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I have just finished my term at ECPI Tech. College for MS2007! Anything that helps enhance that awesome package has to be pretty awesome itself! Kudos for this free giveaway - it encourages others to compete just to win this software enhancement! Hence, I am filling out these comments to let you know your 're terrific and awesome to give 10 away - not 1, but 10! What a great incentive!
- Katy Alldredge, Mechanicsville, USA

I would love to have NXPowerLite 3.5 software which reduces large PowerPoint Shows to much smaller file size, enabling me to send to them all my cyberfriends, even those still on dialup. I have used a trial NXPowerLite. It was simple to use and I thought the results were amazing. Look out friends, if I win a copy of this brilliant file compressor, you will hear all about it.
- Joy Rogers, Christchurch, New Zealand

I can't wait to try this product! I use very graphic intensive presentations in my Law Enforcement Officer trainings and this will be such a great help! Having to store and transfer files between trainers is always a difficult problem. With NXPowerlite, I'll be able to simplfy that whole process! With all of the budget shortages, my Police Department won't purchase programs like this so it is left up to us to use our own money to enhance our trainings. Thanks for the opportunity!
- Kerry Mensior, San Diego, USA

I would love to get a copy of this. Anything to reduce the size of PowerPoint files is a winner in a my book. Thanks for the chance.
- Daniel Nielsen, Norfolk, USA

Would love to try this and recommend it to other PPT users at my company!
- Holly Rogers, Hoffman Estates, USA

I love this site, and I once thought this was some sort of junk mail. It kept popping up occasionally, not regularly like some annoying companies, and it was not until a couple months back did I realized this was a great subscription. The offers a great, and I have told all my friend about this, and most of them have subscribed. Now we are kicking us with great and outstanding computer products such as eye catching power points. Nice site, credible information and easily contactable, unlike others. So what I thought was spam is now giving me a hand. It's great. P.s. I really need this as a university student, my essays and drafts really stack up, a fast and reliable compression software would be gold for me! It'll save me so much time and money, especially since I'm on a tight budget. Thanks in advance!
- Sam Yuan, Brisbane, Australia

The Indezine backgrounds has helped me compete with The Wii, Play station, X-box and all the other electronics that my students are used to seeing. In stead of stock bland backgrounds I can Jazz up my lessons and anything that helps to keep the students attention -- even a little is a tool I will continue to use. I can't wait until we upgrade to 2007 and I get the new book.
- Paula West, Olney, USA

Each Indezine issue is like finding a jewel among the hundreds of emails received each month. Thank you for providing such a beautifully designed and informational site to share with my co-workers. I look forward to each issue!
- Bonnie Moore, Altoona, USA

I'm a designer specializing in the bring out the "Power" in PowerPoint by producing slides that don't look like slides (which also means they are monster sizes...sometimes). This product would be very useful in saving disk space so that I can instead fill it up with "other" space hogging design stuff...Thanks!
- Cyn, Chicago, USA

Why do books for Dummies always assume we can read?!
- Richard, Dunedin, New Zealand

They say if it looks too good to be true then it probably is! This offer might just be the exception!
- Paul Brennan, Telford, UK

I am an instructor and I highly recommend this website to all end users for all the tips and tricks and great information you provide. You do a great job in providing the most current up-to-date information. We are very fortunate to have access to such awonderful resource.
- Kathy Norton, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Indezine is the most comprehensive site out there for gather relavent information to use to increase your day to day productivity. I always find useful information that I haven't seen any where else. Great job keep up the good work and most of all have an awesome weekend.
- David A Warnick, Raleigh, USA

I love Indezine, there are always new and innovative PowerPoint Templates and design to choose from. You inspired me everyday. I used templates from this website for my computer presentation and I got an "A" two thumbs up! Keep up the great job Guys! Finally everyone can have their own unique style in presentations. Thank you all at Indezine.
- Susan, Raleigh, USA

I will die of happiness
- Yasir, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

