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Free PowerPoint Resources: Conversation with Steve Hards

September 28, 2010

Steve Hards

As the creator of the Opazity add-in for PowerPoint and Sales Director for the company that produces the Perspector add-in, Steve Hards has been interested for a long time in the additional resources for PowerPoint that are available. He recently launched some free software, called the Encyclopedia of Free Resources for PowerPoint, which he discusses in this conversation.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Task Panes

September 28, 2010

The Task Pane is a docked window within the PowerPoint 2010 interface that provides more options than normal dialog boxes -- also unlike most dialog boxes, you can view both the active slide(s) and the Task Pane at the same time -- thus the task panes provide a more streamlined workflow. Task Panes made their debut with PowerPoint 2002 (XP) -- and for most of the time, they work in exactly the same way in PowerPoint 2010 except for one big difference -- you can now have more than one Task Pane visible at the same time.

Learn more about the Task Pane in PowerPoint 2010.

EzPaste-xl2anywhere: Conversation with Avi Benita

September 27, 2010

Avi Benita

Avi Benita is an industrial engineer and statistician with a special expertise in design and analysis of organizational surveys and development of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). He owns Metrics Institute, a consultation company working with leading Israeli firms. As a byproduct of its expertise, Avi develops Excel based utilities, as EzPaste-xl2anywhere, for improving work productivity. EzPaste has been originally developed for PowerPoint only. The last version is able to deal with other applications as well.

In this conversation, Avi discusses EzPaste-xl2anywhere.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Mini Toolbar

September 27, 2010

The interface options in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 are almost the same, yet very different from the earlier versions such as PowerPoint 2003. Apart from the Ribbon with its tabs, the Backstage view, and the Quick Access Toolbar, PowerPoint 2010 also includes the Mini Toolbar, a semitransparent floating toolbar that spawns right next to the cursor -- and it is also available instantly with a right-click.

Learn more about the Mini Toolbar in PowerPoint 2010.

PowerPoint Sins: Conversation with Simon Morton

September 24, 2010

Simon Morton

Simon Morton founded Eyeful in 2003 to provide presentation services to businesses looking to improve the way they share information with their most important audiences – prospects, customers, employees & shareholders. The company firmly believes that key to their success is their unique approach of addressing the entire presentation process through their Presentation Optimization methodology. This holistic approach ensures that clients’ presentations are made more effective, not just prettier.

In this conversation, Simon talks about the prevalent PowerPoint sins, and what users can do to stay away from them!

Presentation Deployer: The Indezine Review

September 24, 2010

PowerPoint 2010 with the new features such as the snazzy transitions and the ability to control media in a much better way does create better presentations. Ironically when Microsoft provided these amazing features in this version, they took away the ability to create self running CDs and DVDs. In its place they provided a solution that's not elegant and assumes that people viewing off CDs are always connected online! Presentation Deployer, our review product addresses this problem.

Read the Indezine review of Presentation Deployer.

PowerPoint Basics: Creating Outlines in Microsoft Word 2003

September 24, 2010

I already showed you how you can create outlines for your PowerPoint presentation in Notepad (Microsoft Windows) and TextEdit (Mac OS X). I still maintain that it's best you use either of these text editors but if you already created a structure for your presentation in Microsoft Word (or if your boss or colleague sent you one), it makes no sense to abandon it for a text editor. Follow these steps to create an outline for your PowerPoint presentation using Microsoft Word 2003 for Windows

Learn more here.

GoldMail for PowerPoint: Conversation with Mark Pierce

September 23, 2010

Mark Pierce

Mark Pierce is VP of Business Development at GoldMail, a PowerPoint integrated communication platform that is available for free. Previously, Mark spent the better part of 6 years leading sales teams for Microsoft’s Unified Communications group. In this conversation, Mark discusses how GoldMail can help easily create convincing messages with voice-overs using PowerPoint content.

Read the conversation here.

50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips, Tricks, & Techniques: The Indezine Review

September 23, 2010

PowerPoint is used by a multitude of people including business persons, educators, students, trainers, and even hobbyists who spend endless hours creating countless presentations around the world. With some easy to use techniques and helpful tips, you can easily cut down your presentation creation time by half and also end up creating better PowerPoint presentations. Danny Rocks' 50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips, Tricks, & Techniques DVD is full of cool videos that help you attain that objective.

Read the Indezine review of 50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips, Tricks, & Techniques.

Beyond Bullet Points Live Course: Conversation with Cliff Atkinson

September 21, 2010

Cliff Atkinson

Cliff Atkinson is an acclaimed writer, popular keynote speaker, and an independent consultant to leading attorneys and Fortune 500 companies. He designed the presentations that helped persuade a jury to award a $253 million verdict to the plaintiff in the nation's first Vioxx trial in 2005, which Fortune magazine called "frighteningly powerful."

Cliff's bestselling book Beyond Bullet Points (Microsoft Press, 2007) was named a Best Book of 2007 by the editors of, and it expands on a communications approach he has taught at many of the country's top law firms, government agencies, business schools and corporations, including Sony, Toyota, Nestlé, Nokia, Nationwide, Deloitte, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Intel, Microsoft and the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal.

In this interview, Cliff discusses the Beyond Bullet Points Live Courses.

Learn PowerPoint 2008 for Mac: Text Placeholders vs. Text Boxes

September 21, 2010

After covering the concept of differences between text placeholders and text boxes using Windows versions of PowerPoint, I heard from some Indezine readers who wanted a similar tutorial for Mac versions of PowerPoint. The concept works in exactly the same way on the Mac, with these observations: Aren't text boxes and text placeholders the same? Are they really different? And why should I bother even if they are different? All these are valid questions, and the answers to them form one of the most important foundations in learning to create more structured presentations in PowerPoint .

Learn about text placeholders vs. text boxes in PowerPoint 2008.

VisualBee: Conversation with Motti Nisani

September 20, 2010

Motti Nisani

Motti Nisani co-founded VisualBee based on 18 years of experience in the high-tech industry. Previously, Motti was VP Business Development at NICE Systems Ltd. He has a B.Sc. degree in engineering from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. In this interview, Motti discusses the VisualBee product that lets you enhance your PowerPoint presentations with a single click.

Read the conversation here.

PowerPoint Basics: Creating Outlines in TextEdit on Mac OS X

September 20, 2010

After covering this subject for Windows users of PowerPoint, I now provide a similar tutorial for Mac users who can get the same options using TextEdit. When you start creating a new presentation, many users just launch PowerPoint and start creating their slides. Many purists say that you should not even launch PowerPoint until you have an outline in place. Several programs can be used to create outlines but TextEdit, a small word processor that has been bundled with every release of Mac OS X is probably the easiest option.

Learn how you can create outlines for PowerPoint presentations in TextEdit.

Presentation Deployer: Conversation with Damian McDonald

September 18, 2010

Damian McDonald

Damian McDonald is the founder of Visual Newmedia and has over 15 years’ experience in developing communication solutions for a number of leading global brands. Visual Newmedia just released Presentation Deployer, a program that lets you export PowerPoint presentations to CD that self-runs presentations on computers with or without PowerPoint installed.

Damian discusses Presentation Deployer in this conversation.

PowerPoint Basics: Creating Outlines in Notepad

September 18, 2010

When you start creating a new presentation, many users just launch PowerPoint and start creating their slides. Many purists say that you should not even launch PowerPoint until you have an outline in place. Several programs can be used to create outlines but Notepad, a small text editing application that has been bundled with every release of Microsoft Windows is probably the easiest option.

Learn how you can create outlines for PowerPoint presentations in Notepad.

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