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The Road to PowerPoint nirvana passes through Indezine.
- Paul B Tillman, Buford, USA

This is too cool! I work for a transportation agency and I am always looking for Road Art. I just quickly ran through your gallery and I love what I see... as a matter of fact I can think of at least 3 applications right now that would be enhanced by using one of these templates. Nice going...
- Carolyn Barbuto, Albany, USA

I am a HS band director and I use PowerPoint daily to communicate to my students. I am always looking for fresh backgrounds that help communicate musical concepts and themes of our rehearsals and performances. The Roads set would be a great addition for this fall's marching season.
- Jeff Huston, Magnolia, USA

I teach a 12 week MOS course and use your webpage as an example where you can find great tips and tricks, answers and troubleshoot PowerPoint. Keep up the great work!
- Dotty Weiner, Hartford, USA

Just looked at your Roads Collection and saw my life at this point--so many options, decisions to be made, roads to be taken (and not taken). It's really cool how your slides can capture so much. Thank you.
- David Conley, Wentzville, USA

I work as an Admin Assistant and use PowerPoint daily, creating a slideshow that is displayed on plasma screens for our organization to see. It's sometimes hard to come up with unique and creative ideas for slides. I really like the look of your templates. They are fresh and interesting. I hope to soon be getting a promotion to Executive Assistant, and I really feel that I could put your templates to good use!
- Michelle Haag, Phoenix, USA

I am a big fan of this site and a customer...look forward ro many more new and exciting concept from you guys.
- Anne Michaels, Austin, USA

We would use these slides to help promote Road Policing/Safety issues.
- Pete Clarke, Wolverhampton, England

Looks great - since I am new to the use of PowerPoint I have found all the goodies received in my emails - So very useful - and put them to use, since the rest of the office staff wants to take my ideas.
- Linda Troyer, Mogadore, USA

I have just learned how to use Power Point for our church. The money was donated to purchase the projector and screen and I was elected to print up all our songs. I enjoy using the various animations etc. and the congregation is taken in by them all. I am limited on templates & backgrounds to use on them. If I were to win, the church gets the benefits of the winning. Thank you very much!!
- Kay, Ft Wayne, USA

Everyone wants to think they're going somewhere. And they'd like to think they're going somewhere important, meaningful, or fulfilling. This set of modern roadways motivates me to tell my story, and the path I'm set on, to a wider audience.
- Michael Lindsey, Germantown, USA

These templates would be perfect for the 6+ presentations I have to create in the next 3 months. Many have a ""journey"" theme, and the ""roads"" would help convey that metaphor.I would be thrilled to receive one of the 10 copies in this giveaway!
- Jeanne Bowen Goshen, USA

What can I say? A chance to win free backgrounds and templates! Fantastic when there is no money in the budget to purchase them. I prepare worship slides for my church, and everything that I do is on a volunteer basis with no money budgeted to purchase anything. I am slowly learning how to edit some of my original photos into interesting backgrounds, but time is also an issue, so it would be great to win some free stuff!
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA

Each of my students will be compiling a powerpoint presentation about the "Road" they have traveled on throughtout the fourth grade. It will be a progression of things learned, tasked completed, etc throughout the school year. These would be awesome templates to use for that project.
- Monica L. Marcum, Oak Hill, USA

The templates will be used for church purpose (every week) - not an interesting comment this may be - but think of how many people will get to see the beautiful templates every single week - isn't that the whole purpose - promote your collection of PowerPoint templates? :)
- TL Chen, Perth, Australia

I work with group of people( Quinte Speaks Up!) who have developmental disabilities. They are learning to create PowerPoint presentations in order to teach other people with disabilities about their rights. We used one of the Indezine backgrounds to create a plain language version of the United Nations convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.
- Jytte, Marysville, Canada

I would use the prize for my church and youth group.
- Sheila Whorton, London, USA