I am happy to be known about Indezine. If I dIdnt I would have missed a wonderful website then.
- Stephen Mathew, Bitsy Griffin, USA

I use your PowerPoint templates to help keep my students interest in my daily Algebra lessons! Thank you so much for providing them!
- Bitsy Griffin, Winston Salem, USA

My collegues are jealous of my PowerPoint templates, they are constantly asking where did I get them
- Patti Rhinehart, Santa Clara, USA

Software that is designed to serve simplify complexity to 1,2 3.............. if you look around, there are many!
- Richard Tan, China, Shanghai

My colleagues are jealous of my PowerPoint templates. They are constantly asking where did I get them.
- Martha Kaufeldt, Scotts Valley, CA, USA

Your work is professional, and your attitude is worthy of a friend. I look forward to viewing the many ideas for excellent presentation ideas.
- Martin Bell, Sun City West, USA

We are turning all our Soccer Referee training material into PowerPoint presentations from all manner of "old media" and we think this will significantly improve our ability to make this a smoother and quicker process.
- Rich Carman, Mississauga, Canada

After 38 years of teaching, I am about to go on disability because of poor health. I hope to be able to supplement my meager income by preparing PowerPoint presentations for area medical professionals. I will not be able to afford to update my software, so this would be a blessing to me. I love Indezine!
- Victoria A. LeFevers, Shreveport, USA

I'm really curious what NXPowerlite 3.5 can do to further optimize Microsoft files.
- Gerardo de Jesus, Taguig City, Philippines

I use PowerPoint in the classroom everyday. The higher quality the slide, the more I can keep my student's interest
- Kevin Garvin, Modesto, USA

Indezine is a great site for everyone who works in design especially in PowerPoint design. For me its really help doing my job, I usually works with power point template forpresentation. I thanks for that. If I got the prize, I want to progress my knowledge about Microsoft Office. I really want to make it better in works.
- Anne Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

In a world of "me me me", it is nice to see Indezine say "you you you" Grateful for this.
- Devendra Chowdary, Bangalore,India

I am Koushik I am a web designer. I am very satisfied Indezine, the PSD (Photoshop ) and PowerPoint templates are very useful to offer professional designs to my clients I am in the web design field for past 5 years and I find this site very useful. The add-ins and plug-ins are also very great and free path is good example for that
- Koushik, Chennai, India

I love this website because there are so many PowerPoint templates to choose from! This livens up my lectures since it doesn't have the usual boring backgrounds and this is important because it catches the attention of the students.
- Clarisse Pineda, Cebu City, Philippines

Hey there, I really want to win this software so I can teach its use to my student who would then likely want to BUY IT!!! :-) Take care and thanks for the offer!
- Karin Johnson, Corona, USA

Nice One
- D, Kowloon, Hong Kong

I would like to have this Neuxpower. If I have it I will study more and more.
- N. Kutay Ordu Gokkaya, Ankara, Turkey

Your colors are great. The design calls attention to itself without being overbearing. The appearance of NXPowerLite 3.5 is stricking modern. Thanks for the chance to win this great product.
- John Tressel, Mulhouse, France

A tool like this makes working easy
- Lawrence Tilis, Jacksonville, USA

Neuxpower takes you to the next level.
- Doppenberg, Nijkerk, Netherlands

Gutes Programm!
- Stephan Mertens, Hennef, Germany

We are trying to keep on the cutting edge with presentations made available to our church each week. We live in a graphics oriented world, especially with the newer generations. Thanks for the opportunity to make better presentations. This will let us make a quantum leap.
- Kenneth Hoole, Hillsboro, OR, USA

You supply energy to PowerPoints!
- Edwin Sy, Taiwan, Tainan City

Excellent idea, very much needed to help share PowerPoint files and reduce network and email overload.
- Peter Milham, Stockport, UK

I will use this to save the planet by improving my presentations of how things are recycled (I'm a recycling officer don't you know) and then I will get a superhero's costume to go with it!
- Gemma Godfrey, Potters Bar, U.K.

