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SlideFinder: The Indezine Review

August 7, 2009

We all use search engines like Google. Some of us use the advanced search options to fine-tune our results like searching for only PowerPoint presentations rather than all web page results. Although that's a great option, the results are all text, and hardly intuitive for PowerPoint users who are used to seeing thumbnail sized representations of their slides. Enter a new slide search engine that indexes slides online, provides search results with thumbnail slide views, and shows these to you. And all this for free!

Read the review here.

Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter 2: The Indezine Review

August 7, 2009

There are many times when I want to convert my PowerPoint presentations to video clips. This could be because I want to upload these video clips to YouTube and other video sharing sites, or maybe I want to create a DVD from my PowerPoint presentation. Whatever my motive, it's never an uncomplicated task to convert PowerPoint slides to a video format. Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter claims to make this task simple and easy -- in this review, we will explore how it fares.

Read the review here.

Raptivity Presenter: Conversation with Vikas Joshi

August 4, 2009

Vikas Joshi

Vikas Joshi founded the Harbinger Group in 1990, where he serves as the Chairman and Managing Director. His leadership at Harbinger has resulted in innovations in interactivity software. Vikas has his own blog that focuses on Interactivity. In this conversation, Vikas discusses Raptivity Presenter, which works as an interactivity add-in within PowerPoint.

Read the conversation here.

Acoolsoft PPT2YouTube: The Indezine Review

August 3, 2009

Most of us are familar with PowerPoint to Flash conversion -- this happens automatically on slide sharing sites like Slideshare, Slideboom, Authorstream, etc. and there are tons of add-ins available that do the same locally on your computer. However, converting PowerPoint to a video format and sharing it on a video site like YouTube has never been as easy as the PowerPoint to Flash option. The product I am reviewing today addresses this area and also converts your PowerPoint presentations to the MP4 format so that you can upload it to YouTube or watch it on your iPod. And did I mention that the product is free!

Read the review here.

Xara Xtreme Pro 5: The Indezine Review

August 3, 2009

Graphic design programs range from those that work with line drawings to those that work with photographs and images. Some programs also do 3D and page layout -- and it is not uncommon to find users spend thousands of dollars to buy programs in each of these categories. Yet, Xara Xtreme Pro 5, the new version of Xara's graphic program does all these tasks and more and costs a fraction of the amount. It's also way faster. So the question arises whether it's a capable product?

Read on to learn more.

PowerFinish Worship Themes: The Indezine Review

August 1, 2009

PowerPoint presentations or other projected content in churches don't always follow the rules laid down for corporate presentations. Although the presentation backgrounds used in churches should also be non distracting from the message, you can still use a busier background with flowers, skies, people, religious symbols, and other nature elements. The new Christian backgrounds and worship themes from PowerFinish aim to fulfill that requirement with their graphic styles and contemporary Christian concepts. You can use all of the designs in this product for PowerPoint presentations or within any other worship or church presentation software.

Read the review here.

InterActiv™ Presentation Wizard: The Indezine Review

July 20, 2009

Many of us need to create non-linear PowerPoint presentations where all slides are interlinked to each other using hyperlinks. Think of creating kiosk style PowerPoints or just something that makes a PowerPoint presentation function as a web page. The most important part of such a presentation is to decide how many levels deep you want your slide hierarchies to go, and then creating the actual structure of slides that contain all your content. Something like this is prone to error, even if you do all the planning in the world -- and an automated solution that can help you with something like this is a welcome feature. Enter the InterActiv™ Presentation Wizard, a PowerPoint add-in that does just something of this sort!

Read on to learn more.

authorSTREAM Desktop: Conversation with Umesh Sharma

July 17, 2009

Umesh Sharma

Umesh Sharma is the Product Head at authorSTREAM, an online slide sharing site integrated with social media. Based in Chandigarh, India -- Umesh's profiles includes developing product roadmaps and managing media interactions. In this conversation, Umesh discusses the new authorSTREAM Desktop product.

Read the conversation here.

authorSTREAM Desktop: Search Bing, YouTube, and Upload to authorSTREAM

July 16, 2009

authorSTREAM has introduced the new authorSTREAM Desktop product that installs as an add-in to PowerPoint 2007 for Windows. The product is entirely free, and when successfully installed, it shows up as a new tab in the Ribbon of PowerPoint 2007.

Learn more here.

New Features in PowerPoint 2010

July 16, 2009

PowerPoint 2010 is so much awaited, and it's great to know that Microsoft has unwrapped some information on what's new in this upcoming release of the world's leading presentation program. The new Office 2010 site has videos that show new features for all of the Office 2010 programs including PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2010 provides cool Artistic Effects for photos with live previews. New transitions have been added, and the Animation Painter option copies animations from one slide object to another, and that's so cool if you have added and fine-tuned your animation sequences and timings for one object and want it repeated on another!

Read more here.

Learn PowerPoint: Using Adobe's PDF Print Driver

July 2, 2009

In an earlier tutorial of this PowerPoint to PDF series, I have shown you how to use the Office 2007's Save as PDF option, which is an easy way to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF. But this option does have some limitations -- primarily you can only save your slides as PDFs. You cannot save your handouts as PDFs, or print multiple slides on a single PDF page. For that, you'll need to use Adobe's PDF Print Driver.

Learn how to create PDFs now.

Learn PowerPoint: Password Protecting Adobe Acrobat PDFs

July 1, 2009

This is the final part of the PowerPoint to Secure PDF series in which I show you how to do more than just create a secure PDF from your PowerPoint slides. You learned how you could create PDFs that played full screen and also had transitions! Now, it's time to make your PDF entirely secure with password access.

Follow these steps to get started

Winning at Trial with a Dynamic PowerPoint Presentation

July 1, 2009

Robert Lane

A lot is at stake -- power, money, reputation, future plans, justice. You need to win this case. Your presentation materials surely will play an important role in helping the judge and jury experience the sights, sounds, and details of the case ... or not. The choice is up to you, says one tech-savvy attorney.

Bruce A. Olson

The choice is up to you, says one tech-savvy attorney. It all depends upon whether you are willing to push PowerPoint beyond its normal boundaries to maximize its interactive and persuasive potential. This article by Robert Lane and Bruce A. Olson provides a better idea of using PowerPoint in court.

Read this now.

Learn PowerPoint: Search Google for PowerPoint Files

July 1, 2009

Google is a web search engine which indexes all sorts of information on the World Wide Web. Search results on Google typically contain results that consist of web pages, images, information and other types of files. What many users don't know is that Google allows you to restrict your search for a particular file type, such as a PowerPoint presentation! In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can search for PowerPoint presentations only using Google's Advanced Search option.

Learn more now.

PPTools PPT Merge: The Indezine Review

June 27, 2009

Out of the box, Microsoft builds little or no integration or relationships within PowerPoint to other Microsoft Office applications. To provide a quick example, PowerPoint users have nothing close to the mail merge options in Word or Outlook that can access data from an Excel or database source. And that's sort of sad, since PowerPoint is one application that can act as a glue to all sorts of content -- from text to pictures, and movies to charts! Our review product, PPT Merge does try to cover this vacuum -- does it succeed?

Read more to find out.

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