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PowerPoint Tutorials

Hide and Show Toolbars in PowerPoint

July 26, 2006

Customize dialog box

The key to streamlining the toolbars is to know how to hide and show them as required. So if you don't need one of the toolbars most of the time, just go ahead and hide it -- getting it back is just another one-click operation.

Learn more here.

Customizing Toolbars in PowerPoint

July 25, 2006

Customize the Toolbars

There are so many toolbars in PowerPoint, and making them all visible all the time can make the interface look cluttered. To make the interface more streamlined, PowerPoint allows you to edit the default toolbars, and even create one of your own.

Learn more here.


July 20, 2006

WildPresenter Interface

...with dozens of PowerPoint-Flash converting applications available, it's easy to be spoilt for choices. And with so many choices, every such application has to either do things better than others or add more capabilities. WildPresenter, the product we are reviewing tries to do both -- and in this review, we will explore if it succeeds or not.

Read the WildPresenter review.

Andrew's Plug-ins -- Series 03 Photomagicks

July 18, 2006

Original Picture

Here are the previews for Series 03 of this Photoshop compatible plug-in.

The Kirk Cunningham Interview

July 15, 2006

Kirk Cunningham

Kirk Cunnighamis Executive Director, Marketing at Business Objects, creators of Crystal Xcelsius software.In this interview, Kirk discusses Business Objects, Crystal Xcelsius, and its charting abilities in comparison to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

Read the interview here.

Andrew's Plug-ins -- Series 02

July 15, 2006

Color - Fire applies a variated, solarization effect

Here are the previews for Series 02 of this Photoshop compatible plug-in.

Formatting Embedded Excel Sheets

August 7, 2006

Learn how you can embed and format Excel content inside PowerPoint.

Learn here.

Flash Toolbar

July 14, 2006

Flash toolbar

Adding movie clips to PowerPoint presentations is easy since it's basically a one-click operation -- but if you need to add Flash SWF movies to your PowerPoint slides, you'll soon discover that this process is nowhere as easy -- nor is it a one-click process!

Flash Toolbar makes it easy.


July 14, 2006

The OfficeFX Toolbar

OfficeFX isn't like other PowerPoint add-ins that make small changes -- this product metamorphoses your entire presentation into something that's completely different from the original PowerPoint as far as the look is concerned.

Read more.

Andrew's Plug-ins -- Series 01

July 14, 2006

Color - Add -- overlays the selected color on the image

Andrew's Plug-ins are a series of 19 Photoshop plug-in sets from Graphicxtras that add all sorts of amazing effects to your images. We begin by previewing Series 01.

Using Hotspots in SnagIt

July 11, 2006

SnagIt Capture Preview window

SnagIt allows you to add hotspots to your captures that can be exported to Flash SWFs -- and it's so simple to add these Flash equipped captures with hotspots to your PowerPoint presentations!

Learn more here.

The Joel Harband Interview

July 6, 2006

Joel Harband

Joel Harband heads Tuval Software Industries, based in Israel. Their best known product is Speech-Over Studio, a PowerPoint add-in that enables PowerPoint slides to incorporate narrations using automated voices. In this interview, Joel discusses his product and its typical applications.

Read the interview here.

Artlandia SymmetryShop

July 5, 2006

A sample image to start with

Photoshop by itself has few options to create repeating symmetrical patterns -- and those options can be time-consuming as well. Artlandia SymmetryShop aims to fulfill that void -- and once you understand how it works, it's everything you could have wanted in an automatic pattern creator.

Read more.

Capture v2

June 30, 2006

Capture 2 and the welcome screen

If you want a simple tool that just does a quick conversion from PowerPoint to SWF, you might want to look at Capture v2. Of course, Capture does much more and the conversions are not only limited to SWF.

Read more.

PowerPoint Ezine 68

June 29, 2006

Michael Doyle

Giveaways and More

Read more.

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