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Building an Interactive Public Transport Map Application in PowerPoint

September 03, 2010

Interactive Public Transport Map

This is a guest article by Jamie Garroch. Here's a convention challenging thought. PowerPoint isn't here to create presentations! At least not exclusively anyway. I read a lot of articles talking about the best way to create presentations yet PowerPoint can be used to do so many things, even create applications. To improve your skills and knowledge of PowerPoint, it's often a great idea to give yourself a seemingly impossible task. In this project, I decided to recreate the London Underground (tube/metro) system map entirely in PowerPoint, make it interactive and then link it to an Internet real-time update service.

Read more here.

Outstanding Presentations Workshop: Conversation with Ellen Finkelstein

September 03, 2010

Ellen Finkelstein

Ellen Finkelstein is a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP and author of several PowerPoint, Flash, and AutoCAD books -- she has just launched a new free webinar series called the Outstanding Presentations Workshop. In this conversation, Ellen talks more about this webinar series.

Read the conversation here.

Mark as Final: Adding and Reversing in PowerPoint 2010 and 2007

September 02, 2010

Yesterday, we put up a tutorial on how you can mark a presentation as finalized in PowerPoint 2010. Today we add three more similar tutorials so that you can reverse the finalization and also do these tasks in PowerPoint 2007:

Learn how to apply Mark as Final to a presentation in PowerPoint 2007.

Learn how to remove Mark as Final from a presentation in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn how to remove Mark as Final from a presentation in PowerPoint 2007.

VIOSO Presenter: Conversation with Emanuel Züger

September 01, 2010

Emanuel Zügeris

Emanuel Zügeris one of the founders of VIOSO GmbH and one of the managing directors together with Benjamin Fritsch. VIOSO offers solutions for projections, enabling an easy way to create stunning projections on complex surfaces as well as dealing with common projector issues. In this conversation, Emanuel discusses VIOSO Presenter, one of the products that VIOSO creates.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Mark as Final

September 1, 2010

Once you create a presentation, you may need to share it. PowerPoint 2010 (and PowerPoint 2007) provide the Mark as Final option that makes your file read-only. I need to add that this is just a deterrent and nothing as restrictive as password protecting a PowerPoint presentation. Mark as Final tries to prevent users from typing, editing commands, and proofing -- all editing options are disabled or turned off. However, do remember that Mark as Final is not a security feature and it can be easily reversed.

Learn how to apply Mark as Final to a presentation in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Live Preview

August 30, 2010

Live Preview first made its debut in PowerPoint 2007, and continues being available in PowerPoint 2010 as well. Unfortunately, PowerPoint 2007 had no Live Previews for Chart Styles and that ability is not made available in PowerPoint 2010. Live Preview allows you to see/preview how an actual change will look on the slide before you decide to accept or decline that change.

Learn more about Live Preview in PowerPoint 2010.

SlideDynamic: Conversation with Tim James

August 27, 2010

Tim James

Tim James founded SlideDynamic in 2009 and now focuses on product management. Prior to the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe in 2005, Tim held positions in product marketing and management at Macromedia. Over the past 5 years he has worked in various consulting engagements for global organizations wishing to engage their on line visitors with persuasive and compelling experiences using Adobe Flash and Flex applications. The vision and mission at SlideDynamics is to define and lead the market in real-time PowerPoint experience management by delivering valuable presentation outcomes for PowerPoint presenters and their audiences.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint: Working with Slide Numbers

August 27, 2010

For some reason, Slide Numbers cause more confusion and frustration to PowerPoint users than many other, more complicated features! That's probably because controls to tweak slide numbers are scattered all over PowerPoint -- and while the option you want is available in PowerPoint, it might not be where you expected to find it. In this series of tutorials on slide numbers, learn how you can add slide numbers, work with the Masters and Layouts so that slide numbers show up, and also control the actual numbering as well -- for instance, what if you want your slide numbers to start from 31, or if you want your 4th slide to number from 1? That's covered too.

Learn about slide numbers in PowerPoint 2003

Learn about slide numbers in PowerPoint 2007

Learn about slide numbers in PowerPoint 2010

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar

August 27, 2010

There are many, many new users who have upgraded from PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2010 and encountered the Ribbon for the first time. Although most of them like how it looks, they would like to know more about what controls it offers. In addition, the Quick Access Toolbar offers customization options that can be immensely helpful. Learn about both these interface elements now.

Become familiar with the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn to customize the Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint 2010.

authorSTREAM Million Members: Conversation with Harman Singh

August 26, 2010

Harman Singh

Harman Singh is the Founder and CEO of two Internet platforms - authorSTREAM and WiZiQ. is a PowerPoint sharing platform striving to make your presentations sharable on the Web - whether they are viewed from desktops, mobile phones or tablets like iPad. authorSTREAM recently surpassed the million count in its membership -- Harman discusses the million members celebrations and more exclusively in this conversation.

Read the conversation here.

PowerPoint 2010 Backstage View -- Open, Close, and Exit

August 26, 2010

When you click the File menu and access Backstage view in PowerPoint 2010, you are presented with several options. The simplest options are those that open and close files and exit the program. Yet even these have abilities that are not visible on the surface -- the Open option for instance has as many as 6 variants.

Learn more about PowerPoint 2010's file open options.

PowerPoint Mobile 2010: Using with the Presentation Companion

August 25, 2010

PowerPoint Mobile 2010: Using with the Presentation Companion

If you have a new Windows Mobile equipped phone, or if you are considering buying a new phone -- then you must look at how PowerPoint Mobile 2010 works with the free Presentation Companion add-in for PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. Chances are this factor is powerful enough to influence your decision!

We bring you all the info you need, from getting started with Presentation Companion to setting the actual connections with PowerPoint Mobile 2010 -- finally we show you how you can control the presentation itself from PowerPoint Mobile.

Thanks to Rohit Bhatia of Microsoft who helped me with my questions on this feature.

Slide Numbers: Make Slide #1 Start on the Third, Fourth, or Another Slide

August 25, 2010

Typically you can start your slide numbering with any number -- so yes, your first slide can be numbered fourth. But what if you want the opposite -- maybe you want your fourth slide to be numbered first! This question was asked on Microsoft Answers, and Chirag Dalal of OfficeOne had an awesome answer, excerpted here with his permission.

Learn how you can make your fourth slide behave like your first slide.

Animated Slides: Scratch Card

August 25, 2010

Just yesterday, Abdelkader Aissaoui provided us with a sample animated slide that demonstrated an Airport Flight Schedule Counter. And now he provides us with a Scratch Card that you can actually scratch inside PowerPoint! This slide mimics how you would scratch a card to reveal some numbers -- either as a pay phone card that he illustrates -- or even as a scratch card that promises a reward.

Animated Slides: Scratch Card

Please feel free to download this presentation and change your own "scratched message" as required.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Files Types That PowerPoint 2010 Can Open

August 25, 2010

PowerPoint can save to an amazing number of file types -- but it can also open 23 file types! Although that sounds like a large number of file formats, more than half that number comprise PowerPoint's own formats that Microsoft has created over the years. And of course, they need to make sure with every release that all those formats continue to be accepted! They haven't been that kind to non-Microsoft formats although you can still import WordPerfect outlines (yes, I was surprised to see that too!).

See the entire list of files that PowerPoint 2010 can open.

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