I like exploring the Microsoft PowerPoint because most of the time we are using presentation during our meetings.
- Mary Grace C Flores, Quezon City, Philippines

Amazing place for great visuals, keep it up for good! Cheers
- Gregory Borg-Real, Villefranche sur Mer, Frances

I like your site because it gives me many ideas on how I will develop my PowerPoint presentation. One comment of my friend to my previous work, he said I like your PowerPoint background, I told them I downloaded that to your site. Thanks
- Paul, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

Nice to have a fresh slide show in presentation which will make audience no boring with that. by the template of indizine I can have shinning sight from audience whose watching my presentation. it make me more energized.
- Dwi indira, denpasar, Indonesia

Learning PowerPoint is a continual effort, but using your products almost makes it fun. When the background I so professional, it inspires the content to rise to match. Thank you.
- Gwen Hill, Harriman, TN 37748, USA

I have recently become a member of Indezine and I have found it a very useful site with precise and pinpoint knowledge to offer. I just love the gifts that they offer because they help me in my work. Cheers!
- Sam, Lucknow, India

I work at a big corporation and use office every day. I would love to be able to show them what you have and brag about how greeeeat you guys are.
- Betty Thomas, Peterborough, Canada

This website is absolutely fantastic and relevant to people of all age group. It really contains nuerous cool graphic PowerPoint templates. The newsletters are also very informative and useful to keep with the fast pace of life.
- Chinna, Singapore, Singapore

Just got your new book - Complete Makeover Kit - this prize would be great along side it.
- Rae Drysdale, Carrickfergus, Ireland

I hope to win these templates thanks a lot
- Khattab M. Qatu, Amman, Jordan

I won a copy of this a couple of years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed NXPowerLite. I think of the 2 dozen or so friends and coworkers to whom I showed it, probably 6 bought it and feel as strongly about this great MS app optimizer as I do. I REALLY hope to win a copy of this new version, too, so I can WOW them all again. :) Thanks so much for this great opportunity to win a copy....
- David Lee Cox, Alexandria, USA

So exciting!!!! thanks for the great efforts...
- Maria Jose, Muscat, Oman

I am a HEAVY PowerPoint user and would love any additional tools to make my presentations better.
- Steve Cain, Batavia, IL, USA

As a Staff Developer, I use every application Microsoft office on a daily basis. In addition to teaching curriculum, teaching teachers how to effectively use technology in the classroom has been my focus this year.
- la Santiago, Niagara Falls, USA

NXPowerlite is an awesome program. As a Presentation Specialist, I use it all the time!!
- Tony Tyner, North Aurora, Illinois, USA

I use a lot of PowerPoint Presentations to reach Air Cadets in the North East and find your free offerings very useful for a voluntary organization such as ours.
- Maureen Ritson, Whitley Bay, England

I used a trial version of this software some time ago and found it to be very useful and easy to use.
- Ross Spiegel, Shelton, USA

I develop PowerPoint presentations for a non-profit organization and the addition of NXPowerlite 3.5 would greatly enhance my ability to communicate in a visually powerful way
- Donald Eilers, Whitehall, USA

I am so happy for being participating. I hope that I win! I am going to twist very much
- Luzia Leiros, Natal, Brazil

As the pastor of a church and an adjunct seminary professor, I am always looking for ways to connect with my audience visually as well as auditorialy.
- Howard Olver, Toronto, Canada

Present better quality presentations
- Lonnie Erwin, Quinlan, Texas, USA

Indezine has provided me with a multitude of positive enhancements for our PowerPoint presentations. I would expect nothing less from the NXPowerLIte 3.5.
- Chris Stunda, New Castle, Indiana, USA

Hi, I'm a pastor at the Opelousas Bible Church, in Opelousas, LA. Since teaching God's Word is an important part of my ministry, I'm always looking for ways to improve my presentations. Thanks for all of your hard work.
- Tony Lanclos, Opelousas, USA

