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Learn PowerPoint 2010: Apply Soft-Edges to Shapes In PowerPoint

March 14, 2011

After exploring some effects that PowerPoint 2010 provides for shapes, you are now going to learn to play with the Soft Edges effect. This one adds an eaten-up, feathered edge to a selected shape. Soft edges work best with larger shapes, especially if you use some of the larger soft edge variations available. PowerPoint provides some ready-to-use soft edges, and also there is an option to format soft edges beyond these readymade offerings in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn how to apply Soft Edge effects to shapes in PowerPoint 2010.

Putting the Personality Back in Online Presentations

March 12, 2011

Michael Kolowich

Michael Kolowich is founder and CEO of KnowledgeVision, which has developed tools for creating, managing, and distributing synchronized interactive online video presentations for communications, marketing, training, and sales professionals. He writes regularly about online presentations at his blog. This is a guest post by Michael for -- do note that the content in this post is his opinion, and not necessarily endorsed by this site.

Read more here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Advanced Glow Options In PowerPoint

March 12, 2011

Once you apply a glow effect to any shape in PowerPoint 2010, you may find that the defaults just do not work for you! So you may want to make some changes, probably change the glow color, it's spread or transparency, etc. In this tutorial you are going to learn how you can access the Advanced Glow Options in PowerPoint 2010, which make all those changes doable.

Learn how you can make changes to glow effect applied to the shape(s) in PowerPoint 2010.

Interactive Graphs Pack for Raptivity Presenter: Conversation with Seema Chaudhary

March 5, 2011

Seema Chaudhary

Seema Chaudhary helped establish the US headquarters of Harbinger Group in Redmond; created innovative and effective marketing campaigns to launch several products in the international market; and developed crucial long-lasting relationships with prominent and influential experts in the e-Learning industry. In this conversation, Seema discusses the just released Interactive Graphs Pack for Raptivity Presenter, that works as a PowerPoint add-in.

Read the conversation here.

Symbol Slides: International Women's Day Silhouettes (PowerPoint Clip Art)

March 5, 2011

Symbol Slides: International Women's Day Silhouettes (PowerPoint Clip Art)

These International Women's Day silhouette symbols are already colored using various colors -- for instance, the silhouettes that you download from this site are red, pink, violet, and mauve in color. Do remember though that they can be recolored using PowerPoint's native options for fills, lines, and effects. These silhouettes are contained within a sample presentation you can download. Just copy the women's silhouette clip art you like and paste into another PowerPoint slide, or even a Word document or Excel worksheet. All these silhouette symbols are vector shapes, so you can easily edit them within your Microsoft Office program, and resize them without losing sharpness or clarity.

Download, view, and use the silhouette symbols contained in these presentations.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: More Glow Colors in PowerPoint

March 2, 2011

Continuing this series on Shape Effects in PowerPoint, this tutorial takes the glow effect options for a shape in PowerPoint 2010 a little further by showing you how you can change the glow color to anything beyond the default Theme Color offerings.

Learn to change the glow effect's color applied to shapes in PowerPoint 2010.

The Power of Hiding Slides

March 1, 2011

Robert Lane

When you "hide" a slide in PowerPoint, it doesn't display while scrolling through the presentation in Slide Show mode. So, why in the world would you ever want to do that . have slides in your deck that the audience can't see? In this article, we'll look at several wonderful reasons that can greatly increase your flexibility and effectiveness as a speaker, giving talks a more personalized, conversational, audience-friendly feel.

Learn more with Robert Lane.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Apply Glow Effects to Shapes In PowerPoint

March 1, 2011

In this series of tutorials on Shape Effects, you have already explored how you can apply preset, shadow, and reflection effects to selected shapes in PowerPoint 2010. In this tutorial you will learn how to apply the Glow effect, which adds a hazed color perimeter outside the shape area.

Learn to apply glow effects to shapes in PowerPoint 2010 that adds a hazed color perimeter outside the shape area.

