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by Geetesh Bajaj, November 22nd 2012
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It's been 5 years since Microsoft moved from the older Template format (POT) to the new Theme / Template formats (THMX and POTX) with the launch of PowerPoint 2007. Since then four PowerPoint versions for Mac and Windows have been launched with support for these new formats. Yet, most if not all PowerPoint templates that you will encounter in a typical Google search are limited to file formats that are many, many years old! Why is it so?
That's because creating proper THMX Theme files is almost a dark art -- many template vendors do not know where to begin! Converting their huge POT PowerPoint template collections would take ages -- and they are happy to sell you their old stuff. There's more -- many users still have not upgraded to the newer PowerPoint versions, and they still need the older POT format! We understand that most of you therefore need a solution that not only keeps your PowerPoint template collection contemporary -- but also allows you to work with older versions! And this solution is available to all of you as part of a never-before and probably never-after offer!
This is what you get:
  • 50 PowerPoint Themes / Templates in THMX format suitable for PowerPoint 2007 for Windows, PowerPoint 2008 for Mac, and newer versions (2010, 2011, and 2013) on Windows and Mac. Provided in standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) aspect ratios.

  • 50 PowerPoint templates in POT format suitable for PowerPoint 2003 for Windows, PowerPoint 2004 for Mac, and older versions on Windows and Mac. Provided in standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) aspect ratios.

  • 100 coordinated transparent PNG graphics that you can place in any PowerPoint slide!

  • 50 actual backgrounds for use in PowerPoint or any other application -- extension JPG/PNG. Each background is included in 5 variants (Title Slide, Other Slides, Grayscale, Print Slide, and Print Slide with thin graphic edge) in both standard and widescreen aspect ratios -- you end up with 500 background graphics!

  • Instant Download after Purchase.

See all the PowerPoint content you will receive:

You essentially get these 10 best-selling PowerPoint Template and Theme collections (links provided to actual pages) -- and the regular price for that product as listed for each collection is on the right column below. Fortunately you will not pay anywhere close to that amount for this combo package! Note that this package can only be purchased from this link, and nowhere else.

What's Included?

Normal Price:

Ppted Urban Textures Collection:


Ppted Spots of Success Collection:


Ppted Kaleidoscope Collection:


Ppted Simply Azure Collection:


Ppted Bio Meadows Collection:


Ppted Water Lilies Collection:


Ppted Square Advantage Collection:


Ppted Nirvana Collection:


Ppted Marbled Magic 01 Collection:


Ppted Crystal Energy Collection:


Total Price:


Your Price Today:


Compatible with all versions of PowerPoint -- from PowerPoint 97 through 2013 for Windows, and PowerPoint 98 through 2011 for Mac.

Get Now

This offer is only valid now through November 27th, 2012 -- so please act soon if you don't want to miss this amazing option.


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