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Geetesh BajajAs summer sets in this part of the world, temperatures are starting to soar, and most of us prefer staying indoors during the hot afternoons. Fortunately, there is so much you can do indoors -- such as reading this newsletter!

First of all, we are bringing back our popular giveaways -- our sponsor is giving away five copies of their new Houndstooth series of PowerPoint templates. And yes, there's plenty of content -- do look in the sidebar on the right of this new look newsletter to find even more content!

Ppted Houndstooth Giveaway

Ppted is giving away five copies of their Houndstooth collection of PowerPoint templates. To win, all you need to do is fill in this form. This giveaway ends on May 8th.

Win PowerPoint Template Connectivity from   Win PowerPoint Template Connectivity from   Win PowerPoint Template Connectivity from

Learn PowerPoint 2010: SmartArt Graphics

SmartArt GraphicsAny of you who has used SmartArt may think it is among the coolest features that Microsoft has ever introduced in PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office products -- not only because it is easy but mainly because you can customize SmartArt to such a large extent.

Look at these tutorials to go ahead with SmartArt in PowerPoint 2010 (and it works the same way in Word 2010 and Excel 2010) -- and do remember to post any questions you may have in our now open PowerPoint Stuff LinkedIn group:

What is SmartArt?
Inserting SmartArt
Convert Bulleted Text to SmartArt
Text Pane For SmartArt
Adding New Shapes to SmartArt
Delete Shapes from SmartArt
Change between SmartArt Layouts (Types)
Change Colors in SmartArt
Changing Fill, Line, and Effects for Shapes within SmartArt
Apply SmartArt Styles
Change Shapes within SmartArt
Resize Shapes within SmartArt
Move Shapes Within SmartArt
Convert SmartArt to Text
Convert SmartArt into Shapes
Reset SmartArt

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

PowerPoint 2011 is most certainly the best version of PowerPoint for Mac that Microsoft has ever created. This new set of tutorials walks you through the interface of this program -- if you need more help, do check out my just-released book, Office 2011 All-in-One for Mac for Dummies that I co-authored with Jim Gordon.

PowerPoint 2011 for Mac Interface
Ribbon and Tabs in PowerPoint 2011
Status Bar in PowerPoint 2011
Slides and Outline Pane in PowerPoint 2011
Slide Area in PowerPoint 2011
Notes Pane in PowerPoint 2011
Rulers in PowerPoint 2011
Change The Unit Of Measurement in PowerPoint 2011
Text Placeholders vs. Text Boxes in PowerPoint 2011
Import Outlines in PowerPoint 2011

Conversations and Interviews

Here is a list of recent conversations -- read what these personalities have to say about their books, products, surveys, and sites:

Brainshark's Partnership with Blackboard: Conversation with Kate Skelly -- Kate SkellyKate Skelly is vice president for corporate and business development at Brainshark, Inc., overseeing strategic partnerships, and the addition and integration of complementary products and services. Brainshark’s cloud-based software enables users to create, share and track online and mobile video presentations, for use in eLearning, sales, marketing and corporate/HR communications. Thousands of companies use Brainshark to improve the reach and results of their business communications, while dramatically reducing communications costs. In this conversation, Kate discusses Brainshark’s partnership with Blackboard, which the company is announcing today. Read the conversation here.

Public Words: Conversation with Nick Morgan -- Dr. Nick MorganDr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication theorists and coaches. A passionate teacher, he is committed to helping people find clarity in their thinking and ideas – and then delivering them with panache. He has been commissioned by Fortune 50 companies to write for many CEOs and presidents. He has coached people to give Congressional testimony, to appear on the Today Show, and to take on the investment community. He has worked widely with political and educational leaders. In this conversation, he discusses his work and books -- and how presenters can communicate with trust and charisma. Read the conversation here.

Presentation Impact Survey Results: Conversation with Jim Endicott -- Jim EndicottJim Endicott is an internationally-recognized consultant, designer, speaker specializing in professional presentation messaging, design and delivery. Jim has been a Jesse H. Neal award-winning columnist for Presentations magazine with his contributions to the magazine's Creative Techniques column. Jim has also contributed presentation-related content in magazines like Business Week, Consulting and Selling Power as well as a being a paid contributor for a number of industry-related websites. In this conversation, Jim discusses the results of the 2010 Annual Presentation Impact Survey conducted by his company, Distinction Communication, Inc. Read the conversation here. Conversation with Spencer Lambert -- Spencer LambertSpencer Lambert is a presentation designer by day, and serial business starter by night. He started his career as a rostrum cameraman making slides on film (remember that?). His first PowerPoint job was in 1993, and sadly has been using it pretty much every day since. Along the way he has started a new media production agency (1997), an e-commerce website (2000) and a bar (2004). Some soul searching led him to decide to concentrate on what he was really good at, and at the end of 2009 decided to embark on a project that would evolve into In this conversation, Spencer discusses Read the conversation here.

authorSTREAM Premium Subscriptions: Conversation with Harman Singh -- Harman SinghHarman Singh is the Founder of two Internet platforms - authorSTREAM and WiZiQ. is a PowerPoint sharing platform striving to make your presentations sharable on the Web - whether they are viewed from desktops, mobile phones or tablets like iPad. authorSTREAM recently announced changes and improvements in their premium subscription plans -- Harman discusses this and more exclusively in this conversation. Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: STAMP Add-in in PowerPoint

Microsoft has released a free add-in for PowerPoint that they call STAMP, which actually is an abbreviation for Sub-titling Text Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. Even though this add-in is in beta, it hasn't crashed for me -- and while STAMP has been created for accessibility reasons, there is no reason why you cannot use it in any presentation you create that includes a longer video. Here are links from which you can access the complete set of tutorials on STAMP:

STAMP - Accessibility Add-in
Download and install the STAMP Add-in
Create Video Captions using the STAMP Add-in
TTML XML Files for the STAMP Add-in
Import TTML Caption Files in the STAMP Add-in
Edit Captions within the STAMP Add-in
Align, Hide, Show, or Remove Captions using the STAMP Add-in

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