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Insert Video Clips in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows

Learn how you can insert a video clip on a slide in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows. You can add several video file types, and you can also format the appearance of these video clips on your PowerPoint slides.


Product/Version: PowerPoint 2007 for Windows

OS: Microsoft Windows XP and higher

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As far as possible, work with a presentation that has been saved at least once. Next, copy any movie or video file you want to insert to the same folder as the presentation. Thereafter, follow these steps to insert a movie clip in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows:

  1. From the Insert tab of Ribbon choose the Movie option, and click the downward pointing arrow below to bring up a menu. Then choose the Movie from File option, as shown in Figure 1, below.
  2. Movie from File
    Figure 1: Movie from File
  3. Doing so brings up the Insert Movie dialog box, as shown in Figure 2, below. Locate the folder where your movies are saved, and select any movie clip you want to insert. Click the OK button.
  4. Insert Movie
    Figure 2: Insert Movie
  5. What About Video Formats?

  6. PowerPoint 2007 can accept many video formats, as detailed in our PowerPoint Friendly Video Formats page.
  7. List of video file types
    Figure 3: List of video file types
  8. Although PowerPoint 2007 may list QuickTime MOV in the File of type dropdown box, as shown in Figure 3, above, be aware that this support is only for QuickTime movie files encoded more than a decade ago. Read here for more info.
  9. Next, you will face the message window that you can see in Figure 4, below. PowerPoint will ask you how you want the movie to start in the slideshow?
  10. Movie playing mode
    Figure 4: How do you want to play the movie?
  11. If you choose Automatically, PowerPoint will play the movie clip as soon as the slide containing the movie is shown in Slide Show view.
  12. If you choose When Clicked, the presenter will have to click on the movie clip that PowerPoint places on the slide to play the movie.
  13. Whichever option you choose (as explained above), PowerPoint will place the movie at the center of the slide as shown in Figure 5, below.
  14. Movie placed on slide
    Figure 5: Movie placed on slide
  15. Now select the movie, and the Ribbon area will show the Movie Tools Options tab, as shown in Figure 6, below. Activate this Ribbon tab.
  16. Movie Tools Options tab
    Figure 6: Movie Tools Options tab
  17. Contextual Tabs

  18. The Movie Tools Options and Picture Tools Format tabs are contextual tabs. Contextual tabs are special tabs in the Ribbon that are not visible all the time. They only make an appearance when you are working with a particular slide object which can be edited using special options.
  19. Within the Movie Tools Options tab of the Ribbon, you can:
  20. Set Slide Show volume
  21. Make movie clip play in a loop until stopped
  22. Rewind movie clip after playing
  23. Hide movie clip during Slide Show
  24. Align placement of movie clip on the slide
  25. Set movie clip's dimensions
  26. You can also check the option that says Play Full Screen. Enabling this option will play the movie full screen.
  27. Save your presentation.

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