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Setting Connections with Presentation Companion

Author: Geetesh Bajaj

Product/Version: PowerPoint 2010

Date Created: August 25th 2010
Last Updated: August 25th 2010

Excerpt/Capsule: Set all the connections in place so that you can control your PowerPoint presentation from your Windows Mobile device.

Product Showcase

Now that you have all the prequisites in place (see: Getting Started with Presentation Companion), you are ready to go ahead and use your Windows Phone (Windows Mobile) to control your presentation in the same way as a regular PowerPoint remote device. Follow these steps to get this working:

  1. Make sure you have the exact same presentation on both your desktop / laptop and the Windows Mobile device -- if you need to, copy the presentation now to your Windows Mobile device.

  2. Next click the Windows Start button on your mobile device, and choose the Office Mobile 2010 option (see Figure 1).

    Office Mobile 2010
    Figure 1: Office Mobile 2010

  3. Then click the PowerPoint Mobile 2010 option (see Figure 2).

    PowerPoint Mobile 2010
    Figure 2: PowerPoint Mobile 2010

  4. This will bring up the file browser you see in Figure 3. Go and select your presentation file -- this must be a PPTX file, and not one of the older PPT format files.

    Presentation file
    Figure 3: Presentation file

  5. You next see your presentation slide open as shown in Figure 4.

    Presentation slide
    Figure 4: Presentation slide

  6. Move your cursor (or finger in a touch screen environment) to the bottom of the slide area to reveal a bar -- click the Menu button to summon a pop-up menu as shown in Figure 5.

    Menu button
    Figure 5: Menu button

  7. Clicking the Presentation Companion option brings up the screen that you see in Figure 6. This info can be useful for the first few times you use Presentation Companion -- once you get used to this process, just check the option that says "Do not show this message again".

    Presentation Companion
    Figure 6: Presentation Companion

  8. For now, it might be a good idea to move to your computer and make sure PowerPoint is launched, and the presentation you want to use is open. Access the Add-Ins tab of the Ribbon, and click the Start button as shown in Figure 7.

    Presentation Companion in the Add-Ins tab
    Figure 7: Presentation Companion in the Add-Ins tab

  9. PowerPoint will ask you if you want to set up your computer so that Bluetooth devices can find it, as shown in Figure 8. Click Yes.

    Bluetooth devices
    Figure 8: Bluetooth devices

  10. If you have already copied your presentation to your mobile devices as explained in Step 1, press No in the next message window that PowerPoint shows (see Figure 9).

    Presentation Companion
    Figure 9: Presentation Companion

  11. Go back to your mobile device where the screen will still look like what you saw in Figure 6. Click the Next button.

  12. You'll now see a range of Bluetooth devices in the signal area. Your computer has be identified with its network name as shown in Figure 10. Select it, and click the Connect button.

    Connect button
    Figure 10: Connect button

  13. If the connection is successful, you'll see the screen that you see in Figure 11 -- this asks you if you want to start the presentation on your computer.

    Connection is successful
    Figure 11: Connection is successful

We'll cover how you actually use Presentation Companion in this subsequent tutorial...

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