, this does it for you! "
- Kit Heald, Warrington, UK

Always on the lookout for new and interesting items for turning PowerPoints and lessons into interesting events for students.
- Glenn Ciganek, Wesley Chapel, USA

"your website is very helpful, i am thankful for your generosity in giving away free templates! keep up the good work!"
- Laura Aguinaldo, Cavite, Philippines

Always on the lookout for ppt backgrounds which will blend with the topic being shown on the screen and will not distract from the point being put across in the presentation
- Craig T Barrie, Glasgow, Scotland

I will be the happyness wowen to receive that origami collection. Regards.
- Claire Trempe, Lachine, Quebec

People who have to sit through many PowerPoint presentations in the course of their work must get so bored seeing the standard backgrounds..I know I do. working in the public sector we are always cash strapped so its not easy refreshing our presentations. I enjoy thinking carefully through the purpose and message of my presentation and trying to match the background to it chosing not only the motif but the colour too...I have haad a lot of fun doing this...Thank You
- Linda Hering, Cape Town, South Africa

"I love your templates and backgrounds. They are visually appealing, yet don't distract from the message on the slide. I teach presentation skiills. I plan to use these templates in my PowerPoint presentations and suggest to my students to use you as a resource for their presentations."
- Allan Misch, Columbia, USA

the Ppted templates are the best!
- Paul Lesiw, Monroe, USA

Very nice and usefull price I hope i win - best regards
- Dusan, Maribor, Slovenia

"PowerPoint presentations have become a staple in the high school classroom. Gone are the days of boring, monotone lectures; PowerPoint presentations allow teachers to liven up even the most boring of materials. Presenters are empowered to bring in pattern, color, graphics, humor, and creative expression in the effort to transfer imformation to students and to grab their attention and interest. Computer presentations have also become the best way to get students to stand in front of the classroom and present reports and research projects. Even the shyest student is able to ust the presentation method to communicate with others."
- Larraine Garner, Raleigh, USA

PowerPoint has to be my favorite program; my students love it too. I will use these template in my classroom so my students can enjoy them too!
- Joy Fischl, Tustin, USA

"Origami allows the transformation of a simple square of paper in a great piece of art. Just like Ppted designs, that let you turn simple blank presentations into awesome backgrounds that stand out your work."
- Mj Cnoguera, Guatemala City, Guatemala

I use PowerPoint in my sermons each week and I can see the Origami backgrounds fitting in perfectly. Thanks for the offer!
- David Conley, Wentzville, USA

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