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TrainSignal in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows

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Product/Version: PowerPoint 2007 for Windows

About TrainSignal -- Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Using TrainSignal -- Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Pricing and Support


On the surface, PowerPoint looks like an easy program to learn -- in fact, plenty of users have been able to create PowerPoint content within a few minutes of starting using this program -- and most of them then believe that they are now PowerPoint savvy. Nothing can be further from the truth -- unfortunately, most users will never be aware of the fact that behind its simple interface, PowerPoint provides tons of features and options that make creating and delivering everyday presentations so much easier and rewarding. Clearly, there is a need for some well designed and conceptualized PowerPoint training.

This review looks at one such offering from Train Signal's CBT (computer based training) on PowerPoint 2007.


About TrainSignal -- Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

This Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 CBT is from Train Signal, a company based out of Illinois, USA. The company creates and sells computer training videos that assist students and professionals learn subjects interactively. Other than Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 training, Train Signal provides CBTs for Cisco, Wireless Networking, etc. Inc. magazine listed Train Signal as one of the fastest growing private companies in 2008. You can learn more about Train Signal and their products on their site.

The Train Signal Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 CBT consists of:

22 videos in AVI and WMV format, and a table of contents which allows you to navigate to the key areas that you wish to focus on.

The same 22 video tutorials as iPod compatible video files to watch on the go. These 320x240 M4V files are compressed versions of the original course, and play on any iPod that supports video.

22 MP3 audio files to listen probably in the car, or while working out. These MP3 files can be burnt to a CD or copied to a portable device.

Instructor Notes as Adobe PDFs, which can be printed, contain the slides used by the instructor throughout the videos. These pages provide a reference to the instructor's notes on the slides, and provide a place to jot additional notes.

Each DVD has a Exercise folder contains the PowerPoint and other exercise files.

My contact at TrainSignal for this review was Kasia Grabowska, thank you Kasia.


Using TrainSignal -- Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

TrainSignal's Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 training comes on four DVDs with nearly 17 hour of PowerPoint 2007 training.

Here's a quick walkthrough:

  1. Insert the DVD in your drive -- since it is autorun enabled, you'll soon see the splash screen as shown in Figure 1. This screen shows the PowerPoint 2007 Training interface.
  2. PowerPoint 2007 Training interface
    Figure 1: PowerPoint 2007 Training interface
  3. Click the topic you want to learn.
  4. This opens the actual video training window in your default web browser, with a player in it (see Figure 2).
  5. Video
    Figure 2: Video
  6. Navigate to the topic you want to learn, or let the video play automatically.
Note: I love the way the topics have been arranged. The first part on Rhetorically Designed Presentations is great content that's not directly related with working on PowerPoint slides, but it is certainly an important part of your slide content and design.

Pricing and Support

TrainSignal's Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Training videos on DVD costs $97.

Support is by e-mail, an online forum, telephone and fax support.



TrainSignal has created an out-of-the-ordinary training program that lets you create better PowerPoint slides -- this is a great product.


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Buy and Download for $99+ (83 MB)

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