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Winning Entries

I have been loving Indezine PP templates for over 3 years now. At the time I stumbled upon them I was looking for nicer templates to use while teaching multicultural lessons. Recently I created an informative PP over our new positive behavior system we are incorporating into our middle school, and the Power Point will be shown to parents during open house. If I won the Snaglt 9, I would incorporate it into my classroom and have students imaginations run free on all the different possibilities that could be created. This would be an awesome way to incorporate more technology into the classroom!
- Tracy Carter, Rogers, USA

As a curriculum specialist in an elementary school I often do presentations for my teachers. I also prepare lessons for students in grades 1-5. I get tired of seeing the same old backgrounds...and I know everyone else does, too. As an elementary teacher, my salary only stretches so far, so I do not consider purchase templates as a necessity. Having more temeplates would add some pizazz to my presentations and lessons. Thanks for the opportunity!
- Patricia Tucker, Gainesville, USA

How exciting! Indezine always has the best presentation ideas and giveaways! I love SnagIt! I used SnagIt 6 for years creating technology training documents for teachers. I lost the software when I changed jobs. Now, I have a new group of teachers to train, and I could really use SnagIt's help again.
- Sarah Fleeman, Rolling Fork, USA

You have a very good website. Very informative specially with the PPT tips and tutorial lessons. I enjoy reading your newsletter, learning from your tips and tutorials and getting new templates that are useful for all sorts of presentations. More power to you.
- Anne Mapa, Quezon City, Philippines

"It would be great if you could know what your audience was thinking before you begin your presentation this way you could save a lot of time working your presentations , but as the things are at this point you need to have the best tools available in order to cover the maximus possiblitites of reaching your audience. Snalglt 9 sounds like a very nice chance to achive this goal the same way that your site has been helping me for tha past months."
- Jaime Gonzalez, Monterrey, Mexico

Thanks for all the interesting and informational things you do with this site. It's appreciated.
- Chelsea, Lindenwold, USA

Indezine has the most innovative set of design templates I have seen online.. I used to be really frustrated with the redundancy that the standard templates showed and one day I stumbled upon Indezine. It hasn't been the same ever since. It's not like I do a whole lot of presentations but this is my one stop shop for templates. Thanks Indezine!
- Ayan Daftari, Kansas City, USA

Your site is filled with such great ideas and tips that I use constantly in my workshops. I train and advise teachers of adult basic education classes about integrating technology. It is important to me to keep the presentations visually entertaiing as well as providing content. Your templates are extremely well done, pleasing to the eye, yet not distracting. I really love the origami collection and would be thrilled to use them in my workshops. and, of course, to share this resource with them.
- Patty Ball, Lynn, USA

My co-workers love SnagIt! One person even stated that it is the best technology investment he has made. He might have been using Crayons still. Either way, it will be a very useful program for me. I do frequent presentations for Johnson & Johnson. I get very tired of the "canned" backgrounds and graphics that most people use.
- Chris Pridmore, Rochester, USA

I am a middle school teacher and could very much utilize the program as I prepare my lessons and for my students to prepare their projects. Allowing students to use various programs to create projects is a big part of my classroom. This program is very powerful and could greatly enhance the projects and products they create, thus increasing their enthusiasm for learning and their success. I look forward to hearing I am a winner of your wonderful product for my students!
- Lynn Bachellor, Tomball, USA

This is a great site to learn the ins and outs of computer graphics. I teach computer applications to a group of seniors, the SnagIt product will be used to help me develop better handouts for their use. Keep up the good work. I've been a subscriber to since the very that time, I've learned so much. Thank you.
- Ian Turner, Courtice, Canada

PowerPoint for Dummies let me give the hat to someone else! Respect!
- June Alexander, Ipswich, UK

I often need ot take screen shots at work -SnagIt 9 will make it easier to take screen shots. I look forward to using it
- Cathy Doran, Sydney , Australia

"I'm the principal of a high school of 1127 teen-agers who are more tech savvy than I, so my presentations have to look cutting-edge."
- Janet Granada, Nicholasville, USA

Fantastic tool. Will make life on the net so much more exciting
- Satinder, Chandigarh, India

Indezine has been very creative in its approach of creating templates for the faculties and business professionals.
- Rao, Hyderabad, India

"Hi, I remember the time when I was working on this report in a PPT format that could either make or break my career. My report was on the BPO & KPO Industry and called "A Hitchhikers Guide to the BPO & KPO Industry in India". I was actually frustrated because I couldn't find that perfect background for my report. That's when I came across Indezine. And guess what, I was felicitated with an award for being the youngest (23 Years) to join the Senior Management Team in my organisation. My Bosses were super-impressed! All I can say is THANKS INDEZINE... You're simply fab!!!"
- Valini Dsouza, Mumbai, India

This looks like the perfect solution to explaining maths on-line. I will be able to prepare step by step solutions on a graphics tablet ... the distance learning students will love it.
- Carol Gibbons, Glasgow, UK

Like the site. Keep it up!
- Jan Yoder, Goshen, USA

Nothing can sell an idea faster than a good template to put the idea on
- Peter Birchenall, Athens, USA

"I've beem a SnagIt user for years. I do many PPT presentations that uses graphics and text from other sources. This is a great product. Recently, I shared SnagIt with the university class that I taught this summer and several students used SnagIt for their required PPT presentations."
- Joe, Newbury Park, USA

