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TTML XML Files for the STAMP Add-in in PowerPoint 2010

Explore the structure of TTML XML files that can be used within the STAMP add-in for PowerPoint 2010.


Product/Version: PowerPoint 2010

OS: Windows XP and higher

We already showed you how you can use the STAMP add-in for PowerPoint to manually add captions for videos right inside PowerPoint 2010. While manually adding captions is a great way to get easily started, professional organizations use TTML files -- these are markup files not too different in structure from the HTML web pages -- and typically they have the XML file extension.

TTML stands for Timed Text Markup Language and the Wikipedia site has some more info on this topic.

The fact is that TTML is still not a hugely adopted standard -- yet kudos to Microsoft for allowing their STAMP add-in to work with these markup files. We could not find any readily available TTML editor application online but since these are markup files, any text editor should work -- let us help you explore a basic TTML XML file to get started.

The Microsoft STAMP add-in download site has some sample files, and this sample TTML XML file was sourced from that site -- we made some small edits to clean up the file so that we could explain what each part of the code does -- look at Figure 1 to see this code.

TTML code
Figure 1: TTML code

If you see how this TTML file is structured, you will find that the different color coded areas in Figure 1 comprise code that is specific for one of these reasons:

Yellow: This area comprises the opening and closing content. Code contained here just declares that the document is an XML file that contains TTML data.

Brown: Opening and closing DIV tags that indicate the start and end of the code that contains data signifying the captions.

Red: Each individual caption has an opening P tag with timings in relation to the video clip -- as you can see, the first caption starts at 0:00 minutes:seconds and ends at 0:04 minutes:seconds. Then the second caption starts at 0:04 minutes:seconds and ends at 0:11 minutes:seconds.

Blue: Indicates the formatting of the caption text -- includes font alignment, font weight, and font color attributes.

Green: The actual caption text is contained here.

In the next tutorial of this series, you will learn how to import these TTML caption files into PowerPoint 2010.

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