I am a Developmental Reading instructor at CVCC. Incorporated technology into the classroom is the way I use to "hook" these students into increasing their reading skills. I have replaced my chapter introductory lecture to a PPT/lecture and the students love it. I can use all the help I can get to make the PPTs fun and exciting. Winning the prize will benefit students in the college classroom.
- Annis Shields, Hickory, NC USA

This is a must have product for businesses that require sending a lot of large files by email to clients and colleagues. I am one of those people. I only recommend products to my students that use myself and like, and this would be a great asset. I would truly like to try this one.
- Jan Ilacqua, Warrenton, VA, USA

this is a product I could definitely use
- Tara Rose, Acworth, USA

I'm working on getting as Master MOS certification. I'm in the market for anything that might help achieve that goal.
- Melodie Griffiths, Boise, USA

I'm new to this site and haven't had much time to explore, but from what I've seen, you all have got it going on. If I win the prize, I'll use it here at work to make awesome presentations and improve operations in our Office of Institutional Research (the department where I work).
- Joann Whatley, Macon, USA

- Michael Campbell, Parry Sound, Canada

I was really excited when I saw this give away. I am a disabled Veteran that works from home due to chronic small bowel obstructions. A friend asked me to create a presentation for her daughters wedding and I used the backgrounds from the site. The presentation was a hit, and a at home business was born. I still create presentations at not cost for my church and organizations were I volunteer. It's great to be able to work and rest when I need to. Thank You
- Frances, East Stroudsburg, USA

I work in the field of education. This would be a powerful tool to help hold attention and interest!
- Bev McDaniel, Chehalis, USA

NX PowerLite will give melight and power to my grey surfer lifestyle
- Alan Kennedy-Bolam, Pons, France

As a doctoral student I have a need to combine these various software applications. And, since computer science is a long way from my major--nursing--it's important to me to not have to spend time figuring out how to make things work together. I need the applications to work seamlessly and intuitively!
- Kathy Leef, Waukesha, WI, USA

Would use this prize to improve the presentations we do through education at hospice savannah.
- Elaine Schafer, Savannah, USA

I need all the help that I can get to organize and be more efficient in all the paperwork that is required of a Special Education teacher.
- Vicki Curlee, Phoenix City AL 36869, USA

Looks like a product I could really use.
- Dotty Weiner, Hartford, USA

I'm not sure what this is, but it looks like a great program to try!
- Kimberly Carter, Colonial Heights, USA

I am a police instructor and am constantly reviewing, modifying, and updating my materials, which are used with PowerPoint.. To use the same thing all the time gets tedious and boring, especially for the cadets I teach. I'd like something that adds punch to my presentations and brings the point home in a more spectacular way.
- Steve Mc Connico, San Antonio, TX, USA

I email lots of large files and have gotten pretty creative on how to get them to people with email limitations. This seems like it would be just the what the doctor ordered.
- BJ Johnston, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Hi Geetesh, I hope you are doing well. Thanks for all the good things you do for my students and me.
- Don sublet, New Castle, va, USA

I work for a non-profit organization (church) and do an amazing amount of work with Office on a very limited budget, so any opportunity I have to be more productive and create a better finished product is something I am greatly interested in. Thanks for your consideration of me for your giveaway.
- Dean Delzell, Jefferson, USA

Raves...I love to use these templates to keep my presentations upbeat in order to keep the attention of my middle school science students.
- Shannon Balthrop, Wichita, KS, USA

Optimizing my files sounds terrific - do you have anything to optimize ME?
- Alan Eastman, Holladay, USA

A tool that makes MS Office work better is way cool.
- Dan Kuntz, St Joseph, MN, USA

We are putting together a PowerPoint presentation each week for both our traditional and our contemporary (New Connections) services. We are always looking for new innovative products to make our presentations "POP"! Thanks!
- Sharen Carley, Seguin, Texas, USA

You have a great product and my students love it!
- Elaine Hanchett, North Plains, USA

I use Office extensively and provide instruction to all my students on its use and how to improve their efficiency. I would greatly appreciate being able to mention this add-in to all 400 of my students. Thanx for your consideration.
- Michael Barber, Tampa, USA