Combining Colors in PowerPoint

February 28, 2011

Robert Lane

Newer versions of PowerPoint, especially PowerPoint 2010, have marvelous tools for helping even the “artistically challenged ” among us get beyond bullet points and create effective, graphically appealing, downright professional-looking visual slides. That’s fantastic! Now the question is … how should we use those tools? Most of us have never been trained as graphic artists and don’t necessarily know the rules for making visually attractive and meaningful content. Because the discussion of “effective visual communication” might fill an entire book, let’s narrow the focus here to concentrate solely on the use of color in PowerPoint. What are good, and not so good, ways of using color on slides?

Learn more with Robert Lane.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Curved and Straight Line Segments in PowerPoint

February 28, 2011

A line (outline) in PowerPoint contains both points and segments. You already learned about the three types of points in PowerPoint within a previous tutorial. I now show you how segments (the line area between one point and another) work, and the two types of segments: straight and curved. You can edit these segments and also convert a straight segment to a curved segment and vice versa, as you will learn in this tutorial.

Learn what the Curved and Straight line segments are within PowerPoint 2010.

PowerPoint for Court: Conversation with Herb Rubinstein

February 25, 2011

Herb Rubinstein

Herb Rubinstein has been involved in computer graphics for over 15 years as founder and CEO of ReGraphix, an award winning creative house for graphics and design. The past few years, Mr. Rubinstein has taken his presentation graphics experience and applied it to developing presentation techniques for the Courtroom. He has worked with the FBI, DEA, U.S. Customs Service and other government agencies, as well as many law firms across United States. In this conversation, Herb talks about his book, PowerPoint For Court.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Advanced Reflection Options In PowerPoint

February 25, 2011

You have already seen how to apply reflection effects to the shapes in PowerPoint 2010. After you apply a reflection effect to a shape, you can edit the reflection properties to suit your creative freedom -- for instance, you can change the transparency, blur, distance etc. of the reflection, as you will learn in this tutorial.

Learn how you can make changes to the reflection effects applied to shapes in PowerPoint 2010.

Casulo: Conversation with Bernardo Castello Branco

February 24, 2011

Bernardo Castello Branco

Bernardo Castello Branco started his career as an art director at São Paulo’s advertising agency CBBA-Propeg. In 1999, he became co-founder and director of Casulo - Digital Design, a multimedia design agency. In mid-2000, meeting the frequent requests of advertising agencies and direct clients, Casulo started to develop and design presentations. As this business area consolidated as an important income source, Bernardo and his partners, created in 2010 an independent new business unit: Casulo - Winning Presentations. In this conversation, Bernardo talks about PowerPoint design, and his firm Casulo.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Apply Reflection Effects to Shapes In PowerPoint

February 24, 2011

This tutorial is a part of the series on Shape Effects in PowerPoint 2010. You have already explored the preset effects available, and also how you can apply a shadow effect to any selected shape. In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can quickly add a reflection to a shape.

Learn how to apply Reflection effects to a selected shape(s) in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Edit Points - Open and Close Paths in PowerPoint

February 24, 2011

The Shapes gallery in PowerPoint consist various shapes, both open and closed. Most of the shapes in this gallery are closed shapes (rectangle, ellipse, and triangle are some of the closed shapes). There are also a few open shapes such as the straight point to point line. Some other tools let you create both open and closed shapes -- these are the Freeform Line, Curve, and Scribble tools. In addition, you can convert any closed shape to an open shape and vice versa, as you will learn in this tutorial.

Learn how you can open and close paths for shapes in PowerPoint 2010.

Snagit for Beginners: Conversation with Jennifer Bedford

February 23, 2011

Jennifer Bedford

Jennifer Bedford is the Marketing Project Manager for TechSmith Corporation. She has been with TechSmith for over 10 years working in the Administration, Sales and Marketing departments. After growing up in Massachusetts, Jennifer moved to Michigan for college. Jennifer is a 1997 graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Hospitality Business. In this conversation, Jennifer discusses how beginner users can easily use Snagit, especially for their PowerPoint presentations.

Read the conversation here.

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