Love the templates.
- Larry Dush, Cape Girardeau USA

I am a relatively new learner to PowerPoint and am using it to teach nursing and pharmacology to nursing students. I absolutely love the Indezine website and the free PowerPoint templates -- my students rave about them.
- Kristen Barbee, Concord, USA

Everyone in my classes at school have the same PowerPoint backgrounds, I want mine to stand out from the rest of the pack.
- Sherie McQuerry, Oklahoma City, USA

Great great site... thank you so much... You make our dull meetings a little more exciting each week!
- Travis Hauert, Porterville, USA

If I win, I will use the PowerPoint backgrounds to amaze my school colleagues, who already think the PowerPoint fairy lives at my house.
- Susan Horsman, Edmonton, Canada

I am always looking for new templates that are fun, attractive and exiliarating.
- Jacalyn Hopkin, Regina, Canada

I am a new professor and am looking for PowerPoint templates to use in my lectures. These would be great!
- Troy Hooper, Lubbock, USA

Your templates are awesome! Using a different template for each presentationthat I prepare for a local retirement home helps keep their interest and it's hard to find interesting templates for them.
- Barbara Schladitz, Bedford, Texas USA

Variety, in PowerPoint templates, is fundamental for new visions in the educative field. Education is my job since 1985.
- Manuel Echegaray, Lima Peru

These would be great for disaster preparedness talks.
- Kris Daugherty, San Leandro, USA

I'm a volunteer and I'm tired of drab worship. There is so much technology in our world and it would be great to use good graphics in our services. I would love to win this set of templates because we have recently started using PowerPoint in our services. Creative images are SOOO cool. Please Please Please. :)
- Kimberly Carter, Colonial Heights, USA

Indezine is the bomb! They really fill me with ideas. Wish I could work longer with you guys and fill my head with creativity.
- Saif, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I love working with PowerPoint and am always looking for catchy backgrounds. I create my own, but Iove the creativity and choice in the Indezine site.
- Dona Dixon, Saskatoon, Canada

I love this website. I try to win every entry that allows me to apply. I hope I win!!
- Lisa Gowdy-Turner, Jacksonville, USA

Now I'm in a new bussiness that goes around fuel savings. And this collection could give me the support that I need to improve it. Congratulations.
- Luis Cordero, Guayaquil, Ecuador

I have not seen this theme before. The samples look very nice, this is a winner.
- Ronald W Mong, Oil City, USA

These templates are awesome. I would love to use these at work.
- Rivka Shoulson, Queens, USA

The ability to stand out from the crowd and maximize the use of PowerPoint (without looking like you are depending on it) is key in any sales organization
- Bill Donahue, Burlington, USA

Thank you for the offer.
- R D Rutter, Greenville, USA

I am an elementary school teacher and anything I can do to enhance my classroom lessons to benefit my students would be amazing. I want to provide them with all the education possibilities available to give them the opportunity to do their best.
- Rebecca Howes, Peterborough, Canada

Looks interesting!
- Greg Dermody, Assiniboia, Canada

I will use these templates in my PowerPoint
- Mohamedjo Benha, Egypt

In the technology based world of today, PowerPoint continues to grab even the most reluctant student's attention and enable them to use the knowledge they acquire to reach for the stars!"
- Nancy Blake, San Antonio, USA

I frequently teach in my company about several themes, cartography, geodesy, geomatics, GPS, among others. I'd like to make my presentations most attractive and useful.
- Juna Ramirez Lavin, Durango, Mexico

I really likes the templates I saw on!
- Carolyn McMahon, Oberlin, USA

I think these templates would be a great addition to the ones I presently have.
- Jim Hudson, Moundsville, USA

As a student winning this package will allow me to make my presentations brilliant !!!
- Jen Lueck Aurora, USA

I look forward to the opportunity to use this program
- Lawrence Burke, Bellerose, USA

Thanks for the insinghtful helps
- Jan Yoder, Goshen, USA.

