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Learn PowerPoint 2010: Notes Master View

August 1, 2011

There are very few people who print Notes pages, and it might be among the least used PowerPoint options. And those who printNotes pages never realize that the look of the printed Notes pages can be modified within the Notes Master. Any changes you make within the Notes Master view affects how they appear in Notes Page view, and the layout of printed Notes pages. Do note though that these changes do not affect the Notes pane of your slides in Normal View.

Learn about the Notes Master view in PowerPoint 2010

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Add Slide Background Fill to Shapes

August 1, 2011

You have already learned how to add different fills for shapes in PowerPoint 2011. While it may not be very obvious, you can also use your slide background as a shape fill. The Slide Background fill option is different from other shape fill options because instead of filling something into the selected shape, it makes the slide background area behind the shape visible into the selected shape.

Learn how to add the slide background itself as a fill for selected shapes in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

authorSTREAM Desktop 2.0: Conversation with Dinesh Awasthi

July 29, 2011

Dinesh Awasthi

Dinesh Awasthi is Product Manager for In addition to developing the strategic product roadmap and implementation of various features on authorSTREAM, he works with the development team and keeps an eye on user feedback to formulate new releases. Dinesh holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications. In this conversation, Dinesh discusses authorSTREAM Desktop 2.0, the new version of their presentation upload program.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Handout Master View

July 29, 2011

Handouts are documents you can print from within PowerPoint that include slide representations from your presentation -- you can opt to include as many as 9 slides on each handout page, and then the slides look more like thumbnails. Of course, you can also choose to print just one slide on every handout page -- then your handouts will look like individual slides printed on a page. Most handouts are created to be printed -- and the look and feel of these printed handouts is determined by the Handout Master. To access and make edits to the Handout Master, you need to get to the Handout Master view in PowerPoint 2010 -- changes you make in this view influence the look and layout of printed handouts. You can change or edit the background, the header, and the footer of printed handouts.

Learn about the Handout Master view in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Add Pattern Fills to Shapes

July 29, 2011

Do you need fills for shapes in PowerPoint that really contrasts well, especially when you have multiple shapes on a slide that need different types of fills? Yes, picture, gradient, or even solid fills work great -- but what happens when you need to print that slide on a black and white printer? Or if your audience includes those who have problems distinguishing between different colors? In that case, your best option is to use pattern fills. We have already explored many of the fills available for shapes in PowerPoint 2011, and in this tutorial you'll learn how you can use pattern fills -- but first, let us explore patterns a little.

Learn how to add pattern fill to selected shapes in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Slide Master View

July 28, 2011

The Slide Master view in PowerPoint 2010 provides you with access to the Slide Master -- any edits you make in this view influence all slides in the presentation. For example, if you need to show a company logo on all slides, you will make these edits in the Slide Master -- or if you want the font size of your slide titles to be a little larger or smaller, then those edits also need to be made in the Slide Master. Having said that, this page is not a tutorial on how you can make changes in the Slide Master but just a brief overview of how you can access the Slide Master view, and what the interface in this view looks like.

Learn about the Slide Master view in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Add Texture Fills to Shapes

July 28, 2011

PowerPoint's fill options for shapes are extensive -- you have already learned how to apply solid fills, gradient fills, and picture fills for shapes in PowerPoint 2011. The next fill option is texture fills, which incidentally are not too different from picture fills other than the fact that they can be tiled. PowerPoint includes a built-in library of textures, and you can also import any picture, to be used as a texture.

Learn how to add a texture fill to selected shapes in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Go in the Right Direction -- A Presentation Lesson from Akira Kurosawa: Guest Post by Jerry Weissman

July 27, 2011

Jerry Weissman

During his long and distinguished career, the great Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa pioneered many innovative cinematic techniques that are applicable to today’s presentation graphics. One is Mr. Kurosawa’s creative use of the Wipe, a filmic transition between scenes in which a new image slides across an existing image and replaces it—like a curtain being drawn across the screen.

Read this post by Jerry Weissman.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Reading View

July 27, 2011

Unlike most other views in PowerPoint 2010, the Reading view is new for this version. Not exactly new because it is quite similar to the Browsed by an individual (window) option that PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 provided within the Set Up Show dialog -- but yes, it has some extra features now, and can be accessed right from the Slide Show tab of the Ribbon. In many ways, Reading view is similar to Slide Show view because in both views, the slide is shown in full screen. However, in Reading view you also see the PowerPoint title bar and the status bar at the top and bottom of the interface respectively.

Learn about Reading view in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Add Picture Fills to Shapes

July 27, 2011

Picture fills can look great and distracting at the same time -- it all depends upon the type of picture you use for the fill. Remember using a detailed or crowded picture as a fill for a small shape will get you no awards for slide design! Any shape on your slide in PowerPoint 2011 can be provided with a picture fill in the same way that you learned to add or change solid fills or gradient fills.

Learn how to add a picture fill to selected shapes in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Notes Page View

July 26, 2011

PowerPoint has several views that let you view your slides, or edit them. Speaker notes associated with slides are typically visible in both Normal and Presenter views -- in addition, the Notes Page view also enables you to view your speaker notes in a page view. Each slide created contains its own note page. You can print these pages out to use as a reference while delivering the presentation. The notes do not show on the screen during Slide Show view.

Learn about Notes Page view in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Add Gradient Fills to Shapes

July 26, 2011

PowerPoint 2011 essentially provides five fill options: solid, picture, gradient, texture and slide background fill -- of course there's a sixth option called "No fill". We have already explored the solid fill option -- in this tutorial, you'll learn about working with gradient fills. Gradient fills are typically blended fills between two or more colors that graduate from one color to another.

Learn how to add gradient fills to selected shapes in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Presentation Summit 2011 Template Contest: Conversation with Rick Altman

July 25, 2011

Rick Altman

Rick Altman, a presentation consultant based out of Pleasanton, CA, USA is well known as the host of the annual Presentation Summit and has a strong sense of the needs of the presentation community. He has also authored books on PowerPoint. In this conversation, Rick discusses the Template Contest for the upcoming Presentation Summit 2011, being held in Austin this September.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Slide Sorter View

July 25, 2011

As you are aware, PowerPoint 2010 provides a plethora of views to play and edit your presentation. Other than Normal view, you can choose Slide Sorter view for editing slides -- this view does not let you edit individual slide objects on your slide, but the whole slide by itself. Any edits you make influence one or more slides, depending upon your selection. Slide Sorter view displays thumbnail sized representations of all slides in your presentation -- this view works best when you have to select multiple slides. In this view, you can quickly reorder, delete, or duplicate your slides. In addition, this view also displays hidden slides.

Learn about Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Add Solid Fills to Shapes

July 25, 2011

Whenever a new shape is inserted on a slide in PowerPoint 2011, it is filled with blueish white gradient fill by default (or something else depending on the Theme of your presentation). Other than a gradient fill type, PowerPoint 2011 provides you with different fill types such as solid color fill, picture fill or a texture fill – in this tutorial, you will learn how to work with solid color fills for shapes.

Learn how to add solid fill to selected shapes in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Drawing Trees in PowerPoint 2010

July 22, 2011

Drawing Trees in PowerPoint 2010

Although most people think of PowerPoint as a slide program, it's also a great drawing program that can in many ways be more easier to use than full-fledged illustration programs. Agreed, PowerPoint is not that full featured as far as drawing goes, but sometimes quick and easy is all you need! In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a tree with just two simple shapes in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn how to use default shapes in PowerPoint 2010 to draw a quick tree.

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