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Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Build and Sequence Animations

August 24, 2012

Build and Sequence Animations in PowerPoint 2011

In PowerPoint, you can effectively illustrate a concept, a process, or anything else using animation. But the fact that you should be aware of is, even though animation is movement and a fine art at the same time, there's a thin dividing line between mere movement and utter confusion. Imagine a training session where the presenter moves around the room explaining a concept -- as he or she moves, the eyes of the audience members follow him or her. There is a clear focus in the room, and the subject of that focus is the presenter. Now imagine another situation where the presenter and all the audience members in the room start moving in disparate directions just for the sake of movement -- at this point of time, the movement has given way to chaos. Thus movement needs to have focus and direction, and more importantly, a reason to move!

Learn to build and sequence animations in PowerPoint 2011.

Concept Slides: One Segment Circle

August 23, 2012

Segment Circles: One Circle

In this component of our Segment Circles series, we have brought you an non-segmented full circle. You can use this circle in your presentation like a picture container. We have used basic PowerPoint shapes to create most of these conceptual designs. Also, some of them are imported from other graphic programs and converted to PowerPoint shapes. The sample presentation that you download comprises one unsegmented circle within two separate slides -- one with a picture fill, and the other with just a solid color fill. Copy these slides to your PowerPoint presentation and change the fills and effects of individual segments as well as the thin donut shaped circle around the segment.

Download and use this concept slide in your presentation.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Tweak Bulleted Paragraphs with Left Indent Marker

August 23, 2012

Left Indent Marker

You have already explored how you can use the First Line Indent Marker and the Hanging Indent Marker to tweak bulleted paragraphs in PowerPoint 2010. The next and last of these indent markers on the Ruler is the Left Indent Marker -- this acts like a lock on the First Line Indent Marker and the Hanging Indent Marker. Funnily enough, it is called the Left Indent Marker even though it is placed at right-most of the three markers!

Learn how to adjust the position of bulleted paragraphs using the Left Indent Marker in PowerPoint 2010.

Problems with 3D Charts: by James M. Smith

August 22, 2012

James M. Smith

Anyone who has heard me speak about charts knows that I'm not a fan of three dimensional (3D) charts. Here are the reasons why. All charts can present problems in conveying information if used improperly. What makes 3D charts unique is that their major problem is inherent in the chart design itself -- namely, the confusion induced by the depth of field effect. Conveying a third dimension on a two dimensional surface creates difficulties for the eye and the brain. Just look at some of the fantastic optical illusions that prey upon the brain's bewilderment when confronted with a 3D simulated image on a 2D plane.

Read more here.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Animation Delay

August 22, 2012

Animation Delay in PowerPoint 2011

Once you add animation to a slide object, you can make the animation happen slower or faster using its speed properties. You can also cause the animation to happen on a click, or automatically by changing its event. However, you can do much more -- did you know that you can set a delay time after which any slide object animates? So, why would you add a delay? There are several reasons and primarily, delay can be beneficial if you want to maintain a time limit between two animations -- as in having the second animation occur 10 seconds after the first one concludes. Of course, that was just a simple example and animation delay can be helpful in many other scenarios.

Learn about Animation Delay in PowerPoint 2011.

Indezine News: PowerPoint at 25

August 21, 2012

Geetesh Bajaj

PowerPoint celebrated its 25th birthday last month, and in a special world exclusive we have Robert Gaskins, the founder of PowerPoint reminisce about how PowerPoint might have been named Presenter if someone else did not trademark that name. And in a curious turn of events, one of the commenters of his post owns up to trademarking the Presenter name. Post 25 years, the world is a small place! We also look at the new PowerPoint 2013 from a developer perspective this week.

Read the newsletter here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Hanging Indent Marker

August 21, 2012

Hanging Indent Marker

How your paragraphs get positioned as a bulleted list within PowerPoint's text placeholders or another text object is influenced by three types of Indent Markers: The First Indent Marker, the Hanging Indent Marker, and the Left Indent Marker. Of the three Indent Markers you can see on the Ruler, the Hanging Indent Marker is used to tweak the position of the paragraph following the bullet. The Hanging Indent Marker is also known as the Middle Caret.

Learn how to tweak the start position of paragraphs in bulleted lists using the Hanging Indent Marker in PowerPoint 2010.

authorSTREAM's HD Video Output

August 20, 2012

authorSTREAM's HD Video Output

Among the various improvements that authorSTREAM made to their video engine, HD video conversion is the one that stands apart. This improvement is significant since it will make all the difference in the world to those who need to quickly create high resolution video output. So what do you need to create this high quality video output, and where can you use it? Let's first answer the second question and then look at the first one for the rest of this post. Video is no longer the realm of only those who sit in front of high end systems with software worth thousands of dollars installed. Everyone wants to create a quick video -- perhaps for one of these reasons.

Learn more about authorSTREAM's HD video output.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Change Animations

August 20, 2012

Change Animations in PowerPoint 2011

Once you have an animation applied to a particular slide object, the need to change that animation may arise for several reasons: You realize that another animation effect would work better, or you want to make all animations across the entire presentation consistent. You may also want to use a more subtle or exciting animation effect. Typically, in the situations like these, users can just remove the animation and apply another animation to the slide object. But, PowerPoint's Change Animation option makes this a one-click step.