SnagIt would be a tremendous asset for teaching my class of 120 students bioinformatics. I have to demonstrate a considerable number of web-based applications and this software would allow me to copy the information screens and manipulate them for the students. It would also be a great demonstration for the students who would then use the software. It would also be valuable to demonstrate its use to other faculty for preparing teaching PowerPoint graphics.
- Michael Barber, Tampa, USA

This would be great to use for work and for the Sunday School class I teach.
- David Barker, Covington, Ga

I love forward to the Indezine emails. They are just like opening a Christmas package-they have so many wonderful little gifts inside! Thanks
- Sharon Proctor, Vidalia, USA

"I like PowerPoint templates design by Indezine because it is fresh, up todate and beautiful."
- Shukri, Sg Petani, Malaysia

Hello from the Philippines! I am a teacher and this gift will be a great source of enrichment for my students. I use presentations a lot in my teaching and my students have been inspired to do their own presentations. Thanks for this rare chance!
- Letty Martin, Noveleta, Philippines

Great program! Extremely useful for training events.
- Bob Land, Denver, USA

This would enable me to insert todays events into the PPT
- Gerald Beckham, Porter, USA

This site has helped me a lot for my university presentations. I am now doing an MSc in pathology and this site gives the perfect slides for the ultimate presentations. One must not forget that a presentation needs to get the attention of all the viewers and using the templates assures that the viewers do not get bored out. Thanks a lot for the work.
- Kevin Vella, Fgura, Malta

"TechSmith makes the best products on the planet for PCs...Camtasia is fantastic, but they better get the mac version out before someone else does!"
- Hero Jig, Kathmandu, Nepal

My husband and I are working with educators on brain-based teaching and are continuously modifying and demonstrating how PowerPoint presentations can be a phenomenal tool in addressing the need for visual supports in the classroom. We work with educators at all levels. We strive to continuously hone our own skills in effective presentations to model best practice teacing.
- Nancy Baethke, Indianola, USA

"Using the SnagIt from quite some time and its been a wonderful experience for me by having this tool it made life easier in preparing the technical stuff, specially helps me out in making the presentations "
- AUSAf Ahmad, Karachi, Pakistan

"As a high school language teacher, I look forward to all of the amazing possibilities in creative, contemporary presentation of some standard information. I want to WOW my students!"
- Ines Suit, New Iberia, USA

I am a self taught PowerPoint tech who is very slow at creating PowerPoint creations. I would absolutely love Snaglt 9 to help my creativity flow and increase my potential.
- Michelle Rodgers, Bli Bli, Australia

The Indezine site helps me alot with my work and I want to snag a SnagIt 9!
- Donna Castellani, Vilonia, USA

Would love to have this program. It would help me greatly in my business.
- John M Novar, Pinecrest, USA

Indezine has helped me in my personal life as well as my professional life for many years. Keep up the good work! Thank you.
- Theresa Vermillion, Lothian, USA

"I have used this program in a class I took for teacher certification, and it is a PHENOMINAL program!!! If I win the copy of SnagIt 9, I plan to use it in my elementary classroom for my newsletter, bulletin board, and class projects. Imagine how much more fun and interesting learning can be when kids see themselves participating and see learning taking place with pictures of themselves and friends! It would certainly bring another dynamic to my classrom, and it would help make my classrom an even more realistic, tangible learning environment!"
- Kiimberly Breitenbach, Tampa, USA

I just want to win a free copy of SnagIt.
- Glenn Hamer, Mitchell, USA

"SnagIt is the single best utility program, period. If I can win a copy, I will be the happiest guy I know. I can legally use it professionally and privately to capture materials online and edit them as needed. Here's hoping I can win!!!!"
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

"I enjoy looking at the site to see what new things are out there. Even though PPT is a program that has been around for years, there are still many innovations that people come up with. Thank you for the site and for keeping this program refreshed and renewed!"
- Patty Yoder, Goshen, USA

Life goes fast
- Scott Lamb, Atlanta, USA

"I love Indezine! I have visited this site for several years, and decided that becoming a member would be a great investment! "
- Sharen Michalec, Bear, USA

"Indezine has been a great place for ideas and resources for communication. It is so much easier to get the point across with good graphics. As part of ministry to teens, good presentation is essential. SnagIt should help in making that possible."
- Richard Stum, Columbia, USA

Indezine's website rocks! The material you offer makes it possible for me to put out some rocking PowerPoint presentations...keep up the great work!
- Mark Carter, Columbus, USA

I LOVE SnagIt 8 and using it to quickly create swfs for my PPT presentations. Can't wait to try SnagIt 9s new features (especially being able to combine multiple images and quickly find images in the new library) And you can quote me!
- Holly Rogers, Schaumburg, USA

I've used older versions of Snag it in the past. It's absolutely amazing. Love it.
- Vincent Hill, Prince Albert, Canada

"Since I work with teachers, I am ALWAYS looking for good software and sites that can offer them a lot without costing them a lot. I always include Indezine's web site on my "list" of great resources!"
- Susan Dubose, Tallassee, USA

I could use this program to my lessons more interesting for my students.
- Kristen Murosky, Meadville, USA then I can blame any copyright infringement on Ted?
- A James, Winter Haven, USA

As a teacher in a K-12 small public school my students and I often have the need for a program like SnagIt. SnagIt and the continued help and ideas recieved from Indezine will improve our PowerPoint presentations. Thank you!
- Robert Mccandless, Haugan, USA

I teach computer applications to staff and students. My demonstrations could be left on the server or school website for future use by all.
- Michele Thomas, Lansing, USA