What a fantastic give-away! These templates are so professional, they will add credibility to any presentation"
- Julie Miles, Regina, Canada

This collection will help a lot in my presentations to teach my workers. thanks to you
- Selmin, Istanbul, Turkey

Templates with roads backgrounds appear to be motivating !
- Suhail Chughtai, Basildon, UK

Fantastic templates
- Alishath, Islamabad, Pakistan

We have just started a new residency program at our hospital and I am looking for new and interesting templates to help keep my students attention.
- Charles Gilman, Charleston, United States

Best site for teachers like me who wants to get a point across with power!!
- Chitra Andrew, Chennai, India

Pick me! I love using Indezine products to create innovative, interestingand inviting training materials. I'll sing your praises when I win these prizes. :-)
- Judy Madden, Rockville, MD

Great to have a site which keeps you one step ahead of the crowd when it comes to PowerPoint presentations. Keep it up!
- Paul Hurst, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

I am a novice but this whole world of PowerPoint is so exciting. I can't wait to learn more. Good resources are an expense my church can not take on. This prize can put the punch in our presentations.
- Ann Huff, Marion, Ohio, USA

Would like to win the Roads collection - would use it in my teaching
- Ron Waters, Eureka, USA

Roads looks like a very nice template ... captures a nice energy feeling.
- Lan Moore, Toronto, Canada

Those templates would be great for teaching, here's hoping for the best.
- Emery Smith, Hollister, USA

Thanks! This would help our church presentations so very much! We need your help! The world will be prettier because of this gift.
- Lynne Caine, Manchester, England

I want to participate! Regards.
- María Fernanda Andrés, Santa Fe, Argentina

I love the site and all the wonderful templates. I can always find what I need for any occassion.Photography is my hobby and I'm looking for a creative way to share my photos with family and friends. I've decided to use PowerPoint to do it.
- Melvin Evans, Mobile, USA

I am desperate for some good templates.
- David Wolfe, Bensenville, USA

Hi!! Excuse me for my very poor English, I hope to be one of the winners because until now I never gained nothing and desire to continue learning about Power Point...
- Silvia Valdano, Rio Cuarto, Argentina

Your backgrounds have been so good for presentations. I'm thankful for a service such as yours and tell my friends of your excellent products
- Kenneth Hoole, Hillsboro, USA

I love Indezine. I do all the PowerPoint presentations for my church, and the slides have been a huge help. If I won I would use the program to help with the PowerPoint presentation at church."
- Troy Bishop, Owensboro, USA

These templates will assist me in getting my point across when i am doing presentations to emergency responders in the different classes that I teach.
- Doug Cummins, McMinnville, USA

Fabulous for those of us who are graphically challenged.
- Chris Eaton, Cooroy, Australia

Awesome slides, they will make a great presentation.
- Cecelia Haas, Kyle, USA

Indezine made my presentations look different and more impressive.
- Manal El-Sayed, Cairo, Egypt

PowerPoint is leading us on further down the road to better presentation design, with a little help from our friends at Indezine. :)"
- Catherine Plunkett, Memphis, USA

I am an electro-technology teacher designing PowerPoint presentations. This package will help us greatly.
- Joe Quinnell, Shepparton, Australia

I like it
- Cuciuch Maria, Giurgiu, Romania

Whenever I am making a presentation regarding urbanization, conservation or related environmental issues, the 'road ahead' imagery would be an appropriate accompaniment to my recommendations. The audience often appreciate the reassurance of clear pathways to a solution.
- Katherine Elyse, Townsville Australia

I've just received my MOS certification in XP, with all of the really cool new designs, I now want to take advantage of it and sign up to take my Master Certification in 2007 Office. I can't wait to make slide shows using the new designs!!! I'm hoping it will make my resume more marketable as well.
- Robyn Yolkowski, Renfrew, Canada

Let me see
- Bjarne Lund, Tønder, Denmark

Only site I've found that has creators who think along the same thought lines as me and develop templates I could die for sometimes. There's no such thing as one plate fits all, but you have one for every occasion. mega stuff!
- June, Ipswich, UK

