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Encoding Video for PowerPoint

April 18, 2005

Jan Ozer

A codec is a compression technology, and you have several choices. I like Windows Media for two reasons. First, at similar data rates, Windows Media quality, when encoded using variable bit rate techniques, exceeds the quality of all competitive technologies, except for RealVideo, which is neck and neck.

Jan Ozer explains more.


April 13, 2005

iMediaCONVERT also works as a standalone program

The rich media bubble keeps getting larger. The reasons are not difficult to ascertain - there has been a spurt in demand with clients from all sectors of industry and society scrambling to convert their knowledge content into easily accessible rich media. Most rich media converters for PowerPoint use the Flash format for conversion including

iMediaCONVERT, the product I'm reviewing.

The Joye Argo Interview

March 15, 2005

Joye Argo

Joye Argo spent a number of years in corporate marketing and advertising for the education and healthcare sectors. She was a national account executive for a Fortune 500 firm before starting her own company providing research consulting to large direct marketing firms. Joye is a principal and Vice President of Business Development at Studio F Productions.

In this interview Joye discusses the importance of using professionally designed templates.

PowerPoint Ezine 54

March 07, 2005

Pete McChrystal

Perspector Sweepstakes
The Pete McChrystal Interview
and more.

Read now.

The Pete McChrystal Interview

February 23, 2005

Pete McChrystal

Pete McChrystal is the founder and CEO of Accent Technologies. During the early years, Accent’s focus was on high-end presentation development and management services for corporate clients. Today, Librarian is used by many Global 2000 companies to manage and distribute documents and presentation materials to global offices and mobile sale forces.

In this interview, Pete discusses PowerPoint, DAM and ADM.

PowerPoint Ezine 53

February 16, 2005

FLW Sweepstakes
PowerPoint Camtasia Tutorials Contest
Snapz Pro X for PowerPoint:mac
Animated GIF fill for WordArt
and more.

Read now.

PowerPoint Ezine 52

February 02, 2005

Neuxpower Sweepstakes
Photoshop for PowerPoint
Fills & Lines - Part V
and more.

Read now.

Slide Executive

February 03, 2005

Slide Executive is importing presentations

Many PowerPoint users have hundreds if not thousands of presentations on their computers. And if you are like any of those users, you probably have all the content for tomorrow's presentation scattered in slides across those hundred presentations. All you need now is a solution that will assemble the slides you need into a new presentation that you can thereafter fine-tune.

If you really need a magic potion like that, do look at Slide Executive.


February 1, 2005


For this test, I created a single slide presentation that consists of several AutoShapes with varying transparency levels. All AutoShapes have entry, emphasis and exit animations.

Learn how PowerCONVERTER XP fared.

Digital Anarchy Backdrop Designer

January 29, 2005

Result using Backdrop Designer

Is this the perfect backdrop designer for PowerPoint presentations?

Learn more about Backdrop Designer here.

Valentine Day PowerPoint Templates

January 29, 2005

Free Valentine Day Templates

Download now.

PowerPoint Ezine 51

January 20, 2005

Amazing Skies Sweepstakes
Bill Abbott - Cartoons for PowerPoint
Fills & Lines - Part IV
and more.

Read now.

AKVIS Retoucher

January 17, 2005

Before and After sample

Retoucher is a Photoshop plug-in that removes scratches, dust, artifacts and stains from old and damaged photographs.

Retoucher is from AKVIS, a company based in Russia thatspecializes in graphics programs and scientific research. Apart from Retoucher, AKVIS also creates other Photoshop compatible programs like Chameleon, Stamp and Enhancer.

Learn more about Retoucher here.

Photo Org Charts with SmartDraw

January 14, 2005

Rearrange all your grouped rectangles as required

If you've always wanted to create a photo org chart, look no further. In this tutorial, you can learn how to create a photo org chart in SmartDraw and then insert it inside PowerPoint. The tutorial is accompanied by lesson files and a finished slide that you can Download.

Start creating your photo org chart now.

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