I would like to win this give away because I have recently returned to scholl to pursue a bachelors degree. I have to make alot of presentations and believe this program would enhance anything I put together. I have used this site for many of my projescts and have always ended up wit h a top grade.
- Michelle Dukes, Arlington, USA

"I'm a high school AP history teacher. This program would be an awesome way to present material in class. Thanks for providing the free samples. Since we don't have money to purchase templates for school, the free ones do add a visual break from the standard templates. Thanks again."
- Connie Hudgeons, Albuquerque, USA

I am a professor in university. I need a fancy tool to record my lecture and share them with others.
- Naizheng Bian, San Jose, USA

Looking forward to using SnagIt! I am new to the site but it has some valuable information that is very useful to me in my work.
- Mary Vaughn, Starkville, USA

"I put together a weekly PowerPoint presentation for our local church, teach fire, ems, and law enforcement personnel in several different things including Hazardous materials, response to terrorism, first aid, and other basic skills. I put together a lot of my own presentations. SnagIt 9 would help me greatly in making these presentations come alive. One of the things I hate when presenters put you to slepp. I try very hard not to do that by making my presentations interesting and have current things including photos and videos in them."
- Doug Cummins, Mcminnville, USA

"SnagIt is fantastic - I've used older versions to create many many training illustrations / step-by-step "how to's" for my customer base -- and I always get a consistent -- "Wow, that's exactly what I needed to figure out how to do that process!""
- Ian Moore, Toronto, Canada

Indezine is responsible for the high grade point average I have achieved in a doctoral program - my presentations ALWAYS look great!
- Scott Musgrove, West Hollywood, USA

I would love to have a copy of SnagIt. My mom and dad say it's one of the best programs that they have!
- Cassandra Good, Colorado Springs, USA

This sounds like an awesome alternative to doing a print screen and then using paint in order to capture pages of work for emailing and creating samples for your portfolio!
- Catherine Vigna, Hughenden, Canada

I can think of many instances where I could use this program! Thank you for giving me an opportunity to have it.
- Charlene Callicoat, Chandler, USA

Indezine Rocks!
- Wayne Watkins, Torrance, USA

"As an educator, I think this product is genius!"
- John Zortman, Henderson, USA

"I work for a nature center, a non-profit organization, so your templates and how-to articles really help me improve my presentations. Thanks for all your help."
- Ken Elkins, Milford, USA

"I have SnagIt on my computer at work and use it numerous times each day, so I know how wonderful it is!! After work, I do the A/V for our church's praise team. Having SnagIt would save me so much time in capturing graphics and help me our visuals to another level!"
- Karen Depagter, Tampa, USA

This utility will let me save a snapshot of the screen and export it into other applications.
- Edi R. Shivaji, Fairfield, USA

Sounds cool - looking forward to testing it.
- Michael Albert, Redondo Beach, USA

I gather research on many topics from crafts and recipes to business related issues and I use Adobe Acrobat but I believe that the SnagIt footprint would be much smaller. Some of the people in our department use SnagIt and we have a limited supply of licenses... I am not one of the lucky persons. However if I can use it legitimately (seriously they brag about it but I've not tried it) I am in a good position to promote purchase of more licenses... I have been an influence on a few software purchases in the past 5 years. Thank you for your consideration.
- Laurie Kenely, Garland, USA

Indezine has provided me with insight and resources to make our presentations more interesting and exciting. People pay attention.
- Jack Goldberger, Bettendorf, USA

"This appears to be a unique and valuable tool, I'd like t have it in my tool kit"
- Vince, Milton, Canada

"Indezine has taught me how to use Powerpoint effectively. Since then my presentations are so good, they have bagged impossible projects for my company."
- Ramdas Joshi, Satara, India

"As a Content Editor and trainer, I could really use an improved tool to do screen captures. I'm grateful for this opportunity, and I respectfully request consideration. Thank you."
- Geoff Lilley, Sacramento, USA

I think it will very good gift to my birthday
- Bassem Iskandar, Cairo, Egypt

"I hope I win the giveaway, and good luck with your software!! I will starve a monkey and stuff a bannana up an elephants but to win this prize!!! When I get this software, I will take a screenshot of my desktop and edit it to look like Eddie Murphy with a mustache!!! YEAAAH BOY!!! I BETTER WIN!!! PLEAASSSSEEE!!!"
- Pranav Gandhi, Cary, USA

I will use Snaglt 8 in my ministry to share with others.
- Jerry Bryant, Jacksonville, USA

Indezine is great. I am working on my BSN and I could not do it without Indezine and their designs. I create drop-dead presentations. Thank you Indezine.
- Raecine Chaney, Lakewood, USA

"Indezine provides exciting Power Point programs, and every time a new program is made available."
- G Dinkar Rao, Mumbai, India

I would love to get this as an update. I don't have it on my home computer.
- Ross Rogers, Salt Lake City, USA

I have used many of Indezine's materials to teach my computer and information literacy classes and to help students with presentations in business communications. I am always open to new ideas and new ways if doing things.
- Karen Messina, New Windsor, USA

I can always find a new message to save to my PowerPoint solutions manual. Every issue is awesome.
- Otto Santos, Naples, USA

"They're seniors living in subsidized housing and they like to use their computers to communicate with their grandchildren across the country. I teach them (free of charge) to set up and use email, Word and Excel. Now they are learning to use PowerPoint to send creative and funny messages to family and friends. This brings them alive and they love sharing the visuals they collect. SnagIt would help me help them. Blessings and joy."
- Marilyn Alexander, Vancouver, Canada

