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Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Picture Styles

November 27, 2012

Picture Styles in PowerPoint 2010

Similar to how you apply Shape Styles to your shapes on your slide, PowerPoint enables you to apply Picture Styles to your inserted pictures. With a single click, Picture Styles transforms a simple looking picture to something that's more highlighted. Note that unlike Shapes Styles, Picture Styles are not Theme specific. They just transform your picture to make it look stylish by applying a border, or 3-D effect, or by changing the frame shape, etc.

Learn how to apply preset Picture Styles to your pictures in PowerPoint 2010.

SlideDog: Conversation with Dag Hendrik Lerdal

November 26, 2012

Dag Hendrik Lerdal

Dag Hendrik Lerdal is a 29 year old entrepreneur and Software Engineer with an MSc in Communication Technology living in Trondheim, Norway. After finishing his Master’s degree at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, he co-founded Preseria AS in 2008. The company develops technology and services related to planning, administration, execution and publishing of digital presentations in context of seminars, meetings and conferences. In this conversation, Dag discusses the release of his new SlideDog program.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Office Background

November 26, 2012

Office Background

Besides many other new features, PowerPoint 2013's most noticeable cosmetic change is its user interface. Additionally, PowerPoint 2013 (and all other applications of Office 2013) now introduces the concept of "Office Background", which essentially is the small image strips visible on the top right area of the program interface. Looks like PowerPoint just got tattooed?

Learn how to change the Office Background in PowerPoint 2013.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Columns within Text Containers

November 26, 2012

Columns within Text Containers

You might have seen columnar text layouts often in Word documents or even in published formats used by desktop publishing software. PowerPoint 2011 may not give you all those bells and whistles, but it does provide you with some essential column capabilities, although don't expect anything close to the controls provided by word processing applications. In PowerPoint, you can set up a text container to possess multiple linked columns.

Learn how to insert columnar text within a text box or other text containers in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Handmade Slides: Frame Corners for PowerPoint – 05

November 24, 2012

Handmade Slides: Frame Corners for PowerPoint

These frame corners are all included as graphics that you can copy from within the PowerPoint presentation that you download. Use these frame corners in your presentation and make your pictures stand out. You will find these frame corners in both black and white colors, and also filled with some solid colors, textures and gradients. Just copy and paste them as individual frame corners over your inserted pictures (or other slide objects). Place the first frame corner on the top-left corner of your picture and resize as required. For the remaining three corners, duplicate this frame corner, and place the duplicates on the other three corners, and rotate them as required.

Download and use these frame corners in your slides.

Present It So They Get It: Conversation with Dave Paradi

November 23, 2012

Dave Paradi

Dave Paradi is the author of "The Visual Slide Revolution" and "102 Tips to Communicate More Effectively Using PowerPoint". He helps presenters communicate more effectively by using persuasive PowerPoint presentations. He has published over 270 issues of his bi-weekly newsletter, produced more than 70 slide makeover video podcasts and appears in media regularly. His web site is called Think Outside The Slide. In this conversation, Dave discusses his new book, Present It So They Get It.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Reposition Picture Fills with Crop

November 23, 2012

Reposition Picture Fills with Crop in PowerPoint 2010

To make a PowerPoint presentation visually strong you can add shapes and pictures. And of course you can fill your shapes with pictures -- sometimes you end up with not so desirable results. Primarily, you'll find that PowerPoint insists on filling the entire picture to a shape -- in the process, the picture itself may appear distorted. This completely destroys the look you may want to attain. Fortunately, regaining the lost proportion is an easy option, as you will learn in this tutorial.

Learn how to reposition the picture fill in a shape, using the Fill (Crop) option in PowerPoint 2010.

Amazing Ppted Offer

November 22, 2012

Amazing Ppted Offer

It's been 5 years since Microsoft moved from the older Template format (POT) to the new Theme / Template formats (THMX and POTX) with the launch of PowerPoint 2007. Since then four PowerPoint versions for Mac and Windows have been launched with support for these new formats. Yet, most if not all PowerPoint templates that you will encounter in a typical Google search are limited to file formats that are many, many years old! Why is it so?

That's because creating proper THMX Theme files is almost a dark art -- many template vendors do not know where to begin! Converting their huge POT PowerPoint template collections would take ages -- and they are happy to sell you their old stuff. There's more -- many users still have not upgraded to the newer PowerPoint versions, and they still need the older POT format! We understand that most of you therefore need a solution that not only keeps your PowerPoint template collection contemporary -- but also allows you to work with older versions! And this solution is available to all of you as part of a never-before and probably never-after offer!

