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Learn PowerPoint 2010: No Fill for Shapes in PowerPoint

January 28, 2011

After learning how to add different fills for shapes in PowerPoint 2010, now its time to learn how to remove any fill from shape so that your shape only has an outline without a fill. Whenever you insert a new shape into a PowerPoint slide, it is filled with a solid color by default (or fill may be different depending on the Theme applied to your presentation). Most of the time, you may leave that unaltered, but it's easy to remove any fill.

Learn how to remove fill from a shape in PowerPoint 2010.

Symbol Slides: Icons (PowerPoint Clip Art) - Blue

January 27, 2011

Symbol Slides: Icons (PowerPoint Clip Art) - Blue

Symbols for PowerPoint are ready to use clip-art style icons that you can use within your presentation slides. All icons can be recolored using PowerPoint's native options for fills, lines, and effects. These symbols are contained within a sample presentation you can download. Just copy the icon you like and paste into another PowerPoint slide, or even a Word document or Excel worksheet. Choose symbol icons from themes such as business, travel, music, etc.

Download, view, and use the symbols in this presentation.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Add Slide Background Fills to Shapes in PowerPoint

January 27, 2011

You have already learnt how to add different fills for shapes in PowerPoint 2010. Just like the Pattern fill option, there is one more hidden shape fill option which you can't access from Shape Fill gallery. The Slide Background fill option is different from other shape fill options because instead of filling something into the selected shape, it makes the slide background area behind the shape visible into the selected shape.

Learn how to add slide background fill to a selected shape in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Add Pattern Fills to Shapes in PowerPoint

January 27, 2011

In this series on fills for shapes, I have already explored solid fills, gradient fills, picture fills, and texture fills for shapes in PowerPoint 2010. Now I show you how you can use the Pattern fill option. If you are a PowerPoint old-timer, you will remember that Microsoft removed this option in PowerPoint 2007 although it existed in PowerPoint 2003 and previous versions. With PowerPoint 2010, they bring back this option but they have buried it in a dialog box rather than including it within the Shape Fill gallery.

Learn how to add (or change) a pattern fill to a selected shape in PowerPoint 2010.

Brainshark App for the iPhone and iPad: Conversation with Joe Gustafson

January 26, 2011

Joe Gustafson

Joe Gustafson is the CEO and founder of Brainshark, Inc., whose cloud based software enables users to create, share and track online and mobile video presentations. Joe has been instrumental in bringing Brainshark's content to a mobile audience, so anyone can access and deliver important content on-the-go. In this conversation, Joe discusses Brainshark's new app for the iPhone and iPad, which the company announced today.

Read the conversation here.

Missing Picture Fills In Your PowerPoint Shapes: Conversation with Steve Rindsberg

January 25, 2011

Steve Rindsberg

Steve Rindsberg has been associated with PowerPoint since the product originated -- his PowerPoint FAQ site is a treasure trove of PowerPoint information. When he's not updating his site, he's creating new PowerPoint add-ins that expand possibilities. Steve's also into a lot of print technology related stuff. In this conversation, Steve answers my questions about finding links to missing picture fills in PowerPoint slides.

Read the conversation here.

AKVIS ArtSuite 6.6: The Indezine Review

January 25, 2011

AKVIS ArtSuite 6.6 is an updated version of a Photoshop compatible plug-in that comprises a collection of effects and frames (edge effects) for pictures. These effects and the frames can be customized and can be provided a personalized touch. AKVIS ArtSuite 6.6 includes a new theme frame pack - the Christmas Pack. These frames can only be used within the AKVIS ArtSuite standalone program, and not the plug-in. The standalone program is included as part of the plug-in. In addition, AKVIS provides an additional free pack with 30 frames, and also Wedding and Travel packs that include 50 frames each.

Read the Indezine review here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Tiling Options in PowerPoint

January 25, 2011

Tiling options come to use when you have added texture fills to shapes or used a picture as a fill to a shape and want to provide a tile effect to it. In this tutorial you will learn about the tiling options available for filled shapes in PowerPoint 2010. Before you start, I am assuming you already have a shape filled with a texture. Then right-click the shape, and choose the Format Picture option.

Learn how to use different tiling options for texture fills in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Add Texture Fills to Shapes in PowerPoint

January 25, 2011

I have already shown you how to add solid, picture, and gradient fills to shapes within your PowerPoint 2010 slides. In this tutorial I'll show you how you can use texture fills, which incidentally are not too different from picture fills that can be tiled.

Learn how to add a texture fill to a selected shape in PowerPoint 2010.

Presentation Yoga: Conversation with Bess Gallanis

January 24, 2011

Bess Gallanis

Bess Gallanis is the founder of Speaking with Power and Persuasion, an executive communications consulting firm based in Chicago. For more than 25 years, public and private company CEOs, senior executives, portfolio managers and financial advisors have sought out Bess to help them develop their leadership voice and to make an impact through skillful communications. She prepares clients for high stakes presentations, media interviews and sensitive conversations. Bess draws from the universal wisdom of yoga and insight meditation as a model for Presentation Yoga, which emphasizes leadership from within, personal authenticity and storytelling. In this conversation, Bess discusses the concepts of Presentation Yoga.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Gradient Stops in PowerPoint

January 24, 2011

Once you have added gradient fills to shapes in PowerPoint 2010 you may want to make some changes to the gradient fill. You have already seen how you can use the More Gradients option to add different types of gradients as fills to the shapes. In this tutorial, I'll step into a little more detail and show you how gradient stops work. When you are done with this tutorial, you can create your own gradients, or edit existing ones.

Learn how to make changes to gradients and make your own new gradients in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: More Gradients in PowerPoint

January 24, 2011

I have already explained how you can add gradient fills to shapes in PowerPoint 2010. In this tutorial you will learn about More Gradients option, which leads to a detailed gradient editor that's very capable -- and there's a lot to learn!

Learn about the different options within More Gradients in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Advanced Picture Fill Options

January 21, 2011

This page is a continuation of the tutorial where I showed you how you could add picture fills to shapes in PowerPoint 2010. In this we'll just cover more advanced options for picture fills in PowerPoint 2010. Before you start, I am assuming you already have a shape filled with a picture. Then right-click the shape, and choose the Format Picture option. This opens the Format Picture dialog box.

Learn how to use advanced picture fill options in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Linked Picture in Shape Fill Shows a Small Red X Icon

January 21, 2011

It may happen that you add a picture fill to your shape, and may opt to link the picture rather than contain it within the presentation. You may thereafter forget about this altogether and delete the linked picture file or even rename it. Or you may move the presentation itself to another computer -- and since the linked picture file does not exist on that other computer, PowerPoint may get some hiccups!

Learnhow to troubleshoot any small red X icon in PowerPoint indicating missing linked pictures within the shape fill.

Presentation Coach: Conversation with Sandra Schrift

January 20, 2011

Sandra Schrift

Sandra Schrift is the president/owner of CoachSchrift and Associates, a San Diego based consulting, training and coaching firm. Since 1996, Sandra has been coaching speakers who want to become highly paid professional speakers as well as executives and business professionals who want to develop persuasive presentations. In this conversation, Sandra talks about her experiences in being a presentation coach.

Read the conversation here.

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