I am the family historian. Our oldest relative is my 104 year old grandma. I will use this to enahce the DVD slideshows I make to commerate family events. Just made a GREAT one for June 7th when Granny celebrated her 104th. There were tears and cheers at that party you would not believe!
- Roynita Britton, Saint Louis, USA

"To organize my life -- home, work, children's schoolwork, etc."
- Carl Meyer, Norman, USA

i would like to win this as i like to play with new programs as i never have enough money the buy full programs and just have trail versions thanks mark.
- Mark Tilney, London, England

This would be a big help with the church PowerPoints and graphics that we are being asked to do.
- Trish Harrison, Fredericksburg, USA

"I use Indezine a lot and putting it together with SnagIt 9, which I also use for each presentation would the ultimate in PowerPoint presentations "
- Jerry Weedon, Lafayette, USA

Seems like a cool program.
- Theresa Newsome, Winnie, USA

"The Power of the Point! "Get the Point" You too can be the point man to newer, more creative presentations. The point is INDEZINE!"
- Jeffrey Freeman, Hagerstown, USA

I am excited to find this site and think there will be many opportunities to use it in my classroom.
- Melanie Langdon, Newport News, USA

We'll be using Snag-it for some materials we are developing for community outreach. Thanks a lot!.
- Ron Horner, Wilson, USA

"I'd love to have the new SnagIt 9. I'm a computer specialist at a school for handicapped children. Most of the devices they use to learn on the computer are fairly complex to learn, and SnagIt would be great to help the teachers and parents learn how to use the devices and software. The new features in SnagIt 9 are awesome!"
- Karen Lewis, "Las Vegas,", USA

"Wowee, I use SnagIt multiple times a day, every day. I would give up many other pieces of software, but never ever SnagIt. It just keeps getting better and better with each version. I can't wait to see what is new in version 9. Indezine is so cool for having such neat prizes. Thank you, you're the best."
- Niki Maas, Mesquite, USA

SnagIt 8 has been a lifesaver for me. I use it in our EOC to copy wildfire maps to situation reports. It has given us a whole element that we just never had. Thanks so much.
- Murray Sanders, Regina, Canada

I'm a multimedia geek and woud put this product to good use.
- James.Pallotti, Corpus Christi, USA

"I've been a fan of SnagIt - and I've shared it with many of my friends and business associates - right now I'm using SnagIt7, what a versitle tool!"
- John Hall, Durham, USA

"SnagIt is my favorite program of all. I use it constantly. I am a teacher in a health information technology program. My lessons are very image intensive. Without SnagIt, I wouldn't look half as good as I do! Thank you so much for this great, great program."
- Rani Stoddard, Winnetka, USA

"I have seen a demonstration of all that SnagIt can do, and would love to have a copy. I do many presentations to groups involving use of the internet, and it would be wonderful to be able to use this program in preparing those presentations. Thank you for the opportunity to win!"
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA

I teach children with special needs and seeing the looks on their faces when I put up my PowerPoints is enough to keep me going. Thanks Indezine!!
- Rita Debono, Attard, Malta

Indezine is a great way to stay on top of all the cutting edge developments in the e-presentation arena. Thanks!
- Patrick Browne, Fairfax, USA

As a law enforcement instructor I intend to use this program to produce more effective presentations for training.
- Fred J Thompson, Henderson, USA

"This is such a great site! I refer to it so many times. As an educator of teachers in a large school district, I am so often preparing documents and pesentations with a high quality standard. I so often use "Print Screen" and the Paint program to capture my screen. I am curious about SnagIt."
- Sister Edward Quinn, Philadelphia, USA

"If I receive this, it will be used for our church where I do the PowerPoint and other designs. We are a small church that is on a very limited budget and appreciate all the tech helps we can get."
- Saleen Lemponen, Mentor, USA

I am ready to learn something new. I would like to up date my web site to make it look more professional hopefully using sngit 9. Thanks TechSmith
- Diane Edwards, Fredericksburg, USA

I would like to have it to use for my church. Some of my free downloads won't let us print the item. It would be wonderful to share this feature with our church.
- Mike Mueller, Cincinnati, USA

"I use to have a video editing program that went sour along with my computer and I lost everything as far as editing goes. This would be amazing to be able to win this program, I have 3 children who are rapidly growing and friends that I would love to capture and go back to so I can remember the good ol' times. Plus I run PowerPoint at my local church and it would be great to have this. This website has been a life saver, and has had an incredible amount of templates to download. My pastor keeps asking me, "Where do get these from?" Thanks again!"
- Barbara Martineau, Groton, USA

"If I'm lucky enough to win, this would be a great resource for me to use in my new position as Tech Facilitator. I could snag my screen for use in professional development."
- Deborah Goodman, Edenton, USA

There are so many great items on this site and whats so amazing is they are free. Thanks a million.
- Annette Rae, Cumbernauld, UK

"Libraries have been around since Greek and Roman times. In those days, books were highly prized as treasures, as it took an exceptionally long time for them to be made. The rich and the nobility would almost certainly have their own personal cache of books, but for the rest of the people, their local library was the place to go if you wanted to learn and read. The only trouble with all this information is that it can take a large amount of space to store it. Take, for example, the library at Glasgow University which has seven floors on which it stores its books. Before this new facility was created, the weight of the books was so immense that the floors bent in a concave fashion. This is an extremely large amount of space for a library, which is why people all over the world have been looking for new ways with which to store their infomation. Microchip technology nowadays is fast advancing, with designs becoming smaller all the time. This has allowed for vast advances in the computer, CD-ROM, television and video industries, and it is on these industries that the weight of this problem falls, but are they an attractive enough alternative to paper and ink?"
- David Goodall, Portland, USA