Need more power point integration with flash player
- Samir Rai, Amritsar, India

Connectivity, professionalism and WOW!
- Matt ingram, Sarasota, USA

I didn't know what this software was. I clicked on the link but it never loaded. I kept trying and still haven't been able to get the link to open.
- Ross Rogers, Kaysville, USA

Anything that optimizes anything to make may day better, I want to win!
- Marla theodoro, Klamath Falls, OR, USA

I am in professor and anything that can help my papers and presentations catch the interest of my audience will definitely be a plus. I am always looking for ways to improve myself. Hope I'm given the chance to experience this. Thank you.
- Walter Lim, Detroit, MI, USA

Thank you
- Michael J. Schubert, Canfield¸ USA

I am a PowerPoint and Excel freak! Anything that makes life easier for me is a top priority. Indezine has the best PowerPoint slides. When I use an Indezine template my audience notices.
- Marie Johnson, Dallas, Texas, USA

I am winner in my soul ! With the NXPowerLite3.5 will be much easier to be a WINER
- Ljiljana Pavlovic, Belgrade, Serbia

Indezine gets the credit for enthusing use of contextually impressive color backgrounds in my presentations. I hope the content of presentations is not eclipsed, though!
- Mukkavilli Bharat Kumar, New Delhi, India

Indezine helped me shine while completing my MBA, and I look forward to "wowing" the crowds in my new career!
- Joy Garscadden, Colorado Springs, USA

Love the way the site stays fresh with new themes!
- Theresa Newsome, Winnie, TX, USA

My son calls me "Hacker Mom"! Who thought such an old dog could learn SO MANY new tricks with her computer! And Indezine encourages me to go one step further
- Ro Wallin, Mahwah,NJ, USA

As a training consultant, I am always seeking out the best methods and software to assist my clients. Only using png formatted graphics and minimizing the number of photos pales in comparasion to actual compression. Great concept and exceptional implementation.
- Robert Land, Robert Land, USA

PowerPoint files taking up too much disk space? Running out of room? Can't squeeze the file in? Get NXPowerLite and compress them! Yet anyone can open them up with only standard Office.
- Mark F. Harris, Philadephia, USA

This would be helpful to me as I need to keep my file size down and yet be able to send my Office documents to my college. I'm taking online college courses and this is crucial. Thanks for a great site! I love it.
- Melissa Kalson, Little Rock, USA

This page it's amazing!!. My Power Point presentations are better and better.
- Gustavo, Sucre, Bolivia

- Mary Joesting, Duluth, USA

We do a lot of PowerPoint presentations for church. The news, prayers, events etc. are run before worship. The preacher uses it for his lessons and we even have our songs up on the screen. We have used some of your backgrounds and love them. We would like to improve the presentation and believe Neuxpower would help.
- Robert, Ridgedale, USA

Thank You
- John J. Jarman, Lynchburg, USA

I am a youth minster and teach classes weekly. Teens are hard to reach. Any tools that make them more intested are a blessing.
- Kevin Ballard, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

I love anything that "optimizes" :)
- Marlene Ashley, Naples, FL, USA

This site is amazing, a lot of new tools every week. If I win I will use it for do a lot of my classes
- Hector Norero Carkovic, Santiago, Chile

Working hard to learn more....need all the techno toys I can get to help out!!!
- Karin Bright, Athens, OH, USA

It's been a long, cold winter here in Ontario & I've spent a lot of time at the computer. That, at least, keeps me warm! It would be great if I could NXPowerLite to make life easier as I work with PowerPoint. Thanks, Tom BTW: When will Spring be here?
- TA Edge, Hamilton, Canada

I would really love to use this add in to make presentations more interesting for my students in my 9th grade Science class!
- Kristen Murosky, Fayetteville, USA

Thanks for the opportunity to win your program. Please tell me more about it.
- John Dalziel, Powell River, BC, Canada

