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Andrew's Plug-ins Series 02

Reviewed: Geetesh Bajaj

Date Created: July 15th 2006
Last Updated: February 25th 2009

Product Showcase

Andrew's Plug-ins from Graphicxtras provide tons of special effects to your images and work with most Photoshop compatible image editors.

In all, there are 19 series of this plug-in available -- most series have multiple plug-in effects. In this ongoing preview series, I explored Series 01 earlier -- now we move to Series 02.

This page of preview images shows you the default effects as they are without any tweaking of the sliders. And as said in the alst preview page, I'm keeping the text narrative to a minimum -- let the pictures speak for themselves.

This original image was sourced from Indezine Photos.

Original Picture
Original Picture

Blur - Bars
Figure 1: Blur - Bars -- provides variations of distorted, blurred lines.

Blur - Blurs
Figure 2: Blur - Blurs -- blurs the image in various directions with different color values.

Blur - Mirror
Figure 3: Blur - Mirror -- Mirrors the image with a blurred, distorted effect.

Color - Psych
Figure 4: Color - Psych -- Give a very unusual posterized negative effect.

Color - SolarCity
Figure 5: Color - SolarCity adds a monochrome solarized effect.

Color - Fire
Figure 6: Color - Fire applies a variated, solarization effect.

Distort - Bars
Figure 7: Distort - Bars splits the image into bars/lines with variations.

Distort - BlurredWay
Figure 8: Distort - BlurredWay blurs the image in wave-like directions.

Distort - BlurWave
Figure 9: Distort - BlurWave applies another wave-blur variation.

Distort - Gradient1
Figure 10: Distort - Gradient1 applies a displacement effect on the image with the use of gradient presets.

Distort - Rotator
Figure 11: Distort - Rotator applies a variation of twists, turns, radials, and ripples.

Distort - Twists
Figure 12: Distort - Twists generates color twists on the image.

Distort - Waved
Figure 13: Distort - WavyCity convers the image into a wave, with choice of dozens of wave effects.

Pattern - ColorOp
Figure 14: Pattern - ColorOp creates a black and white pattern with effects like drop shadow, emboss etc.

Smear - BrightDays
Figure 15: Smear - BrightDays enhances the image in terms of brightness.

Threshold - Smeared
Figure 16: Threshold - Smeared applies a bright, smeary threshold effect.

As you can see, most of these effects work best when combined over separate layers with blending modes although you could also use one of these all in itself as well.

To download a free demo, or to buy the product ($9), visit the Graphicxtras site...



Photoshop Versions:



Windows only




US$9 and above

Trial Version:

Demo plug-ins available


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