"I would use this for the church to help motivate, win people for the Lord."
- Nicole Roop, Titusville, USA

"Thank you for such powerful designs, they are fantabulous!"
- Fred Atkinson, Cheraw, USA

- Cristian Ferney Caballero, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Nice site well laid out and very useful. I have made UNIQUE presentations with the help of this site. Keep up the good work!
- Rajesh T Eapen, Munnar, India

With a program like this I can continue to learn new things and how to make my projects look good.
- Rosemary, Selma, USA

"I am a 55 year old university professor that has just entered the world of technology, and love it. Anything that can help me get my feet wet is more than welcomed."
- Nilda Valdez, San Salvador, El Salvador

"Its on my screen, why can't I save it? Tired of websites that won't let you save what's on your screen? Or they pretend to, but lose a lot in the process? SnagIt is your solution. Only $49.95 and screen capture problems are history."
- Mark Harris, Philadelphia, USA

This is a fabulous sitee to find the right stuff to make you look good!
- Donna Sutton, Rowlett, USA

Great newsletter! Keep up the great work!
- Doug Orwig, Pekin, USA

"If I win it, it will help me in school"
- Rebecca, Toronto, Canada

"This is an awesome feature to have. What a time saver, and incredible application."
- Bonita Cox, Cypress, USA

"I could really use the SnagIt 9 program. It would be a great help in creating PowerPoint presentations. By the way, I *love* Indezine!"
- Lloyce Nelson, Columbia, USA

"The thought of possibly winning thrill me to no end. I use PowerPoint presentations for our school district all the time, and being able to use anything ready-made and easy to use will make my job easier. Keep up the great work!"
- Alma, Laredo, USA

The U.S. Olympic Team is representative of over 50% of all other Olympic Teams.
- Joy, Reynoldsburg, USA

SnagIt to BagIt! Can't surf without It!
- Kim O'Donnell, Noosaville, Australia

"I'd love to win SnagIt 9, a solid robust product. I'd use it for screen capture."
- Bill Brae, Toronto, Canada

- Tabish Mukhtar, Fairfax, USA

I dont know what anyone could write here other than I will use the software to capture images from my monitor. If possible I would like to capture some breathtaking scenes as I play games.
- Subhabrata Bose, Gurgaon, India

I am a high school Chemistry Teacher and with the snag it program I would be able to capture diagrams of models from different web pages modify them for my lesson plan and use them in my lectures.
- Rick, Phoenix, USA

How can I explain to my class the difference between an earthquake and a Tzunami? Snag-it from the web.
- David Guy, Rehovot, Israel

Thank you
- Eitan, Telaviv, Israel

"I am always writing tuts and forever cropping screen images etc, this would make life so much easier, by saving my precious time to spend on more important things"
- Sue, Brisbane, Australia

"Hi Geetesh, I just love your site, thanks for sharing! Here is an acrostic for Indezine: In information and PPT technology - No one is more - Deep minded and kind than - Engineer Geetesh Bajaj with - Zero faults on delivering - Indezine every few days for - Njoyi'ng of us all. - Gracias!"
- César, Aguascalientes, Mexico

I will use this prize to build learning objects for college students. We have a limited number of resources given to teachers at our college; this would really help!
- Gillian Flockhart, Dundee, UK

i would like to use the giveaway to prepare a slide for my mum's birthday
- Jenarthanan, Ipoh, Malaysia

- Dario Acosta, Mexico City, Mexico

"my life is boring now! I need smt to color it! maybe it is you, SnagIt 9!"
- Do Tien Vinh, Hanoi, Vietnam

ooh !excellent! like a blue a piece of a sky!
- Marjan, Tehran, Iran

Need a good screen capture program that is efficient and functional. Not satisfied with what I have tried so far.
- Joe Wells, Mashpee, USA

As an educator I am always looking for something I can use in my classroom in order to enhance my teaching and make students pay attention and get motivated.
- Robert Condoretti, Lakewood, USA

"Indezine has helped me a long way in making my points truly "PowerPoints". Way to go guys!!"
- Rajesh Nanda, Bangalore, India

"Have been using SnagIt for the past five years. The user interface is very intuitive and quite powerful. I no longer remember what tool I used to cut and paste articles or pictures I want to save. I no longer have to do "print screen" in the old Windows days. I store and organize my clippings on hard disk. Perhaps TechSmith can offer an extension to SnagIt to create "tags" for clips in the catalogue to better organize my stuff."
- Edgarm, Paterson, USA

Thank you for this offer.
- Mahmoud Mohammad Almarsafawy, Alexandria, Egypt

it will be help full for me if i can get this cutting edge because as i am doing research i can directly copy and present good pictures for my presentations.
- Nishanth, Mysore, India

I downloaded the free trial of SnagIt after seeing a colleague use it. It was awesome. It made putting multiple choice slides into my PowerPoints a piece of cake. I can then use these slides with my qwizdom remotes.
- Donna Champagne, New Iberia, USA

"Thanks for this chance to get a nice, useful product - I use an older version now...but this looks SWEET!"
- Donna Lotzer, Madison, USA

THis program would offer alot of new possibilities for me to expand my creativity. I'm at a point in my life where I really want to tap into the creative side of me which is what truly makes me happiest.
- Nancy Person, Randolph, USA

