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Remove Mark as Final Option in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

Learn how to remove Mark as Final applied to a presentation in PowerPoint 2010.


Product/Version: PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

Did you receive a presentation that doesn't let you make any changes? Or was this a presentation you created a while ago, and now you cannot fathom why the slides cannot be edited? Yes, this could be a password protected presentation but that's not the only reason why you cannot edit the content, one of the other reasons might be because it is something that had the Mark as Final option applied.

Fortunately, Mark as Final is more of an administrative tool than a security tool, it's only purpose is to make others aware that the author of the presentation doesn't want others editing their work. First of all you need to make sure that a presentation indeed has Mark as Final applied. To do that, look in the lower left area of the status bar at the bottom of the PowerPoint interface. You should see the Mark as Final icon, as shown in Figure 1 (highlighted in red).

Mark as Final icon
Figure 1: Mark as Final icon

Note: Presentations that have been marked as final in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 will not be read-only if they are opened in previous versions of PowerPoint (2003 and earlier). In addition, do remember that Mark as Final is one of the new features that not only works with the PPTX file format, but also with the older PPT file format (see our article on PowerPoint File Formats).

Remove Mark as Final

Follow these steps to remove the Mark as Final command applied to a presentation in PowerPoint 2010:

  1. Open any existing presentation that has the Mark as Final command applied.

  2. To determine whether a presentation is marked as final, look for these two indications:

    • A Mark as Final icon in the status bar at the bottom left corner (highlighted in red in Figure 2).
    • A yellow strip right above the slide area (highlighted in red in Figure 2) indicates that this presentation discourages editing.

    Presentation marked as final
    Figure 2: Presentation marked as final
  3. At the yellow strip right above the slide area (refer to Figure 2 above), click the Edit Anyway button (highlighted in red in Figure 3) to enable editing for a file.

    Edit Anyway
    Figure 3: Edit Anyway

  4. Alternatively, you can access the File menu, and choose the Info option to open Backstage view with the Info panel. In the Permissions area, click the Protect Presentation button to bring up the menu you see in Figure 4. Choose the Mark as Final option (this is a toggle option, so clicking it once more removes the Mark as Final state).

    Mark as Final
    Figure 4: Mark as Final

  5. When you unmark a presentation, the icon disappears from the status bar (see Figure 5).

    Unmarked presentation
    Figure 5: Unmarked presentation

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