Learn more now.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Internal Margin Options

November 22, 2012

Internal Margin Options in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Internal margins control the amount of blank space between the perimeter (edge) and the actual text within all three types of text containers -- text boxes, text placeholders and shapes. Although these margins are similar to the margins of pages in a word-processing document like Microsoft Word, there is a significant difference. Each text container has its own individual margins set, and you can have entirely different margins for one or more text containers, even if they reside on the same slide. In this tutorial, we will explore how to set and change these internal margins for text within a text container in PowerPoint 2011.

Learn about setting internal margins for text containers in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Handmade Slides: Pushpins for PowerPoint – 01

November 21, 2012

Handmade Slides: Pushpins for PowerPoint

These “pushpin” graphics are already placed in PowerPoint slides – just copy them and paste within your slides to create a look that makes a picture, shape, or anything else appear as if it has been pushed onto a surface, board, or wall with a pin! These ready-made pushpins are already within PowerPoint slides -- and have been provided in five colors. Just copy them and paste them on your slides.

Download and use these pushpins in your slides.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Crop Pictures (Crop to Shape)

November 21, 2012

Crop Pictures (Crop to Shape) in PowerPoint 2010

We already broadly explored Crop options in PowerPoint 2010. While you can do conventional cropping within PowerPoint, you can also decide to not crop within the typical rectangular constraints, and use another shape instead. This tutorial explains the Crop to Shape option that lets you choose non-rectangular cropping shapes for your pictures -- the results tend to look like a picture has been contained within a shape.

Learn how to crop pictures using Crop to Shape option in PowerPoint 2010.

infoDiagram: Conversation with Peter Zvirinsky

November 20, 2012

Peter Zvirinsky

Peter Zvirinsky is from the very heart of Europe - he’s a Slovak, now developing his business in Poland. Peter is a big fan of sketching and simple visual communication. Besides being the founder of, Peter and his wife, a professional designer run, a slide design company where they create tailor-made presentation slides for various companies. Prior to starting his own business, Peter had been working as a head of marketing & business development in data analytics consultancy. He also acted as a trainer on presenting and IT topics. In this conversation, Peter discusses his infoDiagram site.

Read the conversation here.

Indezine News: November 20, 2012

November 20, 2012

Geetesh Bajaj

We have another set of frame corners in this issue that you can use as picture corners on your slides. And an amazing excerpt from Nancy Duarte's new book on why your audience is so important. PowerPoint MVP Steve Rindsberg gives you some magical code so that you can turn your embedded videos to linked -- and you can do this even if you know nothing about programming in PowerPoint. SlideShark, my favorite iPad presentation app crossed the millionth milestone, and added some extra features. There's a cool new PowerPoint add-in that lets you play with 3D inside PowerPoint without having to learn anything other than what you already know. Jim Endicott brings you an amazing video and text post on why you should keep things simple. There are free Movember slides for you, and yes, that was indeed Movember and not a typo for November! You'll also find new tutorials on playing with picture effects in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows. Mac users can learn about working with text boxes in PowerPoint 2011. And last but not the least, yes -- all this happened in just one week! And finally, today is the last day for you to benefit from the rare Indezine PowerFinish promotion.

Read this all in Indezine News.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Text Layout Options

November 20, 2012

Text Layout Options in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

The three types of text containers available in PowerPoint are Text Placeholders, Text Boxes, and Shapes -- and although these three types of text containers are different from each other, all three are sufficiently similar as far as the layout options for the text contained inside them are concerned. In this tutorial, we will explore the alignment and text direction options for text within a text container in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Explore the text layout options available in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

What is Your Body Language Saying About You?

November 19, 2012

What is Your Body Language Saying About You?

Your body language, nonverbal cues, tell a lot about how you perform at a job, career and on stage as a public speaker. Research suggests that nonverbal cues are more important than verbal ones. I came across one study that spoke about body language comprising 55% of the force of any response, whereas the verbal content only provides 7%, and "paralanguage," or the intonation, pauses and sighs given when answering or speaking, represents 38% of the emphasis. Our schools put more emphasis on the spoken word. I suggest you learn to use a few simple tips to accentuate your body language as a public speaker or even interview for a job.

Learn about body language with Sandra Schrift.

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Changing Interface Color

November 19, 2012

Changing Interface Color in PowerPoint 2013

When PowerPoint 2013 is launched, you see the Presentation Gallery. Notice the bright orange section on the left side of the Presentation Gallery. When you work in PowerPoint 2013, you’ll notice the bright orange Status Bar – also, all selected options are colored bright orange. Is this bright orange color hurting your eyes? In this tutorial you'll learn how to change this interface color.

Learn more.

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