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PowerPoint Add-ins - S

ShapeChef is a PowerPoint add-in which enables you to collect and organize your shapes and other assets, and share them online.

ScreenTime for PowerPoint converts your PowerPoint presentation into a screen saver you can use and distribute. ScreenTime is from ScreenTime Media.

ShortcutTools 2.0
ShortcutTools 2.0 is a PowerPoint add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 (XP), 2003, and 2007. It provides a set of shortcut keys for the most commonly used commands in PowerPoint. It also allows users to set their own keys. ShortcutTools 2.0 is from Arcasoft Solutions.

Signage24 is a hosting service through which you can distribute your presentations as digital signage worldwide -- almost like an automated billboard. Signage24 is an online service from PresentationPoint.

slideboxx 2.0
slideboxx 2.0 is a third party product from Zinali, LLC, a company based in San Francisco, California, USA that searches and Indexes your PowerPoint slides quickly and easily.

Slidevana is a presentation toolkit which provides over 150 ready to use slide layouts including charts, diagrams, tables, and frameworks. Slidevana slide layouts use a clean, minimal design, and are available in dark and light color schemes which can be edited to meet your specific needs. You can also customize logos, graphics, and color palettes, or even add an entirely new layout. Slidevana is already available for Keynote for Mac, iPad and iPhone. In this tutorial we'll explore Slidevana for PowerPoint, that works on both Windows and Mac versions of the program.

Slide Executive
Slide Executive searches your presentations and indexes the slides and creates a new presentation that you can thereafter fine-tune.

Slide Executive 2.4
Slide Executive 2.4 works as a desktop application -- it is the newer version of Slide Executive which not only indexes the slides and creates a new presentation, but can also help you find duplicate slides, and replace them all with an updated version of the original slide.

Slide Executive 2.9
Slide Executive Desktop 2.9 is the improved version of Slide Executive 2.4 with some improved features. This new version is available as a free upgrade to existing users.

Slide Executive Professional
Slide Executive Professional in an online service comprising a web based slide library and document management system that enables a subscriber to store presentation content in a single slide library, from where you can access and search for the presentation or slides you require.

Slide Executive xPoint Web Edition
Like Slide Executive xPoint Desktop Edition, an add-in that we have already reviewed, the Web Edition of the same add-in searches and inserts slides and images from the web, straight into your PowerPoint presentations. The add-in installs as a tab of the Ribbon within PowerPoint providing access to a local and/or a central slide library in the cloud. Learn about Slide Executive xPoint's web edition, a PowerPoint add-in that lets you index your PowerPoint presentations online.

SlideFinder is a slide search engine that indexes slides online, provides search results with thumbnail slide views, and shows these to you. And all this for free!

SlideManager is a slide management software that can assist you in each of the three task scenarios -- it lets you maintain an online presentation library that is cataloged down to the individual slide level. These libraries can be of any size, can be accessed anywhere as long as you can get online with the proper browser (translates to mainly Microsoft Internet Explorer), and you can create and edit presentations within the library interface.

Slides That Win!
Slides That Win! is a self-improvement guide, a design and color sense manual for presentations or an eye opener to some of the PowerPoint possibilities.

SnagIt is from TechSmith, It is a powerful screen capture and editing tool that allows you to capture, edit, and share anything on your screen. Version 6.2 of SnagIt provides screen capture add-ins within Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Internet Explorer.

Speech-Over Studio
Speech-Over Studio is a PowerPoint add-in that lets you add professional-sounding narration to a PowerPoint presentation without any microphone or recording. Based on your text input alone, Speech-Over Studio can generate a narration that is synchronized with the presentation’s screen objects.

Speech-Over 2.5
Speech-Over is a PowerPoint add-in that uses narration and animation to achieve the effect of a live presentation in e-learning, training and web presentations. It is from Tuval Software Industries, a company based in Israel.

Speech-Over Professional 4
Speech-Over Professional 4 is a PowerPoint add-in that allows adding professional voice-over to PowerPoint presentations. This add-in which helps creating e-learning, training and web presentations, allows adding two types of component audio clips: Shape Narration Clip and Slide Narration Clip.

Style Workshop
Style Workshop a collection of coordinated design elements that actually go much further than a basic template.

SWiSH Presenter
SWiSH Presenter converts Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to Flash (SWF) files, the application can be used within as PowerPoint add-in, or as a separate application for batch conversion. It is from

PowerPoint Add-ins - T

Above & Beyond's Ten Ways To Avoid Death By PowerPoint
Above & Beyond's Ten Ways To Avoid Death By PowerPoint, available as CD, is an e-learning product that can help you to improve your presentations.

We have plenty of coverage on think-cell’s add-in for PowerPoint, ranging from undocumented options to best features. You’ll also find interviews and technique tutorials.

ToolBook Instructor 9.5
ToolBook Instructor helps users and large companies create interactive content, quizzes, assessments, and software simulations. Content is deployed as HTML for distribution on the Internet or an intranet, delivered through SumTotal Learning Management solution, or any SCORM or AICC-compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

ToolsToo 5.1
ToolsToo is a PowerPoint add-in includes various options to make all objects on your slide equally sized, aligned, to share equal shape attributes etc. It also includes many more options that help you to manage your PowerPoint slide objects easily.

TrainSignal -- Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
This Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Computer Based Training is from Train Signal, a company based in Illinois, USA. This comes on four DVDs with nearly 17 hour of PowerPoint 2007 training.

TurboDemo Enterprise
TurboDemo Enterprise allows you to do all sorts of still and video captures -- and then create tutorials and demos which can be output to various formats. TurboDemo is different from other capture applications because along with capture, it provides many more option such as the creation of demos in Java, HTML, Flash etc. Editing, special effects, balloons and call outs are supported along with interactivity.

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More reviews of PowerPoint add-ins than anywhere online, sorted alphabetically

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