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Using VisualBee 2
Pricing and Support


VisualBee 2 is a PowerPoint add-in with an easy to use wizard based interface. The add-in automatically analyses your PowerPoint presentation text and structure, and builds a new designed presentation with appropriate templates, images, and graphics.

VisualBee 2 is the new and improved version of an add-in that we have already reviewed -- read the review of the previous version of VisualBee here. In this new version, VisualBee designs and images database has been significantly enhanced.

VisualBee is a freeware, and you can use it for free to enhance your presentations. For additional capabilities such as access to a larger library of design styles, a larger image bank, and the ability to brand presentations with your company logo, will need to be a premium user which will entail an annual subscription, that comes at a cost.

This add-in is created by, a company based in Israel. You can learn more about VisualBee from their site.

My contact at for this review was Motti Nisani - thank you, Motti.


Using VisualBee 2

Download the installer from the VisualBee site, run the setup routine, and follow the instructions. The add-in is for 32 bit versions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010 only. Follow these steps to use VisualBee 2 in PowerPoint 2010:

  1. Open any presentation that you want to enhance. For this tutorial I have used Indezine's sample presentation, as shown in Figure 1.
  2. PowerPoint presentation
    Figure 1: PowerPoint presentation
  3. Now locate the VisualBee tab in the PowerPoint Ribbon (see Figure 2).
  4. VisualBee tab on the Ribbon
    Figure 2: VisualBee tab on the Ribbon
  5. Click the Enhance Presentation button to start the makeover process (highlighted in red refer to Figure 2 above).
  6. This opens the Enhance Presentation window, as you can see in Figure 3.
  7. Enhance Presentation
    Figure 3: Enhance Presentation
  8. Here you can choose a Style for the presentation (refer to Figure 3). Available styles are Business, Finance, Legal, Medical, Technology, Education, Classic, Artistic, Special Occasions, Nature, Sports, and Travel. Under Settings check the Keep My Pictures option to retain the original pictures in the presentation. Choose any of the styles as required to proceed.
  9. VisualBee 2 will now analyze the presentation and the content of the slide and displays the enhanced presentation in the next window, as shown in Figure 4.
  10. Preview of enhanced presentation
    Figure 4: Preview of enhanced presentation
  11. The window is divided into three areas, which are explained below:
  12. A. Slide Pane

    Contains all the slides of the presentation.

    B. Preview

    Displays the preview of the selected slide.

    C. Design

    The options within this section are:

  13. Image: Enables you to Replace Image, gives you option to open the Replace Pictures gallery and select image from there, and Remove Image.
  14. Layout: Changes the slide layout.
  15. Undo: Gets you one step backward.
  16. Redo: Redo steps.
  17. Restore Original Slide: Gives you two options - Restore Original Layout, and Restore Original Template.
  18. Note: The options within the Design area are not active in all the slides. They can be used on slides that contain pictures, etc.
  19. Once the choices are made, click the Save Presentation button.
  20. Figure 5 shows the enhanced presentation.
  21. Enhanced presentation
    Figure 5: Enhanced presentation

The options within the VisualBee tab on the Ribbon (refer to Figure 2) are explained below:

  • Re-enhance Slides: Choose this option to re-enhance an already enhanced presentation.
  • My Images: With this option, you can create your own image library.
  • My Logo: Enables you to insert your own logo in all your presentations.
  • My Account: Displays your account information.
  • About: Displays information about the add-in.
  • Give us Feedback: Opens an online feedback form.
  • Learn More: Provides links for Demo Video, Support Center, and VisualBee Homepage.
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    Pricing and Support

    Although VisualBee 2 is a freeware, you still need to have a paid account to access the premium templates, premium images, to create your own image library for PowerPoint, and to get your own logo in all your presentations. You can opt for the monthly subscription which costs $9 per month and $75 for an annual subscription.

    Support options are extensive and include email support, an online FAQ, forum, and user guides.



    VisualBee 2 continues making the process of enhancing your presentations simple and easy -- and it does have a great price:performance ratio.


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