Interested to see what this program offers.
- Pastor Terry Krebs, York, PA, USA

I just started a new business and my goal is to make everything I do for my presentations pop and get sales.
- Paula Mendenhall, Newcastle, USA

Stop the insanity of violence.
- Jeff, Brainerd, USA

Hope I win
- Roderick V. Quibilan, Cabuyao Laguna, Philippines

We offer business solutions to small and medium-sized companies. We don't promote products we are not willing to use and able to see benefit from. Is your product one that we and our clients can benefit from? I'm willing to try it out, if you're willing to offer it.
- Bonnie Stukenholtz-Brown, Sterling, Sterling

Wooh! Such a useful site.
- Harikumar.P, Muscat, Oman

I certainly enjoy all the designs offered by Indezine. I only wish I had the time to really use them all! For that matter, I wish I had the time to really know how to make FULL use of all the features in PowerPoint!! : D
- Choo Heng Yu, Singapore, Singapo

I need all the help I can get
- Paul Chaston, Reading, UK

what ever i thought to say ... will not ecxceeds your competencies of creativity!!
- Isham, Jeddah, SA

NXPowerlite 3.5 will be very helpful to make the presentations more interesting and essential in making some points emphasized especially to doctors like me.
- Judith P. Sanico-Soliano, Manila, Philippines

I have been looking for a program to reduce the size of PowerPoint Presentations. I have had to email Presentations over 200 MB and this is not possible. I have had to break it down and have the other end reassemble the whole product. This would be of great value and didn't even know it was out there. I Want It! I Need It!
- Laurie Lechner, Pembroke Pines, USA

What a gain Get rid of pain My great big files Will go - all smiles!
- Kit Heald, Warrington, UK

NXPowerlite 3.5 would be a wonderful enhancement to my classroom PowerPoint!
- Ronda Eckhart, Hutchinson, MN, USA

I want to get this give away.
- María Fernanda Andrés, Santa Fe, Argentina

Indezine is a wonderful site. As a nontraditional student Indezine has helped me prepare some impressive Power Point presentations that suits my tastes with excellent results. Where others fall short Indezine has much more to offer with ease of use. I recommend Indezine to the student or professional for all their creative needs
- Elizabeth Underwood, Brewton, USA

I'm always having to insert graphics and such into my Word and PowerPoint files. Even with the right sizing feature, I still have huge documents. Please help!!!! This is exactly what I need to become almost as famous as Geetesh!!!!
- David Scammell, Lake Mary, USA

Power Points are my life and you help make me. Larry
- Larry Frick, Prior Lake, USA

As I'm a substitute teacher, I will use them with the classes I teach.
- Leslie Antley, Houston-Texas, USA

This is such a great site! I just discovered it and it is inspiring me to be very creative. And now you are offering me a chance to win exceptional tools. How exciting! Here's hoping I am a winner. Vicki Hicks
- Vicki Hicks, Carmel, Hamilton

i had down loaded templates just for fun, then while going over them in the house found them excellent tools for my new kind of job for i am giving away flyers, doing power point presentation constantly, after the download i was able to have great formats for: 1. Brochures 2. Flyers 3. Power Point Presentations 4. Certificate formates by adding some pictures logo pictures, remove what's not applicable and add what is required. to the men and women of indezine THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
- Alfredo Lacsi, #118 Sector\"C\", Street 38, Shuwaik Ind. Area, State of Kuwait

I use MS Office to create and display projects for the church I attend. We are a small church and all software and equipment used belongs to the user so this would be a blessing. Thanks!
- Barbara Davenport, Kelso, USA

I'm student that have to use your product a lot
- Yosi Talyosef, Ramat Gan, Israel

- Don Arambulo, Quezon, Philippines

it will be a great tool for me everytime I make a PowerPoint presentation
- Rromeo Odcheo, Baguio City, Philippines

Since all I use is Microsoft Office, I strongly feel that this add-in will provide me with a real advantage over my "competition". My presentations are clearly better thanks to Indezine, maybe the rest can improve too.
- Iustin Ivanescu, Botosani, Romania

