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My Account Options on SlideBoom

My Account Options on SlideBoom a PowerPoint sharing web site where you can upload and share your PowerPoint presentations.


Product/Version: PowerPoint

In last tutorial we have learnt about sharing presentations on SlideBoom, in this tutorial we'll show you how we can get organize the account in SlideBoom.

  1. Login into the SlideBoom site, and click the My Account link from the navigation bar, as shown in Figure 1, below.
  2. My Account option
    Figure 1: My Account option
  3. Once you have clicked My Account link, it takes you to the My Account page here you can see list of sections on the left side of the page, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2), and by default it shows My Presentations section. In this you can see all the presentations what you have uploaded from your account (see Figure 2).
  4. My Account
    Figure 2: My Account
  5. My Presentations: In section we have options Edit, Delete, Download and Privacy for individual uploaded presentations. (highlighted in red within Figure 3). These options are explained below:
  6. My Presentations
    Figure 3: My Presentations
    • Edit: By clicking on the edit link (see Figure 4 highlighted in red) you can edit the presentation title, description, other meta tags and you can replace the presentation with another.
    • Edit Link option
      Figure 4: Edit Link option
    • Delete: By clicking on the Delete link (highlighted in red within Figure 5) you can delete the presentation compeletly from your account.
    • Delete Link
      Figure 5: Delete Link
    • Download: By clicking on the Download link (highlighted in red within Figure 6) you can download the presentation from your account.
    • Download Link
      Figure 6: Download Link
    • Privacy: By selecting the Privacy options (see Figure 7 highlighted in red) you can make the presentations for public and private. By selecting Public option any one can view the presentation on SlideBoom. Private option is used to hide the presentation form public to view on SlideBoom.
    • Privacy options
      Figure 7: Privacy options
  7. My Favorites: In this section you can see the list of presentations that we have liked on SlideBoom site (see Figure 8).
  8. List of Favorite Presentations
    Figure 8: List of Favorite Presentations
  9. My Comments: In this section you can see the list of comments that you have given on SlideBoom site for other presentations (see Figure 9).
  10. List of Comments
    Figure 9: List of Comments
  11. My Groups: In this section you can see the presentations of the groups for which you have been a member and added them as group on your SlideBoom account (see Figure 10).
  12. Presentations of the Groups
    Figure 10: Presentations of the Groups
  13. Profile Information: In this section you can see two separate sections My Avatar and My Profile, in My Avatar section you can upload a photo or avatar of you by choosing browse option, and in My Profile section you can provide complete details about you like name, gender, your website name, city, country etc. Finally you need to click on the Update button below (see Figure 11) so that all the profile information changes will be updated.
  14. My Avtar and My Profile
    Figure 10: My Avtar and My Profile
  15. Account Information: In this section you can change the Login ID and Email address what you have given while registration, make the changes as required and click on Update button to implement. See Figure 11, below.
  16. Account Information
    Figure 11: Account Information
  17. Change Password: In this section you can change the password that you have given during registration. You can see 3 separate fields Old Password, New Password, Confirm New Password, type your present password in Old Password field and type your new password in both New Password and Confirm New Password fields and click on Update button. See Figure 12.
  18. Change Password
    Figure 12: Change Password
  19. Email Settings: In this section you can see 7 different types of email options where you can select any of them or all of them. By selecting these options you will get updates from SlideBoom team (see Figure 13 below). Click Update once you make your choices.
  20. Email Settings
    Figure 13: Email Settings

In the next tutorial in this series, we'll show you about SlideBoom privacy options.

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