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PowerPoint Tutorials

SmartDraw 2009.5: Conversation with Paul Stannard

January 30, 2009

Paul Stannard

Paul Stannard is CEO of, creators of the popular SmartDraw program. In this Indezine exclusive conversation, Paul discusses the new features in the just-released SmartDraw 2009.5.

Paul says: "SmartDraw 2009.5 adds many new features but the three most significant increase SmartDraw's already considerable integration with Microsoft Office."

Read the full conversation here.

ToolBook Instructor 9.5: The Indezine Review

January 31, 2009

The amount of content available in the form of PowerPoint slides is amazing -- almost every computer literate person has a bank of slides. Most of this content won't work too well when saved as a document -- but since slides typically have (or should have) small portions of large sized text with contrasting backgrounds and visuals, they end up becoming perfect as content for PDAs and Smartphones. Products like ToolBook Instructor do a whole lot more than just such conversion, but in this review, we will focus on the PowerPoint capabilities of Toolbook Instructor, which will help you to convert your PowerPoint files into online, interactive learning course content.

Read the review here.

Formatting Lines (Outlines)

January 31, 2009

We have already covered the fill options in PowerPoint. In this series will go through the many ways in which you can format lines. The term "line" in itself is confusing, because all the options explained on this page pertain to "outlines". Microsoft probably realized the confusion prevailing -- and decided to call it an "outline" rather than a "line" since PowerPoint 2007.

Read more here.

Texture Fills for Shapes in PowerPoint 2007

January 28, 2009

In previous tutorials, we have covered solid, picture, and gradient fills for shapes in PowerPoint 2007. In this tutorial, we finish this series by showing you how you can use texture fills. We also cover in detail how you can use the extensive tiling options available in PowerPoint 2007.

Gradient Fills for Shapes in PowerPoint 2007

January 24, 2009

I already showed you how you can add or change solid color and picture fills for shapes in PowerPoint 2007. In the next part of this series, I show you all the stuff you can do with gradient fills in PowerPoint 2007. To keep things simple, you first learn how to add a gradient fill to a shape in PowerPoint 2007. Then unleash some more gradient power by using the More Gradients option. Finally, become a gradient guru by learning to edit and create your own gradients using the cool Gradient Stops feature.

SmartDraw 2009.5: The Indezine Review

January 23, 2009

SmartDraw has been long a mainstay of those who want to create professional looking graphics fast and easy. And although PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office applications include many info-graphic options, they continue to lack several business graphic options such as mindmaps, storyboards, flowcharts, etc. SmartDraw has traditionally filled in these gaps, but now it has started offering more than just the gaps.

Read the review here.

Wildform Flair: Conversation with Colby Devitt

January 23, 2009

Colby Devitt

Colby Devitt is the president and co-founder of Wildform, a multimedia software company based out of Los Angeles, USA. In this conversation, Colby discusses Flair, their Flash authoring product that includes a dedicated PowerPoint to Flash converting component.

Read the conversation here.

SlideSix: Conversation with Todd Sharp

January 22, 2009

Todd Sharp

Todd Sharp is the creator of, an online presentation sharing community site. He has been programming in ColdFusion since mid 2004 and blogs regularly about ColdFusion and Ajax at his site cfsilence. Todd provides ColdFusion/Ajax development and consulting services through his company Sharp Interactive, LLC. In this discussion, Todd discusses his SlideSix site.

Read the conversation here.

Filling Shapes in PowerPoint 2007

January 10, 2009

We start this series on fills for shapes in PowerPoint 2007 by showing you how you can add or edit solid and picture fills. Each tutorial has screenshots and sample online presentations.

Slide Design in 2009: Changes

January 9, 2009

Life changes every day, and the world goes around. And even if we did nothing, said nothing, or put ourselves in the deep depths of contentment, change will still happen. Change is akin to growth -- and that growth might be a sapling sprouting from its seed or a conglomerate increasing its reach in world markets. Both the sapling and the conglomerate can use PowerPoint slides in different ways -- and that's the ironical twist in the tale that brings me to the subject of this blog post.

Read more here.

The Steffen Setzer Interview

January 7, 2009

Steffen Setzer

Steffen Setzer is Director of Marketing at Canto. Canto is a leading supplier of digital asset management solutions and has been dedicated to helping customers fully utilize their digital assets since 1990. In this interview, Steffen discusses Canto Cumulus, a cross-platform solution that enables companies to easily organize, find, share, and track their ever-increasing numbers of photos, illustrations, presentations, video, audio, layouts and more.

Read the interview here.

Picture Fills for AutoShapes

January 7, 2009

In previous tutorials, we have covered solid, gradient, texture and pattern fills for AutoShapes in PowerPoint 2003 or earlier versions. In this tutorial, we finish this series by showing you how you can use picture fills.

Learn more here.

Pattern Fills for AutoShapes

January 6, 2009

Patterns in PowerPoint are two-color designs comprising patterns like lines, dots, dashes and checks. PowerPoint includes 48 patterns such with names like plaid, weaves shingle and zig zag. We also show you a sample presentation showing pattern fills in PowerPoint.

Learn more here.

Texture Fills for AutoShapes

January 6, 2009

Other than solid fills and gradient fills, PowerPoint 2003 and previous versions also include three other fill types: textures, patterns, and pictures. On this page, we will explore the texture fills. We also show you a sample presentation showing texture fills in PowerPoint.

Learn more here.

Gradient Fills for AutoShapes

January 5, 2009

In the previous tutorial of this series I showed you how you can change or add a solid color fill to an AutoShape. In this tutorial I'll show you how to add or change gradient fill for an AutoShape in PowerPoint 2003 or earlier.

Learn here.

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