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Learn PowerPoint 2007: Password Protecting PowerPoint Presentations

June 25, 2009

PowerPoint 2007 offers two password choices. The first one is a Password to Open option that lets you type a password in the field, and the next time you or anybody else opens the file, PowerPoint will prompt to enter the password. The second is a Password to Modify option that lets you type a password in the field to make the presentation readable and visible, but not editable.

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Learn PowerPoint: Password Protecting PowerPoint Presentations in v 2002 and 2003

June 25, 2009

Why would anyone want to password protect their PowerPoint presentations? There are many reasons, and here are some of them. A presentation with confidential content is safe if it is password protected -- nobody without access to the password can open it. Also, the password protected presentation is more safer to share -- you can provide the password to the person whom you are sharing the presentation with. In addition to providing a password-to-open option, PowerPoint provides a less restrictive password-to-modify option. So your presentation can be opened by anybody, but can't be modified - this makes your content non editable.

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Artlandia SymmetryWorks 5

June 24, 2009

Artlandia's SymmetryWorks 5 is an Adobe Illustrator compatible plug-in that lets you easily create beautiful symmetry-based patterns. This Indezine exclusive review explores how you can create these patterns quickly.

Read the review here.

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Adding Transitions in Adobe Acrobat

June 24, 2009

In the previous tutorial of this PowerPoint to Secure PDF series, I showed you how to set PDF to play in full screen mode. If your PDF is playing full screen, and you want it to look like a presentation, it's a great idea to add slide transitions so that it mimics a PowerPoint presentation.

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PowerPoint Ninja: Conversation with Brent Dykes

June 16, 2009

Brent Dykes

Brent Dykes has used PowerPoint for more than 10 years in various marketing and consulting roles. His presentations have been seen by executives at Fortune 500 companies and various marketing conferences. In 2008, he started the PowerPoint Ninja blog. Brent has an MBA from BYU and is Director, Consulting at Omniture. In this conversation, Brent discusses his PowerPoint involvement and his blog.

Read the conversation here.

Selling with PowerPoint: Taking Control of That Critical First Meeting

June 16, 2009

Robert Lane

A prospective customer has invited you to showcase your company's products and services, and the stakes are high. This contract could be huge. Your marketing department and executives have been fretting over the necessary PowerPoint slides for weeks. Every word has to be perfect. Every slide must be in exactly the right order. Your mission is to lay down a faultlessly planned and executed sales strategy that persuades this customer to buy exclusively from you ... but you are worried!

Andre Vlcek

This article by Robert Lane and Andre Vlcek explains how you can sell better using PowerPoint.

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Learn PowerPoint 2007: SmartArt Graphics

June 9, 2009

SmartArt graphics are a new feature in PowerPoint 2007 (and Office 2007). Like charts, these are info-graphics but the similarities end there. Whereas charts are based on figures, the foundations of SmartArt graphics are based on logic, which helps convey relationships, hierarchies, and flows through a combination of simple shapes and text. Organization charts and cycle relationship drawings are all common examples of SmartArt graphics.

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Learn PowerPoint: Changing an Animation

June 5, 2009

Many times, users just remove an animation and apply another one instead. The need to change an animation may arise for several reasons: You realize that another animation type would work better in a given slide, or you want to make all animations across the entire presentation consistent, or you want to use a more subtle or exciting animation. Whatever your need may be, you need to remove an animation, and then add another one -- PowerPoint's Change animation option makes this a one-click step.

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Learn PowerPoint: Animating Text

May 19, 2009

As part of the animation tutorials series, I have showed you how you can add an animation to any slide object in PowerPoint. However, there's more to animating text than just adding an animation since PowerPoint provides specialized options for animating paragraphs and bulleted text. In this tutorial we will learn how you can use these special options to animate text sequentially by words, by letters, and by paragraph levels.

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Learn PowerPoint: Animating Charts

May 16, 2009

In PowerPoint you can animate any slide object, but some objects have extra animation options. These objects include charts and bulleted text, and in this tutorial we will work with chart animation in PowerPoint. Since animation is largely unchanged in PowerPoint versions 2002 through 2007, we'll cover all those versions in this tutorial.

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Studio-Max: Conversation with Max Wijgergangs

May 16, 2009

Max Wijgergangs

Max Wijgergangs is the owner of a Dutch PowerPoint presentation company, Studio-Max. He launched Studio-Max with a goal to provide the Dutch market with professionally designed PowerPoint presentations. Since then, his energy focused on taking PowerPoint presentations to a higher level that has allowed Studio-Max to become a known name. Max and his team love to play with the animation possibilities in PowerPoint. In this conversation, Max discusses this and more.

Read the conversation here.

Neuxpower NXPowerLite 4: The Indezine Review

May 13, 2009

NXPowerLite 4 is the new version of a well known file optimizing product that reduces the size of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and JPEG images. The files remain in their original format, with almost no loss of quality. Also NXPowerLite works integrated within Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail. In this case, NXPowerLite will automatically optimize email attachments as they are sent and the file recipients don't need NXPowerLite to open or edit the attachments.

Read the review here.

Enriching Online Marketing with PowerPoint Presentations

May 9, 2009

You can easily boost your business and your SEO / SEM efforts with the help of an old friend: PowerPoint. All you need to do is pick a topic that you want to relate your business to, prepare a presentation on that topic and then publish it on presentation plattforms like SlideShare,, etc. You can then bookmark your online content and enrich it with keywords and descriptions to further promote your content and boost your SEO / SEM efforts.

Jörg Hahn tells you more.

Adobe eLearning Suite: The Indezine Review

May 8, 2009

Adobe eLearning Suite

Adobe is a name well known to anyone who works with graphics and media content -- and they bundle several of their award winning programs in suites that contain a set of applications geared towards a specific use. Adobe already has such suites for the Creative and Production categories -- and their newest Suite offering is squarely aimed for the burgeoning eLearning market. The main products in the Adobe eLearning Suite are Captivate, Acrobat, and Presenter. These work directly with Microsoft PowerPoint whereas other products in the Adobe eLearning Suite such as Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, etc aid in making the Suite sweeter and more integrated.

Read the review now.

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Playing Adobe Acrobat PDFs Full Screen

May 7, 2009

If your PDF contains plenty of graphics, media, and animation, you might want it to open in full screen for visual impact, and to mimic a conventional PowerPoint slide show. If a PDF is set to play in full screen mode, it hides all menus, toolbars and other panels to make the page as large as possible on the screen or projected display. This tutorial is part of the PowerPoint to Secure PDF series.

Learn more here.

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