Learn how to change an existing slide object animation to another animation in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

People Chain Silhouettes for PowerPoint -- 02

August 18, 2012

People Chain Silhouettes for PowerPoint

These ready-made silhouette graphics of people holding hands are inspiring, and also so practical to use since they don't represent any community or nationality. You can use them to depict themes such as unity, togetherness, diversity, team spirit, etc.

The presentation that you download includes two sample slides containing simple variations of people chain silhouettes: black and grey on a white backdrop, and white and grey on a black backdrop. Other than these two slides, there is a third slide that includes People Chain silhouette graphics with various solid color fills and texture fills.

Download the slides and use the silhouettes in your presentation.

PowerPoint 2013 for Developers: Conversation with Jamie Garroch

August 17, 2012

Jamie Garroch

In this conversation, Jamie Garroch, CEO of GMARK Ltd. discusses what the upcoming Office 2013 offers developers, and about the rumours that apps will replace add-ins soon.

Read more in this conversation.

Avoid Death by Clip Art: by Gavin Wedell

August 17, 2012

Gavin Wedell

Do you use clip art images in your presentations, or do you stay away from them just because you read somewhere that clip art may make your slides look unprofessional? Of course, that’s true –- but certainly not all the time, as we shall explore in this article. As you shall see, all clip art is not created equal, and there can be several benefits in using the right kind of clip art. Adding clip art is a great way to help your audience comprehend and process the important points of your presentation. However, if you use clip art poorly, it can do far more harm than good. Let's see how it can be dangerous, and how to use clip art properly. So what not to do when using clip art? Let's take an example of poorly used clip art in a time management presentation.

Read more here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Tweak Bullets with First Indent Marker

August 17, 2012

Tweak Bullets with First Indent Marker

You have already learned about the indent markers on the Horizontal Ruler, and how they can influence the bulleted text on your PowerPoint slide. There are three types of Indent Markers you can find on the Horizontal Ruler: the First Indent Marker, the Hanging Indent Marker, and the Left Indent Marker. The First Indent Maker, also called the Top Caret influences the position of the bullets. This determines the left most edge of the bullet itself. If you drag the First Indent Marker along the Horizontal Ruler, the bullets associated with the selected text also move accordingly.

Learn how to tweak the bullets using the first indent marker in PowerPoint 2010.

Create Organic Boxes in PowerPoint

August 16, 2012

Create Organic Boxes in PowerPoint

You may call them squares or rectangles, or if you are Metro-inspired, you may call them tiles. For the reasons of simplicity, let us just call them boxes. It does not matter what you call them, but most presenters use these boxes so often in their slides. It's easy to understand why these boxes are so popular -- they can be added to your slides with one click, and you can type any text right inside them.

Learn how to create organic looking boxes in PowerPoint.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Animate Text

August 16, 2012

Text Animation in PowerPoint 2011

You animate text just the way you animate any slide object in PowerPoint. Additionally, there's more you can do to text animation, as we shall explore in this tutorial. By default, when you animate a text placeholder or text box, all the text contained animates at one go unless your text content is within a bulleted or numbered list -- in that case, all text animates as sequenced bulleted lists. Even then, the animation is sequenced to first level paragraphs (first level bullets) only -- and any sub-bullet levels contained in your text placeholders or text boxes animate along with its parent level. In this tutorial you will learn how you can access some specialized options for animating paragraphs and bulleted text sequentially by words, by letters, and by paragraph levels.

Explore the options available for text animation in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Communicate, Collaborate, Educate using PowerPoint: Conversation with Duncan Peberdy

August 15, 2012

Duncan Peberdy

Duncan Peberdy has a wide experience of the AV industry gained over many years working with manufacturers, distributors and resellers, focusing on technology that improves meetings and meeting spaces. In 2009 Duncan pitched Brilliant Meetings to Prentice Hall, and co-authored with his business partner a definitive guide to improving meetings that has now been translated into four additional languages. (French, Chinese, Italian, and Arabic). In this conversation, Duncan talks about his new Communicate, Collaborate, Educate using PowerPoint ebook.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Indent Markers (Carets) for Bulleted and Numbered Lists

August 15, 2012

Indent Markers (Carets) for Bulleted and Numbered Lists

We have explored how you can apply or change bulleted text within your text objects -- by default, the actual bullet is always placed before the text that follows it. Also there is no absolute position of any bullet you see on your slides -- the bullet's position is always relative to the position of the text object within which it is contained -- and also how you adjust the spacing between the bullets and the text that follows. Most of the time, these default attributes work very well indeed -- and you need not alter any parameters. But if you ever tried changing these parameters to alter the spacing for bullets, you might have discovered that these settings are not too intuitive, and can drive you crazy. In this tutorial, let us start with learning about the different interface parts that influence the position of the bullets.

Learn about the Indent Markers (Carets) that influence the positioning and spacing of bulleted and numbered lists in PowerPoint 2010.

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Star Wars Style Credits Animation

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