- Rebecca, Arecibo, Puerto Rico

I really love all the work you have done with this site. Really usefull. And all the templates are great!
- Diego Carrasco, Quilpué, Chile

Inspirational site
- Nurini, Semarang, Indonesia

Quality presentation is crucial to quality communication
- Lenny Turk, Dunfermline, Fife, UK

I'd like to see the Roads collection. I believe that it will be able to provide the proper media avenue for presenting progress, growth and new ideologies in the school where I teach.
- Patrick Nikkolai A, Parañaque City, Philippines

This site always gives me a fresh perspective on the presentations I prepare for my HS students. I teach English, the best of all the disciplines because its components are so rich and varied, I am not held to any one topic. Most of what you relay as part of the resources available can be adjusted to fit my curriculum. What a great Lesson for students.
- A Bolejack, Lawndale, USA

Wanna win
- Timothy Kuehn, Hillsboro,USA

Enjoy your creativity of templates.
- Michael Kam-Chung Lee, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

An intelligent way to promote you company.
- Hisbello, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The prize would be a real blessing for my work with a state university in the Philippines. I develop presentation materials as needed in local and international conferences of the University Officials.
- Ma Lydia Guzman-Callano, Ao Iloilo, Philippines

I would love this collection. Not only is it beautiful, it would be a wonderful addition to the templates I use to my Church's youth group.
- Gena Dickens, Virginia Beach, USA

This site is a life-saver! I am a new PowerPoint user, but with this site, I make my presentations look like a pro! Thanks so much!
- Amy Mullens, Pottstown, USA

- VickiI Dominguez, Holly Ridge, USA

It would be great to get this since PowerPoint presentations here are not yet so sophisticated. I would have an edge over others. Definitely!
- Emily Pascua, Ligan City, Philippines

Templates provided by Indezine are excellent.
- Kiran, Mumbai, India

Your templates are very impressive. I need to make an impact and your templates will help make the impact
- Nicholas, Singapore Singapore

Aim is to teach PowerPoint to atleast 10 students and make them perfect.
- Aruna, Hyderabad, India

Well, I hope you consider me as one of your 10 winners. I could really use these templates, specially because i do many presentations for school and parents. I always want my presentations to look the best and these templetes will be perfect for many presentations. Please consider me as one of the winners :).
- Jesus Medina, Santa Paula, USA

Roads presentations is actually quite brilliant. I have used a few presentations and the comments are always mind blowing. Thanks to indezine, my PowerPoint presentations have moved up a notch making me the envy of my colleagues. Thanks Mr Bajaj, could not have achieved that without your site
- Niresh Sewraj, Durban, South Africa

Your slides are usually fantastic so I believe I'll love those as well.
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat, Israel

Appreciate your efforts and hope to win for the concept ""road"" is very handy and appropriate for so many themes and gives a hopeful dimension to any presentation.
- May, Beirut, Lebanon

These PowerPoint templates are really good
- Gana, Chennai, India

- Eduardo, Heredia, Costa Rica

I am a faculty member and regulary give lectures to medical students, resident trainees and colleagues, in and outside our institution. When I participated in the 10th Congress of the European Asociation of Palliative Care in Budapest, Hungary, the template I used for my poster presentation is a PowerPoint template from Indezine. I know for a fact that especially the templates from ppted.,com are some of the best. I wish I can get and use more PowerPoint templates from for my lectues.
- Maria Fidelis Manalo, Quezon City, Philippnes

The roads are sure to lead somewhere
- Mythily, Bangalore, India

Thank you for the opportunity to develop and present better PowerPoint. We are trainers at out company and are constantly looking for better ways to visually present data. Kind regards.
- Ursula, Oranjemund, Namibia

I love Indezine, so much to offer, great graphics and products.
- Marelize Bott, Durban, South Africa

