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Flash Slide Show Maker

December 4, 2006

Sharing pictures is a great way to show visual content like digicam pictures -- these pictures can be sent as e-mail attachments, photo albums, slide shows, etc. Or you could use Flash Slide Show Maker, a free software that creates Flash based photo slide shows with ease.

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PowerPlugs Animator

December 1, 2006

The Animator toolbar

By far, the only way to make text stand out is by using color and animation. And even animation is not uncomplicated -- presentation designers often have to tweak PowerPoint's animation timings and the timeline to create out of the ordinary animation effects. PowerPlugs Animator from CrystalGraphics tries to provide a solution -- it includes a library of animation styles that enhance PowerPoint's built in effects -- these can also be imparted to text with a few clicks.

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PPTshare File Compressor

November 27, 2006

The PPTshare File Compressor Start Menu Group

I always like to think of PowerPoint as a glue that holds disparate media together -- these media elements include sound, movies, pictures, clip art, and animation clips. Judiciously used, these elements can make your presentation look good -- but they can also dramatically increase file sizes. Optimization software is the solution -- and there are many such programs available. The newest of them all is PPTshare File Compressor -- this allows you to optimize presentations using different compression levels.

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Impatica ShowMate

November 22, 2006

A large number of business users these days use PDAs, SmartPhones, and other similar equipment -- the BlackBerry is one of the most omnipresent phone PDA brands to be found these days. And to make the connection between the BlackBerry, PowerPoint, and a projector -- a company called Impatica decided to create a small product called the ShowMate.

Read the review here.

The Rodney Saulsberry Interview

November 20, 2006

Rodney Saulsberry

Rodney Saulsberry is one of the top voice-over talents in the United States, and author of the new book, Step Up To The Mic. For more than a decade the Detroit native and University of Michigan graduate has given voice to many successful commercial campaigns, including Toyota Camry, Alpo, Verizon, and numerous movie trailers. In this interview, Rodney discusses his new book.

Read the interview here.

SmartDraw 2007

November 11, 2006

SmartDraw 2007 Start menu Group

PowerPoint, by itself contains a very capable diagramming feature -- and the new SmartArt feature in PowerPoint 2007 is even more impressive. Even then, there are bound to be times when you want something that's easier to use, provides more options, and even works well with PowerPoint. That's exactly what SmartDraw 2007 aims to be.

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The Jonathan Boutelle Interview

November 11, 2006

Jonathan Boutelle

Jonathan Boutelle is the CTO of SlideShare, and is a principal at Uzanto Consulting. A software engineer by training, his interests lie at the intersection of technology, business, and user experience. In this interview, Jonathan discusses SlideShare and PowerPoint.

Read the interview here.

The Tom Bunzel Interview

November 9, 2006

Tom Bunzel

Tom Bunzel specializes in knowing what other presenters need. He has appeared on Tech TV's Call for Help as "Professor PowerPoint" and is a featured speaker at the PowerPoint Live conference each year. In this interview, Tom discusses his book and PowerPoint.

Read the interview here.


November 7, 2006

PicShrink Interface

Pictures may speak a thousand words, but on your computer pictures can easily occupy space enough for tens of thousands of words. PicShrink allows you to optimize these pictures.

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Solving the PowerPoint Predicament

November 2, 2006

This book extract from Solving the PowerPoint Predicament by Tom Bunzel is an Indezine exclusive with permission from Pearson Education.

The book goes beyond PowerPoint and teaches you how you can use various third party products, and sound presentation design principles to create presentations that look different from the more common variety of PowerPoints that you encounter each day.

Read the excerpts here.

Articulate Engage

October 26, 2006

Articulate Engage

...and then if you want these small brochure-type movies to be included in an e-learning platform, you'll soon discover that's something easier told than done! So, it has to be quite an amazing product that will walk the balancing rope for all these possibilities -- and that's what Articulate's new Engage tries to be. Does it succeed?

Read more to find out.

Cinematize 2 Pro

October 20, 2006

Miraizon Start menu Group

Cinematize extracts movie clips from a DVD -- then it saves those extracts into different movie file formats that can be inserted in PowerPoint. And now the folks who create Cinematize have launched a Professional version of the same product. So what does it do better than the basic version?

Read on.

Articulate Quizmaker

October 18, 2006

Articulate Quizmaker Interface

There are many applications out there that let you create online quizzes, but Articulate Quizmaker is one of the easiest and more featured alternatives that lets you create a quiz without any programming abilities.

Read the full review.

Bring Training to Life with Avatars

October 17, 2006

Tom Atkins

Corporate trainers and salespeople are now discovering that they can sustain attention -- and ensure a higher content retention level -- by using animated characters called avatars that talk, sing, dance, gesture, tell jokes and generally liven up the proceedings.

Learn more with Tom Atkins.

PowerPoint Ezine 71

October 17, 2006

Articulate Presenter 5

Giveaways and More
Champagne RemotePoint Promo
Focus on SlideShare
Articulate Presenter 5
News and Happenings

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