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50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips, Tricks, & Techniques by Danny Rocks


Date Created: September 23rd 2010
Last Updated: September 23rd 2010

Using the DVD
Pricing and Support

50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips, Tricks, & TechniquesIntroduction

PowerPoint is used by a multitude of people including business persons, educators, students, trainers, and even hobbyists who spend endless hours creating countless presentations around the world. With some easy to use techniques and helpful tips, you can easily cut down your presentation creation time by half and also end up creating better PowerPoint presentations. Danny Rocks' 50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips, Tricks, & Techniques DVD is full of cool videos that help you attain that objective.

Danny Rocks50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips, Tricks, & Techniques is from Los Angeles based The Company Rocks, headed by Danny Rocks, who also anchors these video lessons. This product is a 2 DVD offering that contains 50 lessons divided into three levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Danny Rocks is a speaker, a trainer and an author. He has published five DVDs designed to help users get the most out of Microsoft Office programs. Also, Danny has posted over 200 video lessons on his website.

My contact for this review was Danny Rocks, thank you Danny.


Using the DVD

The 2 DVD-ROMs are packed with over 7 hours of step-by-step instruction on tips, tricks, and techniques in using PowerPoint 2007.

Here's a quick walkthrough:

  1. Insert Disc 1 in your drive -- since it is autorun enabled, you'll soon see the splash screen as shown in Figure 1. This screen shows the training interface.

    50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips, Tricks, & Techniques splash screen
    Figure 1: 50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips, Tricks, & Techniques DVD interface

    Note: If the splash screen doesn't appears, double click the program file in the root of the DVD to run the training videos.

  1. Click on the level you want to start with (refer to Figure 1 above).

  2. This will bring up a list of topics based on the selected level (see Figure 2).

    Beginning level topics
    Figure 2: Beginning level topics

  3. Click on the topic to start the training. Figure 3 shows a training video.

    Training video
    Figure 3: Training video

The lessons are very comprehensive and well executed. You can go and practice whatever you learn during the video lessons soon after viewing them, or view them all first -- both ways, you will be better equipped to create quicker and better PowerPoint presentations. Most lessons are filled with tips on why a particular feature may be helpful -- this scenario explanations are immensely useful. For example, in the first lesson on Outlines, Danny explains why creating an outline outside of PowerPoint may be such a good idea.


Pricing and Support

50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips, Tricks, & Techniques DVD costs $49.95.

Support is through e-mail.



This is a great training environment that lets you learn PowerPoint skills at your convenience. Lessons are well thought of, and exhaustive.


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