- Alexander Malyshau, Vienna, Austria

Starting the carrier you need a support. Support of knowledge, experience and a professional luggage. Have changed the profession field commonly I have a lot of knowledge in different areas, some experience in last profession and a few luggage as the time is shot. “” is one of my greatest and most important sources of “professional luggage” as we call it here in Russia. Thank for this, “” and I hope our collaboration will be wide and long.With heartly regards on reaching new professional horizons and prosperity. - Ksenia Sharygina, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Powerpoint, the better it is the easier life for me..."
- Nico Sinaga, Bogor, Indonesia

I find the site useful and interesting. the templates are lovely and great.
- Susan Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I want to be different (execpt for the other smart people who have this already) ... and with this pack i can go a long way to achieving this!!!!
- Piero Dametto, Buderim, Australia

Love the new designs, as a beginner who has just become proficient with ppt any extra help is always welcome.Love the newsletter gives me so many great ideas.
- Catherine Dernedde, Cairns, Australia

Ppted ""Rocks"" Thanks in advance!!
- N Sreedhar Murthy, Bangalore, India

Oh well, you have to at least enter to stand a chance of winning. What would I do if I won, apart from the shock of actually winning, I don't know. But I need all the help I can get when it comes to PowerPoint so to win such lovely templates would be a bonus.
- Kaylene Horne, Boronia, Australia

PowerPoint has become a mainstay of my presentations (I professionally train 500-600 leaders in eastern and western Europe each year) I have a couple of talks revolving around the metaphore of ""driving"" and at least one of these templates would be a great addition to these talks.
- Bruce Clewett, Guntramsdorf, Austria

Clouds and Moon. Which is nearer to Earth? Ans: Moon. Coz you could see it's reflection on a river.
- Jessie Jiang, Singapore, Singapore

This site is useful for me.
- Rinat, Moscow, Russia

I use your templates all the time. I love them!
- Michele Bouchard, Boca Raton, USA

My husband and I are doing the PowerPoint to go along with our Pastor's messages on Sundays. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting backgrounds for his messages and it looks like you have some great ones!
- Heidi Hunsberger, Cresco, USA

Please enter me in the contest. This would greatly enhance the presentations I do at the hospitals and LTC facilities. Thank you.
- Kim Fahy, Edison, USA

- Emur, North Brunswick, USA

Hey, everybody can relate to the image of a road. After all, life is a journey, right? And these templates are lovely, professional and excellent for many uses--just the level of quality we Indezine members expect of our affiliates.
- Deanne McCoy, Grand Rapids, USA

I prepare 2 to 3 PowerPoint presentations a week and I am always looking for new templates and interesting slides. But most important I like programs that make my work easier and faster.
- Mike Bentley, Lawton Oklahoma, USA

I teach mathematics at the university level and have placed all my lectures on .PPT slides. I could use this prize to enhance my lectures.
- Steve Armstrong, Longview, USA

Great slides
- Barbara Renczkowski, Brooskville, USA

I really like the templates and I would love to us them for my school projects. Thanks!
- Patrick Snow, North Carolina, USA

Love your stuff! always looking for more PPTs!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Marla Theodoro, Klamath Falls, USA

I think PowerPoint templates can be a wonderful way of modern-day human expression. It's like one's appearance and style of dress. The right colors and backgrounds can really paly an important role in how you are percieved by others and so far Indezine has produced some of the nicest sets that I have ever come across.
- Jack Poleski, Warsaw, Poland

I love your PowerPoints, they make my professional presentations fantastic, pick me!
- Jamie Mitchell, OH, USA

I look forward to using this to be more creative in PowerPoint presentations for my sermons. Thanks!!
- Kevin Breeden, Gahanna, USA

- Swathi Tripathi, Bhopal, India

Nice collection!
- Don Sublett, VA, USA

I love Indezine!!!!!!!! I am a full time college student so I am constantly giving presentations and because of Indezine I am not forced to spend hours on the internet looking for PowerPoint slides or spending hours putting together a PowerPoint slide for the presentations. Thanks Indezine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Lisa Woody, Columbia, USA

They are gorgeous.
- Angela McCallum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am a math teacher and I use PowerPoint in all my classes. I would like to use more variety and more interesting templetes in my presentations. this site, gives me ceertainly a much needed help.
- Robert Condoretti, Lakewood, USA

