by Geetesh Bajaj, July 5th 2011

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Geetesh BajajWhat is a Shape?

For this newsletter, you should get something different! I know that typically newsletters have included tutorials and interviews that have been released in the last few days. But that approach can sometimes divide an entire series across several newsletters!

To address that sort of division, we decided to do a special issue on just shapes this time -- and you will find links to all our shape related content. So let us start with what exactly a shape is?

A shape is broadly a form such as a circle, a rectangle, a line, or even a semi-circle or a parabola! I believe shapes are the building blocks for better PowerPoint slide design -- and creating shapes, combining them, and grouping them can result in slides that need fewer bullet points!

So go ahead and enjoy these tutorials on shapes, like them on Facebook and other social platforms, click the Google +1 buttons on all these pages, and tweet them all so that you can share these joys with others -- and keep your feedback coming!

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Basics About Shapes

  1. Types of Shapes in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Insert Shapes in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Resizing Shapes in PowerPoint 2010
  4. Rotate Shapes in PowerPoint 2010
  5. Flip Shapes in PowerPoint 2010

Advanced Shape Techniques

  1. Change One Shape To Another in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Manipulating Shapes by Dragging Diamonds in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Format Painter in PowerPoint 2010

Circles and Squares

  1. Drawing a Perfect Circle in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Drawing a Perfect Square in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Creating Semi-Circles in PowerPoint 2010
  4. Creating Half Circle in PowerPoint 2010

Selecting Shapes

  1. Select, Deselect, View, and Hide Shapes Using the Selection and Visibility Task Pane in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Select and Deselect Shapes in PowerPoint 2010

Text in Shapes

  1. Text Within Shapes in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Align Text Within Shapes / Text Box in PowerPoint 2010


Duplicating Shapes, and Drawing Multiple Shapes

  1. Duplicate Shapes by Dragging in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Duplicate Shapes Using Ctrl+D in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Drawing Multiple Shapes Quickly in PowerPoint 2010


Aligning and Distributing Shapes

  1. Align Shapes in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Align Shapes to Center of Slide in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Distribute Shapes in PowerPoint 2010

Group, Nudge, and Reorder Shapes

  1. Group, Ungroup and Regroup Shapes in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Nudge and Move Shapes in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Reorder Shapes in PowerPoint 2010

Exotic Shapes

  1. Drawing Target Diagram in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Drawing Parabolas in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Drawing Hyperbolas in PowerPoint 2010

Combine Shapes

  1. Add Combine Shape Commands to the Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Shape Combine Command in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Shape Intersect Command in PowerPoint 2010
  4. Shape Subtract Command in PowerPoint 2010
  5. Shape Union Command in PowerPoint 2010

Drawing Lines

  1. Drawing Line in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Drawing Curved Lines in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Drawing Freeform Line in PowerPoint 2010
  4. Drawing Scribble Lines in PowerPoint 2010

Advanced Drawing Techniques

  1. Edit Points for Shapes in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Add or Delete Points (Vertexes) for Shapes in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Types of Points (Vertexes) in PowerPoint 2010
  4. Edit Points: Open and Close Paths in PowerPoint 2010
  5. Edit Points: Curved and Straight Segment in PowerPoint 2010


  1. ConnectorsSmart Connectors in PowerPoint 2010
  2. Types of Connectors in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Drawing Connectors in PowerPoint 2010
  4. Change Connector Type in PowerPoint 2010
  5. Formatting Connectors in PowerPoint 2010
  6. Change Connector Color in PowerPoint 2010
  7. Detach, Re-attach, and Delete Connectors in PowerPoint 2010
  8. Reroute Connectors in PowerPoint 2010

OK -- this is not the end -- we still have many other shape tutorials being created! And the best part is that all these techniques work in almost the same way in Word and Excel too!

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