Using NXPowerLite makes what was complicated easy.
- Mike Nicholes, Columbus, USA

Smaller files equal better portability.
- David Rostoker, Maple, Canada

What a wonderfull site, Indezine has made my presentations world class
- Joe Quinnell, Shepparton, Australia

hola he participado varias veces y naaaaaaaada a ver sie esta vez me gano algo ... karla
- Karla, Maracaibo, Enezula

Indezine is one of the finest sites for help in PowerPoint
- Idalia Vassallo, San Juan, Puerto Rico

I am working on my PhD and still working full time at one job and part time at another. I would love this new option to help me look like I am still staying on top of the PowerPoint world.
- Yvonne Alles, Byron Center, MI, USA

Great product - have used an earlier version
- Bob Steele, Hamilton, New Zealand

I have found some of the most beautiful PowerPoint templates on this site. They really add life to my presentations
- Chris Raehan, Jakarta, Indonesia

I have to make medical training presentations that are peppered with heavy images, which bloats up the ppt. I am looking forward to see how this add-in (NX Powerlite) helps me.
- Dr Jayesh Jani, Pune, India

I use this at work, and it is fabulous. I would LOVE to have a copy for my home computer.
- Niki Maas, Mesquite, USA

As a teacher the site is the best I use and recommend to students and peers alike, this software would greatly support my high expenditures on my students and allow me to serve them more efficiently.
- LorraineWilliams -Clark, Sidney Center, USA

I would like to get more medical related power point
- Golam Sarwar, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In-de-zine you'll find incredible ideas, inspirational insightful and in-depth introductions that will increase your innovation and imagination. NXPowerLite - from Big and bloated to small and beautifully formed.
- Christian Beasley, Cowes, England

A survivor of Hurricane Katrina trying to improve instruction at my campus. Please help!
- Shari McMahon, McHenry, USA

if i win i will help my kids on toastmaster program to do their speeches. they can also use it in their class
- Rachel, toronto, canada

This site do not only give us the opportunity to be creative on presentations we do all around. It has a significant portion on won business
- Marcos A F Bonfim, Campinas, Brazil

Pick me
- Robbie Randall, Richmond, USA

I work across the Auckland Region promoting sustainability - this includes greening the rugby world cup, trialling electric vehicles and working with the community.
- Paul Chambers, Auckland, New Zealand

Really very useful
- Solomon Jebaraj.S, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Very informative site for obtaining ppt ideas, templates and for receiving up to date information.
- james westbrook, Kansas City Mo, USA

So now, there is another chance for us, the humble workers in the world of texts and images, of music and shows (slideshows, of course), to touch or better said, to "smell" something good! Because the flavor of a good software will never cease to attract us, the average humble "bees" that work hard in the field of "presentations sweet as honey". That's why, when I put together my ideas, my music and my software, my work seems to be like a nice, well-cooked cake. And because I like the cake, I enjoy working even more. Adding NXPowerLite to my working tools, would be like adding the sugar glaze to my cake. So, that's the reason why my life at work and everything I "cook" in the office would be more, more sweeter if I win! Have a nice, sweet day!
- Mihaela GOJ, Kansas City Mo, USA

I always look forward to getting your email. It's like getting a treat! I am continually upgrading my PowerPoints to ensue the templates are new and exciting for my post-secondary students. Having this program would certainly assist in emailing my lessons to limited space mailboxes. Thanks in advance!!!
- Rjoubert, Vancouver, Canada

- Graham Hill, Hamilton, New Zealand

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The ZIP file that you will download contains five Night Sky Starlit Backgrounds in three resolutions: Full Size: 4000x2250 pixels (16:9), Widescreen Size: 1365x768 pixels (16:9), and Standard Size: 1024x768 (4:3). Also included are five PowerPoint Presentations with Night Sky Starlit Backgrounds, set to work with the Morph transition. Yes, these background designs can also animate between slides using PowerPoint's Morph transition.

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