"This site is my window to the design world, it saves innumerable hours of effort by offering design options and templates. I cannot live without SnagIt I've tried just about every freeware offering out there and nothing compares. I would really love to be able to deliver recorded presentations to my clients!"
- Stuart O'Brien, Chicago, USA

wunderbares programm!
- Mertens, Hennef, Germany

SnagIt will enable me to prepare more attractive and illustrative projects and presentations for my college work. I will be able to impress my classmates and teachers and also gain more marks. I also plan to use it at my workplace once I start working. SnagIt is a really innovative and useful product for those who know only basic computers but want to do great things with it.
- Miss Fleur Dsouza, Mumbai, India

I use the templates on this website for our church presentations. Our congregation absolutely adores your backgrounds.
- John Eusebio, Rosemead, USA

"I want a copy of SnagIt 9. Regards, Fer"
- María Fernanda Andrés, Santa Fe, Argentina

"I am responsible for not only teaching presentation specifics to adults and high school students, but also assisting and managing the development of presentations for my Director, Dean of Students and others in administration of our school. Your site and free offerings have been important in the workshop/training presentations that have been shown to Maine State Department of Education, other areas schools and especially large corporations in our area. I thank you for your site and ideas."
- Valerie Clapp, Bangor Maine, USA

"I teach Media Production at a K-12 school. A product like SnagIt is invaluable in helping to develop curriculum as well as having students learn how to use it for their media production. I consider an application like SnagIt part of the 21st Century skills we're trying to impart to students; that is, utilizing all sorts of tools for communication."
- Nicki, Dana Point, USA

"Every little bit of choice that I have (types of backgrounds, templates, etc.) helps me be more creative about the presentations that I develop. That edge of creativity can make or break my delivery. A presentation that I have developed that feels vibrant and alive will come off that way. And in the field in which I work, this really matters. I am working with states to help prevent child abuse and neglect, and my presentations need to be very communicative in order to be persuasive."
- Martha Reeder, Little Rock, USA

Any tool that is useful for generating training materials is the tool for me.
- Ron Havener, Davidson, USA

This site is awesome... It makes you a part of the changing and improvement in technology.
- Melissa Lorenzo, Philadelphia, USA

Great site!
- Annette Cosentino, Fresno, USA

"I love Indezine. Not only does it inable me to develop good looking presentations, but it also introduces me to some great tools and resources. SnagIt is one of them. I have used it in the past and it is fabulous and so easy to use. Better than any other screen capture software I have used."
- Marilyn Haynes, Brisbane, Australia

"OOOH! I want, I want, I want. Pick me, me, me!!! I teach biology and love technology. I'm never happy with plain old microsoft offered templates and backgrounds. I have to make my own. Can't afford cool software on a teacher's salary, but would love to own illustrator and even make my own this would be a step in the right direction. Help me out...pick me, pick me, pick me;-)"
- Andrea Stonebraker, Coatesville, USA

"Indezine makes great slides! I even recommended it to my sister, who is Singapore-based, when she was making a presentation for their company's top brass! She liked it, and was contented!!!"
- Miladee N Azur, Legazpi City, Philippines

"I know that there are many deserving people to whom you could gift with your Snaglt 9. I would humbly and respectfuly request that you would consider me to be one of these deserving individuals. I have served in non profit organizations for over twenty five years in order to enrich the lives of the less fortunate. Many times I have done so out of my own pocket entering thoUSAnds of dollars into personal debt to do so, yet each time I have found in the end to lack for nothing. God is so good. At present I am placed into a posistion were I am entrusted to learn and develope a "Multi-Media" Course of Study to assist a Non Profit College and I am doing so on a "Gratis Basis" once again (although I support a family of four )because I feel that for the good of many it is the right thing for me to do. I hope that you might feel that it would be the right thing to do to allow me to be one of the five that would recieve a copy of your Snaglt 9 as in doing so it would not merly bless me but your generous gift would be recipricated many times over in USAge to educate, enrich, and enhance the lives of vitualy countless others."
- Pastor David Lion, Clermont, USA

Powerful and easy to use screen capture software. I wanna SnagIt!
- Joanne Tan, Singapore, Singapore

"Elementary teachers are all about free, because we pay for most of our supplies our own bad selves. I don't know exactly what I would do with this software, but I sure would have fun trying it!!"
- Sami Welch, Fort Smith, USA

"I have an old version SnatIt, and really need the upgrade - please!!! That way I can use some of the wonderful new features in my training delivery."
- Barbara, Auckland, New Zealand

This is just a really great looking program. It is so much easier than using the print screen on the keyboard. This would make so many thing to be done so much easier.
- Louis Bate, St. Albert, Canada

Indezine is an excellent paltform for where we can get all required stuff under one roof.
- Sunil Verma, Sonepat, India

SnagIt is cool. I can use it to capture screenshots and edit images. It makes my work easier!
- Tessa Koh, Singapore, Singapore

"Its great to ba a part of Indezine family, I have benifited a lot being a part of it."
- Swapnil S Ghatge, Mumbai, India

Indezine is helping me a lot in making my presentations easily.
- Dr.Ranganath, Hyderabad, India

"as an occupational health nurse,one of out thrust is health education. my role is to ensure employees are aware and educated of all preventive medical informations. as such i am always designing health education materials in PowerPoint and newsletter...this will help me much better to simplify may preparation. in addition, i will be able to mentor other nurses on how to make faster all materials in PowerPoint and in newsletter."
- Hedylisa Carinugan, Gen. Trias Cavite, Philippines