I like to look at a road that leads to nowhere...can you depict that as a PowerPoint template?
- Yolanda, Manila, Philippines

Your templates helps me a lot doing my presentation.
- Celeste, Bacolod City, Philippines

Simply worthwhile and well maintained site having mezmerizing collection of everything what you are looking for
- Harish, Ernakulam, India

Roads can be highways of a presentation.
- Ratna Kumar, Hyderabad, India

I love this site! I create a monthly newsletter using PowerPoint, and email it to a fair sized group. I get lots of comments on how great the ""backgrounds"" are. Thanks for such great designs!
- Tammie Dillon, Colorado Springs, USA

A comment just in case
- Mark Gilchrist, Bradford, UK

Thanks for the opportunity to win - I'd love to have this! I use the templates for professional presentations and for school (PhD in nursing student). I love this website - have used it alot since discovering it!
- Glenda Kaminski, Lakeland, USA

Brilliant site - templates, backgrounds and tips. I've learnt so much from just this one site and all these roads will take me further!
- Kit Heald, Warrington, United Kingdom

Finally ... a set of templates that will actually help me on the road to success!
- David Scammell, Lake Mary, USA

Veeeeeryyyy Good
- Daniel, Aveiro, Portugal

I notice that your templates are different in all the other sites thatgives free templates to its subscribers... I hope to win this giveaway contest/promo because the designs are really cool!
- Donna Hernandez, Lucena City, Philippines

This is the type of site i always dreamed about
- Peter, Male, Maldives

This site helps me a lot in my presentations.Most of my co-officemates are amaze and asking me where did i get my templates.
- Khristine Arven A. Benin, Quezon City, Philippines

Pick Me...Pick Me!!! PowerPoint is my favorite software package--(I love teaching it too)
- Joy Fischl, Tustin, USA

Indezine is a great combination of commerce and public service! It has given me help through both avenues.
- James H Springer, Bremen, Germany

I use PowerPoint for my classroom so anything I can get to help my kids learn is a great thing!
- Cethy Evert, Sugar Land, USA

Would very much like to use the Ppted Roads maybe they will lead me to a better presentation.
- Duleep Kumar Samuel, Bangalore, India

Its amazing
- Mujahid Haider, Lahore, Pakistan

- John Vonhof, Manteca, USA

Winning this prize, I can do every varsity assignment succesfully and confidently with a mouse of click with the help of Indezine! Super thanks to you!!!
- Amy Tan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The prize can be the jumping board for us, in the local government units, to go big in information technology!
- Engr. Miladee N. Azur, Legazpi City, Philippines

O my Dod
- Sdlwp, Shanghai, China

I teach computers and PowerPoint. Organizing them would help me and my students make great presentations, save time and keep us all organized!
- Penny Wipprecht, Scottsdale, USA

This has been a great site to help me out and anymore help would be so great for me. I'm always willing to learn more.
- Rosemary Meza, Selma, USA

I like using indezine PowerPoints for my church services on Sunday morning. Your back grounds are terrific.
- Tim Richard, Robinson, USA

I find your site so good with tons of excellent information and some wonderful PowerPoint images.
- Hazel Fisher, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

The site is great and as a student I have been using the templates in mycollege presentations. My prof though they were outstanding too.
- Gloria Caro, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Those PowerPoint templates are cool. Think that i can make good use of it. I often have to do a lot of presentations together with my fellow classmates and your templates have always made my presentations different and cool compared to the other's.
- Sry Dewi Hujaya, Bandung, Indonesia

Ever since I found this site I have been able to use a few templates to help make great presentations. Thank you very much
- Rosemary Meza, Selma, USA

Yeh that site really help me and enhance my presentation ......Indezine is a really very helpful site in building up your confidence because it always give you quality stuff and everytime one can come up with unique and diffrent ideas by the courtesy of this.........thanks :)
- Uzma, Islamabad, Pakistan

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