I want to win this program.
- Sultan Mazrooei, Rak, UAE

"I am proud to be member of Indezine. This sites gives a lots of Innovation knowledge to do more innovative work. I prefer this site to everyone, who works in 3d, PowerPoint or etc."
- Pooja Singh, Noida, India

I would be glad to work with this program.
- Jordanka Hristova Dimitrova, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

Thanks for sharing your website and vast knowledge -
- Devin Kane, St. Petersburg, USA

This site is magnificient as it offers a lot as in form of assistance and guidance! Oh life has changed a lot with Indezine
- Abdul Ali Abba, Dar Es Salam, Tanzania

"SnagIt has been used by my colleagues, who are all trainers, for a long while now and they are able to use it excellently in the preparation of their manuals. It is so easy and practical to use. Please let me have one as well! thank you very much. When designing manuals, it is a lifesaver! Please please"
- Ursula Nieuwoudt, Oranjemund, Namibia

"This website always gives the most useful information on new products, tips to improve your presentations and interviews with interesting individuals."
- Jack Meagher, Peterborough, USA

"I've been using an older version of SnagIt for some time and find it extremely user friendly. It's a great time saver for me, especially when trying to explain IT issues to our support personnel."
- Cliff Mcpherson, Houston, USA

This will help with the Media presentations at my church.
- Elisabeth Negley, Avon Park, USA

I use Snag it for writing user manuals at work. It is very helpful capturing the screens we use and adding my comments. I had the orginal version paid for by my company. I personally paid for an upgrade since my company wouldn't support the upgrade. I would love to have the latest version since we have changed our system and again I have to write a user manual. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for a free copy!
- Trish Minor, Windsor Locks, USA

I would like to participate to obtaing a Snaglt 9 copy. It will be excelent to my work making PowerPoint presentations.
- Jorge Couto, Montevideo, Uruguay

"PowerPoint presentations are powerful tool in providing information to any audience. large amount of information can be capsulized in just a presentation. it leaves a lasting mark to the targeted audience. this software, may well be another plus in utilizing this program."
- Gemelle Artates, "Sta Cruz, Manila", Philippines

With each new Sunday God blesses our congregation with a vibrant and purposeful sermon and we are excited that thru your web sight our media team can place on the screen a background that helps motivate the listener even further!
- Melissa, Greensburg, Decatur

Have used SnagIt before and it is g-r-e-a-t!
- Ryanes, N Britain, USA

"SnagIt helps me do my job better. I couldnt believe that we didnt have it and since I work for a nonprofit we dont get to have our own. My own copy would be the best! I love using SnagIt to create amazing presentations that make me stand out in my job and in my second job, Grad School! Please grace me with my very own copy, Ill treasure it for a long time!"
- Jamie Lamson, Miami, USA

"When needing a PPT presentation slide each week for announcements and sermon slides, Indezine is where I go first, every time. Thank you for your quality product, you are much appreciated."
- L Whitmore, Lynchburg, USA

I always find osmehting to help me in my job here! Thanks.
- Marguerite Horney, Harlingen, USA

"Pick Me - Pick Me - o-o-o-o-h-h-h - a free version of Snaglt9. I write technical manuals, develop curriculum for in-hse state-wide training, develop public reports and the like. Having a great tool such as Snaglt9 to capture sections of text, full or partial graphic screenshots and the ability to combine the two quickly and easily will make my day much more effective, efficient, and interesting. The organizational tools included in this version will also come in very handy with increasing my ability to keep everything at my fingertips. I can see my next project, our yearly report, which contains, task lists, charts, graphs, images, written text, cover setups etc. coming together with speed and accuracy. I would truely love to own my own copy of this software - so Pick-me. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. C."
- Carolyn K Barbuto, Albany, USA

"I have used SnagIt before, and it is an awesome product. I would greatly appreciate having my own copy of this very useful software application."
- Randy Berry, Guelph, Canada

I often check the Indezine site to rev up my creative juices when I have to develop a Powerpoint project.
- Robert Gattullo, New York, USA

I love Indezine site. The array of PowerPoint templates are different from anything I've seen. SnagIt 9 will be an added enhancements to my PowerPoint presentations.
- Paulette Long, Douglasville, USA

i am a trainer in the airline/hospitality industry and winning this prize would certainly enhance my presentations and attract more persons to Indezine
- Latoya, Kingston, Jamaica

I will use this to create amazing presentations to educate nurses. This site is fabulous.!!!!
- Donna Hunter, Acworth, USA

As a school teach I think it is a fasinating tool for young kids. To give them the opportunity to show their natural ability.
- Richard Queen, Baltimore, USA

- James Jones, Vincennes, USA

"Besides capturing screen image, it will save time, save face, and cover my bum - not to mention the gloating I can do when I show the techs what went wrong!"
- Vicki Brower, Fort Worth, USA

The software is very best.
- José Antonio Uballa, "México, D.F.", México

"I would really love to win this package. It appears that this software would give me a big boost toward making some wonderful, beautiful backgrounds without much sweat on my brow. I volunteer a lot of my time to help create PowerPoint presentations for my church. I recently purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. I am trying desperately to create backgrounds for my church. This software would really help me. Thank you very much."
- Kim Halgren, Mondovi, USA

- Leslie Friesen, Dallas, USA

Thanks! I'm looking forward to hearing more.
- Bill Arbuckle, Colorado Springs, USA

I LOVE Snag-It! I'd love to be able to share it with my team as well! THANKS!!!
- Debbie Gates, Nokomis, USA

I teach classes on Microsoft Office and usually develop my own training material. I've used the demo version of SnagIt and it has been very helpful in providing screen prints so that the students can understand what you are talking about. Especially those who are not computer savvy.
- Lisa Williams, Lithonia, USA

Speed up the repetitivity and leave more time for creativity!
- Kit Heald, Warrington, UK

I saw SnagIt used at a conference - much better clarity for graphics than anything I have seen before. Would really help in creating assignments and tests for my US History students.
- Glenn Ciganek, Wesley Chapel, USA

this is interesting
- Constancio, Tuguegarao City, Philippines

"SnagIt, what an exceptional opportunity for this digital (wana be) native to gain ground on her digital native students. And, be acknowledged as a techno-wizzard with timely smart cutting edge classroom presentations"
- Emily, Hattiesburg, USA

"I'm a minister who uses Powerpoint in my sermons. Having a decent screen capture program would be a huge help in "zeroing in" on just the part of a photo that best makes a point."
- Zeke Flores, Angleton, USA

"Indezine is wonderful "paying it forward" with their freebies!"
- Cynthia Papia, Millbury, USA

Indezine has been a tremendous help with my lectures. Being able to turn my PowerPoint lectures into flash would be invaluable to me as a nursing instructor.
- June Callahan, Malta, USA

I bought SnagIt *8.something because of the great support I received from them as I was struggling to help my students finish an Earth Day multi-media project. Every frantic question I sent to TechSmith was answered right away -- and I was only using the free trial version. I also like a company that stands behind their product so strongly they don't need to watermark trial version projects. I'd love to have version 9.
- Sue Hellman, Surrey, Canada

SnagIt is a very useful software for screen capturing and use the output in developing e-learning courses. Thanks to Indezine for giving this opportunity to try my luck to win the prize.
- B Diwakar, Hyderabad, India

Precious Information??? - SnapIt with SnagIt!
- Rithika, Chennai, India

Thanks for the wonderful programme
- Kishan Bagaria, Dibrugarh (Assam), India

I am an Education Coordinator in a hospital and would love to have this software for presentations for staff and the community.
- Barbara Doucet, Fredericksburg, USA

"Love, love, love this site! The PowerPoint backgrounds have been such a help to me at work I can't tell you. I'm so glad to have found you. Your work has added so much value to my presentations. I get all kinds of compliments and positive feedback and I owe a lot of it you. Thank you!"
- Kelli Zimmerman, Brook Park, USA

Nice product
- Claire Trempe, Lachine, Canada

"Snag-It is an AWESOME product. As a teacher I am always trying to capture things for my students to see, and this product is the BEST for this purpose!"
- Leah M. Froelich, Pasadena, USA

Creativity and a 'template in time' is what Indezine means to me! I can't believe the wonderful graphics and that this site it free! I hope that Indezine will continue to thrive and this would be great news to me!
- Candace Morrison, Altoona, USA

Would love to have this program as part of my teaching tool.
- Walter C Lim Dds, Detroit, USA

I enjoy using Indezine's products. You have help me add much needed flair to many of my presentations. Thanks.
- Archer Leupp, Peshtigo, USA

I really enjoy changing the background to PowerPoint and this is how I have found Indezine. I am not a IT expert but I enjoy improving presentation skills. I work in the public service sector but am a marketer at heart.
- Linda Hering, Cape Town, South Africa

Best screen capture program Iever tried!
- Giles Warren-Browne, Oceanside, USA

"I'm developing presentations and digital courses on how to to create and deliver compelling PowerPoint presentations. I plan to use SnagIt 9 for all of my screen captures of graphics, websites, and the PowerPoint application. From everything I've read and seen about SnagIt 9, it will be a great time-saver and easy way to include interesting and compelling screen captures for my courses and my other PowerPoint presentations."
- Allan Misch, Columbia, USA

- Vicki Smith, Mcconnelsville, U.S.A.

I always learn some new tool or process when I open your emails. It's very helpful to be able to do things quickly and give our clients something unique.
- Mary Sainsbury, San Francisco, USA

"I'd love to "snag" my copy of SnagIt 9! There are some great art and presentations just waiting to be created!"
- Anita Harvell, Sackets Harbor, USA

"As a computer instructor for ROP, I will use it in the classroom and for the classroom. :o)"
- Joy Fischl, Tustin, USA

Very attractive & beautiful slides
- K.Sreedevi, Sriharikota, India

"This program would be a truly awesome addition to my teaching tools!. I teach in a virtual environment and the ability to snag, capture, edit, and share with my students all the wonderfuls finds off the internet would be a very invaluable tool that would definitely help bring the best of the world to my students! After seeing this program in action, I'm sure my school would be interested in purchasing this for all the other teachers in my office!"
- Stephanie Patzin, San Clemente, USA

I am looking forward to using SnagIt 9. I am a pastor who works on various presentations every day and any program that can make that process more efficient and effective will be quite welcome.
- David Conley, Wentzville Missouri, USA

"I do a lot of computer support for my family. Having Snag-It would make it so much easier to make "How To" instructions for them."
- Gina Scott, Manhattan, USA

I would just love to win this program I have tried the free version and absolutely LOVE IT. I am always recommending it to all my friends. It's a wonderful program !!!
- Grogory Verble, Medora, USA

the best serch for templates designs.. this site satisfies the customers...
- Zarni, Surat, India

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